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Monday, December 8, 2014

Here's dialectic w. a Jewwy (probably not kike)--observe the schizoidal compulsion for loose-ref. pronouns, etc....

Here's another great dialectic, this time w. a Jewwy accomplice (probably not outright kike), first published, but then mostly deleted by the senile puke, at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Clare K: Dis-Connected, Detached, Abstract, Pharisaist Babbler
(Apollonian, 7 Dec 14)

Ho o ho ho ho ho ho--righto, sucker (see below-copied), continue ur Jewwy, Jew-like pretense to "high-ground," as if anyone is blessed to have a response fm ur sanctimoniousness--not unlike Fetzer the senile old incompetent and gate-keeping charlatan, ho hoo ho ho ho ho.

Problem is, however, ur OBVIOUS, glaring schizoid flaw would remain blatant and evident to anyone then, right?  Ho hoo ho ho ho ho

Further, it is a TYPICAL flaw on ur part, PERFECTLY manifesting a distinct characteristic of urs--schizoidalism, ho hoo ho ho--rather typical of those who pretend to moralism/Pharisaism, ho ho ho ho.

Further still, we see u actually just COMPOUND ur original problem: for WHAT "difficult cases" are u talking about?--WHAT is the "difficulty"?  Ho ho ho ho ho--thus u just hit at the tarbaby, and every "hit" u make just mires u in further for the basic problem, eh?  Ho ho ho ho hoo

"[R]eaching people"?--u don't "reach" people; u just babble and babble and babble, and whoever then just gives up, leaving u in ur own little subjectivist, moralistic world.

U don't really want to "reach" people, anyway, eh?--u simply imagine they're sooooo befuddled and frustrated w. ur idiocy, that they just give up, ho ho ho ho ho

U just live within ur own subjectivistic world, that's all--Fetzer at least can appeal to people on the perceptual level for his recitations of lists of details, and some analysis, but he's totally incompetent and "at sea" when it comes to (a) Christian culture and it's necessary opposition to kikes, (b) Induction, (c) the monetary issue by which Jews literally COUNTERFEIT (legalistically) the currency.

U, dear Clare, u pathetic fool, just babble in ur pretentious mock-abstract manner, leaving most people disgusted for ur inability to link theory to actual practice and perceptual reality.  But like I say: as long as u're having fun, eh?  Ho ho ho ho ho

----------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied----------------------

Clare KuehnDecember 7, 2014 at 1:17 PM
Not that your comment really deserves a reply, apsterian, but regarding your idea that "working on these things, in the interminable 'unofficial' cases" is not clear:
I meant working on the difficult cases, working on the problems of reaching people, etc.
I think I had a typo ("in"), instead of just putting a comma, to place the two in apposition, 1. "these things" and 2. "'unofficial' cases".
That's what I meant.

---------------------------above by Clare in response to below-copied by ap----------------------

Clare K: Unfit As Instructor On Reasoning
(Apollonian, 6 Dec 14)

Clare: u're committing gross FRAUD, even if it's not criminal fraud, pretending u're instructor on reasoning--not less than Fetzer the senile old incompetent and gate-keeping charlatan.

U're actually quite psychotic and schizoid, incapable of distinguishing the abstract fm the concrete, lost within ur own moronic babbling.  But u do seem to be having fun, eh?--and after all, that's what life is really all about, ho ho ho ho ho

Clare KuehnDecember 5, 2014 at 12:32 PM [this line was copied by ap]
"So grateful to all you people for working on these things, in the interminable "unofficial" cases."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Above quote by u, Clare, is perfect case-in-pt.--WHAT ARE U EVEN TALKING ABOUT?  Ho ho ho ho ho ho--"working on these things"--WHAT "THINGS"?--ho ho ho ho

See what a schizoid u are?--reality is merely something u find within ur little head--what u WANT it to be, ho ho ho ho

-----------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-----------------------------

Clare KuehnDecember 5, 2014 at 12:32 PM
So grateful to all you people for working on these things, in the interminable "unofficial" cases.
Bless you.
My general ongoing Blogtalk show on reasoning and difficult controversial cases (conspiracy, big-time cases):
RFK (recent & fairly short - 1 hr):
JFK & other items: see general show above or some below.
Spreaker (show ended): 9/11, JFK, PID & reasoning:

---------------------Clare responded to very topmost entry (above), below-copied------------------

Clare KuehnDecember 7, 2014 at 4:31 PM
Difficult cases because denied by most people as having merit, apsterian. Thus cases remain perpetually "unresolved" in public general discourse, media, many homes, no matter how resolved they actually are. This leads to prejudice in the next case. It's very clear, apsterian; your own prejudice about me is blinding you.

-------------------------ap responded to above w. below-copied------------------------------

Schizoid Cannot Break Out Of Her Subjectivist, Abstracted Reality, Ho Hoo Ho
(Apollonian, 7 Dec 14)

Yes, but it's justified prejudice because u LIE, as u insist ur own subjectivist reality is the REAL reality (objective).

"Difficult cases"?--what on earth are u talking about?--like what?--it doesn't even occur to u that u need to give at least an example and say why/how it's difficult--STUCK within ur little subjectivist, abstracted world--ur excuse for ur inability to CONNECT in the actual, real, perceptual, ho o ho ho ho ho ho

And u do it again, so pathetic u are, beginning ur sentence w. another loose-ref. pronoun, "[t]his leads to prejudice in the next case," ho hoo ho ho ho.  U're SOOOOOOOOOO LOST within ur absurd, dis-connected, moralistic, abstracted, subjectivist world u can't even figure it out, h o hoo ho ho ho

What's "clear" is ur own gross incompetence, lost within schizoidalism--it ain't me who's "blinded," sucker, ho hoo ho ho ho

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