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Friday, November 19, 2010

Induction is well and effectively used to smoke-out Jews, Jewwies

[QUOTE=Zed;292593]Good Lord, Appy, are you seriously claiming all those posters even Dudley Smith are Jews?[/QUOTE]

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Inductive Technique Is Stubborn, Effective Thing, Indeed
(Apollonian, 18 Nov 10)
Zed: as rationalist and scientist I make use of INDUCTIVE LOGIC; hence I take note of details and observations by which then conclusions and tentative conclusions (also called "hypotheses") may be drawn. See

As u may know then, once we have these tentative conclusions, drawn fm specific details and scientific observations, we thereupon test those conclusions to see if they hold up in reality--that's all we can do, right? For such is the scientific method in accord w. Inductive logic.

Further then, comrade Zed, after we've done enough testing, over and over and over, after we've observed many, many details, all of these consistent, there reaches the pt. in science when the INDUCTIVE CONCLUSION is considered the ONLY rational, proper conclusion, and thence it must be DIS-PROVEN.

So u see good comrade Zed, I want to assure u I'm trying to be MOST careful and scrupulous for science and reason--ALWAYS.

For further, more specific example, consider the TREMENDOUS, IMMENSE, and at this pt. in time, over-whelming evidence we have for 9-11: (a) the buildings were OBVIOUSLY brought down by controlled demolition explosives; (b) massive residues of super thermite are found in dust samples; (c) US Air Force was un-questionably stood-down and diverted; (d) 9-11 Commission Report was gross, huge, massive, putrid COVER-UP, fraught w. hundreds if not thousands of anomalies, lies, distortions, and omissions, which cover-up is now (e) admitted even by many of the members themselves.

So u see Zed, at this pt., Jews (like top neo-cons) gotta PROVE THEY WEREN'T INVOLVED--u get it?--for this is the necessary, scientific, INDUCTIVE process.

This INDUCTIVE method, in which I've been most carefully academically trained, then is what I apply to our dialectics. If someone acts like a Jew, talks like a Jew, thinks like a Jew (the famous "duck test")--then hey, u know what?--maybe, just possibly perhaps--it might be a gosh-darned Jewwy, right? As good scientist, I then confront the scum and demand he prove HE'S NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT a gosh-darned, scummy, filthy, stinking kike.

This, above-detailed, is simply the "scientific," inductive method, u see.

Zed, the way u implicitly seem to otherwise proceed--and the way our poor, foolish, moronic, pathetically duped people and citizenry of USA have proceeded--is to allow the kikes to TOTALLY TAKING OVER, hoping against hope and reality that the OBVIOUS treacherous truth isn't really true.

Zed, the time is going to come--fairly soon too--when it will be absolutely necessary and even IMPERATIVE to SHOOT FIRST, and ask questions later.

And Zed, believe me, "Dudley Smith" is a stinking piece-of-shit--and I assure u I've had business before w. this Jewwy scum.

To be sure, comrade Zed, it may indeed turn out to being case that such filthy puke as "dudley" is not exactly a kike--maybe he's indeed a gentile--BUT HE'S OF THE JEWWY MENTALITY, as I've pt'd out. These Jewwies are always ultimately SUBJECTIVISTS who push the perfectly "Free" will delusion/fallacy/heresy and thus "good-evil" pretension/presumption.

Observe how "dudley" attempts to discount "conspiracy theories"--this is a dead give-away, my good comrade. "Dudley" is UN-QUESTIONABLY a Jewwy, if not an out-right Jew, u may be sure.

Finally and again, comrade Zed, I only want to impress u w. the care and absolute precision of my INDUCTIVE method--which is the ultimate glory of our Western culture, never forget--this INDUCTION by which our great people has discovered and learned to understand the universe, such as we have.

Remember ultimate CONFIRMATION of our suspicions and conclusions is ALWAYS something to be taken into most intensive consideration--even if the culprit admits to it in his own words--it still might be a ruse, eh?

