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Friday, August 29, 2014

satanism: it's nothing to laugh or joke about, suckas--it's way schizoids are manipulated by those devilish Jews, never doubt....

The Satanist Connection With Schizoids
(Apollonian, 29 Aug 14)

Satanism is extremely important issue, subject-matter, and element of culture, such as it is, as it becomes so prominent in CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

Thus just as I've demonstrated the Jew "golem" in form of schizoids element of population manipulated by Jews (see my blog-article for 27 Aug 14), note now the real, genuine, and literal existence of Satanism and Satanists, yet ANOTHER "golem" of the Jews, these especially arisen to manipulate and affect the schizoids.  Perfect example of this Satanism is story at

Thus the FISA judge, often, be it noted, a gentile, allows and fosters breaking of Constitutional law by means of satanic logic and reason, and this will be accepted by the schizoids, "progressives," "liberals," and "advanced-thinkers," always on premise of "morality."  And don't fail to note the satanic irony of this Satanism, filth, hubris, and corruption on part of those calling themselves "progressive," "liberal," etc.

So u see, Satanism arises much fm schizoids, their mentality and culture.  And Satanism THRIVES as the schizoid culture thrives in CYCLIC, Spenglerian "Decline of the West," hence the descent and corruption in subjectivism and moralism-Pharisaism (for again note real ethics is logic btwn ends and means, NOT "good-evil" stupidity for fools, children, and dogs).

Specific connection of schizoids w. Satanists and Satanism is SUBJECTIVISM.  The schizoids are subjectivists and heavily susceptive thereto.  Satanists are EXPLICIT and avowed subjectivists, far more so than ordinary schizoids, believing they're God w. Godly powers, absolutely and explicitly contemptuous of Christianity, mortal enemies of Christianity, Christians, and Christian culture--hence reason, logic, and the objective reality.

And don't fail to observe these Satanists partake in mass-murder and child-sacrifice, esp., for example, in production and distribution of "snuff-films," these films part of the TOTALLY Jew-dominated and -controlled pornographic industry.

Hence Satanism arises easily fm Judaism, though not all Jews are Satanists--similar to schizoids, not all of them so outrightly, deliberately subjectivist (nor satanistic).  For note Judaism is Talmudism is subjectivism (see and for Talmudic expo).

So note that not all Jews are Satanists, though they're so susceptible to it--much like schizoids in general.  And gentiles can be quite Satanist, even more so than some Jews.

Thus one sees the connection and significance of the secret societies which feature Satanism, even if not explicitly--like the masons--wherein one finds some Jews, but also many gentiles, even if some of these fools aren't outrightly satanistic.

Similarly, one sees communists aren't all Jews, even though dominated by Jews and Satanists.  And not even all Jew communists are Satanists, though one will indeed find gentile communists who are Satanists.  And observe then how this blending of Judaism, schizoids, and Satanism becomes sooooooo confusing for so many, esp. the dumb gentiles, including schizoids, and even Jews and Christians.

Don't doubt the confusion is part of the plan and is itself manipulated and exploited by Jews and Satanists, even some schizoids and the dimmer-witted "liberals" and "progressives" in their zeal to pretend to moralism and making excuses for Jews whom they imagine they're condescending and "protecting," ho ho ho.

Thus one sees the NECESSITY of Satanism for the horrific twisted logic of aforementioned FISA judge in treason and (deliberate) overthrow of US Constitution, which however will be accepted by schizoids (not deliberately for treason and Constitutional overthrow) and considered to be perfectly rational, ho ho ho--the Jews and Satanists laughing up their sleeves, even if, again, not all Jews are outright Satanists; they like the schizoids, will go along, esp. as it seems soooooooo fashionable, trendy, and "cutting-edge" exciting.

Such then is the satanic culture in CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler in hubris and subjectivism.  Satanism is nothing to laugh or joke about--it's very real, and it's why/how the Satanists smirk, wink, and sneer w. one another through numerology, Cabalism, and conditioning by means of implanted signs and marks, as in the Jew-dominated movie and TV industry, among all the other Jew-affected elements of the culture.

Thus the Christian anti-dote must explicitly emphasize and feature (a) reason based upon the objective, Aristotelian, determined reality, and (b) anti-Semitism (esp. anti-subjectivism).


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