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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Every crisis must/will benefit Jews, including latest regarding hitlery, even as she must go down in flames, ho ho ho ho....

Problems For Globalists, Hitlery To Lose, BUT Win (Still) For Jews
(Apollonian, 29 Oct 16)

So it looks like hitlery must go down in flames, BUT Jews will still win, as globalists will negotiate through them, kikes, to get Trump to "make a deal"--as Jews are Trump's weak-pt. The FBI "dirty cop," Comey, announces ANOTHER investigation--which will again, eventually, exonerate hitlery w. maybe a slap on wrist, after a good interval. But meantime it's opportunity for hitlery to breathe easier now as to what to do, everything being "taken-care of" by COG (continuity-of-gov., "deep state," "shadow gov.") as they've been doing all along, after all, as we know through "wiki-leaks."

For it was COG who told hitlery it was ok for the private-server, and the phony charity, and doing "pay for play," ho o ho ho; hitlery is their special little "golden-girl," after all, foremost satanist. It's only the "wiki-leaks" that bothers these top powers, of Bilderberg, Tri-lateralists, and CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), and the pesky I-net.

Thus, if u notice, Soros's race-war continues along w. all the other distractions for the morons, including the vote-fraud, the votes "flipped" against Trump. For even if hitlery has to lose, ZOG and COG have to get some of their candidates in the other elections safely into office, right?--like Paul Rino (Ryan), ho ho ho oho. Another disaster that has to happen is currency-collapse, as of US Dollar--so there are lots of factors capable of distracting the mass of morons that can be useful for ZOG-COG.

Hence ZOG-COG will work through Jews to getting Trump to "compromise," Jews benefitting as always, but otherwise, the people will have to defend the I-net and consolidate upon the REAL Christianity which is anti-semitism, Christian truth vs. Jew lies (a), then (b) states-rights principle, including 10th Amendment and nullification, (c) not leastly, REAL money, gold/silver, and abolition of legalized counterfeiting (US Federal Reserve Bank--see for expo).

Thus u see, Trump will HAVE to "play ball" w. ZOG-COG to avoid assassination, all this brokered by kikes. The real leadership of the people will have to be provided through I-net, for obvious reasons, as it has already. And u can be sure ZOG-COG is looking for way to remove I-net, like through a EMP event, likely to be blamed on N. Korea or other "terrorists," ho ho ho.

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