Note then Zed, I'm 57 yrs old, consummate, experienced over many years now, Jew-hunter, anthropologist, psychologist, historian, and student of philosophy, having studied much, even into the Jewwy Talmud and other writings themselves. NO ONE, in my experience, is more careful than myself.

Ask urself Zed, WHAT'S THE HARM in demanding people pretending to being "good white men" to proving they're NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT Jew or Jewwy?--do u think there's a way of testing and knowing?--I certainly think there MUST BE, or we're in BIG TROUBLE, eh?

So anyway comrade Zed, I'll conclude here w. assuring u once again I DO MY BEST to up-holding our culture and our dear, good white volk. Note there are NOT ONLY Jews themselves to be concerned w., but also their scummy suck-alongs, dupes, and willing accomplices. Look at the present US Congress--nearly TOTALLY SOLD-OUT and in the PAY of Jews--practically our WORST enemies.

CONCLUSION: I KNOW what I'm doing, good comrade Zed, and u should take note how carefully I actually am as I go about practice of my techniques. I just, scientifically and logically, build-up for the evidence for PRACTICAL conclusions. For after all, even if it isn't an OUTRIGHT kike--it might STILL REQUIRE execution, eh? Anti-semitism is obedience to God. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Friday, November 12, 2010

Good dialectic fm the

Nietzsche Is Really A Farce For Serious Philosophy, Ethics
(Apollonian, 11 Nov 10)

"Johnny": u're mode of debate is un-fair and really illegitimate (see below-copied, fm pretend I have to deal w. various details which u keep bringing up when I rather cover the pertinent principles. Christ simply tells us to act in accord w. proper respect w. God, reality, and truth ("love God, do justice"), hence human reason--which reason Nietzsche rejects in favor of Dionysius and "instinct."

So truth is Christ actually endorses reason and is consistent therewith; Nietzsche rejects reason--which effectively endorses INSANITY, nothing more nor less--which of course, u don't want to admit.

What Nietzsche then describes is "Judeo-Christianity"--NOT proper Christianity in accord w. the original text of New Test.

So I like what Nietzsche says when he denounces the "slave" morality, but that doesn't mean it's true and proper representation of the real Christianity, and u just need to face this about Christianity and Nietzsche who was a thoroughgoing IRRATIONALIST, which u want to over-look.

It's u who tries to ignore my thorough analysis, pretending I left things out--a gross false-hood on ur part. When Nietzsche rejects reason, he rejects integral, essential part of white culture, civilization, and mentality--it's u and other SUPERFICIAL Nietzsche-lovers who needs to face up to most pertinent facts.

Nietzsche was thus really and actually just an erratic irrationalist who does white people and their real culture no good: (a) he mis-represented the real Christianity, while (b) actually describing "Judeo-Christianity," as I note, for its putrid "slave-moralism," (c) all of this while he rejected major and most fundamental portion of true white/Western culture, that of REASON.

CONCLUSION: So it's really Jews who encourage white people to endorse the absurd Nietzsche, who was really rather a clownish fool, and his poisonous irrationalism, this under cover of rejecting Judeo-Christianity, mis-represented by Nietzsche as the real thing, the real Christianity. So "Johnny" u need to quite fooling urself--u don't fool me. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian
---------------above by Ap in response to below-copied-------------------

