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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sandy Hook Jews-media spin collapsing--no video, no ballistics report--it was false-flag, suckers

The Ultimate Satanic Axis: Jews, Queers, & Judeo-Christians
(Apollonian, 29 Dec 12)

Doubt the satanic conspiracy/network/complex?  I was listening to Alex Jones ( show yest., Friday, and Mike Adams (, the "health ranger," reports, hey, there's NO VIDEO of the Sandy Hook shooter/shootings--which has to exist in the public schools--remember the vids fm Columbine, back in the 90s?  So the "authorities" (ho ho) are withholding evidence--golly gee, but why would they do that?  Ho ho ho.

And Adams also pt.s out there's lack of simple ballistics report fm the cops and coroner, including upon mere matter of shell casings for the dozens and dozens of bullets which were allegedly fired.

Are u dumb-asses starting to begin to getting the satanic picture?--Sandy Hook is obviously staged, a classic "false-flag," these puke now caught red-handed.  No wonder the pig--excuse me, the cop--threatened prosecution for bloggers who report on the actual facts.

See, in order to ban the internet--satanists worst enemy, along w. guns--first they had to do something like Sandy Hook mass-murder, right?--but that's not working, is it?  Ho ho ho

Alex Jones is doing best job he can on the gun-rights issue, I'm sure, but his problem is he's so much gross, pathetic flunky to kikes--can't even answer the simple question, did Jews steal the Palestinians' land?--yes or no?  Ho ho ho

Thus we see satanists have such strangle-hold over stupid goyim of Jew S A--the Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists essentially bullying and dominating EVERYONE else among the people, Jews controlling the JCs by means of the queers among them (like Ted Haggard, eh?--ho ho ho--see

Satanists are steadily being cornered, if u notice--they haven't got many cards left to play, an EMP attack one of their last plays still up their "sleeve," eh?  Ho ho ho 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Satanism: general principles and exemplary details

Satanism: What Is It?--And Why Is It Expedient To So Identify And Target It?
(Apollonian, 28 Dec 12)

Again, satanism, in general, is concerted, organized, deliberate psychopathology w. the aim of massive death, murder, lies, and irrationality--they all going together, all upon the premises of subjectivism and Pharisaist "morality."  Sandy Hook was most excellent example, but don't forget the satanist follow-up, the dis-armament of the people, the very purpose of the Sandy Hook murders in the first place.

But let's now look at specific examples of such satanism so that by INDUCTION (generalization) we can then get a good, accurate, incisive idea of the larger picture.

(a) Of course, satanism is built upon the typical Jew culture of LIES (Gosp. JOHN 8:44), hence HUBRIS, the idea that humans are God, that there's such thing as a perfectly "free" human will, humans then capable of "good"--by which human good humans then can achieve (Pharisaist) righteousness and demand a place in heaven fm God (this is Pelagian heresy, first noted and analyzed by St. Augustine).

(b) This general hubris follows fm the philosophic/metaphysical premise of SUBJECTIVISM, the idea that reality is merely what is in one's head, the subject then the god of his/her own reality, for example, based upon premise of "what's good for Jews."

(c) Note then, Jews aren't only ones capable of lies, BUT un-questionably, Jews are most organized, united, "connected," and thus focused upon this satanic mentality/philosophy and hence society and order.  Thus Jews are naturally and historically the TOP-ranking criminals in control, manipulating all the others, the stupid goyim, scum, criminals, et al., as we see presently, Jews master-minding the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEIT scam (see for expo/ref. on Fed).

(d) There are lower-ranking, not-terribly-bright kikes too, never doubt, but they're all dedicated criminals and filth, following the lead of their masters.  So note it's possible one can see goyim satanists who seem to command and direct lower-level kikes.  But Jews, necessarily, are always in position of top-most leadership.

(e) Thus beyond subjectivism and mysticism, which is sad rut into which anyone can fall out of simple ignorance, there's then organized, deliberate irrationalism and anti-reason--like, for example, anti-racism, this justified on premise of pretended/imagined "moralism" (Pharisaism), racism deliberately mis-understood and mis-construed, racism being actually the virtue of LOYALTY to one's ancestors, people, and culture.

(f) Homosexuality then is another deliberate irrationality (ultimately) which can begin w. honest ignorance--esp. if the victim is brought-up beginning as small child within a queer-friendly environment.

(g) Satanic culture/society then proceeds down to specific details, always irrational--for example, when I got on the bus today, I spotted a sign on a seat, "dedicated to Rosa Parks," the communist nigger of the 50s.  For what's the purpose to such "dedication" to such communist filth?--it's there simply to foment racial hatred and conflict, pure and simple.

(h) Communism is obvious satanic program/system and ideal.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Thus we see such satanism proceeds in detail and in general based upon irrationalist principles--deliberately, on the part of the satanist and Jew masterminds, un-wittingly for the over-populated stupid scum which proliferate naturally during times of economic prosperity and come to dominate, leading then to inevitable cultural decline within the historical CYCLE, as of Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West."

Note then how difficult, as presently, it is to dealing w. this satanism as it became established, the Fed COUNTERFEIT system still going strong, buying everything and everyone--but it's unfortunately necessary as the inferiors and weaklings must be eliminated--such is the CYCLIC process of objective, determined, Aristotelian reality, one is constrained to conclude and observe, difficult as it is.

And note this satanism isn't "good" or "evil," it's rather NECESSARY and inevitable function and condition of reality which can only be dealt with by means of human reason, Christian honesty ("Holy Spirit"), and respect/reverence for almighty TRUTH which is God (Gosp. JOHN 14:6, again), never forget.

Thus the magnificent virtue of dear Christianity, an ALLEGORIC manner/method of otherwise difficult-to-grasp philosophy which affords hope for the common people who aren't otherwise able to either grasp or learn in formal manner the strictly logical precepts by which such programmatic irrationality (satanism) can be observed and counter-acted.

And thus we see how the satanists, esp. by means of their COUNTERFEITING scam had to take control of the establishment Christian Churches in order to mis-construe the real, proper Christianity--to detract and divert fm the necessary, primary virtue of TRUTH, pretending it (the primary virtue) is something else, like love, "faith" (which only properly means LOYALTY, again) peace, or non-existent, hereticalist "good."

Satanism then, is the ultimate power of LIES, at root, hubristic worship of subjectivism against the TRUTH dependent upon the objective (hence determined) reality.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Satanism, along w. Fed COUNTERFEITING, is at the root of ZOG going after guns, the queers dominating

The Rise & Reign Of Satanism In The Hyper-Inflationary State, Suckers
(Apollonian, 27 Dec 12)

Satanism (co-ordinated, organized psychopathology as we see now fm ZOG and Jew World Order) thrives most, as we see now, when criminals rule the society as we see the Fed COUNTERFEITERS (see for expo/ref. on the US Federal Reserve Bank) now rule the USA so absolutely--perfect example is recent Sandy Hook murders/abductions (see

For observe the masses of money which must be marshalled to control specific, staged events.  The Sandy Hook incident had to have been planned a long, long time in advance--all the mass Jews-media and the police agencies had to be controlled, and this takes moolah, suckas.  Observe the pig (excuse me, police-officer) who warned the public about mis-info on the social-media sites.

And I remember during the news-conference w. the Sandy Hook med. examiner (Mr. "Carver," ho ho), w. the cops all standing around--someone asked a question, I think about 2nd or 3rd shooters, and the cops all yelled back, "that's incorrect."  "Incorrect"?--note then the pt. for the cops wasn't regarding the actual truth or accuracy of the info; it was rather the style and styling of the info--"correctness"--as in political correctness.

Note how powerful queers have become within ZOG.  Thus homosexuality (which is an obsession, hence sickness, don't forget) is encouraged and excused by the gov. and establishment, repeated over the Jews-media.  And consider the queers now so well and easily controlled and organized by the satanists, the queers so willing to follow anti-Christ direction.

So get the word out about this satanist putridity, fellow soldiers of Christ.  It isn't mere random criminality we're suffering--it's full-out satanism fueled by huge masses of their COUNTERFEITED funds.  And the sooner the people are informed, the greater the confidence they will resume.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Satanic Network/Complex analyzed further, JCs Key, Christian reason/objectivity vs. Satanic subjectivism/lies

The Satanic Network/Complex Analyzed, Continued--"Judeo-Christian" Hereticalist/Traitor Scum KEY
(Apollonian, 26 Dec 12)

The satanists (absolute cold-blooded killers) are both Jew and gentile, gentiles needed and well-used for camouflage, but commanded and led by kikes, necessarily--as kikes control the money (like the Federal Reserve Bank--see for expo/ref.) which is the main, primary weapon at the moment--absolute blood-thirsty, psychopathic mass-murderers, as we've seen at Sandy Hook (also Syria).

Doubt this satanism?--and the absolute, utter stupidity of the goyim morons who allow it to exist?--well, just ask urself if the Sandy-Hook interpolation in the Batman movie (see below blogs) has even been brought-up, not to mention explained in satisfactory manner.  Of course it hasn't been brought-up--that's the satanic contempt they have for us.

So the satanists are at the active tip (the killers at Sandy Hook, the master-minds behind present Syrian invasion, funding al-qaeda, ho ho, etc.), buttressed most immediately by the rest of the kikes (the foot-soldiers among them, u know--like that stupid punk, who's really more a "Judeo-Christian" [JC--see and for expo/ref. on JCs] who thinks he's sooooo smart, Alex Jones []), of course, but these kikes then are supported at the very base of things by those incredible stupid puke, the JCs.

The JCs, stupid and so utterly contemptible as they are, intimidate the rest of the Christians, u see, all establishment Christianity funded by the kikes, the Fed, etc.

