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Saturday, August 26, 2017

What is the bait for satanism?--none other than non-existent "good," believe it or not....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments,

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Worst Enemy Of Truth (= Christ) Is "Good"
(Apollonian, 26 Aug 17)

Brian: I sympathize w. u (see below), but u've got to be more adult and grown-up, rather than keeping it at the kid's mentality. CHRIST IS TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), and truth is Christ, and only way to the Father is through truth (the "son"). Christians worship truth truth truth truth--get the picture? And HOW can u have any such thing as "truth" without the God-given OBJECTIVE REALITY as the basis/foundation of such truth?

And satanism is idea of the SUBJECTIVIST reality whence the subject is God the creator, all reality created by consciousness/mentality, this then being the foundation of satanic lies and lying (JOHN 8:44). Thus satanists assure whoever that their contrivances are as good as "truth" or any reality--and the satanist is psychotic enough to believe this.

And here's the next, crucial step. Some of these satanists ORGANIZE AND COLLECTIVIZE and contrive further a most effective and practical "GROUP-THINK," upon which they can profitably co-operate, working against the rest of the individuals of the society. These organized satanists soon enough become most powerful, especially when they contrive a practical weapon/instrument consisting of "central-banking" (see for expo), by which they replace real (commodity-based) MONEY w. CURRENCY, this currency now capable of being massively, nearly infinitely replicated for the units, known then as "INFLATION," by which they impoverish and despoil the rest of the citizenry who are required by such as "legal-tender" laws to accept this corrupt currency for payments for goods and svcs.

Such then is the nature of satanism which begins rather randomly, but soon enough becomes ORGANIZED, and proceeds to dominates the society--as we see. People nowadays must most crucially realize (a) this organized satanism is now all-powerful, and (b) that it's really simple for its root essence--extreme SUBJECTIVISM--denying the objective reality and idea of TRUTH (= Christ).

But now here's the hard part: HOW does one become attracted to this satanism/subjectivism in the first place?--by means of that hubristic pretension, insistence, obsession w. "good," distinct fm "evil"--FOR THERE IS NO "GOOD-EVIL," this being mere contrivance for purpose of intimidating obedience fm the very young, and then indoctrinating these poor victims w. a tradition of obedience for mere sake of obedience.

Thus Christ emphasizes there is no "good-evil," that EVERYONE is a sinner, and that ONLY way to salvation is by means of God's grace and mercy. Worst enemy of TRUTH (= Christ) is pretended "good"--which doesn't exist. For no one is perfect in eyes of the Lord, "no not one," says St. Paul.

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Brian Heinz | August 25, 2017 at 12:48 pm |
We have been given a stay for 4 yrs at the moment if this country does not turn back to God and leave satan behind I am afraid we will not know this as America any more.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Idiots, scum, filth, puke only have to remember simple things: like for example, Christianity WAS ALWAYS MEANT TO BE anti-satanic, anti-semitic--why is that soooooo goddam difficult to figure-out?....

[Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments, https://revisionistreview.blogspot.c...s-failing.html

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Christianity: Upholds TRUTH (= Christ), Meant To Be Anti-satanic, Anti-Semitic
(Apollonian, 18 Aug 17)

What?--Hoffman, u say "anti-Trump movement is failing"?--well, if it is, then it's only because that's plot of the script written by satanic deep-state who use Trump as mere figure-head front-man for the "good-Jew" faction, pushing Israel, planning heavy, huge strike against Iran, evidently, starting a war to cover imminent economic collapse, beginning w. demise of petro-dollar. Steve Bannon confirms: see

For Trump works for the satanists, esp. Jews who tell him his every move, no less than they scripted for Obama. Why otherwise does Trump Justice dept. continue persecution of the Bundys out in Nevada? Judicial Watch notes same thing about Justice dept. slow-walking their FOIA requests, heavily redacting large chunks of the texts which they do finally release. It's because Trump knowingly works for these satanists and Jews, willingly, knowingly takes orders, follows instructions. Sheriff Arpaio is just lucky--Trump knows he'd look too bad if he continued to ignore that situation.

Attorney Gen. Sessions is old neo-con who has long supported satanists of Israel, and George Soros has long been collaborating w. Trump and lately w. Trump's Jew son-in-law, Kushner.

Note also the false-flags and hoaxes continue as at Charlottesville, then in Barcelona Spain w. more idiot hoaxes which at this pt. are mere comical travesties the Jews-media imagines people will swallow--and these idiot hoaxes are now even pushed by such as Alex Jewns of who yet makes the pt. that the mass-corp. Jews-media neglects to mention the Islamic element to the pretended "terrorism"--which "terrorism" is all caused by the satanic state which illegally invaded Syria and Iraq, for examples--it's all "synthetic," all caused by satanic/Jew "deep-state," all fm the beginning, having been perfected back in 19th cent. when Rothschilds consolidated their strangle-hold over the West and the world.

So Trump is mere continuation of the same basic story being crafted and scripted by satanic "deep-state," in general, "perpetual war for perpetual peace," by which Israel will be benefitted, advanced, and enhanced for power and territory, the I-net will be either destroyed or completely controlled, as we see, and the excess population of gentiles will be "reduced" in accord w. Agendas -21 and -30, by means especially of the Pharmaceutical/medical monopoly, funded by the central-bank, but also other monopolist corporations, like the food industry using GMOs and other poisons, the poison "chem-trails," etc.

The pertinent observation is simply to noting the top satanic masterminds are at least somewhat conflicted, the "good-Jews," pushing Israeli terror-state against "globalist" ("leftist") "bad-Jews." For there is "no honor among thieves," thank the Lord, and the prospective mass-extermination of gentiles must have even top satanic masterminds looking at one another w. good deal of suspicion as they observe their gentile slaves being prospectively killed-off in such massive numbers.

Christian patriots need "revival," this simply based upon the real Christian philosophy of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), hence the objective, God-given and -created reality against Jew/satanic lies founded upon subjectivism and "midrash." Thus Christians merely need remove that vital and crucial satanic central-bank instrument of legalized counterfeiting (see for expo) by which Jews/satanists buy all politicians, judges, and everyone and everything, literally. Nullification and states-rights is another easy, simple counter-measure. Christianity was always meant to be anti-satanic and "anti-semitic" (as Jews understand it)--funny thing is only Jews seem know this best about dear Christianity--idiot heretics like Hoffman haven't the slightest idea.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Note satanists, satanism want to subordinate Christ/Truth principle to something else (but they don't want to use satanism itself, at least not at first, due to its bloody reputation), sooooo?--they use "good"/"moralism"....

The Deification Of "Good" And Moralism--AGAINST Truth/Christ And God-Given Reality, Objectivity, Etc.
(Apollonian, 16 Aug 17)

Remember the satanists are subjectivists so they have to have something to DEIFY to use against Truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) and Christianity--something by which to subordinate and discredit truth (= Christ). Satanism itself doesn't work for that deification for the obvious and necessary death cult and death worship, too well known by too many--it's too bloody in coloration.

So the satanists use "good" and moralism, these being the typical, traditional, and foremost enemies of truth (= Christ)--lies can be justified if it's for "good" enough purpose/reason. Thus the satanic (and fascist) state is founded on "good" and "morality"--especially as long as such "good" and moralism is not specified or analyzed.

And of course, it isn't possible or expedient to actually DEFINE what such "good" (or moralism) actually is--it's best, for the satanists/subjectivists, to simply leave it "open" or not talked about and never seriously analyzed--thus the typical and obligatory anti-intellectualism of the "moralists" and satanists. And note "racism" is always condemned in most hysterical terms (see, as globalism naturally abhors nationalism, individual freedom, and local gov. based on states-rights.

For as "good" (and "evil") is subjective, it's perfect pretext for satanism (merely extreme subjectivism), hence pretext for statism and dictatorship. Thus the "moralists" and satanists always seem so "forthright," "committed," fanatical, and actually insane as they push their moralism in their typical, hysterical manner, intimidating so effectively the fools and "non-committed" who find themselves in midst of the clashes of satanists and their enemies, like the (real) Christians who uphold truth, hence objective reality and determinism (absolute cause-effect, no perfectly "free" human will), hence science and rationalism, thus the rule-of-law, etc.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

All this latest noise and nonsense about N. Korean "nukes" is just MORE totally scripted, contrived diversion/distraction of goyim, never forget or doubt....

Latest Noise About "N. Korean Nukes" Totally Scripted, Contrived
(Apollonian, 10 Aug 17)

Don't doubt or forget: everything, including this latest noise and tumult about N. Korea and their so-called "nukes," is totally scripted and contrived by the Jew puppet-masters of Trump and present political establishment. And this contriving includes the recent stories about Trump's so-called "advisor," McMaster (National Security), briefing Trump's collaborator, George the Jew, Soros (see For note Soros is an old pal and partner w. Trump, and it's only natural McMaster would be carrying msgs fm Trump and briefing Soros.

Ajax Jewns of is just another Jewwy flack, pretending to playing "good Jew" "nationalists" against the "bad Jew" "globalists. Jews will continue to CONSOLIDATE their monopolist control over Jew S A, and they'll do this by means of false-flags they're no doubt cooking-up even as we speak here. Jew purpose is to further censor the I-net and prepare a hit on Iran, evidently.

The people of Jew S A must continue to isolating the Jew, by means of grasping the essence of cultural corruption and rot, hubris, and esp. by means of the general satanism within which satanism (extreme subjectivism by which the subject makes oneself God, the creator, as subjectivists hold the consciousness creates reality) Jews work so well and naturally, Jews foremost collectivistic subjectivists--"group-think" artists.

Thus the Christian people must continue to work for decisive break-up of the Jew S A empire by means of 10th Amendment, nullification, and SECESSION in accord w. states rights and sovereignty. And that central-bank instrument and criminal enterprise of legalized counterfeiting must be removed, money restored to commodity-base, gold/silver being best.