Yesterday 11:08 PM
Johnny Bravo
Originally Posted by apollonian
"I spoke truth about Nietzsche; if I didn't, u need to say how. Nietzsche did not understand Christianity for what it really is, etc.; rather he mis-construed it, though HE DID very well describe how it was actually practiced by most folks in his (and our) own day, Christianity being horribly dominated by Judaism. Nietzsche had great difficulty DISTINGUISHING btwn the two, Christianity and Judaism, rather conflating them together into one general thing, much as folks do in this day too, as I noted and asserted."
Freddy mostly opposed Xianity because it was created by people who descended from slaves or were themselves slaves. Slave morality, ressentiment, chandalla, "the meek shall enherit the earth."You didn't really address those issues.
Nietzsche also slams YHWH, the god who deprives the individual of subjectivity.
"And refutation is really very simple: neither Nietzsche nor anyone else could possibly show or prove "Christianity came fm Judaism," for Judaism is DEFINED as Talmudism which comes fm Pharisees, which Christ EXPLICITLY repudiates as at Gosp.s MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9. Also see and for definitive expo on Talmudism."
Blood is thicker than water, apo. They were the descendants of slaves and developed a type of slave morality, seething with resentment. You pretty much admit it yourself:
"Remember Jews ARE NOT same as "Judeans," Jews by definition followers of Pharisees and Talmud. Only maybe 5-15% of Judeans were followers of Pharisees. The word, "Jew" is often mis-translated and confused w. Judeans, JUDEANS the real descendents of Israelites to whom were given law of Moses recorded in Old Test. (OT)."
"Nietzsche is full of it if and when he says Christ preached a philosophy of weakness; "think not I came to bring peace; rather, I come to bring a sword"--Gosp. MATT 10:34."
Well, meekness in the Biblical sense meant that one was subordinate to YHWH rather than to other people. Nietzsche OTOH was in favour of concepts such as individual independence, the prime impetus, creativity, etc. The blond beast.It's easy to see that this is diametrically opposed to a slave morality (e.g. of the Christian brand).

-------above was in response to below-copied-----------------

Christ Preached TRUTH Above All, First And Most
(Apollonian, 11 Nov 10)

Okay man of "nowheresville," finally u agree to play fair and at least try to presenting some substantiation for ur un-fair assertions as to my "sinning"--which I have not done in this instance, though I've sinned grievously in other areas, surely. See below-copied, fm

And refutation is really very simple: neither Nietzsche nor anyone else could possibly show or prove "Christianity came fm Judaism," for Judaism is DEFINED as Talmudism which comes fm Pharisees, which Christ EXPLICITLY repudiates as at Gosp.s MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9.

What Christ did was to expound the law of Moses, simplifying it, reducing it, and re-stating it (as at Gosp.s MARK 12:29-31 and MATT 22:37-9, (a) love God, and (b) do justice)--NOT the Pharisees or their stinking Talmud, and Christ explicitly cursed the Pharisees (Gosp. MATT ch. 23) for LYING and falsifying Moses as they pretend their law comes fm God, hence Moses.

Remember Jews ARE NOT same as "Judeans," Jews by definition followers of Pharisees and Talmud. Only maybe 5-15% of Judeans were followers of Pharisees. The word, "Jew" is often mis-translated and confused w. Judeans, JUDEANS the real descendents of Israelites to whom were given law of Moses recorded in Old Test. (OT).

Pharisees, hence "Jews," were hereticalist off-shoots, whom Christ condemned, repudiated, and denounced--and that's why Pharisees, along w. Sadducees, thereupon murdered Christ, which execution Pharisees admit and acknowledge, even in their own Talmud.

Second, man of nowhere, aptly named, both u and Nietzsche TOTALLY mis-understand Christianity which, first and most, defends TRUTH, TRUTH, TRUTH, TRUTH--see Gosp. JOHN 14:6, 8:32, and 18:37, this against Pharisees, hence Jews, who are LIARS, "sons of their father, the devil, father of lies..." (Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

Nietzsche is full of it if and when he says Christ preached a philosophy of weakness; "think not I came to bring peace; rather, I come to bring a sword"--Gosp. MATT 10:34.

CONCLUSION: I'd merely say u're right if u say Nietzsche "clearly" STATED--but he DID NOT "clearly show" anything at all about Christ preaching in favor of weakness--that's just malarkey and balderdash. Christ was a Gallilean, descended fm Judeans, NOT Jews, and Paul explicitly and pointedly REJECTED Judaism/Pharisaism with greatest emphasis, never doubt. Thus I rest my case, man of nowhere. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

----------above by Ap in response to below-copied-------------

Today, 07:51 PM

Lizard King
Ok, I'll play.
Read what I have quoted by you and explain how you ALONE have a better understanding of Christianity than the people of Nietzsche's time, modern times, and the actual practice of the religion.
You shot down your own argument all by yourself....
"Have you read much Nietzsche?"
He clearly shows that Christianity came from Judaism and shows how BOTH religions are for the weak and suffer from the victim mentality of the untermensch.
"Please straighten out us all here and the whole world as to how Christianity did NOT come from Judaism even though Jesus was from Judea and Paul was a Jew........." -NowhereMan, Today 07:51 PM

