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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Big-Lies succeed due to cultural circumstances--Spenglerian "Decline of the West," dominated by Jew-induced general FEAR of facing-up to satanic masterminds....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Spenglerian Western "Decline" Approaching Criticality
(Apollonian, 28 Sep 14)

Anders (see below-copied): u're MISSING the obvious pt. which is this all, JFK, 9/11, and Sandy Hook, among many, many others, are "BIG-LIES," using "big-lie" technique--the people FEARING to suspect the truth, which isn't really hard to grasp, but which nonetheless, they FEAR to face-up to, namely, that their leaders are satanic, blood-drinking, mass-murderers, and further, that we the people are next on their list of victims.

Do u notice these satanic scum absolutely HATE Christianity?--do u wonder why?

We're up against not mere criminals, but SATANISTS--they want seriously to "reduce population" of the world--this is their agenda, their stated goal--see the "Georgia Guidestones"--it's also in the actual written works of such as the science-"czar"/advisor to Obongo, John Holdren who advocates licenses for having kids and putting yet more chemicals in water-supplies, etc.

So it's going to take a literal REVOLUTION to removing these cretins and psychopaths--WHO KNOW--and it's why they're requiring cops to killing citizens, taking citizens' rights, buying billions of rounds of ammo, issuing M-raps armored vehicles, etc.

Key is Christianity upholds TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH as only way to Godly happiness (Gosp. JOHN 14:6)--hence Aristotelian objectivity, necessary premise to such truth, and reason, rationality, honesty, integrity as essence of HOLY SPIRIT by which to apprehend truth--against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44), Jews the foremost satanists.

Satanists know serious activity will begin as their devilish currency collapses evermore. Problem is satanists have control over established Christianity too, though our good people already suspect this.

---------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-----------------------

Anders LindmanSeptember 28, 2014 at 1:30 AM
Legal action against the Sandy Hook hoax will be too disruptive for society. Plus I think neither those who staged the event nor those who have done a coverup have had any criminal intent. We need to look at the bigger picture and seek peaceful solutions.

@stevie.t There are probably thousands of people being forced to cover up the Sandy Hook event. And when adding to that the 9/11 attacks etc, there are likely millions of people being more or less forced, for national security and other reasons, to go along with a coverup. The general public and society at large would be unable to "handle the truth" and the scandal would be on such a large scale that it risks bringing down the whole U.S. and most of the rest of the world with it. Not good.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

How can BIG-LIES succeed, thrive?--answer: within a larger culture of "good-evil" moralism/Pharisaism, dominated by Jews and schizoids, obviously....

Below-copied first published at comments,

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The Large Cultural Context For BIG-LIES
(Apollonian, 27 Sep 14)

What I submit u (and others too) either overlook or ignore is 9/11, like JFK and Sandy Hook, are instances of huge, "big-lies" and BIG-LIE technique.

Question then is HOW these big-lies succeed--and there must be a larger context for this culture of big-lies, eh?--what could it be?

And what I submit is the culture is dominated by phony moralism/Pharisaism founded upon fallacious "good-evil" delusion.

Thus since the child-like people insist upon and "believe" this false "good-evil," the big-lies follow and are swallowed by these children in adult-form--as the big-lies rather second and then justify the original, more basic delusion/heresy (Pelagianism) of moralism/Pharisaism.

This over-all "good-evil" was then used by the master-minds to launch their wars, including the domestic war (still mainly psychologic) against the people, taking their rights, setting them up for "population-reduction" by means of toxic vaccines, drugs, GMO foods, etc.

So Simian, u go to great lengths to insist upon small potatoes, but what's ur pt.?--what conclusion is it u're really driving for?

Friday, September 26, 2014

ZOG/Jew/satanic problem isn't that difficult to grasping, explaining....

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Clare K., Perfect Example Of Cultural Problem Gripping West
(Apollonian, 26 Sep 14)

"...[B]ut the "top" are not really only Jewish." - Clare Kuehn September 26, 2014 at 6:18 AM
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Ho ho ho--as if apster's exposition isn't self-explanatory, we need this bloviating, patronizing, moronic know-it-all, "Clare Kuehn," to trying her best to confuse things further (see below-copied).

Thus our dearest Clare the moron feels it necessary to explain, in inimitable idiot's manner (see above, ho ho ho), to mere humans what "proof" is, ho ho ho--she can't just refer to a dictionary, u see--no no, she knows better, ho ho ho.

And there are no "bad-guys" as, first, there's no "bad" as there's no "good-evil," a delusion (Pelagian heresy--see St. Augustine and Martin Luther) that's much a great part of the cultural/psychologic problem in the first place, so many now caught-up in Jew-fostered Pharisaism--like Clare herself, one notes.

And ZOG is Zionist Occupation Gov., which is excellent term to describe the obvious political-cultural problem.

And what's that political-cultural problem?--simple--it's simply an elaborated CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY, headed by Jews and satanists, easily demonstrated whose primary, practical instrument of control, manipulation, and coercion is central-banking and fiat-money, US Federal Reserve Bank (legalized) COUNTERFEITING scam, as I've noted for folks, which then buys and controls practically everything and everyone, including but not limited to the mass corp. Jews-media, all public and much private "education," the governments, beginning at top w. federal, but extending to state and many local entities too.

Perhaps most tragic is ZOG control/influence over even nominally "Christian" institutions which were originally, way back when, meant to protect the people fm these Jew and associated monsters, but which establishment institutions have themselves now been captured.

But it's good opportunity for clarification and fullest exposition of the general cultural problem, the people so oppressed, mentally-entangled, and immersed, as we see, in the general cultural/societal "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler--which begin in HUBRIS and now extends to its mass manifestation/expression--satanism, always led by Jews, foremost SUBJECTIVISTS, thus Pharisaistic moralists.

Thus the people must RE-GAIN their grasp upon an objective, Aristotelian reality whence there's no "good-evil," humans being necessarily sinners and motivated in self-interest according to necessary nature, the only means of temperance then being reason and rationalism which cannot abide the sort of bloviating, presumptuous Pharisaism of such as our dearest Clare K., good example of what's wrong w. the culture and people, caught-up in schizoidalism borne of Pharisaism.

-----------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-----------------------

Thanks for posting the link. Judy (the grandmother I spoke to) was on it, too.

It is an excellent show, right to the end.

Aside, John: The "ho ho ho" is an often smug person named Apsterian, who means well, but whose only format of discussing evildoers and powerplays is to call them Zionists, then to link all formal Satanism with them, plus not to recognize that bad intent can be called "satanic" in context, without meaning huge groups involved. He calls many he dislikes a Jew (as a dishonour); if discovering a Jew (just their religion), he must often link them to potentially being part of the horrible mind-set of the top "Jewish" conspiracy.

No matter the fact that there are apocalyptic occultic Jews and other kinds at work in the big power plays of the world, Apsterian's rambling comments using limited concepts for whodunnit, are sometimes very unhelpful.

He's not stupid when he calms down, but his limited conceptual rhetoric gets in his own way. At that point, he has displayed a common mistake, i.e., that proof of something comes from one item of each kind (each area) in an argument. In reality, of course, several items sometimes group together, of each kind, before linking into different kinds in the overall argument for a proof.

His passive simplicity about what proofs are and physical evidence is is common. (Physical things can show a tendency; they are not only incontrovertible in themselves. They can show that what might have been dismissable in one thing is bolstered in another, becoming a nexus, a linked argument within the general argument, which itself is a proof.)

He calls the bad guys "ZOG" -- about Zionism. Of course, there are such people at the "top" (Rothschilds being a famous example), but the "top" are not really only Jewish.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Jews: foremost subjectivists, satanists, moralists, criminals, scum....

Below-copied first published at comments,

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Jews Are Problem, Foremost Subjectivists, Satanists, Most Organized By Far
(Apollonian, 25 Sep 14)

Red Pill: I must object to false content of this vid on grounds of it's Jew-friendliness (defending Jews), as noted at 7 mins, 48 seconds--even though all the rest of it might actually be accurate, which I wouldn't doubt it is.

I've listened to u on numerous shows, and u're sadly out-to-lunch on the Jew issue--Judaism is satanism, and u simply need to find-out about Judaism, founded, by definition upon murderous Talmud, the lead document, but along w. other rabbinic writings too, like Zohar, etc.  See, also, for best expo.

U and ur circle of buddies and colleagues FAIL to understand all religion/philosophy is analyzable according to objective-subjective dichotomy (also Aristotle vs. Plato).  And note the issue is made explicit in Gosp. JOHN, esp. at 14:6 (Christ = truth) and 8:44 (Jews = lies), Jews the "sons" of their father, satan, the devil.

For note truth depends upon the objective criterion--which criterion, the objective reality, is denied by Jews even if not explicitly, Jews insisting only effective truth is what rabbis say it is, SUBJECTIVISM, justified on a collective subjectivism reputedly on behalf of all Jews, but arbitrated by rabbis at top, these rabbis willing to sacrifice the lower-level Jews as it is expedient--about which treachery Christ warned.

I note also u and u buddies tend to be fascinated and distracted by the numerology which is really red-herring.  Essence of satanism is SUBJECTIVISM, whence reality is whatever one wishes it is, one becoming one's own God, leading then to narcissism, Pharisaism-moralism (sanctimony and self-righteousness), etc.

Note Judaism is satanism, though not all Jews are extreme satanists--though they're necessarily sympathetic to it, much like communism, and gentiles can be satanists too, like they can be communists--but lead and topmost masterminds of satanism, like communism, are Jews as they're most connected, united, and organized.

Of course, there's problem of absolute formal proof for these above statements/conclusions of mine, but it's matter of inductive logic, moving fm particular details.  Note practical power comes fm central-banking and fiat-money, as US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEIT scam which Jews un-questionably control.

Jews are un-questionably the problem, but it's because they're foremost, connected SUBJECTIVISTS, Pharisaist-moralists, and esp. satanists--even though, again, gentiles can be all these too, however not nearly as connected/organized.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

satanists have been un-covered at Sandy Hook, ho ho o ho ho ho--what will they do?--were horribly treated by mighty Internet, by golly, ho ho ho ho

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Don't Forget: Fetzer & Co. Have Un-Covered Satanism In Action
(Apollonian, 24 Sep 14)

Listened to whole show--and it was great to hr fm good ol' Wolfgang once again--even if he does support terror-state of Israel.  Incredible brilliant info fm Wolfgang.

Comrades, u gotta realize ZOG is NEVER going to co-operate w. u--NONE of their judges, or prosecutors, or politicians--if any do, their lives are in danger, seriously.

U just gotta gather all the facts, is the only thing that can be done.

ZOG was horribly crushed into the dirt by means of the mighty Internet, un-questionably--what a tremendous effort by all the magnificent people, Prof. Fetzer, Wolfgang, KateSlate, Kelly fm Tulsa, et al.

What a horrible, putrid society which tolerates such gross, in-ur-face fraud and blatant criminality--refusing to heed rightful requests for info, even assaults and threats against the citizenry.

Folks, I'm telling u, we are in horrible trouble fm the out-and-out SATANISTS who are riding-high, throwing their weight around, and the obvious, necessary thing to be done is anti-satanism--BUT what could that be?

And again, I absolutely assure u nothing will work but for the real Christianity, worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, above all/any other precept, only way to Godly happiness (Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

Thus TRUTH requires objective Aristotelian reality as necessary criterion/premise--this was integral part of Christ's lesson.

Ask urself then, WHO hates our dear Christianity?--and those are the masterminds, KEY to the satanic assault against our poor culture/civilization.

And note all the "advanced-thinkers," "progressives," and "liberals" will defend these foremost satanists as matter-of-course.

Homosexuals can be satanists too, but note they're not masterminds as they're so addicted to crass sense-gratification, who HATE the intellect.

HINT: the topmost, masterminds among the satanists are same as those who are topmost masterminds among the communists.  And never forget Christ himself tells us they are the very "SONS" of their father, satan--at Gosp. JOHN 8:44.

So u see Christ and New Testament were actually very astute philosophically, sociologically, and psychologically. 

Finally, remember these satanic monsters aren't only involved just w. Sandy Hook, which could only have been one among many other operations, events, and incidents Satanists use in order to bring absolute destruction upon all humanity--like a world gov. which will vaccinate and drug EVERYONE, beginning w. the kidsoes, surely.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Telling dialectic btwn apster and a queer fm u-tube, ho ho ho ho

Here's a great dialectic w. a queer--though I didn't know it till later on when he finally admitted to it--after I'd softened him up w. heavy compliments, ho ho ho ho.  Ck

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Dialectic began upon general subject of Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" novel, John Stossel noting it was inspiration for Libertarian party.  So the queer starts off w.

John Stossel is an idiot!
The future and security of America depends on good education, healthcare, and employment.
If everyone is stupid, sick, and unemployed, America fails!

to which I answered:

apollonian apollonius
6 days ago
U're a satanistic liar--stupid too, ho ho ho.  What u want is dictatorship, but u lie and pretend it isn't dictatorship--and then u say this dictatorship is good, u ignorant moron scum.

There've been now almost 40 responses back and forth, but here's a good exchange:
Frank D
1 day ago
+apollonian apollonius Son, I am a true patriot. I am for The United Sates above all else.
The United States of America cannot survive without good education, healthcare, and employment for it's people.
The Federal government's job is to protect it's citizens. Part of that is education. From the look of your responses, I can see you need MORE education.

apollonian apollonius
1 day ago
+Frank D Well Frank, u stupid ass, if U want to provide "education," that of course is ur right, BUT U HAVE NO RIGHT TO DEMAND OTHERS FINANCE AND FUND UR IDIOT SCHEMES for doing "good," stupid punk--don't u realize u're just going to get ur stupid punk ass CRUSHED?--u're a thief, on excuse for "doing good," dumbass--u're going to reap the fruits of insufficient force for ur punk attempts, stupid ass.

USA and anyone does best without punks like u using others' funds to do ur "good deeds," stupid ass--so u're gonna have to learn the hard way, sucker--and stupid puke like u are EASY to crush.

Same goes for "healthcare," dumbass.  "Employment"?--only productive people w. brains (unlike u) are capable of providing productive employment--and they can only do this in climate of FREEDOM, idiot--low taxes, no gov. regulations, just rule-of-law, that's all--and all history demonstrates.

Beware punk--people are fed-up w. "do-good" punks like u who've ruined USA--which has actually been dead since war btwn states back 150 yrs ago

Frank D
1 day ago
+apollonian apollonius Quite the limited vocabulary you have there, son.
You really should read a book. Preferably something written by someone who actually went to college instead of that bullshit propaganda that's infected your brain.

It wasn't social security and public school funding that caused the financial meltdown in '08. It was unregulated big shot corporate CEOs who thought they didn't owe this country anything.

We've seen the kind of destruction corporations can cause when they're allowed to exist without regulation. The polluted Cuyahoga river catching fire in '69, contaminated drinking water, drinking water catching fire, banks causing major economic disaster, auto company using faulty parts (ignoring the years of deaths it caused). Shall I go on?

My guess is that you're not old enough to remember the clouds of toxic emissions that hung over cities like Los Angeles and New York City. Maybe you've never seen a Thalidomide Baby.

It wasn't corporate money that cleaned up the mess. It was our tax dollars!

Corporations that gain success due to the policies of the U.S. owe this country a great deal. The free ride has to end.

I don't have children so, personally, I don't care how bad you all fuck up the planet.


apollonian apollonius
1 day ago
+Frank D Frank, u dumb, brainless bastard scum: corps can easily be dealt w. SIMPLY W. RULE-OF-LAW, u ignorant scum--they don't need "special" rules administered by bureaucrat puke who were chosen fm very ranks of corporatists they were supposed to "regulate."

Hey Frank, u ignorant puke--have u ever hrd of US Federal Reserve Bank?--do u know what it is and does?--it's literally legalized COUNTERFEITING--they just print-up money, u dumb bastard scum--all the money owned by top commercial banks, u stupid puke.

See what an ignorant flunky for dictatorship u really are?--u need to be killed, seriously--u're just a stupid traitor, that's all.

Ck link, given above, for more exciting back-and-forth btwn the queer and apster, ho ho ho ho

"Truthers" gotta understand the large context--cultural, Spenglerian "Decline of the West," Jews enforcing satanic regime, etc....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Linda Plays ZOG's Game, Focusing On "Tree," Missing "Forest"
(Apollonian, 23 Sep 14)

Linda (see below-copied): what's this stupid crap about "convincing the public"?--and what do u pretend to know about how to doing that?

NEWSFLASH: people generally only care about bread & circuses--got that?--get a clue.  And NOTHING is going to get done till US Dollar more decisively crashes, prices sky-rocketing, soon, soon enough.

Get a clue: 9/11 is just ANOTHER "big-lie," like JFK, Sandy Hook, etc., and best thing to do is to placing these DETAILS into a larger context, Jew S A and West in Spenglerian "Decline...," Jews and satanists in control of the culture, consolidating world dictatorship--that's the movie playing.

So patriots can only work in anticipation of inevitable economic crash, working to UNITE the people by means of an emotional/sentimental bond, the real, hence ANTI-SEMITIC Christianity, worship of TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against Jew lies, Jews having so successfully infiltrated and dis-crediting Christianity.

People only need face-up to the satanic nature of ZOG, evermore obvious, and their world-gov. genocidal desires.  Thus Christianity must forthrightly emphasize anti-Semitism, etc.

Satanism manipulates the schizoid mentality found esp. in those most affected by "good-evil" fallacy/delusion/heresy, libertarians, "progressives," liberals, who are legion, naturally bred-up in the corrupted, perverted Jew-dominated culture.

Obsessing on a detail like 9/11 is the error of missing the whole forest for focusing too closely upon a single tree.  U must place 9/11 in proper Jew/satanist context.

---------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied---------------------

You are absolutely right, Jim. A&E are culpable in their lies of omission because unless we know exactly how the towers were taken down we won't be able to convince the public that only certain parties possess the means and capability to execute such deeds. So A&E are actively obstructing the truth and should not be excused for covering their asses or "pulling their punches." Half truths do not serve a truth movement.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Christianity must lead the necessary anti-ZOG revolution--BUT it itself must be understood properly....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Christian Place In Culture Must Be Understood To Counter Present Satanic Regime Of Lies
(Apollonian, 22 Sep 14)

This was another great show, Prof.  And it's neat u acknowledge the idea of the money-supply being nearly infinite so the masters of that scam can do practically anything.

That's KEY to everything, the "events," the big-lies about them, the control over the media--all of it made possible by the COUNTERFEITING scam known as the US Fed.  Nothing will change till the US Dollar collapses, I'm afraid.

Meantime, we can only try to work setting-up for the rebellion as the currency collapses.  Thus to UNITE the people we need a cultural revolution, I submit, this regarding most especially that emotional/sentimental bond among the people, CHRISTIANITY--but understood in the right way so as to be most useful--oriented against this regime of criminal fraud and big-lies.

Thus Christianity must be understood as OPPOSING satanism--which is Judaism.  Thus Christianity emphasizes TRUTH, hence honesty, as greatest virtues towards Godly happiness, thus OBJECTIVITY, the necessary criterion/premise of such truth.

Present problem is Christianity is understood in far too Jew-friendly way, Judaism not well-enough understood as the satanism it really is.  Satanism thus is most extreme SUBJECTIVISM whence one is God creating one's own reality--Judaism, then, is a collective subjectivism.

So Prof. Fetzer, u only need do a show now on something like ur basic philosophic interest/subject-matter--THE CULTURE, and how Christianity and Judaism work in relation thereto.  That's why I so urge u to get Mike A. Hoffman II (fm, or Ted Pike ( or even Rev. Carlson ('re all very articulate and knowledgeable; Hoffman is even quite a hist. revisionist regarding holohoax.  Keep up ur great work.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

9/11, Sandy Hook, Aurora, all "BIG-LIES" within cultural-complex in Spenglerian CYCLIC "decline," in thrall to Jews, satanists....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Success Of Conspiracy Depends Upon Cultural Circumstances
(Apollonian, 21 Sep 14)

Ho ho ho--that was incredible good vid (see below-copied), consp-skept, by golly--and I like what u say about TV too, the Jew-tube, Jews the master-liars, by Jove.

9/11, Sandy Hook, Aurora--these are simply "BIG-LIES" boldly told to the people by the masters of CHUTZPAH, eh?

Joannie Edwards tells us all about the TV vids being faked, she getting this fm simon shack--which is all surely true--even our good Prof. Fetzer acknowledges the TV fakery--but what's the LARGE CONTEXT?--and it's the TOTAL Jew domination of our "culture," such as it is, in horrific "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

And the culture is totally captive by means of the funny money-supply put out by that (legalized) COUNTERFEITING scam, US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed).  Thus Jew masterminds at the top have a nearly ENDLESS supply of funds by which to bribe, extort, and assassinate anyone who fails to "co-operate."

Further, and perhaps most tragic of all, our nominally "CHRISTIAN" culture is so totally dominated by these infernal Jews, "Christianity" now understood as something which SERVES THE JEWS, administered by collaborators taking money fm Jews, including the "Vatican," and all establishment elements of churchianity.

So we need a TOTAL cultural revolution--much like the French of 1789, but surely most like original of St. Constantine the Great of early 4th cent.

And of course, this revolution will only be possible when the currency collapses more conclusively, in the early stages as we speak, now.

For note, we're in grips of SATANIST dictatorship, and Judaism IS SATANISM, nothing more nor less--presently pretending to being a legitimate religion--which Christianity is supposed to oppose most forthrightly, but which it doesn't as Jews have arranged things so that present established Christianity seems to reject human REASON--the very opposite of original intention, Christ being symbol for TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, above all/any other precepts (Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

Satanism thriving within such Jew-oriented Western cultural "decline" is how BIG-LIES and conspiracy succeed and prevail, never doubt.

--------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-----------------------
FBI FAIL - 38 Unreported Deaths - Mass Shootings - Sandy Hook - Aurora

Television is for advertising first. Propaganda second. Entertainment third.
Truth is unpopular and unprofitable.
Keep this in mind should you be forced to watch TV or happen to view it by accident.
Like sharing dirty needles, watching TV should never be done on purpose.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Note: poor folks MUST have things placed in context for fullest understanding, including 9/11 and Sandy Hook psy-ops....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jews Have SO MUCH Captured Western Culture, People Don't Realize
(Apollonian, 20 Sep 14)

Ur forum (see below-copied) looks very interesting simon--I'll have to ck things further, for sure.

Remember, regarding the holohoax, for example,--lots of people know about it (the hoax of it all), but too few care.  People continue to think Judaism is half-way legitimate religion, not realizing it's just Satanism--and that that's why Christianity opposes it, why Jews had to kill Christ, at least for the story, etc.

Doesn't mean Christianity is anything OTHER than literature, not necessarily actual history--it's just the opposing of contrary ideals/premises, Christian TRUTH vs. Jew lies; objectivity vs. subjectivism.
Jews have been SOOOOOOOO successful, they've even got people thinking of Christianity in Judaic ways--like for pretending Christianity has to be "believed" regardless of any factual content or value.  Christianity is first, and most, LITERATURE.

I suspect, if u can keep ur forum going, it will have more and more success, visitors--this, as US Dollar collapses. 

And one other thing: Note also the effect of "THE BIG LIE"--a lie so huge and outrageous, like "the US gov. WOULDN'T murder it's own people"--or launch a huge psy-ops like 9/11--that the people REFUSE to believe it even if they can formulate or grasp it for a moment.

Such a BIG-LIE surely operates and exists within our present putrid Jew-dominated culture--and 9/11 isn't the only one--Sandy Hook is another.

So we only need to present proper CONTEXT for our people--but even that will have to depend on circumstances--like imminent economic collapse for fullest effects.  Good luck.  A.

---------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-----------------------------

Apsterian wrote:

"Gosh, I don't know "simon" (ho ho ho), but I'm sure good prof. would give u a try if u had any info--maybe u should sum it up, and then say why/how ur info is worth-while--what earth-shattering conclusions it would lead to?"

Well - I actually HAVE summed up my research into Ken Feinberg, Steven Rosenbaum and Charles Hirsch - on my own forum. Anyone can access my forum and read these articles:

About Ken Feinberg;

About Steven Rosenbaum:

About Charles Hirsch:


Simon Shack

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Instructive dialectic w. a fraud--ho ho ho--no proof given, just empty, repeated assertions, patronizing, irrelevance--but instructive for how frauds operate, think....

Ho ho ho--here's a dialectic w. another fraud--regarding the Paul McCartney hoax "death" of way back in 1966 or so.  So all I do is to ask for the actual evidence--which we never get fm this authority, "Clare," though we get lots of other stupid crap.  This dialectic can be found at comments section,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Clare Needs To Face-Up To Her Fraud/Hoaxing
(Apollonian, 17 Sep 14)

Clare: "proof" properly means a sign existing in the OBJECTIVE world and then present itself to one's SENSE-PERCEPTION. The mind only sets the perceptions to look in proper direction, that's all. The mind then merely acknowledges the evidence of one's perception.

So tell us what are those signs existing in objective world which serve as evidence so that we mortals can look and see for ourselves--u got nothing.

U seem to pt. to this or that sign which isn't conclusive or even relevant, then use another, and pretend to putting them together to say, "ahhh, I've solved it," ho ho ho

U're just a con-artist who's conned urself, that's all, and u berate the rest of us who don't go along w. ur self-deception. It's not our fault, and we've done all that's necessary for any honest searching.

Note Clare: at a certain pt. u become outright fraud and hoaxster--this is ur problem, not ours.

If there's proof of OBJECTIVE nature, say what it is, or they are--list them if there's more than one sign--LEAVE OFF w. the prefaces, marginal notes, and "explanations." Quit shilly-shallying. We're starting to beginning to losing patience w. u.

--------------------------------------Clare replies below-----------------------------------

Apsterian: you don't understand evidence or proof any more than people who resist 9/11 Truth; to people such as you, your understanding of how argument works varies according to the positions you like at first hearing, not with work.

There is only so much objectivity to any argument (which is evidence meaning-making). Some types are better than others; all are inductive (imperfect) at some level. JFK's backbone is more perfect an argument against an inner trajectory from near-spine back up to centre-front neck, but nothing is perfect.

Paul's death adds up in all directions; it requires patience with the particular forensic types of evidence available & the Beatles clues material *including understanding that it must be included and why*, and the historical revision (no alibi exists for the counter-case, i.e., this could have happened, with all the gaps in the right places in history, even if it didn't).

You simply do not get it. It's okay. He still died.

-------------------------------------ap replied, below-copied--------------------------------------

In The End, Clare Merely Fools Herself Most
(Apollonian, 17 Sep 14)

I get it, Clare: u're a fraud, a phony, and a con-artist--who, further, doesn't seem to understand evidence, what knowledge is, logic, etc.--or maybe u do, but then u're good at lying about what it "really" is, or "could be," ho ho ho--in order to persuade folks there's something wrong w. them who don't agree w. ur foolery, which u think is so engaging and entertaining--u gotta realize it gets old.

What I don't get--because there's nothing there--is any evidence for PID.

U also get somewhat mixed-up w. ur nonsense too, like ur above first sentence/paragraph which rather fails for full coherence.

If u believe ur own lies, that's what's going to hurt u most, in the end, I submit.

Ur technique is simply: (a) repeat ur assertion which u don't substantiate. (b) Attack others who fail to agree w. ur balderdash which includes nonsense and mock-"philosophy" about logic, evidence, etc., like ur above moronic, "meaning-making," ho ho ho ho ho. (c) Maintain ur certainty, continuing to repeat.

Danger is the little lies u tell, like above, "your understanding of how argument works varies"--which doesn't make sense--I understand or not, period. It's UR understanding that's most questionable.

See Clare: if u're a con-artist, which u are, u can't afford to submit urself to too much scrutiny, like here on Fetzer's comments section. Fans of Fetzer tend to be serious students of logic, etc., and that's dangerous for phonies like u who take ur comedy routine too seriously, thinking u can just go on w. ur foolery--it gets old--doesn't it for u too?

--------------------------------------Clare replies, below-----------------------------

You are simply wrong, Apsterian, in your approach and your knowledge base, but you mean well, or you would not be listening to Jim's shows. Just ignore this case.

"U also get somewhat mixed-up w. ur nonsense too, like ur above first sentence/paragraph which rather fails for full coherence."

What sentence? Remember, I am not doing majorly edited posts here.

---------------------------------ap replies below-copied---------------------------------------------

Clare Cannot Resist Committing Fraud--Mostly Against Herself
(Apollonian, 17 Sep 14)

"You are simply wrong, Apsterian, in your approach and your knowledge base,...." --Clare Kuehn September 17, 2014 at 5:43 PM

See Clare: that's all u can ever do, when u get down to it--assert without substantiating--known as fallacy of question-begging.

Remember: people can easily see my "approach" as I make it crystal, explicitly, clear as to what and how evidence is and proper treatment for it--which u NEVER do--and they see urs too, u consistently, repeatedly asserting, NEVER substantiating, over and over and over, aside fm ur other absurdities.

U spice things up w. ur insufferable patronizing, like, "but you mean well, or you would not be listening to Jim's shows." Ho ho ho ho--and u think u're clever or that u're fooling anyone but urself.

And it's all done for ur own consumption, entertainment, to fool urself, imagining u're being persuasive, etc.

"[M]ajorly edited posts..."?--why not just say, "heavily edited," or "carefully edited," or just "edited"? Ho ho ho--see, u just start falling all over urself for ur attempted deceptions which requires excessive elaborations and strained phraseology. Ho ho ho oh

"Ignore this case"?--absolutely not, as it's excellent example of a con-artist (you) getting carried away w. one's own conning of oneself, thinking u accomplish anything.

And that's great thing about blogs and comments sections where we Fetzer fans can examine someone like u thoroughly--observe it's now over 200 for the comments--u've revealed urself too much, do u think?--that's probably because u take urself--and ur absurd "philosophy," such as it is, on "evidence," etc.--too seriously and don't mind going on and on with it, imagining u make any sense. Ho ho ho ho

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

-------------------------------------at this pt. Clare realizes she should stop responding as she's effectively exposed, and further responses only expose her further, ho ho ho ho---------------------------

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What's large cultural problemo?--note the CYCLIC circumstances of "Decline of West" by Spengler, Jews, satanists dominating like lords....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

What's Problem With USA?--Spengler's CYCLIC Cultural "Decline"
(Apollonian, 17 Sep 14)

Well, the question/issue, presumably raised by the Jew, Blum, is similar to WHY do nominally "Christian" people support and ally w. the satanistic, cannibalistic, psychopathic, mass-murdering terror-state of Israel--indeed, HOW do these Jew monsters exert the hypnotic-like power they do over the brain-dead morons of Jew S A?

Thus it's most perfect demonstration, this Jew-trance of present USA, of Oswald Spengler's CYCLIC theory expressed in "Decline of the West."

Thus the originally heroic, rationalist, honest, CHRISTIAN people of USA achieved genuine prosperity and became corrupt and perverted--especially in the way of HUBRISTIC Pharisaism, Christian honesty, worshipping truth above all, giving way now to Pharisaist self-delusion of "good-evil" and moral virtue, this Pharisaist delusion built upon the gross hubris of pretending to a perfectly "free" human will.

Thus Jew and associated Satanists now dominate USA, along w. much of the Western world--the Jews dominating Satanism like they dominate communism, banking, and the corporate bureaucratic hierarchy, among other things--these Jews and Satanists now leading by the nose a great portion/segment of US population, the "schizoids," so much consumed in this Pharisaist "moralist" ethos, w. putrid guilt-complex

So what can be done to rectify things in West and Jew S A?--nothing less than a Christian-inspired revolution, similar in effect to the original of St. Constantine the Great of early 4th cent. Roman emp.

Thus Christian TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH is built upon the Aristotelian objective, hence determinist reality--which rejects and repudiates hubris and gross Pharisaism and pretense to child's "good-evil"--not to mention embracing of the good old anti-Semitism, the only real obedience to God and proper expression of Christianity--this is the cultural KEY to present problems of Jew S A.

Immediate, direct, and most practical resort then must be made to removal of US Federal Reserve Bank (legalized) COUNTERFEITING, practical key to Jews' criminal power by which Jews control and manipulate everything and everyone.  Additionally, states-rights, nullification, and secession are necessary tools.

Anti-Semitism thus rejects criminality (as of the Fed COUNTERFEITING) collectivism, socialism, Pharisaism, and satanist rejection of objective reality and determinism, and Christianity is the most successful, enduring, and rewarding anti-Semitism for the rational human.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Psycho schizoid is perfect picture for showing exactly what's wrong--HOW miserably satanists have population confused w. dis-info--get a load of this, ho ho ho ho....

Below copied dialectic w. schizoid (not me, ho ho ho), "Anthony," first and amazingly published (before being censored, as usual, ho ho ho) at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

[Comrades, below is brief dialectic w. myself and "Anthony" at above-noted site.  This "Anthony" character is PERFECT EXAMPLE of "schizoid" as I note for people--ck "Reference Expos" on top right-hand column for this blog.  Immediate following essay by me is actually the second entry for this dialectic, recorded at above-noted site.]

"Usury" Couldn't Merely Mean Charging-Of-Interest, Interest Mere Red-Herring Diversion
(Apollonian, 16 Sep 14)

Anthony: because the issue is what the word, "usury," meant way back when it originated--it COULD NOT have meant mere charging of interest as that by itself causes no systemic problem for economy.

For if u INCREASE the money-supply w. ur "fiat" (legalized COUNTERFEITING) system, u do 2 conflicting things: (a) it increases the amount of loans contracted (debt), and (b) it causes price inflation.

Inevitable problem arises when the steady increases of money MUST be curtailed to halt the obligatory price-inflation ("DEFLATION").

BUT then, this "deflation" then causes obvious problems for the paying of the loans which were contracted during the previous period of steady money-injections, allowing the banks now to foreclose on all the collateralized prop.

Charging of interest has NOTHING to do w. this break-down and inevitable collapse of ur funny-money schemes.  Yet the banks and Jews ALWAYS blame things on this false issue of charging-of-interest.

Commodity-money prevents these above-noted problems and keeps criminal bankers fm profiting fm ur legalized COUNTERFEITIING schemes--it also PRESERVES the rights of individuals to freely contract for loaning of money at interest.

-------------------above by ap in reply to below----------------------

[Note in below, "Anthony," the schizoid moron can't figure out I was asking the ORIGINAL meaning/definition--which first appears in ancient sources, which did not have explicit definition attached, only described.]

Why not just look it up in Webster Apollonian?
archaic : interest
: the lending of money with an interest charge for its use; especially : the lending of money at exorbitant interest rates
: an unconscionable or exorbitant rate or amount of interest; specifically : interest in excess of a legal rate charged to a borrower for the use of money

------------------------------above in response to below by ap--------------------

[Here below is my original, opening question/statement for this dialectic, ho ho ho ho]

Got a simple question for u: what’s ur source for “usury” having to do w. charging-of-interest?–where does it originate? Thanks for ur info. A.

---------------------------Migchels responded to very top, above by ap, below---------------------------

Usury does affect the business cycle, but in general I agree.
Austrianism (like all other orthodox schools of ‘modern economics’) mind controls people into thinking volume is the only issue with money.
Our main one, besides the crunch and its deflation, is that the World is now so awash in debt, that 40% of the disposable income of the common man is going to interest charges.
That’s why the debt bubble simply can’t grow anymore: debt service has become unbearable.
Usury, Volume and the fact that the Banks (instead of the community) decides who gets credit, these are the main problems of our money and they must be analyzed separately.

---------------------------above was answered by ap, below-copied-------------------------

Well, why can't u just admit commodity-money--per Austrians--is easiest, simplest solution?

---------------------------------above by ap was answered below--------------------------

Anthony Migchels permalink
Because it solves ZERO of our problems: the Banks own all commodities, it is impossible to have interest-free credit with it, asset bubbles and deflations are a no brainer with commodity money (and the norm under all the Gold Standards of the past) and the banks would still decide who would be financed or not.
That’s why they invested billions upon billions over decades to subvert the Truth Movement with it.
But, Apollonian, we’ve been through all this.

-------------------------ap responded, below---------------------------

"Deflations" under gold standard were never a problem: during post Civil-war period, US economy avg'd 3-4 percent real growth, despite the "deflation."

As usual, u overlook, deflation merely raises the value of the commodity-money, increasing buying-power, and there's no problem.  As value/buying-power goes up, it increases incentive to spend the money back into economy.

----------------------------above by ap was answered by---------------------------

[Now, observe in very first sentence, below, the psycho schizoid ADMITS in deflation, money is worth MORE, necessarily.]

No Appollonian, as usual you overlook that deflation makes money worth more
. Wages, among other things. It also makes debts worth more.
In short: deflation is very pleasant for creditors (the ultra rich) and those holding money (the ultra rich). It is VERY bad for those in debt (the entire world) and those not holding money (by far most of us). It’s also very bad for labor (everybody but the very rich).
As value/buying power goes up, incentives to spend the money remains low. Only when money starts to depreciate (‘inflation’), will incentive to spend rise again.
You see: that’s why I despise Austrianism so much: for putting ‘deflation is good’ in your head with such silly nonsense as ‘money is worth more’.
But like I said, we’ve been through all this and I’m not looking for a repetition of known moves.

-------------------------ap responded to above w. below---------------------------

Then explain why GDP rose at such astounding rate, as I noted, now mere matter of hist.

U make no sense--if money increases in value, it means there's more commodities available for purchase.  Wages increase for their buying power as do incomes generally, and debt isn't affected adversely as less money is needed for things other than debt.

Further, debt is only contracted w. eye to either steady or deflationary trends w. commodity standard, and the deflation is gradual, so there's no terrible problem w. debt.

And as the economy thrives, productivity increasing, there's always jobs, hence way to pay any reasonable debts.

It isn't nonsense that money is worth more [he already admitted money buying-power was raised, above--see note]--it's strict mathematical relation: as quantity goes down relatively, the value MUST go up, ipso facto--and this indeed is what reality & history demonstrates.  Ur problem is now w. logic itself.

------------------------below was answer to ap's above-----------------------

[Ho ho ho--here the little psycho schizoid loses his cool and resorts to abuse; mighty apster has WON the debate, eh?  Ho ho ho ho]

If money becomes worht more, wages go down in real terms [totally contradicting himself fm his above note] and debts grow in real terms Apollonian.
Get your Austrian head out of your Libertarian behind and start doing some independent thinking, you can’t expect me to keep correcting such no brainers. [Ho ho ho ho]
That’s it for now, you’ve already got me exasperated again and that’s the reason why you’re the only banned person on this blog

--------------------------below submitted, but perhaps not to be posted, eh?  ho ho ho-----------

[Below was NOT, in fact, published, ho ho ho ho]

No--U'RE ONE WHO NEEDS TO THINK--if money buying-power is worth more, real value of wages goes UP--necessarily, in accord w. simplest logic and common sense.  Debt remains manageable, as I noted.  My being banned is ur problem, not mine.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Joannie the Jew works to confuse the issue regarding who's behind 9/11 & HOW to investigate....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Joannie The Jew Continues Idiot Dis-Info
(Apollonian, 15 Sep 14)

Joannie the Jew says:

"I do believe Israel was involved big time in 9/11, but I don't think you've proved it. Nukes could have been used, but the more footage I see of scenes of 9/11, and there were many this13th anniversary--none of which made any sense--obviously spliced and doctored. The tapes are the key and you must explain all the anomalies especially those involving the victims and the compensation fund."

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Joannie fails to understand science, the inductive process/method, and proper course of criminal investigations--IT'S INDUCTIVE PROCESS. Note induction is defined as generalization.

Thus the various facts are collected and one considers most likely suspects based thereupon--Jews and Israel--they're everywhere, as Chris Bollyn makes clear, even if he makes serious mistakes in other ways ("planes" and the nano-thermite).

Once the most likely suspects are gathered and listed, one now looks for exculpatory evidence and factors--Jews are incapable of eliminating themselves for culpability--their fingerprints are ALL OVER 9/11.

Further, kikes continue to scream and protest they can't be suspected as it's "anti-Semitism," ho ho ho ho--which actually just confirms they did it.

BUT IT'S AN INDUCTIVE process, regardless, and once again, and ALL THE EVIDENCE pt.s to kikes--which they fail to explain, on the contrary.

This inductive process is the ONLY way things of investigation and science can possibly go, and the Jews and Israelis are rightly and heavily implicated--EVERYONE ELSE is effectively ruled out but for a few gentiles (CIA, FBI, etc.) who are always only "players" at the margins. Ruled-out MOST OF ALL are the Muzlims, ho ho ho, who had nothing to do w. anything but as PATSIES and fall-guys.

So Joannie the Jew, u need to begin to grasp and understand how investigations must proceed w. use of INDUCTIVE LOGIC along w. accurate observation. Indeed, ur gross ignorance combined w. ur groundless protestations merely demonstrates how ur intense efforts of dis-info are designed to inject confusion and thus aid Jews and Satanists. U only fool urself, but as u're so entertaining for ur pathetic attempts, I urge u to keep talking, ho ho ho hoo.

Scottish voters now confronted for the currency problem if they separate fm Jewwy Brits--issue is really simple, don't doubt....

Below-copied first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Money Must, Can Only Be, Commodity-Based
(Apollonian, 15 Sep 14)

This money/currency issue is always useful, even necessary, to grasp and understand--for the money system is ALWAYS the ultimate tool by which the Satanists take control--as they've done in Jew S A and all over the world.

WHAT is "money," anyway?--it's absolutely necessary to grasp.

For Jews/Satanists always persuade the stupid puke of corrupt and perverted states they need "more" money--a greater quantity--"fiat"-money and "central banking," which then causes TWO things, (a) INFLATION of prices, following inflation of money supply, and (b) MORE LOANS issued to the suckers.

So what then happens given these two conflcting eventualities, inflation and debt?--ANSWER: the (a) inflation and loans will continue UNTIL the inflation, esp. of prices, must be halted by means of curtailing the increase of money supply, also known as "deflation."

(b) BUT THEN what happens to the loans?--for with the deflation, NOW there's NO MONEY to pay-off the loans--get it?--and this ALWAYS happens w. fiat-money systems which ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS FAIL--the average life-span for such fiat-money systems being about 27-28 yrs before the final collapse has to happen.

US Federal Reserve Bank has now gone for over a hundred yrs.--BUT the up-coming and imminent CRASH is going to be EPIC.

That's why the ONLY proper money is COMMODITY-money, the best commodity to be used being gold and/or silver.  For commodity money cannot be inflated.

Jews/Satanists hate commodity money because they can't replicate/proliferate (inflate) it, THEN HALTING THE INCREASE (when the price-inflation threatens to become HYPER-inflation, as of Weimar Germany of mid 1920s) causing defaults and bankruptcies for non-payment of the increased loans, the banks then taking all the collateral put-up for the loans by the suckers who went in for the fiat-system in the first place.

So u see, THERE'S NO CHOICE but commodity-money standard, hence gold/silver standard--anything else--any non-commodity standard--will lead necessarily to horrific catastrophe.

Best ref.s on the money issue are G.Edward Griffin's "The Creature From Jekyll Island," as at; Griffin also has lots of vids on  The Austrian school of economics has the best understanding of the money issue at  Perhaps greatest Austrian theorist/writer is Murray Rothbard in his books, "The Mystery of Banking," "What Has Government Done To Our Money," and "History of Money and Banking in The United States," and others too.


Note Charging-Of-Interest Is Totally Irrelevant--NOT Essence Of "Usury" Problem
(Apollonian, 15 Sep 14)

Oh--and note one extremely important note to make about this "central-banking" and "fiat"-money is regarding issue of "USURY" and charging interest.

For note Jews/Satanists ALWAYS want to divert the issue to charging-of-interest, pretending interest-charging is the real problem.

But note, as in above exposition--it doesn't matter if charging interest is done or not--the simple increase of money supply itself increases the amount of loans.  And these loans will go bust and in default when the money-supply is curtailed--"INTEREST" HAS NOTHING TO DO W. IT.

Further, there's extremely important issue at stake w. the "interest" subject.  For charging of interest is matter of contract btwn among parties quite APART fm the strict economic issue which, as I note, is TOTAL "red-herring" diversion.

Note also the meaning of USURY is not given fm the ancient sources--it (usury) is associated w. charging-of-interest perhaps, but it isn't and couldn't be the real, root and essential cause of the necessary, inevitable crashing of the fiat-money system, and bankers taking people's property.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Never forget just HOW Jew/satanists control/rule in practical actuality--the money machine (legalized COUNTERFEITING)....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Money Issue Is MOST Important For Practical Jew/Satanist Power Over Present Culture
(Apollonian, 14 Sep 14)

Well comrades: this show w. J.B. Wells was a brilliant recitation and performance--another one--by our excellent analysts, commentators, and observers, Prof. Fetzer and Dennis Cimino.

But Prof., and once again, I'm a little puzzled for ur failing here--u missed an opportunity, near the beginning when Wells asked u about Israel, as u went over ur "problems" w. such entity which so easily and routinely "wags the dog."

And that missing item, once again, is of course, "central banking" which literally (legalistically) COUNTERFEITS the money supply/currency, which then allows Jew satanists to own and control EVERYTHING--which Dennis Cimino much later in the show referred to--and NEARLY everyone.

For if one doesn't submit and buckle-under to bribes and extortion enabled by this nearly infinite ability to fund and finance things, they can, in the end, simply assassinate u by paying-out couple hundred bucks to a coke-addict and then using their already-bought-and-paid-for cops, lawyers, judges and Jews-media to cover it all up.

U CONSISTENTLY miss this item regarding US Federal Reserve Bank (legalized) COUNTERFEITING, Professor, and I seriously begin to wondering why/how.

Dennis Cimino later began to cover the issue, but even he grossly mis-under-estimated (ho ho hoo) the problem when he said these Jews owned half the world's assets--this is inaccurate--for as they own & control the gov.s, judges, police, etc., they effectively own it all, able to instigate police civil forfeitures, confiscations, etc.--and they certainly CONTROL everything too, whether they "own" it or not.

This Fed COUNTERFEITING, then, is literal KEYSTONE to ALL OTHER ORGANIZED CRIME--and even much of the un-organized crime--which criminality and satanism has such strangle-hold over our culture.  For the financing/funding is what then enables everything/anything else whatever.

Perhaps u have difficulty w. what constitutes REAL "money"?--well, observe it MUST be a commodity, best being gold/silver.  For if it's just paper, then it can be replicated and proliferated endlessly just by adding more zeroes behind the number showing on the bill.  Only a commodity standard prevents such "inflation" (COUNTERFEITING) problem, u see.

The Austrians, as at, have the best, most coherent grasp of the money issue, esp. their great theorist, Murray Rothbard, who's written several works on the subject.  Another great, tremendous exposition on money subject is G.Edward Griffin's "The Creature From Jekyll Island."  Griffin has lots of neat vids, too, on YouTube.

Another problem, not insignificant, was when u otherwise so virtuously cited the "religion" and religious conflict btwn murderous, psychopathic Talmudism and our dear, traditional Christianity, u UTTERLY FAILING to note TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH as foremost value and virture, Christ = TRUTH, as at Gosp. JOHN 14:6--it isn't "love," or "faith," or "peace," or "good" or "compassion" as u mentioned, but ONLY TRUTH which then enables best all/any of the others.

But God will surely forgive all ur minor mistakes, and u'll un-questionably make it at least into purgatory, no doubt, ho ho ho ho.  Keep up ur good work, comrades.  A.


Perhaps I should have added the significance of Christian TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH as foremost ideal/precept.

For note: the existence of TRUTH is necessarily and logically dependent upon the Aristotelian, OBJECTIVE reality which gives such TRUTH its basis/foundation/referent.

Such truth and objectivity then opposes the Judaic/Talmudic subjectivism fronted by satanic Pharisaism/"good"--always designed and manipulated then to favoring what's "good for Jews."

For what are lies and lying but subjectivist propositions asserted to being real or objective?--which lie the Jew/satanist justifies by insisting there is no objective reality, hence plausibility for his deception founded in subjectivism.


Don't Forget How/Why Kikes Hate Christ/Christianity

For note and never doubt THERE IS GOOD REASON kikes soooooooooooo HATE our dear Christianity--and it's why their clients, the ISIL/ISIS terrorists mass-murder Christians much as it's possible.

They murdered Christ (TRUTH) because they're truly the "sons of satan," supreme liar, "father of lies," as Christ noted at Gosp. JOHN 8:44--this is real significance of dear Christianity, so disgustingly forgotten and covered-up by present-day scum and charlatans pretending to be "Christian," like traitors Charles Hagee and Pat Robertson who take Jew money.

Doubt Jews are consummate liars, satanists?--ck the lies exposed by apster....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jew Satanists Gloat Over False Prosecution Of Ed Steele Like They Gloat In Talmud Over Murder Of Christ
(Apollonian, 14 Sep 14)

It's quite obvious both "Anastasia" and "Hadding Scott" (ho hoo ho--notice the "Scott" to disguise the Jew author) are a couple of liars, psychopaths, and satanists--and surely Jews, for Jews are always the leading satanists, just like they're always the leading communists, bankers, and top corp. CEOs.

For the actual, simple fact is the corrupt judge in the case actually did rule that at least one of the "experts" could indeed testify, as we note fm Ed Steele (in his recorded int-view, above), but the Jews/satanists contrived to bribe or in some other way to "persuade" the jet transport company to suddenly REFUSE to fly Steele's expert fm vacation in Tahiti, I understand.

And the lie I note above is just one of the numerous lies so casually and non-chalantly told by our satanists, "Anastasia" and "Scott": observe these Jew satanists insist the present corrupt American justice system is all nice and fair for everyone, ho ho ho ho--need I say more?

Same goes for the thoroughly corrupt FBI which is known to be totally controlled and working for Jew satanists.

And why was the Jew/satanist -controlled FBI recording Ed Steele in the first place?--answer: they were engaged in manufacturing and trumping-up charges, obviously, as they've done soooooooooo many times against Americans, gentiles, Christians, and anyone who resists these devilish satanists and Jew conspirators, criminals, and psychopaths.

Indeed, Jewwy satanists did PRECISELY the very same thing in contriving false testimony by means of supposed "recordings" in case of Jim Garrison, the heroic D.A. of New Orleans who prosecuted Jew collaborator and CIA operative, Clay Shaw.

And HOW do these Jews and satanist criminals and psychopaths so completely control, dominate, and manipulate Jew S A and practically the entire world?--simple--by means of controlling the money/currency in "central-banking" and such as US Federal Reserve Bank, Bank of England, ECB, etc.

But WHY did Jew/satanists work so intensively, singling-out hero and patriot, Ed Steele?--ho ho ho--just ck Steele's classic works which expose Jews: "You Knew I Was A Jew," at and "It Wasn't Arabs" at

Keep talking to us, Jews and satanist liars and psychopaths, like "Anastasia" and "Scott": ur lies are always sooooo entertaining and even comical.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fetzer misses proper "big-picture," Banker forest for trees, distracted by sentiment for Kennedy....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Prof. Fetzer Only Fails For That Large Historical Over-View, Context, Perspective
(Apollonian, 13 Sep 14)

Just finished-up listening to the shows.  The first part (Heller) was pretty good w. Prof. Fetzer sticking mostly w. matter-of-fact and details in which he's particularly good, but I brought-up before the Galvanic corrosion issue, and I'm wondering what Fetzer knows about that.

For there's issue of fraudulent insurance, etc., on bldgs (twin towers) which were scheduled for scrapping, this aside fm the asbestos issue--why would smart Jew like Lucky Larry Silverstein buy into such loser-deals?

Second part of the show, w. Gary King, was more speculative, and was interesting, as always w. our good Prof., BUT here Fetzer is much more subject to serious criticism.  For first, it's serious mistake to imagine Kennedy was some sort of hero--he was big-gov. statist just like all establishment candidates, in favor of world gov., etc., and this is precisely the movie that's continuing to play w. Obongo, presently.

Kennedy was simply a "loose-cannon" and ZOG decided to make example of him, demonstrating their power and all-out mastery of things, the Jews-media of the time absolutely impervious to any truth and real dissent, the people perfectly addicted to the false "prosperity," etc.

And this is precisely where/how Prof. Fetzer fails, I submit, for his over-all "big-picture" context for proper perspective of things.  Note Kennedy was absolute slave to Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and those who would later be Trilateralists, and Bilderbergers.

Top Kennedy advisors, McGeorge Bundy, W. Rostow, Macnamara, and Dean Rusk ALL STAYED ON, all CFR men, in transition to LBJ admin, LBJ, who much over-saw significant circumstances of the assassination, but who was far fm being the top master-mind.

Prof. Fetzer seriously seems to fail to grasp the all-important issue of "central-banking," and how it absolutely controls EVERYTHING else--just as T. Jefferson understood at very outset of USA, and Andrew Jackson so virtuously took-up--even though Jackson failed horrifically for the S. Carolina "nullification" crisis, threatening war against the state on Tariff issue.

For by means of such central banking, one LITERALLY and effectively legalizes outright COUNTERFEITING of the money/currency and necessarily works to owning and controlling EVERYTHING, and nearly everyone, only a few, like present-day Ron Paul, capable of resisting.

This banking issue is specifically what Fetzer misses and over-looks most glaringly.  Another issue is the Jew issue, Jews, led by the banker elite, having effectively overthrown the Christian culture, esp. w. definitive rule of Rothschild bankers during and after Napoleonic wars.

Yet another issue for the poor, victimized Western culture and society was the capture of the middle class by the moralism/Pharisaist system of such as Immanuel Kant and destruction of Western rationalist reign which had arisen so gloriously fm previous Renaissance and Englightenment.

Thus Oswald Spengler's thematic, CYCLIC "Decline of the West" has taken place before our very eyes, the people, esp. the middle-class, taken-in by the mystic, irrationalist moralism/Pharisaism of Kant and his followers, leading directly to Marx, the Jew-bankers now working for de-population and genocide of "AGENDA-21," the people being programmatically poisoned and exterminated by slow-kill methods, as poison fluoride in the water, poison vaccines, toxic GMO foods and food additives like aspartame, poison "chem-trails," etc.

Thus, even though such as Alex Jones ( is total limited-hangout for his Jew paymasters, yet still Alex has the more accurate overall historical perspective for things than our good Prof. Fetzer, Alex merely refusing to more specifically identify what he calls "globalists" as Jews.

What we need now is serious, REAL Christianity, hence anti-Semitism, Christian TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, above all, against Jew lies (Gosp. JOHN 14:6, 8:44), a revolution similar in overall cultural effect as that of early 4th cent. Roman empire by St. Constantine the Great who revived, briefly, the then moribund empire and culture.

Friday, September 12, 2014

ZOG psychopathy now compounding, going critical--NO POSSIBLE DOUBT about conspiracy to overthrow US Constitution, idiots, get a clue, morons....

Psychopaths Getting Evermore Desperate: ZOG's Determination To Overthrow Constitution UN-MISTAKABLE, Dumbasses--GET A CLUE
(Apollonian, 12 Sep 14)

Comrades, u gotta start to beginning to growing some brain-cells--evidence is OVER-WHELMING: (a) these (ZOG) are TOTAL satanic psychopaths, and

(b) they're working, steadily, sedulously to overthrow US Constitution, idiots--face it--there can be no question.  Ck

Doubt the puke are psychopaths?--ck  Thus to "fight" "terrorists," trained, armed, supplied, and funded by ZOG, CIA, MOSSAD, et al., they're going to arm other "terrorists" they pretend and insist are "good" terrorists, but they're same criminal murderers and terrorists as before, etc.--and these Jew-puke imagine Americans are going to continue to swallow their stupid crap.

And just HOW stupid and psychotic are these scummy, murdering monsters?--ck this:

We need nullification and secession, and impeachment of these scummy pukes and psychopaths, emphasis on primacy of LOCAL GOV.  Note secession movements in Scotland and Catalonia (Spain).  Additionally, try to get into ur little pea-brains that Christianity is absolutely anti-Semitic, necessarily, Christ = TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, against Jew lies (Gosp. JOHN 14:6 & 8:44).

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Purpose of ISIS and ZOG-manufactured "Terrorism"? Ho Ho Ho--to destroy/overthrow law & Constitution, morons--what else?....

Obongo Shows Us Purpose Of ZOG-Manufactured "T-ism": Destruction Of Law & Constitution
(Apollonian, 10 Sep 14)

Ck  Now u see PURPOSE of ISIS and "terrorism" in general--which terrorism is and was always manufactured by ZOG, ISIS just latest product of ZOG--get it?  Alex Jones ( gives outstanding, extended discussion of the "terror" scam/hoax:

Who is doing this, behind all this "terror"?--ZOG, Jews, and Satanists, who else?

And who is the intended audience of stupid, brainless, suckers?--the schizoids and puke who believe in such idiot crap as "climate-change" lies, the advanced-thinkers, "progressives," and "liberals" who keep-up w. Daily Kos, Huffington Post, and support monkey-on-strings, the puppet, Obongo, front-man for the Satanists, who regularly lies according to the scripts he reads for them, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateralists, and Bilderbergers.