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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

ZOG suffers hubris, pushing it in our faces, Jew, satanist contempt for Christianity, fools--take heed....

Have U Noted Macabre Morbidity And Contempt As ZOG Rolls Forward?--Hubris In-Ur-Face, Suckas
(Apollonian, 19 Aug 14)

Next significant thing to consider and note about the ZOG take-over and war (ck against Christian West and what's left of USA is the STYLE by which they're doing it.  Observe the macabre morbidity and contempt as ZOG blithely tells us now they'll just kill us if we "protest too much."

Another example is present Sandy Hook attitude projected for the families of victims smilingly going on TV and gushing about their latest charity drives as they get rich fm the supposed deaths of their loved-ones.  See

But most notable is the way in which ZOG practically tells u they're at the bottom of all the terror incidents, farces (like Sandy Hook), false-flags, and hoaxes--like the Ciancia shooting at LAX airport.  See  Specifically, I pt. to the CIA repeated twice in the name of the "shooter," as if it's an "inside" joke.

Then there are the "clues" that are inserted within the TV shows and movies, like all the shots of clocks pt-ing to 9-11, for example.

The "occult" significance?--simple: these are satanists at work, undoubtedly, and they're simply making signs and jokes to one another, smirking and sneering as they perpetrate all this terrorism, murder, and such-like activity, esp. in way of psy-ops, exulting as they mock the now utterly de-moralized Christian civilization which used to reign, now giving way to Jews and satanistic accomplices--they can't get over themselves as they spit upon Christianity and Christian morons, so dis-united and demoralized.

Significance of this satanic STYLE pushed in our faces is the purest hatred towards Christianity, reason, and humanity, showing us, telling us just how weak and helpless we the people are, how all-powerful is ZOG and Jews.  This contempt isn't unlike the Israeli kikes sitting on their couches, drinking and snacking as they happily watch Gazan Palestinians being killed like fish in a barrel.

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