* * * * *
----------above was in response to below-copied-------------

Nietzsche's Grasp Continues To Hold Sway Even Nowadays--Un-Fortunately
(Apollonian, 11 Nov 10)

"Nowhere": I find it interesting u accuse me of "acting the boss and make up rules." But I have to concede pt. u make about SI "discourse"--which I rather call DIALECTIC--but I guess they're close enough to same thing. Regardless "where" I am, I try to be rational in order to gain that precious info, which is what it's all about, don't forget. U say it's "funny" when I merely give u good, sound advice.

How can I even try to be "boss" when I have NO power?--"Yacub's Monster" is the boss as he has REAL power of banning if u don't do as he demands. "Rules" I invoke are same rules of reason and logic which I consider ought to be well-known and which u evidently consider a joke.

U JUST REPEAT that I "sinned" by "disrespecting" Nietzsche, which I say I didn't do at all, my merely critiquing him in fair manner. U don't say how I "dis-respected" and thus "sinned."

I spoke truth about Nietzsche; if I didn't, u need to say how. Nietzsche did not understand Christianity for what it really is, etc.; rather he mis-construed it, though HE DID very well describe how it was actually practiced by most folks in his (and our) own day, Christianity being horribly dominated by Judaism. Nietzsche had great difficulty DISTINGUISHING btwn the two, Christianity and Judaism, rather conflating them together into one general thing, much as folks do in this day too, as I noted and asserted.

Finally, the problem, I say again, is Nietzsche's powerful aestheticalist framing of Christianity and moralism is sooooooooooo tremendously dominating, that it continues to hold sway to this day, NOT HELPING the volk to understand the real situation, Jews dominating as they do, the true and original Christian aesthetic itself being so under-played and mis-understood still, partially again, due to Nietzsche's mis-characterization(s).

CONCLUSION: I don't say Nietzsche was "bad" or that he DELIBERATELY lied, or anything like that--I merely say what he did and how it affects things even still, in this day, people so taken by his gripping aestheticalist descriptions, etc.--these are not sinning, by any means. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

-----------above by Ap in response to below-copied------------

Since when has SI forum discourse been rational?
Are you sure you know where you are?
I just love when people get on a forum and start acting the boss and make up rules!VERY FUNNY!!!!!
Now, I simply spoke the truth that disrespecting Nietzsche is a sin and you committed that very same sin.
Perhaps I should smaller words?
Are you a veteran?
Love unicorns?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Abstract speculation must be capable of focusing upon pertinent concrete

Abstract Philosophy Must Conduce To Successful, Demonstrable Military/Political Insight
(Apollonian, 11 Nov 10)

FIPS, I shall heroically take the "bait" and attempt an essay for answers to ur questions. For whether we're "major" philosophers, regardless, we must take due and proper responsibility for ourselves and, like battle-field strategists, appraise the situation. See

Hence then note reality in most general terms is (a) objective (according to Aristotle), (b) determined (no "free" will), and thus, (c) CYCLIC. Thus observe we're presently coming off a great cultural peaking according to "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, USA representing a great triumph, w. rationalist, written Const. securing and up-holding individual freedom--which was then horribly and tragically destroyed in 1861-5 with disastrous consequences thereafter, slow and torturous.

To be sure, IT WAS DOWN-HILL after or shortly after that glorious institution of US Const., but a SLOW down-hill, with even many amazing, new discoveries, esp. in mechanical technology, coming during that down-hill, "decline."

For note there was the irrationalist COUNTER-Enlightenment of J.J. Rousseau, capped by moralist-Pharisaist neo-Pelagianism of Immanuel Kant and Eng. Utilitarians, followed then by statism of Hegel, bourgeois socialism of Bismarck, and bolshevik genocide of Marx and fellow Jewwy subjectivists, crowned now in this day by ideal of "global" world gov. of United Nations, etc.

Observe further, absolute, gross, stinking, in-ur-face CRIMINALS prevail at present moment in guise of the Fed COUNTERFEIT "bankers"--see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed).

Key then to this great criminal conspiracy are the DUPES of "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalism which acts as Jews' "Praetorian Guard," running interference for them against all the other, relatively dis-organized, confused, and manipulated gentiles.

So KEY to solution for this great cultural puzzle isn't difficult: we only need most purposeful, manful APPLICATION against WEAK-POINT to this horrific conspiracy, the JCs, once again. Thus we heroes and patriots need merely preach REAL Christianity for dupes of the JCs, subverting their scummy, traitorous leadership--this is the dramatic CRUX to the entire cultural problem.

And note Christianity is NOT, in truth and all reality, something merely mystic and impenetrable, it being rather a magnificent aesthetic and implicit philosophy meant as ANTI-THESIS to that Jewwy subjectivism, irrationalism, and mysticism of Talmud--see and for best Talmudic expo.

And remember Christian aesthetic is necessary for most practical application for the volk as, by far, most people CANNOT understand strict philosophy and logic, they requiring Christian aesthetic as vehicle for such necessary logic and reason.

Finally, note further, the large cultural/psychologic problem is much and mostly one of CIRCUMSTANCE and conditions: things MUST de-generate simply in order to most emphatically, even VIOLENTLY jar people's emotions and grasp for the dire seriousness of the situation. Christianity is just the proven thing to best treating emotions and sentiment of people in despair of present, horrific Jew PARASITE problem.

Thus as the host-victim gentiles are reduced, the Jew parasites find themselves now over-populated and falling-out w. one another--AND THIS THEN WILL BE THE CHANCE for gentiles to attempting to regain decisive control of the situation--much like St. Constantine the Great during the early 4th cent. following the great 3rd cent. Roman imperial CRISIS when the empire tottered on the very brink, suffering tremendous in-fighting, cultural confusion, and barbarian invasions, etc.

And note this in-fighting among the Jewwy parasites is the palpable observation, the "left-liberals" of CFR-Bilderberg (see and for expo/ref.) not getting along perfectly w. the "rightist/neo-conservatives" of Israel-First who lead afore-mentioned JC faction, this further complicated by lower-level Jews who back Ron and Rand Paul, Jesse Ventura, and Alex Jones ( For "there is no honor among thieves."

CONCLUSION: Thus patriot heroes do best as we patiently observe and analyze, meantime preaching among our volk that necessary Christian aesthetic vehicle for rationalist revival of things cultural. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

---------------above by Ap in response to below-copied-------------

Today, 06:08 AM


Are WE today's major philosophers?
Did Heidegger, Schweitzer, Nietzsche or anyone else confront the same problems we do? When Nietzsche railed against “present” trends, he was seeking to challenge if not over-come what is now our own PAST history of:

1. Industrialization;
2. Urbanization;
3. Hundreds of millions of rural whites who had farmed for hundreds of years being told they were no longer needed;

4. Separation from the natural world;
5. The end to local markets;
6. The beginning of an economy based on lifelong loans at interest;
7. Mass production against the crafter;
8. Wage working;
9. Intra-white Territorial Nationalism;
10. The threat of birth control to large white families and their significance (Mozart was the last of 7, Wagner the last of 9, Bach the 6th of 12, Frederick the Great 4th of 14, Kant 4th of 9, Goethe the 1st of we don’t even know how many);

11. The Risk of Pollution from Colonialism;
12. Fad and quack religions with a new pretense at old universalism;
13. The white fascination with low or derivative cultures and peoples, such as the Arabs, Turks, Polynesians, Koreans, Siamese, Tibetans, etc.

While some still apply in one form or another, most are long gone as kampf-front issues.

Heidegger dealt with a society in which many still pustulated the rational could be combined with decisions based on authentic human (white) values and emotions.

Schweitzer expressed doubts that groid males could ever learn Reverence for Life, so casting doubt on any such "global" principle admitting their full participation.

Ours is a society of EXTREME Judaism, Negritude, Faggotry and Whoredom, cumulatively unlike any other. By comparison, Weimar was a church scene.

How much can we really make use of someone mindfully combating a society that is no longer even ours. Don’t you imagine Nietzsche or Heidegger would have to severely adjust his message today?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Aesthetic power of Nietzsche and Rousseau greatly under-estimated for effect on intellect

Nietzschean Aesthetic Power Continues To Rule And Ravage Today
(Apollonian, 10 Nov 10)

What's the real value and power of Nietzsche? See I'd say it was his critique of "Christianity"--NOT AS IT REALLY IS and was meant to be, but rather as it was popularly understood and practiced at the time--and even today too, especially by the middle-class. For Christianity is properly great defender of TRUTH ideal and thus objective, Aristotelian reality, this against the Judaic anti-theses.

And how was and is (still, to this day) Christianity understood?--basically as precisely the putrid "slave-mentality" Nietzsche described and repudiated--but further, and especially now, as slaves to Jews who have managed and manipulated as rulers both of the large middle-class culture of present Western "Decline," according to Oswald Spengler, and also as masters of establishment Christianity itself.

And this great depiction of such gross, false, and putrid pseudo-"Christianity" is surely Nietzsche's great accomplishment as aestheticist and ethicalist expositor, he being so mediocre then for everything else regarding philosophy and even history too. Thus Nietzsche actually built-up, single-handedly, a tremendous "straw-man" version of a false Christianity which so much rules the minds of middle-class mediocrity even to this very day.

For Nietzsche was obviously deficient for understanding the real Christianity and HOW then it degenerated throughout history, part of the Spenglerian "Decline of the West" in hubris, subjectivism, and mysticism.

For historically, Christianity had peaked as cultural force by the time of St. Constantine the Great through to the Renaissance and had begun its definitive decline by means of mystic fascination, especially for mystic "faith" which came to pretend to being a rival/alternative to reason as means of knowledge, real "faith" being really only a synonym for LOYALTY.

The great and monumental irony then is Christianity had taken on the very same mystic version of "faith" which defined anti-thetical Judaism, by which Judaism organizes its thematic criminal conspiracy.

Thus note the enduring and massive IRONY, Nietzsche posing such a monstrous, mystic Christianity and ethics, following instructions of mystics who had traduced that very Christianity, but then further, Nietzsche doing the work of Jew irrationalists and mystics by pretending that putrid and false Christian slave mentality was the product of REASON(!).

Thus we see the great power and effect of AESTHETICS upon understanding of critical concepts, as of Christianity and reason itself, an accomplishment of Nietzsche and notably also J.J. Rousseau, who had come before, which then so grossly and thoroughly prejudiced and veritably captured the imagination of the late modern age.

CONCLUSION: And this unfortunate and utterly false irrationalist and grossly mystic aesthetic continues to prevail, even to this very day, the great fallacious and delusionary specific paradigm and motif being that of perfectly "free" will--against the actual determinist truth within CYCLIC historical circumstances. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Thursday, November 4, 2010

How people overlook the SHEER, GROSS CRIMINALITY of the Fed--lost in abstractions

Dumb Bastards And Fools Die--And This Is Just The Way Of The World, Suckers
(Apollonian, 5 Nov 10)

Talk about stupid, brainless dumb-shits--observe American morons who continue to suffer these stinking COUNTERFEITERS at the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see for expo/ref. on Fed scam. Stupid, namby-pamby, complacent, lackadaisical scum--they deserve death, surely.

What is it?--what?--that so mystifies the dumb bastards pretending to citizenship of USA?--for they're like a victim animal hypnotized by the viper about to strike them w. poisonous fangs--how does this take place?--for it's just suicide, induced upon stupid scum.

Well, the answer MUST be these stupid shits are caught within their own lies induced upon themselves--pretending they're REALLY smart and "sophisticated," oh yeah, right, that they REALLY know what's really going on. "Everything is completely under control," say the scum to themselves.

