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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Consider the FULL CONSEQUENCES of Talmudism (satanism): it means ABSOLUTE power, hence extermination of all humanity, reality, reason, etc....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments,

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Consider Full Consequences Of Talmudism/Subjectivism: TOTAL Extermination Of Humanity, Annihilation Of All Reason, Reality (Objectivity)
(Apollonian, 4 Apr 15)

Well, isn't Judaism simply Satanism, pure and simple?  I asked this question to ur buddy, Hoffman II, and he rather temporized, admitting it might be said about Orthodox, but not necessarily the "reform" version.  Hoffman also admitted Talmudism is pretty satanic, but again, that "reform" alleges they've rejected Talmud.

I like to note that Christianity vs. Talmudism is that of TRUTH vs. lies, Christ being TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6).  Lies then, are built upon SUBJECTIVISM whence truth is whatever u want it to be, making oneself God.

So "reform" Judaism is just another sort of "midrash," "interpretation," or Talmudism (or Talmudicalism)--subjectivism, making oneself God.

Note again, Jews are diabolically, insidiously clever, making use of philosophy and logic in order to confuse stupid goyim (not to mention themselves), using "good-evil" delusion (Pelagian heresy) to reify and rationalize subjectivism, hence the godliness of humanity, equating humanity w. God.

Aside then fm the relatively sublime and abstract issues of subjectivism vs. objectivity (Christianity), note Jews use "moralism" to gain practical, political, existential, psychologic, and military POWER--always in order to consolidate evermore power--power for power's sake, this all in spirit of HUBRIS and making themselves God.

Further, note this artificial "Godliness" of Jews and cohorts (like Masons and "Judeo-Christians") NECESSITATES a never-ending warfare to the pt. of complete genocidal extermination of any possible threats or rivals to their power--such is satanism, absolute subjectivism, irrationalism, nihilism, the most anti-humanism imaginable.

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