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Monday, July 25, 2011

Dialectic with "Judeo-Christian" (though he denies it) upon what exactly IS Christianity

Here's another great dialectic found at; it has to do w. meaning of Christianity.

And sorry for the large spaces in btwn these paragraphs--I tried and tried to take them out by "editing" but it just doesn't want to work. I leave a single space, but when I hit "publish" I find the son-of-a-bitch puts double the spaces. I give up.

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Fool Mis-Represents What He Then Condemns
(Apollonian, 14 Jul 11)

MAT: Poor fool, readers will observe u've totally mis-represented Christ's statement (see below-copied by MAT) about "judging." If u lie about one quote, u may have lied about the others too--certainly mis-understood them, regardless. One MUST judge--there's simply no way around it--it's just one must be careful to note criterion by which one judges as it will be applied to oneself in due time. Christ did NOT NOT NOT tell people to not judge (as u allege)--this would be stupid--which is how u understand Christianity which u then condemn.

Problem is u understand "intelligent" (like a Jew) to meaning biased like urself. And indeed, I oppose ur demented and biased understanding which is NOT NOT NOT "intelligent" in proper sense of the word.

Christ un-questionably emphasized idea that truth is pre-eminent value, HONESTY then the pre-eminent ethical virtue--AGAINST the Pharisees (and others, but Pharisees were worst of the bunch) who, in their hubris, always twisted things and lied to suit their interests ("what's 'good' for Jews"). Thus Christ upheld the Aristotelian reality (or "God-created" according to Christians) against Pharisaic/Talmudic subjectivism (as of urs, I'd note).

As Christ is anti-Talmudic (anti-lies and anti-subjective), he is necessarily anti-semitic, ipso facto--I doubt anyone would disagree. Truth then is absolutely thematic for Christian aesthetic/philosophy defining absolutely EVERYTHING else, necessarily.

I don't at all "attack" Christ's teachings--I attack ur miserable "interpretations," that's all. I only say Christ didn't and couldn't have meant what u idiotically say he meant.

And the "cognitive dissonance" is entirely on ur part; u're actually preaching "Judeo-Christianity" (JC) but don't have the wit to understand the stupidity u speak/write. U're such a smug, brainless fool with ur slip-shod, totally conventional "interpretations" which I've shown are so prejudiced if not entirely false--as about ur assertion on "judging." It doesn't occur to a moron like u Jews have sedulously subsidized a Jew-oriented, Jew-serving understanding/"interpretation of Christianity, it's worst enemy, for nearly two hundred yrs now, which is proven in the infamous Scofield Bible, for example--see for expo/ref.

CONCLUSION: MAT: my writings go back ten yrs now which anyone can research at, under "commentary." I'm quite confident for my expo/research; u're the one half-assed and flippant for ur Jew-serving "understanding." Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

-------------------above by Ap in response to below-copied by MAT--------------------

Yes, that is the full quote--wherein Jesus advises his followers not to judge others. You have not refuted a damn thing.

I do not expect you to utter anything remotely intelligent. The entire basis for your interpretation of Christianity is merely one N.T. verse, which you manhandle to boot. You also believe that Jesus was not Jewish--when he, and all of his apostles and early followers, were Jewish. The earliest Christians just considered themselves another Jewish sect; in fact, the decision to convert Gentiles and not force them to comply with Jewish ceremonial 'laws' was not one that came naturally or easily.

It is also funny that you attack many of Jesus' teachings, suggesting that he could not have meant what he taught because such is illogical, e.g., "loving one's enemies." I find this amusing because many folks who are opposed to Christianity expressly have a problem with these teachings, suggesting that they are unrealistic or simply inapplicable in real life. Such individuals may be right, but at least they have the balls to state they are not Christians because they disagree with some of Christ's teachings, as opposed to claiming to be Christian while similarly disagreeing with such teachings.

You would live with far less cognitive dissonance if you just accept the fact that you are not a Christian. If you are actually a white man, I suggest Asatru. No need to hate Jews and worship them at the same time, or to mangle their teachings to create a pseudo-theological mess.

---------------------------below-copied by MAT in response to above (top) by Ap---------------

We can agree that Jesus was anti-Talmudic, and obviously opposed the Pharisees and Sadducees.

However, Jesus was a Jew, who preached to other Jews, who was followed around by a bunch of other Jews, and so forth. He was clearly not an anti-Semite, at least not in the sense that the term has been understood since the Jews started to cry about their poisecution.

Jesus was only "anti-Semitic" in the sense that he tried to teach the conservative Jews of his day to reform themselves, to be less tribalistic and less hateful. But he was no Aryan warlord or Greek student of Aristotle -- he was a Jew.

Also, I am no "Judeo-Christian."

"As Christ is anti-Talmudic (anti-lies and anti-subjective), he is necessarily anti-semitic, ipso facto--I doubt anyone would disagree." -Apollonian fm above, 14 Jul 11

Au contraire, there is not anyone who would agree. This is another massive oversimplification heaped upon another oversimplification with a conclusion that would literally astound any rational person.

1) Opposing Talmudic teachings, as even some Jews do, does not ipso facto make one "anti-Semitic."
2) The Talmud is not simply about "lies" and "subjectivity" -- nor is Christianity simply about "TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH" and "objectivity."

----------------------below-copied by Ap in response to above by MAT-----------------

Apsterian Expo Mightily Crushes Home, Steadily, Surely, Triumphantly
(Apollonian, 15 Jul 11)

Slowly but steadily MAT finds he must admit to and adopt the definitions, exposition, and meanings mighty Apster has so consistently held.

Observe MAT admits Christ was anti-Talmudic (thus admitting the premise), but now wants to quibble and continue to insist Christ was Jew, MAT insisting Jew is more/other than Pharisaic/Talmudist and those racially related which assertion then consists simply of the fallacy of EQUIVOCATION--conflating two (or more) different things into one and the same. But I maintain the verifiable truth that Jew, strictly speaking, IS NOT same as "Judean," but rather, as I noted w. ref.s, Jew being follower of Pharisees, etc., and those racially related.

MAT then begs the question regarding, " the sense that the term has been understood," that term being "anti-semitic," which is anti-Jew (not Judean), or anti-Talmudist. In fact, one can confidently say anti-semitic means anti-Talmudist, practically perfectly parallel terms, and so it has always been held by the Jews themselves. Anti-Talmud is anti-semitic ipso facto.

Thus MAT grudgingly admits and agrees w. my necessary conclusion (Christ was absolutely anti-semitic), though he petulantly wants to stipulate conditions which I never put--I never said Christ was "Aryan warlord." For Christ was Gallilean of Judean descent (not Jew--not Pharisaic) who preached the real Mosaic law--against the Pharisaics, the Pharisaics conspiring thus to have Christ murdered.

And now here we begin to get to the real nitty-gritty about the real, essential Christianity and what it REALLY means first and most (yes, it does feature TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH as foremost principle, as I noted). And observe I didn't say Christ was "Greek" student of Aristotle, but he was Aristotelian without doubt for the primary immanence of Aristotle--OBJECTIVITY. Reality exists in its own right ("God-created" according to the Christians) regardless of our own consciousnesses, thus premise for TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH--an extremely anti-semitic (anti-Talmudic) principle.

For what is the Talmud?--even as MAT himself has already essentially admitted, teaching hate and warfare for the sake of war. Thus the Talmud teaches reality is ONLY what the rabbis say it is (subjectivism, ipso facto), this always serving the "good" of the Jews--but always then, of course, for the special "good" of the leaders of the Jews, the heck w. lower-level kikes whom the top Jews merely use as means to their ends.

Thus Christian TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH vs. Jew lies is very much and precisely the SAME as Aristotelian OBJECTIVITY vs. Jew/Talmudic subjectivity. Q.E.D. And it's impossible and absurd for any "Jew" to oppose the Talmud, for he wouldn't be a Jew (by definition) any longer--it's inconceivable. And in fact, Jews would see to it the apostate Jew would be dead, dead, dead--as they've so well demonstrated throughout hist., Talmud being essentially just a hand-book for CRIMINALS, pure and simple. And Christ cursed the Pharisees (see 23rd chapt. Gosp. MATT) for making the law of Moses into such a criminal enterprise, beginning w. making the law of men to being law of God (Gosp. MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9).

Hence Christianity, the philosphy thereto and therein, is NECESSARILY founded upon the idea of truth (as in Gosp. JOHN), hence objectivity, without such objectivity there could be no truth--this, opposed to Jew lies and Talmudism which is meant to serve the "good" of the Jews (actually, their leaders), as defined by the kikes.

MAT is indubitably and without question one who spouts the same "Judeo-Christian" hereticalist lies to effect Christianity and Judaism (Talmudism) are mere variants of same thing; they're NOT NOT NOT--they are HEGELIAN OPPOSITES and anti-theses necessarily and without question. Thus Christianity is so eminently rational and reasonable whereas Judaism/Talmudism is irrationalist and mystic featuring the false "faith" of believing absurd things, this "believing" then creating a false reality within the subject. Proper Christianity only holds "faith" as LOYALTY, like the faithful husband to wife. MAT is half-baked and slip-shod for his understanding and distinctions as I've noted over and over.

CONCLUSION: Hence it is mighty apster has demonstrated his case so conclusively; MAT must lie grossly and grievously to maintain Christ was Jew, a most disgusting and putrid falsehood, and note how he does it, (a) ignoring the ref.s and expo given by apster, (b) continuing then mindlessly and stupidly to repeating the same balderdash as he does. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Here's a neat dialectic we had, starting a few days ago. Dialectic basically starts here!/page18, item 177, and then continues at another couple of threads,, and

* * * * *

Christianity Is Simply Reason Against Mysticism, Irrationalism Harnessed By Jews

(Apollonian, 18 Jul 11)

"Iosiah": I'm not an obedient dog-like animal like u, who "obeys." Rather, I'm honest sinner who essentially does what I pls, pursuing my happiness, in accord w. what I think is real, true, reasonable, and proper. The rule is REASON, period, and Christ is great because that's how he understands ethics, as he says and demonstrates.

Thus the appropriate "commandments" are, as I noted, (1) understanding reality, hence God, and appreciating things ("love God")--(2) and then act accordingly by justice, which second part merely follows logically fm the first. Thus God's (Christ's) advice is to think and be rational, reducing things most simply. Thus Christ re-stated the Old Test., and New Test. reason/rationality is all we need, as I've extensively exposited this thread.

Christ is the God of reason and specifically TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44). Thus Christianity upholds the Aristotelian OBJECTIVE reality against Jew subjectivism, for basic philosophy, as only objectivity provides criterion for TRUTH. Christianity is not about bean-counting and "obeying" like a dog--as u seem to think--u're just a child; u should grow-up.

Regarding "morality": remember ethics is mere logic btwn ends and means, that's all. Means must properly serve ends.

So u see "Iosiah," u need to grow-up and become a thinking adult: given the OBJECTIVE reality, things are DETERMINED in accord w. absolute cause-effect--there's NO perfectly "free" human will, and thus there's no "good-evil." Everyone does best they can. Jews and queers are irrational and insane, that's all--they're DISEASES-of-opportunity afflicting "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler whence over-populated people suffer hubris, pretending to fallacious, delusional, hereticalist "good-evil," imagining it's good to "tolerate" these monstrous scum and psychopaths, Jews and queers.

Remember, pretending to being "good," as u seem to do, is classic Pharisaism, by definition; u're just a sinner like anyone else. queers (and Jews) are scum as they destroy rational society like the irrationalist diseases they are, and we Christians are soldiers of God and rationality above all.

CONCLUSION: But only 5%, or even less, entirely grasp and can really handle purest REASON, u understand--which then is why we have the advice and "commandments" of Christ to guide us by way of supplement to reason. I hope I've made things simpler for u to understand--we're NOT Pharisees--we don't need "commandments," except as advisory guidance for the weak-minded. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

-----------------above by Ap in response to below by "Iosiah"-----------------------

Originally Posted by Iosiah

I don't suppose you're referring to these Mark and Matthew verses? Jesus speaking:

Mark 10:19 Thou knowest the commandments, Do not commit adultery, Do not kill, Do not steal, Do nor bear false witness, Defraud not, Honor they father and mother.

Matthew 5:17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill. 18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

How do you have any moral high ground over a fag when you only obey two commandments yourself?

-----------------------"Iosiah" further responded, below-copied----------------

Originally Posted by Iosiah

No, you are quite dog-like. You're just a rebel who hates God. John 14:16 If ye love me, keep my commandments.

You think you can lean on your own righteousness and then say that Jesus approves. That is absurd. It's not about what you think is "real, true, reasonable, and proper." As a man, you're too dumb to define those things. There is nothing about "reason" or "ethics" in the scriptures.

Loving God is keeping the commandments. 1 John 5:3 For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous.

What's with this "TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH" silliness? Christianity, from Genesis to Revelation is absolutely about obedience to God. To say anything else is a lie.

No duh, tard. It's called "predestination." Free willers are heretics. Like you.

Then shut up about the Bible because you have no Biblical basis to speak against Jews and fags with the heresies you've constructed. You're operating purely out of your own righteousness. If your problem with these people is their irrationality, why would you try to bring Christianity into it?

------------------Ap next responded, below-copied---------------------

Christian Aesthetic Is Triumphant Unifier Against Lies, Jews, Et Al.

(Apollonian, 18 Jul 11)

"Iosiah": u're one of those poor creatures who tries to being a good little boy for God understood as parent, u pretending to being "obedient"--which is just as well as u have no brains, obviously--or very little.

Christ affirms TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) which immediately and necessarily implies the OBJECTIVE (Aristotelian) reality. And God gives us our REASON by which to think, act, and operate. Bible is mere ancillary supplement written by men which u forget too easily as u're just not very smart--it's weaklings like u that most NEED the Bible and its advice as u can't figure things out on ur own.

CONCLUSION: Why dear "Christianity"?--it's universal aestheticalist unifier against lies and those most satanic henchmen, the Jews and their accomplices like the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who rule presently. Christ affirms the objective reality, criterion for TRUTH, TRUTH, TRUTH (without objective reality, there'd be no "truth," u see). Thus objectivity is basis for all human reason, logic, and science, ethics, etc. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

* * * * *

-----------There were further dialectical exchanges which one can see at above-noted URLs------------

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

[It's been almost three weeks without a new posting here, but I've been busy at a discussion site, is like a large blog, u know. And I was able to get in several good DIALECTICS which is the great feature of blogs and blogging, multiplied at discussion sites (see link, just below). Immediately below is an instance of a dialectic I had w. a faggot/gay/homosexual who was typically making excuses for his faggotry, claiming he WAS NOT trying to push an agenda. We had several exchanges, but below is when I thought I quite effectively rebutted him at one posting. See!/page13. I answer in the numbered paragraphs corresponding to his statements, numbering to which I super-added.]

* * * * *

Mighty Apster Refutes The Queer's Lies, Propaganda

(Apollonian, 17 Jul 11)

Hey thanks much, Friedrich, for ur snappy and spirited response--it gives me something to work w. by way of "reasoning" w. u, eh? But again and before anything else, note queers are simply ADDICTS and psychotically obsessed w. sense gratification. Ur entire response is nothing but excuses and cheap rationalizations which have been hrd before and will NOT NOT NOT ultimately be tolerated.

1. U didn't come here to "push gay agenda"?--U'RE A LIAR, pure and simple. Proof is ur typical, stupid excuses and rationalizations, again--this is "pushing agenda," by definition.

2. A queer is an addict--u're not ONLY "attracted"--u actively seek out sense gratification w. others of same sex; ultimately u queer scum all end up as crass alcoholics, and u always get around to attempting to seducing younger, more vulnerable victims--u're predators, without any doubt.

3. Well, being queer would be useless and meaningless if it didn't end up w. the thematic sense gratfication, hence "act," u scum sooo desperately crave, eh? Being queer is now part of a mentality and culture and is "political" of necessity.

4. Sure, disease and psychosis are parts of nature too and will always be there, but they don't usually prevail in human society except when that society suffers "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

5. As every act is necessarily consequence of human will, expression/assertion of "sexuality" is responsibility w. legal consequences--same as TREASON and any other crime--ur sort of putrid corruption has simply been tolerated far too much, and must now be dealt with more actively/drastically, in un-compromising manner--it WILL NOT be tolerated--and u're going to understand this one way or another, comrade.

6. U're just a liar, and what u "believe" is most often just a lie u tell urself to justify ur perversion and socio-pathology, scum.

7. Right, queer scum: and we've hrd that before fm queers like urself too, haven't we? Actually, EVERYONE is "latent" queer, eh?--some are simply more rational and more successful in guiding and restraining themselves. But ur stupid excuses will NOT NOT NOT ultimately be tolerated, as I've warned u.

8. Encouraging queers is KNOWN strategy of Jews and cultural subversives like communists--who are always guided by Jews--ALWAYS.

9. Queers are ALWAYS basically adjuncts to (a) irrationalists and (b) subjectivists, these led by professional subverters of society, thus Jews--these are simply known, verified facts of history. U've already made known ur sympathy to kikes. So queers are simply the lower-level cadre of a core-group, led by Jews, the purpose being the intimidation/terrorization and regimentation of society in general. As for most issues, MOST people are "un-decided" in the middle btwn extremely small minorities at the polar ends, sociologically/politically. Queers are known, confirmed advocates of the "New World Order" (NWO) which features "freedom" for queers. Death to queers.

10. "Sexual rev." and "teen pregnancy" are mere symptoms of same problem, queers being just another of general societal break-down, scum--they're all related, part and parcel.

11. "White man's expense" is promoted by Jews, hence queers, Jews' little helpers/accomplices--another well-known fact, scummy lying queer.

12. "Gay people" are psychotic, obsessive enemies of society and its youth; they are criminals and traitors waging war upon that society, exterminating such queer enemies is NOT "murder"--it's rather self-defense.

13. Eradicating queers along w. Jews and other diseases may or may not "increase numbers"--what's important is defending the volk, insuring the security of a just and healthy society.

14. "Young gay people" must simply change their corrupt and perverted habits, and as they are rational and realize such filthy habits won't be tolerated, the smart ones will surely repent their filthy sins and reform their habits in healthier way. What, pray tell, is "pseudo-religious"?--I'm being perfectly frank in PUREST, honest, logical reason. Ur corruption/perversion WILL NOT be tolerated. U will get a clue--or, u will be dead, dead, dead, scum. I think this attitude of mine is both (a) honest, and (b) most rational indeed; if it isn't u need to say why/how. U might call it "tough love"--I call it HONESTY in matter-of-fact way. Regardless, u WILL get a "clue"--OR ELSE.