Dumb bastards don't and can't admit they don't know what is going on--SO THESE STUPID SCUM HAVE GOT TO DIE--and this is how they commit suicide, induced by con-artists and gross criminals calling themselves "bankers."

For these brainless (American) bastards can't figure out the simple fact the Fed is LITERALLY just a legalized COUNTERFEITING scam--they seem to think it's just an exaggeration to use such word, "COUNTERFEITING"--NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, they say to themselves and one another--that couldn't be true--not really--"there's GOT to be more to it than just, mere COUNTERFEITING, even though we might not understand all the 'complexities.'"

"Complexities"--ha ha--that's what has these fools sooooooo mystified, sooooooo effectively--they THINK it's "complex," this sheer, pure CRIMINAL activity also known as "fractional-reserve money and banking"--what a euphemism which then masks mere COUNTERFEITING.

THERE COULDN'T BE ANYTHING SIMPLER--for even children can understand what COUNTERFEITING IS. The difference is children are honest--but present USA adults are grossly, horrifically DIS-HONEST, beginning w. themselves.

These stupid puke FOOL THEMSELVES FIRST and most, the dumb bastards--THEY DESERVE TO DIE--and die is what they're gonna do very soon when US Dollar collapses, food shortages arise, and civil unrest breaks out.

But HOW did this happen?--how did people become soooooooooooooooooooooooooo incredibly stupid?--to the pt. of literal suicide--is this natural?--How?

Such then is that sublime HUBRIS which strikes the denizens of empires who think they've achieved "success" and "prosperity"--they thus aspire to "moralism"-Pharisaism and thence "good-evil," imagining they're sooooooooooooo virtuous and "good."

CONCLUSION: These hubristic scum then pretend to imagining COMPLEXITY itself is such a glorious thing--they can't understand it, u see, and that's what makes it soooooooo alluring to them. It's then, in midst of this fascination w. complexity, they're best and most easily conned, fooled, and taken-in by con-artists and criminals who call themselves "bankers." And the present COUNTERFEITING scam, called the Fed is what we get. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Remember: Jews want to get gentiles in-fighting by means of race

Race Is Not Primary Problem--It's Rather Jew Criminals And Liars
(Apollonian, 3 Nov 10)

Matt Parrott has it all wrong (see "America's First Third World Election," copied below), and he actually acts as dis-info agent and enemy of the white folk for his grossly false analysis--IT'S NOT ABOUT ANTI-WHITE.

Rather, the cultural conflict is old Christian theme of TRUTH vs. lies, and then identity of the lead/head liars who are Jews, as always and usual. It's Jews who want to make it an anti-white thing, and Parrott helps Jews do this.

And remember Jews aren't the only ones, though yes, they're topmost leaders of the liars' conspiracy, the very GLUE that holds the organized conspiracy and criminal enterprise together.

For whites have only themselves to blame when northerners decided to genocide the south in the 1860s--it was done on pretext of moralism-Pharisaism.

So that's the fundamental problem: MORALISM--NOT race. But race becomes a problem if fools overlook the Jews and their Pharisaist frauds and conspiracies.

Thus Christian TRUTH entails the Aristotelian objective reality as necessary criterion to such truth, objectivity then necessitating DETERMINISM, absolute cause-effect--against the pretended perfectly "free" will and Jew-serving "good-evil" fallacy/delusion/heresy (Pelagianism).

CONCLUSION: Jew liars and frauds then set-up their COUNTERFEIT fraud/scam/mechanism, the Fed (see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed]), by which they control everything and nearly everyone, and this is practical problem we face economically, immediately and directly, US Dollar about to collapse. Hence gentiles must unite on basis of Christian truth against Jew liars who rather want to distract and divert gentiles on basis of race. Matt Parrott is really a liar and traitor to white volk. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

