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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Corsi delivers crushing, fatal blow for truth, justice, Western culture

Book Review: Corsi, Applicator Of Reason, Honesty; Executor Of Lies, Conspiracy
(Apollonian, 29 Jun 11)

"Where's the Birth Certificate," by Jerome Corsi, WND Books, NY, 2011, 392 pages, w. notes and index, is truly a stupendous, extensive, and scholarly work which essentially and definitively DEMOLISHES Barack H. Obama for epic fraud in his criminal occupation of US Presidency. And of course, Obama himself is just the front-man to larger conspiracy, another production of those powers behind the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEIT scam--see for expo/ref.

For what Corsi does is detailed, but not mere tedious reviewing of the entire subject-matter which began even before the 2008 campaign; Corsi exhaustively treats the foundation of meaning of "natural born citizen" (NBC), and further, he painstakingly covers the Obama campaign's attempts to spin, lie, deceive, intimidate, and distract fm the actual facts. Further, Corsi and the publishers append numerous pictures of relevant documents and computer-screen "captures" for Obama camp's various false statements.

And there's no doubt: Obama knows he's NOT qualified for the office, why he's spent almost two million dollars on lawyer fees, and it all raises the question as to why his backers have deliberately created this crisis which is bound to blow-up in their faces as things continue to get worse and worse for USA both economically and politically.

Remember, there is nothing quite like a full exposition of facts, presented in one work, for the mind to leisurely consider when faced w. the sheer enormity of this gripping and deliberate fraud which additionally amounts to a profound and pointed spitting-in-the-face of the American people, law, rational culture, truth, and human reason itself, for all the various idiotic, and deliberately conspiratorial frauds and self-deceptions perpetrated throughout our recent political history.

Obama fans themselves may never be impressed or persuaded by Corsi, but these are becoming steadily fewer and fewer; otherwise, the book's great effect is obviously upon those who were non-committal, not to mention those many already in-the-know who are now even more greatly strengthened for the fullest grasp of things.

CONCLUSION: Even if one thinks one already knows the pertinent facts (as I did), Corsi's expo is well-worth the reading for his masterly and artistic rendition which is much like a work-of-art in itself--as it presents things in one large, but coherent and simple production by which one can thus wonder at the pathetic and futile attempts of enemies of Truth as they desperately try to destroy not only USA, but all rational Western culture as well. Ultimately, it's truth and reason against lies and sheer criminality--such is the excellent effect of Corsi's magnificent job. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Monday, June 27, 2011

Queers: want to destroy marriage, society, children, humanity, reason, and reality--stupid suck-alongs w. Jew filth

Queers: Suck-Alongs With Jews And Judeo-Christian Destroyers Of Societies

(Apollonian, 27 Jun 11)

What is the purpose/function of marriage? Obviously then, it goes back a long time, even before invention of writing. Thus marriage was then and is now a special relation recognized by law. And we can see the plain purpose of it, for one thing among other possibilities: marriage is a practice/relation/function/endeavor which is especially noted, protected, revered, and sanctioned by the state as something which properly supports the state, upon which the state is founded, defended, and preserved--the production of healthy, loyal children and future citizens. For no one can produce such children and future "social-security" as well as the individual parents.

So we can see presently the homosexual affliction and disease of our culture is no less than an active, deliberate effort to destroy culture and the people, esp. for the ability and function of precisely this raising of future citizens. The children must be perverted along w. the corrupted mental programming in other areas.

For homosexuality, esp. in its final stages, is actually nothing less than psychotic addiction to mere sense-gratification, and it's no surprise queers are notorious alcoholics on top of everything else in their emphasis and addiction to gross irrationality--irrationality for the sheer sake of irrationality. Queers hate intellect, favoring sense-gratification.

And we see further how queers are always so closely associated w. Jews, as Jews exude irrationality (sublimely strategic as it is, for all their success in otherwise defeating conventionally "rational" people in the formerly functional society, now in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler), hatred of truth (see Gosp. JOHN 8:44), and of a reality they cannot change by means of their whims and incessant lies. For expo/ref. on Jew Talmud, the founding Jew document, see Mike A. Hoffman II at and; also see for excellent Talmudic expo.

For the Jews are foremost, topmost criminals who run society's legalized COUNTERFEITING scam (see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank fraud) by which this relatively small group of psychopaths controls EVERYTHING else, owning literally everything and nearly everyone, including the political system, the judicial system--everything.

Thus one sees how irrationality only now made so fashionable is foundation of the criminal COUNTERFEITING fraud, now called "banking," and how such cultural irrationality over-flows to the toleration and downright promotion of queers, queers now working to control and pervert the children of society now facing utter destruction.

CONCLUSION: And the fashion of irrationality begins w. the romanticization of mysticism (anti-reason) and esp. the general HUBRIS by which humans imagine they have a perfectly "free" will, akin thus to veritable Godliness, God defined by such perfection of freedom of will. For humanity thus corrupted insists thereby upon "GOODNESS" against "evil"--which could not exist without preceding "free" will, people so easily affected by inferiority complex programmed into them fm earliest youth and childhood. The great irony is queers insist they were "born" queer--which determinism (absolute cause-effect, foundation of science) is actually the very opposite of their idiotic and fallacious "free"-will delusion/fallacy. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Friday, June 24, 2011

Buffoons and clowns, jokers and wits are mere distractions at this stage of Spenglerian "Decline of the West"

The Buffoon Factor Within Cultural "Decline Of The West"
(Apollonian, 24 Jun 11)
Yet another problem for the present times of "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, is that of buffoons and buffoonery--the clowning of people who pretend they contribute to the patriot dialectic by means of joking, comedy, and witticisms as if these are effective towards solution to the great problem(s). Thus given the over-riding HUBRIS of the culture in Spenglerian "decline," the buffoonery is quite rather natural to the over-populated fools who imagine themselves soooooooooooooo "clever." For such again, is the nature of HUBRIS.

Note then for the large cultural dialectic, there are the two obvious basic opponents, the Christian and rationalist up-holders of truth and the Jew liars and criminals on the other side who oppose rule-of-law and justice. In the vast middle btwn the two, made up of most people, are those who genuinely want to find and know the truth while struggling with deceptive pre-programming of the mind which has crippled them, victimizing them, making it so difficult to understand.

Among these poor cripples in the middle are buffoons and clowns who pretend theirs is a manner of coping w. the degenerating situation, indulging in comedy and wit, derision and ridicule, these buffoons pretending they're clever and sophisticated.

But the buffoons and jokers fail to realize they're just wasting time and effort as the cultural situation gets steadily worse, pretending their jokes and clowning is substitute for serious thought. Thus the buffoons and clowns become bogged-down in irrelevance, esp. in manner of ad-hominem fallacy as they pretend to "criticize" and observe in sardonic fashion upon the personality of their targets and opponents--rather than the arguments and real issues themselves.

So the question is, are the buffoons working for the Jews? And the answer is some of them quite probably are indeed, though surely not all, as buffoonery is already so ingrained within the culture--as people imagine it's "sophisticated" so to display such "wit."

And the pt. to be stressed regarding this buffoonery and general clowning is the necessity of seriousness for consideration of the dire cultural situation which is only getting evermore worse. For buffoonery is un-questionably a hubristic indulgence, thus DISTRACTION, which the Jew enemy wants to emphasize and promote within the ranks of his opponents. For buffoonery then enhances in-fighting and diversion taking away attn upon the Jew problem.

CONCLUSION: The sad truth ought to be faced: there's really properly no time or energy to be wasted by patriots for solution to the Jew problem and the hubristic degeneration of the culture. There's nothing funny about our present predicament of Spenglerian "Decline of the West." The buffoons and Jokers need to get a clue and cut the clowning. It's time to getting serious. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Monday, June 20, 2011

Look Out for those "beleeeeeeeeeeevers"--they're often most powerful, politically

"Believers" Are Demonstrated To Being Often Most Politically Powerful

(Apollonian, 20 Jun 11)

By golly Apocales (see below-copied at, also, but yet again, u touch upon a most interesting subject-matter. For to live requires the will-to-live, and the will thus seems to require some interest in life. But surely this "interest" doesn't necessarily mean one needs to make something up from "whole cloth" (or less).

Still, u've surely touched on something deeply psychological, thematic to humanity, esp. for its passionate nature. For some people pursue theories most passionately, searching for proof, even in spite of contrary evidence. For it's well-known law of logic, negatives cannot be proven.

Observe now those supreme psychopaths, the Jews, who rule the world presently, who are absolutely convinced they're "chosen" by God. Yessir, God loves Jews more than other mere goyim--God is sooooooo taken by those precious kikes--just can't resist them, by golly.

Then we get into the realm of organized groups of people who indulge this "believing"--it's true, u see, BECAUSE they "believe." Thus they worship this "belief" of theirs whence they make themselves God--and there are lots and lots of "Christians" who so "worship"--NOT God, really, but rather their "beliefs." It's true because they say it's true.

Thus Jews have brilliantly connected themselves w. these "believers," at least a significant group of them, called "Judeo-Christians" (JCs)--see and for expo/ref.--these JCs to be found in all denominations, who say, for example, Christ was a Jew (hence follower of the Talmud). And we see this constellation of "believers," Jew and gentile are most powerful, politically.

The REAL Christianity of course is worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (as Gosp. JOHN 14:6)--NOT mere "belief"--and that's how and why the real Christianity opposes Jews who make themselves God. Further, the real Christianity opposes those phony Christians, like the JCs, who merely worship their own delusions and "beliefs," these so often the close allies of Jews.

CONCLUSION: Thus one can very well "believe" in something, but whether it's true depends upon sensory evidence, this being called, generally, "science." But for political purposes it must be observed and acknowldedged these "believers" are and can be quite powerful indeed--u gotta watch out for them in sooooo many cases. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

------------------above by Ap in response to below-copied story------------


Houdini, Crop Circles and the Need to Believe

What happens when a hoaxer owns up and nobody believes him? Dan Gardner's new book "Future Babble" explains the many ways in which experts refuse to admit that they were wrong about something. They ignore contrary evidence, point selectively to facts that weigh in their favor or simply shrug off the mistake as a problem of timing. Even cultists redouble their faith when the world does not end as forecast. These biases are also apparent in the astonishing determination of many people to dismiss the claims of confessed hoaxers.

Mr. Gardner tells how, in the aftermath of 9/11, a seemingly spooky Nostradamus prophecy went viral on the Internet: "In the City of God there will be a great thunder, two brothers torn apart by Chaos, while the fortress endures, the great leader will succumb.'' In vain did a Canadian student confess that he had written it a few years before to mock Nostradamus' vagueness.

Something similar happened with a speech supposedly given by Chief Seattle in 1854 upon signing a treaty surrendering his tribe's lands: "How can you buy or sell the did not weave the web of life—he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.''

In vain do scholars point out that this hymn to ecology was written for television in 1971 by a Texan screenwriter named Ted Perry, who has repeatedly tried to set the record straight. Even Al Gore, in his book "Earth in the Balance," quotes the whole speech, though he nods toward the controversy by suggesting—rather limply—that "the power of his response has survived numerous translations and retellings."
“The confessions of hoaxers are routinely dismissed as further evidence of some original fantastic event. ”

In the early 1920s, Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes and a convinced spiritualist, befriended Harry Houdini, a determined skeptic. Houdini's problem was that in playing ingenious tricks to persuade Conan Doyle that spiritualists were tricksters, he only succeeded in reinforcing Conan Doyle's view that the magician had spiritual powers.

In one incident, Houdini had a cork ball dipped in white ink spell out a message on a slate suspended from wires. The message was the exact phrase that Conan Doyle had written on a scrap of paper a few minutes before, three blocks away. Houdini had swapped the cork ball for a ball with an iron core, swapped the message for a blank sheet of paper (under the pretense of ensuring that it was folded) and communicated its contents subtly to an assistant behind the wall, manipulating a magnet.

Something similar happened in 1991 when Doug Bower and Dave Chorley confessed to having invented crop circles—symmetrical patterns of flattened wheat that began appearing in southwestern Britain in the 1980s—after an evening at a pub. By the time they went public, crop circles had become a huge phenomenon, pored over by enthusiastic believers who called themselves "cerealogists" and attributed the patterns to UFOs, ball lightning, plasma vortices and the like.

Many of these self-styled experts were making a good living on book sales and were not about to let Doug and Dave rain on their parade. So, with one or two creditable exceptions, they insisted that the men's confession was itself a hoax and pointed credulous reporters to evidence that all the crop circles might not be man-made (too many circles, no witnesses, no footprints, etc.)

It was the incidental details that made the story of Messrs. Bower and Chorley believable. Mr. Bower's wife had grown suspicious about the high mileage on the family car, and most early crop circles appeared on Friday nights—pub night. Their technique was "plank-walking": tying a rope to both ends of a plank of wood and using it as a sort of treadle to push down corn as they walked.

The moral of the tale for magicians, practical jokers and screenwriters is that if you perform your trick too well, it may take on a life of its own and escape into the wild.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Horrific Truth Begins To Dawn: Feds Are Out To Kill You, Suckers
(Apollonian, 9 Jun 11)

Previously in the USA and West political debate and discussion had to do w. a plausible choice btwn and among positives which were relatively forthright; "left and right," Democrat vs. Republican, or "liberal vs. conservatives" vied for the votes and support of people upon the basis they were committed to some form of forthright "social progress"--no more.

For nowadays, as criminals, corporations, and psychopaths consolidate their control over things--including everything, seeking absolute monopolistic control over all the earth's resources--the formerly secret purpose is now evermore plain: these people are determined to REDUCE POPULATION of the world--they're out to kill people, one way or the other.

One of the ways towards this proposed population reduction was and is sterilization, this to be induced chemically, but now it isn't held important if the supposed sterilizing chemical actually kills the subject-recipient. See; also see

And this mass-sterilization and deadly deliberate poisoning is now being done by various means and methods, including vaccinations, "chem-trails," and nuclear contamination. Fools and suckers need to start getting a serious clue.

Thus the prospective mass-murderers are connected unmistakably with the resident powers-that-be which rules by means of that COUNTERFEITING fraud known as the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see for best expo/ref. Thus the criminals and murderers are exposed definitively: fraud and lying necessarily and inevitably require mass-murder as enforcement, and people are now confronted indisputably with that horrific reality.

Observe further, it used to be Christianity stood firmly against this lying and mass-murder, no less than Christianity stood against Jews, but no more. For we see Christianity evermore embraces Jews and esp. Israel, and as it does this Christianity loses its identity as forthright champion of truth above all. Now Christianity gives way to lies and mysticism, this always upon the excuse and pretext of "good."

CONCLUSION: So the pt. is that if people are to defeat this culture of death, mass-murder, and criminality founded upon lies, they must embrace TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, above all, and hence Christianity which does not compromise w. Jews and their Talmudic lies. It's no longer a matter of "left vs. right" or "liberal vs. conservative"; rather it's a simple struggle for life against criminals and murderers who defend lies, fraud, and Jews, always Jews. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Paul's campaign approach "perverse"--even though quite understandable given Paul's unusual premises

Dr. Coy: Paul's Intellectual Perversion Stumps People
(Apollonian, 8 Jun 11)

Though far from "corrupt," Ron Paul's political style is "perverse," I submit, inasmuch as it's so unusual and counter-intuitive: (a) it's highly intellectualistic for basic approach, and (b) it's not oriented towards blaming the criminals, also known as "negative campaigning." Paul prefers to merely extolling and pushing his own ideals, insisting such ideals as his are the best way to proceeding politically.

Thus Paul doesn't bother to pt. out the sheer criminality and fraud of the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed--see for best expo) which is quite literally a COUNTERFEIT scam--as Paul rightly fears assassination.

Paul's style is also ironic inasmuch as he emphasizes US Constitutionality, yet pointedly refuses to weigh-in on the Obama eligibility issue which well-served Donald Trump so recently, Trump strangely now so silent as it is obvious Obama's proffered birth certificate is forged and grossly fraudulent. See and

For note Joseph Goebbels, the famed nazi propaganda minister, stressed most effective propaganda has to be (a) simple, and (b) repeated over and over. But Paul's message is NOT simple in the least--it's rather highly intellectualistic (abstract) and even rather moralistic which leaves so many people behind, even though many actually like Paul for his otherwise straight-forward consistency and honest manner.

So Paul is to be admired and respected most for his amazing political style--he obviously doesn't care to being elected president so much as he strives to put across his particular message stressing the Constitution and most appropriate type of legislation. But question remains regarding Paul's ignoring Obama's blatant usurpation of presidential office in contempt of US Constitution, as it seems so inconsistent in view of Paul's stress upon loyalty to the Constitution.

And people would immediately understand the horrific criminal conspiracy working against them if only they could face up to the COUNTERFEIT nature of the Fed instrument/mechanism which is being used against them, esp. in the way of United Nations (UN) depopulation policy and the poisoning of the people's drinking water by means of fluorine compounds--as well as other poisoning measures being effected.

For people require being addressed in way of CONCRETE terminology, not abstracts, and COUNTERFEITING is easily understood even by small children.

CONCLUSION: Thus as politics and elections entail art of the practical, one must wonder about Ron Paul's perverse methodology entailing such effete intellectualism and his refusal to defend the Constitution regarding "natural born" qualification requirement out of a "politically-correct" (PC) moralism. Paul is desperate not to seem "racist." People need to understand the criminals behind the Fed aren't joking around when they talk about population-reduction. For fluorine poisoning is not only a present-day fact, it's mere tip of the proverbial iceberg. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mysticism ("faith") and Pharisaist self-righteousness: Horrific Combination, Presently destroying world, USA

Those Fatal "Idols" Of Christian Mind: (Mystic) "Faith" And "Good," Presently Raging
(Apollonian, 1 Jun 11)

What's presently destroying the world at "warp" and break-neck speed?--unquestionably, mysticism and moralism-Pharisaism--Pelagian heresy, founded upon "good-evil" delusion/fallacy. For there is no "good-evil" in a determined, objective world, objectivity the necessary foundation/premise for TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, which is God, according to Christian Gosp. JOHN (14:6).

Combined then with mystic "faith" of "beleeeeeeeevin'" (rather than the proper LOYALTY, real meaning of virtue of "faith"), whence people insist obsessionately that whatever they "beleeeeeev" is what then becomes true (making them God-like for their ability to so "create" reality, even if only in their own mind(s)), Christian virtues of HONESTY and reason go out the window.

Thus, by means of this horrific mystic "faith" of "believing," Christianity is no longer the worship of God, but actually that narcissistic self-worship of mysticism and mystic "faith," whence one creates reality, as one becomes God unto oneself--by means of this mystic "faith" of "beleeeeeeeeeeeevin'."

For "beleeeeeevin" DOESN'T MAKE ANYTHING TRUE. Truth exists by itself, REGARDLESS of "belief."

Thus Christianity, properly understood, once again, is the worship of, reverence for TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH which couldn't and wouldn't exist unless the objective reality existed FIRST, objectivity thus giving grounds, foundation, and premise for truth pre-existing the subject, the human who is mere creation who comes after prior reality, humanity the merest accident following fm the prior reality and Godly creator.

Thus Christianity affirms OBJECTIVITY and Aristotle as it affirms existence of truth--for there could be no "truth" without prior existence of reality.

And as reality is objective, it is DETERMINED, there being no such thing as a PERFECTLY "free" human will--only God's will is perfectly free, by definition. And note humans can't exceed their necessarily interested condition, humans being creatures of will, even if not perfectly "free."

But people, we observe, are soooooooooooo desperate to pretend they're "good" (Pharisaism)--as we observe they're sooooooo perfectly programmed fm childhood they must be OBEDIENT, "good" always predicated upon such obedience for the weak-minded who are so numerous, due to preceding generation(s), and even powerful, esp. when well-led by liars and false-prophets.

And we note these weaklings, so susceptible to "good" and mystic "faith" delusion(s) are CYCLICALLY generated, esp. in the CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, these weaklings, ironically, sprung-forth by a preceding race of genuinely strong and great conqueror generation who subsequently indulge their progeny who wouldn't otherwise survive without these strong predecessors who provided for them in the first place.

Such then is the present human predicament as we see humanity victimized by psychopathic mass-murderers, supported by masses of willing dupes who "believe" they're good to accept lies like "global warming" and esp. then that horrific COUNTERFEITING scam known as the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see for expo/ref. on Fed scam.

CONCLUSION: Hence the foremost crux to things cultural is to preaching the real Christian truth for hereticalist masses of "Judeo-Christians" (JCs--see and for expo/ref.) who "beleeeeeeeeev" such lies as Christ was Jew, etc.--and who "beleeeeeev" it's virtue to so "beleeeeev." For the true Christian who worships TRUTH properly is honest and only seeks to understand, as understanding is foundation of real knowledge, hence truth, "beleeeeeevin" (without understanding and proof) mere cheap substitute for real knowledge of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian