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Friday, January 31, 2014

Folks: u GOTTA face-up to things--we're being inundated w. huge BIG-LIES, fm "climate-change" to Sandy Hook farce, to 9/11--learn HOW it works, suckers fooling THEMSELVES

Below by ap first posted, comments,

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The "Big-Lie": How It Works--Suckers Fool Themselves
(Apollonian, 31 Jan 14)

It's really good thing this "climate-change" balderdash comes-up and gets discussed as we do here.

So, to recapitulate, there's no evidence for the "climate-change" thesis, which turns out to be fraud and lies.  And now we're confronted w. interesting conclusion--the BIG-LIE technique.

Thus "climate-change" is just another of the BIG LIEs being pushed by the satanists who rule our culture.  9/11 is another huge BIG LIE, done by the same people pushing "climate-change" lies.  Sandy Hook fraud/hoax is a huge BIG LIE.

Note then how the BIG LIE works/operates--it's just huge, gross, in-ur-face lie, u see, and there's minimal "evidence" offered for existence, but the lie operates by means of the suckers THEMSELVES refusing to face-up to the lie, the suckers working against themselves--the suckers just saying to themselves (and one-another) "oh, it's inconceivable the powers would lie to us so massively, so grossly."

The US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEIT scam operates same way--it's such huge, massive fraud, so totally in-ur-face, that the suckers actually FOOL THEMSELVES by saying, as above, "oh it COULDN'T be mere COUNTERFEITING, simple as that--there's got to be more to it."

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Remember, don't forget, despite Obongo's lies and ObongoCare, weak-pt., necessary target is "Judeo-Christian" hereticalists

Below essay by ap first published at comments,

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"Judeo-Christian" Hereticalists Are Crucial, Weak-Spot For ZOG
(Apollonian, 30 Jan 14)

I take a more DETERMINISTIC attitude towards this large-scale cultural activity u describe so well here, Tim. Thus I submit, once again, we're suffering within CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, whence a generation of weaklings has been bred-up, and these will have to die-off, to some extent at least, the culture collapsing a good deal, before a remnant will be enabled to resist more successfully.

For note the same sort of helpless apathy was seen in the Roman emp. of old as it steadily declined. Thus as the people die-out for the present satanic culture, the top master-minds must evermore suspect one another for double-cross and in-fighting.

But patriots can take inspiration fm example of St. Constantine the Great who revived, resuscitated, and rather resurrected the old Roman greatness, at least for a time, in the early 4th cent. And we readily see Jews as THE huge problem, these Jews absolutely dominating our culture, the masons mere pathetic suck-alongs.

But now what's the specific problem for focusing against the Jews?--I submit it isn't the masons nearly as much as it's the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo on JCs) hereticalists, who say Christ was Jew and worship/support the horrific terror-state of Israel.

Hence it's JCs who must be dealt with immediately w. most emphasis, vigor, and force. Such effort will have to accompany the continuing economic and currency collapse, people gradually facing-up to dread fact of the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEIT scam which is run by Jews and their accomplices beginning w. Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateralists, and Bilderbergers.

Such is the grim nature of determinist, hence CYCLIC, reality wherein only God's will prevails, according to strict cause-effect, there being no PERFECTLY "free" human will, humans always being sinners.

Observe people already see the lying Obama who foisted and sold ObamaCare death-panels--the continuing cultural collapse and destruction have to proceed to starvation and civil un-rest before large numbers of people more seriously coalesce for heightened resistance. In meantime the effort must be made against hereticalists like the JCs, these JCs being by far largest, most powerful gentile political group, JCs the weak-point for ZOG.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Science, economics, and philosophy may seem difficult, complicated, but we gotta stay with it

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Do Economics and Philosophy "Work"?--Of Course They Do, Ho Ho Ho
(Apollonian, 29 Jan 14)

Economics isn't entirely all voodoo, though one easily gets lost in complexities, and one must be careful to be clear for beginning principles--that's why I like the Austrian school (  Ludwig von Mises was careful to beginning w. limited, clearly understood premises.  As Mises understood it (see his "Human Action"), economics is properly understood as essentially an a priori science, not subject to empirical-type experimentation.

One must remember and note economics is a subject-matter wherein one strives to understanding, for one thing, what wealth is and how it's made.  So criminal enterprises and scams like the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEITING (literally) has an economic foundation and condition necessarily attached which people MUST understand simply to protecting themselves.  Whether the Fed is a fraud or not is NOT "voodoo."

Philosophy is the art and method of placing things in perspective, seeing items within sub-sets, the sets, and the larger sets, etc.  Philosophy seeks to grasp all of reality, by definition, and as this easily gets complex, one easily can get lost.  Ayn Rand, for example, rightly observed that the ones who best understand philosophy are the mystics and anti-rationalists who deliberately work to make it in-comprehensible to most folks, using it against people.

Thus one comes to Keynesianism--does it work?--ho ho ho--sure, for the criminals who successfully impose it upon the masses of poor suckers.  Keynesianism (or more accurately, neo-Keynesianism) sure works for Paul Krugman who spouts it and makes good money at it, evidently--he actually got a Nobel Prize.  Of course, so did Obongo.

Does Keynesianism present accurate picture and understanding of actual economics?--no, but it wasn't designed for that--it was designed to con people, and it was/is brilliant for that purpose--so far, ho ho ho ho.  Time may well come--and soon--when we see Keynesians strung-up on the lamp-posts, ho ho ho ho.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"Conspiracy theory" is thematic, fundamental to culture of West and USA for excellent reason

"Conspiracy Theory": Essential, Fundamental Centrality And Meaning For USA And West
(Apollonian, 28 Jan 14)

The conspirators and satanic criminals are desperate that people DON'T suspect them, at least not too much--that's why they want to make fun of "conspiracy theorists."

But now observe how downright IMPORTANT conspiracy and consp. theory is not only for USA but the entire Western civilization.  For the original US Declaration of Independence was built upon a very carefully detailed consp. theory regarding the English king and his cohorts in the British Parliament.

Western civilization itself is founded to great extent upon the Christian consp. theory whence Sadducees and Pharisees conspired to murder TRUTH and Christ.

Thus not only Americans but all Westerners can understand humans are fallible and subject to sin and deception, thus CONSPIRACY and conspirators.  And there are criminals, never doubt--maybe not too many who are hard-core, but they exist, and when they collude that's called conspiracy.

So when u see and hear the propaganda about "consp. theory," and how one shouldn't get caught-up in it, U KNOW the criminals and satanists are active and conspiring.  Remember then, the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) is a criminal enterprise and conspiracy--COUNTERFEITING (only legalistically)--the primary weapon/instrument of conspirators and satanic criminals.

And the ultimate goal of these conspirators is GENOCIDE, this we know fm AGENDA-21 "reduction of population" and ObongoCare death-panels.

What's happened to allow this gross satanic conspiracy?--the over-population of fools, addicted to the TV, now too easily cultivated and bred to allow themselves to be terrorized into compliance with satanic oligarchs, this being a CYCLIC phenomenon of society and history whence a formerly successful civilization suffers the peaking of the civilization, the hubris of the people, pretending to "good," and "moral virtue," and now, as we see, "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, into most gross satanism, practicing conspiracy while pretending to make fun of it.

The single, simple thing to remember is that Christian TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH is the ideal and principle most responsible for success and real prosperity--what is it that most overthrows such truth?--Pharisaist "good."  For "good" is how the satanist conspirators get folks to go along.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Sandy Hook hoax, an amazing psy-ops--absolutely requiring massive funding/financing, like by the Fed

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Sandy Hook Event Must Be Appreciated For It's Psy-Ops Production Significance, Requiring Tremendous Resources
(Apollonian, 25 Jan 14)

Hello folks: great blog and comments.  The debate btwn Fetzer and Johnson can be found at

I thought Fetzer did better job in the debate than Johnson, though Johnson did well on some specific pt.s which Johnson investigated in some detail, like about the tarps, colors thereof, and the blood clean-up, but Johnson failed to give a good overall expo to show how it wasn't just elaborated drill, whereas Fetzer was more forthright and persuasive for his expo.

Folks must begin to realizing the thesis for criminal fraud and cover-up (obstruction of justice, etc.), regarding Sandy Hook shooting, has been quite conclusively proven--PROVEN.

So at this stage one must expand the investigation/analysis, and this must thus regard the source of all this GROSS criminality, ultimately, the US Federal Reserve Bank (literally legalized) COUNTERFEITING scam which ultimately provides the funding/financing for this amazing, elaborate fraud (Sandy Hook shootings) foisted upon the American public.

But without this necessary FOCUS upon the top criminals at the Fed it seems that things even regarding Sandy Hook itself just begin to dissipate.  People have to realize it's NECESSARY part of any investigation to see to the ultimate master-minds which has to be the Fed--for how else could this amazing, elaborate fraud and conspiracy have been executed and performed, including all the top-ranking politicians, the US Pres., the state governor, and the tremendous numbers of ancillary actors and accomplices?

So to sum up, at least tentatively, for this gross, amazing for the sheer audacity, Sandy Hook fraud, one easily sees how the fraud was really easy, simple spin-off fm the terror DRILL culture and mentality which has been promoted for yrs and yrs now by the Feds and state governments getting all that money printed-up by the Fed COUNTERFEITERS to finance things.

Sandy Hook was actually just a land-mark, PREMIER production for the propaganda and psy-ops, including all the necessary elements, politicians, school officials, police agencies, mass-corp. "news"-media, and the "crisis-actors."

HOW then could all these substantial and significant elements, just-above itemized, have been brought together and acting in such integral, co-ordinated manner WITHOUT such funding and leadership as provided by the Fed?--such then is the necessary context to be examined by investigators and citizens.  It would be BIG mistake to ignore this necessary larger context for things, in preference to tunnel-vision -type focus upon mere details of the local Sandy Hook event itself, though the details have their undeniable importance.  Keep up ur great work.

"Good"/Pharisaism ALWAYS pretext for fascism, destruction of TRUTH

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Pharisaic "Good": Destroyer Of Truth, Reason, And Humanity
(Apollonian, 23 Jan 14)

First thing I'd say is it's pretty totalitarian thing to totally ban smoking anywhere and everywhere--there ought to be some designated spots where folks could smoke if they want to.  It's the proper democratic thing to do by providing these designated smoking places, I'd say.  Self-righteousness for this kind of "health" kick is NOT a good sign.  Forcing people to be "healthy" is a bad, sad sign too.  Having no compassion for those poor, nervous folks who HAVE to smoke is not a good sign either.
And I DO think smokers would have a legitimate case to sue the school for this idiot totalitarian policy.

Reductio-ad-absurdum is Mayor Bloomberg of NYC issuing the edicts about salt & the size of soft-drinks.  Smokers are tax-payers too, don't forget.

See, the problem is dictatorship and tyranny ALWAYS start w. "good-intentions" as the pretext.  But then the POWER is established, along w. the excuse for it, and it always seems to grow and get out of hand--like it has now w. the EPA giving an entire town of 10,000 people in Wyoming to an Indian tribe.

EPA has also effectively removed the last lead smelter for manufacture of ammunition in USA, this driving prices up, aside fm US gov. buying up insane amounts of ammo--ho ho ho--what are the scum afraid of, I wonder?--ho ho ho ho ho.

"Carbon foot-print" taxes are also another satanically idiotic pretext for destruction of coal-fire power plants and the removal of industry fm the USA.

So we see once again the pretext of good (Pharisaism) is the excuse of not merely dictatorship, but outright SATANISM, purpose being GENOCIDE.

"Agenda-21" is the ultimate satanist worship of earth or "environment" over and against humanity which is pretext for the "chem-trail" poisoning  of atmosphere and ground-soil, poison vaccines, GMO foods, poisonous food additives like bis-phenol A, not to mention other power-grabs by gov. and oligarchs against citizens and property rights.

And observe corrupt judges FORCING little kids to be drugged w. such harmful drugs as Ritalin and other drugs; hospitals and other entities (like US military too) forcing dangerous vaccinations.  Not drugging and vaccinating kids have even been used as excuses to take kids fm their parents.

So Prof. Mike, as philosopher--one who extrapolates and looks at things in large perspective--it seems to me u can take a lesson here for the Pharisaist pretext of "good" and its use as justification for tyrannical power working for not merely nefarious purposes, but outright satanic genocide of humanity in general.

"Good" SUCKS--there is no "good-evil" in an objective (Aristotelian) reality, hence determined universe--and it's why the Bible teaches that eating of the Tree of Knowledge of such false "good & evil" was the downfall of mankind.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

the "Big Lie"--it's being used--it's what's in effect. Learn what it is, HOW it's used, What makes it work

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Nature And Mechanics Of The "BIG LIE," How It Works As For Sandy Hook
(Apollonian, 25 Jan 14)

Oh yes--there's another specific element for this amazing Sandy Hook fraud, this having to do w. the NATURE of the fraud and it's proper classification which helps us to understand and grasp the fraud.

And that's the "BIG-LIE" nature of the fraud.  Remember HOW the "big-lie" works: it's SO SIMPLE that people just REFUSE to believe it, saying, "nooooooooo, it COULDN'T be that simple, it just couldn't be...."

Thus, w. the "big-lie," people FOOL THEMSELVES--the liars merely have to have the AUDACITY to broach and present the lie, then stop and wait for the suckers to work against themselves.  And note this big-lie technique actually takes a good deal of nerve ("chutzpah") to be perpetrated, depending, as it does, upon the knowledge and contempt the perpetrators have for the suckers.  Perps also have to have significant confidence they have solid control for the basic predicates and conditions.

Observe then how the Sandy Hook big-lie is brought-off, first of all w. the HUGE SCALE, involving the Pres. of the USA, no less, then the gov. of the state, and all the police & bureaucratic officials, the numerous "crisis" and other actors and hirelings involved, and then, especially not least, the vast mass-corp. "news"-media, including, for example, known CIA-operative Anderson Cooper, ho ho ho.

Observe, further, how this particular big-lie fraud of Sandy Hook event is necessarily, as I noted above in previous entry, of a piece w. the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEIT scam which funded/financed everything for Sandy Hook.

For the Fed is itself just a gigantic, huge example of the big-lie, consisting very simply of legalized COUNTERFEITING the "money" supply--which COUNTERFEITING people REFUSE to admit to themselves, pretending, "gee whiz, but it COULDN'T just be simple as that--COUNTERFEITING--there's gotta be more to it which we mere peasants just don't understand about things regarding high-finance."  Ho ho ho ho.

Thus the Fed big-lie gets by by means of the people themselves working to fooling themselves, REFUSING to face the simple reality--COUNTERFEITING, just formally legalized, and then masked by means of big-words used in place of the simple reality of COUNTERFEITING.  For definitive expo on Fed one can ck the various Ron Paul sites and works (, also,, and

Friday, January 24, 2014

HOW is it the Judeo-Christians pretend they're like Jews?--"FAITH"--which they think they share. But "faith" really only means LOYALTY

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What Is Christianity, What Is It Really All About?--TRUTH, Which Then Only Requires LOYALTY
(Apollonian, 24 Jan 14)

The KEY to things, aside fm the money & banking issue, culturally and psychologically, is regarding Christianity and what it really is, what it's really all about--TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all/any (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), truth the ONLY WAY to Godly happiness (Kingdom of God)--this against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44).

And I say this about essence of Christianity BECAUSE the Jews have such a hold on establishment Christianity, beginning then w. "Judeo-Christianity" (JC--see for expo), this amazing thing as Judaism and Christianity are TOTALLY CONTRADICTORY and opposed as I note, above.

HOW, one must ask, did this happen?--the conflation of two absolute OPPOSITES, Christianity and Judaism?

And I think it (this horrific, disastrous conflation of Christianity w. Judaism) has to do, for one important thing, w. the idea of "faith," tooooooooooooooooooooo many stupid people imagining that "faith" is mere BELIEVING, rather than what it really is, for Christians (REAL Christians), anyway, LOYALTY--there's a difference.

For "believing" doesn't make anything true--BUT lots of dummies seem to think it does, and further, that it's some great virtue to be sooooooooooo stupid as to so think it's virtue to "believe" as if that believing makes it true.

Thus the Jew sort of "faith" & "believing" means just sucking-along, WHEREAS true Christianity means real LOYALTY TO WHAT U ALREADY KNOW, not merely "believe."

For note (Christian) TRUTH is something real--something to be simply KNOWN--u don't gotta "buhleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev."  For Christ assures us there is a genuine reality, God-created, this reality then being the basis, premise, criterion of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH--u simply perceive it, that's all--u don't make it up w. ur mind by means of "believing"--like the satanic Jews do.

So the suckers and morons of "Judeo-Christianity" take-on the Jew meaning for things, esp. regarding "faith"--and this is why they think they're so close and similar to those filthy, infernal, satanic Jew murderers and psychopaths, esp. then the genocidal terror-state of Israel.

So the real Christian effort must be much an emphasis against these FALSE-Christians who worship and support the Israeli terror-state, which did 9/11.  Thus Christians must preach TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, Christ's affirmation of the OBJECTIVE (hence Aristotelian) reality, God-created, the real, genuine basis of TRUTH--to which then, one must be LOYAL, hence the real Christian "faith."  Truth is NOT NOT NOT merely something one makes-up in one's mind, then to be "believed."

Friday, January 17, 2014

Inside info for continuing ZOG take-over--confirmation

Below-copied essay by ap posted at

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apolloniani says:

Magus Dutifully Reports Details For Large Thesis Of Western “Decline”
(Apollonian, 17 Jan 14)

Magus: these are ur typical, excellent observations, as usual. But let me pt. out some stuff, as I’ve done before.

USA is TOTAL CAPTIVE of criminals, beginning w. the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) which is literally a (legalized) COUNTERFEITING scam–counterfeiting the money supply, that’s what it does.  It’s (the Fed) such a HUGE scam, in-ur-face, it’s perfect example of the “big lie”–it’s so monstrous people refuse to accept it, saying, noooooooooo, it couldn’t be that simple (just legalized counterfeiting, printing and digitalizing practically however much “money” they need or want).

Eventually, the “money” system will fail to hyper-inflation, BUT by that time (coming soon, US Dollar presently tottering) the top master-minds will liquidate their holdings and abscond–like they did in the 1929 crash. Ck,, and for best expo on the Fed and central-banking.

So when u realize how the Fed works and its effects, u see it’s top MONOPOLY–over the money supply. Thus when u see how the monopolization works–they gin-up all the money they need to literally BUY EVERYTHING–all the large corp.s, and they control the smaller ones too.

Thus these monopolists control “Big Pharma,” Insurance and health-care (ObamaCare w. death-panels), and all the businesses and industries, evermore.

These fed powers own and control all the politicians and judges w. only very few exceptions–and even Ron Paul has to be careful for what he says as he KNOWS he could easily be assassinated.

The official organizations which are behind the Fed powers are Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateralists, and Bilderbergers. If u ck, u’ll see practically ALL the appointments Obama makes, esp. at the top level, are fm the CFR and Trilaterals. See for expo on CFR, etc.

CFR, et al., want WORLD GOVERNMENT–world dictatorship, and they hate USA and its Constitution–and they are behind the “global warming” lies and AGENDA-21 “population-reduction.” Do u realize what this “population-reduction” actually means in reality?–do u doubt they’re serious?–it’s why there’s fluoride poisoning in the water supplies, it’s why the vaccines are so dangerous and toxic, literally.

Note 20% of school-kids are being horribly drugged, along w. about same percentage of females in the population.  Food additives, aspartame, MSG, and bisphenol A are poison and deliberately added to foods.  GMO foods are poison.

“Chem-trails” are poison, consisting of aluminum and barium particulates which poison the ground-soil and make it barren for plant growth. It’s been known for many years that depleted-uranium weapons are deadly EVEN TO OUR OWN TROOPS who handle these munitions.  Fukushima nuclear contamination is greater than Chernobyl, getting worse, and US gov. says nothing about for warning US citizens.

Magus, my good comrade, u gotta get a clue–this is SATANIC culture that’s developed. It’s well-known that Obama, for example, has been purging (literally) numerous top military officers to putting in known CFR-friendly drones and flunkies. Of course, Obama is himself just a functionary for the CFR.  See

So what u’re actually doing is merely reporting details which confirm the larger principles regarding the big-bro. police-state on world-wide scale, the USA & NATO used as main enforcer. U gotta take it seriously for the SATANIC culture-of-death built upon empire-of-lies–How did it get this way?  Is it any accident Christianity is not only frowned-upon but is actually being suppressed and persecuted?–there’s good reason for it, it all being of a piece within “Decline of the West,” by Oswald Spengler.


Of course there's "fraud" in US economy--BUT where does it START?--not w. "the poor," who get peanuts, ho ho ho ho ho ho ho

Posted below-copied by ap at

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Un-Questionably, There’s Fraud–BUT Where Does It Really Start, And What’s The Essence?
(Apollonian, 17 Jan 14)

TJB: u’re a nit-picker (see below and above link). Of course u’re right so far as demanding the thesis be substantiated w. specific details, but I’d say Mike is QUITE correct for the general assumption and under-lying issues: There surely are some people, though not as many as years ago, who complain about fraud on part of some “poor” folk.

After all, things are SOOOOOOOO horrible today, economically, and getting WORSE, it’s tough to blame folks as they find themselves relying upon the “social system.” Further, people need to realize USA is DELIBERATELY being destroyed–”de-industrialized,” the American people impoverished–and it’s part of AGENDA-21 and of a piece w. ObamaCare DEATH panels, never doubt. It’s the culture of death built upon the empire-of-lies (“noble lies,” according to Leo Strauss, mentor of all-powerful “neo-cons”).

Additionally, don’t fail to observe the entire stinking, thoroughly corrupted structure of present USA economy is purest FRAUD, FRAUD, FRAUD, beginning w. the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEIT scam (see,, and for expo on Fed) at the top, the USA being totally taken over by criminals and monopolists, they being much one and the same, never forget.

So why would anyone stop to worry about the penny-ante fraud going on w. welfare and stuff at the lower-level of society when, BY FAR, most of the fraud takes place at the top–ever hrd of “corp. welfare”?–Ho ho ho. Do u remember what happened back in 2008 when the “too big to fail” banks were bailed out w. trillions of dollars?

So we see that, YES, there’s fraud taking place, but it’s all over the general economy, far more at the top than at the lower levels. And the only reason the shills at FOX (a bunch of scummy, traitorous neo-cons who are for ISRAEL FIRST, never forget) yelp about “welfare fraud” is to distract and divert fm the REAL fraud that’s going on at the top most of all, by far. So people of USA ought to take the pt. regarding fraud seriously, BUT the essence of the problem lies elsewhere than w. the poor–OBVIOUSLY.

---------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied----------------

TJB said, on January 17, 2014 at 9:53 am
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Who is making the claim “that the system is dominated by fraud”? How can you argue against a position when you do not establish that anyone actually holds the position you are attacking?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

U doubt there's conspiracy in this age of satanic lies, lying, and liars?--guess what?--culture of DEATH is built upon lies, empire thereof

Below by ap first posted at

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The Fool Says In His Heart: There Is No Conspiracy
(Apollonian 14, Jan 14)

Magus (see below and above link): don't forget, ALL CRIMINALS are basically conspirators in their heart, fm my observations, and there are plenty enough criminals.  Who are criminals?--I'd say they're those who begin as they seek to take illegitimate advantage of the weak among society.  The weak are protected by do-gooders, but many of these do-gooders are turned, and the weak are exploited till they die out or down to a minimal number--it's a CYCLIC phenomenon.

The American Declaration of Independence has a DETAILED conspiracy theory that's itemized by Jefferson.  The New Test. is all about the conspiracy of the Pharisees and others to kill TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Christ).

Top  conspirators are the people behind the central banks, like the US Federal Reserve Bank (legalized) COUNTERFEIT scam which is necessarily the principle, practical weapon/instrument of the large conspiracy and all the smaller, attached and connected criminal enterprises.  Powers behind the Fed are the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateralist Commission, and the Bilderbergers.  See for good expo on the CFR and associated criminal groups.

How is it poison--fluoride--is put into the water supplies?  How are poisonous food additives, aspartame, MSG, and bisphenol-A put into food?  How is US military using depleted uranium munitions when it's known this uranium kills even OUR OWN troops?  How are toxic vaccines being foisted upon the people, even by mandatory laws?  Why are our people, including 20% of school kids being drugged w. powerful, often un-tested and poorly understood chemicals?

We're suffering not merely fm random conspiracy and corrupt politicians, but fm a larger, more powerful overall mentality of satanist, thus psychopathic culture/mentality which is determined to mass-murder the people--according to AGENDA-21 "population reduction"--look at ObamaCare death-panels.  The satanic culture of death rules, running rampant.  Observe how the terror-state of Israel quite literally wags-the-dog, USA.

How does this satanism prevail?--it's built upon the empire-of-lies whence a HUBRISTIC and corrupt people refuse to face-up to the facts evident to their senses--a people whose hubris begins w. insistence there's such as "good," and that it's "good" not to heed to things like conspiracy.  Pharisaic "good" comes to destroy Christian TRUTH.

But this satanist culture is coming to a head as US Dollar continues to collapse, and everyone will know as the price increases accelerate and food shortages begin to crop up--THEN there's going to be serious violence and civil un-rest.  Such is CYCLIC history and "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, in an objective (Aristotelian), thus determinist reality in accord w. absolute cause-effect--there is no perfectly "free" human will, which is just, after all is said and done, a lie which is held only by the weak, I'm sorry to have to observe.  Evidently we still have a few too many weak folks who are going to fall by the proverbial "wayside."

-----------------------------above by ap in response to below by "magus"---------------------------

magus71 said, on January 14, 2014 at 1:50 pm
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Though, the term does not tell us whether the perceived patterns really exist anywhere but the observers mind. There are some people who come to some conclusions many don’t, using very loosely connected data points (David Goldman et al). Then there’s those who believe that the Bavarian Illuminati and the Gnomes of Zurich are pulling the stings behind everything. I love science fiction, really do, but grow a group beyond say 12 people, and your chances of pulling off even a minor conspiracy are reduced to almost nil. I’ve seen what happens when the Army tries to move two companies to a rally point 10 kilometers from a FOB. Clausewitz called it friction. Many things don’t work out the way you want them to.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Satanist death culture actually quite plain to see and verify, built upon empire of lies, pushed by "Jews-media," edjumacation, etc.

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Details Of Culture Of Death Part Of Larger Satanist Conspiracy, Built Upon Lies
(Apollonian, 13 Jan 14)
TJB: u're right (see below & above link), so far as u go, BUT u gotta see beyond--these blacks are programmed to doing this "knock-out" crap by the mass-media and the edjumacation system, telling the blacks they're "oppressed," this oppression by whites, and then rewarded for it by the judges and prosecutors who give these scum easy punishment--this all funded and master-minded by the top bankers who control the US Fed (legalized) COUNTERFEIT scam at the top.  The object is to keeping the races fighting one another, the sexes fighting one another w. idiot "rape-culture" prop. and lies, etc.  Thus the Trayvon Martin prop., etc.
Observe the Chinese are now threatening military action for islands in the Pacific--all of this is hype and prop. to keep people terrorized and thus willing to give-up their rights and freedom for NSA spying, TSA groping, warrantless searches, etc.
And ALL the serious "terrorism" is totally controlled by CIA, MOSSAD, and their subsidiaries, like the Saudis, etc.  9/11 was truly "inside" job, NOT done by Arabs or Muslims.  The people must start to getting wise as to the REAL enemy--the criminals who run things, BEGINNING w. the money-creation machines/instruments, the central banks.
It's literally a SATANIC conspiracy, "satanism" defined as deliberate psychopathic liars and murderers who have perpetrated such as death-panels of ObamaCare, and AGENDA-21 "de-population" (read genocide)--which genocide they've actually been conducting in "soft-kill" mode by means of poison fluoride in water-supplies, poison food additives (aspartame, MSG, and bisphenol-A), GMO poison food, the toxic vaccines, the drugging of school-kids and population--even soldiers given speed to go kill-crazy in Afganistan, etc., the poison "chem-trails," and lately the incredible radiation contamination which is now admitted to be literally out-of-control at Fukushima.  Ck for all the juicy details to this soft-kill genocide. 
Literal culture of death (thus satanism) is founded upon the empire of lies pushed by controlled mass-media and "edjumacation," controlled at the top by the central bank COUNTERFEITERS.  "Knockout" and "rape-culture" are just details.
------------------------above by ap in response to below by TJB-----------------------
T. J. Babson said, on January 13, 2014 at 8:04 pm

Here a teacher is attacked for no reason.

Satanism MUST be faced as PRACTICAL MATTER--quit abstracting and intellectualizing

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

People Must Act In Practical, Down-To-Earth Manner, Facing-Up To Satanist, Anti-Christ Forces
(Apollonian, 13 Jan 14)

This was truly excellent posting for analysis of the police-state/NSA problem, AJ (see above link).  Thanks much for ur research, bringing it all up for attn.
Only thing I'd pt. out is the intellectualizing and abstracting of the basic SATANIST police-state problem, which is actually otherwise quite practical thing to perceive and consider.  We have OVER-WHELMING proof of the satanic nature of the cultural/political enemy poisoning the water w. fluoride, the air w. "chem-trails," the toxic vaccines, the poison food additives, the poison GMO food itself, fructose corn-syrup, the drugging of school-kids and population, not to mention the radiation-poisoning.

Purpose of Agenda-21 is admittedly genocide--"pop.-reduction," and ObamaCare death-panels is obvious, at this pt.  Question now is WHAT TO DO?

The "terrorism" by supposed Arabs and Muslims is actually all controlled by CIA and MOSSAD.
And the so-called "tension" btwn states like China and Russia and USA is all manipulated and controlled for purposes of hyping and manufacturing terror in minds of citizens--which then works to excuse evermore police-state measures.
As Alex Jones ( notes, ALL this, above noted and listed, is signs of satanism moving against the people ON ALL FRONTS.  What will the people do?
Thus I say Christianity needs to be understood what it really is in SIMPLEST terms: worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Christ) as ONLY way to Godly happiness (Gosp. JOHN 14:6)--AGAINST lies lies lies lies lies lies (JOHN 8:44).
Thus criminals (frauds) must be OVERTHROWN, beginning w. the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEIT scam--this is the head of the satanic snake which MUST be cut-off, which otherwise funds and controls everything else about the satanic conspiracy.
Perhaps even more specifically, the Judeo-Christian and Christian-Zionists should be exposed for the gross anti-Christs and outright TRAITORS they really and truly are.
Finally, the 10th amendment ought to be emphasized, nullifying the un-Constitutional acts of the Feds, power coming properly fm the people and local gov.s.  Thus as things continue to degenerate evermore people will understand better the satanic forces inexorably closing-in, then the urgency of that basic rectitude on local basis.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

People must face-up to TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH: we're up against absolute SATANIC conspiracy, which includes Israel, Jews, and suck-alongs

Below essay by ap first posted at
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USA Was Genuine Christian Republic At One Time--Founded Genuinely Upon TRUTH, Above All
(Apollonian, 13 Jan 14)
The trick of good gov. is to achieve and maintain rule-of-law rather than rule-of-men, tyranny.  So to achieve this rule-of-law the US founders resorted to an artistic combination rendering their version of republic founded upon Constitution, which made use of democracy as a part, this entailing consent of the people--it worked fairly well.
The basis in political/sociologic principle is idea power ascends, coming fm the people, who freely delegate the power, local gov. leading to state gov., the states then making the US Federal Republic.  This Federal republic then was destroyed in the US "Civil" war, and we've been surviving ever since, things evermore rapidly going down-hill, the definitive dictatorship founded in 1913 w. the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEIT scam--legalized, of course, by all the bought-and-paid-for politicians and judges.  See,, and for expo on Fed fraud.

Present USA has now become horrific SATANIC murder inc., utterly lawless and insane, a dictatorship now founded not upon traditional Christian TRUTH, but Pharisaic "good"--upon which "good," everything is justified and excused, including now literal genocide (AGENDA-21), ObamaCare death-panels, and slow-kill mass-murder of the people--as by means of the poison fluoride in water supplies, poison food additives, like aspartame, MSG, bisphenol-A, etc., GMO foods, "chem-trail" poisons sprayed in atmosphere, and radiation poisoning, fm depleted uranium and lately fm the Fukushima catastrophe which is totally out of control, even as we speak, the melt-down of the reactors on-going.

Note that as reality is objective, it's determined (according to absolute cause-effect), and hence CYCLIC, according to Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West."  Thus the USA started out w. honest people who knew they had to work for their money, etc.  But as in every civilization, the people become steadily corrupted in HUBRIS, honesty giving way to pretension of "good," the people imagining a perfectly "free" will, etc.--it's a kind of a mass-madness among the people, beginning in delusion/fallacy and esp. heresy, esp. Pelagianism, the idea one can achieve heaven by way of "good works"--see St. Augustine against Pelagius.
So note: it's determined, according to absolute cause-effect--sooooooooooo many people are caught-up in this Pharisaic madness, pretending they're "good," there's NOTHING to be done, too much, for practical purposes.  The proverbial forest-fire cannot now be put-out; it can only just burn itself out, the rest of us hoping to survive best we can and to starting civilization all over again fm scratch.
Meantime, we can only do our best, preaching the real (hence anti-Semitic) Christian Gospel, Christ is TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, the ONLY way to Godly happiness.  Perhaps if we can get enough people to come along w. this Christian insight we might emulate St. Constantine the Great, early 4th cent. Roman Empire, and revive, resurrect, and resuscitate the old, otherwise moribund civilization.
The people might be inspired if they could only bring themselves to see reality and face the truth about the absolute SATANIC conspiracy we're presently up against: pretended "good" (Pharisaism) having overthrown TRUTH.  Israel, the terror-state, much controls the USA and is "wagging" the proverbial "dog."  There's no Muslim or Arab terrorists of any real substance.  All the serious terrorism is controlled by CIA and MOSSAD and their subsidiaries, like the Saudis, et al.  9/11 was an inside job.  If u can't face TRUTH, forget about it--u gotta start somewhere, sometime.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Satanism must be posed to folks as the great enemy--which hates TRUTH and Christ

Posted below at

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Satanism And Lies: The Great Enemy
(Apollonian, 10 Jan 14)

AJ: not sure what ur pt. is for this blog (see above link)--it's sad thing, this road-rage incident, surely, but there's more to come in this satanic "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.  Law is breaking down, and perhaps worst of all, US Dollar is collapsing even as we speak.  This currency-collapse will lead to starvation, don't doubt, and this means serious civil-unrest, and u can take it fm there for the next horrible implications.  Thus it's no wonder ZOG is trying hard to start wars, like w. Iran, Israel wagging the proverbial "dog."
See, ZOG cannot go back--any relenting on their part will lead to their total over-throw.
Thus my own insight, such as it is, is folks must be RATIONAL for the Christian inspiration of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH as foremost virtue and value--the ONLY way to Godly happiness, this fm JOHN 14:6.

The enemy is LIES (JOHN 8:44), esp. fraud, and the establishment, criminal liars, beginning w. the funny-money machine at the top of it all, controlling everything else, the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed), now quite openly, actually, pushing for mass genocide, according to their AGENDA-21.  ObamaCare Death Panels is yet another blatant manifestation that folks must wake-up to and face.

Note then Christ's emphasis upon TRUTH in Gosp. JOHN (14:6, 8:32, 18:37-8) actually pt.s-up the Aristotelian conception of reality--it's objective, necessary basis of "truth"--and lies is founded upon SUBJECTIVISM, hence the pretence to "good-evil"--PHARISAISM.  "Good" is what gets most people, most of whom find it soooooo difficult for growing-up, so desperate for approval, above all things.

And note this desperate need of approval isn't itself good or bad; it's simply a condition of reality we've got to master and control, to the extent it's possible.
U want subjectivism?--note the Talmud is composed of two large parts, Mishnah and Gemara--Mishnah is "interpretation" of Torah, and Gemara then is the "interpretation" of the Mishnah--an interpretation of an interpretation(!)--to get WHATEVER u want for understanding of Torah, u see--which then serves "what's good for Jews"--esp. the top rabbis (and bankers), naturally.
SO, how to work this necessary understanding for the people?  Thus I propose the topmost enemy to pt.-out is SATANISM, this defined in rationalist manner (much as possible and practical), the psychopathic, obsessive hatred of Christ, TRUTH, and objectivity.  Naturally, it's necessary to keep things simple as possible for widest distribution and acceptance among the folk.
Of course, the greatest difficulty will be as our opponents continue to pushing "good" over TRUTH--this is and has always been their strong suit.  Thus we must emphasize that natural human sinfulness which cannot basically be changed--there's no perfectly "free" human will, like God's--that's why it was necessary for Christ dying for humanity's sins--humans themselves can't achieve heaven on their own.

Great expose' article over at on the satanic Sandy Hook hoax

Posted below-copied essay over at comments on  They're still considering whether to publish, ho ho ho oh ho.  Sandy Hook was incredible, huge hoax, truly satanically-inspired, indubitably, by golly.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

apollonian says:

Truth Rises, Once Again
(Apollonian, 10 Jan 14)

Absolutely brilliant, magnificent collection of evidence for this blog-article (see above link). Congratulations.

This article was most excellent collection of particular pt.s in a powerful inductive argument, all of which over-whelmingly works for the conclusion that the episode was an amazing fraud perpetrated upon the people–of course, it’s irrefutable. I remember what did it for me was the Dr. Wayne Carver vid in which the guy clowns, jokes, and smiles through it all.

Now then, the pursuit of the conspirators who perpetrated this incredible hoax will continue w. even greater impetus. The Boston Marathon bombing a few months later was simply further confirmation of the criminal government’s desperation to maintain its lies about “terror.”

And when u consider the HOW the Sandy Hook event was all brought-about and then done, u see w. ease the DRILL-culture and -mentality was well-practiced for years and years and years, becoming evermore elaborate, and then they decided, HEY, why not?–let’s just stage a totally fake event, not merely another boring drill, including the mass-media and politicians pushing it all, in earnest, and with due intensity, by golly.

They knew (a) MOST people would be stunned just at the enormity of the production, (b) they had all their cohorts in PERFECT synchrony and coordination. (c) The nay-sayers and patriots would be caught much flat-footed and would need time to observe and analyze the actual facts.

And observe: NO EXPENSE WAS SPARED–and this is actually easy w. the US Federal Reserve Bank (legalized) COUNTERFEIT scam, so capable of spitting out nearly un-limited funding to finance it all–ck,, and for expo/ref. on the Fed fraud.

Thus it’s demonstrated once again: when u control the money and banking, u own and control EVERYTHING, for practical purposes–even the people who are wise (like Ron Paul) to the scam have to fear assassination if they get too poignant for their criticisms. Thank goodness for the still free Internet–which is next thing the powers have to destroy and/or control.

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

SATANIC nature of society evermore manifests itself, comrades--people need to getting a clue

Below-copied essay by ap first posted in comments at

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Satanic Nature Of Present Society Evermore Apparent, Ominous
(Apollonian, 9 Jan 14)

AJ: I think u here (see above link) make yet another outstanding, excellent pt. for observation upon our present, horrific SATANICALLY-affected society, regarding these vid-games and the irrational addiction/obsession that can be such an element.

Of course, satanism needs a practical sort of definition and understanding, aside fm the mere mystic connotation, and it would be precisely that psychopathic obsessionate quality–obsession or addiction to the exclusion of reason and life–which is what we see, though nowadays evermore often, it seems, in various things, not only the vid-games.

Such satanism becomes truly scary when we see it too much, too often. We see an aspect of this satanist sort of obsession in the recent movie, “Wolf of Wall St.,” which rather pt.s up the obsessionate greed for money–mammonism.

And it’s similar sort of perceived satanism that people have reacted against in the way of “terrorism” which has now so miserably ruined the legal system of USA. Thus the 9/11 attacks terrorized people to accept the “patriot act” and NDAA provisions which remove Constitutional rights–not only civil rights.

For the Constitutional provisions require amendments which we now see are deliberately overlooked not only by the politicians, but also the courts which are designed to safe-guard that Constitution and those provisions and rights. And HOW have these people overlooked their essential responsibilities?–they were paid-off and extorted.

Thus additionally, the US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEITING scam (see,, and for expo on the Fed) has created so much money, enabling so much bribery, extortion, and debt to be under-taken that economic disaster is inevitable, and soon, too. The satanists involved will now stoke-up a war, or perhaps some other type of catastrophe, to cover-up and divert the people’s attn. fm their economic crimes.

Thus the satanic (hence psychopathic and obsessionate) aspect and manifestation must be observed and grasped in rational manner and treated directly by the people to avoid catastrophe–which has NOT been the case regarding 9/11, nor the economic situation.

Just as parents must supervise and guide their children in way of video-games, so must the people take care of the social and political necessities, the people acting as parents in the way of state and legal affairs–which they have failed to do, catastrophe now rearing its horrible head–much as described in Book of Revelations.

Thus REASON and Christian truth and honesty must evermore be brought to bear against the satanic enemy and problems; the people must not allow themselves to be panicked or stampeded–as we see they were in the case of 9/11. The irony is that catastrophe has to happen in order to bring the people to reason–at least for those folks who survive. Such then is the course of CYCLIC history in present “Decline of the West,” by Oswald Spengler. Hubris has consequences, indeed.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Satanism: extremely formidable--but we can't flag in our efforts for TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH against Jew lies

Why Satanism Is Invincible, Will Have Its Way
(Apollonian, 8 Jan 14)

US Dollar is about to collapse, comrades--it's already in beginning stages--and prices are gonna jump up, actually sky-rocketing, and there's going to be STARVATION, civil unrest, martial-law, and probably UN troops invading, killing the people.  So HOW does this happen?

First, observe the nature of reality, objective, determined, and CYCLIC--all this in accord w. "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

Well, note the CYCLIC nature of society and history: first, the people are HONEST, good Christians, for example, and they heed to an objective, Aristotelian reality--though they might not know about Aristotle, of course.  So by hard work, the people become prosperous, BUT soon enough, the people become corrupt and perverted--how?--because they soon start to indulge in HUBRIS, esp. then pretending to "good-evil" fallacy/delusion/heresy--Pelagianism.

And note, due to the prosperity, the society generates youth who are now quite spoiled by the preceding generation which worked hard, but which now the youth don't have to (work hard); the youth have it easier--so they're enabled to indulge in this hubristic "good-evil"--afraid of being called "evil," the poor, ignorant, little cowards, so well-trained by the pats on the head they get for being "good," the dumb, brainless, little bastards (takes one to know one, eh?--ho ho ho).

And what does "good" actually mean?--OBEDIENCE, that's all--just like a "good dog" is one that's well-trained and obedient.

Thus we see Christian TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH is overthrown by the lie of "good-evil."

Second, we have those satanic Jews.  For even when people are confronted w. the Jew Talmud (see and for definitive expo on Talmud), the poor, stupid scum are programmed so perfectly to say, "yes, but that doesn't mean ALL JEWS are the same way."  But why then do Jews call themselves Jews?

Thus the Jews, the satanic leaders, are enabled for a good while, at least, to conduct their war against the goyim, the goyim, so many of them, anyway, dis-abled for effective resistance.

For WAR requires killing the enemy on mass-scale, letting God determine who are the "good Jews," ho ho ho.

So this is where we are comrades--we're still trying to attempting to endeavoring to rally enough of our fellow goyim for effective resistance--this, as conditions CONTINUE to getting worse and worse.  Thus the goyim are reduced in numbers as the weaklings fall by proverbial "way-side"--esp. for the weaklings who were previously raised-up in the false-"prosperity" which prevailed earlier.

Thus one observes the determinist nature of things--the CYCLIC "Decline of the West" cannot be stopped or prevented--like a terrible forest fire, it can only just run its inevitable course, burning itself out.  Humans must simply endure and strive to survive the catastrophe--to begin civilization again, basically fm "scratch."

Still, there's hope, esp. when Christians look to the example of St. Constantine the Great who interrupted and revived the moribund Roman empire of 4th cent., at least briefly.  Presently we're in the beginning stages of the great cultural war still, the INFORMATION stage.

So remember comrades, don't fear to speaking truth and being ANTI-SEMITIC, for that's what Christianity is all about: worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Christ) above all/any other precepts, according to Gosp. JOHN 14:6, against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44).

Monday, January 6, 2014

NSA is fascism/tyranny, sure, BUT aren't all criminals fascists by essential nature?--like the Fed fraud?

Below essay by ap first posted in comments section at
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NSA Fascism/Tyranny: Merely Latest Measure Of Same Old Fed Criminals
(Apollonian, 6 Jan 14)

This was great blog article w. excellent comments (see above link).  But now let me go a little bit further: so of course NSA is fascist tyranny, hands-down, by any measure--duhhhhhhh.  Violation of 4th amendment is blatant, in-ur-face.  But here's the kicker: the excuse is "security," right?  But guess what?--it was CIA and MOSSAD, among others too, who did 9/11, and this is what gets by so often, too easily.
After all fascism/dictatorship was the object; hence TERROR event was perpetrated by same folks who wanted the dictatorship and overthrow of US Const.--does this take rocket-science?  Indeed, it was all pre-announced w. the PNAC documents--see
Be assured it simply isn't possible for any serious, large-scale Arab/Muslim "terrorism"--it's all funded, supplied, directed, and run by CIA, MOSSAD, MI6, etc.--magus, u should know better.

So u see folks, how the criminals at the top have everyone so brilliantly diverted?--lost so pathetically in these abstract discussions.  "Is NSA fascist tyranny?"--actually a comedic redundancy.  What happened was the fascist tyranny merely worked to consolidate in the continuing "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

Thus the criminals are fascists, and fascists are criminals, and what they did was simple: TERROR which was then further treated w. psy-ops and propaganda to get folks to stand-by for treasonable overthrow of US Constitution.  Note this treason continues w. gross violation of 2nd amendment, and executive fiat, etc.

The irony is this fascist conspiracy is/was sooooooo successful, which could only have happened as the people were still "secure" within a false "prosperity."  The present tyranny will only be threatened more seriously as the economy continues to collapse, US Dollar steadily collapsing as we speak.
Cui Bono? (who benefits)--the criminals again, including Israel, don't overlook.  So then who are the TOP criminals?--who are of necessity and nature, FASCIST, for such is the very essential nature of criminality.  These top criminals then are the powers behind the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed--see for expo, also and COUNTERFEIT scam, this COUNTERFEITING merely "legalized"--and it's been working brilliantly, so far, for over a hundred yrs(!).
Note it is said paper & fiat money schemes go bust on average every 27 yrs or so, but this one in USA has been working now for over a 100 yrs.  These Fed powers are the people who arranged and staged the Lusitania sinking and resulting prop. for war (in the US), then later manipulated the Pearl Harbor attack, who perpetrated the "Gulf of Tonkin" hoax, who killed JFK and RFK.  Did u know it's now acknowledged matter of law that Martin Luther King was killed by gov. conspiracy?--see
So the real task is opposing the present empire-of-lies built upon that basic money & banking fraud, the Fed., and people will be more receptive to seeing the truth as adversity closes-in upon them as US economy continues its on-going collapse.  Basic issue then is the old TRUTH vs. lies, lies always succeeding upon that "good-evil" fallacy/delusion/heresy so attractive to, or at least successful upon children and people terrorized out of their wits and better judgment

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Place of Central Banking (and US Fed) within the culture of DEATH built upon empire-of-lies

Below-copied is part of dialectic w. "magus" at  People need to understand the power and place of US Fed in large scheme of things.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

US Federal Reserve Bank Is Primary Weapon/Instrument Of Jew World Order
(Apollonian, 5 Jan 14)

Magus (see just below for his entry to which this is response, see above link for original source): u GOTTA grasp the absolute, all-dominating, nearly un-limited POWER of that legalized COUNTERFEITING scam, the US Federal Reserve–it controls EVERYTHING and everyone, w. only few exceptions. See and, also for best expo on the Fed. Ron Paul also has lots of neat vids on You-tube on the Fed subject.

Imagine ur power if u had exclusive ability to just print-up (or digitalize) however much money u needed or wanted–literally, legalized COUNTERFEITING, no qualification, no exaggeration–that’s what it is. If anyone else tries doing what the Fed does, it would be instant jail-time.

Okay?–u get the picture? These COUNTERFEITERS control both “left” and “right”–that’s why u hear Boehner, the House Republican Speaker came out recently against the T-party which wanted meaningful cuts in spending.

The “Zionists” and neo-cons make up leadership of the establishment, fake “right”–and their chief allies and suck-alongs among gentiles are the “Judeo-Christians” (JCs), also called “Christian Zionists”–ck and for expo on these Jew-worshipping, so-called “Christians”–they get all the funding they need/want long as they support Israel. The JCs make up about half of the “evangelicals,” probably 40 million or so, depending upon the issues, perhaps 12% of the population.

On the “left,” Jews rule also, their favorites being the homosexuals; also there are the professional “minorities.”

And don’t doubt Israel gets MOST of the foreign spending, MORE than Egypt & Pakistan and any others put together.

There are NO “Jihadists” or Muslim terrorists BUT for the ones funded, supplied, and run by CIA, MOSSAD, MI6, and other nations' gov. agencies

The overall purpose of these conspiracies run by the Fed powers (CFR, Tri-lateralists, and Bilderberg) is global government, ONE-WORLD–Zionists are integral part, they being guaranteed for certain considerations, for example, Jews getting top globalist bureaucratic positions, etc.

Further, note these globalists are determined to de-populate the earth–see AGENDA-21. This is the big-picture, Magus, and the Jews and Jew-bankers are the core to it all.

Why do u think the holohoax (see,, and for expo) is the new religion working to replace Christianity? Why is fluoride poisoning put into the water supplies?–it’s for same reason the vaccines are poisoned, the food poisoned by such as aspartame and MSG, also GMOs, and "chem-trails," etc.

It’s the culture of DEATH, built upon the empire-of-lies, lies justified by phony, delusionary, fake, fictional, fallacious, hereticalist “good-evil” which is always so attractive to the weak-of-mind, youth, and sanctimonious. Thus the Jews are natural cadre for this satanic world gov., the enforcers being the JC goons and homosexuals on both “left” and “right.” Such is the Jew hi-jacking and manipulation within CYCLIC “Decline of the West,” by Oswald Spengler. Central Banking, like the US Fed, is the primary weapon/instrument.

------------------above by ap in response to below-copied by "Magus"-----------------------

magus71 said, on January 5, 2014 at 7:41 pm

“Magus, how do feel about the US Army being Israel’s bitch?”
We’re the whole world’s bitch. The only people in the world we don’t protect is Americans. This isn’t a Zionist conspiracy, this is the cultural meme created by our soft-headed leftists, some of which happen to be jewish and most of which happen to be brown/blue-eyed Aryans.
We give billions not only to Israel, but to Pakistan and Egypt. We pour cash into Afghanistan. We give everything away, and it’s done by a White House that doesn’t like Israel very much.
We don’t get a thing in return for the money we dole out, other than a few jihadist attacks here and there to wet the appetites of American liberals who just know how much we deserve to be blown up.
I say let them carve each other up. I also say keep killing all the right people. Stop giving billions to countries that stab us in the back and laugh at our impotence. I’m for America first, not Israel or anyone else. But no one we elect will stand up and say that and do that.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Most popular enemy of TRUTH is good, the way subjectivism subverts and overthrows objectivity

Below essay by me, posted in comments section at

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

apollonian said, on January 4, 2014 at 3:14 pm

Subjectivism, “Good”: Greatest Enemies Of TRUTH
(Apollonian, 4 Jan 14)

Mike: u do a good job arguing, and esp. for ur refutation of subjectivism, BUT u still don’t grasp the problem sufficiently, I submit, so allow an Aristotelian to weigh in here.

The question and issue regards FACT(S)–what would they, could they be?–note then a “fact” could only exist in an OBJECTIVE reality. But then objectivity is an assumption.

As Aristotle pt’d out, all logic and reasoning begin w. assumptions, and the two most basic come down to whether everything is just all in our heads (subjectivism and Plato) or whether there’s actually an objective reality “out there,” as David Duchovny always liked to say in the old “X-Files.”

Hence then the only useful thing to do is to assume the objective (Aristotelian) reality. Subjectivism is equally valid assumption, but not very useful–to extent “useful” has any real meaning. But wait–there’s more–for subjectivism is devilish foundation for moralism/Pharisaism, foundation of fascism and satanism.

Problem then is determinism or “free” will which is important for moralists and Pharisees. For note perfectly “free” will is subjectivist–BUT very useful for the Pharisees who LOVE to intimidate folks w. idea of “moral virtue” and “good-evil” fallacies/delusions.

Note Christ was (practically) an Aristotelian who insisted upon TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (see Gosp. JOHN, 14:6, 8:32, and 18:37-8) above all/any other precepts, including “good,” “faith,” “peace,” or “love.”

And the most popular, practical way of overthrowing TRUTH is by means of pretended “good” which “good” couldn’t exist in an objective, determined universe. Thus note Christ died for our sins which relieves us of any necessity for feeling guilt–perhaps one of Christ’s greatest gifts, eh?

Observe then in practical reality, all the lies and frauds of socialism, dictatorship, the welfare state, and central-banking (legalized COUNTERFEITING) are ALWAYS justified by “good.” So there’s heavy, huge, and pre-dominant interest in pushing and selling subjectivism, Platonism, and Kantianism–esp. in way of “good” which is always sooooooooooooooo attractive for the weak-minded and children.

Don't forget: enemy of TRUTH is always lies, most popular being "good," including in form of "commandments"

Folks: here's a great dialectic I've been having at  It has to do w. great battle of TRUTH vs. lies, most successful of these lies being "good," this putrid "good" having various forms, this latest being the supposed guidance given by commandments, esp. as pushed by these scum fm Westboro Baptist church:

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  1. apollonian says:
  2. Arkin Caught-Up In Details, Misses Larger Picture Of Rampant Satanism
  3. (Apollonian, 30 Dec 13)
  5. AJ: I watched the short clip, and then parts of the longer clip of Mr. Arkin, and he seems to make good pt.s, surely, BUT, I think his large pt. is fairly enough well-known by now–we got an out-of-control gov., now a tyranny, full-blown. 
  6. Ok, so I submit Arkin’s sort of work gets somewhat bogged-down in details. For what we got now is absolute SATANISM, nothing less, actively going-about murdering on mass-scale. Question is what to do about it (satanic gov.), and this requires analysis of how it got that way.
  7. So the Christian republic of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (and honesty) above all, according to Gosp. JOHN 14:6 was effectively destroyed by means of delusion/fallacy/HERESY of “good-evil” which was the pretext of general SUBJECTIVISM which so much (but still not completely) destroyed Christian republic of TRUTH, truth necessarily founded upon that Aristotelian objectivity, necessary premise/criterion for precious TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH.
  8. For note as I say again, we’re sinners, always have been, always will be, and we’re not capable of heavenly salvation but by grace and mercy of God, according to St. Augustine who decried the Pelagian heresy of “good works.”
  9. So again, what I want to pt. out about Arkin and his work is he’s somewhat missing the large philosophic pt. about TRUTH above all, TRUTH the foremost virtue to the greatest value, the “Kingdom of God” (happiness).
  10. So what to do?–it requires, I submit, a full-blown FRONTAL assault upon Satanism, thus dear Christianity understood in strict philosophic manner, featuring that objective nature of the God-created reality (Aristotle), Christ explicitly (more or less) denouncing and rejecting subjectivism, as of the Pharisees (JOHN 8:44). 
  11. For subjectivism is always the basis of lies, necessarily, and though this is too abstract for 95% of the poor volk, it’s always allowed in, nose of the proverbial “camel,” by means of Pelagian heresy and delusion of “good-evil.” Humans don’t have a PERFECTLY “free” will–only God does, and we’re NOT NOT NOT capable of heavenly salvation, as I note, without God’s grace and mercy.
  12. We only now need more forthright Christian soldiers to confronting the Satanists upon grounds of such strict philosophy as I note, above.      
    1.     davidbrainerd2 says:
    2. I was brought here by the comments on Pelagius, not the political stuff. Look, here’s the thing with Pelagius and Augustine.
    3. To Pelagius, grace is necessary, but grace to him is God’s mercy, thus comes more or less at the end. You try with all your might, you fail, and God shows you mercy on the day of Judgement.
    4. To Augustine, grace is welfare. God sends you a welfare check so you can sit on your butt sinning sinning sinning and never lift a finger to try to live right at all.
    5. Translate that into the political realm, and the Democrats are all a bunch of Augustinian thugs and the Republicans are poor oppressed Pelagians. And anyone who is a Republican politically but an Augustinian theologically, will burn in a hell twice as hot for being too stupid to understand by the analogy that Augustinianism is a FALSE GOSPEL. 

    1.     apollonian says:  
    Thanks for the pontification, ho oh ho ho, but tell us, ur holiness, WHAT then is the true, proper gospel? How can humanity have a perfectly “free” will like God’s? I understand St. Paul also explains we’re sinners, though I don’t have the citation at hand, is his false too? Tell us, oh holy one.
     davidbrainerd2 says:

    I’ll never understand why you Augustinian loons can’t get it through your thick heretical heads that one can be a sinner without being born a sinner, and that in fact, if one can be born a sinner that nullifies the whole concept of sin altogether. Sin is a violation of a commandment. You can’t be born into a violation of a commandment. Violating a commandment is something you must do, not something you can be born guilty of or a state you can be born into. By asserting that people are born sinners, you Augustinians are the ones denying that anyone is a sinner, because you’ve nullified the very meaning of sin.
    •     apollonian says:

      Yes, Mr. brains: I believe u have a pt., but can’t u figure out w. all those brain-cells working at the same time?–THERE IS NO POSSIBLE PERFECTLY “FREE” human will–only God’s will is perfect and perfectly free. So that’s why we say we’re “sinners”–u’re right, there’s a problem, BUT imagine people and how they are w. their child-like mentalities, EVEN NOWADAYS. Such then is the way the problem is phrased–and which everyone understands, but perhaps for the few geniuses like urself, eh? Ho hoo ho ho
    • The issue is determinism (absolute cause-effect) vs. a Godly-type perfectly “free” will–which is obviously impossible for humans. Thus we say we’re naturally sinners, w. no hope of salvation but for God’s grace and mercy, as per St. Augustine and St. Paul.

    •  davidbrainerd2 says:
      I’m not interested in your Satanic sophistry concerning the words “perfectly free.” Its obvious that nobody will sprout wings just because they want to, but that doesn’t mean there is no free will in moral matters. It just means that we can’t change material reality at will. And the fact is, if there is no free will, there is no sin because there is no intent. We would be just like a river stream. It has no choice where to go. It just follows the path of least resistance. If your diabolical doctrine were true, then the whole concept of sin would be nonsense. Is a river stream sinful because of its lack of free will? What if God commanded the stream to flow northward, but it couldn’t because the path of least resistance was leading southward? Would it be in sin? No. Because it has no free will.

          apollonian says:

      Yes, TRUTH (Christ) and logic (Holy Spirit) are “satanic sophistry” to such as mr. “brains” the pontificator who, like satan, wants to DECLARE what is truth and what is gospel.
    • Brainerd is simply another Westbrook Baptist type who wants to declare and pontificate what is “commandment,” and then tell us we MUST follow the commandment–that that’s why we have “free” will, ho ho ho hoo ho.
    • Brainerd isn’t honest enough to admit all those “commandments” were written down by human beings, and that God gave us our minds for us to THINK–something too difficult for satanists like Brainerd who just wants to command and tell people they’re “sinners” for not following Brainerd’s commands, which Brainerd will assure us comes fm God. “Look,” he will say, “it’s written down here, and golly gee, but God wrote it,” ho ho ho o ho.
    • See comrades, commandments are for children, and it only depends on WHO makes the commands. HUMAN BEINGS THINK, and don’t worry about “commands” or what’s written-down by some humans.
    • Thus humans do the best they can, following their human REASON, not worrying about what’s “commanded” in writing which was made by other humans–which satanists like Brainerd want to insist comes fm God–”really it is,” u have Brainerd’s word for it.

      •     davidbrainerd2 says:

        So if you reject all commandments which books are in YOUR Bible? In any case, I didn’t tell you to obey any commandments. I’m talking about the meaning of the word sin. Sin is a violation of one of God’s commandments, NOT an entity or a state. What you are saying is that our mere existence is sin. That’s absurd. Sin is a failure to keep the commandments. But you can’t have failed as yet when you’re just born, so your doctrine is nonsense. Worse than nonsense, its pure Gnosticism. Or if you are trying to mix some kind of Deism with a belief that we are born sinners (sound like what it almost sounds like you are doing) then you are completely insane, because on what basis can you establish original sin if you are just relying on reason and reject everything that’s written because you say its made up by men. Your position is contradictory. If writings are out the window, you have no basis to claim any sort of “we’re born sinners nonsense” (not that the Bible would help you proclaims that doctrine anyway, since it totally demolishes it, in many places but most notably Ezekiel 18). But whether one accepts the Bible as God’s word, only goes by pure reason, the notion that people are born sinners is nonsense. Nonsense per the Bible, and nonsense per reason. Personally I think you are just a pot-head since you make no sense. You proclaim “we’re all sinners” and speak of heresy vs orthodox, but you reject the Bible as manmade. Go back to your crackpipe you piece of garbage and stay off the internets.
    1.     apollonian says:
      Greatest Enemy Of Truth (Christ) Is Lies, Especially “Good” (Pharisaism), Even In Form Of “Commandment”
    2. (Apollonian, 4 Jan 13) 
    3. It’s difficult arguing w. a satanic Pharisee like Brainerd who pretends to know everything and act like God, making commandments and declarations as he does in classic pontifical style, striving simply to intimidate folks. But mr. brains, his holiness, does indeed bring up a problem regarding sin, which was also discussed at some length by the sublime St. Augustine.
       And when one cks the New Test., one finds numerous statements upon the subject, sin, the concept going way back to Old Test. times too. But note “sin” had great relevance in the old days when human reason wasn’t entirely understood as well or widely as presently–sin then was transgression of Godly commands, which humans use for guidance. Even today, note most folks have greatest difficulty thinking for themselves (like Brainerd, though he won’t admit it), so “commandments” might work for them too.
    4. St. Augustine, however, understood there’s a serious philosophic problem, to which Brainerd refers. And Christ, most of all, understood the problem best, which is why Christ provided the most philosophic manner for understanding and conduct: love God and do justice (MARK 12:29-31, MATT 22:37-9). Note further, Christ is TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, the ONLY way to Godly happiness (JOHN 14:6), so we must follow truth to the best of our rational ability–don’t worry about pontifical “commandments.”
    5. Note above all, the greatest enemy of TRUTH (Christ) is the lie of “good” (Pelagianism) which the Pharisees and Jews make greatest use of to inducing guilt among the weaker folk (who make up perhaps 95% of the people), intimidating them to doing the will of the Pharisees and their master, satan. Brainerd is one of THEM, never doubt, doing satan’s work, so self-righteously, as we see.