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Thursday, April 30, 2015

First principle(s), hence assumptions must be gotten straight first, giving proper context for particulars....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Necessary Principle/Assumption Underlying Law, Freedom Is Objective Reality
(Apollonian, 30 Apr 15)

I'd written-up a good 4 or 5 paragraphs, when suddenly it all disappeared due to a defective comp. key-board, so I'll try again.

Thus we begin w. metaphysics ("first philosophy," according to Aristotle)--what are those basic assumptions fm which we must choose?  Thus it comes down, by process of elimination, to objective vs. subjective ("transcendence" according to Plato).  Thus the necessary choice is objectivity (the reality "out there," according to the guy, "Mulder," on old "X-Files" TV show) as subjectivism is too easily reduced to absurd.

And WHY is this important to REJECT subjectivism (Platonism)?--because it's basis of satanic Pharisaism, hubristic, perfectly "free" human will, and fallacious/delusionary "good-evil" ("Pelagian heresy" in Christian theology), a "noble lie," according to head neo-con, Leo Strauss, upon which is erected all fascism and mass-murder as we see in this very day.

For all lies, fascism, and dictatorship are ALWAYS and necessarily founded upon child's, illusory "good"--such as present legalized COUNTERFEITING scam, the US Federal Reserve Bank, by which fascists are aiming for world dictatorship and genocide ("pop. reduction").

Problem w. objectivity then is DETERMINIST and absolute cause-effect--which the child mentalities don't want to accept as it precludes their delusions of Pharisaic "good" and "intelligence."

Thus we grasp and understand necessary basic philosophy for metaphysics and ethics--which leads to political problem which American founders so well and ably dealt with, BUT which was destroyed definitively by American "Civil War" and horrific consolidation of Fed. gov., destruction of Constitution (esp. 10th Amendment), sovereignty of states, and "states rights."  Note it's only crass emotionalism which interjects "slavery" issue which then purportedly justifies such horrendous consolidation--which didn't end slavery, but only expanded it to the equality of all humans now made into pathetic, tragic slaves--esp. now, as we see, debt slaves.

Answer/solution to such horrific slavery/dictatorship is same old states rights ideal/principle, REMOVAL of this satanic Fed. gov. upon principle especially of "nullification."  We only now need more folks to support such principle of freedom, and this is best done upon principle of Christian TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) by which to UNIFY the people against Pharisaists and satanists.

For Christianity, don't forget, is worship of truth, hence then necessary underlying criterion, objective (Aristotelian) reality.

Is "love" somewhat over-rated?--ought it not be put into perspective?....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Life Sucks, And It's Really Our Deaths That We Worry About, Isn't It?
(Apollonian, 30 Apr 15)

Thanks for ur comments.  Interesting thing about "love"--isn't it an emotion analogous to attraction?--antithesis of repulsion?--analogous to hatred?  So if u love, isn't it mere reciprocal emotion of hatred of the anti-thesis of whatever u're attracted to?  So, for example, if u're attracted to health, wouldn't u hate disease, in all logic?

For note lots and lots of folks take-up St. Paul's ideal of "love" distinct fm Gosp. JOHN equating Christ to TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all (14:6), ONLY way to Godly happiness.  On other hand, 1st Epistle of JOHN explicitly says God is love (1 JOHN 4:8).  So if one loves God, does that mean one loves love?--how does that work?

Shouldn't a good Christian HATE satan, satanism, and satanic lies and lying?

And aren't advocates of freedom necessarily advocates of REASON, integral part of Holy Spirit?--hence aren't we at WAR--like w. genocide, psychopathology, and lies, etc.?

Shouldn't lies be attacked?

Regarding "learning, growth, kindness, understanding, optimism and openmindedness," one sees the utility of learning and understanding for reason and truth (and love thereof), but isn't "kindness" necessarily something selective which leaves out certain things to indifference or prejudice?  "Optimism"?--how's that stack-up against HONESTY?  "Open-mindedness"?--shouldn't we be closed to lies?--and didn't u say u don't like propaganda?

Isn't life itself a mere addiction, all truth be told?

U want to be "free"?--but how free?--do u want to be God?--u realize that would be HUBRIS, right?
And doesn't life basically suck (Greek tragedy), all truth be told?

Aren't advocates of "liberty" at war w. satanists who want to exterminate about 90% of humanity according to Agenda-21?

Isn't it best to be realistic and honest?--all in accord w. Holy Spirit?

Thus I submit "love" is mere appendage/function/consequence of our addiction to life--we "love" whatever to extent it serves our addiction (to life).

And ultimately, we just want our deaths to be as painless as possible, given our addiction to it--regardless of "love" or "love" of anything in particular or general.

And in all truth, I must take notice u're quite quick, I submit, to deleting and banning people fm ur forum--which is ur proprietary right, of course--so there must be stuff u don't "love" so much, right?--in fact, u dislike it enough so that it can accurately be called repulsion which is simply a degree and analogue of hatred, right?--all in proportion to that reciprocal emotion of "love" u feel for stuff u like and prefer, right?

I hope u're not too offended by my above brash analysis and commentary, for u bring-up a subject-matter which is also held and entertained by a lot of folks among my fellow Christians who tend to be rather sentimental and fuzzy-minded about things, thus not as effective (I think) against satanism, which satanism is presently raging and further, threatening to rage even more in near future.  So I took it as a challenge to be able to bring substantial criticism and observations to bear upon ur own posting.  Thanks again for ur indulgence and comments.

Theoretically, there's nothing that can't be easily fixed about our (USA) economy--but of course, THEN there's actual reality....

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Great, Tragic Irony For US Economy, Impending Disaster--It Needs Not Be
(Apollonian, 30 Apr 15)

Here's surely the greatest irony for our economy which is doomed to collapse (ALREADY in beginning stages), esp. currency collapse: and that is that no matter how horrible it may seem, it actually doesn't HAVE to be catastrophic or even too terribly disastrous--why?--because it's all POTENTIALLY, even though it probably will not be, easily solved and alleviated.

We merely need cut, cut, cut, cut, cut--spending, taxation, and perhaps most of all those horrific bureaucratic regulations--go to a gold/silver commodity standard and it would all be over quite amazingly quick--like the post WWI recession that Ron Paul (and Jim Grant too) so often talks about.

Real problem is the disaster (as it seems to be) IS GUARANTEED to be aggravated, exacerbated, and exploited by the satanists so that it will turn-out as horrible as possible--why?--because these satanic criminals and psychopaths KNOW they deserve execution/extermination for all their many horrible crimes, so they're sure to try to making things as difficult and problem-ridden as possible in way of "muddying waters" so as to best make their escapes.  Fukushima is perfect example.

USA should simply follow example of Iceland, for further example.

And why/how is it this horrible tragedy must be?--it's because, I'm afraid, USA is just too over-populated w. fools, suckers, and dupes who are sooooo dazzled and befuddled by lies of the satanists--like especially the Judeo-Christian adherents of neo-cons of the "right," not to mention the metro-sexuals of the "left" so fascinated w. hitlery and such as Senators Warren and now Bernie Sanders.

And u think present riots in Baltimore are bad?--imagine the teachers who should be removed fm their over-paid positions in the thought-control idiot-factories, not to mention all the other over-paid bureaucrats who just have to lose their worthless and counter-productive jobs in any proper and necessary budget-cutting.

Oh yes, and states will have to get their full sovereignty back, including 10th amendment--imagine the bellowing that will ensue upon issue of "states rights."

That's why USA and West require nothing less than precisely the sort of Christian revolution of St. Constantine the Great, early 4th cent. Roman empire--BUT then that would require a decent understanding of dear old Christianity, wouldn't it?--it ain't rocket-science folks--otherwise it would be useless and impractical.

But don't doubt or forget Christianity is basically worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all/any other ideal/precept, the ONLY way to Godly happiness (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), against satanic lies (JOHN 8:44), and it worked well for the original founders of USA, not only aforementioned Roman empire, don't forget.
And simple, easy-to-grasp key to Christian understanding is that TRUTH (= Christ, which cannot be killed and ALWAYS resurrects, as at Easter) simply requires the objective reality as necessary criterion/premise, that's all--AGAINST Platonic-type subjectivism, foundation of lies.

But if it's so simple as I suggest above, u might well ask, how then does subjectivism obtain and prevail?--easy: it's necessary foundation for child's "good-evil" fallacy/delusion/heresy (Pelagianism, according to St. Augustine) by which pretended "good" the proverbial road to heck is paved, excuse for fascist frauds like central banking and legalized COUNTERFEITING, as of our present US Federal Reserve Bank.

So that's our present and future tragedy: it doesn't have to be so bad, but when one considers the great over-population of morons and fools, addicted to lies and frauds like child's "good-evil" and hubristic, perfectly "free" (God-like) human will, one sees the full extent of the real problem--too many people are addicted to stupidity even more than they are to living.  Tragedy is that so many not-bad-at-all folks will have to perish under (Greek) tragic circumstances.  It's why COURAGE is such integral part of Holy Spirit, along w. reason and honesty.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Christian philosophy is NOT NOT NOT mystic--quite simple, actually, BUT not without some subtlety, never forget....

[QUOTE=ytkm;535996]I haven't found or heard any other simple reference from any other source.
Those I have mentioned it to (who should know) have been dumbfounded.
 The 'good/bad' dialectic is cruel.[/QUOTE]

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Christian Exposition For Philosophy And Allegory: Subtlety And Distinction For Meanings Of Key Words ("Truth" And "Faith")
(Apollonian, 29 Apr 15)

U must realize ur text is sooooooo often convoluted and confused, it's hard to follow.

So note (a) New Test. is basic Christian text, allegory for strict philosophy and logic.

SO (b) necessary text to begin a philosophic analysis is Gosp. JOHN 14:6 which lays down the basic philosophic/metaphysical premise/principle, the reality of TRUTH above all--against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44).

(c) Thus TRUTH requires the objective reality as necessary criterion.

(d) Thus objective reality leads to DETERMINISM, absolute cause-effect, no perfectly "free" human will--as humans are sinners, needing God's grace and mercy for salvation.

(e) Hence this is the philosophic/logical refutation of "good-evil"--also following St. Augustine's expo on Pelagian heresy.

(f) But remember, by nature of things only small percentage of folks can really grasp the actual logic of this afore-mentioned argument--SOOOOOOOO, u only have to note, when and as convenient, that "good-evil" may be useful for many, if not most folks, w. child-like mentalities, BUT that it's only, really a metaphor, without actual strict meaning, "good" usually meaning just obedience for most folks, as practical matter ("bad" meaning dis-obedient).


(g) Note there's yet another rather fine distinction for subtle, yet crucial meaning for terminology, the word, "faith"--crucial because Jew liars want to insist it means "beleeeeeeeeeeeeeevin'"--as in stupid, moronic, non-sensical crap, AGAINST REASON--which is absolutely counter-productive for Christianity and reason, which two things go together so well, so sublimely, the PROPER meaning of "faith" being simply LOYALTY, never going against human reason, so crucial and necessary for humanity.

(h) And note further that given the Jew subjectivism, specifically a collectivist subjectivism, the "beleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevin" understanding of "faith" is absolutely necessary and essential to their "interpretation" and "world-view"--since there is no objective reality, one must be selective for the version of "reality" one chooses, which is always and necessarily subjective--so, "beleeeeeeeeeevin," as if this beleeeeeeeeeeeeevin' makes it true, is absolutely necessary.

So, to the Jew, mere "loyalty" is nearly irrelevant and merely secondary to the primary virtue of beleeeeeeeeeevin.  After all, if u're going to go to all the work and effort of beleeeeeeeeeeeeevin', one may as well be "loyal," which is now just a minor side-light and attribute, "loyalty" practically meaningless in view of the CONTRIVANCE of beleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevin'/insisting/obsession.

Friday, April 24, 2015

What's purpose of art?--to clarify, so that others can see, grasp, then phrase thought for themselves....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments, https://flyingtigercomics.wordpress....haos/#comments

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An Artist Must THINK About Things--Like About Words, Hence Thoughts He Uses--Right?--Else WHY/How Would His "Art" Be Worth Anything?
(Apollonian, 24 Apr 15)

What?--this is just babbling gibberish u're spouting here (see below-copied), tiger, filled w. buzz-words and phrases, eh? And who is Philip K. Dick?--just another babbler?--ah well.... Sorry, but I'm not at all impressed w. Mr. Dick.

Forgive me, but I always thought art simplified and clarified things--whereas here (and again) all u do is shovel-up dandy, trendy phrases and propaganda, eh? For art properly takes what's conceptual and otherwise complex and makes it sensible, thus graspable by means of vision, form, and color, etc., thus apprehensible for greater number of people, allowing them to re-phrase it all for words and thought within their own minds. But if I'm wrong, by all means correct me.

Luciferianism vs. satanism?--WTF?--isn't this mere distinction without real difference? U're another puzzle rolled in a riddle wrapped within enigma--like sooooooo many poor souls mystified and fascinated w. complexity for complexity's sake. What would u really prefer?--real freedom or "struggling to be free"?--seems like u're caught-up in the "struggling," eh?--u must enjoy such struggling, even more than actual freedom itself, it would seem.

U sure struggle w. words; no wonder u like to draw and color stuff, eh?--but does it (ur drawing and coloring) do any actual good?--does it accomplish anything?--give any clarity?--do u think u'll ever make any money at it?--is there even the slightest chance?--not that money is the end-all and be-all, but there's serious question of PURPOSE, isn't there? Are u an artist or just a doodler?

U say, "The clash between truth and narrative explains the hollowness at the heart of consumerism, and consumerism has cancerously overtaken every aspect of society." Wow, that's a mouthful: how does "clash btwn truth and narrative 'explain' hollowness..."?--what is "consumerism"? Ur "explanation" seems to need an explanation, eh?

"[D]rowning molasses of media fugue states"--now that's a phrase and a half, I'd say, ho o ho ho ho--good one, ho ho ho ho. Maybe u should have been a writer/scribbler.

I'm disappointed, as usual, in ur last, above posting--it's just phrases and buzz-words thrown together, meaning nothing of substance, giving so-called "explanations" which themselves needs explanation, defining words (or phases) by means of further words or phrases which need definition, imagining u've accomplished anything. U stop half-way towards the necessary goal/destination--get it?

U're not really much of an artist, tiger, just a mere doodler, I'm afraid--fascinated w. ur own doodling, imagining it's "art," hoh o hoho. U're entertaining for ur wiggling and squirming (in ur "writing"), but what's it really worth?--doesn't it get old, fairly quick?

If u can't think or speak or write meaningfully, what's the use pretending to art by means of drawing and coloring?--no wonder u're such great friends w. the geek of geekritique, ho ho ho ho ho

----------------above by ap in response to below-copied by tiger-------------------

flyingtigercomics says:
April 24, 2015 at 2:55 am

I prefer luciferianism to satanism as a term because satan means accuser – he is the celestial DA prosecuting cases for God, whereas Lucifer is the ape of god, the imitative demiurge making kingship over the damaged Creation.

For me, I incline to a Philip K. Dick attitude – God’s miraculous power is to transmute evil into good, and to somehow, due to omnipotence, put every ball in every pocket with no failure, whereas lucifer is the god of flaws, deviation, destruction and evil.

Pop Will Eat Itself lived up to their name, and a lot of their songs are extremely well thought out, not least Lived In Splendour. It’s a screed against the “E” tab culture and the damage it causes – “sugar and strichnine”.

I agree with Philip K. Dick – “the empire never fell”. I also agree with him that in some way the imminent eschaton – “the end of the world” overlays both the original generation of christians from the first and early second century and “our own time”. In some way, our perception of time is an illusion, and as Dick said in 1974 we are inside a computer program which is malfunctioning and allowing glimpses of “reality” underlying what we normally consider to be real but which is in fact a luciferian construct.

