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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Christianity: worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, above all, as only way to Godly happiness, New Test. literary vehicle of philosophy....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Christianity: Worship Of Truth, Above All--Truth, Only Way To Godly Happiness
(Apollonian, 16 Aug 14)

James: note a humane God would never ask anyone to "believe" against the rational mind he gave us in first place.  A sympathetic God would never demand we "believe" idiotic crap that makes no sense.

But Jews, on other hand, DO demand this mindless "belief"; they only get around it by making it serve their collective interest, i.e. that they're "God's chosen," and they can kill gentiles, etc.

Remember most people, even nowadays, can barely think past nose--but imagine how it was back then, time of Christ, when very few could even read.

So u see Christian philosophy HAD to be presented in form of aesthetic-type literature--a story, not diff. fm Homer's Illiad and Oddysey.  Thus Christ = TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) , this against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44).

Thus Christ preached against Pharisees who had diverged fm Law of Moses.  But most of all, observe how Christ, esp. in Gosp. JOHN, actually affirms Aristotle's objective reality--otherwise HOW could there be TRUTH?--whereas Jews say "truth" is only what they say it is, this all for "good of Jews" (Platonism, subjectivism).

So u see James: u gotta see Christianity as simply more sophisticated sort of mythologic-type literature, a genuine advance upon the relatively 2 dimensional Homeric-type myths which came before.

Thus Christianity (a) affirms Aristotle, (b) definitively opposes and repudiates Jews as supreme liars and TRAITORS to the real Mosaic tradition which Christ always claimed to uphold--against the Pharisees.

So u see, u don't have to "believe" diddly--all u gotta do is be LOYAL ("faithful," according to the proper meaning of such "faith" ideal) to what u KNOW in accord w. objective reality, the only thing which gives any real substance to the word, "truth," the ONLY way to (Godly) happiness, as noted.

Worst enemy of truth is non-existent "good" which is the wedge vehicle of SUBJECTIVISM by which one suffers HUBRIS and makes oneself God.  Jews are thus foremost liars as they're always so united, organized, and "connected" ("thick as thieves"), Jews always the topmost masterminds of organized crime as we see, Jews the top "bankers" as of US Federal Reserve Bank by which they legalistically COUNTERFEIT the money-supply, owning everything and everyone, practically, as I've noted.

For note there's no perfectly "free" will in objective, hence determined universe in accord w. absolute cause-effect.  We're all sinners, creatures of will, necessarily self-interested who can only enter Heaven by means of God's grace and mercy--explained best by St. Augustine who denounced Pelagian heresy concept of "good works."

Gosp. JOHN is simplest, easiest capsule theology of Christianity, St. Paul then (and others too) providing more extensive application to the various and ancillary issues that naturally arise.

Thus Christianity was magnificent artistic achievement, vehicle of Aristotelian metaphysics, opponent of Pharisaics who then wrote-up their Talmud to attempt consolidation of Jew criminal empire, organization of human criminality, hubris, subjectivism.

After all, just ask urself: if Christianity wasn't most magnificent achievement, WHY do Jews hate it sooooooooo much?  Ho ho ho ho--it's why they have their paid terrorists in Middle East now mass-murdering Christians, blowing-up churches, eh?

-------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied---------------------------

Not to disappoint you, but I am an agnostic who does not believe in God much less in Jesus as the Son of God--even though I regard him as a great moral leader and inspiration to the world.

I don't care if OBF likes these shows or not, but it is symptomatic that something is very wrong with him that he cuts off my statement to omit "without ... even bothering to hear it first". And he admits I am right. UNREAL!

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