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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Morons and scum in USA are being mass-murdered--How?--And Christianity can well counter-act

Scum, Puke, And Filth Are Being Mass-Murdered--Whoopie--But Note, Sucker--That Doesn't Mean It's Good For Us, Humans
(Apollonian, 25 Sep 12)

I. The Problemo: MASS MURDER--masked then by TV-induced mass psychosis

Well, now we observe folks (here in USA) are being mass-murdered--by slow-kill methods, like poisoned corp. vaccines, fluoridated (poisoned) water, etc., and, as we've lately been informed, esp. by GMO foods which cause horrific cancer and other diseases.  Just ck or for all the articles and material u might need for info.  Rates of cancer are EXPLODING, morons--get a clue.

But what exactly is at ROOT of the great success of the top Jew powers for this mass-murder taking place--even in-ur-face, the trendies, yuppies, and metro-sexual TV-addicts laughing about it all, loving to watching their idiot foot-ball games.

TV then is surely most successful and powerful instrument for hypnosis, but there's got to be more for substance of what's injected by the hypnosis means, and that is these dumb, little bastards LOVE to think they're "good," don't they?

So this ("good-evil" Pelagian heresy, magnified by the Jew-tube), I submit to u, is what's working, masking, providing for, and laying groundwork for the mass-murder being actively administered upon us and our people.  And note the Jew puke at the top insist it's "good" to reduce population--"for the earth," ho ho--which then the trendies and metrosexuals enthusiastically applaud--anything that's "good," after all (is good, ho ho ho).

II. The Anti-Dote To Heresy: Real Christianity--TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH Above All

Note when the various cities and towns try to remove the fluoridation poisoning of the water, often the states (through the legislators) then vote for mandatory fluoridation--those legislators are well-paid, never doubt, as the US Federal Reserve ("Fed"--see for expo/ref. on Fed COUNTERFEITING) is made for that, just churning-out and printing-up all the money they need to buy politicians and judges (as well as everything else too that's buyable).

(A) So the easy answer, right straight off, is to enhance the power and influence of the local governments, but how to doing this?--working through the Christian churches and organizations is one great and important way, I strongly suggest.  Christianity, upholding TRUTH above all things, is outstanding potential influence for reason and freedom.

(B) Thus Christianity is most powerful and distinct Philosophy--not merely aesthetic allegory.

Thus one must simply understand what Christianity really is--and Gosp. JOHN gives most excellent capsule exposition for Christian philosophy: it upholds TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all, Christ symbolic of truth, the only way to Godly happiness, as JOHN 14:6.

Note then specifically, Christianity thus upholds Aristotelian OBJECTIVITY of reality, this objectivity then necessary, natural basis of truth, the premise for truth--which opposes Jew/Talmudic subjectivism, the Jews holding truth and reality being what Jews say it is, this for the "good" of Jews.  See,, and for best Talmudic expo.

Thus for Christianity, properly understood (see St. Augustine and Pelagian heresy), there is NO "good-evil," humans being sinners (naturally self-interested), no power of human will being capable of altering this sinful human nature, humans hopelessly doomed but for God's grace.  Thus there's no "evil," just insanity--as we observe Jews and their accomplices are psychopaths, obsessed w. this pretended, imaginary "good" by which they justify their mass-murders.

CONCLUSION: Thus Christian TRUTH ABSOLUTELY opposes Jew lies and subjectivism which founds moralist/Pharisaist delusion/heresy of "good-evil."  And this Christian anti-Pharisaism is what must be emphasized.  Christianity indubitably is anti-semitism, never doubt--and this should be emphasized, not over-looked or not-mentioned.