So in a distinct way and manner, note the JC puke and scum are themselves supported by the rest of the absolutely, abjectly STUPID "Christian"-styled filth, esp. the half-baked puke who barely know even what Christianity is all about--or SUPPOSED to being all about--like idiotic "good," "faith" (esp. in way of "beleeeeeeeeevin'" by way of thereupon making it [whatever is "believed"] come true), peace, or idiotic love.

So the satanist puke are then directed by the kike masterminds and money-power fm above, supported then most immediately by the "leftist" kikes, goyim puke, and queers, these supported by the mass of kikes and, finally, at the base, the JC hereticalist scum and traitors who support the Israeli terror-state and say Christ was Jew, these JCs intimidating the rest of all the "Christians."

But there's more, never doubt--as this satanist puke works in other ways too.  For example, EVEN AMONG the outward "anti-semites" are such as "white-nationalists" (WNs--like Vanguard News Network [VNN]) who work to define WN-ism as also anti-nonwhite, thus soooo brilliantly keeping the anti-semites among gentiles opposed and fighting one another.

For all gentiles must coalesce and unite in anti-semitic manner in way of original Christians behind St. Constantine the Great of early 4th cent., and the Jew-funded WNs work to prevent this gentile unity.  These stupid WN scum thus push anti-Christianity, pretending Christianity is mere variation/version of the same original Judaism (as in way of anti-rationalist "faith" and "beleeeeeeeeeeeeevin'").

Hence and thus we see absolute necessity of understanding Christianity for what it REALLY is: worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) above all, above idiot "faith" and love, peace and "good." 

For there is no "good" as everything happens according to will of God, necessarily.  And "peace" only means personal, internal peace within the individual.  "Love" then similarly refers to the cohesion/attraction of anti-semitic forces of rationality and Christ--DEATH to satan.

Thus we see the JCs are the fundamental and KEY glue and concrete to all this great Jew-satanist complex, holding it all together.  Beyond the JCs is only the general hubris, corruption, and gross, pathetic ignorance and stupidity--but we must NEVER lose heart, always preaching most patiently Christian truth and reason for most potent enlightenment.

The trick to remember is that strict reason is not too easy for most people, generally (that's why Christianity began in allegory and even "parable," as Christ demonstrated, this to be transmitted most directly to all the people)--thus we often come-up to forms of Christianity lacking fullest reason, styled often in rather mystic kind of manner, but this isn't necessarily bad, ineffective (for Christ's real message) or contemptible long as it isn't ANTI-reason.

CONCLUSION: Rationalists must quite often translate things, as in way of guidance, for these otherwise good and productive people in their own terms--THIS sort of "translation" is presently very much our own task: Christianity is ANTI-SEMITISM (anti-lies, as Gosp. JOHN 8:44) first and most.  And Christian TRUTH means REASON (objectivity) pre-eminently vs. lies, subjectivism, and anti-reason, mere mysticism not being necessarily anti-reason.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Satanists keep spitting in ur dumb faces, fools--are u EVER gonna get a clue?

Next Task: Definition & Exposition Of Satanic Conspiracy/Network: How & Why U KNOW Absolutely They Did The Sandy Hook Murders
(Apollonian, 21 Dec 12)

So what do I mean by "satanic/satanism"?--simple, just conspiratorial psychopathology--it's why things are "so messed-up"--why no one, and I mean NO ONE, can get ahead or even stay even, even w. the greatest difficulty--THE SATANISTS ARE IN CONTROL, suckers.  And u need to start to getting a clue TO SAVE UR IDIOT LIFE, morons.

See, humans are sinners, always, throughout any given historical/sociologic CYCLE, but as things go into Spenglerian "decline" (as of the West), the topmost criminals take iron-clad control of things, as we see, and these aren't just mere naughty children making unfortunate, blundering mistakes--they're absolute mass-murdering, devil-worshipping, blood-drinking psychopaths--SATANISTS.

See, the satanists ALWAYS get their way (presently), why?--because they gots all the money, fool--THEY CAN ALWAYS OUT-SPEND u, moron.  That (out-spending everyone/anyone), after all, is the purpose of the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEITING scam--see for expo/ref. on Fed fraud--it's the way they have the system gamed/rigged--like the elections, ho ho ho.

Satanists just print-up all the money they need/want.  Interesting how their scam has been going now for 100 yrs, the average being about only 27 yrs for any given paper-money system.  But after all, they (satanists) have had great suckers and morons to be working with--the "boobus americanus," as H.L. Mencken put it, otherwise good people and hard workers, but STUPID as rocks in certain ways--like sucking-along w. Israel psychopaths, for prime example--"Judeo-Christians" (JCs)--see and for expo/ref.

But now, how do u KNOW recent Sandy-Hook mass shootings were DELIBERATE, staged mass-murder by the satanists, these satanists headed/fronted by their figure-head, Obongo the baboon?--very simple: observe the "Sandy Hook" interpolation in the recent Batman movie--see

But now, it may be objected, why would the satanists do this (such Sandy Hook interpolation in movies)?--essentially admitting to their criminality and murderous deeds?--and it's a good question to ask and ponder.

Answer is satanists so much hate humanity, etc., they want to push it in everyone's faces--this is their way of celebrating their satanist god, u see.  For note Christians, Buddhists and Muslims, for example, don't hesitate to publicly celebrate and proclaim their own Godly symbology--this then is the way satanists operate for themselves--they glory in fear and terror among the suckers and slaves, never doubt or forget.

The Sandy Hook movie interpolation is simply their own symbology--get a clue, fools, to save ur stupid lives.

Otherwise, observe facts about Sandy Hook: the typical (nowadays) conflicting Jews-media reports, the EXTREME un-likeliness, if not total impossibility, of the actual deed of the mass-shooting, 27 dead, only two wounded; the supposed shooter himself being obviously incompetent to being able to perpetrate such deed, etc., etc.  Observe further, the father of Adam Lanza is high-ranking corp. bureaucrat, natural victim and target of satanists.

Sandy Hook is simply another definitive step, confirmed by the Batman movie interpolation, in the CONTINUING satanist conspiracy to dis-arm and enslave the people of USA and world.

Ho ho ho--and observe the satanist Jews-media doesn't even bother to trying to explain the Sandy Hook movie interpolation--as usual, they just contemptuously (satanically) ignore the obvious necessity for a definitive explanation.

See, suckers: at this pt. in the game, the Jew/satanist establishment and rulers need to PROVE THERE IS NO SATANIC CONSPIRACY--which they can't and won't do.  Do u think u want to live and survive?--u better start getting a clue, morons.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Satanists, Jews are the obvious enemy, but what's necessary ideal?--Christian TRUTH, never doubt

Greatest Problem For Patriots?--Who To Focus Upon As Enemy (a), (b) What's Necessary Ideal
(Apollonian, 19 Dec 12)

See  Brainless goon-morons are actually selling their guns back to cops in "buy-backs"; nonetheless, total, overall gun-sales are up (see

We're at war, un-doubtedly, ZOG actively working to over-throw citizens' rights and NECESSITY to be armed, esp. in face of tyrannical gov. as we have, resulting chaos encouraging random and petty crime by such as nigger punks.  But then again, isn't it precisely what tyrants would do?--ho ho ho.

And note the Sandy Hook mass-murder, like the Aurora Col. shootings, ARE TOTALLY STAGED by ZOG--see

Only real problem, as usual, are the morons, consisting of queers, metro-sexuals, and trendies, aside fm the Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo/ref.) scum, of the population facing up to facts and reality about satanic, Jewwy tyrants who are moving and acting now against us most actively, presently esp. in way of propaganda and psy-ops.

So who/what's enemy?--obviously it's kikes, as usual, kikes and their suck-alongs (consisting of Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateralists, and Bilderbergers, et al.).  BUT, now what's necessary ideal/principle by which to rally patriots against these satanic, Jewwy enemies?--it must be Christian TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH precisely in the spirit of Gosp. JOHN 14:6, Christ (truth) being only way to Godly happiness.

Thus TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH is FOREMOST ideal above love, "faith" (which only means loyalty), peace, or altruism (non-selfishness, which is actually impossible) or "morality."

Thus note ideal of truth is basis of the rationalist culture, Christ assuring us there's way for our minds to understand and grasp the truth (which depends thus upon the OBJECTIVE, Aristotelian reality), thus reason, science, and logic, surely the greatest features, gifts, and consequences of Christian culture.

But then, what happened to Christendom that it became so corrupted and degenerate?--note then this is natural course of hubristic, sinful humanity, as history is CYCLIC.  People thought they could and should, in spirit of false moralism (Pharisaism), tolerate the Jew disease which lied and bribed their way in.

BUT, again, it doesn't mean we need be rocket-scientists in order to be Christian--as HONESTY is the basic, greatest virtue along w. reason, rational honesty, and honest, straight-forward reason being the HOLY SPIRIT, the third person of the Christian God-head, honesty and reason the primary human means of appreciating TRUTH/Christ.

It really seems to me these satanist Jews of ZOG are making a most desperate effort to dis-arm the people and they're not going to wait for people to be moved or persuaded--it's all just a prelude to more serious action on part of satanic gov. which has already armed itself w. 1.6 billion bullets, perpetrated grossly fraudulent elections, and now further, working to up taxes (in midst of recession), etc.--all satanic developments, insane as well as psychopathic.

What do satanists have up-the-sleeve?--something like an EMP attack which would dis-able the electrical grids and rapidly de-populate the country, quite possibly.

Meantime, satanists still have continuing terror campaign going, terrorist "al qaeda" (CIA/MOSSAD front, actually) being armed now in Syria (but soon to come here to USA, never doubt) w. shoulder-launch anti-aircraft missiles to shoot-down air-liners.

All patriots must merely keep "heads," don't shoot till u spot the "whites" of proverbial eyes, ho ho.  Happy hunting, comrades.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Ho ho ho--Baboon-in-chief sheds crocodile tears at news-conference to push gun-control--But what's the plot?--Big terror coming, suckas

More, Bigger Terror Coming, Suckers--Get Ready For Anti-Aircraft Missiles To Be Used Against Civilian Airliners In Europe, Jew S A--Supplied By ZOG Gov.
(Apollonian, 14 Dec 12)

Ck, w. vid at the site showing Obongo, our nigger-in-chief, giving emphasis over latest satanic terror attack against people of Jew S A--ho ho ho--what a joke.

If u didn't KNOW before, u KNOW now, morons, this Conn. mass-shooting was TOTALLY staged by ZOG, without any doubt.  But what's larger picture in this horror movie we're living now?  Simple: there's more--and bigger--terror coming fm ZOG.

Note the US Ambassador in Libya was killed not long ago, just a few weeks ago--why?--it was undoubtedly to REMOVE A WITNESS, and/or perhaps because he objected to giving the al-qaeda and -associated terrorists in Syria the anti-aircraft missiles which are now going to be used on civilian air-liners in Europe and Jew S A--to be blamed on "terrorists," of course, and thus the excuse for ever-greater POLICE-STATE to be established, esp. here in Jew S A.

See, the satanic Jewwy puke in-charge here (Council on Foreign Relations [CFR], Tri-lateralists, and Bilderbergers--see or for expo/ref.) are riding proverbial "tiger"--they can't get-off, having passed pt. of no-return.

So people of Jew S A need to getting a clue--we got absolute mass-murdering, blood-drinking psychopaths working--what will we do?  People first need to getting together, hence understanding Christianity on RATIONAL basis--it's meant to be ANTI-SEMITIC, fools--that's it's basic, primary purpose, championing TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44).

Christ assures us there's such thing as TRUTH, idiots--this means the OBJECTIVE, Aristotelian reality--comprende?--objectivity the criterion/premise for truth, facts, science, etc.

What now will CONFIRM ZOG's being behind these latest attack(s)?--easy: judges, gov., and Jews-media will cover-up pertinent facts, (a), and (b) if things still get too hot for them, they'll stage ANOTHER terror-event, ho ho ho.  Watch and see.

Good luck, my good comrades--just keep ur heads--the psychopathic puke are actually panicking, having played it all (world dictatorship take-over) a little too cleverly, by half.

27 dead in Conn. shootings--this is just more Jew SATANISM, never doubt--they want gun-control--this is the purpose

Satanic Jews And Mass-Murderers Are Upping "Ante," Suckers--Christian Soldiers Gotta Keep Heads
(Apollonian, 14 Dec 12)

See for story on latest terror event in Conn. mass shootings.

Isn't it lovely?--now the Jews, metro-sexuals, trendies, and satanists are going to agitate and scream for GUN-CONTROL--when the obvious fact is we need more guns in more people's hands precisely in order to defend against this sort of Jew-inspired SATANISM (these Conn. killings, including little kids).  THIS INCIDENT IS ONLY THE BEGINNING, never doubt.

This sort of killing is PUREST SATANIC TERRORISM, not different fm the mass-murder of the little school-kids in Scotland a few yrs ago (in the 90s, I'm pretty sure).  See

"The Dunblane school massacre occurred at Dunblane Primary School in the Scottish town of Dunblane on 13 March 1996. The gunman, 43-year-old Thomas Hamilton (b. 10 May 1952), entered the school armed with four handguns, shooting and killing sixteen children and one adult before committing suicide. Along with the 1987 Hungerford massacre and the 2010 Cumbria shootings, it remains one of the worst criminal acts involving firearms in the history of the United Kingdom."

And the very satanic source of this sort of public, in-ur-face mass-murder is Jews and then specifically the US Federal Reserve Bank ("Fed"--see for expo/ref.) COUNTERFEIT scam, the practical, actual, large instrument which finances everything else, fm the larger-scale wars going on in the mid-east, for example, and the drone program which will soon be mass-murdering Americans here in kike-controlled Jew S A.

Now, u may ask, how in heck do I KNOW this latest mass-murder (in Conn.) is specifically Jew-inspired?  Answer is I'm going by INDUCTIVE LOGIC, comrades, for note the past history and circumstances--EVERYTHING, and all evidence, pt.s to this thesis, I submit.  Hence the burden-of-proof falls upon those who want to pretend it IS NOT Jew-inspired (and satanic).

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gun-control is NOT NOT NOT legitimate advocacy--it's BLATANT TREASON in-ur-face, morons--get a clue to save ur idiot lives

It Isn't Mere "Advocacy"--It's Part Of Outright Satanic (Organized Psychopathic) Conspiracy--Get A Clue, Fools
(Apollonian, 12 Dec 12)

Observe these stinking kike puke-filth CONTINUING their satanic (collusionist psychopathic) conspiracy to (a) terrorize and (b) dis-arm the people to make them evermore defenseless against the world-gov. satanists determined to genocidally exterminate humanity--"agenda 21." See


U see?--it's NOT mere "advocacy" (for "gun-control")--IT'S CO-ORDINATED, incessant, intensive psychologic campaign, meant not to persuade people--who have long-since rejected such suicidal dis-armament, but rather to hypnotize and mesmerize them into acceding to usurpation and tyrannic overthrow of law and dis-arming of citizens, PURE AND SIMPLE.  People need to grasp this and understand most clearly: they're being ASSAULTED by satanic lies and dis-info campaign.

And this satanic conspiracy is part and parcel of present and on-going OVERTHROW of US Constitution by means of patently un-Constitutional laws like "Patriot act," the NDAA, and many, many others.

The 9/11 attack was simply another, blatant, in-ur-face, face-smashing mass-murder before ur very noses now blamed upon the mythical "al qaeda" which was and is mere CIA/MOSSAD front for hired terrorists, killers, and mercenaries who simply do the bidding of satanists and masterminds behind the US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEIT scam, etc.--see for expo/ref. on Fed fraud.

And these satanists do this all in-ur-face, over and over and over, every day, all day--it's "politically correct" which is pushed by all the other politically-correct filth, esp. Jews, homosexuals, and metro-sexuals, which then the goon public morons just sit there in a trance tolerating it all, mesmerized as they are, the dumb, brainless scum.

If the goon morons don't wake-up, they're gonna be dead soon, soon. So what will u do about this?--u who pretend u're "patriots"?

U gotta begin to understanding lots depend upon the dupe-puke who, especially, TOLERATE such as the kikes. BIGGEST FACTION of these dupe scum are the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalist filth who pretend Christ was Jew and support Israeli terror-state. Hence then two things arise for grasping: (a) understanding the real (hence anti-semitic) Christianity is IMPERATIVE.

(b) Relating w. the horribly victimized Palestinians is also much to the pt.--and again, remember, the purpose is not only to opposing kikes, but further, the outright SATANISM that's presently being pushed in our faces by means of this blatant TREASON being pushed by the ENTIRE political establishment, Democrat AND Republicans.

CONCLUSION: U don't even have to be actually Christian--BUT it is important for patriot (anti-semitic) purposes to have a basic, factual, literary-backed understanding of the literature which is foundation to Christianity. Christianity then can well be understood as mere allegoric/symbolic foundation parallel w., and fundamental to the actual philosophy, ANTI-SEMITISM, Christian TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) meant to combat and oppose Judaic lies and lying (Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Get a clue morons: USA is controlled by outright SATANISTS--Jews and their accomplices

Why Christianity As Necessary Solution?--Because It's Anti-Semitic, Properly Understood--And Don't Forget It's SATANISM (Not Only Kikes) That Rules USA
(Apollonian, 9 Dec 12)

Observe a negroid State Senator fm Illinois, Donne Trotter, was caught w. a gun in his baggage when he tried to go through TSA ck-pt. before boarding a flight in Chicago (evidently)--see

Pt. of course is that Trotter is "vehement" advocate of gun-control--so what do u think is going to happen to Trotter?  I ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE Trotter WILL GET OFF W. SUSPENDED SENTENCE (or perhaps even less).  Why?--because obviously we're in hands of SATANISTS (read Jews, but they also have numerous accomplices among the goyim) who so completely control this country. 

Trotter will be REWARDED for his hypocrisy--get it?--u poor stupid, fools.

See, the satanic powers that control don't really too much care if u carry a gun--as long (if u're politician) as u vote against the freedom and rights of citizens to bear such arms--now do u begin to "getting it"?  Trotter has done yeoman's work for the satanists (and kikes), and he will be duly treated for setting such a sterling example of hypocrisy.

Thus one begins to confirm the basic problem of USA is satanism and kikes (a redundancy, actually) who control it and thus their accomplices and dupes among gentiles.

Accomplices are homosexuals, leftists, communists, et al., and the dupes who "believe" in "global warming," for example.  But largest group of enablers of these kikes and satanists are the "Judeo-Christians" (see below note).

So WHO are BY FAR the largest group of dupes?--THEY'RE "CHRISTIANS," morons, specifically "Judeo-Christians" (JCs--see and for expo)--and that's why the only prospective way to attempt to trying to save USA is by means of Christianity, the real thing (which is anti-semitic, as Gosp. JOHN 8:44), in order to counter-act the phony and false "Christianity" which sooooo horrifically prevails presently and enables kikes.

Thus we see the sublime Jew enablers of VNN (Vanguard News Network) who EQUATE Christianity and Judaism, pretending they're same thing, mis-representing Christianity for its real nature and meaning.

"Christian Identity" (CI) does a similar thing as JCs, the CI now merely trying to REPLACE the Jews as "God's chosen."

Thus Christianity stands for TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH as per Gosp. JOHN 14:6 against Jew lies--this is the basic Hegelian anti-thesis, truth vs. lies, symbolized so readily and well by our dear Christianity.

And anyone seriously pretending or aspiring to patriotism needs to get hip to this necessary Christian imperative and orientation--it's absolutely essential.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Don't under-estimate people, including non-whites are evermore aware of veritable war being waged

Got these comments, just below, for my Prof. K. MacDonald blog of 16 Nov--see below:

Fair enough, I will agree with you that the plan is not perfect and that some of those "rights" need serious amending. I also believe that any form of socialism is totally destructive to the human spirit and has proven to be disastrous to Western Culture. Though I am all for the idea voluntary individual charity, never coerced especially by the state.

Still, though I agree with you with the need for Christian reason, we still need a game plan. At present, the only plan out there that is even half-way coherent is the NWF, even with its flaws.

Since you are a well informed scholar and gifted writer maybe you could tweak the basic plan of the NWF and show us what you believe has the greatest chance of getting us back in line with Christ, sanity, and back on the road to having a future.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
Don't Forget Or Over-Look Fact Obama & Co. Are Waging Veritable War Of Terror And Extermination Against All People, White And Non-White
(Apollonian, 5 Dec 12)
Thanks for ur comments/notes.  Observe my previous blog of 2 Nov and notes to comrade "Vorlos" of NNN (  Thus things can best be seen/analyzed in perspective/context w. a DETERMINED (no perfectly "free"-will) universe--hence CYCLIC in accord w. Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West."
Thus one sees we here in Jew S A still have a good ways to go for the complete cultural/economic "decline"/collapse--BUT it is coming without any doubt as note US bond market, for one vital/significant example, is at highest level IN ALL HISTORY--a huge, big BUBBLE is about to burst, very very soon, soon, soon.  Gregory Mannarino (see his channel) assures us when this bursting happens EVERYTHING else, economically, is going to crash, inflation then sky-rocketting, the middle-class, not just whites, being utterly impoverished.
But one thing which is still to be grasped by the people is evermore becoming clear, that being the veritable, demonstrable traitorous WAR and terrorist campaign that is steadily waged against the people (all the people, not only whites, don't forget) in the way of the obsessive attempting to dis-arming the American people, not only whites.  Observe this war is blatant, deliberate TREASON against the people (all the people, not just whites), their rights (to self-defense) and the CONSTITUTION, rule-of-law--this is serious and significant fact, still little-known among the broad masses of people, not only whites.
These measures are aside fm the presently on-going slow-kill war of extermination and veritable de-population according to infamous "agenda 21" by means of poisoned vaccines, contaminated and fluoridated water, poisoned GMO foods, poisoned additives (like "aspartame"), toxic, dangerous, legal and prescription drugs forced upon the school-children (at least 20% now, planned for at least 50%), for example, the toxic "chem-trail" seeding of atmosphere and ground-soil, and the radiation poisoning of depleted-uranium weapons, etc.
This war, most actively and blatantly waged by Obama, Holder, Jews Schumer, Bloomberg, and Feinstein, et al., is only masked by the passive complicity of co-conspirator "Republicans" (vile, filthy puke, truly) who deliberately and consciously fail to pt. out this OBVIOUS and blatant, treasonous war and terrorism being waged against humanity (in general), the people of USA (specifically), law, and Constitution.
Doubt this about deliberate war and conscious campaign of terrorism?--observe the spiel by the scum talking-head, Bob Costas, who used the half-time of prime-time broad-cast of Pro Football to spew this stinking terrorism, the repeated threat of dis-arming the volk in face of economic/cultural catastrophe up-coming whence there will be food-shortages, civil unrest, martial-law, and calling-in of foreign UN troops who will come fm Muslim countries, eager to get revenge against the people whose soldiers willingly follow Jew orders in mass-murdering of their own (Muzlim) citizens.
Thus the task for us patriots is emulating heroic, magnificent St. Constantine the Great who UNITED all gentiles, white and non-white against the kike satanist and mass-murdering monsters, and who even, for a short-while, anyway, was able to revive, somewhat, the then moribund Roman empire of the time.
As I note for comrade "Vorlos," below, we only need observe Jew S A is presently, actually an evermore corrupt empire, like the earlier Roman example, but wherein we can surely salvage significant territory for white homeland (not just in Northwest), the rest of the area itself additionally salvageable for whites on basis of genuine equality under rule-of-law in concord w. the other gentile victims of the Jews and accomplices.
Thus Christianity must only be understood in most rational and genuine terms, Christianity standing for TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) vs. Jew lies (JOHN 8:44), etc., as I note.  Don't forget Christendom was the birth-place of Renaissance and modern science beginning w. Gallileo who married math w. physics, not to mention gov. as something proceeding fm legal contract--the "social contract" then elucidated and developed by Hobbes and Locke.  Never doubt Christianity is powerful weapon and philosophy--not merely "religion."
CONCLUSION: So u see, to re-iterate an extremely important but still little-noted fact: as things get worse and worse and worse in the natural CYCLIC process of things historic and sociologic, people, white and non-white will evermore become conscious and alert to the veritable, distinct, and demonstrable war and terrorism which has been actively and deliberate waged against us--as in way, most notably, recently, of attempting to dis-arm the targeted victims, not to mention the race-war (as in the "Trayvon" attempt), the class war of rich vs. poor (going on right now in guise of "fiscal cliff," ho ho ho), and the usual queer attempts at "gay-marriage" and child-molesting, etc., all colluded in by so-called "opposition" Republican scum in "good-cop, bad-cop" fashion/style.  Did u catch the UN bureacrat who cried and whined about State gov.s in USA legalizing medical marijuana?--ho ho.  Take good care, and happy hunting.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Instructive note upon kike subversion of patriot sites--HOW they operate

The reason Apollyon has to use personal attacks/name calling
is simple.

* * * * * * *

See, # 28

Jew "Xzizx" Can Only Lie And Lie, Worshipping Lies, Ho Ho
(Apollonian, 30 Nov 12)

At this pt. I doubt anyone much is reading ur stupid Jewwy queer bulls-excrement, kike who lies and lies, obsessed with and worshipping lies as u do--just like the typical kike.

And note, kikey queer scum: I've replied in substance to all and any of ur Jewwy excuses for "arguments" (as anyone can verify by ck-ing the various threads on "discussions and disagreements..." forum)--I only add that u're Jewwy queer filth as addendum--to explain ur Jewwy tactics.

Typical kike queer liar as u are, u pretend my ONLY response is ad hominem, which is typical lie of scummy kike liar like u.  Ad hominem means my ONLY response is to avoiding any substantial arguments and heeding rather to diversion upon ur kikey queer personality which I don't, obviously.

So basically, u "xzizx," have been pretty thoroughly exposed as kike queer u really are, as well as for ur Jewwy queer tactics--at this pt. u merely want to waste people's time replying to ur idiot, Jewwy excuses for arguments.

I simply pt'd out verifiable fact that Jews STOLE Palestinians' land, pure and simple, and that this is similar to how kikes want to steal white folk's land in Europe and Jew S A--which they're succeeding in doing, actually--and hence then that whites can well sympathize w. the poor, victimized Palestinians.

U then tried to make out fm my simple statement about Palestinians that I was Marxist, ho ho ho--which is actually a well-known kike trait--u're just a kikey, queer liar.

So u see, kike, I'm simply NOT going to waste much time w. Jew queer puke like u, merely pt-ing out for folks visiting this site and these threads what u are--a Jewwy queer, perfect example of how kikes try to infiltrate and subvert otherwise good patriot sites.

CONCLUSION: "Why should White Christians fight for Temple Mount?"--I never said they should, kike liar--again, I only said Palestine, including the Temp. mount, belongs to Palestinians, not kikes.  But I do say kikes being the psychopathic murderers they really and truly are, following their worship of satanic lies, should be subject to proper justice for such psychotic murderers.  Ho ho ho

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Solution to cultural problem requires UNDERSTANDING--it's CYCLIC process, "Decline of the West"

Nigs Made Possible, First, By Kikes, Kikes By Hubris Of "Good-Evil," Etc.--It's CYCLIC
(Apollonian, 28 Nov 12)

U couldn't have nigs without, FIRST, kikes--and u couldn't have kikes without, FIRST, stupid, corrupt, HUBRISTIC white puke who now pretend they have "free" will and that it's "good" to tolerate kikes. Then the kikes come in and it's all over, suckers.
It's all a CYCLIC process: first (a) honest white folk create real, genuine prosperity--which (b) all then merely CORRUPTS their descendents who become hubristic, etc.
Such is "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, and it CANNOT BE STOPPED or prevented--there's just become tooooooooooooooooo many metro-sexuals and stupid scum. The forest fire cannot be put-out--it just has to burn itself out.
BUT we patriots can try our best to ANTICIPATE the "turning-pt.," providing seeds for the revolution, such as it's possible--and this can only be done by means of the REAL Christianity (inspired by Truth, as Gosp. JOHN 14:6) which is overtly ANTI-SEMITIC (anti-lies, as Gosp. JOHN 8:44).
Hence then, in strict philosophic terms, it's Aristotle (objectivity, necessary basis/premise of truth/knowledge) vs. the subjectivists/moralists who insist/pretend to "good-evil" fallacy/delusion/heresy (Pelagianism), founded upon the hubristic, perfectly "free" human will.
CONCLUSION: Note most significant enemies of present patriots, the "Praetorian guard," so-to-speak for the kikes at the top (esp. the bankers of the Federal Reserve--see for expo/ref. on Fed COUNTERFEITING) is "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref. on JCs) heretics who pave way for kikes who now absolutely rule.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Jew puke, pretending to "defend" "whites" (ho ho ho) behind the BNP (Brit. nat. party)--BNP is puke, no doubt

"Madkins" The Jew, Intensively Working For Jews Against Whites, All Humanity, Never Doubt
(Apollonian, 26 Nov 12)

Here we got "madkins" (see, the Jew, again hyping another Jewwy gambit by the Jew-run, Jew-directed, Jew-funded BNP (Brit. nat. party), the purpose being to divert, confuse, and subvert both white folk and all gentiles against the REAL ENEMY, the kikes, whom "madkins" works for so sedulously.

ALWAYS REMEMBER: number one strategem of kikes is to KEEP GENTILES FIGHTING ONE ANOTHER.

"Cultural Marxism"?--well, what diff. does it make when kikes run the COUNTERFEIT scams (like US Federal Reserve Bank--see for expo/ref.), w. monopoly (literally) upon the money supply?--they just PRINT-UP, for practical purposes, all the money they need or want.

So if it isn't "cultural Marxism" it'll be some other ploy or farce Jews will finance. Thus "madkins" hypes these kikes as our "saviors" when it was kikes and accomplices in first place who brought all the muds into the formerly white nations.

So now, observe and take note: here's what kikes and BNP push, aside fm the pretext like "cultural Marxism"--

(a) Now kikes are "white"--eh?--ho ho ho--and these kikes will now finance and direct ("white," well-paid, u may be sure--like "madkins," no doubt) thugs to enforcing this honorary "whiteness" of kikes AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE who refuse to accept this idiotic, traitorous farce.

(b) Observe whites are now, replacing kikes, portrayed by these BNP kikes, as against ALL OTHER GENTILES, placing "whites" in the spot-light, whites now ISOLATED and made out to being ENEMIES of all other gentiles, these "nationalist," Jew-friendly "whites" suck-alongs to kikes. Note this enmity pushed by BNP against other gentiles is NOT NOT NOT something desired by many whites who genuinely want to be rational w. other gentiles.

(c) Jews (of predominant "leftist"-style) are now placed in position to championing humanity against these kikes and accomplice, stupid white-nigger scum of BNP.

(d) And obviously, this totally subversive and anti-human (anti-non-white gentile) BNP activity is in absolute CONFLICT w. the proper Christian anti-semitic movement, "madkins" the kike, notorious for his slanderous dis-info and anti-Christ, hence Jew sympathies masked in brainless, idiot mysticism and paganism, this putrid mysticism being actually anti-rationalist and anti-white, never doubt.

(e) And BNP, along w. "madkins" the Jew, then is foremost in the Jew attempt to subverting and opposing the proper Christian anti-semitic movement which otherwise UNITES ALL GENTILES.

And again, note rationalist Christianity, hence anti-semitism, is the best, most effective thing, confirmed by history, for anti-semitism and at same time preserving racial loyalty, exclusivity, all in accord w. common sense and Godly TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against the REAL ENEMY, the lie-worshipping Jew (JOHN 8:44).

CONCLUSION: These Jewwy gambits, like the Jew-ridden BNP and Jews like "madkins" and "xzizx," are subversive of the proper "white nationalism," New Nation web-site, and the real, best interests of not only white folks, but all gentiles, never doubt.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Prof. Kevin MacDonald: purest scum, traitor, Jew's agent, and snake-in-the-grass, never doubt


Don't know how many of you keep up with the Occidental Observer but I thought I might throw this into our happy little gathering and see what kind of feedback I'd get.

For those of you who don't know, Dr. Kevin MacDonald is one of the few Human [read White] scholars out there that supports WN causes [or one of the few that has managed to keep his job]. For him to come out for secession is extremely important and adds legitimacy to the cause of White Separatism.

I support anyone who works for the 14 words but particularly the NWF [Northwest Front], even though I live overseas, as I feel it is the only way to 'Secure the existence of our race and a future for White children.'


* * * * * * * *

Prof. Kevin MacDonald Is Jews' Lick-Spittle, Snake-In-The-Grass, Never Doubt
(Apollonian, 16 Nov 12)

Ex-pat: comrade, u need to get hip as to exactly who/what MacDonald is and what he's doing--he's actually quite Jew-friendly, don't doubt, playing along w. their game, same as James Edwards, and Jew-funded, Jew-directed BNP (Brit. nat. party) in Britain--who all want to divert and subvert white people against muds and niggers--in favor of Jews.

It's CRITICAL that u understand this Jew ploy in which MacDonald takes active part.  MacDonald, like BNP, for example, is PART OF THE PROBLEM.

MacDonald WORKS FOR JEWS, the obvious plan being to keep gentiles fighting one another, thus overlooking kikes at the top subsidizing first one side, then the other as Jews consider it expedient.

The way to go for white folk who want their own lands--"nationalism"--is to work for the full, absolute, and complete extermination of kikes (in Christian fashion, of course) by means of genuine, TRUE Christianity which is thus ANTI-SEMITIC in accord w. Gosp. JOHN, Christianity upholding TRUTH (JOHN 14:6) against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44).

Truth vs. lies then converts, in strict philosophic terms, to Aristotelian objectivity vs. subjectivism/relativism (anything goes), this always taking form in way of "good-evil" fallacy/delusion/heresy (Pelagianism).  Another manifestation is determinism vs. hubristic "free" will by which Jews insist one is "good" by act of will, hence toleration of kikes, naturally.

All gentiles, white and non-white, can well work together in Christian coalition against Jew monsters.  Christian rationalism and honesty understands racial exclusivity and loyalty, and it's in this Christian manner whites can most and best achieve goals, including especially their own homeland(s), at same time as enjoying proper liberty and rights within a larger empire--which is what USA has become, don't forget.

Note then Christian anti-semitism (really a redundancy, properly understood, but bearing emphasis in this day and age when Christianity has become so subverted and mis-understood by Jews' accomplices, like Judeo-Christians [JCs]--see and for expo/ref. on the JCs) in toleration of non-whites (as long as they remain Christian, hence anti-semitic) is actually the best way to go in order to gain confidence of our FELLOW WHITES.

Further, note this toleration of non-whites can well be done at same time as harboring a strong and strict racialist, exclusivist element.

CONCLUSION: Pt. is the PRIMARY ENEMY is Jews above all--NOT the non-white gentiles who are largely honest, Christian, and quite tolerant and even sympathetic to exclusivist white racialists, ALL HONEST people, white and non-white, understanding the virtue of racial loyalty and exclusivity and the putridity of race-mixing.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"White nationalism" mere Jew-serving ruse; Christian anti-semitism is what's needed

Originally Posted by Anders Hoveland View Post
White males are being displaced from employment and housing by the uncontrolled influx of unprecedented numbers of third-world migrants and their many offspring. All these desperate people willing to work for peanuts and crowd a huge extended family (often two different families!) into a little house drives down wages and makes housing unaffordable for everyone else. Scarcity of housing drives up prices. While working class whites are being driven out by unaffordable rents, middle class white families are being driven out by deteriorating school districts and the fear of home invasion robberies.


* * * * * * * * *

"White Nationalism" Mere Jewwy Ruse; Christianity Proper Way To Go
(Apollonian, 14 Nov 12)

I notice this "anders hoveland" sucking-up to, and along with the Jewwy "madkins"--a real lowlife, anti-Christ, Jewwy scum--who pushes the Jew-funded and -directed BNP (Brit. nat. party). So just in case this "anders" creature is yet ANOTHER Jew attempting to infiltrate the site and supporting Jewwy "madkins," let me make a note here.

Thus I, like most whites, are certainly for whites, but we ought to take accurate note as to what's the REAL problem here--Jews and the Jewwy subjectivist, moralist culture which is adopted by white suckers, scum, and dupes.

It's this Jewwy culture, pushing moralism/Pharisaism, hence anti-racism which oppresses not only whites, but all humanity.

So instead of blaming the muds and other gentile races, the blame ought to be put where it belongs--(a) Jews and (b) their accomplices--esp. among whites pushing this putrid and treasonous anti-white moralism.

Observe then the true and real program going on now right in front of our very faces--the anti-human "agenda 21" environmentalism of the Jews at the top (like the United Nations, etc.) pushing for de-population and genocide, this then put into actual, horrific practice by means of fluoride-poisoned water supplies, toxic, cancer-causing GMOs, and toxic vaccines, not to mention the "chem-trail" seeding of atmosphere which then settles and poisons and contaminates the ground-soil.

Further, there's the forced drugging of society by means of legal drugs like ritalin and other horrific chemicals. Then there's radiation poisoning by means of weaponized depleted uranium--all of this genocidal activity, once again, being pushed by Jews and their accomplices esp. among whites like aforementioned low-life, "madkins."

Hence "white-nationalism" is seen for what it really is: just another Jewwy attempt to keeping kikes at the top safe in place, gentiles distracted and kept in-fighting.

CONCLUSION: The best, most effective way to go for all gentiles, including esp. whites, is Christian-oriented anti-semitism, the REAL Christianity which up-holds TRUTH above all/any other tenet, Christian truth the only way to Godly happiness (Gosp. JOHN 14:6)--AGAINST Jew lies, subjectivism, and esp. moralism/Pharisaism (JOHN 8:44). All true Christian gentiles, white and non-white, understand race-mixing to being repulsive disaster it really is.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

American, Western culture in Spenglerian "Decline..." requires Christian antidote--but of specific sort

[Below essay by ap in response to thread-head entry at]

* * * * * * *

Christian Resurgence Requires Most Emphatic (a) Reason, (b) Anti-Semitism
(Apollonian, 11 Nov 12)

I like the above thread-opening entry as it's HONEST even though typically leaves out the Jew problem--so the "honesty" is limited, even though such honesty can still be credited and excused due to ignorance--the very same ignorance, ironically enough, the writer himself complains of.

And it's a good indication of the horrific ignorance of the Jew-problem which is TYPICAL for the entire culture, so THOROUGHLY Jew-centric, Jew-oriented, and generally Jewified as it's all become.

How then did this sublime and absolute Jewification come about?--a good question, but in short, it surely has most to doing w. the steady corruption of Christianity which Christianity is necessarily anti-semitic by essential nature.

Note then, in general, Western culture is in the very "Decline" that Oswald Spengler described ("Decline of the West"), due, I submit to profound HUBRIS of a certain kind--the INTRUSION/IMPOSITION of moralism/Pharisaism, specifically tracing very much fm the great and notorious impact of Immanuel Kant, late 18th cent., who so much helped make fashionable the old Pelagian heresy of St. Augustine, the "good-evil" delusion/fallacy.

Further, accompanying and reinforcing this fashion for guilt-complex and "good-evil" hubris, was/is the continuing success, though lately waning, of that COUNTERFEITING scam of the Jews, disguised as "banking" which has so much created the false prosperity and MAMMONISM which also so much grips the present-day mentality (see below note).

Thus we must grasp fact and reality that MAMMON has generated and raised-up an entire generation of insane little psychopaths and willing soldiers of the Jews, these known and verified as Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who've so successfully corrupted and exploited vestige of the old Christian civilization, using it now to prop the Israeli terror-state and the MAMMONIST civilization based upon the Fed COUNTERFEIT scam which still continues to obtain and rule. See for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank ("Fed").

And this Jewwified MAMMONIST culture and hubris of the people cannot be stopped--it's too powerful--it can only BURN ITSELF OUT, like the proverbial forest-fire out-of-control. But it (the MAMMONIST juggernaut) doesn't mean measures cannot be taken.

Thus as the Jewwified MAMMONIST juggernaut continues its satanic progress, even as it must eventually burn-itself-out, we Christian soldiers and heroes can yet plant the seeds for Christian revival--much like the Roman cultural revival, brief as it was, of St. Constantine the Great, early 4th cent.

CONCLUSION: Thus Christian Resurgence must emphasize two things (a) RATIONALISM, consistent w. the original Christianity founded upon TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), and (b) absolute anti-semitism as the Jews emphasize SUBJECTIVISM (JOHN 8:44), foundation for their anti-Christ lies and lying, Jews and their JC accomplices so much pushing "good-evil" heresy/fallacy/delusion above all else, at the psychologic/cultural base of everything.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Basic cultural conflict: Christian truth vs. Jew lies; immediate problem is traitor "Judeo-Christians"

Fundamental Cultural Struggle Is Christian TRUTH Vs. Jew Lies
(Apollonian, 29 Oct 12)

I. Basic Philosophy

Comrade vorlos (see nothing will work in way of analysis UNLESS we can agree upon basic premises.  Thus I always emphasize dear Christianity and then, esp., Gosp. JOHN, a very under-rated and over-looked nut-shell/capsule theology, much simpler than the relatively elaborate theology of St. Paul.

U (and we all) must then grasp the heavily and sublime PHILOSOPHIC implications of Gosp. JOHN who/which affirms the Aristotelian OBJECTIVE reality, basis/premise for TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6, 8:32, 18:37-8) which is fundamental ideal/principle of our dear Christianity in diametric, Hegelian ANTI-THESIS to Jew lies (Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

Thus Christ affirms the existence and primacy of TRUTH above all other principles, including "love," peace, "faith," "good," or anything else, this truth then necessarily requiring the objective reality as premise/basis/criterion.

And thus for kikes there is no "truth" but "what's good for kikes"--meaning then, the top kikes--top Jews always willing to sacrifice even the lower-level kikes (like the bolsheviks) to gaining their objectives, thus wealth and power, lower-level kikes willingly sacrificing themselves as long as they can kill a few goyim on the way.

Thus there's NO TRUTH for Jews--except of a SUBJECTIVIST sort always manipulated for meaning, significance, and consequences, aimed at "what's good" for top kikes.

Thus u see comrade vorlos: it's (a) Christianity (truth) vs. Judaism (lies)--which converts then to Aristotelian objectivity vs. Platonic subjectivism--it really is a matter of most sublime philosophy in every sense of the word.  Of course then Christianity merely renders an ALLEGORIC-type understanding oriented to the mass of the people who otherwise cannot grasp strict logic, science, reason, etc.

II.  CYCLIC Nature of Reality, History, In Context Of Human Sin, Hubris

Thus as reality is OBJECTIVE (created by God), it is DETERMINED according to strict cause-effect, and hence there can be no perfectly "free" human will, humans necessarily sinners doomed to fearsome fires of heck, TOTALLY subject to God's saving grace.

Thus u see, good comrade vorlos: there can be NO "good-evil" as it would require a perfectly "free" human will which is impossible and HUBRISTIC--ONLY God has perfectly "free" will to which humans are ABSOLUTELY subject, period.  Thus humans cannot be "good," and they cannot be "evil," only insane (or, as we say, sinful).

Thus to pretend humans are "good or evil" is simply the same Pharisaism which Christ classically denounced and the same hereticalist Pelagian heresy (based upon fallacy of "good works") of St. Augustine who analyzed and denounced it.

III. Spenglerian Western "Decline" And Rule Of Jew Subjectivism Over Christian TRUTH

Thus we see the great, inexorable CYCLIC process of history and the present "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler: (a) at first the heroic, pioneering generations, just like the old Romans, were so scrupulously HONEST and dedicated to real virtue of the Holy Spirit (honest rationalism--or rational honesty by which the TRUTH of Christ was apprehended and appreciated).

(b) But gradually, as the original heroes of the first generations gave way to real success and prosperity, the corrupted and jaded following generations began to pretend to "moralism/Pharisaism" and "good," and as we see, sought to freeing of the negroid slaves even at expense of those of fellow race, which led to Civil War and the horrific genocide of our dear Southern volk.

Thus we find ourselves today still in the midst, merely further along, in this horrific, Spenglerian, CYCLIC, Western "decline" whence now the regime of Jew lies so TOTALLY controls things by means of their COUNTERFEITING scam, the US Federal Reserve Bank ("Fed")--see for expo/ref.

And so I could go on for details, but the pt. now is horrific fact of great HUBRISTIC madness, delusion and obsession w., at root, fallacy of "good-evil" which we observe our poor, dear people in the grips of.  Thus note our people imagine the principle of truth and objective reality is to be TRUMPED by "good-evil" subjectivism--Jew subjectivism has come to rule over Christian TRUTH and objectivity.

Of course, there are many more details which could be adduced to this brief expo/analysis, but these, fore-going, are basics, I'm confident, and again the pt. is to note our dear volk have lost sight of the primary virtue of Christian TRUTH above all, hence objectivity, Jew lies now ruling, founded upon hereticalist, delusionary, fallacious, HUBRISTIC "good-evil," and subjectivism.

I'm not sure the exact solution to things, propaganda-wise, except to note the horrific traducement of Christianity itself, Jews now understood as being mere variation/version of "Christian" in way Episcopalians are understood to be Christian variation of Lutherans, for example.  Truth, of course is, as noted, Christians are ANTI-THESIS of Jew liars and murderers--Christianity is NECESSARILY, first and foremost, anti-semitic.

And if u aren't anti-semitic, then u aren't and can't be Christian--people need to face-up to this necessary understanding.

CONCLUSION: And the immediate, most crucial enemies of our Christian and gentile people are esp. the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who say Christ was Jew and support terror-state of Israel, etc.  Jews thus will remain ultimate masters until FIRST we Christian heroes, patriots, and soldiers REMOVE these JC hereticalists--this is necessary, immediate task-at-hand.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Distinct resemblance of Judaic psychopathology, cultural effects, and rabies disease--ck it out

Jews And Judaism: Ultimate Cultural Disease Feeding Off Gentile Hubris Of "Good-Evil"
(Apollonian, 29 Oct 12)

How is it Americans and Westerners are such idiotic zombies and suckers for Jews and other criminals, as we see nowadays?--answer: their poor minds have been ravaged by a great delusionary disease, something much and quite a bit like rabies, and now they're damaged, doomed, obsessed and addicted victims, hopelessly afflicted and infected.

What then is the delusionary disease?--it is that Pharisaist heresy isolated by St. Augustine, Pelagianism, founded upon hubristic, perfectly "free" will fallacy (thus "good-works"), pretending then to "good-evil" delusion, all cemented by guilt-complex--all founded in the subjectivistic-complex of mental metaphysics and psychology, sealed in hopeless obsession--against Christian/Greek/Aristotelian objectivity and hence determinism which rejects such hubristic, perfectly "free" will.

The complicating factor is that of cultural circumstances whence a corrupted, hubristic generation of descendants still living-off the former success and prosperity of the previous, pioneering generation of heroes and victors indulges the leisure of pretending to this imaginary and delusionary "good," desperate as they are to competing w. their truly great ancestors who made such luxury available to them, but who first, so unfortunately induced and infected their descendents w. the hereticalist "good-evil" delusionary disease.

The additional cultural element is the criminal faction of Jews, foremost frauds and liars who seem thus to the poor foolish victims, to enhance the pretended and evermore false "prosperity" by means of "usury," deficit-spending, and "central banking"--in short, the most systematic COUNTERFEITING (though legalized) of the economy's money-supply.

For note Jews themselves are similar to a disease in their way, a sublime vector, as it were, which magnifies the hubris and fatal self-deception of the victim suckers, Jews the most profound and successful parasites--much like vampires who live off the blood and life-force of others, the victim goyim.

I first got the idea of Jews the cultural disease--or, especially, vectors thereof--fm the outstanding book, "Rabid"; by Bill Wasik and Monica Murphy; Viking-Penguin, NY, etc.; 2012.

Wasik and Murphy's most excellent work then is an outstanding, full-fledged, cultural treatment, description, and exposition of rabies disease for its effects, not only strictly medically and historically, but also psychologically and sociologic, including artistically/literarily for the resemblance of the disease to the stories of vampires and esp. werewolves and then zombies.

Note then, esp. for the werewolf, first the victim is bitten--and then itself bites, victimizing further, reducing the sad victims to horrific mindless derangement and frenzy--alternating only w. the zombie-like state and passivity. Thus the dread (rabies) disease runs its course, the poor victim led to inexorable death in practically 100 % of the cases.

Thus we observe the parasitical Jews who actually thrive in vampire-like fashion, infecting evermore gentile victims, so many of whom then, in werewolf like fashion, thereupon attack other gentiles most ferociously--as we see the present "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists joyously murdering and genociding the world's victims, esp. Muslims, these JCs alternately ferocious and murderous, like werewolves, and then passive in zombie-like fashion as a sort of temporary remission, even as they themselves steadily die-out.

Such then is Judaism, worship of lies, subjectivism, and hubris, inducing narcissism, obsession, and psychopathology, not to mention outright criminality and mass-murder--as the course of history demonstrates quite literally before our very eyes, even as we speak.

So do I say Jews are the only ones at fault?--of course not. For all humans are sinners, given to hubris and lies, but Jews are the masterminds and exploiters, who take fullest advantage as "vectors," so-to-speak, in the large CYCLE of history as a culture and people degenerate in HUBRIS and self-delusion, esp. that of subjectivism, Pharisaism, and Pelagian heresy, entailing the fatal fallacy of a perfectly "free" human will, capable then of that pretended "good" for the victim who is thus caught-up in basic guilt-complex.

CONCLUSION: Thus Jews eventually ride the corrupted, degenerate culture to ultimate death and perdition as Jews are so organized, "connected," and united behind the ultimate cultural fraud, that (legalized) COUNTERFEIT scam known as "central-banking," like the present US Federal Reserve ("Fed")--see for expo/ref.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Disunity is ever problem for patriots, must be seen within Spenglerian hist. CYCLE

[QUOTE=Whitebear;477108, see]'Racial loyalty and exclusivity' sounds like 'white nationalism' to me
(under the '[URL=""]broad spectrum of white nationalism[/URL]' even though various 'factions'
 may be totally antagonistic and would not want to be grouped together).

This is comparable to the 'broad spectrum of christianity' where there have been
bloody wars between Protestant and Catholic and at least hundreds of denominations
- none of which would be denominations if they didn't disagree.

Mormons, Seventh-day Adventists and Jehovah's Witnesses call themselves 'christian'
although other christians would call them anti-christ.

White separatists, Christian Identity, Odinists, KKK, National Socialists and the Council of Conservative Citizens
might agree on 'racial loyalty and exclusivity' but nothing else.

I was hoping that this forum might promote racial loyalty and exclusivity.
I suppose that it is fair enough to criticize an organization or individual's
program or philosophy if you feel that it has a negative effect on the goals
although this does dramatize the disunity that is part of the problem.

* * * * *

"Disunity" Problem Is Ever Condition Of Sinful Humanity
(Apollonian, 11 Oct 12)

Thanks for ur excellent and perspicuous comments.  Overall, one notes humans are sinners and ever strive to pretending to hubris, Godliness, and individualist indulgences.  It's only adversity and other horrific conditions, as presently, but still, perhaps, not heeded by enough people, which then cause humans to resorting to allying temporarily in order to deal w. whatever life-threatening problem(s).

St. Constantine the Great and his episode in early 4th cent. can serve as example for our present travails as we attempt ourselves to revive a culture in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

Thus analysis of present problem shows the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY headed at top by US Federal Reserve Bank ("Fed"--see Griffin's work at for expo/ref.) COUNTERFEITING scam, this run by obvious Jew masterminds, as usual.
Suckers among brainless goyim so befuddled by the Mammonist culture and these Jew criminals are mostly and basically affected by "good-evil" heresy/fallacy/delusion. 

Thus true Christianity preaches TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN, esp. 14:6) founded upon basic objective reality, objectivity the necessary premise for truth, all humans being sinners, not capable of "good," there being no "evil," only insanity.

CONCLUSION: Gosp. JOHN is best, simplest, shortest capsule/nut-shell Christian theology.  For as Jew (and Jewwy) threat seems to recede, Christians then strive to "individuate" themselves, forgetting the Jew threat.  Never forget hist. is CYCLIC, and Jew culture of lies always seeks revival based upon subjectivism and then especially "good-evil" conceit.  See [url][/url].

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"Conspiracy theory," ho ho ho--it really bothers Jews, doesn't it?

"Conspiracy Theory"?--Is It "Tacky"?--Like Talking Politics, Eh?--And Who's Problem Is It, Anyway?
(Apollonian, 2 Oct 12)
"Conspiracy theory" isn't appreciated, is it?--esp. by "trendies," "yuppies," "metrosexuals"--and Jews. "Conspiracy theory" makes people nervous, like talking politics.
And "conspiracy theory" is "offensive" too, isn't it?--like talking about Christianity--it's "tacky"--it's even rather anti-semitic too, eh?
It's embarrassing, "conspiracy theory" is--as it's a truth one has to face-up to--so un-pleasant for so many, beginning w. Jews and their sympathizers, but extending to others too, like the lazy-minded scum who just want to get-along and keep their stinking, going-nowhere jobs.
So just note the un-pleasantness of "conspiracy theory" as it embarrasses and alarms the criminals at the top of things in our Jew-dominated culture--they have every reason to be embarrassed and alarmed.
Heck yeah, "conspiracy theory" is very well-taken thing to be considered and discussed. And if people are offended, whose problem is that, really? Ho ho ho. So if it is "conspiracy theory," so what? Only question then is whether it's justified and what then to doing about it, such conspiracy theory.
CONCLUSION: Jews OUGHT to be nervous (about "conspiracy theory"), shouldn't they?--tough stuff, kikes--I hope it takes time off of ur lives too, scummy, psychopathic, criminal puke.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Morons and scum in USA are being mass-murdered--How?--And Christianity can well counter-act

Scum, Puke, And Filth Are Being Mass-Murdered--Whoopie--But Note, Sucker--That Doesn't Mean It's Good For Us, Humans
(Apollonian, 25 Sep 12)

I. The Problemo: MASS MURDER--masked then by TV-induced mass psychosis

Well, now we observe folks (here in USA) are being mass-murdered--by slow-kill methods, like poisoned corp. vaccines, fluoridated (poisoned) water, etc., and, as we've lately been informed, esp. by GMO foods which cause horrific cancer and other diseases.  Just ck or for all the articles and material u might need for info.  Rates of cancer are EXPLODING, morons--get a clue.

But what exactly is at ROOT of the great success of the top Jew powers for this mass-murder taking place--even in-ur-face, the trendies, yuppies, and metro-sexual TV-addicts laughing about it all, loving to watching their idiot foot-ball games.

TV then is surely most successful and powerful instrument for hypnosis, but there's got to be more for substance of what's injected by the hypnosis means, and that is these dumb, little bastards LOVE to think they're "good," don't they?

So this ("good-evil" Pelagian heresy, magnified by the Jew-tube), I submit to u, is what's working, masking, providing for, and laying groundwork for the mass-murder being actively administered upon us and our people.  And note the Jew puke at the top insist it's "good" to reduce population--"for the earth," ho ho--which then the trendies and metrosexuals enthusiastically applaud--anything that's "good," after all (is good, ho ho ho).

II. The Anti-Dote To Heresy: Real Christianity--TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH Above All

Note when the various cities and towns try to remove the fluoridation poisoning of the water, often the states (through the legislators) then vote for mandatory fluoridation--those legislators are well-paid, never doubt, as the US Federal Reserve ("Fed"--see for expo/ref. on Fed COUNTERFEITING) is made for that, just churning-out and printing-up all the money they need to buy politicians and judges (as well as everything else too that's buyable).

(A) So the easy answer, right straight off, is to enhance the power and influence of the local governments, but how to doing this?--working through the Christian churches and organizations is one great and important way, I strongly suggest.  Christianity, upholding TRUTH above all things, is outstanding potential influence for reason and freedom.

(B) Thus Christianity is most powerful and distinct Philosophy--not merely aesthetic allegory.

Thus one must simply understand what Christianity really is--and Gosp. JOHN gives most excellent capsule exposition for Christian philosophy: it upholds TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all, Christ symbolic of truth, the only way to Godly happiness, as JOHN 14:6.

Note then specifically, Christianity thus upholds Aristotelian OBJECTIVITY of reality, this objectivity then necessary, natural basis of truth, the premise for truth--which opposes Jew/Talmudic subjectivism, the Jews holding truth and reality being what Jews say it is, this for the "good" of Jews.  See,, and for best Talmudic expo.

Thus for Christianity, properly understood (see St. Augustine and Pelagian heresy), there is NO "good-evil," humans being sinners (naturally self-interested), no power of human will being capable of altering this sinful human nature, humans hopelessly doomed but for God's grace.  Thus there's no "evil," just insanity--as we observe Jews and their accomplices are psychopaths, obsessed w. this pretended, imaginary "good" by which they justify their mass-murders.

CONCLUSION: Thus Christian TRUTH ABSOLUTELY opposes Jew lies and subjectivism which founds moralist/Pharisaist delusion/heresy of "good-evil."  And this Christian anti-Pharisaism is what must be emphasized.  Christianity indubitably is anti-semitism, never doubt--and this should be emphasized, not over-looked or not-mentioned.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Get a clue, suckers--Gun Control is TERRORISM, never doubt

Gun Control: It's TERRORISM, Suckers--Thematic Emblem Of Tyranny, Critical Measure Of Enslavement
(Apollonian, 20 Aug 12)
What's purpose of 2nd Amendment to US Constitution, regarding right to bear arms?--Answer: for protection of citizens by way of over-throwing tyrannical government--aside fm protection against criminals, and hunting.
Thus an armed citizenry is the "last-ditch" against just the sort of genocidal tyranny that's arisen presently in USA and now seeks consolidation. Never forget ObamaCare means DEATH panels--that's GENOCIDE, suckers. Thus ObamaCare seeks to monopolize, absolutely dominate, and impose a toxic "health care" meant to mass-murder the people.
For if guns are good and necessary for protection against criminals, observe the same holds for an even more dangerous opponent, tyrannical, genocidal government as we have presently if one only looks with open eyes.
Thus the second amendment provides for direct participation of citizens in defense of freedom, law, and removal of such tyrannical government no less than direct participation of jury members helps insure upholding and asserting natural law against improper positive law imposition and usurpations.
Thus citizens at all costs must ABSOLUTELY be armed adequately--even MORE than adequately--for possible (and now necessary) overthrow of horrific tyranny, and note it may require more than ownership of AK 47 rifles and "assault-guns." For as movement of self-defense among citizens accelerates even larger weapons will naturally be required as the movement grows and the conflict intensifies. Control of local government is obviously critical.
So citizens arming for defense against tyrannical gov. is so critically a matter of local government--the most "local" possible method, down to the level of individual citizen. For tyranny originates fm the most centralized topmost levels first, especially fm "bankers" and corporations, for example, these then exerting themselves through the states and then especially against localities and individuals, as we see.
So what's the necessary observation to be made of "gun-control" and "registration" measures by the centralized government, as we observe?--it's obvious measure of tyranny and terror--esp. for the effort to make the citizen think he's insignificant, dependent upon, and defenseless against such tyrannical, centralized government. Gun-control is TERROR, first of all, aside fm illegal, usurpation, treason, and tyranny.
Thus gun-control and dis-arming of citizenry, now being made slaves, is first broached as something "intellectual" as it's imposed gradually, in stages, and by degrees--gun-control is an insidious and subtle program applied over decades and treated by means of heavy, intensive drama and massive propaganda repeated over and over.
And thus one KNOWS much staging and contriving goes on in order to impose this gun-control enslavement and suicide--as esp. then in way of false-flags, patsies, and "ringers," psychologically and chemically treated (esp. by way of toxic prescription drugs) and then further encouraged to commit savage acts, these acts then hyped and blown-up by the bought-and-paid-for "mass-media" to further influence and terrorize the population already and simultaneously treated by the "edjumacation" system and mass-entertainment.
CONCLUSION: Thus the genocidal tyrants of the present Jew world order seek to induce the terror-trance formation upon the citizenry who are literally encouraged to commit suicide by way of giving-up their guns and submitting to mass-murder by way, as we see, of poisonous vaccines, toxic prescription drugs, poisonous GMO foods, poisonous fluoride in the water, and poisonous aluminum and other metalic particles seeded into the atmosphere by means of "chem-trails." Gun-control is all of a piece w. the carefully staged slow-kill and methodic genocide, terror, and trance-formation imposed upon the victimized people.

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Terror-Trance Formation of USA

Hey Dipshits: Guess What?--U're Being Toyed-With And Methodically Terrorized, Stupid Scum: IT'S TRANCE-FORMATION OF USA, IDIOTS
(Apollonian, 23 Jul 2012)

I. The "Batman" Movie Shootings In Aurora, Colorado: The BASIC RECIPE: (a) the Terror Event, (b) "Jews-media" SPIN and Prop., REPEATED And Repeated, Fools--Will U EVER Get A Clue?
What's most effective, easiest, SIMPLEST mental-programming?--TERROR, suckers--the straight application of FEAR. Then the poor suckers (brainless, TV-addicted dumbasses who are huge, large part of the population) will do nearly ANYTHING u tell them--simple.
Only problem is if u happen to have too many folks with strong, trained, and prepared rational minds who are prepared to fight for their rights (to be covered in section II, below)--but given the corrupted culture of "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, this sociologic/historic circumstance is mere matter of calculation.
And this application of purest terror is what's now happening to USA and West too. The easy boogey-men, of course, are first, the musselmen; others are "lone-nuts" and "patriots" too, esp. "right-wing"-types like the Tea-party.
Observe further, the ONLY seemingly non-establishmentarians (establishment always being leftist and socialist--collectivist morons--even if, note, these are minority among the people, like bolsheviki and homosexuals) are the sympathizers of Israel and Jews, like the "neo-cons" who make up the "tea-party," who, even if not all-out collectivists yet will still and predictably affirm moralism and "good-evil," like Alex Jones of who runs the Jewwy "limited-hangout" diversion psy-ops. Poor Alex Jones is soooo hopped-up on "good-evil" Pharisaism and sanctimony he doesn't realize he's Jews' puppet for the thematic Hegelian dialectic.
So how exactly does this terrorism all work?--simple: (a) first u do the terror "event," and this only has to be somewhat and even half-assed performed ("perform" is precisely the word, too), the patsy not necessarily having to be the actual or principal perpetrator(s)--like Lee Harvey Oswald and others. The real and principal perpetrators are always behind-the-scenes--like the FBI who were behind the original 1993 WTC bombing--or the more recent "underwear bomber" of Christmas 2009 at Detroit airport who was deliberately put on plane by US State Dept., ho ho ho.
THEN (b) MOST CRUCIAL, the mass-corporate "Jews-media" SPIN and propaganda (conscious and active-programming of the mass morons and TV-addicted fools) is brought to bear, repeating, repeating, repeating--"give-up ur rights--GIVE UP UR GUNS, suckers." Ho ho ho ho ho--simple, eh?--this is what's happening now w. the Batman movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado which had the most draconian gun-control law(s) in the state. Thus the Feds knew they'd have an easy shooting-gallery to have fun and kill at will (so far, to date, toll is 14 dead, nearly 60 wounded).
So again, to sum-up, basically first u only need (a) the terror, and (b) then the "Jews-media" propaganda and programming--as we see now IN OUR VERY FACES--just turn-on the TV--look at the headlines for, ho ho ho.

II. The Cultural, Social, Historic Circumstances For Such Terror-Programming
And this terror-trance formation of the masses of scum and fools who make up such great proportion of the rabble, the "people," inevitably comes about in historic CYCLIC process whence, as we see presently in USA, as earlier in historic Roman Empire, the "people," descendents of original heroes, founders, conquerors, and pioneers, have become complacent, perverted, and corrupt, so heavily TV-addicted w. HUBRIS, esp. in way of moralism and Pharisaic "good-evil" delusion (Pelagian heresy of St. Augustine).
Thus this idiotic "good-evil" (which is absolutely anti-Christian, classic Pelagian heresy, again) founds and enables both sides of the false political paradigm of "right-left," "conservative-liberal": the (a) extreme collectivists on the one hand--the "leftists" consisting of Jew-bolsheviks, homosexuals, illegal aliens, and others, and (b) the "rightists," who may pretend to non-collectivism, but yet still up-hold moralism and "good-evil" (as above-noted of Alex Jones), esp. the Jew-sympathetic "Judeo-Christians" and "Christian-zionists" of the Tea-party, these then playing "good-cop, bad-cop" political theater for the large population--as we see in Obama ("left") vs. Republicans ("right").

III. The Terror-Trance Formation
Again, note the Terror-Trance formation of the mass of TV-addicted morons and suckers is no terrible problem (or mystery) as it requires merely the right CYCLIC "Decline of the West" circumstances as achieved already in USA, the poor brainless mass of scum and morons now stripped of their heroic (genuine, hence anti-semitic) Christian leadership.
How do u KNOW this terror trance formation is successful, in effect, and even rampaging before ur very eyes so effortlessly?--simple: observe Criminals rule and prevail as the very MONETARY SYSTEM of USA (and indeed, entire world) is the COUNTERFEIT scam/fraud of US Federal Reserve Bank ("Fed"--see "Creature From Jekyll Island" by G. Edward Griffin, his site is which presently holds sway, now administering purest terror, as we see, confirmed in the very legal system, even if it's against original US Constitution, ObamaCare featuring literal "death-panels" and the eugenic "depopulation" of the nation and world--GENOCIDE--which the mass of morons are distracted fm facing and grasping, the poor, brainless scum--sheep and stupid goyim waiting mindlessly and idiotically for their impending slaughter. Wake-up, dip-shits.

CONCLUSION: For, once again, note the Fed COUNTERFEIT machine, the MAIN/PRIMARY weapon/instrument of the presently-ruling criminals (master-minded by Jews, as usual), simply prints-up all the funny money Jews and criminals need for practically everything they want: the bribing and extortion--and assassination when necessary--of nearly all politicians and judges, ownership and absolute control of all corp.s, large and small, esp. the "Jews-media," public "edjumacation," and even, as we note, all establishment (hence Jew-friendly) "Christian" churches, Prot. and Cath., etc.--they literally own EVERYTHING, suckers (even the formerly privately-owned houses and cars, now in hock to the Jews)--people need to getting a clue, pronto, just to saving ur scummy lives, fools. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian