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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Things are really simple when u analyze--we're fighting very same EXACT war fought in 1860s....

Below essay by ap first published at comments,

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South: Risen Again!
(Apollonian, 29 May 16)

"This country WILL BE DESTROYED if we do not change our course." -JR, fm above text

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JR: the country is ALREADY destroyed, gone w. the proverbial "wind," get a clue. US Dollar is good as GONE as "reserve currency," Chinese now introducing gold-backed Yuan. USA was destroyed back in the 1860s w. the mass-murder of white folk of the south, including the death of up to a million blacks, don't forget.

And we're fighting the very EXACT same struggle that was waged back then 150 yrs ago--states rights and sovereignty will do the trick for people's rights, and Trump is the instrument of that cause, he standing for national sovereignty against Jew world order dictatorship and AGENDA-21 genocide.

Thus the struggle is against satanism, extreme subjectivism, which is given pretext by means of moralism of the very same sort of "good-evil" as u spout, buddy.

So it's such as u who's the problem, don't doubt. U don't seem to be an avowed satanist, but u do their work, as I note, willing dupe and useful idiot as I've extensively described and pains-takingly analyzed.

So u see, the great cultural struggle is fought first, and perhaps most, by small numbers of people at the POLAR ends of the political spectrum, both ends composed of small minorities, the crux of the struggle to be decided by the folks in the middle, LIKE U, u so clouded for ur anti-American (anti-Christian) vision and deluded upon this moralism/Pharisaism u are presently so mindlessly addicted to.

U've got to cure urself of this anti-Christian insanity of urs and learn to come to terms w. Christian culture for what it is. U don't have to be a Christian; FIRST, u have to see what it really, truly is--a philosophy, genuine, real, and verifiable--not merely this idiotic "religious" something u brainlessly imagine is not proven or provable. For such an impractical and actually patronizing attitude towards fellow citizens is not tenable--get a clue.

Historically, note Christianity REPLACED the Homeric ideals of the ancient Greeks--just ask urself what role and function did the Homeric Ideals serve and provide? Why and how then did Christianity succeed in that replacement?

And note regardless what I say, u can easily look for urself and grasp that cultural transition actually did take place. So it's not like u have to take my word for anything significant.

And by understanding that cultural/historical transition, u can place the present political dichotomy btwn the nationalist Trump vs. "globalist" (as Ajax Jones of likes to say)--it's simple continuation of EXACT same basic conflict of the 1860s, I submit. The South will rise again, by golly.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

satanic dupe, useful idiot perfect microcosm of the larger cultural problem, Jew S A in grip of satanism, hubris....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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JR: Perfect Micro-Cosmic Picture Of USA Madness, Hubris In Grip Of Satanism
(Apollonian, 21 May 16)

"The South is doomed unless they fix some problems. First - they need to be get past their absolutism regarding religious principles- listening to reason for a change . One way or another. Don't get on my ass about saying "religious" because I mean it the way we understand it to be - a religious person here in this article you are reading , is a person that simply believes without proof. That is religion and it seems to be the root of all evil." -JR, fm above

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Religion is simply integrating conscious w. subconscious--ck a dictionary. "Believing without proof" is insanity and satanism, and it's what u do, JR, regarding Christianity, lying so insanely, obsessively, and fanatically as u do about dear Christianity, cultural basis of US law which law u pretend u follow and champion, psychotic liar as u are, denigrating the proper foundation of US law.

And it's u, JR, who refuses to reason, as regarding religion, Christianity, and many other things as I've pt'd out numerous times.

And what's ur problem regarding Jew S A?--it's in Spenglerian "Decline of the West," the people submerged in hubris and satanistic subjectivism. Is it any wonder the law and rule thereof is breaking down?

I thus submit: (a) US suffers due to satanist subjectivism which destroys rule-of-law which has and had been built upon Christian culture of truth (= Christ, see Gosp. JOHN 14:6) built upon objective (God-given) reality.

(b) But now in Spenglerian "Decline of the west," Jew S A and West submerged in subjectivism, hubris, and satanism, thus destruction of Christian culture, hence destruction of law, (c) JR demonstrating, practicing, and exuding that very satanism and lying, as about Christianity, overlooking satanism and his own satanic lying (as about Christianity), along w. other things, like religion and what it is.

For we see JR's religion of satanic, psychotic, obsessive, and fanatical anti-Christianity by which he lies about Christianity and the nature of religion, what "religion" really is, etc., JR imagining his lies are truth, as about Christianity and religion. No wonder the law suffers in Jew S A. There are lots of people like JR, suffering that satanic hubris.

And no wonder USA suffers in Spenglerian "Decline...," submerged in psychoticism, as of JR's, satanism, and lies, lies, lies, not to mention criminality and fraud, the people fooling themselves in their gross hubris--like JR's, pretending he's "good" and "morally virtuous," lying, hubristic fool, but who mainly fools himself. JR is the microcosm of hubris and satanism which be-devils former USA, now Jew S A, going down....

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Scriptures back-up, illustrate what simple philosophy, logic tells u about present cultural conflict....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted, but maybe not published at comments,

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Christian TRUTH (= Christ) Founded In Objective (God-given) Reality Vs. Jew Lies Founded In Subjectivism, Hubris
(Apollonian, 15 May 16)

U know, Mr. Pinay, this all isn't bad at all, but there's another, even simpler difference, which is well illustrated by ur selections, to be sure, and that's the subjectivistic world of the Jews by which reality is understood to being merely what comes fm their mentalities/consciousnesses--what they want it to be (hubris). Thus Jews pretend God is their slave, doing miracles for them and for their exclusive benefit, God excusing their mass-murder of gentiles.

And thus Jews' above-described world-view contrasts w. the Christian, God-given OBJECTIVE reality, the accurate reflection of which, in one's mind, is what we call TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6). Thus truth actually does exist, based upon the God-given reality, and following this truth is what's necessary to achieving that Godly happiness, the only way to the Father being through the Son (= truth). See also Gosp. JOHN 18:37-8 which pt.s-up this foremost issue, truth.

The secret of the Jews is that theirs is a COLLECTIVE subjectivism which then they prosecute against stupid, un-organized, over-populated gentiles who are subject to their own, un-organized, more nihilistic sort of subjectivism, always predicated upon fallacious "good-evil" and Pelagian heresy whence they imagine they're capable of "good," by means of "good works," earning their way to heaven, even without the grace and mercy of God.

So u see, the organized hubris of Jews defeats the un-organized chaos and hubris of gentiles, even though gentiles far out-number Jews, the chaos deliberately induced by Jews, as we see, they promoting homosexuals, and now trans-gendered bathrooms, invasion of West by refugees which they made by means of terrorism which they created, organized, funded, and armed, as we see in ISIS and "al-Qaeda," etc.

How then does all this degenerate process happen?--it's CYCLIC in accord w. Spengler's "Decline of the West," over-populated gentiles having been bred-up by truly heroic and courageous ancestors, but now corrupt, jaded, and fraught w. hubris of moralistic self-righteousness which they imagine they "create" by means of a perfectly "free" human will.

Jews then are best and most accurately seen as the grave-diggers of corrupt gentile culture and civilization, Jews not so much the cause as they are effect, the maggots who eat off the dead and decadent body. Thus Jews are best seen not as "evil"--which "evil" cannot exist any more than "good"--but as a disease, like typhus, or leprosy, or plague--like maggots, again. And Jews will fail when they run out of food to live off of.

