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Monday, December 30, 2013

People gotta get a clue about the REAL SITUATION--it's not about "left vs. right"--it's all humanity against SATANIST criminals--leave off w. useless abstractions

see for ref. to below essay by me--a response to far-below by "magus."

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World Still Lost In Un-Real Abstractionism--We're Up Against Satanism, Nothing Less
(Apollonian, 30 Dec 13)

Actually, the best term is SATANISM, the culture of DEATH, built upon the culture of lies.
It's not not not not not "left" vs. "right," both of these controlled by the topmost Satanist powers (behind the US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEIT scam), both sides of this false paradigm pushing "good-evil" moralism/Pharisaism.
Note then destruction of TRUTH is effected by the fallacious/delusionary "good-evil" of Kant an Plato, lately by Leo Strauss (the "noble lie").
Thus "good-evil" delusion ushers in SUBJECTIVISM which destroys Aristotelian objectivity, necessary foundation for TRUTH.
"[F]ails to ... punish criminals"?--ho hooo ho, Magus, it REWARDS and encourages them--have u observed MSNBC pushing anti-white, anti-Christian "knock-out game" by the blacks?  Did u hear about the cop who gave rectal exams slap on wrist 2 yrs?--see  Have u noted the recent assault against "Duck Dynasty" Christianity?--see

See, what absolutely RULES for this society, including now for all the world?--LIES, the primary weapon being US Fed COUNTERFEITING scam (literally--it's just legalized by vote of paid-off politicians).  See and for definitive expo on Fed.
Thus when u control the money-supply, U RULE, period--and these criminals are determined to maintain their grip.  Hence Fed powers fund all the terrorism, keeping the suckers and morons afraid and willing to give-up their rights, the stupid fools.  And now we have AGENDA-21 "de-population" GENOCIDE as official program for world gov.
People gotta get a clue--TO SAVING THEIR VERY LIVES--it's Satanism, nothing else or less, on the march, and the purpose is genocide by all the various means.

"Anarcho-tyranny"?--this is far toooooooooooooo abstracted--get real, get practical--it's Satanism, literally, just as I analyze, above.

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magus71 said, on December 30, 2013 at 4:20 pm
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Interesting. Can’t remember the exact nature of the other time this happened, but we discussed that every so often one notices a phenomenon and talks or writes about it, only to find later that there is an actual term for it. In this case, I have written in the past on my observation that our government has turned into a strange monster which violates all the rules a good government should follow, that is it fails to adequately punish criminals and exterior enemies and targets law abiding citizens because they are easy targets.
The term for this is Anarcho-Tyranny.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Jew Kabbalism is descent into subjectivism, always initiated w. "good-evil" fallacy/delusion/heresy, never doubt

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Kabbalist Psychology In Strict Philosophic Terms: Triumph Of Subjectivism And "Good" Over Truth
(Apollonian, 29 Dec 13)

Well, I watched all three vids (see above link); thought they were pretty good for info.  Of course I've read Hoffman's works too (see, on the Kabbalist subject.  Kabbalah is all about psyching--oneself and others.  But I like to convert these sort of psychologic-religious issues, much as possible, into straight-out philosophic terms.  My theory then is that Kabbalism reifies subjectivism within the mind, removing objectivity, hence any solid idea of truth.

I think Gosp. JOHN is best, for a short, but definitive work, in laying out the basic philosophy involved.  Thus Christ is TRUTH, the only way to Godly happiness (JOHN 14:6).  And Christ assures us about such TRUTH, affirming the Aristotelian, objective (God-given) reality which gives criterion for such truth--this is extremely important for philosophic purposes.

At JOHN 18:38, P. Pilate invites Christ to dispute upon the subject of truth--what, in pt. of fact, is it, actually?  Of course, Christ allows the moment to pass, knowing it can be done, and indeed, that it has already been done, as by Aristotle who lived hundreds of years previously.

At JOHN 8:44, Christ tells us about his rivals and opponents, the Pharisees, foremost liars, the "sons of satan."  Christ effectively explains these Pharisees and master liars are SUBJECTIVISTS because, u see, as they deny the underlying objectivity, thus do they destroy truth.

Only in an objective reality can there be truth--so how then is truth destroyed?--one must remove objectivity and insinuate subjectivism--AND THIS IS DONE BY MEANS OF "GOOD-EVIL."  For note the young are susceptible to this obsessive insistence upon ineffable "good," and most people never grow-up enough to learn of the necessary primacy of truth (Christ) over everything else.

Thus to destroy truth, the Pharisaics (moralists) and liars must persuade folks it's better to be "GOOD," thus replacing and over-riding the value of truth by means of subjectivism which is implicit in "good"--hence, for example, the "noble lie" of Leo Strauss and Plato.

Note the Pelagian heresy, analyzed by St. Augustine confirms there's no possibility of "good works" that can earn humanity into heaven, humans being sinners that no possible human will can change.  THERE IS NO PERFECTLY "FREE" human will--we're sinners, always have been, always will be.  And this state of sin is because we're possessed of will, even if not perfectly free--hence we're always self-interested, always subject to sin.

Thus it was necessary for dear Christ to die for the sins of mankind--for mankind, by himself, can't change that sinful nature.  Thus Christ freed humanity fm guilt-complex, for another example.

Hence one understands the issue of "good-evil" can only be metaphorical--there can't be any "good-evil" in reality, only REASON VS. INSANITY.  For how could one sin willingly?--knowing one would be sent to Hell?--impossible, only insanity can explain such sin.

Thus Christ is always properly understood primarily as foremost value of TRUTH and honesty, not other things like peace or good or even love, though Epistle of 1John 4:8 says God is love (as this refers to the link btwn Christ and the father, etc.).  Thus love is necessary part of God, but Christ is pre-eminently TRUTH above all/any other virtue in pursuit of Kingdom of God (happiness).

Finally then, the lesson regarding Kabbalah is it will be effective if, first, u are subject to the "good-evil," thus the subjectivist fallacy/delusion/heresy.  The trick, philosophically, is to note that as subjectivism/objectivity are most basic notions, they can only be assumed, not proven--as proof would require a prior premise which cannot exist.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

"Liberal"?--it's just a buzz-word (what else?) nowadays in Jew world order--it actually just means FASCIST, sucka

[Just now posted below essay at]

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Pssst: "Liberalism" Is Actually Just Fascism
(Apollonian, 28 Dec 13)

Hi Mike: I was phil. major too, but to get the major I found I had to go through hostile Kantians, myself being staunch Aristotelian--then I had to give it up (for the major), ended up Hist. major--at least that's "phil. teaching by example," eh?

Well, to address ur thesis pt., note our society, and indeed, entire culture, is dominated, blatantly now, by CRIMINALS--those running that legalized COUNTERFEITING scam (literally), the US Federal Reserve Bank ("Fed")--see for best expo, also

Thus the Fed prints-up and digitalizes nearly INFINITE funds by which to buy and/or control all large corp.s, many if not most small ones, including the mass-corp. "news"-media, all politicians and judges (w. very few exceptions), public edjumacation, and perhaps most tragically, all the establishment churches.  W. infinite money monopoly, u see, the Fed literally owns and controls the ENTIRE society.

So, u see, it really is the "empire of lies" that rules, confirming Oswald Spengler's CYCLIC thesis of "Decline of the West," whence a society/culture begins in Aristotelian objectivity, achieves "success" (ho ho ho) and victory, becomes prosperous and wealthy, then passes most grossly into HUBRIS and subjectivism, pretending to "good-evil" and a perfectly "free" God-like will--whence the people are corrupt and susceptible to frauds like the present Fed--see also Ron Paul's excellent expositions on the Fed subject.

Sooooooooo, when u say "liberal," what u mean really is weaklings and half-wit losers who GO ALONG w. the criminal regime--and they KNOW what will happen to them if they don't go along.

Thus TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH is destroyed (at least in the minds of many people) by means of "good"--as planned and plotted by Leo Strauss (the "noble lie").

Put in only slightly diff. terms, Objectivity (Aristotle) is eventually transformed (in the social mind, anyway) to SUBJECTIVISM, upon the Kantian excuse/pretext of "morality"/Pharisaism--this is where we are now, headed swiftly to the rock-bottom, as US Dollar steadily collapses--it's a CYCLIC historical process, u see.  "Good" is the excuse for terrorism and dictatorship, u see.  Thus Ignorance (secrecy) is strength (security), according to Orwell.

So now u see why EVERYONE (not just professors) has to be "liberal" (just a synonym nowadays for fascist)--which liberalism" (dictatorship) we see the gays now enforcing w. the "Duck Dynasty," for example.  U might not be fascist, just don't get in its way, get it?--if u know what's good for u, see?  Ho ho ho

ZOG and satanists are actively, blatantly at war w. American & Christian volk, never doubt, their purpose is mindless TERROR

SATANIST American Gov., Controlled By ZOG, Actively At War Against The People
(Apollonian, 28 Dec 13)

Ck, wherein is described an amazing, huge "flash-mob" attack of a mall in Brooklyn NY.  So who's responsible?--u can bet ur bottom dollar it was "community-organizers" behind it all, directly or in-directly funded by ZOG w. money printed-up and digitalized out of nothing.  And the purpose is TERROR--that's right; this is ZOG behind US gov. committing acts of terror against the people of USA.

Don't forget ZOG did 9/11--hear about the Saudis now being outed as immediate "state-support" of the patsies and fall-guys of "al Qaeda"?--ck  And just remember Saudis are close allies of Israel and Jew-S-A, and don't do anything without knowledge and permission of their masters, ZOG.

And have u hrd about all the "knock-out" games being perpetrated by niggers against whites?--who's responsible, funding and agitating behind the scenes?--ZOG, u know it.

Hear about the Corp. fascist puke, sucking-up to queer Jews suspending the "Duck Dynasty" guy?--who's responsible?--ZOG, funding and printing-up the money behind the scenes.

Note then purpose of this war is TERROR--by which they extort the people to giving-up their rights--like 9/11 worked so well for accomplishing, eh?

And never forget this latest activity is on top of what we already know--the poisoning of the water supplies w. fluoridization, poisoning food by means of GMO (genetically modified) and other additives, poisonous "chem-trails," toxic vaccines, etc.--not to mention the radiation poisoning and contamination we continue to get fm Fukushima, Japan.

ObongoCare is designed to destroy our health and medical businesses & industries, concentration of Insurance monopoly, drug monopoly ("big Pharma").

And don't forget the last lead smelting plant is closing--price of ammo going up, along w. everything else, as the economy continues to collapse, US Dollar soon to collapse.

And it's all part of a steady, deliberate, methodical plan, comrades--while the suckers continue to be "entertained" by idiot football games on TV--by golly didja' hear, Notre Dame beat Rutgers--yayyy, ho ho ho ho.

It's soooooooooooooo bad, no one can speak the truth, not even good ol' Ron Paul--who will lie and say, "they're 'well-intended'."  Paul is lucky he's not assassinated by these Satanist puke.

And when the Dollar collapses (as it's doing already, only slowly, at the moment), ZOG will start a war w. another false-flag--do u doubt it?  Ho ho ho ho ho--they won't hesitate because they're out-and-out Satanists--u gotta get a clue, comrades.

It's NOT a matter of "left-right"--it's SATANISTS against all our poor people.  So keep spreading the word.  Preach the real Christianity which is anti-Semitic (anti-satan, anti-lies), Christ & Christianity being all about TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all and any other precept.  Keep it simple: advocate 10th amendment, states rights, primacy of local gov., and nullification of ZOG Satanist laws.

Never doubt: Greatest enemy of Christian TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Christ) is Pharisaic "good"--for we're all sinners, always, and need God's grace

below essay just posted at

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Pharisaic “Good” Vs. Christian Truth
(Apollonian, 28 Dec 13)

AJ: this was incredible good topic u chose, and then analyzed w. most excellent logic, and backed w. outstanding citations and references.

Thus the homosexuals are addicts of sensual pleasure, without reason, even at cost of later pain. Homosexuality is sheer celebration of purest obsession, utterly without any pt. or rational purpose.

I’ll never forget, when I lived in San Francisco, Cal., in the mid 70s, what incredible, gross, raging drunks and alcoholics these “gays” really were–addiction to sense-gratification nearly always leads to such gross alcoholism for these gays, I observed.

Heterosexual pursuit is capable of rational mediation and moderation, and note who are the promoters of this homosexual irrationality, the topmost criminals who control society by means of that legalized COUNTERFEITING scam, the US Federal Reserve Bank (the “Fed”)–see for best expo on the Fed COUNTERFEITING scam, also is good.

So WHO dominates this criminal enterprise, large criminal culture, and network?–could it be foremost anti-Christs and irrationalists?–who live by the lie and celebrate the lie as way of life as they wage war against rest of humanity which humanity these criminals call “goyim” (cattle)? Ck Gosp. JOHN 8:44 for Christ’s exposition upon these criminals who dignify themselves by name of Jews.

So criminals who rule by means of this COUNTERFEITING (this is the literal fact) scam, naturally hate TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Christ), the ONLY way to Godly happiness (JOHN 14:6), and they necessarily promote the culture of lies, hence irrationalism, hence addiction to gross, mindless sense-gratification–it’s all of a piece, never doubt.

Thus Christ promoted truth (hence honesty) as greatest virtue towards greatest value of Kingdom of God. Note then TRUTH requires the objective (God-created) reality as criterion/premise. Thus Jews promote SUBJECTIVISM–anything goes–and the way they inveigle the people is by means of their made-up “good”–whatever is “good for Jews,” by which the top Jews even sell-out the lower-level Jews, and as Christ warned.

Note then as most people find it hard to growing up completely, they’re subject to the Jews’ lies about being “good”–which is impossible, humans being SINNERS, needing God’s grace and mercy to enter heaven. “Good” (Pharisaism) is the great enemy of TRUTH, never forget.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas ushers in Christ, foremost defender of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH--against Jew lies

[Below short essay was first posted as response at  The little shit there who runs the site is not likely to publish it though, so I'm posting it here.]

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Original Culture Of Truth Killed By Lie Of "Good" And Moralism/Pharisaism
(Apollonian, 25 Dec 13)

Note Christ is TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, the only way to Godly happiness (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), and this is in opposition to Jew lies (JOHN 8:44). For Jews rule the world by means of their lies, which presently culminate in US Federal Reserve Bank legalized COUNTERFEITING.

So an easy way to think of Christianity is anti-Semitism--just as the Jews complain, ho ho ho ho ho

Holy Spirit then is that reason within and pervading throughout, intellect and sentiment, along w. honesty, which enables grasping of TRUTH (Christ).

Note then Christ actually gives most practical advice: TRUTH exists–it’s a real thing. Therefore, there is an objective (Aristotelian) reality which underlies, giving substance/criterion for truth.

And as reality is objective, so it’s determined (no perfectly “free” will), and CYCLIC for history, a society beginning in honesty and commodity money, but then steadily corrupted as the society/economy “prospers.”

So why not increase the prosperity, say the liars, frauds, and Jews, and print-up (or nowadays, digitalize) money?--this way, we'll always have enough, no one will have to be poor.  Thus TRUTH and honesty, foremost values, are ruined and corrupted by pretended "MORALITY" of delusionary, fallacious, hereticalist "good-evil"--Pelagian heresy.

And now we observe in dismay as Jews, in total control of society, now the empire of lies, by means of legalized COUNTERFEITING, which counterfeit scam is about to go bust (in up-coming 2014), gets ready to unleash upon the world yet another wave of most horrific warfare, in all the various ways–all because stupid humans refuse to face-up to necessity of commodity money, no other, which makes them susceptible to the Jew COUNTERFEITING schemes in the first place.

What killed Christian TRUTH?--at least as it used to exist in our foregone culture--the lies of "good" and moralism in the guise of Pharisaism.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

ZOG, Jew world order MOVING, comrades--get hip--Dollar to be de-throned as reserve currency--within 90 days now, according to report

ZOG, Jew World Order Moving, Dollar To Be De-Throned as Reserve Currency--Get Ready, Suckas
(Apollonian, 18 Dec 13)

Lindsey Williams says ZOG & Jew World Order will be moving to "reset" the world currency system within 90 days, US Dollar will no longer be reserve currency--see

Immediately, this reset will work because prices haven't jumped-up yet, and there's still food on the store shelves, so the sheep and morons will take-it and put-up w. it.

This reset will work--as everything ZOG has done so far has worked so well-- at first, because people are scummy (with a few exceptions, of course) cowards who WILL give-up freedom for security--they only need enough excuse for fear and scare-campaign--see, whence it's explained succinctly.  Another good report, fm another, independent source, for what's happening is here:

How and why do the puke and scum go along?--bread and circuses, obviously, as we know.

How does the fear campaign work, more specifically, for most recent details?  Observe Russia is co-operating for the fear quotient as they say they will move missiles for more "ready" disposition,  China also helps for over-all fear, regarding the jockeying for position in the Pacific:

So note how really EASY it is for the top "leaders" for colluding on terrorizing the people--hence it's easy to intimidate the puke to giving-up their rights and freedom for sake of "security."

It's just as well: nothing will move most people, stupid puke, long as things are soooooo "prosperous," ho ho ho h ho.  When things get worse economically, only THEN do folks begin to get more seriously concerned, poor, dumb bastards--but such is life and human nature, and we ought to know--we're all sinners.

So it all may seem scary, and some implications truly are frightening, but never forget to keeping calm and seeing the solution is really EASY and simple for concept--10th Amendment, primacy of local and state gov., states' rights, etc.  It only requires solid Christian grasp for things: TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) above all/any other precept, never forget, never doubt.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Christianity is a serious philosophic and valuable foundation for West--it's a genuine appeal to reason

Regarding The Supposed Christian Command To OBEY
(Apollonian, 16 Dec 13)

A serious note needs to be made regarding the sublime Christian msg fm Christ. Note Lindstedt, the hill-billy, white-nigger psycho, says Christianity is merely a command to OBEY--see # 4,, this exclusively to his "non-mamzers," descendents of fictional "Israelites." The question then is WHAT, exactly, to "obey"?--would it be commands that are written-down and recorded by humans?

But fact is, easily verified fm Christian New Testament, Christ did much, much more than merely command people to obey. Christ gave genuine and informative advice by way of APPEAL TO REASON, and it's this which makes dear Christianity unique among all religions--it's more, again, than just command to obey.

For Christ advises and informs us TRUTH EXISTS, this especially in sublime, most philosophical Gosp. JOHN, at 14:6, 8:32, and 18:37-8, then again seconded by Epistles of St. Paul. Hence then Christ implicitly affirms the objective (or God-given/created) reality of Aristotle, that reality which underlies and gives basis/substance to such truth, this all opposed, for example, to the infernal lies of Jews, foremost liars, criminals, and satanists.

So we see here how Christianity actually gives distinct aesthetic and dramatic affirmation to a specific philosophy (Aristotle) and metaphysical orientation, thus it's a substantial hint and lead for general thinking of the people, which Christ recommends should lead to and result in (a) love of God and (b) justice towards fellows.

Obviously, there are many, if not most, folks who have serious difficulty thinking, and for them it's all they can do to just following the right leaders, and it's really superfluous to tell them to OBEY--for it's all they can do anyway.

Finally, we see this magnificent Christian advice regarding TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH applies most excellently for ALL PEOPLE, not just some "chosen" few, thus the applicability of Christianity for all people to appreciate.

So the command to OBEY is insignificant at best--didn't we already know that, as applied for children? Why would God send his only begotten son to tell us something so stupid, or at least so platitudinous, which was already well-known?

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The mind of the metro-sexual, pathetic as it is, struggles yet to come to grips w. reality--it's heart-rending, truly

Book Review: Conspiracy Theory In America, by Lance deHaven-Smith
Metro-Sexual Culture Striving To Recover Its Wits
(Apollonian, 15 Dec 13)

"Conspiracy Theory In America," by deHaven-Smith; U. of Texas Press; Austin, Tx., 260 pgs, isn't at all a bad book--even though it's comical in certain ways.  DeHaven-Smith is surely an amazing piece of work, himself, as he's a Professor at Florida State U., and as u can see by his hyphenated name; he wants to more seriously examine the idea of "conspiracy theory," and he rightly sees in it an attempt to ridicule the concept of conspiracy in the public mind regarding our criminal-controlled gov.
What's comical?--ho ho ho--well, deHaven-Smith is ur typical metro-sexual product: he takes the holohoax ("holocaust" of the Jews) seriously, even with all the evidence out and available (see,, and, and he never hrd of the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEIT scam (see for best expo on Fed).  But even so, deHaven-Smith yet suspects there was something fishy about 9/11, for one thing, and he does creditably for bringing-up intellectual back-ground for the propaganda against "conspiracy-theory."  
Evidently, deHaven-Smith (hereinafter, d-Smith), living in Florida, was heavily affected by the great Flordia election scandal and scam of 2000, so he decided to research things.  One great note d-Smith makes for us is the US Declaration of Independence contains a full-blown and EXPLICIT conspiracy theory as Jefferson expounded about King George III.  The assassination of Lincoln is acknowledged conspiracy, even though the Jews don't want people talking about it so much.  D-Smith gets us to thinking.
D-Smith then brings up for consideration some cultural leaders, of present and immediate past, the Jews, Karl Popper and Leo Strauss, and before them, the great American historian, Charles A. Beard, who wrote about FDR (Roosevelt) and his conspiracy to get USA into WWII.
D-Smith covers some background about afore-mentioned theorists; he notes the Jew, Popper was already discounting conspiracy, even during WWII, in the book, "The Open Society...," Popper sticking up for his fellow Jews.  D-Smith doesn't stop to wonder why the Jew might be covering for FDR and fellow Jews--unthinkable for a good metro-sexual, u see.

Strauss, on the other hand, freely admits some conspiracy is actually necessary in the spirit of Platonic "noble lie"--it's good for Jews--oh, excuse me, I meant to say, good for civilization.  So truly, it's quite informative to take note of these Jew theorists, like Popper and Strauss, in considering the overall place of consp. theory--d-Smith does well to bring them up.
Of course, d-Smith doesn't want to consider the Fed COUNTERFEIT scam which so well and thoroughly explains practically EVERYTHING regarding all the conspiracies d-Smith mentions, esp. the assassination of JFK.  After all, w. nearly infinite money-printing (nowadays digitalized, in addition) is it any wonder the mass-corp. Jews-media, Jew-controlled edjumacation system, and entertainment industry puts over and glamorizes its lies and propaganda so well and easily?  But d-Smith, consummate and pious metro-sexual, cannot suspect Jews--that would be "conspiracy theorizing" of the worst type, ho ho ho.
D-Smith also takes special pains to examine and analyze a CIA (Central Intelligence) paper (dispatch 1035-960) put out regarding the JFK (Kennedy) assassination, and indeed, it is interesting, especially as one considers the cultural circumstances of just a generation ago--in the midst of the still advancing American prosperity, which distracted everyone so well, that prosperity today fading away so pathetically as big-brother (ZOG) clamps-down steadily, inexorably, preparing for evermore emphatic genocide--"de-population" of AGENDA-21 (which d-Smith never hrd of, either, ho ho ho).
So d-Smith is surely to be credited, the poor, pathetic fool, as he's so much like the medieval scientific investigator still struggling in gathering together all the particulars, though d-Smith still refusing to face-up to the Jew problem, inconceivable for a good metro-sexual, u know, still idiotically worshipping the holohoax, so totally overlooking the monumental power and significance of that legalized COUNTERFEIT scam, the Fed, which would otherwise so well vindicate, and so much substantiate d-Smith's conspiratorial suspicions and speculations.

Satanists love little metro-sexual morons who think they know something everyone has missed--like about gold and money....

Well folks: got into a neato dialectic w. some people, ho ho ho ho--about currencies (monetary) and gold, over at

Dirk and his buddies at this above-noted site are just "useful idiots."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Gold Is Commodity, The ONLY Proper Monetary Standard
(Apollonian, 15 Dec 13)

Dirk: gold is a commodity--if u think of it as THE money standard, u see it doesn't fluctuate--EVERYTHING else "fluctuates" according to it.  Gold only "fluctuates" according to something else which is used as standard.  If u take fiat currencies, ho ho ho--gold ALWAYS goes up up up in value as these fiat standards are ALWAYS inflated--that's the purpose of fiat currencies: so that the "powers" spend, spend, spend, the people taxed by inflation without their consent.
So u see: this is why fascists/statists LOVE ur propaganda (and ignorance) against commodity standard--they want to move to fiat standard, and use ur and Anthony's psycho-babble for excuse and prop.
And Dirk: u urself are for dictatorship if u want to prevent lenders charging interest--that's what u don't want to admit.  U only fool weak minds, like ur own.
* * * * * * * *
Dirk had written:
Dark Dirk permalink Gold is just a metal. It’s value fluctuates a lot. It depends of how many idiots think at certain moment that it has intrinsic value. The same is happening with bitcoin. It’s just digits. Of course profits goes to those who know how to manipulate market and play the game. The others, like you, are just sheep who follows them.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Arab, Glenn, sticks up for ZOG's account of Sandy Hook, apster takes issue

Ho ho ho--had a great dialectic w. the Arab--who speaks no less than 5 Western languages yet (ck his dialectic)--who runs "The Ugly Truth" website,  The dumbass (his name is Glenn) holds to ZOG's account--there really was an Adam Lanza who really killed 27 people.  Glenn loves it--why?--because it promotes his own thesis, USA and West is degenerate and psychopathic.  The dialectic in the comments section is worthwhile--amazing that Glenn went ahead to publish.

The immediate below essay by me was the latest which Glenn didn't want to publish for some reason, ho ho ho ho ho--but still he published other comments of mine, which is quite good by itself, I thought, ho ho ho ho ho.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sandy Hook Debate And Context--Psy-ops Within Larger Psy-ops
(Apollonian, 11 Dec 13)
Glenn: to extent u're honest u give urself away--like about how u say "none of these things have taken place" regarding gun-confiscation--this after I gave u clear hints to the contrary.  Like a Jew, u just pick and choose ur own little reality.
And who/what but a gate-keeper censors relevant material like u do?--what are u afraid of?  Ho ho ho
However u DO deserve credit for publishing what u did: I think we did have a good discussion for enough of the facts and for proper way of analysis of the Sandy Hook event, even though not so much, and only partially, for the larger conspiratorial context.
For note it's always, ultimately, TRUTH vs. lies--as it says in Gosp. JOHN.  The pretext for empire of lies, which Jews always dominate, is always "good & evil," the suckers pretending to "good" and the God-like, perfectly "free" human will by which humans pretend to creating reality--and the (classic Pharisaic) being "good" (Pelagian heresy of St. Augustine).
But the way liars (Jews at the top, of course) achieve real, serious power, which caps their empire of lies, is the funny-money system by which they print-up (and digitalize) nearly endless funds, legalized COUNTERFEITING, by which to buy, bribe, and extort--and assassinate, when necessary--all politicians, judges--everyone, w. only very few strong-willed and -minded exceptions.
Thus Sandy Hook was a psy-op in midst of larger psy-op, the effort to terrorize and demoralize the citizenry by dis-arming them, u see.
Ur error, Glenn, is in so grossly UNDER-estimating the audacity and ability of the stage-masters for such as Sandy Hook whence it was such a TOTAL farce, no one actually being killed, for which we have any solid evidence, there being SO MUCH counter-vailing evidence, in fact--which counter-evidence u foolishly ignore, intimidated and over-awed as u are for the "credibility" u so crave fm ur Jewwy enemies.  The well-known Jew chutzpah just sails past u, u pretending u've worked so hard, having paid ur (Pharisaic) "dues," ho ho ho ho.
U also obviously lack the cultural insight by which to frame the large context--the "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler--whence history is observed as CYCLIC, the West now spiraling downwards in degeneracy.
U can't figure out what's worse--the cold-bloodness of such (fictional) killer as Adam Lanza--or, more poignantly, the now gross effrontery, gall, brass, and again--pure chutzpah--of the satanic, Jew-dominated stage-masters who would and could pull-off such a pure farce, whence, again, NO ONE was actually killed.  Like the fools who push gun-control, u want to stress the by-now merely platitudinous "psychopathic" killer nature, so cold-blooded and "heartlessness," like the wishy-washy weakling u really are
Glenn: we already understand what TOTAL psychopathic, satanic mass-murderers are Jews--and then their lower-level -type suck-alongs like Goldstein the murderer a couple decades ago who went into the Mosque and machine-gunned totally defenseless worshippers--these killers are a dime-a-dozen by now aren't they?  So the pt. u try to make about Sandy Hook is minor and relatively passé'--yeah right, we got lots of psychos, don't we?--as if we didn't already know that, eh?
What's most notable, I rather say, is the state of art for drama and psychologic calculation these psychopaths and satanists have achieved for (A) the staging of such a TOTAL farce like Sandy Hook whence NO ONE was killed--they were able to pull it off, to extent they did, because of their complete grip over the cultural consciousness--in education and mass-media, to name just a couple of elements.
(B) Moreover, it's notable for the sheer willingness ("chutzpah") to actually perpetrate and prosecute such gross, naked deception--if not in ur eyes, at least in the eyes of many--thousands--who are more perceptive than u, even though u can speak 5 Western languages, ho ho ho hoo ho.
And it WORKED--esp. on u, Glenn--u're only saved by ur grudging and affected willingness to discuss the Sandy Hook phenomenon/event, even to limited extent u do.  So overall, I'd say and admit u deserve credit, esp. as u over-rule ur buddy J. E. Kendrick, above, for ur willingness.  U take the wrong side of the debate, but at least u have the debate.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Earlier, I'd written:

Glenn: I'm just one of many, many, I'm sure--who observe and comment--who post those debunking vids on YouTube, for example, which gets folks to thinking for themselves why Newtown didn't want to issue the death-certificates--could it be because no one was killed like they said?--etc.
U DON'T have to necessarily "figure out" stuff like Syria--u rather use inductive logic, and u note how everything else is lies, SO this is surely just another gosh-darned lie.
And observe induction works for 9/11, and JFK, and USS Liberty too--it takes a long time, sometimes.  But then when something like ObamaCare disaster hits people square in the face, and they see this monkey has been lying his head off over and over and over, people begin to taking note even in the midst of the idiot foot-ball games and crap the Jews provide for us in way of distraction/diversion.
And note there's "NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES" as at the top master-mind level for ZOG--the more they win, and the more their opposition is removed, the ones left alive become evermore frightened for what will happen next--who's going to be double-crossed tomorrow--as happened to poor Gaddafi in Libya.  The culture of DEATH (Agenda-21) is built upon culture of lies.
U pretend to being sooooo funny, clever, and satirical for "figuring out the thing in Syria," when it's actually just a lot of people, thousands and thousands, who honestly heed to science, logic, and the truth, all of it built upon simple OBSERVATION, comrade.  There's NO EVIDENCE anyone was killed at Sandy Hook, pure and simple--how is it u're soooooooooooo "sophisticated," u can't figure it out?
We don't need gate-keepers, Glenn--and tell that to ur buddy, John Edward Kendrick too.
* * * * * * * * *
To which (just-above by me) Glenn responded:
ed note–CONGRATS ED!

Now you know what it’s like spending hundreds of hours doing a thankless, dangerous job such as this only to have the people who are supposed to be on your side tell you that you are a ‘gate-keeper’ and working for the enemy you are risking life and limb trying to defeat.

–not that you didn’t know this already, as I am sure you have dealt with it yourself on numerous occasions from characters such as this.
* * * * * * * * * *

Glenn had written previously:

ed note–LOL. YOU, the ‘serious analyst’ are the one responsible for Obama’s defeat in Syria?

Well, on behalf of a very grateful world–THANK YOU.
Gosh, I’m really interested to know, HOW did you do it? Was Obama–working in tandem with the NSA and Mossad of course–reading your emails and listening to your phone calls and suddenly said to himself ‘UH OH, WHAT’S HIS NAME DOWN THERE IN TEXAS, HE FIGURED OUT THE THING IN SYRIA. GUESS WE BETTER CALL IT QUITS.’

Well, I definitely owe you for one thing, which was the good laugh I got out of that one, so thanks.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
Glenn wrote just above in response to below, by me:
Glenn: u're still not getting it--it's ZOG who/which asserts, and it's their obligation to prove, to be forth-coming--to act like the SERVANTS they are supposed to be.  We citizens have ALL the rights.
Regarding 9/11, we have to go by the evidence, and there's evidence for the planes, the motive as previously published by PNAC and neo-cons, etc.--same w. USS Liberty and JFK.  My pt., over and again, is following and heeding the evidence--which u REFUSE to do, rather going along w. ZOG in interest of "credibility" which u know so little about, obviously.
Don't forget, proper "credibility" must be founded upon honesty and truth.  If I spout "nonsense," u at least need to say what it is and how it's absurd--u rather just use Jew-type smearing and unsubstantiated assertions.
Observe the latest episode (so far): Obama was intent to bomb Syria upon the usual false pretext WHICH DIDN'T HAPPEN--the supposed poison gas attack by Assad gov.  Now, even Sy Hersh is out w. report Obama deliberately lied.
But even so, note the immediate and over-whelming opposition by the American people to the proposed bombing--this was no doubt because they're well aware of the gross and constant lies and lying by ZOG, Sandy Hook one of those incidents which goes best to proving the criminal nature of ZOG.
And it's the consistent sticking-to facts which finally catches-up w. such lies and liars, like Obama, who now is pathetically stuck, for example, w. gross lies he told about ObamaCare, which now threatens to seriously destroy the very economy of the US.
The credibility of would-be gate-keepers like u deserves to be reduced.  Serious analysts and observers like myself are surely what's so much responsible for ZOG and Obama's latest, and highly significant, defeats on Syria and ObamaCare--u ought to take note--it happens by careful scrutinizing for ALL the facts, demanding ZOG prove every item, never giving ZOG even the slightest break.
* * * * * * * * * * * * *
And there's yet more to our dialectic, which u can ck by link given, above, top.  Glenn deserves much credit for what he did decide to publish.  I think the dialectic was quite informative.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Always remember and never doubt: people are puke (sinners): this insight explains why satanists prevail as they do

Always Remember: People Are Puke (Sinners)
(Apollonian 9 Dec 13)

Wonder why things are sooooooooooooo messed-up?--why disaster, nay--absolute catastrophe--is imminent and guaranteed to happen, soon?

Never forget comrades: people are stupid, scummy puke, basically--they're SINNERS (takes one to know one, eh?--ho h ho ho ho ho ho ho).  And u cannot be "good"--or "evil," for that matter--because it's just our nature to be soooooooooo pathetically stupid and given to HUBRIS--pretending to a perfectly "free" will, etc.

People love to fool themselves (hubris)--and the satanists are expert at taking advantage.

Long as the stupid puke here in Jew-S-A think things are "prosperous" they're not about to "rock-the-boat," never doubt.  And it doesn't mean there's lots of good people, BUT they're heavily out-numbered, and most of all, they're heavily out-spent by the satanists who have LOTS more money--especially as they just PRINT IT UP--see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed), legalized COUNTERFEIT fraud.

So as long as this fake (Fed) money machine continues to put out the funds the satanists are gonna have their way.  For there's always just a few heroes and Christian soldiers--against another minority organized by the satanists and Jews.  Most folks like to play it "safe," they think, by sucking-along w. the kikes and satanists--who seem to know everything, everything seeming to going their way--long as their funny money holds out.

And when the money/currency finally does collapse, the satanists will stage a false-flag and start a war or two--this is not only most likely, it's guaranteed--they MUST do this, and they will--they always have done this--they gotta do this in order to muddy the proverbial "waters" and to make their escape.

So again, as I've always noted for u, just KEEP ON preaching the REAL Christianity--anti-Semitism--Christian TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) vs. Jew lies (JOHN 8:44).  Start by taking-over the local churches and then the local governments.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Satanists, utterly insane, spitting-in-ur-face, forfeiting their worthless lives, ho ho ho ho

Satanists Spitting In Ur Face, Suckas, Ho Ho Ho
(Apollonian, 6 Dec 13)

Comrades, u doubt Jew-S-A is creature of full-out, raging satanism?--just ck, wherein an Army officer spits in our face, telling us he and they are gonna take people's guns.  Ck his (the army-guy) own words at

Forget the obvious fact that people have the ONLY rights--gov. only has delegated powers.  Hence the servant of the people, the gov., cannot possibly prevent people fm being armed and capable of self-defense.  And forget the fact that folks must be armed precisely against just such a tyrannical gov. and moronic such agents of gov. like the army guy in question.

Simply observe satan spitting in ur face--SOOOOOOOOO insane they've become.

SOOOOOOOOOO insane they are that, as we see, the puke COME RIGHT OUT and flaunt their treason, EXPLICITLY, right before ur very eyes.

So u see, thus they FORFEIT their lives--by means of blatant, satanic treason, pure and simple.

So u see comrades: if they're willing to forfeit their own lives, then note they must necessarily be already intent and determined upon killing us--there's no other way they'd so contemptuously spit in our faces, telling us we got no rights, etc.

So we gotta plan, based upon REALITY which is absolutely CERTAIN.

So (a) note there's serious problem w. these absolutely RAVING psychopaths, like this army-guy in question--this piece-of-shit is serious.

Telling us citizens, who have ALL the rights, that we're to be dis-armed is TERRORISM, never doubt--total treason by which these utterly insane psychopaths have forfeited their lives.

But (b) note they will have substantial success--AS LONG as their funny money system based upon legalized COUNTERFEITING and US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) continues.  Again, see for expo on the Fed.

Hence then, our opportunity for success arises when (not if) the currency collapses--for then, not even the enforcers will be able to use the "money" to buy anything, esp. food.

Thus comrades: CONTINUE to preach the real Christianity which is anti-Semitism, literally, and work to take control of local gov.--just as anti-Semitic Christianity must take-over the local churches.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fight against Jews isn't really that difficult: remember it's same old Christian truth vs. Jew lies

Just below essay was posted today at; it clarified/simplified the essay (further) below it posted 1 Dec

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Battle/Conflict: Jews Vs. Humanity is Truth Vs. Lies--Objectivity Vs. Subjectivism Always Founded In "Good-Evil" Pharisaism
(Apollonian, 4 Dec 13)

To simplify, note then it's Christian TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH vs. Jew lies. Jews are those who are LIARS, who worship lies.

Thus, observe it's those who adhere to objective reality (Aristotle), necessary basis of TRUTH, vs. Jew lies, this necessarily founded in subjectivism, esp. false "good-evil" pretence.

So Jack: u don't really have to worry about looking for Jews--just LIARS (subjectivists & moralists--Pharisaics, who believe and preach fallacious/delusion/heresy of "good-evil"--Pelagian heresy of St. Augustine).

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Analytic Overview Of Large Cultural/Political Situation
(Apollonian, 1 Dec 13)

Jack: remember, basically, we're just fighting criminals--Jews are the inner-core and master-minds. So, it wouldn't be much different fm just prosecuting criminals as humans have done throughout hist. Note Jews are foremost liars (Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

Who/what is a Jew?--first of all, the ones who say they are--it's not difficult. Then, u have all those who hold with, sympathize, and defend Jews (synonym for criminal, murderers, psychopath, don't forget)--they need to be dealt with too--as they're all traitors, obviously.

But the common oath should be to the US Constitution at least, a Christian document, and to Christianity too. Non-Christians don't need to be in USA, a country made for Christians, who worship truth (Christ = truth).

For remember, Christianity is worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, above all/any other things, truth the only way to Godly happiness (Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

Note further, if u want to convert Christianity (anti-semitism) to more strict philosophic terms, one would have to say Christ affirmed the objective reality, necessary basis for truth--this then opposed to the Jew idea whence nothing is true but what the rabbis say, this for the "good of Jews." Jews are those who deny the objective, determined reality, insisting upon "good-evil," for example, and a perfectly "free" human will.

But we begin by removing the obvious problems--removing criminal institutions like the US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEIT scam, etc.--for that's Jews' main instrument/weapon.

History must record that humanity was victorious over Jews--similar to St. Constantine's great achievement, confirmed by Theodosius later in the cent. when Christianity (anti-semitism) became official religion of the empire--Constantine merely instituted toleration which was sufficient, I think.

Judaism must become like small-pox--eradicated. And following generations must understand Judaism for the horrific disease it really is--worship of lies, esp. those lies that serve Jews (psychopaths).

Think of it as war against satanism, satanism being the worship of death and the up-holding of lies over truth--as if men were God, and men's lies become truth and reality--this is the essence of Judaism, making men God, over-throwing God.

ZOG fascists love the little half-ass metro-sexual crack-brains and "progressives"--the "advanced-thinkers," ho ho ho ho hoo ho ho ho

Ho ho ho ho ho--posted below essay at, but of course, the little punks can't have any serious debate or facts, so it was quickly deleted.  "Greenbacker84" is noted (far) below for the context of just-below essay of mine, which u can observe fm the blog in question.
* * * * * * * * * 
Fascists Laughing Up Their Sleeves At Half-Baked Morons & "Progressive" Fools
(Apollonian, 4 Dec 13) 
Yes "greenbacker84": these people here are psychotics, clones of Bill Still ( utterly ignorant (deliberately so) upon, very simply, (a) what money is in first place, (b) what "usury" is--it's NOT NOT NOT mere charging of interest.
And all the rest of their psycho-babble & verbiage is simply compounded upon this basic ignorance--going well to show that stupidity is built upon ignorance in first place.
Notice their frequent use of assertion without substantiation (question-begging).  And if u criticize these fools, u're simply censored, ho oh ho ho oh ho ho.
And there's NO instance in history which support their brainless declarations; they simply IGNORE blatant historic facts which demonstrate freedom and prosperity are ALWAYS built upon commodity money which always works.
Most of all, they utterly stupidly overlook (not merely ignorant, so stupid are they) the game of the criminals who want to introduce legalized COUNTERFEITING by which these criminals spend nearly endlessly and infinitely, esp. upon pretext of warfare--as we see presently.
The whole purpose of removing commodity money, w. intrinsic value & necessarily finite in quantity, is to institute this legalized COUNTERFEITING which these morons cannot for the life of them figure out.
And observe these idiots babbling about "shortages" of such commodity money--why/how?--merely because it isn't infinite, dumbasses refusing to face OBVIOUS fact that if quantity in circulation of commodity money goes down (what these morons call "hoarding"), the buying-power (price) of it NECESSARILY goes up, which naturally gives the incentive for the hoarders to spend their money BACK into circulation.
And never forget: these little psycho-babbling scum ignore one obvious, plain, and blatant fact/truth: charging-of-interest is the free choice of the parties involved in any transaction.  It isn't merely charging-of-interest they want to remove--it's FREEDOM itself--which they refuse to face-up to, so "clever" they are.
Dictatorship is ALWAYS justified/rationalized in this manner--moralistic-type psycho-babble on part of metro-sexual scum and crack-brain little "progressives," ho ho ho ho ho--the real fascists just wait in the back-ground laughing at these petty little morons all the while, ready to pounce.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Muhammad Afzal Khan permalink
Currency is not a commodity so there should be no profit or interest on it.
Currency is only meant to purchase the goods not currency to currency or charging even on deferred payment.
Banks should only be for keeping money at safe hands and return on demand, no business allowed to them, may charge a nominal service charges. For any business, proposals may come to bank and bank publicize the details to account holders, the account holders those agreed may form a cooperative and advise their bank as per their mutual agreement, memorandum of understanding.
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Dark Dirk permalink   
  • You cannot just forbid interest. You cannot put a gun to the head of people and say “spent that money, or put them into a bank, to be at my disposal”. If you want to make interest go away naturally you have to change the system and use demurrage currency.
    • Greenbacker84 permalink
      Oh you really are too much.
      So you can’t ‘put a gun’ to peoples heads regarding usury (no one would need to ‘borrow’ under MPE – A mute point)
      But you CAN put a gun to my head to extract demurrage? Even though ‘hoarding is a product of a scarce metal currency controlled by banks and issued at interest?
      Utter garbage yet again.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Metro-sexuals, counterfeiters, and crack-brains want to improve upon the Federal Reserve; free market not good enough, ho ho ho

Ho ho ho--got the below missive fm "Anthony" at  Anthony is a clone of Bill Still at, someone who'd like to replace the present US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEIT scam w. something that would not be privately owned, and wouldn't charge interest on "loans."  Ho ho ho ho

Apollonian,  You're behaving like an ass, so I've deleted your last few comments.

Please do not comment again, until you show some respect to what others have to say and until you get a basic grasp of what is under discussion at RC, so you can add to the exchange of ideas, instead of trying to take over the show without the goodies to make it worth while to the visitors of RC. Thanks, Anthony
* * * * * *
So I wrote back to the little bastard:
Anyone who disagrees w. ur sadly deluded ideas about legalized COUNTERFEITING (which is all u're advocating--u just want to leave out the charging-of-interest and have the counterfeiting done by gov. instead of by private interests as it's now being done, as by the Fed) u now call names, like the ignorant, frustrated child u really are.
"[A] basic grasp of what is under discussion"?--u advocate legalized COUNTERFEITING, pure and simple, as I've noted--u're just not bright enough to understand and admit the obvious truth, ho ho ho ho ho ho.
U pretend falsely that commodity money doesn't work, even though u're refuted by simple history, aside fm exposure of ur fallacious logic.  There's no shortage of commodity money, as if/when quantity in circulation goes down, buying-power goes up--what's ur problem?
Further, u can't seem to grasp that ur moronic ideas about COUNTERFEITING have been tried before in history, and failed, as I noted--u just ignore reality.
And I assure u, u and ur buddies have received precisely the proper respect u so richly deserve: u babble nonsense, don't understand basic meanings of words (esp. the meaning of usury--which is not just charging of interest), u ignore easily referenced history--and now, as we see, u censor anyone who disagrees w. u in substantial manner. 
"[W]orthwhile to the visitors of RC"?--ho ho ho--HOW would u know anything about that?--do u think u're engaged in some wishful thinking?  Ur buddies and visitors deserve u making an honest attempt to treat, discuss, and rebut the comments that don't agree w. ur babbling nonsense.  But u're not capable of substantial dialectic, so, like all children, weaklings, and losers, u resort to censorship, ho ho ho hoo--and that's not my problem, comrade.  Good luck.

* * * * * * * *
Ck out the blog at  Little bastard actually left some of my comments up, ho ho ho ho ho ho


Monday, November 25, 2013

Poor JFK: he didn't realize who was the real boss--kikes, suckers--he found out


  /  November 25, 2013 

JFK Assassination Just Tip Of Jew Criminal Iceberg
(Apollonian, 25 Nov 13)

This is a good post (see above ref.) on important subject–and indeed, I highly recommend Piper’s book, "Final Judgment," which I read many years ago. Jews were all over this horrific crime, not leastly for controlling the Jews-media which helped cover-up things and distracting attn fm the people.

Kennedy was simply following a DEATH-WISH, I submit, given he was in trouble w. Jews six ways to Sunday, never doubt.

Not only was Israel itself under pressure, but the foremost Jew gang and instrument of Jew criminals (which is a redundancy) was under significant pressure too–the legalized COUNTERFEIT scam known as US Federal Reserve Bank (the Fed)–see for best expo/ref. For I understand Kennedy had authorized the issuing of silver certificates which might well have put the fiat-fraud of the Fed out of business.

And absolutely essential to all the Jew criminal network was and is their ability to just print-up (or digitalizing) however much funny money they want and need–this way Jews own practically everything and control all the judges and politicians, w. only few exceptions, like Ron Paul.

How can people contend w. these Jew criminals?–Christianity MUST be understood in simple, rationalist manner. Thus to put it in ONE word, Christianity IS ANTI-SEMITISM, this may seem over-simplified, but it really isn’t. And New Test. is DEFINITIVE–Christianity is worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44).

Thus by means of (a) first, taking over the local churches w. such simple Christian understanding, ANTI-SEMITISM, (b) the people, of all/any races, can unify and take-over local governments in spirit of 10th amendment, primacy of local gov., whence all power comes fm the people, freely and conditionally then delegating to the gov. One immediate thing to do is removing electronic-voting which is grossly, obviously fraudulent–and nullifying all/any other laws imposed by criminals and feds. Things don’t have to be so complicated, u know. Simplification helps for seeing most clearly.

Secrecy, "discretion" ESSENTIAL to criminals in empire of lies, never doubt

HOW Do Criminals Act?--In And With SECRECY--What Else Did U Expect?
(Apollonian, 25 Nov 13)

And here's another tremendous great vid:  Further, the poignant commentary is already well edited into the vid itself--why it's so great.  So now a commentator like myself can continue, building upon the great commentary already given.

So what's the pt. (that I want to expand upon, anyway) to the vid?--well, it's the record, the witnessing of a bunch of criminals conspiring against the people--why else would they demand it NOT be recorded?--think about it.

Would the Ron Paul people move to such sort of censorship?--of course not--for OBVIOUS REASON--the Paul people want to get out their msg to everyone and anyone--they're not afraid who knows or hears & sees.  The criminals in the vid, on the other hand, want to keep it secret for SELECTED conspirators and dupes--obviously, eh?--they urgently DON'T want the people, the general public to know.

Criminals RUN this country, and the way to take it back is to begin at the bottom--the grass-roots.  U just gotta know and understand--and spread the word about--the 10th Amendment--note it's just 28 words.  Power comes fm the people and ascends--only power the gov. has is what's conditionally given, "delegated," for the good of the people, OBVIOUSLY.

Easiest, simplest way to begin, I say, is in the churches--Christians are oppressed for reason, so it's important to understand Christianity is absolutely, necessarily anti-semitic (against lies, as Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

Observe we're already being mass-murdered--by slow-kill/soft-kill means--w. fluoride poisoning in the water, toxic vaccines, GMO foods, other poisonous food-additives, like aspartame, etc., etc.--that's why cancer rates are soooooooo high and getting worse.

And the criminals have their power by means of a simple fraud--legalized COUNTERFEITING, as by the US Federal Reserve Bank--see for expo/ref.--this is their basic weapon/instrument--everything else follows fm this basic fraud, now in the great empire-of-lies.

U GOTTA start killing killing killing killing killing--executing traitors, as traitors deserve

Doesn't Get Any Clearer, More Poignant--Treason Gets By, Succeeds When People Ignore Reality
(Apollonian, 25 Nov 13)

Ck for PERFECT example/instance of precisely what's wrong w. our culture of gross hubris, satanism, and lies lies lies lies lies lies lies.

Stupid brainless bitch in the vid just blithely tells us she was aware of the illegal code inserted in the computer text, but hey, she said she was told not to worry about it--and that was good enough for her, she doesn't care.  Then the scummy whore tells the Congressman to just take it up w. someone else.

Wonder what's wrong w. our culture?--could it be LIARS and CRIMINALS like this sorry-ass scummy whore?  So what to do?

U GOTTA START KILLING KILLING KILLING KILLING KILLING--u get it?--u poor, stupid morons.  If u don't kill them, they're gonna kill u, u stupid puke--U BETTER START GETTING A CLUE, U DUMB BASTARDS--to save ur dumbass lives, brainless morons.

And I absolutely guarantee u--after u and we have PUBLICALLY EXECUTED a few of these filth, the message would start to strike home--do u think?

At this pt., there's NO ALTERNATIVE--and this is why u KNOW there's war coming--because there's too many stupid puke in our culture who just want to watch idiot football games ("circuses"), and as long as they can still stuff their fat, scummy faces w. GMO corn-chips and such ("bread"), HEY, THEY DON'T GIVE A SHIT.

And don't doubt the puke at the top KNOW IT ALL--at least as well as we know it here--and they're arming and preparing, getting ready for the next false-flag and censoring evermore heavily of the internet--this is what's going on, u dumb bastards.

God bless the Congressman for bringing out this info and examining the whore moron in the vid so poignantly.  Show this vid to EVERYONE u know, and tell them what u think about what I've just explained, above.

For HOW, I ask u, can a culture POSSIBLY, conceivably survive, if the laws are so blithely ignored and broken like this brainless, stupid, scummy whore demonstrates?--TYPICAL of our entire culture, presently.

So, once again, dip-shits: get a goddam clue--the time is drawing near when ur stupid life will be on the line.  TAKE CONTROL of local governments; start w. ur churches.  Christianity is NECESSARILY anti-semitic (anti-lies, according to Gosp. JOHN 8:44)--DON'T COMPROMISE on this principle.  Heed the 10th amendment--all power comes fm the people.  Nullify all laws that are un-Constitutional--this will be practicable the more people u can inform and organize.  And never forget: INFORMATION is first step to organization and UNITY, never doubt.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

ZOG psy-ops getting old, ZOG having gone to proverbial "well," so often

Constant ZOG Psy-Ops Getting Old
(Apollonian, 19 Nov 13)

Ho ho ho--ck for outstanding analytic expose' on the Sandy Hook hoax, "Un-ravelling Sandy Hook," by Sofia Smallstorm--it was all an amazing, elaborate, extended psy-ops stunt/event which involved lots of "players," including gov. officials who then conspired to pass anti-Constitutional (esp. "gun-control") laws, committing treason and forfeiting their lives.  The Jews-media cooperating was also notable and crucial--they've all forfeited their lives--and they KNOW it, never doubt.  These are SATANISTS we're up against.

At 1 (hr):26 (min) into the above vid--the typical, simple, little fact comes out as so matter-of-factly reported by the lady--who is a professional cleaner, who wondered WHO (like what company) did the actual clean-up of all the blood fm the shootings, blood being a "bio-hazard" which always requires elaborate clean-up procedures.  Ho ho ohoo, the people, who worked for the state, she called didn't know what she was talking about--when she talked to Lt. Vance, he actually asked, "what blood?" ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho

Now ck, whence the dear lady pt.s out Obongo campaign's lies about the un-employment figures and expresses her intense disappointment in fellow citizens,  ho ho ho ho ho.  The poor dear doesn't realize we're well into "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, and things just haven't gotten BAD enough yet for people to realize they need to start paying some serious attention.

So comrades, u just gotta keep ur heads, keeping ur eye on the context (Spenglerian "decline...")--people are NEVER going to take notice UNTIL things become evermore terrible--as long as they have "bread and circuses," WHY should they start thinking now?  Ho ho ho ho ho.

Of course, if Sandy Hook was so totally staged, well then everything else is too, like 9/11, even if not completely in all cases--meaning in 9/11 some folks got killed, including witnesses, not to mention lots and lots--THOUSANDS of poor folks who were poisoned by breathing-in the nano-particles, including asbestos, among the "first-responders."

So heroes, Christian soldiers, and patriots must merely be prepared to speak those necessary words at the strategic times as people become evermore aware of ZOG perfidy and atrocity.  People will begin to panic, but Christian soldiers will be prepared w. cogent info and calm analysis which will provide the necessary leadership--entailing 10th amendment, nullification, and secession.  Take control of things locally, starting w. churches, etc.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Book Review of Katz's "Jews and Freemasons in Europe, 1723-1939"--interesting despite the predictable Jewwy lies

Interesting, Even Revealing History & Sociology Despite Jewwy Lies, Lying
Book Review Of Katz's "Jews and Freemasons in Europe, 1723-1939"
(Apollonian, 18 Nov 13)

Just finished Jacob Katz's "Jews and Freemasons in Europe 1723-1939," Harvard U. Press, Cambridge, Ma., 1970, 229 pgs text, xi, w. notes and index 292 pgs.  It's the typical heavy Jew propaganda and lies, but still interesting.  So what's Katz's thesis?--well, he wants to go on a bit about how the Jews and Freemasons ought to be understood, he pointing out that so often conservatives couple the two together, Jews and Freemasons.  Katz now wants to show how some of the masons and organizations actually shunned Jews and excluded them, esp. in Germany, and before the French Revolution, Jews then only gradually integrated within some Freemason networks, but then suffering fm renewed anti-semitism of the late 19th cent., esp. in Germany.

Katz doesn't bother saying anything about the masons but for the usual prop. by which they supposedly strove to rationalism, emphasizing the universalist "humanitarianism" and "moral law ideals" balderdash, ignoring what they really are, a subversive and criminal secret society even if many of the novice members were really dupes of the outward propaganda, which actually much emphasized Christianity, the masons of higher degrees adopting cabalistic notions fm the Jews.  The truth is the free-masons were archetypal "liberals" and "progressives" of the times (18th and 19th cent.s)--vehicle of the satanism which so much pervades and dominates in this corrupted, absolutely Jew-centric age.

But then HOW do the free-masons begin for basic pretext in early 18th cent.?--simple: they're an arm of the banking criminals, including especially Jews, who foist legalized COUNTERFEITING in the form of paper and fiat money issuing fm central -type banks which then finance the various rulers of the age--who most often desperately needed money and financing for their wars and regimes--esp. for war and defense thereto.

Katz doesn't tell us this about banking and the rulers using Jews for financial purposes and fraud which had actually been going on, increasingly, since the Reformation; he rather merely goes on in extremely tedious and dreary general terms, writing often circuitously and in the passive voice, about how Jews so innocently, but naturally, sought to enter a hostile gentile society, and, tragically (according to Katz), coming up against the predictable prejudice against Jews.  The masons then were outstanding means of integrating Jews along w. their dupes among and within gentile population--at least, and especially for the banking/finance component.

Thus the "free" masons grew out of the masons who were stone-builders, or builders in stone.  Fm the middle-ages, these stone-builders were highly distinct for their abilities as architects and scientists who had to know certain techniques and even mathematics for their specialized craft in erecting the most prestigious and important buildings and structures, including churches, cathedrals, and fortifications, but also bridges and other things.

Eventually this distinct society of masons expanded beyond strict building in stone and evolved to calling themselves, many of them, "free-masons," emphasizing their style of "free," "progressive," and "liberal" -type thought.  Free-masons were "enlightened" and "illuminated."  And as the rulers of Europe were ever looking for ways of increasing their ability to tax and spend they made use of the criminal bankers, including especially Jews, always most organized and "connected" among the criminal elements, who worked to legitimize themselves by means of this society of "free-thinking" and "liberalism."  After all, why couldn't society in general work just as well if not better by means of paper money?

Thus the free-masons were so handy and useful for the rulers, the aristocracy and nobility so closely related, and thus the Jew financiers, frauds, and criminals attached therewith.  Thus the general criminal society, within the larger civil society, became organized and legitimized by means of these free-masons--at least as far as banking and financing were concerned.  And indeed we see freemasons becoming public beginning in early 18th cent. England, the first official freemason "constitution" issued in 1723.  Organized, public freemasonry soon after appeared in Continental Europe--again, remember, because of the crucial necessity of "creative" (criminal) ways of financing.

So Katz follows the development, expansion, and spread of masonry along w. the integration of Jews.  At first the lodges required members be Christians.  Soon however, the Christian lodges began to admit Jews, especially in England and Holland, these considered most "liberal," as by Katz and the Jews, the Germans being most "conservative" as they were most reluctant and late in admitting of Jews.

The French during and after the Revolution thereupon admitted Jews w. hardly any qualifications and briefly imposed this "liberalism" upon the conquered Germans, but after the defeat of Napoleon, the Germans reverted to exclusion of Jews, which however steadily liberalized by the 1860s when some German lodges began to admit Jews.  But finally, in the late 70s, Germans again reverted to evermore strict anti-semitism, Jews relegated to their own lodges, as in Frankfurt am Main.

Katz closes his study in the post-WWI era just prior to WWII when the masons had become notorious for their criminal connections, including especially w. Jews, and this in relation w. the sensational spread of the notorious "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" which described and analyzed the evermore obvious Jew take-over of Western society as we see in this day.

As I note above, Katz doesn't at all mention the banking and finance aspects w. their fatal strangle-hold upon European culture; thus his sociologic account is so tedious and barren for any drama or proper historical back-ground, but it is interesting nonetheless for the historian and sociologist for the religious angle.  Katz's work is NOT "must-read" material by any means, due especially to the putrid, dreary writing-style, but it's still informative and useful for the interested scholar and historian who understands and appreciates the banking/finance angle which is necessary part of the cultural/historical analysis.

Friday, November 15, 2013

"Never let a good crisis go to waste"--so now Obongo rules by edict, for which he expects the serfs to applaud, ho ho ho ho ho

Pimp Obongo Jerking-Around The Suckers
(Apollonian, 15 Nov 13)

Ho ho ho ho ho ho--ck  Obongo will now "fix" things with another un-constitutional edict--and the word is, I understand, this will do wonders for his ratings.

There's no crisis ZOG masterminds think they cannot manipulate, ho ho ho ho.

Fact though, is people still know ObongoCare is a disaster in other ways too, but this latest move is significant for how the totally insane, psychopathic, utterly power-mad masterminds imagine they will treat the over-populated zombies, morons, and suckers of Jew-S-A, corrupt and perverted fm the post WWII "prosperity."  But surely now, only the real Obamanoids will take this treatment--like Chris Matthews of MSNBC

It's just going to get worse, morons, and if u poor, dumb bastards don't do something significant, u're gonna be dead soon.

So to start, one must understand the problem: Jews and their sort of SUBJECTIVIST thinking, esp. by means of "good-evil."  Just remember Christianity is all about TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), above all, and is hence necessarily anti-semitic--against lies (JOHN 8:44).  Everything else follows.

And Christianity is best thing to unite the volk against kikes.

Pt. then is to take control of local gov. and exercise 10th Amendment nullification and secession, removing electronic voting, for one thing.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A vision of the very near future is mere matter of simplest logic--spread the word, comrades

ZOG Now Has Knives Sharpened & Out To Murder Us
(Apollonian, 13 Nov 13)

How do u know, w. absolute certainty ZOG is trying to murder u and me and everyone else?--ck this by Greg Mannarino,

See, there's not the slightest hope an absolute economic, esp. currency (US Dollar) collapse can be avoided--IT'S THE PLAN, stupid--get a clue.

Ok, so we could--I say "could" possibly, conceivably--recover and survive EXCEPT for the fact that ZOG intends to clamp-down and NOT ALLOW any recovery or survival; how do u KNOW this?--ck this: also has good stuff:

Get it?--USA could survive, quite possibly--BUT THAT'S NOT NOT NOT NOT THE PLAN.  USA could survive ONLY IF US gov. cut spending, cut taxes, and especially, cut the regulations which stifle business activity--but the very OPPOSITE is what ZOG is planning--is executing before our very eyes.

Now consider what's going to happen w. absolute certainty: (a) collapse of the currency, on-going even as we speak, HENCE then, (b) food shortages, (c) starvation, (d) civil un-rest, (e) martial law, (f) calling in UN troops, (g) GENOCIDE, suckers--as of Ukraine of early 30s, last cent.-- (h) prison-camps and re-education.

Above list is ABSOLUTELY certain to happen, and soon, soon--there are other things which may also take place by-the-by, like war, maybe a world-war and nuke exchange, but these are optional.

So comrades, this info and analysis is what u need to grasp and discuss w. ur friends and with others too, this best done, I submit, upon a CHRISTIAN basis.  End-times are here, right in front of our faces.  People gotta QUIT watching that infernal TV.

Sociologic analysis broken-down in simplest terms--"zombies," ho ho ho ho

"Zombie" Sociology: American Political Analysis
(Apollonian, 13 Nov 13)

Note the kike movie, "World War Z" alleging zombies--which included extended scene in Israel/Palestine.

Important pt. is that the zombie theme/meme is actually quite compelling, as we see the kikes themselves now in on the act.  We patriots allege zombies--like the idiot Obamanoids and "metro-sexuals."  Then there are the stupid puke, the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref. on JCs) hereticalists, led by "neo-cons" fm pretended "right"/"conservatives," ho ho ho ho.

So u got THREE solid groups of these dumb bastards, "zombies": (a) backing Obongo on "left," (b) backing the JCs and Israel on "right," and (c) the rest of the brainless moron population which has grown-up in midst of the great post WWII "prosperity," ho ho ho ho, who hardly know which way is up, and like to just watch TV and football games in midst of fretting and worrying about which way to go for comfort and sympathy--poor, brainless scum.

THEN, there are the "patriots" and anti-semites (ho ho ho ho ho) who are alleged to be "zombies" by kikes and Obamanoids.  Kikes like to pretend that if u're anti-semitic, u're a zombie, ho ho ho.

And at the extremist poles are the Christian/rationalist patriots vs. the Jewwy satanists.

So u see the great drama: kikes control and manipulate the Obamanoid "leftists" and JC "rightist" puke, these two making up perhaps as much as 20% of total population, and strive to intimidate, terrorize, and manipulate the rest of the poor morons of group (c), above.

For note, if u only control a solid minority, u can most often control/manipulate everyone else if they're dis-organized, confused, and scared--esp., if on top of that, they're starving--which is what ZOG is now trying to do w. USA and total destruction of the economy, as we see happening now w. health-care sector, so utterly devastated by ObongoCare.

One funny note is it's real hard now for Obamanoids lately as everyone sees how Obongo brazenly LIED to them about keeping their health-care plans and doctors, ho ho ho ho ho ho--even the dumb-ass scum of amorphous group (c) can see that.  See

So anyway comrades, I hope u can now better and more clearly see the sociology of things--how the kikes work and succeed so often, able to manipulate things fm BOTH "right" and "left," so effectively then "leveraging" everyone and everything else.  Holding "Jews-media" monopoly doesn't hurt, either, ho ho ho ho.

Our strategy then is simple and consistent: to offer these poor, pathetic creatures that knowledge that gives power, this knowledge founded upon Christian TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), as always--TRUTH founded upon objective ("God-given/created") reality vs. Jew lies founded in subjectivity.

Keep it simple; keep it anti-semitic, for this is what Christianity really, truly is, at bottom and in essence, never doubt--anti-semitism.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Tower-Of-Babel confusion in the great empire of lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies....

Lies--How It All Works In The Empire (Of Lies, Suckas)
(Apollonian, 8 Nov 13)

USA is now Jew-S-A; USA is gone, suckas.  Jews have won--though they're still trying to consolidate--and this is where/how the only hope lies.

For note there's "NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES," and among the kikes remember there's factions--there are (a) the topmost bankers, "leftist"-type, who want to exterminate most of mankind, according to AGENDA-21--that's simplest plan for psychopaths, after all, like Stalin's inexorable consolidation of power in the 30s--and note further, these absolute, satanic psychopaths have a substantial number of willing scum, goons, and thugs to do their bidding.

These leftist psychopathic satanists probably still have a solid 10% of the population--esp. the "metro-sexuals"--who will back them, like the lower-level bolsheviks backed Stalin.

(b) Then, of course, there are the lower-level kikes who are still quite rich, comparatively, and these are the ones led by such spokes-persons as Alex Jones (, Jesse Ventura, and of course, the "libertarian"-types like the Pauls, Ron and Rand, and Ted Cruz.

But always remember there's a HUGE group of passive-minded MORONS--TV-addicts who watch the idiot foot-ball games, etc.--who merely follow the trends and the various "leader" -types--these stupid scum don't want to do too much thinking--it scares them, u see.

Pt. is these weak-minded scum in the middle live according to lies--that's the purpose of Obongo, professional liar, ho ho ho ho--and Obongo reads fm scripts written by absolute masters of sociology and psychology who know exactly what sort of lies to be selling the masses, Obongo their expertly-trained mouth-piece and actor--greater, more proficient at this sort of lying and acting than old Ronald Reagan himself.

So the task of patriots is to UNITE AND ORGANIZE THE OPPOSITION, and this can ONLY be done by means of the real Christianity--ANTI-SEMITISM.

Ultimately, don't doubt Christian soldiers won't be able to unite EVERYONE against the satanic puke at the top, BUT they do have to at least gain their passive aquiescence.  The puke and scum in the middle have to finally figure-out Obongo's pay-masters want them DEAD DEAD DEAD (according to Agenda-21 "depopulation").

Problem now for patriots is the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) element who leverage the rest of potential Christians, these JCs making-up even (slightly) larger portion of population (about 40 million, total, it is said) than the metro-sexual "leftists," perhaps up to 12%.  And even within the "patriot"-types behind Jones and the Pauls, never forget there are quite a few metro-sexual -types--like u see at

Jew-S-A: filled w. mammon-worshipping liars and worshippers of these lies, fascinated by lies, despite the significant number of genuinely good and talented patriots--and this sort of stalemate and apathetic tower-of-babel -type quagmire will continue as the lies persist for attraction and fascination for the mass of still OVER-populated brainless, lazy scum and morons--only after they've begun to DIE-OUT and definitively stand-aside will patriots be able to get things going for serious opposition--against ALL THE JEWS.