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Thursday, December 29, 2016

satanists fear to making it clear for folks they're at war w. Christianity, humanity, etc....

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What?--Did Mr. Goody Finally Get A Clue?
(Apollonian, 29 Dec 16)

Mr. Goody writes, above:

"If it's Christians vs. Satanists, and....

"Please clarify - I'd like to know ... - and don't bring up Oswald Spengler." -Mr. Goody, Dec 29, 2016, 11:10:00 AM

Well, Mr. Goody, surely u understand u deserve credit for bringing up the basic idea and theme, "THE DIVISION AMERICA," also, "reconciliation," which I quoted and then tried to complete and detail for exposition.

And u well represent the satanistic side, don't u?--even much by ur own admission, even if this "admission" might be somewhat tacit, on certain points. As satanism is extreme subjectivism, and subjectivism is fundamental to "good-evil," I've often pt'd out u're perfect tool, dupe, and "useful idiot" for the satanists.

Note Spengler is good for citation as he understands and exposits the CYCLIC theory of hist. Thus USA has become Jew S A, as I've often noted, USA having begun upon Christian principles, but now suffering great HUBRIS and consequently becoming such a force and engine for satanism.

Christianity of course, was and still is, great monument to TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) principle built and based necessarily upon the OBJECTIVE principle, opposing satanism, lies, and the Pharisees (JOHN 8:44).

Regarding Rivero (, I don't listen to his radio show, but I note fm his website, which I follow avidly, that he often lists stories and articles on problem of "chem-trails," among the other problems too.

So, and as I noted, I'd say u deserve a good deal of credit for some of what u write, as about "THE DIVISION AMERICA." I simply added details w. some emphasis.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Poor Jew S A, still firmly in grip of kike filth, things doomed to getting worse, necessarily....

Below essay by ap first published at comments,

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Mr Goody Continues To Fool Himself In Wishful Thinking
(Apollonian, 25 Dec 16)

Mr. Goody, above, asks, "What kind of a crappy system is this?"

But Mr. Goody, seriously, here u are, admitted anti-Christ, tolerant friend of the Jews, and u pretending as u do, golly, but what's gwine on?--u Mr. Goody, u, sir--u're what's going on, sucker--why the surprise?

Even if we aren't and weren't prejudiced against (admitted) anti-Christs like urself, surely u can grasp there's a lack of cultural cohesion and integrity given the putrid HUBRIS and anti-Christianity as urs (a), and then the (b) outright, avowed and deliberate satanism, as of our dear queers, led by Jews.

Ok?--so we continue in midst and motion of "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, things falling apart, which must surely continue until the remnant survivors finally getting a clue to doing what's necessary--extermination of satanist element and cultural (such as they are) impulses. THINGS WOULD SEEM TO HAVE TO GETTING A LOT WORSE, YET STILL, eh? And we KNOW economy must take HUGE hit, currency-collapse, US Dollar loss of "reserve-currency" status, soon.

Mr. Goody asks, "So how crazy is Trump?"--at least he was wise enough to promise to the remnant of civilization that "nationalism, NOT GLOBALISM, will be our credo"--this is surely a step in the right direction, BUT we see there are still problems, Trump himself heavily invested in Jews (and vice-versa), his daughter and son married to the filth--his daughter even having apostatized, becoming an avowed Christ-killer, her husband pushing holohoax lies.

So u see, Mr. Goody, where we are--not out of proverbial "woods" yet, eh? For even though the satanists and Jews still have "upper-hand," at least there's some dissension within their ranks, there being "NO HONOR among thieves."

So I suggest u get ready for some rough going, Mr. Goody--US Dollar is DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED, buddy, general price rise is going to be at least 2, and probably 3 and 4 times what they are--we're all going to be a lot poorer, welfare system is going to collapse. People need to be armed, and we MUST exterminate Judaism and satanism--it's what's got to happen if there's to be any hope. Get a clue, sucker.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Mastery of culture gives mastery of buzz-phrases and "trigger-words"....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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"Trigger" Words And Buzz-Phrases: Typical Problems Of Culture/Civilization
(Apollonian, 13 Dec 16)

I agree w. above comment this blog's discussion of the issue of "twilight" lingo is amazingly extensive and evocative. But let me here strive to simplify things in productive manner.

So the question is are there "trigger" words?--surely. And we've learned nowadays about "triggering" liberals and progressives (subjectivists and moralists) who need their "safe-spaces." And aren't these trigger-words also well-known as "buzz-words" and -phrases?--and haven't we ALWAYS had those as cultural problems to be solved? Such is the problem of EQUIVOCATION, well-known in logic, for just one form.

Thus the proper Christian "faith" which is supposed to mean virtue of LOYALTY is now twisted to be "beleeeeeeeeevin'," by which one insists upon a made-up and contrived reality, most native to Pharisaist subjectivism and satanism, but absolutely abhorrent and anti-thetic to proper Christianity which worships TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), above all.

Regarding Mike A. Hoffman II, we know he's a mystic and a Pelagian who insists upon "good-evil"--which "good-evil" has NEVER been proven or demonstrated in all history, and which Bible rightly and wisely warns us against. For there's no "knowledge" of "good-evil" as there's no such thing as "good-evil."

We know also Hoffman makes use of another famous buzz-word, "usury," which is nowhere properly defined, least of all by Hoffman himself, only described, which comes to us all fm olden times of yore, but which Hoffman wants to insist means charging-of-interest, which I've explained it couldn't and doesn't (see comments at

So sure, there may be trigger-words, but I'd submit these arise in natural, determinist, and CYCLIC manner, actually well-described in Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West," whence society inevitably becomes so successful and "prosperous" that it eventually and inexorably degenerates in HUBRIS, hence in proliferation of gross mysticism, hence these trigger-words, and esp. the over-populated weaklings and inferiors of such corrupt, degenerate culture so pathetically subject to such "triggers," mysticism, and HUBRIS.

This deathly HUBRIS then takes form of the over-populated weaklings and inferiors affecting the society, esp. in way of Pelagianism and Pharisaism, insistence upon non-existent "good-evil," which all then results in great societal turmoil so much and well described in New Test. Book Of Revelations, for example, "end-times" in the historic and sociologic CYCLE described and exposited so well by Spengler.

Thus we have the absurd moralism which accuses Donald Trump, for example, of "racism" in effort to "trigger" the rabble against Trump, etc. And this Spenglerian "decline," always ultimately in that basic hubris of moralism (Pelagianism), has been going-on now in USA since at least the 1860s when a horrendous war took place which destroyed the US republic and its Constitution, a story and epic all its own.

And as this CYCLIC nature is deterministic and inevitable, the problem and issue is in MANAGEMENT, and thank goodness for our dear Christianity and Holy Spirit of reason, honesty, and integrity by which we navigate and cope.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Paine delivers most interesting critique of Christianity, somewhat in comparison to Nietzsche, but also Martin Luther, extremely instructive....

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Macro-Analysis Of Paine's Ironic Critique Of Christian Establishment, Dogma
(Apollonian, 2 Dec 16)

Considering Paine's critique of Christianity, we see he well upholds the Holy Spirit for reason, honesty, and integrity as he opposes the utterly corrupt, anti-Christ Vatican officialdom and mystic doctrine styled in Christianity, though Paine does make an egregious error as he totally overlooks the actual story-line to Christian literature, esp. for the dialectic of Christ (= truth, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) vs. Pharisaic satanism and lies (JOHN 8:44), Christian truth necessarily founded in Aristotelian objectivity vs. satanic (extreme) subjectivism. Thus Paine fails for the substance of Christian literature, entirely pre-occupied w. method (reason vs. mysticism/superstition).

Paine failed to see, as Martin Luther did not fail, the Vatican officialdom had become simply another and/or new Pharisaic establishment, mystic, subjectivistic, hence satanic, an enemy of Holy Spirit of reason, honesty, integrity, which reason, Paine upheld so nobly.

So regarding the full and proper philosophic task and analysis, Paine fell short, seeing only to method (reason vs. mysticism), failing for the basic substance, the metaphysical premise of objective reality vs. Pharisaic (extreme) subjectivism.

Most interesting then is that present culture and society continues for this complete failure, as of Paine's, for Christian philosophy and substance, so many people imagining that Christianity and Judaism are mere variations/versions of one another rather than ABSOLUTE OPPOSITES and Hegelian-style anti-theses.

Further, for Paine also the Christian lesson for ethics is lost, so many people believing, evidently, Christianity preaches surrender, passivity, even suicidal defeatism, as for example, Nietzsche--thus the horrific misconception of society which only benefits satanists who now so much control and dominate the society, the central-bankers who want to genocide the people and are quite well on their way to success by the looks of things.

But the real Christianity is still well capable of resurrection, though it will probably require a back-ground of horrendous tragedy to supply motivation for the people of USA if not inspiration.

So if we compare the two critics of establishment Christianity, Tom Paine and Martin Luther, we see Paine well upheld the Holy Spirit for Christian rationalist method, though he mistakenly imagined mysticism/subjectivism was part of the real, proper Christian substance. Luther saw further to the substance, how Christianity had become corrupt and Pharisaic. But Luther didn't see all the way for proper Christian substance and analysis, unfortunately.

Heidegger was yet another who strove for a great macro-analysis of Christianity in philosophic terms, and his failure was instructive, along similar lines to Nietzsche. But Paine surely did the best job, most useful and informative for humanity and society, so outstanding for method, even if failing for that basic substance.

I'm glad I studied Homer who provided the very best comparison for aesthetic literature by which to grasp and assess our dear Christianity. Thus Paine was a failure, everything considered, but instructive and informative nonetheless, much like Luther and Nietzsche, Nietzsche so entertaining.

Thomas Paine, a magnificent patriot, was surely inspired by Holy Spirit....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Paine Was Inspired By Holy Spirit, Surely
(Apollonian, 2 Dec 16)

Regarding the blog-author's summary, we observe it begins: "[e]ven if [Thomas] Paine’s argument succeeds, Christianity is not shown to be false." And the summary ends, far too condescendingly and smugly: "...I don’t see much for the Christian to worry about." For a true Christian, truly possessed of Holy Spirit, doesn't "worry."

For there's quite a bit to be concerned about, however, as we see establishment Christianity is thoroughly corrupt and literally OWNED by satanists, using Christianity for purpose, ultimately, of genocide in accord w. Agenda-21 pop. reduction. Just listen to the present Pope of Rome, for example.

Is Christianity "false"?--well, it merely depends upon which basic premise, in accord w. "first philosophy" one chooses (remember first premises can't be "proven"). If one chooses Aristotelian objectivity, our dear Christianity makes excellent sense.

But if one chooses non-objectivity, say subjectivism or full-out mysticism (Platonist "good," for example), then Christianity might be understandably (under the circumstances) rejected as false. And we remind the readers of people who are brought-up in the mentality of satanism and, for example, Judaism.

So Paine's complaints are quite reasonable, esp. in regard to his emphasis upon method and epistemology. Paine merely fails to see to the real substance of the Christian story, the dialectic of Christ vs. the satanists led by Pharisees.

Thus for over two hundred yrs now Paine's quandary, regarding mysticism, is valid for the capture of establishment Christianity. Luckily the Christians are warned fm Christian New Test. text itself of "false prophets," and further, we know simply fm history of establishment persecution of heroes like Martin Luther. And we see even this history regarding Luther is much mis-represented by the establishment figures of his own Church. Do people begin to realize it's nearly impossible to get a copy of Luther's work, "The Jews and their Lies"?

So what are the establishment churches good for?--they preserve the actual stories and that precious record of dialectic btwn Christ and the Pharisees--this is what Paine, and so many of humanity still, over-looked, that full record of that basic dialectic btwn truth and lies. For they cannot fail to admit the triumph of Christ (= truth, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), as St. Paul reminds us, the resurrection of truth (= Christ), as truth is God and cannot be killed, no matter how hard the Pharisaics try--because even the Pharisees would admit (though they refuse) they can't kill God's (objective) reality. Hence truth ALWAYS comes-back to bite them.

So the true Christian shouldn't worry--as that's what is purpose of Holy Spirit (reason, honesty, integrity), to allay any such worry. But problem remains for the (earthly) fate of humanity who are still soooo complacent in face of satanic ferocity threatening w. such horrendous pop. reduction.

For satanism is real, practical problem, though it isn't complicated, being (a) rejection of objective reality, (b) extreme subjectivism, the subject making himself God, this actually the case of very clever people who make this satanism most practical as in way of collective subjectivism, a difficult thing for gentiles, but much easier, as we see, for Jews, some masons, and surely for a few others too. And even though Paine may overlook the full problem of satanism, yet he makes honest effort for Holy Spirit.