Simplistically, it is very much like the people whose minds are captive of the lapdog media, instinctively believing the contradictory nonsense of the media narrative rather than reaching for the truth. The clash between truth and narrative explains the hollowness at the heart of consumerism, and consumerism has cancerously overtaken every aspect of society.

The most disturbing thing of all is that too many people welcome the drowning molasses of media fugue states rather than struggling to be free.

-------------------above by "tiger" in response to below-copied by ap---------------------------

What’s Purpose, Meaning Of Art?
(Apollonian, 23 Apr 15)

Ok tiger, I did as u suggested, went to the site, read the lyrics–which seem pretty “nihilistic,” right?

These people/creatures/entities, whoever, pretend not to care about anything–though they sure seem obsessed/addicted to indulging their sense gratification, as they even admit or note in their lyrics. And this nihilist indulgence is all the rage, isn’t it?–heavily promoted, though they admit they don’t care WHY–rather reminds me of geek at geekritique, ho ho ho, so utterly empty-headed while thinking he’s sooooooo hip and “cool.”

So my pt. is it’s (the lyrics and web-site) just more of the same old narcissistic, nihilistic crap, right?–and isn’t this narcissism and nihilism just the stupid crap put-out by Jews, this to COVER their continuing take-over of the culture/society/economy, as they install the absolute police-state?–all the while systematically EXTERMINATING their enemies, including, as we’ve seen, the Palestinians, next the mooooooslims, and, as we see here in Jew S A, whites, Christians, veterans, conservatives, et al.?

Tiger: u seem to want to go so far–repeatedly, continuously pushing our faces into this “art,” such as it is, but NEVER seriously analyzing it for its real source and motivation–like Jews and their satanism–u don’t want to “go there,” eh?–is that real “artistic” competence or cowardice?–and it that really healthy way to be and to operate?–I’m just wondering what u really think.

Jew S A is toast for economy, civilization headed for horrific collapse, no less than the currency, and we need real Christianity desperately....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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JR Speechifies And Spouts, But Doesn't Really Care About Reality
(Apollonian, 24 Apr 15)

Well JR: this blog essay of urs started out ok, but then it just seemed to fall apart w. gross inconclusiveness.  USA turned into Jew S A, and u gotta face it--like people gotta face reality.  Jew S A is mired in hubris, subjectivism, satanism, and ONLY a miracle can save it, which isn't at all likely.
For note a corrupt civilization has bred-up a great mass of inferiors, scum, weaklings, and Jew (hence satanist) -sympathizing puke--not to say there aren't lots of good people, still.  But the filth, morons, and dip-shits are still too powerful, too well-organized by satanists, it seems, and the good folk are still horribly dis-organized in the face of triumphant satanism--at least as long as satanists still control the legalized COUNTERFEITING of central-banking. 

JR: get a clue--Jew S A is toast, US Dollar is collapsing guaranteed to lose at least 80% of it's value soon, Petro-dollar bubble busting, beginning probably this yr, in maybe 3 stages, beginning w. a smashing 30% drop--according to Jim Willie of  Jew S A has lost around half of it's previous manufacturing base, the foundation of its erstwhile strength, now gone, gone, never to return--within our life-times, anyway.

And when food prices begin to sky-rocket, then there will be civil-unrest, rioting, and martial-law, calling-in of UN troops, esp. Mooooooooooslims, who will kill American citizens w. great, gleeful gusto.

To be sure, USA could revive a good deal, at least theoretically, but it's not likely--there'd have to be serious and drastic cuts in spending (esp. war-spending), taxes, and regulations--which just aren't likely to happen given the conditions and circumstances.

For in the great CYCLIC course of things historical, once the satanists take control of the "money" supply, they'll simply inflate and spend whatever it takes to keeping control ("bread and circuses")--UNTIL the currency totally collapses--only then will they lose substantial control, but it's still not a sure thing Christian heroes will be able to come-back in any decisive fashion.

Only thing we can really hope-for is a sort of Christian revival, resurrection, resuscitation--hence ANTI-SEMITISM (anti-satanism and anti-subjectivism)--as of St. Constantine the Great's revival of the old Roman empire, all too brief, as the Christian establishment, even then, degenerated so much into a sad mysticism which failed, esp. for the Western part.

Just look at urself, JR, a total coward, utterly TERRIFIED of truth and necessity of anti-Semitism, spouting nonsense and cliché's, babbling about the "Constitution," as usual, ignoring it requires honesty and objectivity, rejection of subjectivism and childrens' "good-evil" lies and prop.--all which too many inferiors, scum, traitors, and weaklings insist upon, what w. "feminism" and "gay-rights," etc.

Thus the great mass of weaklings and inferiors must fall by proverbial "way-side" in order for the "good" (meaning HONEST Christian) folks to survive, the top satanists falling-out w. one-another as the mass of goons and slaves dwindles, this on principle of "no honor among thieves."

And states must regain full sovereignty, the Fed gov. withering away, along w. the green-back dollar.
And worst enemy of real USA and Constitution is people like u, JR, who are too cowardly, dis-honest, and weak to face-up to necessity of anti-Semitism (anti-satanism).  U don't really want to live in reality, actually, u preferring the dreamy, wishful, pretend world of ur idealism and friendship for Jews, subjectivists, and satanists.

Real US Constitutionalism requires honesty and realism, JR, as of the original patriots, which u're incapable of--in fact, which u disdain, actually, in favor of speechifying and pretend "idealism"--u're too "good" to be anti-semite, human, honest and fit to live in the real world.  I wonder if u're really survivable.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Plan must follow analysis (a), (b) analysis must be in accord w. verified principle of CYCLIC economic/cultural collapse; patriots MUST have courage (Holy Spirit)....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Criminal Monopolies Must Collapse For Overthrow--IF It's Possible, Our ONLY Chance
(Apollonian, 19 Apr 15)

Ok, pt. taken (see below-copied) regarding DC and Marvel--typical Jew cartels, without a doubt. 
(1) But Jews are criminals and all of them are part of a large criminal crime family--ALL JEWS, by definition and essence of their putrid, satanic "religion" (Talmudism--ck for expo on Talmud, also

And the rock-bottom foundation of this large criminal conspiracy is central-banking--legalized COUNTERFEITING.  Tragedy is the stupid puke who make up that many-headed beast, "the people," cannot and will not comprehend--money MUST be commodity, gold/silver being traditional and best commodities to use.

(2) Next, after and along with Jews are their closest, most crucial allies, their "Praetorian guard," the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo) hereticalists.

(3) For u see tiger: we need explicit anti-satanism, hence absolute anti-Semitism; there are no "good" Jews anymore than there are good satanists or good psychopaths.  And this necessary anti-semitism is only supplied best by means of the REAL, TRUE Christianity, which Christianity was fully meant to be rationalist, specifically designed against Jew subjectivism which is ALWAYS excused, in turn, by pretext of moralism ("Pharisaism"), "good-evil" delusion/fallacy/heresy (Pelagianism), this founded upon subjectivist fallacy known as perfectly "free" human will.

Jews don't seem to be many--and they always pretend they're "minority"--but they're intensively organized (bolshevism), they control the banking, and they have numerous allies/flunkies SO AS TO FORM A SIGNIFICANT MINORITY--more numerous and powerful than any other single interest-group, including the Christian heroes at the other pole-end of political range.

For as long as the mass of stupid puke ("the people") is bribed by means of the funny-money COUNTERFEITING racket run by top criminals, there's little hope for reason, law, civilization.
Here in Jew S A, tiger, the banking system is on last-legs, offering "negative int.-rates," inflation about to sky-rocket, as Dollar is evermore collapsed and rejected as "reserve-currency"--the abyss beckoning.

Theoretically, the economic depression could be solved--BUT it would require cutting spending, taxation, and "regulation" of business and political life--IMPOSSIBLE long as the stupid, ignorant rabble continues to survive.

So mass-murder and genocide is absolutely GUARANTEED, u see--only question is can the Christian remnant survive and exert their will successfully?--it isn't certain they can or will.  Only example we have fm history is the original Christian revolution of St. Constantine the Great, early 4th cent., and it didn't last long for Roman empire.

For horror and absolute catastrophe is the ONLY solution, the over-populated weaklings and inferiors necessarily having to be reduced by means of catastrophic tsunami up-coming, in accord w. Spenglerian, CYCLIC "Decline of the West."  Meantime, patriots must have patience and strong-stomach, capable and willing to ENDURE obligatory horror and "hard-times" coming.  Pray for us.

---------------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied--------------------------------------
flyingtigercomics says:
 April 18, 2015 at 9:04 am
I agree with you about FREE markets – unfortunately DC and Marvel as “brand management companies” do a lot of soft and hard marketing and propaganda pushing to condition the market into being anything but free.

I also agree with you that if people like and want to buy even total crap – they are perfectly free to do so and no one should be a snob about THAT, even if critiquing the work.
------------------------------above in response to below-copied--------------------------
apollonian says:
 April 18, 2015 at 8:37 am

The Market Works Best–When It’s Allowed To, With Greatest FREEDOM And Ease
(Apollonian, 18 Apr 15)

Hmmmmmmmmmm, well question is what exactly is the complaint, or the pt.? For after all, if there’s a market–even if the story is dumbest thing imaginable (which it likely is), then it deserves to sell–ya gets what ya pays for, eh? Ho ho ho oho

Thus stupid crap just sets it up for the good stuff which will sell even better–or not. Regardless, it’s what the market bears in all freedom, and that’s God’s will, properly expressed.

And free market, the real thing, is seldom tolerated as humans are sinners and so much prefer lies and will resort to ANY excuse, but typically, and historically, ALWAYS, moralism, to corrupt and rig things so that it serves the most skillful liars.

“Starfire” then sets things up for Wonder Woman, which then sets it up for Bat-brains and stupor-man, who set things up for . . . I don’t know–Tarzan?–whatever. Eventually, u get such as Illiad and Oddysey, and they’re sooooooooooo great, it’s all u need to read over and over and over–which sets it up for Jesus Christ, the dear Son of God himself, the greatest of all, I seriously suspect.

Note a few yrs ago porno vids made-up about 50-60 percent of the vid market until finally, it reached a saturation pt., and now seems to have leveled off to a good 40 percent, ho ho ho ho–to each his own, to extent he/she can righteously PAY for it.  Praise the dear Lord for the free market.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Apster exposes academic shill who defends Lincoln, murderer of US Constitution....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Roland Is Disgrace, No Less Than Lincoln, To Scholarship, Truth, Law
(Apollonian, 18 Apr 15)

It's far more simple, accurate, and to-the-pt. to face-up to HORRIFIC facts--as most brilliantly pt'd out by numerous authors, perhaps the best being present day's Thomas J. DiLorenzo who's written a couple of books on the subject, like "The REAL Lincoln," Lincoln being crass mass-murderer, gross traitor, tyrant, destroyer of US Const.

Ever hrd of the 10th Amendment?--it's all of 28 words: "The powers not delegated to the U.S. by the Const., and not prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states or the people, respectively."  (Those were fm memory, pardon the abbreviations.)  Secession and nullification were obvious rights of the states, NOT prohibited.

So the states are and were sovereign, period, this by simple, plain meaning of words.  What happened was simply criminal CONQUEST by the scum, fools, and morons of the "North" against their own countrymen in favor of an alien race--who now afflict the states of the north too, along w. other alien races of present-day, the inevitable reduction-ad-absurdum.

It's only too sad the Southern leadership so terribly failed for the necessary active defense they needed--as urged by heroic and brilliant Gen. T. J. Jackson who advocated an active defense, invading the North, destroying communications, supplies, and infra-structure, thus forcing the civilian pop. to make their leaders come to terms.

Indeed, it almost happened in 1864 election when Gen. Johnston, who was holding off Sherman, was suddenly replaced by the incompetent morphine-addict (due to wounds) Hood, who promptly lost Atlanta, giving the victory to bloody butcher, Lincoln.

Observe then the other anti-Const. tragedies: the 14th amendment which was never properly ratified (look it up), not to mention the 16th and 17th amendments, equally disastrous, and equally fraudulent.  Imperialist USA next slaughtered Plains Indians, then began outright colonial expansion to Cuba, Hawaii, and Philippines, falling into globalist clutches of the Jew-bankers, Col. Ed House and his lap-dog, W. Wilson.

Regardless, states-rights are the obvious and inevitable solution to present problems which have taken several generations for proverbial chickens coming home to "roost."  It may take ANOTHER war (I hope not), but what must happen will happen, regardless.

Jeff C.: good observer, clever commentator, good analyst--to an extent--but suffers serious problems for hypocrisy, sociology, philosophy....

Below-copied dialectic and comments first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jeff C.: Victim Of Spenglerian "Decline Of West"
(Apollonian, 17 Apr 15)

Jeff is capable of good work, don't get me wrong--BUT he toooooo much indulges in this "clever" chatter and side-commentary, pretending he's soooooo astute.  He IS very good observer, and I like to see many of his vids to ck what he sees, BUT again, he needs to get down to business more, better.  Jeff's vids are tooooo long w. this annoying chatty "commentary."

I do understand Jeff may be somewhat resentful that scroogle censors him so much, BUT he's got to get over that--he needs to grasp it's back-hand compliment as he's so often so good for his insightful observing/analysis.

I was tired last night, and wanted to get down to business, and went 6 minutes into his vid listening to his banter, so I got a little ticked-off, I guess.

Alex Jones ( is good in his way too, though he's thoroughly Jewwy in his sympathies, Jews' limited-hangout man par excellence, ahead of Glenn Beck, Judge Napolitano, Jesse Ventura, Rand Paul, et al., at the moment....

Jews rule, and Judaism IS satanism, and patriots are left to encouraging kikes to in-fighting w. one another, there being 3 main factions: (a) the "leftists" pushing "global warming"/"climate-change" who want to exterminate 90% or so of humanity; (b) the "right, neo-conservatives," who want to keep some goyim around to continue being their slaves; and (c) those like Alex Jones, et al. (and which actually includes Jeff C. who imagines there are "good" Jews).

But it's satanism vs. the rationalist/West, and there's no "good Jew" anymore than there's "good" satanist or "good" psychopath.  No decent human would admit to being Jew or sympathetic thereto.  But this fore-going is basic philosophy which is beyond Jeff's grasp at the moment, I'm afraid.

--------------------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied--------------------------------

Dallas Bergmann
12:26 PM

apollonian apollonius I agree. Is this debunking or a Beavis and Butthead show? Your smug laugh strikes a nerve in my spine Jeff C. You're not man enough to clean Joe Biggs' boots.
Read moreShow less


Makaveli 2
5:05 PM

apollonian apollonius What's to debunk? Anyone with half a brain can see straight through Aj's show...

apollonian apollonius

commented on a video on YouTube.
Shared publicly  -  2:25 AM
Jeff: I gotta say--U BABBLE and babble and babble--without actually getting down to the business u advertise, as on ur other channels to come over here to see ur debunking vids.

Above vid I go for 6 mins listening to ur smug babble and u don't get down to business of debunking.  U're just full of shit and crap and babble pretending u're soooo clever.  yech


How Is Jeff C. Really Diff. FM Alexei Jones?
(Apollonian, 17 Apr 15)

Jeff: if u look at my comment(s) below, u see I expose ur own weakness--for one, u like to run ur mouth, which u think is soooooooooooo clever.  U're not essentially any better than old Alex.  And so what he sells stuff?--what's the real problem w. that?--if he's committing fraud, then have the guts and intelligence to saying what it is, specifically.

I don't blame u for being bitter about being censored by ZOG and google, but what did u expect?--u gotta get around to EXPECTING to being so suppressed and subverted--why wouldn't u be if u're telling truth?

Know why and how, Jeff?--because WHAT is Alex Jones, basically?--he's limited hangout for the Jews who are leaders of satanists, worst enemies of humanity, no?  And u're no essentially diff., Jeff--u think kikes are ok too, don't u?

But there's still lots of good observations fm Alex, as there is fm u too--when one gets past ur annoying babbling and chattering.

See Jeff: ZOG (the ultimate satanic empire) HAS "WON"--much as possible, so far, anyway--and the ONLY thing we can hope for, at this pt., is that satanist masterminds (hence Jews) begin to falling-out w. one another on principle of "no honor among thieves."  Hence there are 3 major factions, u understand, (a) the "leftists" pushing "climate-change" lies and "Agenda-21" genocide; (b) the "rightist neo-conservatives" who oppose somewhat, too much outright, genocide except for keeping gentiles fighting one-another, and (c) the "libertarian" -types, like Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones, and u too, buddy, u all being "limited hang-out" for Jews.

So Jeff, tell us how u're really diff. fm Alexei Jones--U'RE NOT--get a clue, buddy.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Mass of people often weaklings within cultural circumstances and "Decline of the West"--must be led by TRUTH and Christian soldiers....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Truth (= Christ) Gloriously Up-Held By Holy Spirit, Reason, Never Doubt
(Apollonian, 16 Apr 15)

Randall (see below-copied): note the great MASS OF PEOPLE are most often weaklings, these subject to the "leadership" of . . . whoever, in too many cases, and slick liars.  Note in CYCLE of history a corrupt, evermore satanistic, culture will breed up a great mass of these poor, ignorant weaklings.

Thus in the inevitable, CYCLIC, Spenglerian "Decline of the West" many of these weaklings must fall by Darwinian "wayside," unfortunately.  So u see there are always very few true Christian soldiers who provide proper leadership for the "church" and the survivors among the people--against the satanists, who must suffer their own HUBRIS and begin in-fighting among themselves upon principle of "no honor among thieves"--as we see even now, the "leftists" of "climate-change" lies evermore at odds w. the "neo-conservatives" on phony "right."

Note Christian "faith" is LOYALTY, NOT NOT NOT "beleeeeeeeeeeevin'" of children--beleeeeeeeevin' doesn't make something true or real.  The real Christian merely needs (a) HONESTY for facing and grasping truth, and (b) the COURAGE (for loyalty) to defend it regardless the satanist lies and intimidation which makes use of fallacious "good-evil" (Pelagian heresy) as substitute for truth.

Thus the Holy Spirit consists of aforementioned honesty, courage, and then especially REASON--by way of grasping TRUTH (= Christ), never doubt.  False "good-evil" delusion, pretext for subjectivist hubris, is what satanism uses to deceive the youthful mind fm that objective reality which is necessary basis of TRUTH (= Christ), never forget.  And don't forget either, it was fallacious 'good-evil" Pharisaism which attempted to murder Christ (= TRUTH) who/which resurrected nonetheless as at Holy Easter.  For TRUTH (= Christ) cannot be killed.

----------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-------------------------

Randall Ward
Nothing has changed. Jesus said that only the few will enter the kingdom of heaven. The gate is narrow and hard to enter, says Jesus. Everyone is welcome, but few come to the real party. I have always heard that about 10% of people really believe in the Lord, don't know if it is true or not.
Just be sure you are doing your part to bring in the harvest; "the harvest is great and the workers are few". Many people today have no idea what it takes to become a Christian; it only takes a prayer, asking God for faith, to get you started. It may take eight to sixteen years to learn and become a believer, but you must start the journey first.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Christianity: not a mystery, not rocket-science--sublime story about truth....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Christianity: Way Of Truth
(Apollonian, 15 Apr 15)

Note the Christian story is about TRUTH, for Christ = TRUTH, this truth being the only way to Godly happiness (Gosp. JOHN 14:6).  And the Christian story is precisely that--A STORY--it didn't have to be actual fact, though one can't prove it didn't really happen.  Most important is what is TAUGHT by Christ, the pre-eminent figure of New Test.

And un-questionably, most HORRIFIC thing is idea that people are required to BELEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEV--as if this idiot "beleeeeevin'" for tiny little children is the actual virtue having anything to do w. the Christian virtue of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all and any.  For real Christian virtue of "faith" is LOYALTY, not not not not not idiot "beleeeeeeeeeevin'."

For Christ taught the foremost virtue and value, at same time, of TRUTH--truth is God, suckers.  Hence the lesson is that reality is objective--in accord w. Aristotle.  Reality is not merely what one beleeeeeeeeeeeevs--as is taught by the satanists who killed Christ and who rule today by lies in general and specifically by means of their funny-money system headed by US Federal Reserve Bank.

And of course, one CANNOT name these satanists--one would be persecuted and deleted.  But these supreme liars begin by insisting upon "good-evil" fallacy/delusion which nearly all children insist upon as they imagine they will be rewarded for being so deluded--also known as Pelagian heresy, noted by St. Augustine.

Thus it is lies are manipulated by the satanists leading over-populated morons and scum to killing one another and killing the real truth-tellers and Christians--UNTIL the hubris-filled and corrupt culture collapses and civilization must be started all over--such is the way of the world which is (a) objective (only and necessary basis for truth); (b) determined, there being no perfectly "free" human will (as for fallacious "good-evil"), and (c) CYCLIC in accord w. Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West."  Looks like this present cycle of history is getting near the end, US Dollar about to collapse.

Monday, April 13, 2015

"Usury" is NOT NOT NOT same as charging-of-interest--Hoffman (the Pharisee) needs to get a basic, simple clue as to the actual defintion of the word, "usury"....

Below-copied by ap first submitted at comments,

Also, see my original review of Hoffman's work, this site (at, at  Pt. is that "usury" is NOT NOT NOT SAME as charging-of-interest, as I explain.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hoffman Only Achieves Empty "Victory"
(Apollonian, 13 Apr 15)

Hoffman: u can gloat like a Pharisee all u pls for ur "success," but the truth remains the truth (see Hoffman's screed at his blog, noted above).

For u FAIL for ur basic grasp and understanding of very definition of "usury," (a), and (b) what money is and how it works, including especially the effects of inflation (legalized COUNTERFEITING).

So go ahead and feel sooooo good, like a Pharisee, Hoffman--u've only fooled, mis-informed, and mis-led people who are ALREADY fooled and subject to being fooled, poor sheep, so it's no terrible great victory for satan u've achieved w. ur lies.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Holy Spirit?--consists of REASON, COURAGE, HONESTY--must have all of these, honesty most important, but courage also necessary, and reason is necessary to grasp truth/reality....

Originally Posted by BFR500 View Post
How has it all come to this? . . .
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Necessary, Sufficient Understanding Requires Reason, Courage, Honesty--Holy Spirit
(Apollonian, 10 Apr 15)

My friend, u gotta remember, HUMANS ARE SINNERS, who INEVITABLY suffer the sin of HUBRIS, imagining they're God-like, having perfectly "free" will, w. power to be "good" (Pelagian heresy--look it up), to change (and/or to "create") reality, thus they become subject to lies of Jews, foremost henchmen of satan, father of lies (Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

Thus ultimate lie/fraud of practical/existential nature then is present legalized COUNTERFEITING, as of US Federal Reserve Bank system--see and for fullest expo on Fed fraud. And even though gentiles are involved, ultimately, this legalized COUNTERFEITING scam becomes basically exclusive play-thing of Jews who then use it to the utmost, the society never recovering--NEVER. For the gentiles suffer TERMINAL hubris by means of this legalized COUNTERFEITING.

And the ONLY possible "solution" is involving reversion to original states-rights of USA--this however, only possible after great travail and horror. And remember what the NECESSARY consequence to this states-rights revolution is--the extermination of obvious traitors in style of original French Revolution, never doubt--which ZOG PERFECTLY understands and is determined to avoid--as by means of starting wars, as in Syria and Ukraine, etc.

Thus our only hope is the top oligarchs falling-out w. one another--featuring one faction of Jews ("leftists") in-fighting w. another (the "rightist" "neo-cons"--and/or the lower level "libertarian" Jews who back Ron Paul and Alex Jones (

"How has it come to this"?--u gotta grasp reality and history, and think things through thoroughly. We're fighting NOTHING less than full-fledged Satanism which is built upon subjectivism and hubristic, PHARISAIST, perfectly "free will," which intimidates children, often for entire lives, by means of "good-evil."

At this pt., it's very LATE in the proverbial "game," and lots of poor, stupid people are going to die--UN-FORTUNATELY. The necessary courage, at this pt., requires a strong stomach, willing to seeing things through even though many, many are so sadly doomed, who can't and won't think. People imagine Christianity is like rocket-science so difficult to grasp--IT ISN'T--it's just basically HONESTY, willing to face and grasp TRUTH (see Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Consider the FULL CONSEQUENCES of Talmudism (satanism): it means ABSOLUTE power, hence extermination of all humanity, reality, reason, etc....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Consider Full Consequences Of Talmudism/Subjectivism: TOTAL Extermination Of Humanity, Annihilation Of All Reason, Reality (Objectivity)
(Apollonian, 4 Apr 15)

Well, isn't Judaism simply Satanism, pure and simple?  I asked this question to ur buddy, Hoffman II, and he rather temporized, admitting it might be said about Orthodox, but not necessarily the "reform" version.  Hoffman also admitted Talmudism is pretty satanic, but again, that "reform" alleges they've rejected Talmud.

I like to note that Christianity vs. Talmudism is that of TRUTH vs. lies, Christ being TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6).  Lies then, are built upon SUBJECTIVISM whence truth is whatever u want it to be, making oneself God.

So "reform" Judaism is just another sort of "midrash," "interpretation," or Talmudism (or Talmudicalism)--subjectivism, making oneself God.

Note again, Jews are diabolically, insidiously clever, making use of philosophy and logic in order to confuse stupid goyim (not to mention themselves), using "good-evil" delusion (Pelagian heresy) to reify and rationalize subjectivism, hence the godliness of humanity, equating humanity w. God.

Aside then fm the relatively sublime and abstract issues of subjectivism vs. objectivity (Christianity), note Jews use "moralism" to gain practical, political, existential, psychologic, and military POWER--always in order to consolidate evermore power--power for power's sake, this all in spirit of HUBRIS and making themselves God.

Further, note this artificial "Godliness" of Jews and cohorts (like Masons and "Judeo-Christians") NECESSITATES a never-ending warfare to the pt. of complete genocidal extermination of any possible threats or rivals to their power--such is satanism, absolute subjectivism, irrationalism, nihilism, the most anti-humanism imaginable.