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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Mastery of culture gives mastery of buzz-phrases and "trigger-words"....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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"Trigger" Words And Buzz-Phrases: Typical Problems Of Culture/Civilization
(Apollonian, 13 Dec 16)

I agree w. above comment this blog's discussion of the issue of "twilight" lingo is amazingly extensive and evocative. But let me here strive to simplify things in productive manner.

So the question is are there "trigger" words?--surely. And we've learned nowadays about "triggering" liberals and progressives (subjectivists and moralists) who need their "safe-spaces." And aren't these trigger-words also well-known as "buzz-words" and -phrases?--and haven't we ALWAYS had those as cultural problems to be solved? Such is the problem of EQUIVOCATION, well-known in logic, for just one form.

Thus the proper Christian "faith" which is supposed to mean virtue of LOYALTY is now twisted to be "beleeeeeeeeevin'," by which one insists upon a made-up and contrived reality, most native to Pharisaist subjectivism and satanism, but absolutely abhorrent and anti-thetic to proper Christianity which worships TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), above all.

Regarding Mike A. Hoffman II, we know he's a mystic and a Pelagian who insists upon "good-evil"--which "good-evil" has NEVER been proven or demonstrated in all history, and which Bible rightly and wisely warns us against. For there's no "knowledge" of "good-evil" as there's no such thing as "good-evil."

We know also Hoffman makes use of another famous buzz-word, "usury," which is nowhere properly defined, least of all by Hoffman himself, only described, which comes to us all fm olden times of yore, but which Hoffman wants to insist means charging-of-interest, which I've explained it couldn't and doesn't (see comments at

So sure, there may be trigger-words, but I'd submit these arise in natural, determinist, and CYCLIC manner, actually well-described in Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West," whence society inevitably becomes so successful and "prosperous" that it eventually and inexorably degenerates in HUBRIS, hence in proliferation of gross mysticism, hence these trigger-words, and esp. the over-populated weaklings and inferiors of such corrupt, degenerate culture so pathetically subject to such "triggers," mysticism, and HUBRIS.

This deathly HUBRIS then takes form of the over-populated weaklings and inferiors affecting the society, esp. in way of Pelagianism and Pharisaism, insistence upon non-existent "good-evil," which all then results in great societal turmoil so much and well described in New Test. Book Of Revelations, for example, "end-times" in the historic and sociologic CYCLE described and exposited so well by Spengler.

Thus we have the absurd moralism which accuses Donald Trump, for example, of "racism" in effort to "trigger" the rabble against Trump, etc. And this Spenglerian "decline," always ultimately in that basic hubris of moralism (Pelagianism), has been going-on now in USA since at least the 1860s when a horrendous war took place which destroyed the US republic and its Constitution, a story and epic all its own.

And as this CYCLIC nature is deterministic and inevitable, the problem and issue is in MANAGEMENT, and thank goodness for our dear Christianity and Holy Spirit of reason, honesty, and integrity by which we navigate and cope.

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  1. Well folks, the blogger cited at top of this page, "curve of bell," ho ho ho ho, has actually taken-down his blog, without leaving any word as to why, ho ho ho ho ho. Could it be he just wants to protect his good buddy, Hoffman? Ho ho ho hoho