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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Judaization of Christianity--how it happens, circumstances....

Judaization Of Christianity, West, And USA--"For Fear Of The Jews"
(Apollonian, 26 Dec 14)

A.  Christianity Corrupted And Judaized: How It Works For Present Reign Of Satanism

USA (the Jew S A) is now nothing but a gross, horrific, satanic empire--the empire of death, killing wholesale, by overt and covert methods, both by (a) immediate means of bombing, etc., and by (b) slow-kill means of poison fluoride in the water-supplies, horribly poisoned food and additives, toxic vaccines, not to mention the radiation poisoning of Fukushima.

So how did things come to this satanic pass, satanism being blatantly sold as in hip-hop and rap music?  USA used to be Christian country, and there's still lots of Christians.  But something happened as Christianity is on desperate defense fm Jews, pagans, homosexuals, and satanism, Christians demoralized, intimidated, and dis-united.  Of course establishment "Christianity" has plainly become Pharisaistic, tool of satanists and Jews.  And establishment "Christianity" is now mere appendage-attachment to regnant satanism, political-correctness, and especially, fear-of-the-Jews

How did it all happen?--this Judaization and satanification of Christianity in the reign of lies and Pharisaism, within Spenglerian "Decline of the West"?  First one must grasp Christianity and what it's supposed to be all about.  Thus Christianity proceeds fm the New Test. literature (a), the story being that Christ came along, and he preached to people about the word of God, esp. (b) expounding, clarifying, and restating, though not changing, the original Mosaic Law.

(c) Further, Christ opposed the Pharisees and Sadducees, these being pillars of Judean establishment of the time, collaborating w. Roman imperialists.  Most interesting thing then is we see now a thematic Hegelian-style thesis-antithesis opposition set-up btwn Christ and the Pharisees, esp. in most philosophic of all the Gospels, JOHN, whence Christ emphasizes TRUTH above all, truth the ONLY way to Godly happiness (JOHN 14:6).  Pharisees were sons of satan, satan father of lies (8:44)--note the sublime simplicity of this philosophic conflict and anti-thesis, (a) truth vs. lies; (b) objective reality vs. Pharisaic subjectivism.

For the Pharisees had brought-in and intruded the "midrash" and "oral-law tradition" by which the word of God fm Torah now means only what Pharisees "interpret" ("midrash") it to mean, Pharisees later writing up the Babylonian Talmud (500 A.D.), the Talmud now definitive for Jews, "Jews" understood to meaning followers of Pharisees (and now Talmud)--NOT the Judean people as a whole, descendents of "Israelites," who probably became mostly Christian.

But the pt. is that Christianity opposed Pharisaist subjectivism, Christianity upholding an objective standard for TRUTH, the highest Christian virtue, only way to happiness (God).  For HOW otherwise could any real "truth" exist without the objective reality under-lying, serving as premise/criterion?--opposed to Jew (Pharisaic) subjectivism founded upon "midrash," "oral-law" tradition, and Talmud "interpretation."


B.  "Faith": Different For Christians And Jews

And note then how this subjectivism and subversion of Christianity works by means of equivocation fallacy and different understandings of the word, "faith."  For "faith" as ideal is different for Christian and Jew--which is too little understood by Christians.  For Christian "faith" properly only means LOYALTY, whereas for Jews it means "believing"--as if "believing" in whatever proposition then makes it true.

For remember: Jews seriously believe reality is subjective or "relative"--thus "faith" of "believing" is quite significant and substantial for them, whereas for Christians it isn't.

However, note that most people aren't philosophers and have difficulty w. strict philosophy and logic, hence this distinction of Christian LOYALTY, regarding "faith," versus Jew "believing" is too easily lost upon such folk--to them, "believing" is quite legitimate, merely following leadership, as they "trust" their leaders, thus they're liable to fall for the Jew understanding and propaganda, missing the necessary distinction.  Observe then the equivocation and confusion for "trust," believing, and loyalty as they tend to blend-in to one another for so many people.

For note proper Christianity understands "faith" CANNOT make anything true apart fm the objective reality--Christians understanding humans are not God, humans incapable of creating basic reality--and "believing" does not and cannot make something become true apart fm the objective reality.


C.  "Good-Evil" Non-Existent For Christians, Strictly Understood

Further, there's problem for "good-evil" as proper Christian understands one can never be "good," one being sinner and only grace of God allowing for heavenly salvation.

But "good-evil" is all too powerful psychologic force for children (and dogs) regarding obedience to parents/master.  But for the Jew "good" is possible as one earns one's way to reward, such "good-works" mere heresy for Christianity--Pelagianism, as defined and analyzed by St. Augustine, further exposited by Martin Luther.

Thus "good-evil" is only possible in the subjectivist reality of Judaism wherein one exercises a wholly "free" human will, co-equal w. God's for such freedom.


D.  Conclusion

Thus, to sum-up for this crucial problem of the real Christianity vs. Pharisaism-satanism, we see the problem for "faith" of loyalty vs. "faith" of "beleeeeeeevin'."  For "believing" is cheap and only too easily leads to Pharisaism, Judaization of the real Christianity.  For truth doesn't need "belief"--it's KNOWN.  Loyalty must be to truth and KNOWLEDGE (not mere "belief"), hence for practical purposes, for leadership towards such truth.

Note Christianity doesn't want to reject people just because they're mystically-inclined due to parental up-bringing, for example, or can't yet understand mere "belief" is too cheap for real, genuine truth.  Hence then Christianity gives leadership for these people in need.

Thus Jew subjectivism so easily intrudes upon Christian reason, honesty, and integrity for the lies of criminals running, for example, the criminal enterprise of "central-banking," the legalized COUNTERFEITING by which Jews and satanists quickly and inexorably own and control everything and practically everyone within the affected, degenerate culture, the culture always susceptible to corruption and HUBRIS, the people inveigled to thinking they're "good" and capable of doing such fallacious, delusionary, hereticalist "good," for example the supposed, pretended benevolent, compassionate (the "great"), "socialistic" society, pretext for evermore overt dictatorship, fascism, and tyranny.

And thus Jews and Satanists, in the CYCLIC historical course of things, soon enough come to own and control all established Christian churches, the people now inveigled to supporting and working for murderous, psychopathic, satanists and Jews, like modern terror-state of Israel, as we see, on the one hand regarding the "rightist"-styled "neo-cons," and on the other hand, the "leftist"-styled United Nations world dictatorship, this upon pretext of lies like "climate-change."

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