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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christianity serves a vital, practical purpose, anchoring the sentiment/emotions for a productive, potent intellect....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments,

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Hey Josh: STFU, And Start Thinking For Once
(Apollonian, 10 Dec 14)

Good grief, but what a gab-fest by this prattling, gabling, babbling, Joshua--I hope he had great fun running his glib motor-mouth, blah blah blah, pretending he's SUCH an "intellectual," yech.

See Josh, if u could come-down fm ur "intellectual" high-horse for just a moment, u'll see Jews are SATANISTS--can u grasp that?--SUBJECTIVISTS, thus NARCISSISTS, hence, when this is all taken to an extreme, psychopaths and satanists, again--criminals, but of the most devilish sort, highly organized.

And everyone else?--they're dis-organized, de-moralized, befuddled, cowardly rabble, absolutely ruled and dominated by fear, for the most part.

And the only way we know how to successfully organize people against these Jews and satanists BEGINS w. organizing them by means of sentiment/emotion--that basic CHRISTIANITY, featuring TRUTH, against Jew lies, which all then tends to giving a measure of peace to the soul and actually allows the intellectual mentality to function--UNLIKE ur own "intellect," such as it is, which u have running at a rapid, breathless, and un-productive rate--to judge by the way u babble and chatter on the radio show(s).

All u need do is stop (and shut ur stupid mouth) for a moment to observe the outright, EXPLICIT satanic element so prominent in the Jew-run and -controlled music industry, esp. in way of "hip-hop" and "rap."  And if u ck U-tube, u'll see the numerous Christians there--w. hundreds of thousands of hits and vists for their vids--who observe and analyze this gross, putrid satanism.

But the REAL Christianity doesn't seem to have occurred to Josh's mind--he's too busy babbling, pretending he's such an "intellectual."

For Jews, satanists, are just highly organized criminals, a cadre who control and manipulate others, Jews the master criminals, beginning w. the legalized COUNTERFEITING, like US Federal Reserve Bank, etc.

And u can learn a lot about these infernal satanic monsters, called Jews, by simply examining their Talmud for what it teaches--IN CONTRAST to such as New Test. for what it (really) teaches, Truth = Christ, the only way to have a serious "truth" being the OBJECTIVE reality as basis/premise.
Thus Jews affect the over-populated morons, weaklings, and inferiors who've been bred-up by means of this general subjectivism, and esp. by specific means of "good-evil" fallacy/delusion/heresy--Pelagianism (look it up).

Note also how Jews have taken-over establishment Christianity and made it such a MYSTIC and mystified enterprise, working against that basic God-given faculty of REASON.
So the cultural KEY then is the REAL Christianity, (a) explicitly anti-semitic (against Jew lies founded in subjectivism), and (b) serving as emotional/sentimental ANCHOR for proper reason and intellect--which u, Josh, only understand and grasp in half-baked and superficial manner, so far as we can observe.

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