Thus most pertinent msg of Christianity is truth, including of God's will, that there is no perfectly "free" human will, no "good-evil" (Pelagianism), we humans being hopeless sinners, this hereticalism then being then the cause of gentile failure and catastrophe upon which Jew-disease profiteers and capitalizes, organizing then all the stupid, mindless, hubristic gentiles, enslaving them against their own people, working for Jews, gentiles destroying themselves, as we see now.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Problem of satanism demonstrated within Jew S A--people are satanic without admitting, without even really knowing it....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Strange Anti-Christ Criteria, Circumstances Of JR's Criticism
(Apollonian, 15 May 16)

After all, JR tells us himself: "I get very frustrated discussing anything with anybody...," fm above--his own words and admission. Why is that, JR?--is it because u have contempt for the culture of the native Christian people?--to extent of lying about and mis-representing Christian religion?

Then, u pretend to invoking what u insist are the ideals of Christ and Christianity, complaining people don't act accordingly, ho ho hoho--question is, HOW would u know?--what are those ideals?--after u've done ur best heaping as much contempt as u can muster upon those supposed ideals?--even claiming those ideals aren't clear fm text of New Test.

So u see, JR, it's hard to see HOW u call urself "American," buddy. U're actually a traitor and enemy as u mis-represent Christianity, the Christian culture, and the Christian people.

U can't even agree upon the satanic (extreme subjectivistic) nature of the corrupted culture now prevailing, u pretending u're not "religious," evidently, when we see u absolutely are (religious)--fanatical anti-Christ as u prove urself to being.

No wonder u won't admit to the satanic corruption, right?--for u actually relate quite a bit w. anti-Christ satanists. Further, u practice this satanism urself for ur lying and anti-Christ relating w. the enemies of Christianity and culture, esp. for Jews, leaders of satanism, though of course, u don't say u're satanist urself, right?

So my thesis is demonstrated quite well, I think: U'RE EXEMPLARY PART OF THE PROBLEM, JR, enemy/foe/opponent of Christian ideals, culture, and people--though u really don't understand those Christian ideals, even as u hypocritically invoke them, complaining people don't practice them, which u (a) know nothing about, and (b) reject as fallacious and un-real. Ho ho ho ho ho

So u're quite a piece-of-work, eh, JR?--traitor, liar, and psycho, willing dupe and useful idiot for satanists, pretending people should listen to ur "criticisms."

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Alexei Jones ( and Trump are mere dissidents against rival (leftist, world-gov.) Jews, never doubt; patriots must make most of it, noting the thematic satanism....

The File On Alexei Jones: Limited Hangout Artist, Shill For Jews And Satanists
(Apollonian, 10 May 16)

Who's Alexei Jones (, and how does he work for Jews/satanists? Note Alexei does outstanding work, both in general AND for Jews and satanists--how does this happen?

First, Alexei is quite good, even brilliant for many if not most of the specific facts and details of ZOG's mass-murder and program thereof, BUT his obvious and horrendous problem is the overall, under-lying philosophy by which he pretends to organize it all, for he utterly mis-characterizes the satanic problem, thus providing cover for his precious clients, Jews, leaders of satanism. See expo on Judaism/Talmudism at,, and

For note and observe how Alexei gives-out w. the real facts about agenda-21 and deliberate on-going genocide of "population reduction." Alexei details the toxic vaccines and toxic prescription drugs which are pushed and un-Constitutionally enforced by courts and bureaucrats, and that's not all. Alexei talks about lots other stuff too, like GMOs, chem-trails, and the Child protection svc racket, the funding and arming of ISIS terrorists, who then trigger invasion of white Christian lands in Europe and Jew S A. But notice then how he works for satanism and leaders of satanism, Jews. See Alexei debate David Duke on subject of Jews at

For if the essence of satanism is extreme subjectivism, reality mere image presented by consciousness/mentality (thus making the subject into God, creator of reality), then the pretext for this subjectivism is moralism/Pharisaism, the fallacious, delusionary, non-existent "good-evil," pretext in turn to self-righteousness, which sanctimony Alexei himself is gross, putrid exemplar. Thus Alexei pushes the idea of a perfectly "free" human will, further pretext to satanism and hence control by foremost organized satanists, Jews. And such "good-evil" Pharisaism is aside fm Alexei's well-known hysterics in defense of Jews, as noted.

Thus we see the sublime manner in which the anti-ZOG, anti-satanic cause is undermined and subverted by means of lies and subtle liars and moralists like Alexei, even if he doesn't acknowledge and wouldn't admit such pro-Jew bias--even when he gets so many of the details right, as we note. For Alexei really seems, no less than Glenn Beck, to being thoroughly convinced for his sanctimony and Pharisaism. And observe Alexei's rather gross habit for interrupting his guests; Alexei Jones, Glenn Beck, and Bill O'Reilly--they're all the same for their brainless narcissism.

Thus Alexei effectively pushes idea there are good satanists, as in way of "good" Jews, and even Donald Trump is part of the same, basic Jew-oriented, Jew-serving gang of master-minds at the top, his kids married to kikes, his daughter having even apostatized. So the political battle remains within the camp of Jews and satanists, Trump and Jones merely speaking for the dissident Jews--at least Jones exposes the explicit, obvious and satanic genocide by means of treachery above noted.

And of course, note this falling-out among the established masterminds is only way the satanists could have been opposed once they gained absolute control, having installed their trained monkey, Obola. Some of the lower-level Jews, now led by Trump, evidently got nervous, scared they would be next for elimination. For there's "NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES." Patriots must make most of things now, making specific note of the satanic nature and character, satanists obviously then led by Jews and no other.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

People, stupid as they may be, must begin to facing-up to the grim logic of things....

It's Trump Or Bushes: Who Will Kill Who?
(Apollonian, 8 May 16)

Folks must face-up to reality: satanic Jew World Order is cracking-up, splintering, rupturing, like falling-apart, and never forget, if u rebel against the king, u MUST KILL the king. For if u don't kill the king, he'll continue to come-back, and he WILL kill u when he does (come back). Thus Trump must deal w. the Bush problem--he's got to be careful who he chooses for VP lest the VP tries to kill him, like Bush did Reagan back in '81. After all, Bush had already helped LBJ murder JFK back in '63, and Rafael Cruz, father to the recent senatorial candidate for Pres. fm Tex., who just flubbed-out, was right there w. Lee Harvey Oswald w. front-row seat--THAT'S the real reason lying-Ted suddenly dropped-out, no doubt.

Thus it was inevitable the satanic Jew world order would suffer its own HUBRIS, due to its phenomenal success, and the master-minds would fall-out w. one another, all this on principle of "NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES."

For observe it got down to a choice btwn killing all the gentiles--"population-reduction," according to Agenda-21--or preserving a good many of them, at least for the moment--after all, Jews have done well w. their lovely and loyal gentile slaves, beginning w. the Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo) heretics who don't care if fellow Christians in Palestine and other places in Mid-East are mass-murdered at hands of their Jew pay-masters.

And of course, Trump has to make it look like he's willing to work w. Bushes, willing to consider a running-mate fm their camp, ho ho ho. But otherwise, Trump surely knows he must be absolutely careful--and Bushes GOT TO GO--after being given fair trials, of course. And along w. Bushes, Clintons have to go, as does Obola too.

For we always knew it was hopeless if left to mere devices of the people all by themselves--they're just tooooo stupid, maybe not all of them, but there are just too many stupid scum in comparison to the genuinely good people who are left. There had to be (a) total victory of Jew world order, as we saw by Obola's election--a baboon taking office of Pres. of Jew S A--and then after the total victory, (b) the realization of the conspirators, esp. those on lower end of proverbial "Totem pole," that they might be next for extermination--like the Russkies on Stalin's old Politburo must have thought.

And so now we have Trump, who, amazingly, has done the job, psychologically and politically, having out-maneuvered the Bushes as we see. Trump had to go far in his efforts, don't doubt, as he finally had to say it: "America first!"--thus the end of the Jew world order idea and total removal of borders, etc.--hard to see how Bushes can possibly recover short of decisive DEATH of Trump. And even if Trump is killed, by whatever means, Bushes will still have to worry the people will come-up w. someone else similar to Trump for his willingness to entertaining serious amounts of truth.

And the people, infinitely stupid as they are, must be aware: basically Trump starts out as one of them--the Jew world order, never doubt--there was no other way it could have happened. Don't forget Trump's daughter apostatized her religion to become a filthy Christ-killer. It's just the lower-ranking master-minds, like Trump, despite all their hubris, got too nervous, too scared, worried they'd be next for liquidation, as noted above. Don't forget the old Shah of Iran thought he was in tight--like Kaddafi of Libya back in 2011, like the Saudis today, as they nervously realize Bushes, Obola, et al., are planning to remove them, thus obviating the trillions in US debt owed to them (Saudis). Life sucks (Greek Tragedy, u know).

Life is war, after all, and it's dog-eat-dog, never doubt--esp. for Jews and these master-minds. Trump just has to keep consistent for the grim logic he's so far pursued.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Jew-friendly "JR" continues w. Jew-friendly nonsense

Below-copied essays by ap first published at comments,

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JR Mis-Represents Science, Philosophy
(Apollonian, 5 May 16)

JR: I think it would be best to consider Jew S A captured, conquered land, like the old Roman empire, the people infected w. horrific HUBRIS, Jews-media enabled thus to run various, numerous psy-ops by which the hubristic morons are affected, intimidated, and rather led by proverbial "noses."

Certainly, a captured nation is how we Christians consider the situation, and like in old Roman empire we need a Christian revolution--a real, genuine "revival." Hubris (satanism/subjectivism, given pretext by "good-evil") must be replaced, once again, by the objective reality, Christ = Truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

For observe how the corrupt and criminal enterprise of central-banking fought it all out through the yrs and finally prevailed in 1913 Federal Reserve Act. Prior American history (to 1913) was very much about the real money vs. "currency" issue, and after adoption of US Constitution, first Bank of US (BUS) initiated in 1791 by Hamilton, which Jefferson protested.

U say (above): "The so-called "bad guys" seem to be better at everything...," but what do u expect if they ("bad guys") are enabled to literally printing-up practically all the currency (not real "money") they need to now owning and controlling all politicians, judges, bureaucrats, etc., w. only very few exceptions?

Thus the Jewwy (w. masonic, homosexual, and hereticalist Christian-Zionist [supporters of Israel] allies) criminals prevailed and conquered, and humanity was left only w. hope that the top master-minds would fall-out w. one another upon principle of "NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES."

For don't forget at least two of Trump's children are married to kikes, the daughter actually having apostatized, joining the Christ-killers (truth-killers).

Regarding metaphysics ("first philosophy," as Aristotle called it), u must note that all reasoning must begin w. ASSUMPTIONS which cannot be proven, merely assumed. For otherwise u have problem of infinite regress and circular reasoning. And the two basic assumptions u have to choose fm, which cannot be proven, are (a) objective reality, or (b) subjectivism--as Aristotle noted. For subjectivism reduces to absurd, anything goes. Only objective reality provides a criterion for TRUTH (= Christ). Christ is symbol/character for this truth premise/principle.

FM objectivity u get law of identity (A = A) and then non-contradiction, foundation of logic. Thus all science is necessarily and by definition founded upon the objectivity premise, and no possible or conceivable "science" could contradict or disprove--u're just going for "quantum physics" nonsense.

But most people (like u, JR, evidently) have greatest difficulty w. this strict logic and philosophy, and that's why so many rely upon aesthetics and literature as we have fm New Testament with which such literature u have such great difficulty as u're soooo endlessly terrified by Jews, so afraid to speaking truth about Jew murderers and psychopaths who follow their anti-human religion of war, worshipping a war-god. We all marvel at ur continuing, insane anti-Christ obsession and refusal to facing-up to truth and facts of reality and history.