-----------------above by Ap in response to below-copied-------------

America’s First Third World Election
Matt Parrott
Our country had a good long run at being a first world democracy, one in which White folks were pitted against one another in a battle of ideas. Now, for the first time in history, we’re pitted against the anti-White “Cosmic Coalition” in a battle of identities. After decades of being pushed and poked around in a stupor of ignorance and denial, we’re coming together as a people at the voting booth and pushing back. The thing about White people is that we do our voting with our feet and we do our rioting in the voting booth.
It didn’t have to happen this soon. After all, it’s nowhere near 2042, when we’ll actually be just another minority. And even then, we’ll still be a majority of the actual voters for a few decades after that. The diversity propaganda so effectively hypnotized us that the Cosmic Coalition was able to sneak all the way up to the top of every branch of the federal government without our awakening. But now, as if Obama, Pelosi, and the rest of the thieves tripped and knocked over the china cabinet, we’re awake.
The Democratic Party destroyed itself with one fatal error. That error was the decision in early 2009 to attack the nascent Tea Party revolt in the language of identity. This movement began as a relatively benign conservative reaction to Democratic dominance and fiscal irresponsibility. But they kept getting accused of being White. The thing is, if you’re accused of being a White man enough times, eventually you’re going to internalize that hurtful remark. You’re going to realize that you’re simply not welcome in the Diversicratic Party.
They, the left, created this monster. The Tea Parties, like reluctant werewolves, fought desperately to avoid the transformation that the Left was forcing on them. They raised up token minorities. They held a craven “Uni-Tea” rally. They handed control of the party over to an incompetent Black guy. They even briefly allowed that incompetent Black guy to replace the GOP website with a bizarro Black Reconstruction Republican history site.
The Democratic Party did this to themselves, and only one leader within the party, Senator Jim Webb, made a single effort to stop forcing the Tea Party movement to become a White identity movement. The shake-up that’s about to tear apart the Democratic Party will make the recent shake-up in the Republican Party look like . . . a tea party. The party simply can’t survive without a healthy subset of the White voting public, and the non-Whites within the party simply can’t tolerate what must be done to win back the White voting public. Game on.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Warped history" follows fm warped sense of reality

"Warped History" Follows From Moralism-Pharisaism In Western "Decline"
(Apollonian, 2 Nov 10)

Remember what this article by Bob Whitaker, "The Plague of a Warped History," essentially invokes is our basic view of reality--is it OBJECTIVE in accord w. true Christian concept?--or is it merely what someone says?--in accord w. Judaic-Talmudic-SUBJECTIVIST order. See

For if reality is OBJECTIVE, then the truth has its premise "out there," in accord w. what human sense perception apprehends and registers, this in accord w. what we now call "science."

But too often, as verified fm history, we see reality is TRUMPED by "moralism"-Pharisaism--what's insisted upon and held to be "right" by whatever political authority.

Thus blacks and whites are always "equal" for their abilities and capacities--why?--because political powers-that-be say so--because, they say, it's the right way to think. Truth then is what it "should be," according to moralism-Pharisaism, rather than what it is and is demonstrated to being according to simple facts and science.

And tragic, horrific cultural corruption into subjectivist "political correctness" (PC) so often ensues when culture enters the HUBRISTIC phase of its CYCLE, as presently in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, the corrupted, now "over-populated" people up-holding and deifying the perfect, God-like "free" will delusion/fallacy/heresy against determinist cause-effect.

Thus if one denies the lies of pretended Judaic "holohoax" of WWII, as pushed by the "Jews-media" (see, one is "evil," "racist," and "immoral." Truth is trumped by moralism. Objectivity falls to subjectivism because it's "good" to believe lies--as Plato and Levi Strauss teach.

Thus as we see in present Western "decline," murdering criminals rule evermore absolutely as they're able to literally buy everything and nearly everyone by means of COUNTERFEITING fraud of US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see for expo/ref.

Such COUNTERFEITING fraud then is justified by moralism-Pharisaism which enables "compassionate" welfare state and its continued deficit-spending until the economy is finally destroyed by HYPER-inflation--as we see about to strike so fatally in USA and West. But as long as we keep exciting football games going, it's all the people care about.

CONCLUSION: Such is the nature of sinful humanity which so tragically only learns by means of catastrophe, the only thing which finally destroys delusion and madness of hubristic people addicted to moralism-Pharisaism, the perfectly "free" God-like will, and hereticalist "good-evil." Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian