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Monday, June 30, 2014

Here's exciting conversation w. a lesbian, loaded for bear, ho ho ho ho

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Kepi Gets A Little Un-Hinged, We See
(Apollonian, 30 Jun 14)

 Kepi, my dearest, most precious one: u certainly do babble, scream, and rage hysterically, don't u?--are u ANOTHER homosexual?--not that they're bad, though they/you sure do get excited over the simplest things, don't u?--like simply understanding a simple thing like racism which is LOYALTY by dictionary definition, yes?

 Or did u forget the discussion was regarding racism? Now then, once again: isn't loyalty a virtue?--if it isn't, pls explain, by all means. And how is having no emotional connection to one's race (one's extended family) any sort of advancement?--how could this possibly be induced but by ridiculously contrived means?

 And then there's the simple logical issue which u overlook in all ur raging, frantic, screaming and hysteria: isn't this loyalty AXIOMATIC given it's either-or, loyalty to mixed or non-mixed race?--one's own or another? Do u begin to get what it is we're talking about here?

 Now Kepi, u dear, little sweetie-pie, try to compose urself, calm-down, wipe the spittle off ur face and frothing fm ur mouth, and try to speak to the issue--it's really pretty simple, I assure u.

 U have a little child?--really?--did u adopt?--or is it possible u might have given birth? Seriously Kepi, dearest, I think u're a little too given to hysterical outbursts and screaming episodes to be fit to care properly for a child, do u think?

--------------------above by ap in response to below by dear "Kepi"--------------

[QUOTE=apollonian;506064]Gosh Kepi, dear, but if u have some objection, don't u think a rational person could make an argument?--I take it u don't have much confidence in ur ability to present a rational arg., eh? Otherwise, I think u're obviously a top genius, without any doubt whatsoever.[/QUOTE]

Really, dude? You want the long form on why you're a living breathing pile of human excrement? Fine.

 First off, you're making the jump from the studies that show that small children generally hold racial prejudices and prefer their own race. You then jump to the conclusion that therefore this must be generic, and therefore natural. But studies show that mixed race children do not possess this line of thought. Now, you may say that clearly the parents of mixed race children do not possess this trait, however, no "mixed race" genetic commonalities have been found. This means that the behavior is, therefore, learned instinctually.

 Now you may consider that natural, but your intrinsic belief that "natural" is therefore good, is doubly stupid. There's a not of stuff kids believe that is normative and naturally occurring that is also patently stupid. I have a two year-old. She doesn't understand where and when to appropriately go to the bathroom. Kids are stupid. They're new, they have an excuse. You're not. You're just an idiot.

 History shows that we are all already made up of mixing tribes. For instance I have Norman heritage. Norman's are made up of a mixing between Vikings, Alans, and Huns who all decided to take a stab at ransacking the French. Each of these people travelled outside of their own tribes and began inhabiting new territory and began breeding with other people's. This has been a normative behavior amongst people for as long as history. Remember, there was a time when people existed as city states, and believed that was their affiliation. We grew past that point in history because people interacted enough between cultures enough through conquest and trade to see eachother as mutually linked. So pretty much the entire course of human history is opposed to your poor reasoning as well. That's because you're an idiot.

 Lastly, you may say "I'm not saying what's natural is good, just that you can't fight it", and ignore that this is neither genetic, nor natural, merely normative under circumstances of perpetuation... Well, we fight our own natural urges all the time for the greater good. Unlike racism, paedophilia is genetically linked. That doesn't make it okay. Murder has been going on for thousands of years, but we've successfully mitigated the problem over the past few thousand years. Just because something is normative doesn't mean that the norms don't change to better suit society at a later date. In fact, a terrific definition of society is a force that causes you to suppress normative and even natural orders in order to contribute to a greater good. It's the force that keeps you from pulling out a gun and firing into rush hour traffic because you know that the results will ultimately be better if you just wait it out. But you're an idiot, so I don't suspect you really understand that yet. You know. Because you're an idiot.

 For the rest of us, though, the reality is that life is a constant series of interactions wherein we suppress our most basic desires for a better outcome for everyone, and learn means by which we can live more successfully though a series of trials and errors. That's what productive people do. You clearly aren't productive, so you should probably remove your genitals with whatever blade you've managed make by banging two rocks together, then eat them, because the rest of humanity would really appreciate it if you didn't accidentally breed.

Rationalism, Christianity actually clarifies things quite a good deal....

Below-copied by ap first published at

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Mariner's Question Answered: Aristotle Vs. Plato Plotted In Detail & Demonstrated For Sociology, Etc.
(Apollonian, 30 Jun 14)

Mariner (see below-copied): u're right, it is abstract, but still quite valid and discernible--so we simply convert to more practical symbology, as it were.  Thus Aristotelians who heed to an objective reality equate, generally, to dear Christianity, Christ being symbol for TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all/any other precepts (including love, peace, "faith," or "good," Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against lies (JOHN 8:44).  Note then u can't have truth without an objective reality for reference/premise.  And lies are simply subjectivist concoctions pretending to objectivity, eh?--at least that's one understanding.

National socialism was desperate, half-baked attempt to opposing the bolsheviki--socialism seemed all the rage at the moment, so it was taken and stylized to oppose the international, bolshevik sort--which interestingly was totally funded and subsidized by the Western bankers, according to Antony C. Sutton and others.  I agree nat. soc. did rather resemble Zionism, at least in some ways, but that wasn't necessarily deliberate.

