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Monday, June 30, 2014

Here's exciting conversation w. a lesbian, loaded for bear, ho ho ho ho

Below-copied essay by ap first published at [url][/url]

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Kepi Gets A Little Un-Hinged, We See
(Apollonian, 30 Jun 14)

 Kepi, my dearest, most precious one: u certainly do babble, scream, and rage hysterically, don't u?--are u ANOTHER homosexual?--not that they're bad, though they/you sure do get excited over the simplest things, don't u?--like simply understanding a simple thing like racism which is LOYALTY by dictionary definition, yes?

 Or did u forget the discussion was regarding racism? Now then, once again: isn't loyalty a virtue?--if it isn't, pls explain, by all means. And how is having no emotional connection to one's race (one's extended family) any sort of advancement?--how could this possibly be induced but by ridiculously contrived means?

 And then there's the simple logical issue which u overlook in all ur raging, frantic, screaming and hysteria: isn't this loyalty AXIOMATIC given it's either-or, loyalty to mixed or non-mixed race?--one's own or another? Do u begin to get what it is we're talking about here?

 Now Kepi, u dear, little sweetie-pie, try to compose urself, calm-down, wipe the spittle off ur face and frothing fm ur mouth, and try to speak to the issue--it's really pretty simple, I assure u.

 U have a little child?--really?--did u adopt?--or is it possible u might have given birth? Seriously Kepi, dearest, I think u're a little too given to hysterical outbursts and screaming episodes to be fit to care properly for a child, do u think?

--------------------above by ap in response to below by dear "Kepi"--------------

[QUOTE=apollonian;506064]Gosh Kepi, dear, but if u have some objection, don't u think a rational person could make an argument?--I take it u don't have much confidence in ur ability to present a rational arg., eh? Otherwise, I think u're obviously a top genius, without any doubt whatsoever.[/QUOTE]

Really, dude? You want the long form on why you're a living breathing pile of human excrement? Fine.

 First off, you're making the jump from the studies that show that small children generally hold racial prejudices and prefer their own race. You then jump to the conclusion that therefore this must be generic, and therefore natural. But studies show that mixed race children do not possess this line of thought. Now, you may say that clearly the parents of mixed race children do not possess this trait, however, no "mixed race" genetic commonalities have been found. This means that the behavior is, therefore, learned instinctually.

 Now you may consider that natural, but your intrinsic belief that "natural" is therefore good, is doubly stupid. There's a not of stuff kids believe that is normative and naturally occurring that is also patently stupid. I have a two year-old. She doesn't understand where and when to appropriately go to the bathroom. Kids are stupid. They're new, they have an excuse. You're not. You're just an idiot.

 History shows that we are all already made up of mixing tribes. For instance I have Norman heritage. Norman's are made up of a mixing between Vikings, Alans, and Huns who all decided to take a stab at ransacking the French. Each of these people travelled outside of their own tribes and began inhabiting new territory and began breeding with other people's. This has been a normative behavior amongst people for as long as history. Remember, there was a time when people existed as city states, and believed that was their affiliation. We grew past that point in history because people interacted enough between cultures enough through conquest and trade to see eachother as mutually linked. So pretty much the entire course of human history is opposed to your poor reasoning as well. That's because you're an idiot.

 Lastly, you may say "I'm not saying what's natural is good, just that you can't fight it", and ignore that this is neither genetic, nor natural, merely normative under circumstances of perpetuation... Well, we fight our own natural urges all the time for the greater good. Unlike racism, paedophilia is genetically linked. That doesn't make it okay. Murder has been going on for thousands of years, but we've successfully mitigated the problem over the past few thousand years. Just because something is normative doesn't mean that the norms don't change to better suit society at a later date. In fact, a terrific definition of society is a force that causes you to suppress normative and even natural orders in order to contribute to a greater good. It's the force that keeps you from pulling out a gun and firing into rush hour traffic because you know that the results will ultimately be better if you just wait it out. But you're an idiot, so I don't suspect you really understand that yet. You know. Because you're an idiot.

 For the rest of us, though, the reality is that life is a constant series of interactions wherein we suppress our most basic desires for a better outcome for everyone, and learn means by which we can live more successfully though a series of trials and errors. That's what productive people do. You clearly aren't productive, so you should probably remove your genitals with whatever blade you've managed make by banging two rocks together, then eat them, because the rest of humanity would really appreciate it if you didn't accidentally breed.

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