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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Plan must follow analysis (a), (b) analysis must be in accord w. verified principle of CYCLIC economic/cultural collapse; patriots MUST have courage (Holy Spirit)....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Criminal Monopolies Must Collapse For Overthrow--IF It's Possible, Our ONLY Chance
(Apollonian, 19 Apr 15)

Ok, pt. taken (see below-copied) regarding DC and Marvel--typical Jew cartels, without a doubt. 
(1) But Jews are criminals and all of them are part of a large criminal crime family--ALL JEWS, by definition and essence of their putrid, satanic "religion" (Talmudism--ck for expo on Talmud, also

And the rock-bottom foundation of this large criminal conspiracy is central-banking--legalized COUNTERFEITING.  Tragedy is the stupid puke who make up that many-headed beast, "the people," cannot and will not comprehend--money MUST be commodity, gold/silver being traditional and best commodities to use.

(2) Next, after and along with Jews are their closest, most crucial allies, their "Praetorian guard," the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo) hereticalists.

(3) For u see tiger: we need explicit anti-satanism, hence absolute anti-Semitism; there are no "good" Jews anymore than there are good satanists or good psychopaths.  And this necessary anti-semitism is only supplied best by means of the REAL, TRUE Christianity, which Christianity was fully meant to be rationalist, specifically designed against Jew subjectivism which is ALWAYS excused, in turn, by pretext of moralism ("Pharisaism"), "good-evil" delusion/fallacy/heresy (Pelagianism), this founded upon subjectivist fallacy known as perfectly "free" human will.

Jews don't seem to be many--and they always pretend they're "minority"--but they're intensively organized (bolshevism), they control the banking, and they have numerous allies/flunkies SO AS TO FORM A SIGNIFICANT MINORITY--more numerous and powerful than any other single interest-group, including the Christian heroes at the other pole-end of political range.

For as long as the mass of stupid puke ("the people") is bribed by means of the funny-money COUNTERFEITING racket run by top criminals, there's little hope for reason, law, civilization.
Here in Jew S A, tiger, the banking system is on last-legs, offering "negative int.-rates," inflation about to sky-rocket, as Dollar is evermore collapsed and rejected as "reserve-currency"--the abyss beckoning.

Theoretically, the economic depression could be solved--BUT it would require cutting spending, taxation, and "regulation" of business and political life--IMPOSSIBLE long as the stupid, ignorant rabble continues to survive.

So mass-murder and genocide is absolutely GUARANTEED, u see--only question is can the Christian remnant survive and exert their will successfully?--it isn't certain they can or will.  Only example we have fm history is the original Christian revolution of St. Constantine the Great, early 4th cent., and it didn't last long for Roman empire.

For horror and absolute catastrophe is the ONLY solution, the over-populated weaklings and inferiors necessarily having to be reduced by means of catastrophic tsunami up-coming, in accord w. Spenglerian, CYCLIC "Decline of the West."  Meantime, patriots must have patience and strong-stomach, capable and willing to ENDURE obligatory horror and "hard-times" coming.  Pray for us.

---------------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied--------------------------------------
flyingtigercomics says:
 April 18, 2015 at 9:04 am
I agree with you about FREE markets – unfortunately DC and Marvel as “brand management companies” do a lot of soft and hard marketing and propaganda pushing to condition the market into being anything but free.

I also agree with you that if people like and want to buy even total crap – they are perfectly free to do so and no one should be a snob about THAT, even if critiquing the work.
------------------------------above in response to below-copied--------------------------
apollonian says:
 April 18, 2015 at 8:37 am

The Market Works Best–When It’s Allowed To, With Greatest FREEDOM And Ease
(Apollonian, 18 Apr 15)

Hmmmmmmmmmm, well question is what exactly is the complaint, or the pt.? For after all, if there’s a market–even if the story is dumbest thing imaginable (which it likely is), then it deserves to sell–ya gets what ya pays for, eh? Ho ho ho oho

Thus stupid crap just sets it up for the good stuff which will sell even better–or not. Regardless, it’s what the market bears in all freedom, and that’s God’s will, properly expressed.

And free market, the real thing, is seldom tolerated as humans are sinners and so much prefer lies and will resort to ANY excuse, but typically, and historically, ALWAYS, moralism, to corrupt and rig things so that it serves the most skillful liars.

“Starfire” then sets things up for Wonder Woman, which then sets it up for Bat-brains and stupor-man, who set things up for . . . I don’t know–Tarzan?–whatever. Eventually, u get such as Illiad and Oddysey, and they’re sooooooooooo great, it’s all u need to read over and over and over–which sets it up for Jesus Christ, the dear Son of God himself, the greatest of all, I seriously suspect.

Note a few yrs ago porno vids made-up about 50-60 percent of the vid market until finally, it reached a saturation pt., and now seems to have leveled off to a good 40 percent, ho ho ho ho–to each his own, to extent he/she can righteously PAY for it.  Praise the dear Lord for the free market.

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