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Monday, October 31, 2016

Religion is philosophy put in aestheticalist terms, the fore-runner and vehicle of practical philosophy....

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Religion: Aestheticalist, Philosophic Reflection/Counterpart, Lesson, Way Of Living, Doing, Thinking
(Apollonian, 31 Oct 16)

Remember religion complements philosophy, philosophy understood as "hand-maid." In the beginning, philosophy was religion, philosophy contained therein, religion the larger, general vehicle, expressed in a liturgy/ceremony, provoking further thought/reflection.

Thus Christianity is dialectic anti-thesis to Pharisaist subjectivism, Christ being Truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), the only way to Godly happiness. For truth is necessarily founded upon God-created, hence OBJECTIVE, reality. So Christian religion is actually just an aesthetical/literary expression of philosophy as Christ demonstrates for us, including the ethic, Christ teaching best RATIONAL way of human co-existence, contrasted w. thematic Pharisaic/Talmudic war against humanity, founded in lies and lying (Gosp. JOHN 8:44), including even lying to oneself--which always turns-out to being quite painful--heck.

Second, note Christianity must reflect human reality, human being naturally sinful, hence self-interested, so "heaven" is a reward/incentive for doing "right," while heck represents the dis-incentive, the pain and penalty for hubris/subjectivism. Thus burning is easily understood by the small child, and the child then easily relates w. the more adult understanding, even as the child grows and achieves evermore knowledge.

For subjectivism ultimately requires the human to being god unto himself (satanism), all reality mere subjectivist projection of one's own mind/consciousness, lying to oneself, which leads to insanity, and as it does so there's always necessarily pain--heck.

But remember, Jews are practical, ORGANIZED, COLLECTIVIST LIARS and subjectivists, always preaching, in beginning, delusionary/fallacious/hereticalist "good-evil," pretext to their large system of lying to oneself--it works on the very young and children and those who never fully grow-up in (Christian) honesty.

And the top liars and leaders (usually Jews, nearly always, most accomplished liars and haters of truth) of the organized liars club do their lying for specific, practical purpose: taking advantage of stupid, over-populated, dis-organized gentile suckers, Jews lying to themselves as necessary, top-level Jews lying to lower-level Jews, etc.

So as Christianity is truth vs. Jew/satanic lies, it perfectly parallels objectivity (hence determinism) vs. (extreme) subjectivism, Jews being most practical and organized/collectivists, most of the nihilist, un-organized suckers being gentiles (esp. homosexuals, but also including free-masons, and a few others, esp. moralists/petty-Pharisaics).

Thus as reality is determined, hence CYCLIC, in accord w. Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West," the Jews take advantage of the evermore over-populated, hubris-afflicted gentiles within evermore corrupt culture of false prosperity who begin and evermore believing genuinely in fallacious/delusionary and non-existent "good-evil" and develop the obligatory guilt/inferiority -complex, willing to follow orders of politically-correct elite, etc.--esp. and ultimately in way of CENTRAL-BANKING and "usury" (which has nothing to do w. charging-of-"interest"), central-banking the foremost CRIMINAL enterprise (see

Thus Jews and satanists should be seen not as "evil" (which doesn't exist), but rather as disease, like typhus, leprosy, and plague--insane--and they simply take advantage, like disease, upon insane, hubristic gentiles who like to think they have perfectly "free" God-like wills, capable of "good-evil," etc.

Religion was original way of expressing this sort of philosophy, and it still works for the great mass of human-kind who cannot/will not learn to think, to be honest, accepting the natural human condition of sin and self-interest which must and should be tempered in Christian reason and honesty (Holy Spirit) by which to grasping truth (Christ), only way to God, etc.

Christian religion then teaches, at most simple level of child, that subjectivism and hubris leads to heck and pain, that truth, reason, and honesty (hence Holy Spirit) are best way to Godly happiness and peace of mind and heart--plus u get to watch TV all night, and u can eat all u want and never get fat, etc.

Note satanic hitlery was/is exposed by criminals hacking and breaking law--says a lot for the stupid puke, called "the people," eh?....

If Not For Scum In-Fighting At Top, Puke Called "The People" Would Have Gone For It All
(Apollonian, 31 Oct 16)

Stop and ask urselves what's very greatest tragedy and crime of this 2016 election farce we've already arrived at, Oct 31, more than a week before the spoiled election. For it's spoiled election as it's so miserably fraudulent, in so many ways, what w. (a) the "electronic" vote fraud, which by itself totally discredits things, but then there are (b) the corrupt and traitorous judges who refuse the obvious vote-ID, and then (c) there's the illegal alien part. Could anything be more royally screwed-up?--at a Federal level, yet.

And note Republicans, like Paul Rino (Ryan), are in on it, too, they having done it, all the notorious vote-fraud, for Bush. Another element is the corrupt and lying Jews-media. If it wasn't for the scum of the NSA who illegally hacked things (and if not, they know who did it) w. the e-mails, hitlery, Soros, and co. would have brought it all off, surely. At least it's good to know there's still in-fighting going-on at the very top--our only hope now that the organized Christian establishment is totally destroyed by kike and kike-friendly filth--well, the scummy puke destroyed themselves, kikes now just taking advantage, like the disease they are. See for expo on Talmud.

Thus we see without the in-fighting among the very scum-of-the-earth at the top, the dumbass, stupid, brainless puke of the so-called "people" of Jew S A would have bought it all--that's the obvious tragedy. And of course, not all the people are such goddam stupid puke, but wayyyyyyyyyy too many are, that's for sure--over-population--allowing themselves to be led-by-the-noses by these satanic scum who back and uphold hitlery and the kike filth, defending that putrid cancer in the mid-east, Israel.

Note then it's now much a matter of in-fighting going on among the kikes, good kikes vs. bad kikes. For we KNOW Trump is all in w. those infernal lying monsters. So Trump getting in as Pres. will be no real solution, merely a reprieve.

For what about the slight fact Jew S A is only saved by CRIMINAL hacking by CRIMINALS who obviously violate the law, strictly understood?--notice no one talks much about that. Fine thing, Jew S A is given its "reprieve" by these criminal scum. See how far gone is Jew S A? And this all foregoing is beside fact we're in for currency collapse, up-coming.

So we need prosecution of these criminals. Examples have to be made of these puke--but it will only go as far as the Jews who control Trump will allow--which is to say not far at all, if at all. At least the vote fraud can be fixed. But we need more. We need states rights recognized, including nullification and secession, and we need real money, commodity-based, hence gold-silver being best--which will have to come, pretty soon now, I guess.

But the power of the I-net shows itself, at any rate, and the next thing for people to find-out is the rational meaning of Christianity, the real thing, which is objective reality, etc., hence anti-semitism.

So I think the crux to things, if there is to remain any hope, is the I-net; long as it remains, there's still great room for hope, as way of treating the horrific stupidity of these stupid scum called "the people," the stupid puke, though it's not sure thing, and there's still horror to come w. currency collapse. So keep praying, people.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Every crisis must/will benefit Jews, including latest regarding hitlery, even as she must go down in flames, ho ho ho ho....

Problems For Globalists, Hitlery To Lose, BUT Win (Still) For Jews
(Apollonian, 29 Oct 16)

So it looks like hitlery must go down in flames, BUT Jews will still win, as globalists will negotiate through them, kikes, to get Trump to "make a deal"--as Jews are Trump's weak-pt. The FBI "dirty cop," Comey, announces ANOTHER investigation--which will again, eventually, exonerate hitlery w. maybe a slap on wrist, after a good interval. But meantime it's opportunity for hitlery to breathe easier now as to what to do, everything being "taken-care of" by COG (continuity-of-gov., "deep state," "shadow gov.") as they've been doing all along, after all, as we know through "wiki-leaks."

For it was COG who told hitlery it was ok for the private-server, and the phony charity, and doing "pay for play," ho o ho ho; hitlery is their special little "golden-girl," after all, foremost satanist. It's only the "wiki-leaks" that bothers these top powers, of Bilderberg, Tri-lateralists, and CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), and the pesky I-net.

Thus, if u notice, Soros's race-war continues along w. all the other distractions for the morons, including the vote-fraud, the votes "flipped" against Trump. For even if hitlery has to lose, ZOG and COG have to get some of their candidates in the other elections safely into office, right?--like Paul Rino (Ryan), ho ho ho oho. Another disaster that has to happen is currency-collapse, as of US Dollar--so there are lots of factors capable of distracting the mass of morons that can be useful for ZOG-COG.

Hence ZOG-COG will work through Jews to getting Trump to "compromise," Jews benefitting as always, but otherwise, the people will have to defend the I-net and consolidate upon the REAL Christianity which is anti-semitism, Christian truth vs. Jew lies (a), then (b) states-rights principle, including 10th Amendment and nullification, (c) not leastly, REAL money, gold/silver, and abolition of legalized counterfeiting (US Federal Reserve Bank--see for expo).

Thus u see, Trump will HAVE to "play ball" w. ZOG-COG to avoid assassination, all this brokered by kikes. The real leadership of the people will have to be provided through I-net, for obvious reasons, as it has already. And u can be sure ZOG-COG is looking for way to remove I-net, like through a EMP event, likely to be blamed on N. Korea or other "terrorists," ho ho ho.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

State and local officials ought to arrest and jail the criminal vote officials who are running already obviously fraudulent and rigged polls/elections....

This satanic Moment In History
(Apollonian, 27 Oct 16)

I kept watching and listening to vid of "This Magic Moment" recording by the old Jay and the Americans song-group (a bunch of Jews, yech, but I used to listen to them when I was young and dumb), and I thought about this present historical moment in satanism. ZOG of course, is in beeeeeeeeeg trouble, the currency about to collapse, along w. bond market and whatever else.

The real horror for ZOG now is that it's all getting out of hand for them, they never realizing the I-net would become so powerful for the info of the people--w. a little help fm wikileaks, ho ho ho ho. So ZOG has to consider some really drastic measures. But what can they do?--exterminate a good deal of the population and reset and regress the economic standard of living?--can be done easily w. a few nukes, causing EMP destruction of the electric grids. But can ZOG bring it off for this EMP event?--perhaps not. For there's "no honor among thieves," never forget, and they surely cannot be too sure about getting away w. it all.

Observe further now, there are at least two explicit and cogent commentaries, by Lou Dobbs ( and Gary Franchi ( who pt. out hitlery's own top advisors decry her hubris for not resigning fm board(s) of organizations in consideration of obvious conflict-of-interest, and the keeping of the private e-mail server. But hitlery KNEW she had COG (continuity-of-gov.), "deep-state," "shadow-gov." working for her, as we now know fm e-mails, in all her hubris. So people better see the sheer SATANIC contempt for reality, which can't be denied--out there now for all to see for themselves, esp. on the I-net.

And note the dis-connect fm reality for ZOG higher-ups, running hitlery, who's surely dying of Parkinson's disease, or whatever else is obviously working, these "higher-ups" being such as George Soros, Henry Kissinger, and David Rockefeller, among others, who are in 80s and even 90s now, as for Rockefeller. Hitlery is their "girl" to running things, evidently, none being more satanistically competent or proficient for the end-game they all have in mind now for the world dictatorship they want to continue to consolidate. For some reason, they HAVE to have hitlery, ho ho ho, their fingers crossed she doesn't suddenly croak on them, hoh o ho ho

So ZOG is really going to have to negotiate w. Trump, evidently, but even that won't guarantee they will survive, the people getting ever-better informed upon ZOG's infernal perfidy by means of mighty I-net.

Finally, what Trump and others ought to doing is to EXPLICITLY pt-ing out the satanic HUBRIS of hitlery and slick Willie going out and speaking for hundreds of thousands of ZOG-bux per speech--which no one else can do--which all happened as hitlery worked to approving lucrative business deals. For u see, there can be no question this speechifying for approval of deals was simply pay-for-play--everyone knows it, left and right, "conservative" and "liberal." Trump should say out-loud the word, "satanic," for effect upon the Christian volk--which will totally terrorize the ZOG powers and higher-ups, like COG, et al.

Otherwise folks merely need adopt gold/silver money and states-rights and nullification principles. Further, they need to grasp the Christian principle of anti-semitism, real essence of Christianity--rejection of Jew lies and subjectivism (Gosp. JOHN 8:44) in favor of truth, the only way to Godly happiness (JOHN 14:6), hence the objective reality.

And incidentally, here in Tex., we already have, for the "early voting," machines flipping votes for Trump, going for hitlery. Gov. and police ought to step right in and arrest the crooked officials, put them in jail, and order replacements to rectify the crooked machines, or removing them altogether. And Soros-owned machines ought to be immediately REMOVED, for obvious problems and reasons. Note there's ALREADY overwhelming evidence of fraud--it's PROVEN it was done against Bernie Sanders, aside fm the Project Veritas vids, Bernie rolling-over, probably threatened too. So there's stuff to be done, folks; get the word out.

Monday, October 24, 2016

As dust settles, we see ZOG, Obola, hitlery all looking very poorly and bad, Trump sitting "pretty"....

ZOG, Hitlery, And Obola Scrambling To Recover For Comedy Of Errors In Gross Fraud, Treason
(Apollonian, 24 Oct 16)

Observe the gross fraud, including election fraud that surrounds both Obola administration and hitlery election campaign. First, we have Obola, not a nat. -born citizen, w. a fake Soc. Sec. card, who was given the Nobel Peace Prize for no apparent reason, who lied about Obola-care, which is now literally collapsing, who murdered Qadaffi, leader of Libya, who's threatening illegal war in Syria, has now been caught involved rather heavily in hitlery's illegal e-mail server scandal, hitlery wanting to keep her e-mails secret as she was running pay-for-play w. her illegal and fraudulent "charity foundation."

And of course, we're supposed to be distracted by the fraudulent claims of the group of females coming-out lately accusing Trump of indiscretions, etc., ho ho ho ho--it only adds to the fraudulent airs given-off by the Democrats. It now rather looks like ZOG is so desperate to have hitlery succeed Obola that Obola comes-off as mere flunkey to hitlery. And the election is gross, miserable mess of fraud compounded in so many ways. What will ZOG do? Note ZOG lately has done some major work to crashing some computer systems on relatively large scale over last couple days, this aside fm the threatened war w. Russia.

Thus ZOG would have looked much better if they had a more tractable candidate fm the other side, the Republicans, than Trump who stands fast and doesn't allow himself to be pushed into endorsing-in-advance the attempted election fraud. And now w. wikileaks revelations, and James O'Keefe investigations, ZOG looks quite embarrassed--they're exposed for the frauds and gross criminals they really are. And at this pt. Trump doesn't have to do anything, he already having stood fast for what he told folks fm the beginning. All Trump needs do is to just continue standing fast as he has, and it really looks like ZOG must negotiate w. Trump fm a weak position, though of course, they could simply threaten to kill him or his family--looks like that's all ZOG has left, war w. Russia having been mere bluff.

So it looks bad for ZOG, Obola, and hitlery, and good for Trump. There's still going to be a horrible economic/currency collapse, but ZOG probably figures they can let Trump into office and then blame it all on him. But it will still be bad for ZOG, long as mighty Internet continues. And the US Federal Reserve Bank is key and cause to all the disasters; it was and, so far, still is the engine to everything. So ZOG has simply dug itself a great big hole. USA, West, and Americans can survive and repair itself w. real money, gold/silver, and states-rights concept.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

NOW IS THE TIME to striking fatal blow to satanism, reduced as it is to the comical, as by means of Trump's defiance, refusal to credit obvious, blatant election fraud....

satanism: Reduced Now From Sadist To Comic Must Be Struck In Moment Of Weakness, Crushed By Legitimate Call To Arms Of Citizens Against Traitors, Arch-Criminals
(Apollonian, 22 Oct 16)

Now is the time for hero and true leader of the people, like Donald Trump, to smash and crush the heretofore and would-be sadistic, satanist juggernaut, hitlery Clinton, who is presently, at the moment, reduced to pathetic comedian who pretends to outrage for Trump's unwillingness to abide by gross, blatant election fraud which is on-going and building to placing traitor hitlery along w. criminal husband (whose license to practice law was removed for lying to a court of law) in position as President for destruction of the republic.

And the way to do this smashing is not only to refusing to credit the election, but to exhort the people to taking-up arms against placing of such satanist criminal and traitor, hitlery, as President. Hitlery must be arrested and jailed, immediately. This exhorting to citizen's taking-up arms is perfectly legitimate as hitlery wants to place "no-fly zone" in Syria and provoking war w. Russia which is liable to exterminating millions upon millions of people. Further, note treason advocated by hitlery regarding removal of borders of USA and registration of citizens' fire-arms, the virtual and effective overthrow of the Constitutional Republic. It's simply farcical that anyone would seriously vote for such satanic monster as hitlery--excepting ONLY fellow satanists.

Further still, note this now is after it's proven and admitted to defrauding of hitlery's previous competitor for candidacy of Democratic Party, Bernie Sanders--who thereupon rolled-over so conveniently for satanists and hitlery, showing the quality of character for such dedicated socialist, Sanders thus betraying his erstwhile supporters.

The time to strike this vile, lethal satanism which has already mass-murdered so many millions of humanity is now, especially when the Internet is still active and informing the people as by means of justly famous "wikileaks" materials, especially the e-mails btwn and among various "players" exposing, for example, hitlery's pay-for-play Clinton Foundation fraud and scam which engineered payments fm illegal foreign sources to hitlery, not to mention other high crimes against the nation, like collusion in arming, funding, and supplying ISIS/al-qaeda terrorists of the Middle East, through Saudis and Qatar, terrorists presently infiltrating Europe and even USA, yet another part of the traitorous plotting by hitlery the satanist, conspiring w. G. Soros.

It's time to get out the word for all the people, in style of Paul Revere, alerting to the catastrophic danger of placing such murderous, satanic psychopath as hitlery in position of such power as Presidency. Not only should Trump refuse to credit any election of hitlery, but her continued freedom to campaign for the office should be halted by means of immediate arrest and trial for murder, as of the late Libyan leader, Qadaffi, and mass-murder as done already by terrorists hitlery has guided and helped to arm, supply, and fund. Readers of this should copy and send to all their friends, collaborators, and allies.