15. U're just an ignorant liar, as usual w. u scummy, stupid queers. Queers are psychotically obsessed TRAITORS who collude w. worst enemies of mankind, Jews--sure, that may be a "talent" to perverted scum like u queers. But I was hist. major in grad-school, and I assure u ur'e brainless ignorant moron when it comes to Renaissance which was essentially the SECULARIZATION of what previously was oriented to the after-life, the integration of the world of sense-perception w. the abstract by means of reason--NOT NOT NOT queer perversion which is built upon trendy, faddish, "fashionable" ignorance and half-assed "new-age"-style mysticism and mumbo-jumbo psycho-babble.

16. Yes, privacy is a right in reason and rational society, but on the contrary, u queers want to make it public, pushing ur perversion in people's faces, forcing the children to be propagandized at the schools, insisting queers should be hired by private companies and not "discriminated" against, u scummy, corrupt queer liar.

17. No, we Christian soldiers are going to take-back our Western society, and we're going to EXTERMINATE w. "extreme prejudice" u filthy, corrupt, perverted friends and sympathizers of Jews. U've now been totally refuted, once again, and I repeat: u're lucky I'm being most reasonable w. u now, scum. U queers are NOT NOT NOT going to be tolerated. Get a clue to save ur scummy life, puke. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

----------------above by Ap in response to below-copied by "Friedrich"--------------

[1] I didn't come here to push a queer agenda, but since you seem obsessed with it...
[2] Being gay means you are attracted to the same sex.
[3] It is not a sex act or political act in itself.
[4] It occurs in nature, across cultures, and will always be there.
[5] Except for bisexual people I think sexuality is fixed (albeit more so in gay men than women).
[6] As such I don't believe that anybody can be seduced into a "gay lifestyle".
[7] That's a basic admission that the person who argues this is latently homosexual/bisexual himself.
[8] The blatant sexualization of society may lead to corruption.
[9] The gay minority isn't big enough to really influence it either way.
[10] The sexual revolution and the teen pregnancy epidemics are doing much worse for society.
[11] It's not that white people don't breed, it's that the other races breed uncontrollably at the white man's expense.
[12] You want to murder white gay people?
[13] Oh yeah, that's definitely going to increase our numbers.
[14] A lot of young gay people end up as hopeless liberals, because they hear pseudo-religious crap like yours.
[15] Gay people also have talents that can benefit society, and without them there wouldn't have been a renaissance after the dark ages.
[16] What people do in their bedrooms with other consenting adults is their own business.
[17] Maybe you should become a Salafi Muslim and fuck off to Saudi Arabia

---------------------"Friedrich responds to apster, below-copied---------------------

Yeah, whatever, you've already said I should be exterminated long ago.
What more is there to say?
Are you honestly saying that straight men are so simply because they have more restraint on their same sex desires?
I don't find that at all, and straight people like a lot of heterosexual sense-gratification.
Either you have same sex attraction or not, but my male straight friends have none.
But, rather predictably, now its going into New Ageism versus "Christian soldiers".
You enjoy your beliefs, and I'll enjoy mine.

* * * * *

"Straights" Are More Rational Than Queers, Who Are Psychotic, By Definition, Other Things Being Equal

(Apollonian, 17 Jul 11)

"What more is there to say?"--I don't know: that's up to u, evidently, as u plainly came here to "push ur agenda," as I noted.

What I'm saying is that queers are (a) addicts and psychotically obsessed, (b) then necessarily, given the cultural/psychologic configurations, accomplices to the worst enemies of mankind, the Jews, who deliberately promote such corruption/perversion as queers.

And thus "straights" do not, by definition, indulge/partake in such corruption/perversion. Straights are thus no more virtuous than any other citizen who chooses NOT to indulge in any sort of criminality.

So "straights," like any non-criminal citizen, deserve credit for not oppressing society as queers do. "Straights" may indeed have similar urge to sheer "sense gratification," but they're more rational as to be more constrained for choice of partners--and deserve due credit for what it's worth.

CONCLUSION: Right queer: I'm sure u'll "enjoy" ur "beliefs"--and the large drama is presently taking place in the world's cultural struggle as we observe in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. I just wanted to be sure u're successful in ur campaign of "pushing" ur "agenda," as u do. Ur fellow queers surely appreciate ur arguments as u've presented, indubitably. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

-------END-------[There's more to this dialectic at the site, above-noted.]----------------

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Corsi delivers crushing, fatal blow for truth, justice, Western culture

Book Review: Corsi, Applicator Of Reason, Honesty; Executor Of Lies, Conspiracy
(Apollonian, 29 Jun 11)

"Where's the Birth Certificate," by Jerome Corsi, WND Books, NY, 2011, 392 pages, w. notes and index, is truly a stupendous, extensive, and scholarly work which essentially and definitively DEMOLISHES Barack H. Obama for epic fraud in his criminal occupation of US Presidency. And of course, Obama himself is just the front-man to larger conspiracy, another production of those powers behind the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEIT scam--see for expo/ref.

For what Corsi does is detailed, but not mere tedious reviewing of the entire subject-matter which began even before the 2008 campaign; Corsi exhaustively treats the foundation of meaning of "natural born citizen" (NBC), and further, he painstakingly covers the Obama campaign's attempts to spin, lie, deceive, intimidate, and distract fm the actual facts. Further, Corsi and the publishers append numerous pictures of relevant documents and computer-screen "captures" for Obama camp's various false statements.

And there's no doubt: Obama knows he's NOT qualified for the office, why he's spent almost two million dollars on lawyer fees, and it all raises the question as to why his backers have deliberately created this crisis which is bound to blow-up in their faces as things continue to get worse and worse for USA both economically and politically.

Remember, there is nothing quite like a full exposition of facts, presented in one work, for the mind to leisurely consider when faced w. the sheer enormity of this gripping and deliberate fraud which additionally amounts to a profound and pointed spitting-in-the-face of the American people, law, rational culture, truth, and human reason itself, for all the various idiotic, and deliberately conspiratorial frauds and self-deceptions perpetrated throughout our recent political history.

Obama fans themselves may never be impressed or persuaded by Corsi, but these are becoming steadily fewer and fewer; otherwise, the book's great effect is obviously upon those who were non-committal, not to mention those many already in-the-know who are now even more greatly strengthened for the fullest grasp of things.

CONCLUSION: Even if one thinks one already knows the pertinent facts (as I did), Corsi's expo is well-worth the reading for his masterly and artistic rendition which is much like a work-of-art in itself--as it presents things in one large, but coherent and simple production by which one can thus wonder at the pathetic and futile attempts of enemies of Truth as they desperately try to destroy not only USA, but all rational Western culture as well. Ultimately, it's truth and reason against lies and sheer criminality--such is the excellent effect of Corsi's magnificent job. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Monday, June 27, 2011

Queers: want to destroy marriage, society, children, humanity, reason, and reality--stupid suck-alongs w. Jew filth

Queers: Suck-Alongs With Jews And Judeo-Christian Destroyers Of Societies

(Apollonian, 27 Jun 11)

What is the purpose/function of marriage? Obviously then, it goes back a long time, even before invention of writing. Thus marriage was then and is now a special relation recognized by law. And we can see the plain purpose of it, for one thing among other possibilities: marriage is a practice/relation/function/endeavor which is especially noted, protected, revered, and sanctioned by the state as something which properly supports the state, upon which the state is founded, defended, and preserved--the production of healthy, loyal children and future citizens. For no one can produce such children and future "social-security" as well as the individual parents.

So we can see presently the homosexual affliction and disease of our culture is no less than an active, deliberate effort to destroy culture and the people, esp. for the ability and function of precisely this raising of future citizens. The children must be perverted along w. the corrupted mental programming in other areas.

For homosexuality, esp. in its final stages, is actually nothing less than psychotic addiction to mere sense-gratification, and it's no surprise queers are notorious alcoholics on top of everything else in their emphasis and addiction to gross irrationality--irrationality for the sheer sake of irrationality. Queers hate intellect, favoring sense-gratification.

And we see further how queers are always so closely associated w. Jews, as Jews exude irrationality (sublimely strategic as it is, for all their success in otherwise defeating conventionally "rational" people in the formerly functional society, now in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler), hatred of truth (see Gosp. JOHN 8:44), and of a reality they cannot change by means of their whims and incessant lies. For expo/ref. on Jew Talmud, the founding Jew document, see Mike A. Hoffman II at and; also see for excellent Talmudic expo.

For the Jews are foremost, topmost criminals who run society's legalized COUNTERFEITING scam (see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank fraud) by which this relatively small group of psychopaths controls EVERYTHING else, owning literally everything and nearly everyone, including the political system, the judicial system--everything.

Thus one sees how irrationality only now made so fashionable is foundation of the criminal COUNTERFEITING fraud, now called "banking," and how such cultural irrationality over-flows to the toleration and downright promotion of queers, queers now working to control and pervert the children of society now facing utter destruction.

CONCLUSION: And the fashion of irrationality begins w. the romanticization of mysticism (anti-reason) and esp. the general HUBRIS by which humans imagine they have a perfectly "free" will, akin thus to veritable Godliness, God defined by such perfection of freedom of will. For humanity thus corrupted insists thereby upon "GOODNESS" against "evil"--which could not exist without preceding "free" will, people so easily affected by inferiority complex programmed into them fm earliest youth and childhood. The great irony is queers insist they were "born" queer--which determinism (absolute cause-effect, foundation of science) is actually the very opposite of their idiotic and fallacious "free"-will delusion/fallacy. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Friday, June 24, 2011

Buffoons and clowns, jokers and wits are mere distractions at this stage of Spenglerian "Decline of the West"

The Buffoon Factor Within Cultural "Decline Of The West"
(Apollonian, 24 Jun 11)
Yet another problem for the present times of "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, is that of buffoons and buffoonery--the clowning of people who pretend they contribute to the patriot dialectic by means of joking, comedy, and witticisms as if these are effective towards solution to the great problem(s). Thus given the over-riding HUBRIS of the culture in Spenglerian "decline," the buffoonery is quite rather natural to the over-populated fools who imagine themselves soooooooooooooo "clever." For such again, is the nature of HUBRIS.

Note then for the large cultural dialectic, there are the two obvious basic opponents, the Christian and rationalist up-holders of truth and the Jew liars and criminals on the other side who oppose rule-of-law and justice. In the vast middle btwn the two, made up of most people, are those who genuinely want to find and know the truth while struggling with deceptive pre-programming of the mind which has crippled them, victimizing them, making it so difficult to understand.

Among these poor cripples in the middle are buffoons and clowns who pretend theirs is a manner of coping w. the degenerating situation, indulging in comedy and wit, derision and ridicule, these buffoons pretending they're clever and sophisticated.

But the buffoons and jokers fail to realize they're just wasting time and effort as the cultural situation gets steadily worse, pretending their jokes and clowning is substitute for serious thought. Thus the buffoons and clowns become bogged-down in irrelevance, esp. in manner of ad-hominem fallacy as they pretend to "criticize" and observe in sardonic fashion upon the personality of their targets and opponents--rather than the arguments and real issues themselves.

So the question is, are the buffoons working for the Jews? And the answer is some of them quite probably are indeed, though surely not all, as buffoonery is already so ingrained within the culture--as people imagine it's "sophisticated" so to display such "wit."

And the pt. to be stressed regarding this buffoonery and general clowning is the necessity of seriousness for consideration of the dire cultural situation which is only getting evermore worse. For buffoonery is un-questionably a hubristic indulgence, thus DISTRACTION, which the Jew enemy wants to emphasize and promote within the ranks of his opponents. For buffoonery then enhances in-fighting and diversion taking away attn upon the Jew problem.

CONCLUSION: The sad truth ought to be faced: there's really properly no time or energy to be wasted by patriots for solution to the Jew problem and the hubristic degeneration of the culture. There's nothing funny about our present predicament of Spenglerian "Decline of the West." The buffoons and Jokers need to get a clue and cut the clowning. It's time to getting serious. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Monday, June 20, 2011

Look Out for those "beleeeeeeeeeeevers"--they're often most powerful, politically

"Believers" Are Demonstrated To Being Often Most Politically Powerful

(Apollonian, 20 Jun 11)

By golly Apocales (see below-copied at, also, but yet again, u touch upon a most interesting subject-matter. For to live requires the will-to-live, and the will thus seems to require some interest in life. But surely this "interest" doesn't necessarily mean one needs to make something up from "whole cloth" (or less).

Still, u've surely touched on something deeply psychological, thematic to humanity, esp. for its passionate nature. For some people pursue theories most passionately, searching for proof, even in spite of contrary evidence. For it's well-known law of logic, negatives cannot be proven.

Observe now those supreme psychopaths, the Jews, who rule the world presently, who are absolutely convinced they're "chosen" by God. Yessir, God loves Jews more than other mere goyim--God is sooooooo taken by those precious kikes--just can't resist them, by golly.

Then we get into the realm of organized groups of people who indulge this "believing"--it's true, u see, BECAUSE they "believe." Thus they worship this "belief" of theirs whence they make themselves God--and there are lots and lots of "Christians" who so "worship"--NOT God, really, but rather their "beliefs." It's true because they say it's true.

Thus Jews have brilliantly connected themselves w. these "believers," at least a significant group of them, called "Judeo-Christians" (JCs)--see and for expo/ref.--these JCs to be found in all denominations, who say, for example, Christ was a Jew (hence follower of the Talmud). And we see this constellation of "believers," Jew and gentile are most powerful, politically.

The REAL Christianity of course is worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (as Gosp. JOHN 14:6)--NOT mere "belief"--and that's how and why the real Christianity opposes Jews who make themselves God. Further, the real Christianity opposes those phony Christians, like the JCs, who merely worship their own delusions and "beliefs," these so often the close allies of Jews.

CONCLUSION: Thus one can very well "believe" in something, but whether it's true depends upon sensory evidence, this being called, generally, "science." But for political purposes it must be observed and acknowldedged these "believers" are and can be quite powerful indeed--u gotta watch out for them in sooooo many cases. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

------------------above by Ap in response to below-copied story------------


Houdini, Crop Circles and the Need to Believe

What happens when a hoaxer owns up and nobody believes him? Dan Gardner's new book "Future Babble" explains the many ways in which experts refuse to admit that they were wrong about something. They ignore contrary evidence, point selectively to facts that weigh in their favor or simply shrug off the mistake as a problem of timing. Even cultists redouble their faith when the world does not end as forecast. These biases are also apparent in the astonishing determination of many people to dismiss the claims of confessed hoaxers.

Mr. Gardner tells how, in the aftermath of 9/11, a seemingly spooky Nostradamus prophecy went viral on the Internet: "In the City of God there will be a great thunder, two brothers torn apart by Chaos, while the fortress endures, the great leader will succumb.'' In vain did a Canadian student confess that he had written it a few years before to mock Nostradamus' vagueness.

Something similar happened with a speech supposedly given by Chief Seattle in 1854 upon signing a treaty surrendering his tribe's lands: "How can you buy or sell the did not weave the web of life—he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.''

In vain do scholars point out that this hymn to ecology was written for television in 1971 by a Texan screenwriter named Ted Perry, who has repeatedly tried to set the record straight. Even Al Gore, in his book "Earth in the Balance," quotes the whole speech, though he nods toward the controversy by suggesting—rather limply—that "the power of his response has survived numerous translations and retellings."
“The confessions of hoaxers are routinely dismissed as further evidence of some original fantastic event. ”

In the early 1920s, Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes and a convinced spiritualist, befriended Harry Houdini, a determined skeptic. Houdini's problem was that in playing ingenious tricks to persuade Conan Doyle that spiritualists were tricksters, he only succeeded in reinforcing Conan Doyle's view that the magician had spiritual powers.

In one incident, Houdini had a cork ball dipped in white ink spell out a message on a slate suspended from wires. The message was the exact phrase that Conan Doyle had written on a scrap of paper a few minutes before, three blocks away. Houdini had swapped the cork ball for a ball with an iron core, swapped the message for a blank sheet of paper (under the pretense of ensuring that it was folded) and communicated its contents subtly to an assistant behind the wall, manipulating a magnet.

Something similar happened in 1991 when Doug Bower and Dave Chorley confessed to having invented crop circles—symmetrical patterns of flattened wheat that began appearing in southwestern Britain in the 1980s—after an evening at a pub. By the time they went public, crop circles had become a huge phenomenon, pored over by enthusiastic believers who called themselves "cerealogists" and attributed the patterns to UFOs, ball lightning, plasma vortices and the like.

Many of these self-styled experts were making a good living on book sales and were not about to let Doug and Dave rain on their parade. So, with one or two creditable exceptions, they insisted that the men's confession was itself a hoax and pointed credulous reporters to evidence that all the crop circles might not be man-made (too many circles, no witnesses, no footprints, etc.)

It was the incidental details that made the story of Messrs. Bower and Chorley believable. Mr. Bower's wife had grown suspicious about the high mileage on the family car, and most early crop circles appeared on Friday nights—pub night. Their technique was "plank-walking": tying a rope to both ends of a plank of wood and using it as a sort of treadle to push down corn as they walked.

The moral of the tale for magicians, practical jokers and screenwriters is that if you perform your trick too well, it may take on a life of its own and escape into the wild.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Horrific Truth Begins To Dawn: Feds Are Out To Kill You, Suckers
(Apollonian, 9 Jun 11)

Previously in the USA and West political debate and discussion had to do w. a plausible choice btwn and among positives which were relatively forthright; "left and right," Democrat vs. Republican, or "liberal vs. conservatives" vied for the votes and support of people upon the basis they were committed to some form of forthright "social progress"--no more.

For nowadays, as criminals, corporations, and psychopaths consolidate their control over things--including everything, seeking absolute monopolistic control over all the earth's resources--the formerly secret purpose is now evermore plain: these people are determined to REDUCE POPULATION of the world--they're out to kill people, one way or the other.

One of the ways towards this proposed population reduction was and is sterilization, this to be induced chemically, but now it isn't held important if the supposed sterilizing chemical actually kills the subject-recipient. See; also see

And this mass-sterilization and deadly deliberate poisoning is now being done by various means and methods, including vaccinations, "chem-trails," and nuclear contamination. Fools and suckers need to start getting a serious clue.

Thus the prospective mass-murderers are connected unmistakably with the resident powers-that-be which rules by means of that COUNTERFEITING fraud known as the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see for best expo/ref. Thus the criminals and murderers are exposed definitively: fraud and lying necessarily and inevitably require mass-murder as enforcement, and people are now confronted indisputably with that horrific reality.

Observe further, it used to be Christianity stood firmly against this lying and mass-murder, no less than Christianity stood against Jews, but no more. For we see Christianity evermore embraces Jews and esp. Israel, and as it does this Christianity loses its identity as forthright champion of truth above all. Now Christianity gives way to lies and mysticism, this always upon the excuse and pretext of "good."

CONCLUSION: So the pt. is that if people are to defeat this culture of death, mass-murder, and criminality founded upon lies, they must embrace TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, above all, and hence Christianity which does not compromise w. Jews and their Talmudic lies. It's no longer a matter of "left vs. right" or "liberal vs. conservative"; rather it's a simple struggle for life against criminals and murderers who defend lies, fraud, and Jews, always Jews. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Paul's campaign approach "perverse"--even though quite understandable given Paul's unusual premises

Dr. Coy: Paul's Intellectual Perversion Stumps People
(Apollonian, 8 Jun 11)

Though far from "corrupt," Ron Paul's political style is "perverse," I submit, inasmuch as it's so unusual and counter-intuitive: (a) it's highly intellectualistic for basic approach, and (b) it's not oriented towards blaming the criminals, also known as "negative campaigning." Paul prefers to merely extolling and pushing his own ideals, insisting such ideals as his are the best way to proceeding politically.

Thus Paul doesn't bother to pt. out the sheer criminality and fraud of the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed--see for best expo) which is quite literally a COUNTERFEIT scam--as Paul rightly fears assassination.

Paul's style is also ironic inasmuch as he emphasizes US Constitutionality, yet pointedly refuses to weigh-in on the Obama eligibility issue which well-served Donald Trump so recently, Trump strangely now so silent as it is obvious Obama's proffered birth certificate is forged and grossly fraudulent. See and

For note Joseph Goebbels, the famed nazi propaganda minister, stressed most effective propaganda has to be (a) simple, and (b) repeated over and over. But Paul's message is NOT simple in the least--it's rather highly intellectualistic (abstract) and even rather moralistic which leaves so many people behind, even though many actually like Paul for his otherwise straight-forward consistency and honest manner.

So Paul is to be admired and respected most for his amazing political style--he obviously doesn't care to being elected president so much as he strives to put across his particular message stressing the Constitution and most appropriate type of legislation. But question remains regarding Paul's ignoring Obama's blatant usurpation of presidential office in contempt of US Constitution, as it seems so inconsistent in view of Paul's stress upon loyalty to the Constitution.

And people would immediately understand the horrific criminal conspiracy working against them if only they could face up to the COUNTERFEIT nature of the Fed instrument/mechanism which is being used against them, esp. in the way of United Nations (UN) depopulation policy and the poisoning of the people's drinking water by means of fluorine compounds--as well as other poisoning measures being effected.

For people require being addressed in way of CONCRETE terminology, not abstracts, and COUNTERFEITING is easily understood even by small children.

CONCLUSION: Thus as politics and elections entail art of the practical, one must wonder about Ron Paul's perverse methodology entailing such effete intellectualism and his refusal to defend the Constitution regarding "natural born" qualification requirement out of a "politically-correct" (PC) moralism. Paul is desperate not to seem "racist." People need to understand the criminals behind the Fed aren't joking around when they talk about population-reduction. For fluorine poisoning is not only a present-day fact, it's mere tip of the proverbial iceberg. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mysticism ("faith") and Pharisaist self-righteousness: Horrific Combination, Presently destroying world, USA

Those Fatal "Idols" Of Christian Mind: (Mystic) "Faith" And "Good," Presently Raging
(Apollonian, 1 Jun 11)

What's presently destroying the world at "warp" and break-neck speed?--unquestionably, mysticism and moralism-Pharisaism--Pelagian heresy, founded upon "good-evil" delusion/fallacy. For there is no "good-evil" in a determined, objective world, objectivity the necessary foundation/premise for TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, which is God, according to Christian Gosp. JOHN (14:6).

Combined then with mystic "faith" of "beleeeeeeeevin'" (rather than the proper LOYALTY, real meaning of virtue of "faith"), whence people insist obsessionately that whatever they "beleeeeeev" is what then becomes true (making them God-like for their ability to so "create" reality, even if only in their own mind(s)), Christian virtues of HONESTY and reason go out the window.

Thus, by means of this horrific mystic "faith" of "believing," Christianity is no longer the worship of God, but actually that narcissistic self-worship of mysticism and mystic "faith," whence one creates reality, as one becomes God unto oneself--by means of this mystic "faith" of "beleeeeeeeeeeeevin'."

For "beleeeeeevin" DOESN'T MAKE ANYTHING TRUE. Truth exists by itself, REGARDLESS of "belief."

Thus Christianity, properly understood, once again, is the worship of, reverence for TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH which couldn't and wouldn't exist unless the objective reality existed FIRST, objectivity thus giving grounds, foundation, and premise for truth pre-existing the subject, the human who is mere creation who comes after prior reality, humanity the merest accident following fm the prior reality and Godly creator.

Thus Christianity affirms OBJECTIVITY and Aristotle as it affirms existence of truth--for there could be no "truth" without prior existence of reality.

And as reality is objective, it is DETERMINED, there being no such thing as a PERFECTLY "free" human will--only God's will is perfectly free, by definition. And note humans can't exceed their necessarily interested condition, humans being creatures of will, even if not perfectly "free."

But people, we observe, are soooooooooooo desperate to pretend they're "good" (Pharisaism)--as we observe they're sooooooo perfectly programmed fm childhood they must be OBEDIENT, "good" always predicated upon such obedience for the weak-minded who are so numerous, due to preceding generation(s), and even powerful, esp. when well-led by liars and false-prophets.

And we note these weaklings, so susceptible to "good" and mystic "faith" delusion(s) are CYCLICALLY generated, esp. in the CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, these weaklings, ironically, sprung-forth by a preceding race of genuinely strong and great conqueror generation who subsequently indulge their progeny who wouldn't otherwise survive without these strong predecessors who provided for them in the first place.

Such then is the present human predicament as we see humanity victimized by psychopathic mass-murderers, supported by masses of willing dupes who "believe" they're good to accept lies like "global warming" and esp. then that horrific COUNTERFEITING scam known as the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see for expo/ref. on Fed scam.

CONCLUSION: Hence the foremost crux to things cultural is to preaching the real Christian truth for hereticalist masses of "Judeo-Christians" (JCs--see and for expo/ref.) who "beleeeeeeeeev" such lies as Christ was Jew, etc.--and who "beleeeeeev" it's virtue to so "beleeeeev." For the true Christian who worships TRUTH properly is honest and only seeks to understand, as understanding is foundation of real knowledge, hence truth, "beleeeeeevin" (without understanding and proof) mere cheap substitute for real knowledge of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Christian TRUTH ideal--against mystic "faith" of "believing"

The "Idols" Against Christian Truth Ideal
(Apollonian, 31 May 11)

Christianity is all about TRUTH, truth as foremost, topmost ideal, principle, and premise; truth is God, and God is truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6). And this truth ideal is best understood in context of a dialectic of opposites, truth struggling for primacy against lies within the mind of humankind, lies both deliberate and of the more passive, wishful-thinking sort.

Observe then this great and magnificent Christian aestheticalist ideal of TRUTH, truth, truth is what necessarily sets the stage and thus provides for the following great Western cultivation of reason, science, and logic by means of which we treat and make use of truth in general and its particular substance.

So how then is Christianity, as we see today, so undermined and traduced for this precious truth ideal? For we observe Christian practice is subject to such confusion for ideal and principle, esp. in the way of "love" (esp. fm St. Paul), "peace," "good," and particularly nowadays in the name of "faith."

Thus we see the primary "idols" against Christianity are similar to those noted by Francis Bacon (1561-1626) who exposited fallacious notions so commonly harbored within the mind militating against proper and accurate science and scientific procedure. Bacon called these fallacies the "idols of the mind."

Thus Christianity could not be primarily about "love" as the question is obviously begged regarding what it is to be loved--what should be loved?--and why? Similarly for peace, as Christianity is not about peace at any price, this being mere cowardly excuse for submission to lies. But commitment to truth is what produces that inner peace--regardless of political expedience, peace for the individual even in midst of most horrible warfare and strife.

And Christianity is not about "good" as "good" is ultimately meaningless and subjective, dependent upon a criterion which doesn't exist and has never been discovered. "Good" is really just a platitude not different fm what is desired or desirable which is always relative and subjective, once again.

Further, note "good" depends upon a human will which is perfectly "free" to so choose, and human will is not perfectly "free," humans enslaved necessarily to interest. Thus it is said humanity is sinful, always so committed to the object(s) of will and desire.

But psychologically, we observe this "good" is persistent delusion among and within humanity so subject fm infancy to guilt- and inferiority-complex, humans programmed fm the beginning to being obedient, thus "good"--no less than dogs, the "good" dog being simply the dog which is obedient.

And this "good" delusion has always been present among humanity as a deliberately cultivated delusion (Pharisaism and Pelagian heresy), fm the "good" and "Noble Lie" of Plato, "good" pretended to be equal to truth itself, to the presently prevailing and raging Kantian "good" to which reality and truth are subjected.

Finally we come to the idol of "faith" which presently so horribly traduces and affects the real Christianity and ideal of truth. For faith in one sense--the proper one--is unquestionably appropriate, and that is the "faith" of LOYALTY. Given truth, one ought to be so loyal, hence honest.

But here and now we see the horrific error and fallacy of equivocation when the supposed virtue of "faith" is construed not as proper loyalty but rather as BELIEF. And it is with this "believing" we see Christianity was originally corrupted so putridly to its opposite ideal (Pharisaism) of lies, lying, and liars.

For mere believing something doesn't make it true, and "believing" all by itself is not a virtue--not nearly as much as is real understanding and comprehending. And "believing" is certainly not same thing as understanding. For mere "believing," all by itself, is nothing essentially different fm obsession which can be exerted to positively psychopathic extreme.

Thus we see Christian virtue of truth and honesty is positively betrayed by means of equivocation fallacy applied to the word "faith," "faith" then construed to be obsession and "believing," this "believing" regardless of truth and reality, corrupted, contrived "believing" now mere obsession and wishful thinking, psychopathic insistence.

And thus we see how this "believing" feeds the Pharisaic "good-evil" delusion and Pelagian heresy, anything now being true if only one "believes" insistently and hard enough. Anything is true if u only WANT it to be--say the liars and Pharisees who murdered Christ (hence truth). Now one merely needs insist enough, loudly and repeatedly. Thus truth is made to be lies, and lies truth--if only u WANT it to be so enough--if only u "beleeeeeeeeeeeeev."

And this curse of corrupted "faith" and "believing" is now what we see infecting those hereticalists, psychopaths, and murderers who call themselves "Judeo-Christians" (JCs--see and for expo/ref.), who say Christ was a Jew, and who support the enemy terror-state of Israel.

Observe that upon the false premise of "believing" these JC hereticalists create their own reality and make themselves God, insisting upon lies which they "believe" and insist is truth.

Thus the true Christian adherence to TRUTH observes human weakness in the face of such JC-type insanity and psychopathology. Human will is NOT perfectly "free," always so subject to sin and desire. For truth is what conforms to the God-given and -created reality; reality not created by humans, humans themselves mere creations of God.

CONCLUSION: Thus the true and proper understanding of Christian ideal--TRUTH--is so sublime and fraught w. problems and conundrum. For though humanity possesses will, yet it isn't and couldn't be perfectly "free"--and this paradoxical fact about human will is such horrible truth and frustration for moralists and Pharisees who insist upon guilt-complex by which they contrive to intimidate and terrorize the children of the world which children they seek to make slaves. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Friday, May 27, 2011

Satanic Implications In Your Face, Comrades--You Gotta Face Up To Them
(Apollonian, 27 May 11)

Well, well: now we see "the Donald" (Trump) denies he said Obama's alleged birth certificate is phony (see

And we know Ron Paul doesn't want to get into such birth cert. controversy as he quite rightly fears assassination. Paul prefers to choose his battle on ground of the Fed fraud and COUNTERFEIT engine (see for expo/ref. on Fed) which gives the Satanists all their practical power, buying off and -out all the suckers, fools, and scum--worshippers of Mammon false god.

Yes, that's right: I said "satanists"--for these people, these topmost, primary conspirators behind Obama/Soetoro, knew Obama was ineligible for presidency fm very first, u see, and one of their primary motives was to express their contempt for US Constitution, the people of US, and law itself--these are SATANISTS, I submit, satanism most excellent choice of words to so describe them, deliberately spitting in face of truth, reality, reason, and humanity--they don't care if u know it, see.

And I wonder who it was actually who signed-off on the Obama nomination, in the first place, knowing it all had to surface at some pt. for the sheer satanistic enormity of it all, this incredible contempt and fraud upon the volk, spitting in their face, etc. Was it David Rockefeller?

For these satanists are absolutely insane and power-mad, and they consider they can and will intimidate and terrorize the people by means, for one thing, of their obedient minions like the yuppies, Jews, and homosexuals who, they're confident, will do what they're told to enforce this satanistic Mammonist dictatorship against the people.

For that's what it's now come-down to: Truth against lies, lies and fraud now up-close to u, in-ur-face, telling u and us what is true and real, and that US Constitution doesn't matter--there is no law, only what these satanists say, and we'd better conform, or else. In fact, these satanic scum will even deny there's such thing as truth or reality.

So the question and challenge is now put to the Christian people who worship TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6)--what will they do now? For this is what Christianity is properly all about--TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH--truth above all else, including "good," "peace," love, and "faith."

For lies always seeks to overthrow truth in the name of "GOOD." And note we're talking about truth, the ideal in general. Thus Plato, for example, sought to equate "good," along w. beauty, with truth--as in these modern times did the philosopher Immanuel Kant (who said reality must conform to "good"). Present-day Jewwy "neo-cons," for another example, who follow Levi-Strauss, emphasize the "noble-lie" of Plato.

And the issue then is regarding the nature of reality--is it determined in accord w. absolute cause-effect? Or is there such thing as a PERFECTLY "free" human will--a human will of God-like freedom?

And of course, most people will shrink fm these simple, yet extremely heavy and deep considerations of metaphysics, but Christians still have to face up to what their Christianity is supposed to mean in the first place--is truth supreme?--yes or no?

CONCLUSION: Thus we see the basic issue, regarding truth and reality, in perfectly rationalist terms, but now further, converted to theologic terms, this for the sake of practical politics and the people's understanding. Thus our patriot task is to remind the Christian people they owe allegiance to truth, truth above all and everything else--it's really simple. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Human will--NOT perfectly "free"

I sent below essay as response to Alex Jones' "audio blog" at Mine is about the 50th response fm bottom. Same Jones "audio blog" is also found at

* * * * *

Is Human Will PERFECTLY "Free"?

(Apollonian, 24 May 11)

Alex: My observation is very simple regarding this great cultural battle we're fighting:

(a) At one level, immediate and political, it's pretty straight-forward--as u've always analyzed for us. Thus we're up against criminal conspirators who are behind that legalized COUNTERFEITING scam, the US Fed, which has nearly infinite funds, almost literally.

(b) But at the more abstract, cultural level, it really is Christian TRUTH (as Gosp. JOHN 14:6, 8:32, and 18:37) vs. lies, but these lies will always be justified in name of "good." For note Plato equated "good" along w. truth and beauty.

(c) Note then "good" depends upon the actual "freedom" of our supposed "free wills." For obviously nothing can properly justify lies against truth, truth as ideal. And truth, the ideal, is what our enemies hate. Soooooooo obviously, our adversaries want to build up the "good" excuse for overthrowing truth, this "good" dependent upon the supposed "freedom" of human will.

(d) So I only now want to present argument(s) for the non-PERFECT freedom of human will. For one thing as example, we CAN'T change our nature as sinners (self-interest)--there are some things "free will" cannot change. So there's problem w. human will--it isn't and can't be PERFECTLY "free," certainly not like God's will.

CONCLUSION: Thus the assault against TRUTH depends on "good" pretext and nature of human will, which couldn't be perfectly "free." Thanks again for all ur efforts, Alex; keep up ur great work. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Monday, May 23, 2011

Who's kidding who?

Trump-Obama One-Two Coup: Legitimizing The Criminal/Usurper
(Apollonian, 23 May 11)

Observe the recent coup of a scam upon the American people perpetrated by establishment Democrats and Republicans CONSPIRING together: the pressure regarding "natural born" status of Obama's citizenship was evidently getting to be toooooo much for the criminals--SOOOOOOO they decided to make use of "the Donald" Trump, Trump pretending to be "possible," "potential" presidential candidate who brilliantly, even flamboyantly, stole the thunder and media attention regarding the "birth certificate" issue.

Trump ROCKETED to the very top in polls on pres. candidate contenders on the strength of his soooo public and eloquent complaints regarding the "birth certificate"--and so what happened? All of a sudden we get Obama surprisingly making public the pretended, supposed document which was immediately exposed for the gross and crude forgery it really is. See

So now where's Trump?--what does he say about this ridiculous farce regarding the obvious forgery perpetrated by Obama and co.?--not a peep. Obviously, the purpose of the whole stunt was to legitimize Obama, the usurper, by means of establishment Republicans, beginning w. Trump himself, now tacitly acknowledging the pretended legitimacy of this obviously forged "birth cert."

The only possible conclusion thus has to be upon the blatant psychopathic degree of criminality and insanity for these Council on Foreign Relations (CFR--see and for expo/ref.) conspirators, Dem and Rep. as they almost literally SPIT IN FACE of American people w. their contempt for people's intelligence.

Ron Paul says nothing either--but he knows he's got to worry about assassination. So once again, there's just no substitute for the "grass-roots" origin of meaningful political/cultural initiative--who will call Obama's bluff? Note the Pakistanis have already exposed the destruction of the helicopter which supposedly took Osama bin Laden's body. Presently it would seem the Israelis hold all the cards unless Obama "plays ball" w. them regarding invasion of Iran.

Now we know why Dante entitled his great epic, "Divine Comedy." Human hubris, as we see presently, too easily and eventually reduces to just gross farce as we all await the next shoe to drop for these desperate criminals at the very top who want to reduce the world's population.

CONCLUSION: Obviously now (as always) the conspiracy is a "Jew thing" (considering their control of the "Jews-media"--see w. collusion of "Judeo-Christian" hereticalists who insist like morons Christ was a Jew (see and for expo/ref. on Christ's explicit anti-semitism, as of Gosp. MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9). Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Paul should emulate Trump's brash approach, challenge volk to see past media-induced cognitive dissonance of 9-11

[Below-copied is THIRD Apo response to "John Martin." A.]

* * * * *

Christian Value Of TRUTH Needs Be Primary--Even Over "Good"
(Apollonian, 14 May 11)

John: thanks much for ur latest note (see below-copied). U know, things really are in a truly horrible state, all fueled by means of this nearly infallible Fed COUNTERFEIT engine which seems sooo easily for so many gullible people to simply manufacture "prosperity" at will. And the Fed will continue to succeed as long as folks accept those paper notes as payment for goods and svcs.

As u might know, Obama/Soetoro is front-man/agent for the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR--see and for best expo/ref.), Trilateral Commission (TC), and Bilderbergers, these the main and leading conspirators behind and around the Fed instrument--these people LIE as a matter of course, and "Jews-media" is just another of their instruments.

Goal of these murderous, psychopathic conspirators is "world gov." behind the United Nations (UN) by which they have decided upon reduction of alleged "over-population," there being numerous documents to this effect (see and for best expo).

Thus these criminals are proven to have initiated and conducted several campaigns towards the "slow-killing" of people world-wide, including especially sterilization by various methods, including chemicals (fluoridization, "aspartame," MSG, bis-phenol A, etc.), and by means of forced vaccinations.

Thus we can see these criminals and psychopaths have literally committed to a perceptible, veritable mass-murder of the world's people, and not merely the poor victims of direct military action as in Iraq and Afgan.

For observe it is proven American soldiers handling the depleted-uranium (DU) weapons themselves are heavily, immediately, and directly affected with massively increased rates of cancer and sterilization. It's truly a culture of DEATH built upon lies, lies, lies which confronts us in our face.

It's thus critical our people, as well as people everywhere, begin to understanding and facing-up to the horrific facts and conseqences, for when US Dollar collapses as "reserve currency," note there's no putting it back "together," so to speak, and we will soon be relegated to third-world status, our manufacturing industries now all having been exported out of the country.

So the pertinent question, I submit, has to do w. what notion or "ideal" is it which truly and basically organizes the two opposed sides--the one, presently so successful, as of the CFR-Bilderberg, built upon lies and death, versus the poor people, dependent upon TRUTH which has been so pathetically traduced and mis-represented, as by the mass-corporate Jews-media.

At one time Christianity was understood as champion of TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6 and 18:37-8), modern science arising fm the Italian Renaissance and Galileo, for example, but Christianity became, through the centuries, steadily under-cut and subverted as it became notoriously known for reaction against Englightenment reason and liberty, this by means of mysticism and esp. mystic "faith" of "believing" things which weren't otherwise rationalistic.

So it's truly a great and tremendous struggle still for the cause of TRUTH and freedom. The simple-minded appeal to bare "reason" won't work, I suspect, as enemies of reason are so adept at twisting logic and arguing against it, even while at same time pretending they're most rational.

Observe how these criminals have so far so successfully persuaded Americans to give up their freedom and Constitutional rights by means of 9-11 -style terrorism, "al qaeda" having been originally begun by the CIA/MOSSAD and British MI-6, there now being the "good" al-qaeda now allied w. NATO forces in Libya, for example.

Hence I conclude the mass of people need to be organized according to traditional Christian principle of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above every and any other "ideal" or principle, reason merely being a consequence of such larger, more general TRUTH ideal, creditable as it is.

The great enemy then, the "satanic" adversary, is enemy of this TRUTH principle/ideal--and these always try, by means of their subtle and sophisticated dialectics, to substitute the principle of "good" which then attempts to down-play and relegate TRUTH to secondary status, this so often upon pre-text of the "noble lie," excuse, as if lying is justifiable as primary ideal/value, this then further buttressed by means of mystic "faith" which pretends to manufacturing of truth and reality by means of obsessive-type "believing."

Finally then, we come to the fundamental issue, after TRUTH itself, of the real nature of human will--is it truly "free" w. a perfect freedom?--can it then manufacture TRUTH? I say human will is NOT NOT NOT perfectly "free," and that reality is absolutely DETERMINED in accord w. absolute cause-effect.

CONCLUSION: Problem then is these heavily analytical thoughts herein discussed are soooooooo difficult for people generally, and that's why the original Christianity was so successful for summing things up w. successful and effective symbolism for folks who had and still have such difficulty thinking about all these matters in all its subtlety. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

------------above by Ap in response to below-copied------------------

On Sat, 5/14/11, John Martin wrote:
From: John Martin

Subject: Re: essay: 2nd Response to "John Martin"....

Date: Saturday, May 14, 2011, 9:13 AM

I agree with you 100% about the counterfeiting. In April, 2009, a mere 3 months after Obama took office, I found a document on the web that showed that the fed had already printed enough money to double the available supply. I can only guess how much has been printed since then up to today.

Obviously, that's why gold and oil are zooming to record levels. Pretty soon our money could be like Zimbabwe's.

If that's not enough, I see more and more evidence that Obama's policies are not from stupididy, but are a deliberate plot to destroy America's economy--reckless spending, higher taxes, regulations, mandates, drilling moratoriums, etc.

While Obama was still campaigning in 2008, I saw evidence that he received untold millions of dollars from numerous donations from banks in Saudi Arabia. For all I know, some, perhaps even most, of these donations could have been made by members of the Taliban and Al Qaeda. If that doesn't scare you, I don't know what will.



[Below-copied is reply to "John Martin's" second response in this dialectic on political propaganda. A.]

* * * * *

Propaganda Must Be Kept Simple, Concrete
(Apollonian, 12 May 10)

John: I never said I supported Trump as pres. (see just-below-copied by "John Martin")--I only made ref. to his brash and highly publicized demand for Obama's documents which went over extremely well w. people and pt'd up the "natural born" issue for US Constitution. Ron Paul should take note.

Further, I used Trump's example by way of contrasting and criticizing old Ron Paul who is soooooo "intellectual" that he leaves most people behind--even if many like and respect Paul for his consistency and general integrity.

For it's absolutely essential folks generally be brought to understand EXACTLY what is the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed), this in the necessary CONCRETE terminology. Thus Fed is simply a legalized COUNTERFEITING scam, as I've noted over and over and over.

Once people realize Fed is NOTHING but just such a COUNTERFEITING scam--which even children can understand--then Fed and its partisans will be seen for the crass, gross CRIMINALS they really and truly are.

For note COUNTERFEITING is not an exaggeration or a metaphor--it's exactly what the Fed is and does. But observe how the Fed scam is soooooo gross, the fraud soooooo great and blatant, actually, people have difficulty grasping that's all the Fed is--COUNTERFEITING, pure and simple (and yes, charging of interest is then added on top, but such interest is mere "icing on the cake," COUNTERFEITING being the basic thing in the beginning).

Imagine if u had exclusive monopoloy for LITERALLY COUNTERFEITING the money supply--u'd eventually, if u merely played ur cards rightly, end up OWNING EVERYTHING and practically everyone who would be intimidated, bribed, extorted, and conned. Mass corporate "Jews-media" (see is a perfect example, a megaphone instrument for these bloody, murdering criminals and war-mongers behind the Fed.

Consider and observe how, for just one example, present US Congress, Senate and House, are so blithely and brainlessly bound and determined to pass amnesty for illegal aliens--even in face of 80% of the people firmly opposed and against such amnesty--it's because the politicians are bribed and extorted by means of this incredible monetizing (COUNTERFEITING) instrument which is the Fed, which simply churns out nearly INFINITE funds.

Thus as Joseph Goebbels, the famous Nazi propaganda chief, noted, necessary prop. must be REPEATED OVER AND OVER and over for the broad masses to finally be able to "get" the idea--the Fed is simply, literally COUNTERFEITING, and the people connected w. and behind the Fed are most gross CRIMINALS. No wonder these murdering criminals don't hesitate to kill over a million people as in Iraq over the last several yrs now.

And don't doubt these very same criminals are getting ready to mass-murder Americans here in USA as they've been doing by slower methods so far, as by fluouridizing (poisoning) water supplies, injecting poisonous additives to the food, like aspartame and MSG, and now GMO foods in bulk. Vaccinations are yet another murderous method by which the autism rate has sky-rocketed.

CONCLUSION: Finally, Ron Paul ought to get a clue and consider the mass cognitive dissonance induced upon Americans by the Jews-media since 9-11 is surely wearing-off, people evermore realizing how their gov. has so horribly lied and deceived the public regarding deliberate "inside" destruction of the WTC bldgs, not to mention lies about WMDs in Iraq. Thanks again for ur comments. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

-----------above by Ap in response to just below-copied by "John Martin"-----------

--- On Thu, 5/12/11, John Martin wrote:

From: John Martin
Subject: Re: essay: Response to "John Martin"....
To: apollonian
Date: Thursday, May 12, 2011, 10:43 AM

Are you still supporting Trump?

You did not answer my most compelling question: How can you possibly call Trump qualified to be President?

Considering his bankruptcies and business failures, I don't see how he could take on the responsibility of running a country.

I also believe he has long been a beneficiary of corporate welfare--government handouts and grants for his businesses. I don't want that mentality in a President.

And then of course, his registration as a democrat and his support of Obama.

Sorry, I cannot support Trump. He will only sabotage the Republican party.



[Below-copied is my reply to "John Martin" who responded to my original essay on Ron Paul (see below-copied) of 27 Apr 11. A.]

* * * * *

Response To "John Martin": Ron Paul Is Hopelessly Intellectualistic
(Apollonian, 10 May 11)

John: Thanks much for ur response (see below-copied note fm "John Martin"). I actually agree w. u, for the most part, I'm sure, regarding Ron Paul and his focus upon the crucial Federal Reserve (Fed) COUNTERFEITING scam issue, the immediate crux to practical power of the Judeo-conspirators (CFR, Bilderbergers, and Tri-lateral Commission) who are presently striving to destroy USA, its sovereignty, and its fundamental, traditional Christian culture featuring anti-semitic ideal of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH--against Jew lies (see Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

Perhaps u should ck Alex Jones' great website, (also, for further info regarding these Judeo-conspirators, or "globalists," as Jones calls them: these people are fervently involved in genocidal mass-murder on a truly gargantuan scale by various and multi-farious means, including lethal, poisoned vaccinations, fluourodized water (more poison), GMO foods, aspartame and MSG poisoned food-additives, among others, and lately now, "chem-trails" in which aluminum and barium salts and poisons/contaminants are being spread by means of atmospheric seeding.

But John I most violently disagree w. u on the Obama eligibility issue for his gross, crass usurpation of the office of president, as Obama is NOT NOT NOT a "natural born" citizen of USA, both parents required to being citizens at time of birth (see the reference I gave u in the original essay by me, below-copied). Further, as u might know, Obama was adopted by his step-father, an Indonesian citizen, thus having alienated what US citizenship he did have. There's no record of Obama having applied to re-instate his citizenship.

Needless to say, Obama is thus subject to blackmail by afore-mentioned criminal and "globalist" powers behind the scenes for their dictation of policy which, I agree w. u, entails the absolute destruction of USA as u urself pt. out.

And the general "birther" issue is NOT "trivial" as u pretend, Don Trump having demonstrated its great power, using it to catapult to the very front of the pack for voter-interest, as reflected by all the polls as we see. Why can't Ron Paul see the obvious utility and attraction for this issue?--esp. in view of his and ur own protestations of fidelity to US Constitution.

Note further, there's the problem for Obama's other deliberately suppressed records which would likely show he applied for student aid as a foreigner. Why shouldn't Obama be pressed for disclosing this vital information?

U really make no sense regarding Obama's "birth certificate"--does it occur to u there are serious problems w. this latest "disclosure"?--see for details. So Obama, a proven liar, issues a pro-forma, supposed document, and u don't even bother to examine it for its integrity? With "enemies" like u, John, Obama doesn't need friends, does he?

Regarding the negroidal, Herman Cain, u ought to ck the neat video at whence Cain assures us there's "no need to audit the Fed." Cain says, if we want any info, all we have to do is "call them up." Sarah Palin is herself a Jew, masquerading as a "Judeo-Christian" (see and for expo/ref.), who advocates Israel-first.

CONCLUSION: So John, u need to examine ur own principles and understanding of things which are quite defective, I submit. Remember, I criticized Paul for his gross intellectuality which leaves most people behind for clear understanding of the Fed. Most people cannot grasp such intellectuality as Paul's and desperately need to be spoken-to in terms of CONCRETES (particulars), not abstracts, CONCRETES being things one can actually perceive. Thus the Fed is LITERALLY a legalized COUNTERFEITING scam--which then even children can begin to understanding. Thanks again for ur response. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

-----------above by Ap in response to below-copied fm "John Martin"----------------

Don't you dare chastise Ron Paul like this. Ron is one of only a handful of people anywhere in government who has a solid respect for American virtues and its Constitution.

I have studied and admired him since 1988, when he first ran. His entire voting record, from beginning to end, has been perfect. His knowledge of economics is unsurpassed.

The birther issue is trivial. Obama has released his certificate, and that is the end of it.

What is much more important is that Obama spent about all of his learning years in countries that despise the USA (Kenya, Indonesia, etc.) and, of course, learned to hate America himself. He wants to destroy America and turn it into a communist third world armpit like North Korea or Zimbabwe.

Trump is not fit to be President. He has too much baggage. He has gone bankrupt more times than I can count. How is he going to run a country?????

If he runs in the Republican primary, he will make the whole party look like crap. He will hand Obama the 2012 election on a silver platter.

If Trump wants to run, let him run as a DEMOCRAT. He's registered to vote as a Democrat, AND he even gave Obama a campaign contribution.

Sarah Palin also has too much baggage. We don't need her either.

Now for the good, capable candidates:

1. Ron Paul
2. Rand Paul
3. Herman Cain
4. John Stossel
5. Neal Boortz

Please wake up. Don't let America die a horrible death.


---------------above by "John Martin" in response to below-copied by Ap-----------

Senile Ron Paul Fails To Take Advantage Of Trump's Bold--And Extremely Successful--"Birther" Foray And Style
(Apollonian, 27 Apr 11)

WTF?????????--what's w. Ron Paul?--that senile, old codger. Here the guy (Paul) is always babbling about the good ol' US Constitution, and now he's handed, as lately by Donald Trump, an outstanding "issue" regarding Const. requirement of "natural born" citizenship, which obviously requires both parents of Pres. to be citizens of USA at time of birth (see But noooooooooooooo, Paul is "too good," the senile old fool, to press this issue so brilliantly pushed and prosecuted by Trump, as we see, Trump now taking the issue and using it to climb to very top of latest polls on possible Republican candidates.

So Trump deservedly impresses folks favorably for his brashness and boldness if not sheer courage, as he's surely working for Israel. Observe Trump says he'd vigorously squeeze China and Islamic OPEC cartel--BUT WHAT ABOUT ISRAEL?--of course, no one will "go there," scummy, stinking cowards, though there's surely good, understandable reason.

And it's most brilliant, fool-proof, can't-miss issue, this "birther" business, though of course actual place of birth isn't real problemo, rather it being aforementioned citizenship of parents. And pt. then is in how Obama/Soetoro is really just a front-man for the CFR-Bilderberg conspirators who are steadily destroying USA, US dollar about to go down proverbial tubes FOREVER--once it's gone comrades, it ain't coming back--and it will all happen suddenly (relatively). Thus Obama/Soetoro, the crass usurper spits on the US Const. and in the face of people of USA--while Ron Paul has nothing to say, the stupid, cowardly scum.

Another issue made-to-order for Paul, at least potentially, is the 9-11 WTC building collapses which were OBVIOUSLY explosive demolitions, as Paul should consider the COGNITIVE DISSONANCE initially induced by the Jews'-media (see must now be dissipating for many people. 9-11 was, and had to be, an "inside job"--for how, additionally, did the US Air Force get so conveniently "stood-down" as it obviously was?

For 9-11 of course, Paul has much more of an excuse for his cowardice in broaching the issue--he might well get assassinated--CFR-Bilderberg is quite willing and capable. The only alternative for explosive demolition of WTC bldgs is the evermore and grossly absurd "gravitational collapse." Thus inductive evidence for 9-11 "inside job" is not only already overwhelming, but growing for evermore folks.

So then we come to Paul's trademark issue, that of the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed--see for best expo/ref.), and we see Paul continuing w. same old intellectualistic, abstract crap and balderdash--it's "printing money out of thin air," as he brainlessly says and repeats over and over ad absurdum. Thus Paul continues to keep things out-of-reach for most folks who ARE NOT "INTELLECTUALS" and cannot and will not ever understand or take seriously such abstract things.

For people and voters generally must have things explained to them in strict CONCRETE terms, "concretes" being things which are perceptible, capable of being seen w. one's eyes and touched w. one's hands. Thus the Fed is simply a legalized COUNTERFEIT operation/scam/mechanism, and by this means ("COUNTERFEITING") even then small children can easily be brought to understanding most seriously exactly what the Fed is. For COUNTERFEITING is precisely, exactly what the Fed is and does, quite literally--it's NOT an exaggeration or a metaphor, and it must merely now be repeated over and over and over for folks.

And if u notice Trump, his obvious attraction is his relatively forthright brashness and straight-forwardness, hence the appearance of HONESTY--unlike the senile old Paul who merely continues w. his folksy manner spouting intellectualistic-type cliche's, talking-down to people, instructing them in his prim and moralistic manner which is getting old for some people, though Paul is indubitably quite knowledgeable regarding the economic science.

So what refreshes people regarding Trump is the seeming honesty and forthrightness--Trump appeals in a practical and CONCRETE manner to folks while Paul just continues to drift in his brainless, prim, namby-pamby manner, amiable but senile and really out-of-touch in all actuality for his patronizing attitude he takes, ignoring the popular "birther" issue, failing to pounce upon obvious fact 9-11 WTC collapses were PLAINLY caused by deliberately placed explosive charges, the gross cognitive dissonance of the people naturally fading.

CONCLUSION: Paul's senility and dumbness really indicates gross lack of confidence in the people who merely need be challenged now, the people always suspicious of the "Jews-media" lies and "psy-ops," the 9-11 cognitive dissonance operation and complex now ready to collapse w. just a little vigor and vitality shown by an honest candidate. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian