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Friday, February 28, 2014

Good--that "noble-lie," worst enemy of TRUTH, foundation of conspiracy

Below essay by ap first published at comments,

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Truth And Freedom Destroyed By Conspiracy Of Noble Lies And “Good”
(Apollonian, 28 Feb 14)

Note “conspiracy theory” is integral to Western civilization fm New Test. and the conspiracy to murder TRUTH (Christ). Consp. theory was integral and detailed part of Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence.

Thus people are subjected to psy-ops, and then specifically the BIG-LIE technique which requires such as Chomsky and others posing as experts, sages, and guru-like sooths-sayers to ridicule any dissidents.

Don’t forget Pres. Andrew Jackson’s great campaign to destroy that nest of conspirators behind the second Bank of the US, and how the Bank worked so sedulously to destroy Jackson.

And before Jackson there was Jefferson vs. Hamilton and Supreme ct. Chief Justice John Marshall who tortured the Constitution to justify the Bank in McCulloch vs. Maryland decision of 1819.

Thus conspiracy and it’s mental empire-of-lies grows and comes to dominate like a God, conspiracy only maturing when it takes control of the money-supply, literally printing-up, and now digitalizing, practically all it needs to finance ANY project, war, deed, assassination, etc., the empire progressing till it falls in a heap of its own weight, impossible to going any further, even the top masterminds now betraying one another–but the people much decimated and reduced.

So conspiracy, lies, and psychopathology are necessarily things to be understood as basic conditions of human existence–it begins w. the “noble lie” of Plato and nowadays, Leo Strauss, guru of the neo-cons, and was part of the original problem for Adam and Eve who were told to beware the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil–ck

If u notice, all the conspiracies and wars are for the purpose of “good”–that was why US was attacked on 9/11, jealous moooozlims. And it’s “good” to insure our “security” now by means of torture, the police-state, preventive wars, and drone-killings.

Thus Christian TRUTH, the greatest virtue, only way to God (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), is destroyed by conspiracy and noble-lies of “good” and Pharisaic virtue. Chomsky–isn’t he related to the Pharisees?

Thursday, February 27, 2014

People can't be blamed if they think Jews have won, backing such as Alex Jones and Ron Paul, the "only game in town"

Below essay by ap first published at

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People Can't Be Blamed If, Under Circumstances, Alex Jones Seems Heroic To Them
(Apollonian, 27 Feb 14)

Tim, this is a powerful diatribe u submit here, and I'm sure quite a few will be impressed, some even persuaded.  But I sincerely think if Alex Jones falls for the masons it will be because of stupidity, not deliberate treason.  For u must consider there are still lots of fools--like Jones, smart as they may otherwise seem--who think there are "good" Jews--he's literally married to one, after all.

And I note Jones is quite aware of and reports about the outright satanism and illuminism of such as Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and others.

It's truly sad thing to observe Rand Paul sucking-up so abjectly as he does to Israel, but he does this, I fear, because Israel seems to be only alternative as source of funding to the "leftist" Jews running CFR, Trilateralists, et al.--that's why I say Jews and oligarchs seem to have won, they now being "only game in town," as Paul seems to indicate.

U're surely right masons were a tremendous attraction in early enlightenment era as they stressed power of human reason.  And the European rulers tolerated masonry because the masons offered a NEW mode of financing by means of Central Banking and issuing of fiat-money, these masons subtly infiltrated by Jews and hence, the Jew bankers and their agents--they certainly won big w. the French Revolution, as u rightly note.

I rather look at things historical much the way Oswald Spengler expounded in "Decline of the West": history is CYCLIC and determined--there's no perfectly "free" (God-like) human will.  Only God's will is (perfectly) free and prevails.  But humanity suffers supreme sin of HUBRIS as they attempt to pretending to "good-evil" and just such a perfectly "free" will--by which to achieve "good," u see, "Pelagian heresy."

Thus w. the enlightenment, we get a guy, for example, who was quite a genius in his way, Immanuel Kant, who re-worked philosophy in a neo-Platonic way, emphasizing humans ought to strive to being "good," the way to doing this then by way of following "duty," this duty always refusing to serve the self--which leads to death, of course, but Kant became all the rage.

Next was Hegel and the absolute state, and then we got Marx, the Jew, who demanded the worship of the state and dictatorship of the proletariat, etc.

So I rather see the determinist hist. force primarily at work--God's will--as humans suffered gross hubris, the Jews and masons then taking advantage and actually being mere symptoms of that basic disease, HUBRIS, esp. that of pretended "good-evil"--as of Kant for foremost example.

Thus the masons, for most folks, were mere fad and fashion--it's true masons served as vehicle of Jew infiltration, but again, these were mere symptoms, Jews taking advantage of the people of the age's gross hubris, esp. in pretending to "good-evil" Pharisaism, leading to socialist statism and now the satanic society featuring Obongo-care death-panels and AGENDA-21 "population-reduction" genocide for the purpose of "the earth," "environmentalism," etc.

Don't fail to note Alex Jones does much to pt. out this satanism and the slow-kill mass-murder of the people by the various means, fluoride in the water, GMO foods, "chem-trails," etc.  Tim, u gotta forgive people, I think, if they consider Alex Jones, under the horrible Jew-dominated circumstances, is the way to making Jews and oligarchs fighting one-another, at least.

Whether u like it or not, people seem to think Jews have won, for practical purposes; hence backing such as Jones and Paul is most expedient way--for so many folks--of expressing opposition and rebellion--this then can be further treated by the true Christian soldiers like us, never doubt.

Mike Hoffman II is such a scummy Pharisaic, he needs to getting a clue--apster does the job

Below essay by ap first submitted (not necessarily published) at

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Justice Requires Forthright War Against Jew And Other Psychopaths
(Apollonian, 27 Feb 14)

Hoffman: what u are is a Pharisaic, pretending u understand Christianity--u don't, not even in the slightest.  For dear Christianity is profoundly rational--which u don't seem to understand.

Irony is u understand Judaism/Talmudism quite well--I know, as I've read ur books and recommend them to everyone I know.

And u're pathetic when it comes to money & banking too, which is why u really should withdraw ur latest work on usury for reasons I've already made clear for u.  But go ahead and keep ur book (on usury) circulating and embarrass urself.  Pity is that people will extrapolate ur ignorance to ur genuinely good works on Talmudism.

And as a Pharisaic, Hoffman, u're actually a TRAITOR to all gentiles and the good Christian volk, u too willing to overlook and ignore the war Jews wage against gentiles and esp. Christians.

Jews judge Christians and gentiles collectivistically, but u traitorously insist gentiles must judge Jews as individuals.

Justice requires Christians and gentiles reciprocating and waging war against Jews--this is true justice which God would surely approve.

Get this straight, Hoffman, Christ is TRUTH, in accord w. Gosp. JOHN 14:6, the only way to Godly happiness.  And "faith" is simply LOYALTY, nothing else.  Thus Christianity is sublimely rational, and there is NO "evil"--only insanity--for everyone does best he/she can, and no one is perfect in eyes of God, no, not one, according to St. Paul.

There is no "good Jew," Hoffman, for any good person of Jew race must repudiate the filthy Talmud, and gentiles are justified for not allowing any person of Jew race, regardless of any "conversion," to hold office, vote, or even to reproducing.

Justice and proper loyal regard and respect for humanity requires war against Judaism and hence all who profess pride in being Jew.

U ought to think carefully, Hoffman, for the penalty for treason is nothing to sneeze at, and a self-righteous, traitorous Pharisee is precisely what u are and nothing but, buddy.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Never doubt: ZOG can be dealt w. by various methods, including Christian aesthetic, not only straight-forward intellect

Below essay by ap first published at comments,

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ZOG Must Be Treated By All Possible Means & Modes--Especially By Means Of Dear Christianity
(Apollonian, 26 Feb 14)

John: I listened to the show, the whole thing--good show, good guest, interesting info discussed, esp. about the media, so totally Jew-dominated.

What I'd comment on is the idea that "this thing can be turned-around," regarding present Jew-domination.

For note that legalized COUNTERFEIT scam, the Fed, will absolutely rule things long as folks continue to accept the US Dollar for payment for goods and svcs. This dollar is backed by nothing less than the oil industry (hence the "petro-dollar") which industry is foundation of our present civilization. ZOG will simply kill any alternative, as we saw w. Iraq and Libya, they having isolated Iran pretty much, so far.

Jew dictatorship is sublimely entrenched, never forget, allied as they are now w. the legions of "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists, these JCs the single largest & most powerful gentile interest group.

So I think rather, ZOG, backed and propped by the Fed, will be more like a forest-fire which CANNOT be put-out, it now having to simply burn itself out--which is actually happening (a) not only w. mighty Internet (so far), but also (b) w. US Dollar steadily collapsing for its value, regardless it being backed by the oil industry.

Thus under circumstances patriots will have to lie-low, so to speak, and await an opportunity as the masterminds at top begin, evermore, to falling-out, they wary of the old double-cross knife in the back, there being "NO HONOR among thieves."

Thus I, being old philosophy-major now turned to theology, rather strive to unite folks upon that dear old Christian theme--only now simplified and in rationalist mode--founded upon TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all/any other precept (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44).

In this quasi-theologic mode, I think it's then expedient and EFFECTIVE to most DIRECTLY confront Jews' "Praetorian guard," so to speak, those traitorous JCs--and in this way to dealing w. ZOG, effectively knocking-out the props, at least to significant extent, regarding JCs, fm under ZOG.

Note then, JCs are main-stays fm the "right"; Jews also have the homosexuals on the "left," though these are far less effective than the JCs, the people in general more prejudiced or at least wary of the "left" than the JCs on the right.

Thus we can well emulate St. Constantine the Great, don't forget, who revived the then moribund Roman Empire of early 4th cent., at least to an extent, and for a time, the eastern branch continuing for another thousand years, don't forget.

So perhaps we might do a radio-show on this topic--using that powerful Christian theologic and aesthetic to augment the strict rationalist-conscious approach, as in strict politics and economics.

"Academic Justice"?--at public edjumacation is sad joke, truly--want justice?--get rid of public edjumacation, by golly

Below by ap first published at comments,

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Real Justice Means Getting Rid Of Thought-Control And Public Edjumacation, For Goodness Sakes
(Apollonian, 26 Feb 14)

Allow me to simplify things so as to aid in the understanding.

First remove “academic justice” and simply understand there’s only justice, pure and simple.

And so Korn wants this “justice” which is the fascist justice of arbitrary oppression and suppression based only upon political expedience–at least she’s HONEST.

Dear prof. Mike then tells us, well gee, but political expedience shouldn’t be tooooooooooo “expedient” and whimsical, but otherwise gives us no clear principle by which to judge.

For note basis of public edjumacation is ultimately, simply political expedience. A private college–which is the ONLY place u’ll find real education–can and should do whatever they consider appropriate to their interests.

So, in conclusion, we see the concept of “justice,” as it’s used here by Korn and others, is sheer fiction at best, a sham and fraud–it’s only a certain KIND of “justice,” under certain circumstances which must be understood.

Same goes for academic “freedom”–just a sham and a fraud–a sad joke. But freedom can be seen as an end in itself, though we see it CANNOT withstand a basic socialist, tyrannic-oriented “public-edjumacation” and its necessary “justice” of expedience, mob-rule, thought-control, etc.

So Korn actually stands-up for the fascist interest, insisting they have the right and duty to oppress whatever convenient victims. And the advocates of “academic freedom” are merely bluffers who strive to embarrass Korn, challenging Korn for how far she dares to push her fascism, mob-rule, etc.

U want real freedom?–GET RID OF public-edjumacation which is just putrid thought-control and indoctrination–look at the gross damage it’s done to our poor Prof. Mike, for goodness sakes.

The BIG LIE--the victims end fooling themselves within imperial circumstances, dependent upon welfare, including CORP. welfare

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Circumstances Of The BIG-LIE
(Apollonian, 26 Feb 14)

Well musings, once again u bring up excellent subject-matter, the whys and wherefores of the BIG-LIE--how and why the technique works.  And I trust I'm not presuming too much that u'd go along w. the BIG-LIE theory I've expounded so far.

For that's how the BIG-LIE has to work-- (a) the perps know they're lying, so well-crafted (well-enough, anyway), w. all the flunkies going-along, ESPECIALLY their lying instrument, the mass-corp. "news"-media repeating, repeating, repeating.

(b) And the perps know who they're dealing with: the goons of a corrupt, sated, mammon-oriented, imperialistic society, so dependent upon the empire in the way of "bread-and-circuses," welfare at both the lower-levels of society (income-wise), and also at the top-level too, which folks tend to forget--corporate-welfare and the military-industrial-complex.

(c) And don't doubt, lots of folks grasp the sheer ENORMITY of the BIG-LIE pushed in our faces, and they elect, even if reluctantly, to go-along w. the official fiction--it was Arabs or mooooooooslims that done it, those pesky critters, by golly.

(d) And once they go-along w. one lie, when the next one comes-up, they seem to feel obligated to go along w. that one too.

(e) Thus the people end very much FOOLING THEMSELVES, and the perps at the top understand this.  Another form of this going-along, I guess, would be the famous "Stockholm syndrome."

And the forest-fire of lies within the empire-of-lies is such that at this pt. it can't be put-out, but rather must simply burn itself out--which is why some people will have to be hurt badly before they begin to re-consider things, if ever--some will not survive.

The other thing is that as the population is steadily reduced in all the various ways, the masterminds at the top will begin to fall-out, suspecting they might be double-crossed, we patriots having to be (a) survivors and (b) opportunists when there seems a chance of exploiting this inevitable falling-out among masterminds, upon principle of "NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES."

Present opportunity is afforded in way of currency-collapse, on-going as we speak--this is serious thing and grave weakness, such as it is, for the masterminds.  Obongo's imagined economic "recovery" is actually mere bubble inflated by "quantitative-easing" (massive monetary inflation and gov. deficit-spending).

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

ZOG dictatorship and regime of harassment bearing down on those who could help inform the volk

Below essay by ap first published at comments,

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“Speculation” Has Its Proper Purposes, Don’t Doubt
(Apollonian, 25 Feb 14)

I suspect Prof. Tracy thought, when he was first singled-out for harassment, he was merely making fairly simple observations–he was surprised when he found-out about adverse attn. directed towards him. Tracy isn’t so much a hero as he keeps his head well enough, knowing he can defend himself by fairly easy references–he doesn’t back-down, and this is why he’s notable and impressive–not so sure about “heroic.”

I observe that in his interviews Prof. Tracy seems rather low-key and matter-of-fact for his responses, coy, even.

Musings, u overlook, I think, the observation that a citizen OUGHT to be able to then “speculate” upon solid observations–which now Tracy realizes he may not be able to do (“speculating”) due to the threatening circumstances he’s already suffered.

For a good citizen ought to be able to speculate, abstract, and thus to give warnings to fellow citizens, Tracy being well-qualified as observer and knowledgeable of journalism and the present professional practice which anyone knows is quite nefarious, Tracy not the least.

For Prof. Tracy is just the sort, given his position, that he could well and quite respectably generalize upon the events, Bost. Marathon bombing and Sandy Hook, to name just two–there are others–as a species of psy-ops, specifically entailing the BIG-LIE technique as I’ve noted.

But Tracy cannot be blamed for omitting to so “speculate” (actually, to simply observe and classify)–and this is precisely the TRAGEDY and outrage that such as Tracy, so well qualified, cannot easily so comment and thus to inform his fellow citizens.

Monday, February 24, 2014

BIG-LIE topic is waiting for expo, discussion, only needs someone to broach the issue

Below essay by ap first published at comments,

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BIG-LIE technique Only Needs A Spokesman To Broach The Issue
(Apollonian, 24 Feb 14)

Of course, u know, my idea is to get more scientifically-respected guys like Tracy and Fetzer, Barrett would work well too, to pick up on my idea about the BIG-LIE, the big-lie classification being the immediate generalization that would include Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon bombing, 9/11, and many, many others.

Thus we get folks talking about the BIG-LIE technique and HOW it works, and they will quickly see the easy relations with all these various events.

If Tracy would do this, it would be big and much-discussed--but he's got 3 kids he has to feed, so he probably doesn't want to risk it--now, FETZER could do it.

And they could all apply what they know about science to the technique, for note, BIG-LIE is a species of psy-ops. Lots of folks understand psy-ops, but it's tooooooooooooo general--BIG-LIE fits PERFECTLY. Alex Jones could do it.

All the aware folks know what's going on about these lies and lying, but we only need some clinical-type discussion and expo--I could go on and on.

For instance, it's easy (a) to demonstrate the satanistic psycho-pathology of these murderers and liars--like Obongo warning people about drones--"u'll never hear them coming," ho ho ho.

But look at the people--the broad masses: (b) they're terrorized fm various angles, esp. all the folks on food-stamps, etc., who are afraid to lose benefits if they cross ZOG.

(c) And lots of folks DO indubitably grasp the ENORMITY of what's happened and what they're required to swallow. So u see, a guy (or girl) w. necessary boldness could easily start the ball rolling, broaching the specific BIG-LIE technique, then demonstrating all the elements--we're just waiting for someone w. sense of enterprise, by golly. Alex Jones could do it, or Jesse Ventura, or Fetzer--they just need to focus-in just a bit on the concept.

FaceBook/CIA invents another little bubble reality for the queers/"multi-gendered" (ho ho ho)--Phil. prof. cheers

Below essay by ap first published at comments

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Birth Of Another Little Bubble-Reality–Hooray, Ho Ho Ho
(Apollonian, 24 Feb 14)

Life in the world of objective reality–the REAL world, ho ho ho–is so blase’, evidently, for the advanced-thinkers (ho ho ho) we see now a little bubble-reality is invented by the CIA flunkies at Face-book for all the little morons, goons, and suckers within the “masses.”

And I’m sure these “advanced-thinkers” actually welcome hateful comments in order for them to be afforded to commiserating w. one another, along w. opportunity to bully those who offered such critical comments.

Newsflash Mike: the bullies and punks are the gays and multi-gendered, these w. the backing and blessings of satanist criminal masterminds funded by that key agency at the top, the US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEIT scam (see and for expo on Fed.)

For this is the establishment party-line, isn’t it?–not merely “tolerance” of perverts and psychos like gays, et al., but abolishment of objective reality, determinism, and that reason necessarily based thereupon, like science and logic. This way, we can promote such as idiotic “climate-change” big-lies, eh?

So we see how it all goes together, this multi-gender idiocy and big-bro. in general. But don’t doubt this absurd little wonderworld will soon be coming to a screeching halt as the currency collapses.

The BIG-LIE can, must be analyzed, verified scientifically, in detail--it's what's going on

Below essay by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Exposition Of BIG-LIE Technique Is Next Step In Necessary Scientific Analysis
(Apollonian, 24 Feb 14)

Well Prof. Tracy: I guess u did ur usual good, though pedestrian, job, BUT I wish u could have done a little bit more, which I submit is the next necessary step for scientists–not to mention patriots.

For that next step, I submit, is the classification of Sandy Hook incident, as well as Bost. Marathon bombing, as ITEMS within the next larger GENUS, which then, I submit would be the BIG-LIE psy-ops, as I’ve noted for us several times in several places.

Sandy Hook–or Bost. Marathon bombing–is NOT NOT NOT isolated incident; rather it’s one of a series w. distinct characteristics. And I wish our good Prof. Fetzer might himself comment upon this all I bring up here.

For note the BIG-LIE is a specific sort of TECHNIQUE which relies upon (a) the suckers/victims to voluntarily FOOLING THEMSELVES, going along in the face of (b) truly satanistic, deliberate, psychopathic liars, who KNOW they’re bald-facedly lying to the people, (c) the people intimidated, (d) faced w. the sheer enormity of the lie, choosing then sheepishly, even reluctantly, to going along, considering it the expedient thing to do under the difficult circumstances.

The sad thing then is the poor people, having acceded so tragically to one of these BIG-LIE “events” then seem to feel obligated to continuing to going along w. the momentum of the large campaign of lies and the program under-lying–world dictatorship and genocide in guise of “population-reduction” according to AGENDA-21.

Notice there are distinct parts to the technique I expound for us here, and surely u’d agree these conditions can all be quite well analyzed and verified on strict scientific basis.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Establishment (Jew) criminals want to pretend to appeal fm both "left" and "right," though gov. spending and control ALWAYS increases

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Establishment Criminals Want To Pretend Appeal From Both Left And Right
(Apollonian, 23 Feb 14)

Magus (see below-copied): u seem to overlook the "right-wing" is infiltrated by Jew-oriented "neo-cons" and their supporters among gentiles, the "Judeo-Christians"--this is the audience for FOX News, for example--Israel first, u see--this "right wing" is perfectly acceptable, don't forget.

Tea-party and Ron Paulites are out in the cold--even though Paul also gets some money fm establishment-types like Peter Thiel of Bilderberg fame, no less.  Rand Paul has been sucking-up to Israel, as Ted Cruz--they're sooooooooo desperate for money, u see.

The criminal, satanic establishment then is that led by the powers behind the US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEIT scam, esp. the CFR, Trilateralists, and Bilderbergers, the establishment then, naturally, getting its monetary and funding nourishment most liberally fm the Fed.  Anyone who doesn't go along doesn't get any money for campaign and ad -spending on TV, radio, etc.

Sure, there might indeed be an overall bias towards the "left," but there's an establishment left and right, and then there is the genuine, anti-criminal opposition, the great masses, of course, in the middle of all of it, merely going, generally, whichever way the wind blows--long as economy holds out, anyway, which won't be for long now.

These ruling criminals always want to put across the impression to the masses of goons and TV-addicts in the middle that "normal" people tolerate Jews and homosexuals, and these can be found both on the (establishment) left and right.  In general though, gov. spending and regulation ALWAYS increases--so it seems the "left" pre-dominates, the "right" left to military spending and expansion of bases throughout the world, etc.

--------------above by ap in response to below-copied------------------

magus71 said, on February 23, 2014 at 8:16 am
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I’ll up the ante: Can you think of anyone that’s been punished for saying anything that is considered left-wing, as opposed to right-wing?
And you, Mike, can you?
Notice that everything that has a hateful connotation is considered right-wing.
Of course, some will think that this is because right-wing is defined by hate and left by tolerance.

Friday, February 21, 2014

"Hatred"?--so what's the problem w. the state prosecuting such subjective impression, encouraging PREJUDICE against anyone suspected of "hate"?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

What's Really Wrong With "Hatred"?--NOTHING
(Apollonian, 21 Feb 14)

Note also the implications of "hatred"--what actually is "hatred"?--and don't people have a right to hate whatever they please?--isn't the only proper legal proscription against actions, not emotions like "hate"?

For isn't hatred mere reciprocal of love?--and if one doesn't hate, then one cannot love.  For if one loves something, one must necessarily hate the anti-thesis.  To out-law hate is to out-law love.

Further, isn't "hatred," as an emotion, something subjective?--and how is it someone can be held liable for something that's subjectively imputed by someone else?--this someone else obviously anti-pathetic, hence obviously prejudiced against, hence obviously hateful towards the original someone accused of hatred.

Such then is the gross degeneration of USA, originally founded upon clear, rational principles, now utterly overthrown within irrationalism, satanism, the empire-of-lies, culture of death-worship, ObongoCare death-panels and AGENDA-21 genocide, as we plainly see before our very eyes.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The BIG-LIE--suckers the people, and it's being used to destroy the people--take heed, get hip

The "BIG-LIE"--It's Become ZOG's Mainstay, The Usual, Standard Treatment
(Apollonian, 20 Feb 14)

Following is fm (see

"The Big Lie (German: Große Lüge) is a propaganda technique. The expression was coined by Adolf Hitler, when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf, about the use of a lie so "colossal" that no one would believe that someone "could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously."

Here Wiki quotes unc' Adolf:

"All this was inspired by the principle--which is quite true within itself--that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying."

—Adolf Hitler , Mein Kampf, vol. I, ch. X[1]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Thus, given the above excellent expo by unc' Adolf, one sees the BIG-LIE merely takes chutzpah--nerve, gall.  One lies KNOWING one is lying--lying deliberately, in-ur-face.  And the liars know exactly what they're doing, u see--they KNOW it requires "chutzpah," nerve, gall, effrontery to making it work.  Boldness and brazenness are essential for the big-lie.

And the people are struck by the enormity--which doesn't escape them--but now what happens?

Well, the people NOW FOOL THEMSELVES, telling themselves no one would lie like this, if it was a lie--they wouldn't dare--"noooooooooooooooo," they say to themselves.

Such then is the consistent lying and "psy-ops" of ZOG for 9/11, Sandy Hook "massacre," Boston Marathon "bombing," etc., these being only more prominent among others too--a series of BIG-LIES in a large, satanistic campaign against the suckers, the people.

Note then HOW EASILY it's done merely by constant repetition by mass-corp. Jews-media

And don't forget how it's so well-financed too--by the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed--see & for expo on Fed fraud) COUNTERFEIT scam, w. its nearly endless funds just churned-out as needed.  The public edjumacation is in on it--like especially w. "political correctness"--all the politicians and judges, and all the establishment churches too--EVERYONE who takes money, the Fed putting it all out, never forget.

Note the Fed itself is built upon a huge BIG-LIE--to effect it's NOT mere (legalized) COUNTERFEITING, that it's necessary for economic functioning and "prosperity," ho ho ho

And the biggest big-lie of all?--is that ZOG cares for and about the people of USA and is not trying to mass-murder them--like w. ObongoCare death-panels and AGENDA-21 "population-reduction" genocide.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Note the favorite tool/technique of satanists--the BIG-LIE, how it works--depends on suckers fooling themselves

Below essay by ap first published at comments,
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It's Not Just "Leftists" Or "Fascists" We're Up Against--These Are SATANISTS And Psychopaths Pushing "BIG-LIE"
(Apollonian, 20 Feb 14)

Good show John; Fetzer is a great fountain of worthwhile info, I'd say.

Of course, we're up against absolute SATANISTS who worship lies, and esp. the BIG-LIE technique whence the people are much confronted w. the enormity of the proposition, false as it is.  But the people are then impelled, by all the circumstances that they understand into FOOLING THEMSELVES by thinking, "nooooooooo--the gov. wouldn't lie to us about this, would it?--nooooooooo, they couldn't, they wouldn't...."

Note then the BIG-LIE takes chutzpah, nerve, gall in supremely large quanitity.
So not only are we hit w. just ONE big-lie, but an entire series, 9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon among them.

Key to it all, for this massive satanic conspiracy, is the US Federal Reserve Bank, the big-lie attached to it being it's simply legalized COUNTERFEITING, literally, but the folks don't want to face-up to it, the sublime simplicity of it all, imagining US "prosperity" depends on this gross criminal scam.
The largest BIG-LIE is that ZOG cares about American people and their rights, big joke too, eh?  Ho hoo ho ho ho

Observe ObongoCare "death-panels" and AGENDA-21 "population reduction" genocide.  ZOG hates humanity, like satan hates TRUTH, honesty, reason, law, etc.

We need a cultural revolution much like that of St. Constantine the Great, early 4th cent., when the otherwise moribund Roman empire was revived to a degree, at least, and for a time, the eastern part of it continuing for another thousand years.  Keep up ur great work, for sure.

People are easily subject to prop., so it's good to keep proper Christian principles--like DETERMINISM--foremost upon the mind of the volk

below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

People Are Typically Subject To Propaganda, So It Should Be Effective Prop.
(Apollonian, 19 Feb 14)

TJB (see below-copied): how many times does "free" will fallaciousness (non-determinism) and subjectivism have to fail before people understand it's bankrupt?

For note and never forget: people are SINNERS, subject to error.

Don't u see?--socialism is "good," "virtuous," and this is why it's justified in theory, theory founded upon "free" will, as I note.  When compared w. determinism, strict cause-effect, "free" will is made attractive to the masses who want to pretend they're "good," as they're taught fm child-hood.  Thus people are too often & easily moved by such as guilt-complex--that's how, for example, white folks of USA have essentially given-away their land to the dark-skins, USA now mere empire, like the old Roman empire.

Further, note w. the present corruption, fascism, corp. welfare, and oligarchy which pretends to "capitalism" and "free enterprise," people simple-mindedly conclude the anti-dote to this fascist puke is socialism--even if it doesn't work so well--people make use of it as anti-thesis to present tyranny, imagining anything is better than present tyranny.

Note the masses of people are subject to whatever propaganda prevails for fashion--and socialism is one of the things that "works" for them for reasons I give, above, (a) it's "good" for some, and (b) for others it's counter to the fascist tyranny spouting the phony free-enterprise.

That's why the proper course is to note this sad fact about the volk--they are EASILY moved by prop.--that's why it's best to keep them, much as it's possible, to dear Christianity, the REAL thing (promoting TRUTH above all things), which is anti-semitic, against lies.  But reality is DETERMINED, and it seems impossible to completely avoiding the inevitable "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler--as reality is determined, after all, and things must happen as necessary.

And of course, even aside fm simplistic anti-semitism, if it's then found the "Christian" establishment begins to acting like Jews themselves--as Martin Luther complained--then the people will actually welcome the Jews BACK to taking power as we actually see these Jews have done since even before French Revolution, ruling now w. iron fist.

-----------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied---------------------------

T. J. Babson said, on February 19, 2014 at 12:44 pm
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How many times does socialism have to fail before people understand it is a bankrupt ideology?

Don't forget comrades, and don't fool urselves--perfectly "free" will is not only HUBRIS, it's basis of guilt-complex by which to manipulate goons of society

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Don't Forget: "Free" Will Is Noble Lie, Basis Of Guilt, Means Of Manipulation Of Society
(Apollonian, 19 Feb 14)

“I remember promising myself that, should I live, I would rise up to meet this new challenge face to face and prove myself worthy of life…”~Terry Fox
* * * * * * * * * *

So did Terry REALLY have to "prove [he was] worthy of life"?--I submit answer is NO.  For life is DETERMINED according to absolute cause-effect--there is no perfectly "free" will.  The ONLY will that obtains and prevails is God's will, period.

Terry was "worthy" of whatever life he had, regardless what he did or didn't do.
Terry had his fun--I guess--and this is what everyone can do--or not--it doesn't matter that much.

"I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul." 

-And this (lines fm poem by Henley) is just wishful thinking.  Reality happens to us, and we react best we can under circumstances.

So Magus, thing I'd pt. out to u is that DETERMINISM is what most logically follows fm the objective nature of reality--there couldn't be an absolutely perfect "free" will--this, don't forget, is the SIN of HUBRIS, fm the Greeks, pretending to being God.

And note this hubris is manifested in the Pharisaism (self-righteousness) of those who murdered TRUTH itself (in symbolic form of Christ).

So regardless of Terry Fox, I must most URGENTLY caution u, magus--perfectly "free" will is nothing but hubris, conceit, and wishful thinking, NOT founded in reality and observation thereof.

Psychologically, this "free" will is the necessary premise for GUILT, aside fm Pharisaism and hubris.  Thus the present social engineers most certainly want to induce this "free" will fallacy/delusion/heresy (Pelagianism), using this as basis of guilt-complex by which to manipulate the people--as we see has been done soooooooooo successfully, the white people of USA having given-up ownership of their country, for example.

Monday, February 17, 2014

"Cultural Marxism"?--note the irrationalist attacks on civilization began LONG before 19th cent. and "political correctness"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Note The Definite Precursors, Foundations, Precedents To This Political Correctness Of Present-Day--It Didn't Just Arise In 19th Cent.
(Apollonian, 17 Feb 14)

John: u know, there's more, at least for back-ground, to this stuff u present in the vid (see, to be sure, it's extremely interesting, without doubt, and it deserves to be understood in detail.  BUT, like I say, there's more.

Even long before capitalism, there was a more general attack against reason itself, fm back in Greek times, but then later too, esp. in skepticism of David Hume, subjectivism of Immanuel Kant in spirit of moralism/Pharisaism, then statism of Hegelian reaction to classic liberalism of individual freedom (as of American founders), which all then led to Marx.

First, note simply the anti-Christ subversion in way of present "Judeo-Christianity" (JC--see and for expo), whence Christianity, properly understood as worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) above all/any other precept(s), is now conflated as mere version/variation of Judaism, which is actually totally anti-thematic, Jews upholding lies (Gosp. JOHN 8:44)--whatever is "good for Jews," according to their Talmud, Talmud the "interpretation" of Torah.  See and for best expo on Talmud.

For observe Aristotelian objectivity requires the necessary assumption (as it cannot be proven in logic) of that objective reality outside the mind which mind is otherwise mere subjective source (Plato, Descartes).

Significance of the attack against Aristotle and objectivity is the Pharisaist perfectly "free" (God-like) human will whence there's such thing as "good-evil," foundation then of the "good" of this political-correctness and general irrationalism, death of Christianity, reason, property-rights and sanctity-of-contract, etc.

Thus note Christian TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6, 8:32, 18:37-8) requires and affirms Aristotelian objectivity as necessary criterion for such TRUTH, which Judaism denies, insisting the only "truth" is what serves "good of Jews" (subjectivism).

So u see, this present-day Politically-Correct propaganda is actually mere particularist manifestation of same old, more general Platonist-subjectivist-Pharisaist irrationalism, culture-of-death, suicide, etc., founded upon empire-of-lies, rejecting the Aristotelian objective reality.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

"BIG-LIE": it's what ZOG is using big-time--get a clue--and see HOW it works--people/suckers FOOL THEMSELVES

The BIG-LIE: It's Being Used Big-Time: Works By Getting People To Fool Themselves
(Apollonian, 16 Feb 14)

Note the BIG-LIE--it's a huge, overall lie, typically something pretty abstract--that's what Sandy Hook "massacre" was (see esp., where I did lots of commenting till the editor cut me off, blocking further comments by me)--just a BIG-LIE, that's all--very elaborate, w. lots of crisis-actors, lots of the mass-corp. "news"-media cooperation all in on it--heavily financed, u can be sure, w. the US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEIT scam behind it all, providing all the funding--millions and millions of dollars, so far.

Now then, HOW does the BIG-LIE get over?--well, note people, the victims/suckers, often consider the possibility it's a lie, but, for one thing, they're also struck w. the sheer massiveness of it all, and they say to themselves, "noooooooooooooo, it couldn't be a lie--they wouldn't dare . . . ," and they end-up FOOLING THEMSELVES and going along, no matter how reluctantly.

So it requires supreme "chutzpah" on part of the perpetrators--nerve, gall, presumption, and contempt for the victims, I'm sure.  But the essence of the BIG-LIE is the perpetrators are sure the victims will FOOL THEMSELVES.

So u see the nature of the game being played by top oligarchs w. this BIG-LIE campaign they've embarked upon.  For Sandy Hook wasn't the ONLY BIG-LIE they did, Aurora Col. seems to have been one, 9/11 certainly was, Boston Marathon was--there were others too, like the Navy Yard shooting, I'm sure.

Finally, note the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEIT scam is a tremendous BIG-LIE, backing it all up w. the funding, as I note.  Another BIG-LIE is that electronic-voting isn't a total fraud.  "Climate Change" is a huge BIG-LIE.

And the largest BIG-LIE is undoubtedly that ZOG gov. is here to help the people--fact is it's determined to destroy the people, as w. ObongoCare death-panels and esp. AGENDA-21 "population-reduction" genocide.

But hark: and observe lots of people have gotten hip to Obongo's lies, like about afore-mentioned ObongoCare and "keeping ur doctor and health plan."

Here, following is the note on this BIG-LIE subject I left at MemoryHoleBlog (see comments at

apollonian says:

(Apollonian, 16 Feb 14)

(a) Shannon Watts wants what she calls “safety,” but gun-control DOES NOT give safety. Crime actually increases when citizens, the source of all rights and delegated power to the gov., are dis-armed. Safety is actually enhanced by citizens being armed.

(b) Watts typically says, “don’t worry, we’re not against 2nd amendment,” etc., but back-ground cks are known prelude for dis-arming the citizenry.

(c) And of course, Watts over-looks purpose of citizens being armed–as a counter, resort, and deterrent to tyrannic gov.

Note the train of BIG LIES, including all the instances, (1) 9/11, Aurora, Col., Sandy Hook, Bost. Marathon, etc.,

(2) observe also the huge BIG-LIEs behind the US Federal Reserve Bank (that it’s not COUNTERFEITING, etc.), that it brings “prosperity,” etc., which Fed is necessary financial instrument behind this anti-Constitutional campaign.

And observe now, perhaps MOST OF ALL, the BIG LIE to effect it’s all for the good of the people–that the gov. is not out to destroy the people, to exterminate them utterly–as we see in ObongoCare death-panels and AGENDA-21 “population-reduction.”

“Gov. is ur friend” completes the huge BIG-LIE complex.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Top, primary weapon of Jews is that Fed COUNTERFEITING, again....

Below essay by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Topmost Practical Weapon Of Jews & Cohorts: That Fed COUNTERFEIT Machine
(Apollonian, 15 Feb 14)

Hello John: listened to ur debate/discussion along w. Fetzer and Mike C. Piper--I think u came out best even though u arrived a little late to the show--good job.

I think all gentiles can well unite in alliance against the Jews and their cohorts which they recruit fm among all the races--we can well emulate heroic St. Constantine the Great and revive our present moribund civilization, much like Constantine did for early 4th cent. Roman civilization, even though that revival was too brief, esp. in the West.

Note the Jews work by keeping the gentiles fighting one another--that's why we should resist and oppose those who try to dis-credit Dieudonne because he's black--as we can observe fm this comment section.

Aside fm the cultural confusion the Jews take advantage of, the greatest practical weapon the Jews have is their money-creating machine, the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see for best expo on Fed fraud--which is literally just legalized COUNTERFEITING, by which they buy everything and everybody w. only few exceptions.

But then of course, Jews and agents will insert dis-info agents for proposing other monetary schemes which will also fail--and it will then require a basic understanding of what money really is--it's got to be commodity, gold/silver being best.

Still, we have solid examples to look to for guidance for economic prosperity--like the early US, even w. it's own troubles w. fiat-money and fractional-reserve system like the 1st and 2nd Bank of US, finally killed by heroic Andrew Jackson.

Basic problem w. Jews, of course, is their anti-Christ and satanic religion--Talmudism--which demands Jews be worshipped by gentiles as God, gentiles mere slaves and beasts for use of Jews--ck and for best Talmudic expo.

So thanks for all ur efforts, John; keep up ur good work. A.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Tim Fitzpatrick CANNOT handle simple dialectic regarding Alex Jones ( says Jones is conscious, deliberate traitor--I say no, he's just dupe

Well, I got censored over at at

This, just below, is what I was told:

Timothy Fitzpatrick

 /  February 11, 2014
You’re obviously not ready to give up the Kool Aid. His entertainment value, and that’s the only value he has, means too much to you. In a few years, when the novelty has worn off and you can’t stand his lying anymore (this happens to many people), feel free to come back with an open mind. Your defeatist attitude “Jews have already won” is something that can only have been reaffirmed to you by Jones and his hypnotism.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Tim was talking about Alex Jones (, and what's he (Tim) talking about regarding "kool aid"?  Tim wants to say Jones is conscious, deliberate TRAITOR, which I deny.  I'm willing to allow Jones may well be dupe--a willing dupe--but I deny he's deliberate, willing traitor, and for this, I'm told I've been drinking Jones' "kool-aid."

Alex can be funny--esp. when he goes into his mimicry of various characters--he's quite good, actually, but I made it clear I like Jones for his genuine info and ability to analyze things, for which he's talented, un-questionably.

Then Tim says I'm "defeatist" for being realistic and honest, pt-ing out Jews have won the cultural battle, ZOG being currently, entrenched, incumbent power.

Tim then deleted my entry, given just below, and he also deleted at least one other, earlier entry I'd made too.  Later I'll print-out the entire dialectic in comments section.  But for now, here's what I'd posted which got deleted:

Logic & Evidence Extremely Important At This Stage
(Apollonian, 11 Feb 14)

Well Tim, if Violet says she's Christian, it's possible, isn't it?--after all, she may genuinely think she's Christian, eh?  Then u say, "she's J. revolutionary, through and through"--this is typical of u--do u say this is "evidence" or mere assertion of urs?--this is an assertion, like a lot of ur statements.  Tim u gotta face it; u still MIGHT be right, BUT u haven't proven ur theses.  When u say Violet is a "Jewish revolutionary," this is a conclusion, for which u need the definitive minor premise, which stands by itself, which u don't have and don't present.

Jones a "terrorist"?--u say RASH things (which MIGHT be true, to be sure, maybe), and u imagine everyone else should think like u.  I don't blame u, but u should consider our pt. of view too.  U need the minor premise for ur proffered conclusion in many of ur statements.

I do read ur articles, and I do do my own research--maybe I'm just not smart as u, but u shouldn't hold that too much against me, for I try, don't doubt.  That's what must count most--people TRYING--regardless how successful.

I submit Jones is one of those, who is truly intelligent, but who fools himself--he makes sooooooooooo much moola fm those Jews, he WANTS to believe they're "good" Jews.  Lots of Jews believe they're good--they're experts at LYING, including lying to themselves, see?

Instead of telling us to read this and read that, and ck links--just tell us, straight-out--what's ur evidence--it ought to be pretty straight-forward and simple.

But Tim, u're evidently using an inductive -type of method, lots of little things and details and items, NONE of them conclusive in themselves, but added-up might very well mean something significant.  But if u have something that's conclusive, tell us--u don't do this.

And again and again, and yet again--u've done this at least 3 or 4 times now--u IGNORE my statement that Jews have won--we're now just trying to come-back.  And Jones is practically "only game in town" for patriot purposes--for lots and lots of people, Tim, which u should respect, they not being as smart as u--u don't consider this, do u?

But simply as military analyst, I guarantee it would be horrific mistake to try to remove Jones (if, as u say, he's such a devil)--he's MUCH TOOOOOOOOOOOO effective against the top, presently-ruling powers--he does a great job as I've noted, even though he doesn't come all the way out to name the Jews--he does EVERYTHING ELSE quite well, pointing out many telling and significant things about the regime, regardless that they're Jews--this gets people to thinking, and this thinking is good.

Like I say, u should face the reality: Jews have won, and u need to be most careful for ur logic and mode of proof and evidence; u're not as water-tight for proof and evidence as u insist--otherwise why would u be insisting as u do?  If u had real, sure-fire evidence, then we'd be on defense much more than we are for not going along w. u, eh?

"Noble lie" of "good-evil" is HUGE issue, stumbling-block for present cultural delusion and "Decline of the West"

Below essay by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Horrific "Noble Lie" Of "Good-Evil," "Free" Will, Leading Us To Heck
(Apollonian, 14 Feb 14)

Jack: regarding Spengler and determinist history--which u call "fatalist," note this is the very principle we're contending about--does TRUTH exist?--Christ says yes, in Gosp. JOHN 14:6, 8:32, and 18:37-8

Sure we have will, BUT it's not, couldn't be, a perfectly "free" God-like will--as this would be HUBRIS (madness), by definition.

And the large pt. is that dictators ALWAYS invoke "good" (hence "free" will) for excuse for their dictatorship.  Thus it's "good" for society to have that Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEITING scam, which then allows oligarchs to print-up nearly ENDLESS funds by which to own and control practically everything and everyone.

My pt. then is if u observe this presently, utterly lawless and satanic society, u see Obongo, not a natural-born citizen, now committing criminal, un-Constitutional acts, now issuing monarchical-style edicts, by-passing Congress, his appointees committing gross crimes--and this is excused upon moralistic grounds, always.

U see then how "good" and expedience is such the excuse/pretext for violation/destruction of law, justice, reason, humanity, and civilization.

"Good of the public" is excuse for gross violation of prop. rights, due process, TSA groping, NSA ignoring of 4th amendment, etc., etc.  Jack, we're being mass-murdered for good--LITERALLY--ck AGENDA-21 "population-reduction" genocide and ObongoCare death-panels--for the "good" of the earth/environment, etc.

Forced toxic vaccinations is for "good" of public health, etc.--all according to the "noble lie" (Plato and Leo Strauss) of "good-evil" founded upon fallacy of a perfectly "free" human will.

Humans are SINNERS, Jack, and we'll NEVER be able to change this sinfulness--NEVER--that's why we have LAW which is now being destroyed by subjectivism and lie, fallacy, delusion, and heresy (Pelagianism) of non-existent, childrens' "good," upon which is the road to heck paved.

Thus this "good" and false (perfectly) "free" will is the ESSENCE of cultural degeneracy in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.  True Christian revival, resurgence, resuscitation--hence DETERMINISM ("fatalism," as u put it) would go far to arrest horrific momentum towards perdition we're presently embarked.  Take care.  A.

--------------------above by ap in response to below (also see above ref.)----------------------

I think the cyclic theory is a good one and like other theories can be used to explain a good part of the whole.

I would support the concept of an "emergency leader" being used in history by mentioning Plutarch's mentioning Solon of Athens handling their debt crisis as people-appointed wise-man/king for a while to get the mess done.
Debt was forgiven in the case of the Solon issue - and since it wasn't kept perfectly secret ended up being abused by those always present that do such things.

Constantine: I don't have a firm enough grasp on that particular era of history to say enough without reading more.

I can see your point about the Spengler theory - but it is fatalistic in the end - which I don't think presents a good analysis of things in the end because there is some free choice out there - otherwise there would be no point in saying we want people to do "good" things - if individual choice weren't a reality - there would not be consequences since initiating actions would no longer matter.

That said - would you agree that Spengler simply forewarns us of patterns we can use to better understand where we are in these simultaneous and overlapping cycles of history - that we can take action to turn it around before its too late - and by too late meaning there is no longer anyone left fighting for the Bill of Rights.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Is homosexual perversion "natural'?--ho hoo ho, yes, I guess, when u think of it in terms of CYCLIC "Decline of West," by Spengler

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Homosexual Perversion Natural To "Decline Of West," By Spengler
(Apollonian, 12 Feb 14)

TJB (see below): note homosexuality & irrationalism (they go together) is quite understandable in socio-biologic (deterministic) terms when u consider the Spenglerian, CYCLIC "Decline of the West" and it's necessary progress, such as it is.

Thus the original culture arises as people are HONEST and objectivistically-oriented (Aristotle), but as the culture advances in military victory and prosperity, it breeds up generations of spoiled brats (as we see) who didn't have to fight and struggle for what they now have, provided by earlier, more intrepid generations.

Thus the evermore corrupted culture falls-away fm honesty, objectivity (Aristotle) and begins to adopt the wishful-thinking and HUBRIS of SUBJECTIVISM, and this esp. in form of Pharisaism-moralism (Immanuel Kant, especially) whence the corrupt suckers of the society pretend to HUBRIS, "good-evil" and the perfectly "free" human will--we see this in the Roman example, and now in the West, as so brilliantly and definitively described and exposited by Oswald Spengler.

Thus, if u think of society as a biologic sort of organism or super-organism, u see the very same process of Aristotelian-styled "GENERATION AND CORRUPTION."

Thus in USA, for example, u first see the definitive and horrific destruction of US Constitution in US "Civil War," whence Lincoln mass-murdered nearly a million white citizens of the south, plains Indians were next on the list of ruthless extermination, explicit imperialism ensued in Spanish-American war of 1898.

This destruction of the rational culture was then confirmed in 1913 w. passage of US Federal Reserve Act which set up literal, legalized COUNTERFEITING of the money-supply, the definitive enthronement of a criminal class as overlords, this rapidly moving, as we see presently, to total world domination and dictatorship of United Nations, IMF, NAFTA, etc.--now moving to explicit GENOCIDE of AGENDA-21 "population-reduction" and, as we see here in USA, ObongoCare death-panels, not to mention the on-going slow-kill mass-murder of the people by means of poison fluoride in water-supplies, toxic vaccines, GMO poison foods and additives, forced drugging of population, poison "chem-trails," not to mention the horrific radiation-poisoning of depleted-uranium weapons--which kills our own troops--and Fukushima.

So when u understand the Aristotelian, objective, hence determinist nature of reality in general, u then see how things happen and manifest more particularly in definitive CYCLIC mode, historically, as noted by one of the great geniuses, Oswald Spengler--thus u see the part played by irrationalism-as-fashion, esp. in way of homosexual perversion, destruction of family and humanity, etc. as evident before our very eyes.

---------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied--------------------

T. J. Babson said, on February 12, 2014 at 9:17 am
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Mike, are you aware of any sociobiological basis for homosexuality?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Horrific, horrible, and horrendous as it is, currency collapse of US Dollar is humanity's only hope against Jews and satanists

Below by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hard Truth: Only Hope For World Is Currency Collapse--Which Is NOT Fun Prospect
(Apollonian, 10 Feb 14)

Problem is the iron-grip the Jew criminals, terrorists, and psychopaths, headed by US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEIT scam, have, still, upon USA. Rand Paul is notoriously on-take for Jew money and backing Israeli terror-state. "Liberals" (now just a buzz-word for fascist leftists) are totally controlled by Jews, and libertarians are thoroughly subverted by Jews.

Originally, way back when, "liberals" and liberalism was healthily Christian and anti-semitic, but then Rothschild money definitively took over the West; the rest is horrific history, the world presently descending into abject satanism and genocide, so gloriously led now by those dear Jews.

Problem then isn't merely political ("libertarian vs. 'classical liberal'"); rather problem is cultural, having to do w. true rational society, hence anti-Semitic, the true, rational society grounded on Christian TRUTH, hence Aristotelian objectivity, hence against such fraud & criminality as the Fed COUNTERFEIT scam, Jews and satanists' primary practical weapon which underlies the irrationalist/Pharisaic psy-ops and "noble-lies."

To call oneself libertarian, but then to seriously, genuinely supporting Israeli terror-state is laughable at best.

Jews now SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO totally dominate the Western mentality and culture that "right/conservative" is construed as supporting Israeli terror state and "left" is supporting the equally Jew-dominated UN/world-dictatorship including AGENDA-21 genocide, ObongoCare death-panels, etc.

Of course, Jews have their gentile cohorts on both wings serving as window-dressing for them, (a) the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo) hereticalists and traitors, who support Israel on the right, and (b) the homosexuals, especially, and the few genuine "leftists."

So the ONLY hope for the world is currency-collapse of US Dollar, removing that Fed COUNTERFEIT scam, primary weapon of Jews and cohorts, exposing then the genocidal dictatorship being satanically imposed upon over-populated goyim suckers.

Present horrific situation requires observing similar instance in CYCLIC hist.--that of St. Constantine the Great

Below by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Follow Historic Example Of St. Constantine The Great For Serious Christian Revival
(Apollonian, 10 Feb 14)

Jack: I don't think much more could be said about the Fukushima situation, which u've described pretty well, basically, SOOOOOOOOO, I think best thing now is to putting it in context/perspective--the CYCLIC, "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

See, the corrupt, hubristic society, now over-populated due to the former success and "victory" of previous generations, has bred-up a bunch of perverts who've now abided Obongo-Care death-panels and AGENDA-21 "population-reduction" (genocide).

So, it seems a bunch of poor, stupid suckers gotta DIE, eh?--what else?  For at a certain pt. it's difficult to figure out what to do without someone having to take a bad fall.

Hence we can only look-back in hist. and observe fm a parallel instance, the declining Roman situation in early 4th cent. when heroic St. Constantine the Great revived and resuscitated--at least briefly--the otherwise moribund Roman empire at the time.

We have something of an advantage, perhaps, in the Christian under-current already well-established, BUT we see that it's terribly perverted by the hereticalist "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo) traitors who follow the "neo-cons" and support terror-state of Israel, etc.

These JC hereticalists and traitors are the primary, immediate problem--these most deserving of ur well-expressed vitriol and denunciation u give in ur blog article, I submit.

Thus the situation requires a genuine effort specifically aimed at these hereticalists, and then further, towards the positive resuscitation of that basic Christian culture, Christianity, the REAL thing, only needing a re-definition for the grasping of it by enough of our fellow-citizens.

So we have to face-down our hereticalist opponents, I think, in a forceful and effective manner.  Pastor Carlson at does much for showing the way, I think, though I myself would be much more emphatic for exposing the satanist psychopaths, like the CFR, Trilateralists, and Bilderbergers who are openly working for "population-reduction" and genocide, as I note.

For one thing, I submit we have to acknowledge at the outset that Christianity is indeed anti-Semitic, which will be predictable and immediate protestation of satanists and opponents.  For Christianity, at root, is worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Christ), according to Gosp. JOHN 14:6, and against lies (JOHN 8:44).  Thus, observe Christianity actually upholds the Aristotelian objective reality, necessary basis, premise, and criterion for TRUTH, this against the lies of the Jews and associates, including esp. these JC cohorts, the single, strongest gentile political influence.

Thus we have to be capable of understanding Christian TRUTH, hence objectivity in contrast to Pharisaic SUBJECTIVISM and phony, hereticalist "good-evil" (Pelagianism), Pharisaic "good" the greatest enemy of Christian TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH.

This rationalist-inspired anti-Semitism, anti-Pharisaism may seem difficult, but it will become easier as economy continues to collapse and degenerate, never doubt.  Think of this necessary Christian campaign as similar to Pastor Carlson's, but more stream-lined and explicit in certain ways--Christianity understood in more emphatic philosophic terms, Christian objectivity against subjectivism and the "noble-lie(s)" of Leo Strauss, for specific example--a more outright anti-Pharisaism in general, aside fm anti-Israel.

Alex Jones ( is he "useful idiot"?--or outright, deliberate, conscious, anti-Christ traitor?--I say he's just idiot

Below by ap first published at comments,

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Alex Jones: "Useful Idiot"?--Or Conscious, Deliberate Traitor?
(Apollonian, 10 Feb 14)

Tim: I'll say it again, Jews have ALREADY won--they sweep the field--why do u ignore this?  Our only hope now is (a) to survive, (b) to come-back--IF POSSIBLE--and it is possible w. coming currency-collapse.  Jones is presently much the "only game in town" (of practical nature) to opposing the top powers in control--this is all I'm saying, don't forget.

Do u doubt Jones opposes the "globalists" (as he puts it, he always leaving out Jews)?  I think Jones DOES oppose the top masterminds, as he's explicitly said, the CFR, Trilateralists, and Bilderbergers--this isn't lies or dis-info.  JOnes is against AGENDA-21 and ObamaCare death-panels; he's also against fluoride-poisoning in water-supplies, GMO foods, "chem-trails," etc.--this is a net plus for patriots, even though patriots need to go further to seeing the full anti-Christ program.

Most of all, Jones opposes the US Federal Reserve Bank which is PRIMARY WEAPON (of practical nature) of Jews, satanists, anti-Christs, et al.

U're overlooking, I suspect, gravity of the situation regarding US Dollar--if and when it collapses, it will be like Humpty-dumpty--they will TRY to replace it, perhaps, but the replacement will NOT have the same status as "reserve-currency," used for international trans-actions, esp. for oil (the "petro-dollar").

Currency-collapse will be EPOCHAL--it (US Dollar as "reserve currency") cannot and will not be "replaced."  All the king's horses and all the king's men will not be able to (fully) replace the Dollar.  Coming collapse is serious business, and it's why ZOG is arming to teeth, buying-up all the ammo, militarizing local police, etc.--they're scared, for good reason.

And this Dollar collapse will be fatal--millions are going to die because of, if nothing else, food-shortages, civil un-rest, etc.  Question is what will ensue?--will there be full-blown martial-law?--calling in UN troops (esp. Muslims who will gladly kill Americans)?  There are horrific things ZOG can do--like a huge EMP strike, for example, which will wipe-out electric-grid, which could kill HUNDREDS of millions.

So u see, I'm "fan" of Jones, and I provisionally defend him, but I KNOW Jones has serious problems, much as u've pt'd out, BUT if u want to say Jones is total satanic-type liar who's consciously working for the satanists behind the Fed, u need to supply more and better details, not merely asserting.

I've never seen (or even hrd of) "Scanner Darkly" or "Walking Life"--perhaps u can tell us something about them, what the pt. to them is.  When I ck Jones site, I don't see Jones selling these afore-mentioned movies, Jones rather having many of his own vids he tries to sell.

Tim, did u know Hoffman was on the Jones show?--I think even Hoffman would agree w. my own appraisal of Jones, a "useful idiot," perhaps, at worst, but not a conscious traitor.

Don't doubt I take ur info seriously, but so far, I don't believe u've made a solid, detailed case for Jones being a deliberate, conscious anti-Christ traitor to US Constitution.

------------------------------above by ap in response to below--------------------------

Timothy Fitzpatrick

 /  February 9, 2014
Do you think the banksters don’t already have a replacement for the dollar? You minimize Alex Jones’s treachery by making statements about patriots having to “agree with perfect exactitude.” This isn’t an insignificant issue. You, of all people, know that there is either 100 percent truth or lies. Jones is the half-truth movement game in town. There is nothing Aristotelian about making excuses for his lies. What is the common link between Jones, Paul, and Ventura? The mainstream media promotes all of them, but not enough that they become bigger than the establishment line—just enough to make it seem like we have a choice. Controlled oppoisition, apollonian. Jew butcher Lenin said, “the best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” The book the girl refers to in that video is Hoffman’s Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare. In it, Hoffman eloquently explains how merely exposing the Illuminati conspiracy is not productive but is often counter-productive. Hoffman is explaining liars just like Jones. Your Infotainment hero has starred in two Jew Hollywood trash movies (A Scanner Darkly and Walking Life). Looks like you have a lot of homework to do on Judas Goat Jones.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sandy Hook "massacre" fraud is BIG-LIE within same old satanic struggle against Christian TRUTH and reason

Below-copied by ap first published in comments,

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Christianity: Worship Of Truth, Hence Objectivity, Determinism--"Free" Will Mere Conceit
(Apollonian, 8 Feb 14)

Hello: forgive me for butting in, but I understand Beth appreciates the free-will vs. determinism problem/issue regarding Christian philosophy--if I'm not presuming too much here.

And it isn't off-topic, I don't think, long as it bears with the satanic lies vs. TRUTH theme, Sandy Hook "massacre" a huge fraud in the campaign to overthrow Christian culture in USA, along w. Constitutional gov., etc.

And note the Sandy Hook fraud is outright satanic attempt to create a false reality.  Sandy Hook is classic "big-lie" whence the sucker/victim is relied upon to fool him/her -self, the idea being such a lie "couldn't" be true.

Note we have (at least) two solid philosophic sources fm New Test., St. Paul, who can be complicated, and then, my favorite, dear Gosp. JOHN, who's more brief, JOHN holding Christ is allegory of TRUTH, the only way to Godly happiness (JOHN 14:6).

So truth requires an objective reality (as criterion for truth) which must be DETERMINED (absolute cause-effect) vs. a perfectly "free" will--St. Paul agrees, noting we're all sinners and no one is perfect, "no not one."

St. Augustine clarifies it all when he opposes Pelagius and his doctrine of "good works," which Augustine denies, saying we're hopelessly doomed to perdition, and only God's grace can save us--later, Martin Luther agreed most emphatically w. Augustine.

Humans then, don't and can't have a perfectly "free," Godly-type will, and remember the issue isn't "good vs. evil," but rather TRUTH vs. lies, satan the "father of lies" (JOHN 8:44).

It's simply HUBRIS (madness) & Pharisaism then to pretend to "good."  We can only strive to temper our natural will to self-interest w. REASON much as possible--"altruism" (selflessness) is impossible and dis-honest.

Satanism then is a kind of sustained hubris (madness), rejecting the God-given, hence DETERMINED reality--it isn't "good vs. evil," as it is reason & honesty vs. madness.  For who in his/her right mind would willingly do anything deserving hell-fire, which is for children, actually?

And serious psycho-pathology then would have to be that conscious & deliberate refusal to heed to objective reality insisting that one's will and desire is the only thing to be pursued, the only reality.  For "good-evil" could only exist in a subjectivist reality, there being no possible TRUTH in subjectivism whence anything goes, and everything is both true and false at the same time.

Sandy Hook fraud is sustained & elaborate attempt to overthrow Christian TRUTH and that God-given, hence objective reality.  I hope this Christian philosophic exposition helps.