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Friday, August 29, 2014

satanism: it's nothing to laugh or joke about, suckas--it's way schizoids are manipulated by those devilish Jews, never doubt....

The Satanist Connection With Schizoids
(Apollonian, 29 Aug 14)

Satanism is extremely important issue, subject-matter, and element of culture, such as it is, as it becomes so prominent in CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

Thus just as I've demonstrated the Jew "golem" in form of schizoids element of population manipulated by Jews (see my blog-article for 27 Aug 14), note now the real, genuine, and literal existence of Satanism and Satanists, yet ANOTHER "golem" of the Jews, these especially arisen to manipulate and affect the schizoids.  Perfect example of this Satanism is story at

Thus the FISA judge, often, be it noted, a gentile, allows and fosters breaking of Constitutional law by means of satanic logic and reason, and this will be accepted by the schizoids, "progressives," "liberals," and "advanced-thinkers," always on premise of "morality."  And don't fail to note the satanic irony of this Satanism, filth, hubris, and corruption on part of those calling themselves "progressive," "liberal," etc.

So u see, Satanism arises much fm schizoids, their mentality and culture.  And Satanism THRIVES as the schizoid culture thrives in CYCLIC, Spenglerian "Decline of the West," hence the descent and corruption in subjectivism and moralism-Pharisaism (for again note real ethics is logic btwn ends and means, NOT "good-evil" stupidity for fools, children, and dogs).

Specific connection of schizoids w. Satanists and Satanism is SUBJECTIVISM.  The schizoids are subjectivists and heavily susceptive thereto.  Satanists are EXPLICIT and avowed subjectivists, far more so than ordinary schizoids, believing they're God w. Godly powers, absolutely and explicitly contemptuous of Christianity, mortal enemies of Christianity, Christians, and Christian culture--hence reason, logic, and the objective reality.

And don't fail to observe these Satanists partake in mass-murder and child-sacrifice, esp., for example, in production and distribution of "snuff-films," these films part of the TOTALLY Jew-dominated and -controlled pornographic industry.

Hence Satanism arises easily fm Judaism, though not all Jews are Satanists--similar to schizoids, not all of them so outrightly, deliberately subjectivist (nor satanistic).  For note Judaism is Talmudism is subjectivism (see and for Talmudic expo).

So note that not all Jews are Satanists, though they're so susceptible to it--much like schizoids in general.  And gentiles can be quite Satanist, even more so than some Jews.

Thus one sees the connection and significance of the secret societies which feature Satanism, even if not explicitly--like the masons--wherein one finds some Jews, but also many gentiles, even if some of these fools aren't outrightly satanistic.

Similarly, one sees communists aren't all Jews, even though dominated by Jews and Satanists.  And not even all Jew communists are Satanists, though one will indeed find gentile communists who are Satanists.  And observe then how this blending of Judaism, schizoids, and Satanism becomes sooooooo confusing for so many, esp. the dumb gentiles, including schizoids, and even Jews and Christians.

Don't doubt the confusion is part of the plan and is itself manipulated and exploited by Jews and Satanists, even some schizoids and the dimmer-witted "liberals" and "progressives" in their zeal to pretend to moralism and making excuses for Jews whom they imagine they're condescending and "protecting," ho ho ho.

Thus one sees the NECESSITY of Satanism for the horrific twisted logic of aforementioned FISA judge in treason and (deliberate) overthrow of US Constitution, which however will be accepted by schizoids (not deliberately for treason and Constitutional overthrow) and considered to be perfectly rational, ho ho ho--the Jews and Satanists laughing up their sleeves, even if, again, not all Jews are outright Satanists; they like the schizoids, will go along, esp. as it seems soooooooo fashionable, trendy, and "cutting-edge" exciting.

Such then is the satanic culture in CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler in hubris and subjectivism.  Satanism is nothing to laugh or joke about--it's very real, and it's why/how the Satanists smirk, wink, and sneer w. one another through numerology, Cabalism, and conditioning by means of implanted signs and marks, as in the Jew-dominated movie and TV industry, among all the other Jew-affected elements of the culture.

Thus the Christian anti-dote must explicitly emphasize and feature (a) reason based upon the objective, Aristotelian, determined reality, and (b) anti-Semitism (esp. anti-subjectivism).

Thursday, August 28, 2014

9/11 was Jew operation--like all the others--best seen/grasped within context....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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9/11 Needs Be Seen In Context
(Apollonian, 28 Aug 14)

Ho ho ho ho--right, "one-born-brainless"--golly, gee, but if only people were as smart and morally virtuous as Jews like u, eh? Ho ho ho hoo

As if the vids and photos are the ONLY evidence, ho ho ho ho ho.

In fact, 9/11 was itself a detail within a larger context of ZOG--Zionist occupation gov. w. its controlled Jews-media, even the "alternative media" infested w. Jews like brainless and Joannie the Jewess, keeping things muddled, confused, and mired in "controversy."

Three and more Jews on US Sup. ct.?--all the NSA info going to Israel first? 7 of 11 places on Nat. security council held by Jews, Jews in control of banking, all the large corp.s, public edjumacation, etc., Jews in Israel mass-murdering Palestinians w. impunity--problem is Jews, 9/11 just a detail.

Then there's the holohoax, pushed by establishment, headed by Jews, holohoax even taught by many Christian churches.

So what, really, is it u want to know regarding 9/11?--it had to have been done by Jews who run criminal US gov., who run all world-wide organized crime, etc.

We actually then, KNOW quite a bit, lots and lots. Question is what to do?--Jews are the problem, along w. their accomplices. So HOW then to counter-act Jew filth?--and there's no better model/example than St. Constantine the Great and Christian revolutionaries who put Jews in their place for a good thousand or so yrs--no wonder Jews HATE Christianity so.

People merely need to understand and grasp the real, ORIGINAL thing for Christianity which was absolutely and thematically anti-Semitic. Fetzer's greatest problem, in my view, is he struggles to grasp this necessary Christian spirit, most successful anti-Semitic movement ever, greater by far than unc' Adolf's heroic Nazi attempt.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How Jews Dominate the culture w. homos, Judeo-Christians--and esp. SCHIZOIDS, ho ho ho ho--seriously, though....

Schizoids--How Jews Produce, Motivate, And Direct Them, Dominating Corrupt West In Spenglerian, CYCLIC "Decline"
(Apollonian, 27 Aug 14)

Schizoids (or schizoidals), related to schizophrenic (ck Wikipedia, esp. for "thought-disorder") are heavy (numerous), one observes, among "progressives" "trendy," fashionable, and "advanced-thinkers" of our people, esp. the younger sort, but many also, especially within the bureaucrat set or class, including esp. homosexuals.

 These fashionable types, esp. those who are quite addicted to such fashion and trendiness, can be found both on political left (DailyKos and Huffington Post), like for those who voted for Obama, and among libertarians too--whatever is fashionable, and "hip," u see.

 Thus, for example, homosexuals have been made fashionable as "the word" comes down through the politically-correct bureaucracy, this picked-up esp. on the left, but also among "libertarians" (see, libertarians heavily funded by the lower-level Jews (income-wise, that is, though these are still amazingly wealthy compared w. gentiles).

 But what are "schizoids"?--these schizoids as I describe herein are people lost--or OFTEN lost--within the abstract world, who have difficulty distinguishing the abstract fm concrete or perceptual, equating abstractions w. concrete reality--and of course, there's wide range for degree of difficulty for these schizoids.

The pt. is that abstractions properly only have a derived reality compared w. the primary reality of sense perception and concretes.  Another necessary note is that lots of folks suffer fm this schizoidism, and everyone has to go through such stage for consciously distinguishing abstraction fm concretes.

 So HOW then do these schizoids come about?--first, they're trained (like dogs--as humans often are when we're young) upon MORALITY AND MORALISM, thus subjectivism.  For note proper morality (or ethics) has NOTHING to do w. "good-evil," being mere logic btwn ends and means.

Naturally, they (schizoids) are heavily affected w. inferiority-complex, thus given to moralism, always trying to prove they're "good"--they seriously BELIEVE in "good-evil."  Inferiority-complex also makes these weaklings desperate to be thought "smart," too--as w. "intelligence" (ho ho ho) of Jews.  So "intelligence" as a mystique often goes along w. moralism-Pharisaism for these schizoids.

 Thus as moralism is SUBJECTIVE, these schizoids tend to subjectivism as they're so easily lost in abstractions, hence believing so easily that abstractions are tantamount or equal or in-distinguishable w. actual concrete, objective, perceptual reality.

 So now observe how the schizoids, "trendies," "progressives," and "advanced-thinkers" are produced, esp. within an aging empire as USA, over-populated, the culture corrupted, as w. US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) legalized COUNTERFEITING scam paying-off evermore suckers and cohorts.

 But still, these weak-minded schizoids are cultivated and trained, and with their inferiority-complexes, so moralistic and subjectivist, they're very self-righteous in their way.  And as the schizoids are slaves of fashion, whoever controls the money-supply finds it easy to marshall the forces of sanctimony and fashion by means of control of press and entertainment.

 And remember, ONLY schizoids are hired (or come to be so) by the bureaucracy, favored for promotion--all this seen to, very carefully, by the Jewwy cadre who famously dominate clothes fashion, for example, not to mention TV and all establishment entertainment, which follows for the Fed money-machine.

 So when u stop to consider how the Jews control society, just observe how they control, esp. by funding, naturally, first of all, the Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo) hereticalists who support terror-state of Israel, these JCs making-up a good 10-12% of society.  Jews also heavily influence the entire Christian establishment, even if the JCs are most active and fanatical for their idiot, so-called "religion."

 Observe one similarity of JCs w. Jews (of the lower-level sort, sociologically) is their so-called "faith" which they don't understand so much as loyalty as they do for "BELIEVING"--it's true because they say so--because they "believe"--if they "believe," well then it becomes true, true for them.  This "faithful" "believing" then is diff. fm the real Christianity which holds to the true, God-given reality which exists regardless of any "faith" or "believing."

 Homosexuals are another significant portion of society, they influencing perhaps as many as 10% of rest of society, though some of these would intersect and include aforementioned Christian sector.  Extremely interesting pt. then is how these two factions, queers and JC-types, so often oppose one another politically, the queers so much on the "left," the JCs on the "neo-con" "right."  Jews must laugh uproariously.

 Sociologically/anthropologically observe Jews are the few, top-most. top-ranking criminals at one pole, politically, dominating the society; anti-semites, like real, true Christians at the other pole-end, both of these factions very small, by themselves, relatively, the vast bulk of the rest of the population in the middle often looking for leadership, and most heavily influenced by the usual "bread & circuses."

 So note if the Jews can control the schizoids, or at least a good many of them, among these aimless, poor, clueless people in the middle, btwn the two (political) poles, the rest of those in the "middle" are thus intimidated, imagining the Jews (and schizoidal supporters) are "winning" or the "winning side," as they watch the schizoids being stampeded so easily by kikes.

 Thus the schizoids are LITERALLY the "golem" (Frankenstein creature) deliberately, consciously created by the Jews who dominate the moralistics, Jews not being followers of the Pharisees for nothing.


Perfectly "Free Will" Mere Pretext For Subjectivism, Satanism, Don't Forget
(Apollonian 4 Mar 18)

Ken: I watched ur latest show, titled, "You Create Our Own Reality so Create Freedom & Truth," so I thought I'd go over some of the reasons, including the most basic ones, why reality MUST be determined, why we don't and can't create our own reality. I also comment a bit on some of the pt.s made in the vid, including the "Book of Revelations."

(a) Note then cause-effect is one of the most basic laws we understand fm induction, and it has to apply to humanity no less than anything else. So the default is necessarily that of determinism. "Free will" is simply mere wishful-thinking and question-begging, which cannot be proven. All u've ever done is to simply assert there's free will and u additionally cite Buddha whom u say says so--but this doesn't make it true. If Buddha really said that, it's no wonder Buddhism is so much subject to being "owned" by Jews, foremost subjectivists (satanists).

Note also in the entire hist. of philosophy and ethics, there's NEVER been any satisfactory criterion for such childish "good-evil" that works in all cases. Ethics and morality is simply LOGIC btwn ends and means, the means chosen so as to best serve and accomplish ends, the ends which could conceivably be anything, depending only upon the person.

The serious question remains WHY it is u insist upon this hubristic, perfect, God-like freedom of will?--this is the basic premise of the Jews, don't forget, by which they found all their pretensions (and lies and lying)--it seems u fall for it all, playing their game for them. Note a perfectly "free" will is mere back-door means to accepting their extreme subjectivism and satanism.

(b) And reality can only be one way--it can't be both objective and subjective at same time, a violation of law-of-identity and non-contradiction.

(c) Note also, in accord w. truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) as understood in Christian theology, we're creatures of will, hence self-interest, the basis of "sin," such as it is, and we can't not be "sinners," as verified by St. Paul.

So the problem is really reducible to the either-or btwn objective and subjective--it's only one way.

Note Jews want to have it both ways w. idea (a) that they're so virtuous and "intelligent" as they're so virtuous for their "choices," etc., but it's ALWAYS this pretext for (non-existent) "good-evil" and the prior perfectly "free" will by which they want to induce the false premise of subjectivism and (eventually) satanism. (b) Note at same time along w. this subjectivism and "free" will, they ALSO insist deterministically they're "chosen" by God, etc.--they work it both ways ("double-think," in classic Orwellian style).

Note also that even if Jews can't get folks to accept outright satanism (EXTREME subjectivism), they at least want to plant the seed of doubt regarding subjectivism, which may not seem so "extreme," and the subjectivist nature which makes people subject to more subtle manipulation by this satanism as it is practiced and imposed by others, including the Jews and associated satanic masterminds.

Thus Jews work to manipulate and intimidate the people, including even their own people (soooo ruthless they are) upon INFERIORITY-complex and GUILT-complex which are induced upon people sooo successfully, esp. at an early age, fm which only few are ever able to dis-entangle themselves. For if one seriously believes in free will then one is always necessarily worried one made a mistake for choices, thus guilt and inferiority -complexes which always follow fm (perfectly) "free" will delusion and fallacy.

U also mentioned the "Book of Revelations," but again, u should remember New Test. is LITERATURE which carries a philosophic lesson. In case of "Revelations," it describes "end-times" which is a part of the CYCLIC theory and nature of history, and as there have been numerous cyclic turnings throughout history, there are always disastrous "end-times" phases and stages of such CYCLIC hist. which is how the determinist nature manifests in history--in CYCLES, including the end-phase(s).

I suspect ur Buddhism may be causing serious conflict for u philosophically and psychologically--reality is necessarily objective, given the reduction-ad-absurdum of subjectivism in which anything goes, anything and everything being both "truth" and lies, even at the same time, humans being their own Gods unto themselves, Jews the collectivistic, ultra-organized, most cohesive masters of it all for this subjectivist psychosis. And if reality is objective, as I've always noted for u, it must be determined according to absolute cause-effect.

Finally, note we exercise will as we're not sure how reality will actually take place at particular given times, 5 seconds fm now, or 5 mins fm now, or 5 hrs fm now--even though we know in overall wisdom that if all the factors were known for sure, it might otherwise be predicted successfully. THUS, for practical purposes, we exercise will--as when we guide the steering of the car we might be driving, for example.

Anyway, it's still good to see u discuss and entertain these basic ideas and principles and get others to discussing them in serious way as u do. Keep up ur good work. A.


Poor Fools (The "People") Better Get Clue: They're Contending With Palpable Psychos, Like Comey--And Others Too, Like Drugged, Willing Subjects Of Satanism
(Apollonian, 28 Apr 18)

I. Comrades: u gotta start getting a clue as to how far things are gone now--just look at the moronic dis-connectedness of Jimmy-boy Comey, ex-FBI Director, who considers his memos about his business conference(s) w. the President to be his personal property (a), (b) who didn't know the FISA document on Trump's supposed tryst in Moscow was funded by political enemies, (c) who didn't know that document was the main pretended substance of the FISA court request to wire-tapping political opponent, and then other things too--ck his "interview" w. Brett Baier of FOX News on the 26th Apr.

The guy, Comey is PSYCHOTIC--totally dis-connected--imagining he's soldier of MORALITY--he REFUSES to believe or admit he's done anything wrong or against the law. Comey isn't lying, so much as he's psycho, don't doubt--he "beleeeeeeeeeeeevs" his idiot balderdash, seriously--u gotta get a grasp what's going on.

And this psychotic moralistic righteousness is and was reflected by others of the conspiracy, including the FBI agent, Stzrok, and lawyer, Page, not to mention the CIA director, Brennan, who declaimed that Trump needed to "watch his mouth"--these are all psychos, not only criminals--all their actions proceeded fm their firm commitment to MORALITY OF WORLD GOV., never forget this--these are all heavy "beleeeeeeeeeeevers" in "globalism."

And observe these psychos continue to pushing to making this moralistic righteousness the major part of their excuses, rationalizations, and explanations. Further, this psychotic dis-connectedness and righteousness has not been missed by such as FOX News, as on 27 Apr (Friday) shows, on the Hannity (Judge Jeanine) and Carlson shows, to name just a couple.

Further, observe the "mainstream" Jews-media, including even FOX News, backs up this moralistic righteousness in obvious collusion to excuse this massive conspiracy against Constitution, law, rights, and the lives of the people. The establishment is DETERMINED to push to attaining absolute dictatorship, overthrow of Constitution, etc., so as to enact and enforce Agenda-21 and -2030 GENOCIDE, including race-replacement, as we see plainly, still, in the continuing blatant invasion of Western, European, Christian countries by enemy races.

And these criminal conspirators, gov. bureaucrats, officials, including elected officials, are not only heavily backed now by the Jews-media, but also by the judiciary

Just as Comey believes his memos are his PROPERTY--so does the media, who took massive gov. and tax-payer funds and who enjoy favorable "regulation," imagine it's their "property" right to banning free-speech, as on Jew-tube, Google, etc.--like the judges believe it's their PEROGATIVE to prevent Trump fm reversing Obola's "executive decisions" on illegal immigration.

So u begin to seeing the active, blatant SUBJECTIVISM at work in our culture and establishment politics. This subjectivism follows fm the totally illegal central bank which imagines they have the right to counterfeit the currency, issuing evermore quantities of this currency, steadily impoverishing the stupid suckers (the "people") who can't figure-out there shouldn't be currency, and that real MONEY must be limited in quantity, commodity-based (see, use their search-engine).

* * * * * * * *

II. But this subjectivism, as I've noted above, is only HALF of it--because Trump himself is controlled, manipulated, instructed, and led by the VERY SAME POWERS--who control the central-bank, the satanists (led and dominated by Jews, naturally), who are planning the genocide and extermination of the people, specifically for the coming war to be un-leashed upon the enemies of Israel.

Don't forget the satanic "deep-state" has instructed Trump Justice Dept. to "slow-walk" the info and documents testifying against Clinton, Clinton Foundation, the FBI, et al., as noted by Judicial Watch--ck their vids. Jeff Sessions, the Trump AG, took lots and lots of funds throughout his career fm Jews who support Israel--they know perfectly what's going on and what they're doing--suckering the fools, dupes, morons, and scum of the over-populated Jew S A.

So don't doubt this large, overwhelming idiot campaign of moralistic righteousness pushed by the pretended "never-Trumpers," including by the Jews-media, Jew-book, and Jew-tube, et al., will be effective, certainly long as US Dollar remains much the "reserve currency," even if it's now opposed by the petro-Yuan now.

Only anti-dote which will work against all this putrid subjectivism/satanism is the real Christianity, worship of TRUTH, truth truth above all (see Gosp. JOHN 14:6)--not non-existent "good" which is just another lie (JOHN 8:44), the worst enemy of truth (= Christ). And never, ever forget, Christianity is anti-semitic (see,, and for expo)--like it's anti-satanic (they're same thing)--and if u're not anti-semitic, u ain't no Christian, sucker. Start getting a clue to save ur idiot lives, morons.

Sublime, intensive, insistent treason--all founded in moralism, though the psycho claims logic, law, etc....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jews Are Not Rational Humans, Have No Rights; Deserve Death
(Apollonian, 27 Aug 14)

Idiot: "Bible" is literature, man-made--get it?  Only the Bible itself (or sources within) say it's "word-of-God."

Respect for traditional, American principle of "rights of individual" is MEANS TO END.  "Rights of individual" ARE NOT NOT NOT NOT the end.  End would be happiness, prosperity, etc.

In war, the enemy has no rights--they're to be treated in most economic/efficient way, collectivistically, destroyed whole-sale.  Jews are enemies of humanity--BY THEIR OWN ADMISSION--ck their Talmud.

Criminals, for example, FORFEIT their rights and are executed, this for the safety and self-defense of the society--same goes for Jews, only good one is a dead one.

U, a traitor, want to deny & ignore reality (like the Talmud), on grounds of moralism, and speak for Jews, insisting, falsely, they're humans (they're not) deserving of respect for their "rights."  U're a traitor who should be killed (after a fair trial, of course).

U will, no doubt, now repeat ur idiotic arguments to effect judgment cannot or should not be passed against Jews collectively, but as they call themselves Jews, thus endorsing their war against humanity, hence murdering monsters, they bring judgment against themselves, consistent w. rules of war (such as they are) and reasonable self-defense.  Q.E.D.

--------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-----------------------

But Apsterian,

If the Bible was the word of God in the first place - why did it need revision from man? Don't you sense a contradiction there - or at least hubris? Ha ha ha ha.

I do agree that without "God" in the discussion - we are left only with "Man." I've written about that in the past - I wish I could remember where- but without an appeal to a higher authority - we are simply left with charlatans like royal families etc... to bow to before being beheaded - or cooked with next-generation weapons systems.

The American way is to respect the rights of the individual - you refuse to address that issue with respect to condemnation of Jews in general. You cannot escape that problem unless you make a change in your argument it seems to me.


------------------------JR then responded to mine at very top, here, w. below------------------------


You are still clinging to blanket statements about "Jews" , which you still cannot define -

You are not doing what Jesus would do - he would NEVER make statements like you are making according to the Bible.

Law - not religion is the only way to go for peace in the end. If one desires war - stick with the religious angle I'd say -



Thomas Paine would definitely disagree with you.

-------------------------------ap responded to above by JR, below---------------------

JR: Demented Traitor
(Apollonian, 27 Aug 14)

"[B]lanket statements"--ur term for general statements--are perfectly justified in logic and reason, as anyone can see for himself.  U make no sense when u say I "still cannot define."

U're just a stupid liar.  Christ would surely be willing to state plain truth, as I do.  Jews are anti-human enemies and should, must, and will be exterminated, along w. their allies, traitors like u.

And there's no peace w. Jew monsters, stupid, regardless ur psychotic repetitions.

And if u pretend T. Paine, who was mere propagandist, after all, has something to say, u ought to supply some kind of reference or quotation.

U're such a moron, desperate to pretend to moralism, but only demonstrating treason.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Christianity, the real thing, rationalist and anti-semitic, is founded in literature, must then be understood in proper literary context....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Judaism & Hubris Are The Problems; Christianity Is Most Successful Attempted Solution/Antidote
(Apollonian, 25 Aug 14)

Christians are hypocrites?--like other humans aren't?  Ho ho ho (See below-copied by JR)

"According" to me?--u say?  Ho oh ho--well, it (the war-like Talmud) can be verified as I note--which u don't care about, so u have no basis for complaint--in fact, I wonder why I even bother talking to puke like u, ho ho ho ho ho.

Humans are sinners, see?--The Christian literature is what counts, and then "Christians" are those who say they follow Christ above all or anything else.

And note history is CYCLIC--when times are prosperous people suffer HUBRIS (like in ur case, eh?--ho ho ho ho).  People only begin to heeding Christianity when it serves their purposes--like w. anything else.

JR: u need to face-up to what u are--a hypocrite no less than the "Christians" u contemn.  What's purpose of ur blog, anyway?--just so u can pretend to reason and justice for opportunity to bloviate and expostulate, eh?

U just want to pretend to moralism/Pharisaism, that's all--why/how u so easily sympathize w. Jew monsters against poor Christians whom u look-down on, not caring u uphold Jew monsters.

See: here's what happens--WAR btwn among humans--UNTIL they decide it's better to be rational--unlike u, who only wants to pretend to "morality," that's all.

Strict reason is too difficult for most folks, who need leadership, that's why they follow Christianity, or other religions.  Jews are simply dedicated criminals regarding their "religion" of war against the gentile.  Jews and Jew-like thinking (Pharisaism, hubris, and subjectivism) is the problem.  Christianity is the most historically successfully anti-dote to this monstrous Judaism/hubris.

Anti-Semitism is the necessity; Christianity then is the best form of such necessary anti-Semitism.


Christian Literature Is Most Powerful For Grasp Of Original Mosaic, Critique Of Pharisaic Divergence
(Apollonian, 25 Aug 14)

I pride myself upon being one who appreciates the Christian literature, this in spirit of general literature.

I first began w. appreciation of Homer (Illiad and Oddyssey)--only later did I begin to appreciate the Christian literature, but this was after I finally grasped the full monstrosity and satanic nature of Judaism--as expressed in their own literature, the Talmud.

So u see, my criteria for this general appreciation is literary and philosophic (I was Philosophy major).

Thus Christ and Christian literature is only properly appreciated and understood in CONTEXT of hist. circumstances which entailed the Pharisees.

Thus Christianity teaches its lesson(s) by way of aestheticism and literature--u don't have to "believe" anything, just appreciate the literature and the philosophy embedded within.

Thus basic story of New Test. is (a) Christ expounded the original Mosaic law, seeking to change not a single "jot or tittle."  (b) Christ pt'd out the Pharisees lied and mis-represented Moses and his Torah (Gosp. MATT 23, entire 39 verses--there are other ref.s too).  (c) Pharisees thereupon conspired to murder Christ, Christ upholding his principles throughout.


And "religion" doesn't necessarily mean "believing," though it may for most or many--"religion" is simply integration of intellect w. sentiment, conscious w. sub-conscious, that's all.

Don't forget, reason is religion too--Christianity at its best.  "Faith" properly only means loyalty, not "believing," like insisting upon stupid crap that makes no sense.

It isn't Christainity's fault u can't read, grasp, or appreciate Christian literature, taking kikes' word for what it means, etc.

-------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied by JR-------------------------


Christians are hypocrites - who wants to join that club? At least their foes, according to you, the Jews are up front about waging war via deception.

Christians can always find a reason to contradict your interpretations of the Bible with another statement from the very same Bible. And if the Bible is so great - why did it have to be revised and a bunch of stuff left out?

I'd say we have to make a deal that is not related to any specific religion - although I would agree that some aspects of a belief systemcould be adopted into a new set of rules everyone can live by...


...I meant to say "Some Christians are hypocrites...etc"

James Fetzer: good example of compartmented mind, good logic and analysis for details, but typical putrid Pharisaic/moralist....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Fetzer Fails For Basic, Substantial Cultural Analysis--Though He's Good For Details
(Apollonian, 26 Aug 14)

I rather think Fetzer is best when he sticks to details, for which he has most excellent mind, esp. for the logic and analysis.

I disagree w. Fetzers approval of Kennedy--who was stock, populist-type, trendy politician, the only reason he was allowed the office in first place, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateralists (founded in the 70s) and Bilderbergers ruling and overseeing all.

Don't doubt Kennedy was all for world gov. and New World Order.  But Kennedy became a little too head-strong, imagining he might follow his own policies and was judged to be a "loose-cannon."

The execution of Kennedy was quite bold, his head essentially and literally blown-off (or -up) in broad daylight, in front of crowds of people--it was surely a bit of a lesson and example for all on the "inside," letting them know what would happen to any who didn't toe the line.

Kennedy was no hero, by any means, rather just a sad and tragic unfortunate.

And it's notable for us patriots and true Christians to observe we're not going to make any progress UNTIL the present money & banking system falls of its own weight, the topmost masterminds then falling-out w. one another on principle of "no honor among thieves."

I keep trying to inspire Prof. Fetzer to see the basic contrast/conflict btwn objective vs. subjective, Aristotle vs. Plato, thus Christian vs. Jew, but Fetzer is too wedded to moralism/Pharisaism, unfortunately.

Thus the present downturn of CYCLIC, Spenglerian "Decline of the West" must continue, causing evermore horror, agony, destruction, and death till the fools, morons, and inferiors of the population, who manage to survive, begin to realize Jews suck along w. their putrid moralism/Pharisaist, satanic anti-culture.


Earlier, yest., I'd published following

Fetzer's Disturbing (Though Still Interesting) Commentary Upon Ethical Bent
(Apollonian, 25 Aug 14)

Wow--this was most disturbing, even if interesting as usual, Fetzer show I've hrd yet.  And I speak mainly about the second part where Fetzer expostulates at some length upon various abstract subjects, including ethics--whence we find Fetzer is a RAGING moralist/Pharisaic, pretending and insisting upon "good-evil," including the duty-centric Kantian-type ethics, and packed w. the hackneyed platitudes against "selfishness" and "profit" of business people, etc.

Second part is not the usual Fetzer effort upon the details-oriented so much as pontification about general politics of Kennedy, descending into a eulogizing, even idolizing of a mere politician, Mr. Kennedy.

So Prof. Fetzer cannot complain about the horrific psychologic state of society, esp. in the pathetically muddled, if not entirely crippled mentality of the general population, so addicted to "bread & circuses," football games, etc., so miserably oblivious to the absolute catastrophe towards which Western culture is headed and doomed.

No wonder prof. Fetzer has such difficulty w. Christian meaning (objectivity founding Christian TRUTH of Gosp. JOHN 14:6) and implications of basic Western culture as it confronts the Jew/Talmudic Hegelian anti-thesis (subjectivism, Pharisaism, LIES [JOHN 8:44])

Thankfully, however, I note Fetzer is back in his matter-of-fact mode, in which he's at his best, in the M. Herzog interview to which I'm listening as I write this.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Apster exposits and exposes a little bit about "trolling," ho hoo hoho ho

Below-copied essay by ap first published (but could be deleted--u never know w. that senile old fool who's blog-meister) at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jews ("Joannie" and "...brainless") Use Instance Of Jew Trolling To Denounce--What?--Anti-Semitism, Ho Ho Ho--Surprised?
(Apollonian, 24 Aug 14)

The story at Washington's Blog,, above noted by two Jews, "Joannie Edwards" and "one-born-brainless," is worth some commentary.

If one goes and cks the actual text of the post one gets this sort of statement by the author:

"Why would a Jew post vile anti-Semitic comments?  Because normal people are offended by – and don’t want to be associated with – pure, naked anti-Semitism, and so they will avoid such discussions."

Another telling statement fm the blog-post is this:

"Similarly, anti-Semitic posts weaken websites by making them seem less reputable."

So now we see the slant on the original posting and the Jew-friendly reason "Joannie" and "...brainless" submit it here--THEY'RE JEWS who are pro-Jew, working for Jews--what else?--and they don't like or want anti-Semitism.

But the un-deniable fact is Jews are Talmudists by definition, and/or racially-related.  So what then is Talmud all about?--it's anti-humanity, PERIOD--and this is either true or false; one only needs ck the Talmud to find-out.  See and for best Talmudic expo.

So I submit Jew (Talmudic) anti-humanity is execrable and ought to be eradicated--is there something wrong w. that?--fm pt. of view of gentile humanity, of course.

So the idiotic Jew-favoritism of Jews, "Joannie" and "...brainless," along w. the original, cited post ought to be taken into consideration, eh?

And of course, I reject the crass assertion-without-substantiation ("question-begging") to effect that anti-Semitism is anything other than proper, humane, obedience to God--and I trust the reasoning thereto is obvious.  Ho ho ho ho ho.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Observe psychology of humanity follows CYCLIC process of Spenglerian "Decline of the West," becomes progressively subjectivistic....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Remember: Reality Is Objective, But Humanity Is Sinful--Especially In Way Of Hubris, Subjectivism, Moralism
(Apollonian, 23 Aug 14)

Note the necessary conditions & consequences of CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler: the pioneers & originators of the culture are honest and necessarily hard-working (like the original Romans, for example)--they're REALITY-oriented, hence empiricist, Aristotelian (though of course, they surely don't understand things in such clinical terms).

But then what happens for the following generations?--they become inexorably more and evermore corrupt--ESPECIALLY in way of moralism/Pharisaism, pretending to a perfectly "free," god-like human will--HUBRIS.  Thus follower generations reject empiricism in favor of dis-connected abstractions and "theoreticalism."

These follower generations are perfectly reflected by the present-day advocates of "climate-change"--who cannot give even a SINGLE concrete (empirical) fact to demonstrate this supposed "climate-change."  Typically, all they (these follower generations) can do is refer to others, esp. in way of "studies," just classic fallacy of arg.-fm-authority, as I've noted.

Further, note these abstracted theoreticalists favor their own kind--ESPECIALLY for the gov. jobs and positions, pushing this sort of abstracted dis-connectedness.

Soon enough, as we see presently, the society is absolutely dominated by this sort of Pharisaic-oriented, moralistic, dis-connected--including, especially, homosexuals in positions of substantial authority--high office.

And note these people, Pharisaist and abstracted, are totally influenced and moved in way of group-thinking--practical communists--the entire society become oriented in this abstracted, moralistic, and collectivistic manner--and it will continue until the DEATH of the society, collapsing for the money and economic system and especially war.

So u see, as long as the money continues to be accepted as payment for goods & svcs the ruling regime is likely to persist and prevail--meantime, real patriots must continue to NETWORK and relate w. fellow humans by means of Christian worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, above all, per Gosp. JOHN.

------------------above by ap in response to below-copied---------------------------

Good interview. I am a member of Winston's ScepCop forum. Haven't checked it out in awhile, but lots of interesting discussion on there relating to issues of the paranormal and conspiratorial.

Regrettably, I pretty much concur with his assessment of American society as it exists in the year 2014. Most of the population, especially those in the 20 to 40 age range, are as jaded and cynical as could be. There is an overall attitude of conformism and selfishness that is quite disheartening to observe. Anyone with interests outside the realm of professional sports, video games, casual sex, tattoos (yes, tattoos) or just mindless self gratification, are hard pressed to fit in either on the job or in social habitats such as bars and nightclubs. In fact, the only time I venture into one of the local bars is to pick up my nightly six pack of Budweiser after a hard days work. The women you see on average have such a hardened, narcissistic look about them, I couldn't even imagine having the misfortune of having to be around one of them for more than 15 minutes. Most of them look deeply unhappy beneath the fake, ever so cool facade. It is a wasteland out here.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

ZOG suffers hubris, pushing it in our faces, Jew, satanist contempt for Christianity, fools--take heed....

Have U Noted Macabre Morbidity And Contempt As ZOG Rolls Forward?--Hubris In-Ur-Face, Suckas
(Apollonian, 19 Aug 14)

Next significant thing to consider and note about the ZOG take-over and war (ck against Christian West and what's left of USA is the STYLE by which they're doing it.  Observe the macabre morbidity and contempt as ZOG blithely tells us now they'll just kill us if we "protest too much."

Another example is present Sandy Hook attitude projected for the families of victims smilingly going on TV and gushing about their latest charity drives as they get rich fm the supposed deaths of their loved-ones.  See

But most notable is the way in which ZOG practically tells u they're at the bottom of all the terror incidents, farces (like Sandy Hook), false-flags, and hoaxes--like the Ciancia shooting at LAX airport.  See  Specifically, I pt. to the CIA repeated twice in the name of the "shooter," as if it's an "inside" joke.

Then there are the "clues" that are inserted within the TV shows and movies, like all the shots of clocks pt-ing to 9-11, for example.

The "occult" significance?--simple: these are satanists at work, undoubtedly, and they're simply making signs and jokes to one another, smirking and sneering as they perpetrate all this terrorism, murder, and such-like activity, esp. in way of psy-ops, exulting as they mock the now utterly de-moralized Christian civilization which used to reign, now giving way to Jews and satanistic accomplices--they can't get over themselves as they spit upon Christianity and Christian morons, so dis-united and demoralized.

Significance of this satanic STYLE pushed in our faces is the purest hatred towards Christianity, reason, and humanity, showing us, telling us just how weak and helpless we the people are, how all-powerful is ZOG and Jews.  This contempt isn't unlike the Israeli kikes sitting on their couches, drinking and snacking as they happily watch Gazan Palestinians being killed like fish in a barrel.

Fetzer ought to get to fundamentals for cultural de-construction of USA and West--done by means of moralism/Pharisaism....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jew Destruction of West And USA--Good Subject For Fetzer Analysis
(Apollonian, 19 Aug 14)

This was great show James.  U know, I listen to Alex Jones ( everyday, the whole show, and it strikes me u do a much better broadcast, generally.  Sometimes Alex can be quite lucid on various issues, guns, vaccines and GMOs, etc., but he gets old w. his self-righteousness and pushing Jews and Israel, always knocking Adolf Hitler who merely strove to defend against Jew take-over of the world.

But I guess Alex's dis-advantage is he has to go on and on EVERY DAY, ho ho ho--whereas u can take a rest and arrange ur facts and presentation.

I think there's only one subject-area u might be over-looking and that regards the Christian foundation to American/Western culture which is presently being de-constructed--and who else would/could do this so willingly and cheerfully but these scummy, infernal Jews?

I'm sorry u had to take-down part of the dialectic I was having w. dear "Joannie Edwards," who's obviously a Jew (see below blog-article), who further has the INCREDIBLE chutzpah to declaim and declare unto Christians what Christianity is properly all about, she saying it has to do w. "love," ho ho ho ho

So u see James, what has happened: the Christian foundation to our entire society/culture has been effectively de-constructed by these infernal Jews, along w. their trendy little homosexual buddies on the left, and especially their idiot mignons on the "right"--the Judeo-Christian (JC--also known as "Christian Zionists"--see and for expo) hereticalists who support terror-state of Israel.

Thus the Spenglerian "Decline of the West" continues--a CYCLIC course and process of determinist, Objective (Aristotelian) reality/nature.

Notice James: the Jews brilliantly oppose the determinist and objective nature of reality--hence CHRISTIANITY--by means of fallacious, hubristic perfect "freedom" of will, thus moralism/Pharisaism.  And Jews do this by means of taking advantage of the corruption of the following generations fm original pioneers/soldiers who made the state in the first place, the following generations being perverted, hedonistic, and most tragically, fatally, PHARISAIST--thus destruction of basic Christianity.

Like I noted: there are excellent sources for analysis/discussion about this Jew corruption of Christian culture--at,, and
Keep up ur great work.

Kikes have strange idea about what Christianity is--they want it to be such that it serves kike, obviously--as we see....

Below-copied essays by ap and comments first published at  Just immediate-below of 19 Aug was deleted by the blog administrator

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

What's most interesting, I'd say, is these kikes and their suck-alongs and accomplices (like Joannie) have the cheek to tell us Christians what Christianity is all about, and is it any surprise it's always something stupid, like Christianity is about "love," as Joannie pretends to explaining below, w. all her idiot references, this perfectly idiotic and contrived to making Christians slaves and hostage to kikes?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jews: They NEVER Give-Up For Incessant Lying--As We See From Kikess Joannie
(Apollonian, 19 Aug 14)

Joannie the kike (or kike-lover): u're simply a liar (see her below-copied note) who lies like a kike, and I've given my citations, Christ = TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all/any other ideals/precepts, this famously found at Gosp. JOHN 14:6.

"[S]tate of madness and anger"?--no, that's u, Joannie the kike.  Ur anger is merely sublimated to the usual simpering, Jewwy-style effrontery, hoh oh o ho ho ho.

Observe Joannie the kike pretends to preach a "Christianity" that's (a) absurd and idiotic ("love" being first principle) in the first place, and (b) only and merely serves Jew filth like her.

For Christianity of "love" above all MAKES NO SENSE--"love"?--of WHAT?--of everything and anything?--this is simply moronic.  "Love" of Jews, the murderers of Christ, who gloat about killing Christ in their filthy, monstrous Talmud?--ho ho ho hoho--right, kike.

"[M]adness and anger"?--Joannie the kike, haven't u noticed my many "ho ho hos" in response to ur Jewwy and Jew-serving lies & idiocy? Ho ho ho ho hoo.

And what would happen to JUSTICE if one was supposed to "love and forgive" murdering psychopathic kike filth and accomplices like urself?

U're a filthy liar, Joannie the kike, as I've made it quite clear what needs to happen, this in relation w. CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, people uniting in proper anti-Semitic Christian spirit of TRUTH above all.

People don't understand what MONEY is, hence present money & banking system simply has to die-out, as is actually happening, this while gentiles UNITE according to proper Christian principle of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all, etc., as noted.

So once again, Joannie the kike, u're exposed for the Jew liar u really are, even in all ur filthy Jewwy chutzpah preaching a false and idiotic "Christianity" which only serves Jews.

----------------------above by ap in response to below by Joannie the kike----------------------

Apsterian said:
"Joannie the kike tells us she never read Gosp. JOHN, yet then pretends to knowing all about Christianity, ho ho hoho"

What church did you go to, Apst, that teaches "God is truth"? It is universally accepted that God is love and that love is at the center of Christ's teachings.

How low can you get--preaching the Bible and Truth--while in a state of madness and anger?

We all know that the Jews are now in command of the world. This takeover from the Christian West came about slowly with banking to business to media monopoly and now to control over school books and teaching materials.

So what are you going to do about it? Ranting and raving like a maniac is not helping your cause.

------------------------above by Joannie the kikess in response to below by ap---------------------

"Love" Only Possible Within Objective Reality
(Apollonian, 17 Aug 14)

Ho ho ho--here we see the kikes assembling all their assets against the mighty apster, o ho ho hoho ho.  (See below by Joannie the kikess.)

To say God is merely love is idiotic metaphor, for one understands that only within a Godly regime of TRUTH, above all, is love for any fellow humans possible--quite unlike the subjectivist, Pharisaic world of lies whence even Jews lie to Jews and oneself.

For subjectivism renders HUBRIS of oneself, making oneself God of one's own little world.

And one-born-brainless continues to repeat & insist in his usual mindless, dis-connected manner, ho hoho hoho--and we notice this is after he dis-avowed any religion, ho ho ho ho.  One-born-brainless is un-questionably Jew himself, we now see.

Cui bono?--Who benefits?  Observe that insisting Christianity is merely "love" renders Christians slaves of those ultimate liars, psychopaths, and Satanists, the Jews.

And we see Jews behind publication of the satanic Jew-inspired Scofield Bible, funding the present Christian establishment, esp. their hereticalist allies and sycophants, the Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo) traitors who support terror-state of Israel.

Joannie the kike tells us she never read Gosp. JOHN, yet then pretends to knowing all about Christianity, ho ho hoho

----------------------------------------below-copied by Joannie the kikess----------------------

Asterian: I have never heard the saying, "God is Truth." John 3:16 says that belief in Christ will give you eternal life. This verse is the cornerstone of Christianity. Second is God as love.

John 3:16

16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
GOD IS LOVE: John 4:8

1 John 4:8 Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

4:7-13 The Spirit of God is the Spirit of love. He that does not love the image of God in his people, has no saving knowledge of God. For it is God's nature to be kind, and to give happiness. The law of God is love; and all would have been perfectly happy, had all obeyed it. The provision of the gospel, for the forgiveness of sin, and the salvation of sinners, consistently with God's glory and justice, shows that God is love. Mystery and darkness rest upon many things yet. God has so shown himself to be love, that we cannot come short of eternal happiness, unless through unbelief and impenitence, although strict justice would condemn us to hopeless misery, because we break our Creator's laws.

What makes Christians different is love and forgiveness. Jesus is the opposite of the strict, loveless law focused God of the Old Testament.

Love Comes from God

7Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. 8The one who does not love does not know God, for God is love. 9By this the love of God was manifested in us, that God has sent His only begotten Son into the world so that we might live through Him.…

Cross References
1 John 3:10
This is how we know who the children of God are and who the children of the devil are: Anyone who does not do what is right is not God's child, nor is anyone who does not love their brother and sister.

1 John 4:7
Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.

1 John 4:16
And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.
Treasury of Scripture
He that loves not knows not God; for God is love.


1 John 2:4,9 He that said, I know him, and keeps not his commandments, is a liar, …

1 John 3:6 Whoever stays in him sins not: whoever sins has not seen him, neither known him.

John 8:54,55 Jesus answered, If I honor myself, my honor is nothing: it is my …

God is.

1 John 1:5 This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare …

Exodus 34:6,7 And the LORD passed by before him, and proclaimed, The LORD, The …

Psalm 86:5,15 For you, Lord, are good, and ready to forgive; and plenteous in mercy …

2 Corinthians 13:11 Finally, brothers, farewell. Be perfect, be of good comfort, be of …

Ephesians 2:4 But God, who is rich in mercy, for his great love with which he loved us,

Hebrews 12:29 For our God is a consuming fire.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Moralist/Pharisaist disease, how it succeeds in the CYCLIC degeneration of psychology of people....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Good" Worst Enemy Of Truth, Never Doubt
(Apollonian, 17 Aug 14)

To James Fetzer: James, one thing for which u can be gratified, and indication u're doing such generally excellent job for ur display of logic, analysis, and conspiracy exposition is this intense and HEAVY-DUTY sort of mock and phony criticism, commentary, etc., u're getting--and FM WHOM IT'S COMING--Jews, and not just "Zionists"--these playing "good-Jew, bad-Jew ("Zionist")" game.

It's also significant for this particular blog on Dennis Cimino who himself expresses rather serious questions about these Jew monsters--not just "Zionists"--just take this psycho, "one-born-brainless," w. his obsessive, repetitive, even rather pathetic insistence Christ was Jew (ho ho ho).

James (and Dennis Cimino too): note u get the "flak" esp. when u're over proverbial "target," fellows, don't forget, don't doubt--and here, as in these comments section, u see and confirm definitively.

But honestly, u probably ought to continue w. the good-Jew, "Zionist" false dichotomy, in order to keep ur BlogSpot blog here, as I've seen BlogSpot and wordpress RUTHLESSLY suppress blogs when they get the pressure fm u-know-who, eh?  Ho ho ho ho

And don't forget, Jews have nearly INFINITE funding resources w. their COUNTERFEIT scams, legal and illegal too--they can just pay endlessly for numerous "trolls" and (dis-info) artists--like "one-born-brainless," ho ho o ho ho

In ur interview, I noted Dennis Cimino express his puzzlement for the state of the culture, its mentality and psychology, and I assure u there's really quite simple explanation for which there's most excellent reference in, for example, Spengler's "Decline of the West," hist. best understood, first of all, as CYCLIC--which the ancient Greeks (Herodotus and Thucydides). understood also.

Consider USA (Jew S A, Jews in full control, as by means of their COUNTERFEIT scam, US Federal Reserve Bank): original pioneer generation have given way now to GROSS inferiors for spirit, courage, intellect, etc.--a bunch of cowardly little hedonists, people scared-to-death of Jews, minorities, and now even homosexuals, ho ho ho ho ho.

More specifically, what actually happens, mentally and psychologically for these gross, pathetic inferiors who now make-up our so-called people?--I submit Pharisaist moralism takes over, nullifying and crowding-out (Christian) TRUTH and honesty, the inferior generations imagining that "good" pre-empts such truth and honesty.

And James, as philosophical, u can see it in form of the objective grasp giving way to the subjective, hence moralistic--Pharisaism--is it any wonder then Jews, not just "Zionists" rule so completely as they do?

For note Jews are not merely champion liars--anyone can lie and fall prey to that sort of subjectivistic habit--for Jews are united, organized, and so well-"connected," never doubt--no wonder they rule so absolutely, w. such iron-grip, eh?--Jews the leaders of organized crime, Jews mass-murdering at will, w. impunity as we know and are so amazed to observe happening over and again.

But proverbial "worm" will turn when these Jew monsters suffer the collapse of the money-banking system as is actually happening--that's why they're so intensively striving to gin-up war, as in Ukraine, now.

The way to prepare is, for one basic thing, to unite, inspire, and connect the people by means of that sentimental impulse for Christian TRUTH and honesty, everything after that following most logically and naturally.

Thus James, u might consider interviewing some serious, less fearful, less impressed-w.-Jews -type of Christians, like Charles Carlson of, Ted Pike of, and Mike A. Hoffman of who could fill u in w. some outstanding info, indubitably.
Keep up ur great work, fellows.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Christianity: worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, above all, as only way to Godly happiness, New Test. literary vehicle of philosophy....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Christianity: Worship Of Truth, Above All--Truth, Only Way To Godly Happiness
(Apollonian, 16 Aug 14)

James: note a humane God would never ask anyone to "believe" against the rational mind he gave us in first place.  A sympathetic God would never demand we "believe" idiotic crap that makes no sense.

But Jews, on other hand, DO demand this mindless "belief"; they only get around it by making it serve their collective interest, i.e. that they're "God's chosen," and they can kill gentiles, etc.

Remember most people, even nowadays, can barely think past nose--but imagine how it was back then, time of Christ, when very few could even read.

So u see Christian philosophy HAD to be presented in form of aesthetic-type literature--a story, not diff. fm Homer's Illiad and Oddysey.  Thus Christ = TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) , this against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44).

Thus Christ preached against Pharisees who had diverged fm Law of Moses.  But most of all, observe how Christ, esp. in Gosp. JOHN, actually affirms Aristotle's objective reality--otherwise HOW could there be TRUTH?--whereas Jews say "truth" is only what they say it is, this all for "good of Jews" (Platonism, subjectivism).

So u see James: u gotta see Christianity as simply more sophisticated sort of mythologic-type literature, a genuine advance upon the relatively 2 dimensional Homeric-type myths which came before.

Thus Christianity (a) affirms Aristotle, (b) definitively opposes and repudiates Jews as supreme liars and TRAITORS to the real Mosaic tradition which Christ always claimed to uphold--against the Pharisees.

So u see, u don't have to "believe" diddly--all u gotta do is be LOYAL ("faithful," according to the proper meaning of such "faith" ideal) to what u KNOW in accord w. objective reality, the only thing which gives any real substance to the word, "truth," the ONLY way to (Godly) happiness, as noted.

Worst enemy of truth is non-existent "good" which is the wedge vehicle of SUBJECTIVISM by which one suffers HUBRIS and makes oneself God.  Jews are thus foremost liars as they're always so united, organized, and "connected" ("thick as thieves"), Jews always the topmost masterminds of organized crime as we see, Jews the top "bankers" as of US Federal Reserve Bank by which they legalistically COUNTERFEIT the money-supply, owning everything and everyone, practically, as I've noted.

For note there's no perfectly "free" will in objective, hence determined universe in accord w. absolute cause-effect.  We're all sinners, creatures of will, necessarily self-interested who can only enter Heaven by means of God's grace and mercy--explained best by St. Augustine who denounced Pelagian heresy concept of "good works."

Gosp. JOHN is simplest, easiest capsule theology of Christianity, St. Paul then (and others too) providing more extensive application to the various and ancillary issues that naturally arise.

Thus Christianity was magnificent artistic achievement, vehicle of Aristotelian metaphysics, opponent of Pharisaics who then wrote-up their Talmud to attempt consolidation of Jew criminal empire, organization of human criminality, hubris, subjectivism.

After all, just ask urself: if Christianity wasn't most magnificent achievement, WHY do Jews hate it sooooooooo much?  Ho ho ho ho--it's why they have their paid terrorists in Middle East now mass-murdering Christians, blowing-up churches, eh?

-------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied---------------------------

Not to disappoint you, but I am an agnostic who does not believe in God much less in Jesus as the Son of God--even though I regard him as a great moral leader and inspiration to the world.

I don't care if OBF likes these shows or not, but it is symptomatic that something is very wrong with him that he cuts off my statement to omit "without ... even bothering to hear it first". And he admits I am right. UNREAL!

Friday, August 15, 2014

"Good"--is truly the worst enemy of TRUTH and Christ, un-questionably....

Below-copied essays & dialectic by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Heck Is For Pharisaists Like "One-Born-Brainless"
(Apollonian, 15 Aug 14)

Yes, "one-born-brainless": the "truth" is that no matter what, Jews must be upheld sacro-sanct, which u've duly demonstrated like good little, obedient suck-along.

No "provocation"?--u're just a liar--like yest. when I carefully explained to u Jews are Talmudists by definition--which u ignore as u consider "moralism" to be the only "truth," above any other possibility, such moralism/Pharisaism foremost consideration of metaphysics--not just ethics, ho ho ho ho.

But I'm sure ur fellow moralists are sooooooooooooooooooo impressed w. ur detached, dis-connected, abstracted air u project, such an "advanced" thinker, oblivious to reality, but filled w. unction which is most important to schizoids like u, ho hoo ho ho ho.

Fetzer might have to spend some time in purgatory, but long as he respects TRUTH (Christ) he has good chance to making it to Heaven, truth (Christ) being only way to Godly happiness (Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

Jews HATE truth (JOHN 8:44), and that's why u're so sympathetic w. those precious Satanists, eh?  Ho ho ho ho ho

---------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied----------------------------

J.Fetzer said: "It should be obvious by now that OBF is not one to be affected by evidence. He damns the show"

Thank you for jumping to your erroneous conclusions so quickly, as per usual, Mr Fetzer.

In point of fact, my comment was not a criticism of the show, which as I mentioned, I had not even listened to- but [merely] a prediction as to the general import of the responses that would be posted here in the comments section.

And thank you for your negative endorsement of my personality [as you see it] also.

It's merely a continuation of what you have been calling me, with no provocation from myself, for more than a year, both here and at Veterans Today. :-)

But anyhoo, keep on ignoring the truth Mr Fetzer.
See you in hell:

"Hell To Pay" :

Regards, onebornfree

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A perfect illustration of why I regard OBF as a complete and total loss to humanity. I follow the evidence where it leads, which, in some cases, is to Israel. But that is simply what the evidence shows.

It should be obvious by now that OBF is not one to be affected by evidence. He damns the show--a rather interesting interview, by the way--without even bothering to hear it first. THAT is classic OBF at work!

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I'm still listening to the show--about half-way done, so far, but it's good details and facts--u've certainly done ur homework, prof.

"One-born-brainless" seems to be one of those "advanced-thinkers" who places "moralism" (Pharisaism) above everything else, including TRUTH, the worst enemy of truth being (non-existent) "good."

And since Jews control (a) banking, hence (b) public edjumacation and (c) the mass-media so well, so sublimely, "one-born-brainless" has learned his lesson well, and "understands" that a truly "moral" person would never even begin to conceive the foggiest notion which would even suggest that the holy, chosen people could even be remotely capable of any sort of criminality--perish the thought--after all, remember the holohoax, by golly. Ho hoo ho

Where I'd differ w. u, Prof., is the false-distinction btwn Jews and "Zionists"/Israel--they're all followers of Talmud. There's no "good" Jew any more than there's good psychopath (Talmudist). Take care. A.

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Let me hazard a guess here, without even having listened to the show yet:

Whatever conspiracies were discussed here, "da jooz dunnit", right?

Regards, onebornfree

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Case Against Jews Is Simple Matter Of Science & Evidence
(Apollonian, 15 Aug 14)

Well "one brainless s.o.b.," have u ever looked into the Talmud and what it teaches Jews?--isn't this a logical way to proceed?  Ck and/or for best Talmudic expo.

WHAT would be the basic KEY to any conspiracy?--would it be the money & banking system?  For if u could just (legally) COUNTERFEIT-up all the money u pleased, wouldn't u have supreme power, able to BUY anything and anyone?

And what then would be actual relation of Jews w. this money & banking system?--wouldn't this be reasonable way to proceed for any serious investigation of "conspiracy"?  Tell us, o brainless one who was born without, ho ho ho ho ho ho


And then once u verified these overall conceptual consideration(s) regarding "conspiracy"--NOW one looks at actual facts--in order to verify the theory, right?--this is the scientific method, eh?

And when u look, u see all the large corp. CEOs are all Jews (practically), there's 3 of 9 Sup. ct. justices who are kikes--probably a 4th (Soto-Mayor) who's a crypto, goes along w. the Jewwy program regardless.

7 of 11 places on US National Security Council are Yids--is this a little dis-proportionate?
All the NSA info goes to Israel FIRST--didja know that?

Israel got problemos w. Iraq--get the goyim of Jew S A to go over and kill 'em, eh?

Israel wants to take Palestinians' land, hey Jew S A arms and supplies Israel--is that POWER?

Who totally owns/controls the Jews-media?  Ho ho ho hoo--take a guess.

So tell us "one-without-a-brain," if it ain't kikes, do u think it's those sneaky eskimos?--u utter moron.  Ho ho ho ho ho ho


And so, in conclusion, following the scientific method, beginning in INDUCTION, same as for police investigators, all the particular details considered, including "CUI BONO?" (who benefits?), and as Sherlock Holmes instructs--once u've eliminated the impossible (like eskimos), the remainder is necessary solution set.

In other words, "one-born-brainless," everything considered, DON'T THE KIKES HAVE TO PROVE THEY'RE NOT prime suspects?  Tell us.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Revealing dialectic w. detached, abstracted, dis-connected air-brain "intellectual"--what kikes love, ho ho ho ho....

Below-copied essays by ap  first published at comments,

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Christian Heroes Must Prepare, Unifying The People
(Apollonian, 13 Aug 14)

Yes "one..." humans are sinners, un-questionably, as u indicate, and only thing to be done is to keep humans within system of cks and balances, like original US Constitution, even though this is also doomed, eventually.

What happens?--it's inevitable CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Spengler who demonstrates inevitable human corruption and perversion.

"Prosperity" always breeds HUBRIS within the population, people now pretending they can achieve "good"--ESPECIALLY, as we see now, by means of COUNTERFEITING the money-supply (as by present US Federal Reserve Bank), which COUNTERFEITING inexorably takes-over the entire culture, buying all the judges and politicians, practically without exception--ALWAYS (as hist. shows) controlled by Jews, Jews most unified, cohesive, "connected" criminals, preaching a satanistic religion of criminals (Talmudism).

Presently we can only hope for another Christian-inspired revival of the now moribund American civilization--like the original Christian revolution of St. Constantine the Great, early 4th cent.
But, as noted, this revolution requires un-flinching, un-relenting anti-Semitism--which in turn means removal of present establishment "Christian" hereticalists who preach toleration of kikes.

Even so, nothing is going to change until US Dollar definitively collapses.  Christian soldiers must PREPARE, making use of Christianity, reason, and anti-Semitism for UNITY of the volk against the remnant criminal, terror-state.


apsterian said : "Presently we can only hope for another Christian-inspired revival of the now moribund American civilization--like the original Christian revolution of St. Constantine the Great, early 4th cent.

But, as noted, this revolution requires un-flinching, un-relenting anti-Semitism--which in turn means removal of present establishment "Christian" hereticalists who preach toleration of kikes...."

Forgive my ignorance [I'm not a religious person], but wasn't Christ a Jew- "King of The Jews" in fact ?

Also, Christians ,as I understand it, are supposed to be following a little something call "The Ten Commandments" .

Weren't those commandments [supposedly] given by god, to Moses- yet another jew? [ or doesn't he count?].

And besides, isn't one of those commandments: "thou shalt not kill"?

Regards, [a confused, non -religious, ]onebornfree.
The Freedom Network:
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Jews: Psychopaths Who Follow Talmud--Get A Clue!
(Apollonian, 13 Aug 14)

"One...": Note Christianity is Hegelian anti-thesis of Judaism, Christianity, by def., worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) above all, against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44), Judaism all about making Jews supreme rulers over all humanity.

Jews are, by def., followers of Pharisees who later wrote Talmud, Jews NOT NOT NOT same as Judeans, Pharisees only leading about 5% of pop. of Judea at the time of Christ.  Christ repudiated Jews (Pharisees) for having made law of God (Mosaic) of none effect, Jews/Pharisees having diverged fm Mosaic law--which law Christ claimed to have not changed even "one jot or tittle."

Ck and/or for best Talmudic expo.

Note there's always problems of translation, esp. fm ancient (Roman) times for distinction btwn Judeans and Jew--Christ was accused by Jews/Pharisees of being king of Iudea--Judea or Judeans, NOT NOT NOT kikes (Pharisaists).

"Thou shalt not kill" doesn't mean u can't defend urself--don't be a Jew-serving moron, for goodness sakes.

"One...," u strike me as being someone who is committed to being--like a Jew, urself--smugly, conceitedly, disdainful of actual reality, living in ur pretend, idealized, abstracted false reality--why u're soooooo brainlessly ignorant of simple things, esp. regarding Jew murderers and psychopathic monsters.

Do u really think u impress anyone for ur amazing, truly idiotic ignorance of basic things--yet then pretending to being so clever about other things like the photo/vid evidence of 9/11?  Get a brain--to save ur otherwise moronic life, buddy.

-------(below added later)--------

Note further: Jews being NOT NOT NOT same as Judeans, Jews being only SMALL part thereof, Judeans of time of Christ were NOT NOT NOT same as "Israelites" of Old Test., these "Israelites" most probably fictional, Judeans of Christ's time mere immigrants, & descendents thereof, who originally came fm Babylon, reputed and imagined descendents of "Israelites."

"Israelites" themselves (most probably fictional) were NOT NOT NOT same as "Hebrews" who preceded.

Further still, note the kikes of today are mainly (75-90%) of Khazar origin, Khazars being Asiatic-Mongolid converts to Judaism fm 8th cent., Caucasus region, btwn the Byzantine Christians and Arab Musselmen of the time, Khazars then following a middle/non-aligned policy btwn the two empires of the time.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

apsterian said : "Note Christianity is Hegelian anti-thesis of Judaism, Christianity, by def., worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) above all, against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44), Judaism all about making Jews supreme rulers over all humanity."

And yet, apparently God sent Christ [a jew] directly to the jews , did he not?

Or am I missing something?

And didn't all Nazi army chaplains carry the 10 commandments at all times [and on the battlefield]- and were not those same 10 commandments [ given by God to the jew Moses], preached nationwide by German "christian" priests throughout the 2nd WW Nazi period of German history?

It seems to me that intellectually honest anti-semites past and present would have to completely reject Christianity, given its origins, to remain internally consistent within their stated/claimed belief system.

Regards, onebornfree

Yes, "one...," u're missing a brain, u poor, brainless, deliberately ignorant moron. Read what I already wrote, u stupid ass scum. Ho ho ho ho ho

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"It seems to me that intellectually honest anti-semites past and present would have to completely reject Christianity, given its origins, to remain internally consistent within their stated/claimed belief system."


Ho ho ho--listen (read) to this detached, abstracted air-brain talking about "intellectually honest." Ho ho ho

"Intellectual honesty" would require u have a basic clue about what u're attempting to talk about in first place, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho

Get a clue, shit-hole: Christianity IS ANTI-SEMITISM, the most successful sort--why kikes hate it sooooo much--have u noticed, dumbass?