"Creolization" (whatever that is--presumably ur word for race-mixing/bastardization) doesn't need more than the attitudinal anti-pathy it already has.  And sorry, but I don't care about Jews--they'll have to look out for themselves, as they've been doing, mass-murdering the Palestinians and Arabs and others--pay-backs are always tough, eh?  Their "doctrine"?--just lies and prop. which doesn't impress too many people nowadays--in fact, less and less, it seems.

Mariner: u just gotta accept reality, LIFE IS WAR and struggle, noted by all the great thinkers, Homer, Plato, St. Augustine, Machiavelli, Hobbes--not only Darwin who merely synthesized the facts w. biology.

-----------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied--------------------------

Quote Originally Posted by Anc' Mariner View Post
Hm. Your whole construct of "Platonists vs Aristotelians" is totally abstract. How do you objectively determine which camp a person is even in.

As far as tribe mixing. The Jewish people have hardly mixed at all in 3000 years, and even their worst modern enemies in Europe (the National Socialists) believed they were a superior race, albeit one in a Darwinian struggle for dominance with the non-Jewish Germanics. The big difference is in the ethos. Some people make really good attorneys, physicians, mathematicians, analysts, etc. And some people make really good fighters (like the Prussians). Both might be capable of advanced cultivation and technology (especially if they work together instead of stupidly/pointlessly acting against each other).

One could argue that National Socialism was like a mirror of political Zionism. Both are partly secular and partly religious (the NS had their own strange but very modern form of quasi religion). But both focused on joining together as a newly unified people and protecting their kinfolk - because both believed they had a divine/evolutionary mission connected to unique moral qualities embodied in their collective ethos.

Even Herzl thought the Jewish people would get a strange kind of help. Some disaffected Prussian guy named Kingscourt pops up in Altneuland, his novel about Zionism.

For the West at large, mixture and Creolization are just the reality. If you object to it, you need more than a 'tude. You need a strategy. A collective strategy that doesn't involve hurting the Jewish people. Their doctrine says they are protected. Maybe others are also protected in a similar way too for synergistic/complementary reasons. Harming people like that is an existential mistake. A Darwinian mistake that tends to backfire in a bad way.

----------------------above by "mariner" in response to below by ap------------------------------

Christian Revolution Of St. Constantine, Nullification, Secession: Necessary Resort Of People
(Apollonian, 30 Jun 14)

I quite agree w. this, but must reject all the rest of ur piece.  It rather seems mixing races is ur end-all and be-all, w. which I'd venture very, very few would agree.  For a mixed-race is a conquered race, a race of bastards, if u will--and no one wants this.  So guess again, mariner.

I'd rather say we're merely waiting for another St. Constantine the Great to arise, leading the rational people, though momentarily dis-united, against the mad idealists and Platonists/moralists who've now succeeded in destroying so much of the world we used to know.

Thus among the master-minds of Council on Foreign Relations/Trilateralists/Bilderbergers we await the inevitable falling-out, there being "no honor among thieves."  And we note there seems to be some rivalry/opposition among the conspirators btwn one faction of "leftists," led nominally by Obama, vs. the neo-con supporters of Israel, there being yet a third faction behind such as Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura, and Alex Jones (

Meantime the people of USA must make use of "nullification" of the central Federal gov. and states-rights.

gun-control is simply TREASON, attempted over-throw of Constitution and 2nd amendment--stupid scum better get wise....

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Traitors Need To Face-Up To Reality: Treason Never Prospers
(Apollonian, 30 Jun 14)

Comrades: u need to face-up to fact that ONLY the people have rights, right to self-defense, hence right to own and possess fire-arms, and the purpose/reasoning for this is not to defend against random crime or duck-hunting--IT'S TO OVER-THROW A TYRANNIC GOV.--get it?

We the people are BOSS, suckas--and we have all the rights, including being armed and defending--it's a natural right, following in reason, and it includes anyone/everyone, including felons and some otherwise, partial nut-cases too, PERIOD.  For practical purposes though, people don't complain when Constitution is violated in case of felons and nutters, as nutters rather strain reason, as we note.

For observe: how in reason can any part of people be dis-armed by any other part?--impossible, inconceivable--it's then simply war conducted by some against others, and the law and commonwealth are destroyed thereby.

And observe for all of u who want to dis-arm the people and overthrow US Constitution and 2nd amendment--U'RE TRAITORS, and penalty for treason is grim stuff--take care for what u imagine u want to doing.

And if u merely do a little ck-ing, u find 9/11 was inside job, much by MOSSAD and Israelis, along w. neo-cons and suck-alongs here in US, including CIA and FBI and others.  Newtown (Sandy Hook) was total farce, no one killed, same w. so-called Bost. Marathon "bombing" of little over yr ago--and there've been numerous other farces since then, Elliot Rodger being one of the latest and most comical.  We're up against conspirators, these being in favor of world gov. and agenda-21 genocide, etc.

Fact is gun-control encourages and increases crime; gun-ownership and being armed lessens and decreases crime, as the facts show quite plainly.

But in conclusion, I merely refer back to the Constitution which some of u are trying to overthrow (for ur gun-control delusions)--don't forget: pay-backs is son-of-a-gun, suckas--u've been warned.  Don't be surprised when hammer drops.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Conspiracy theory is necessary subject of all/any general history and sociology, never doubt....

Below by ap first published at

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Place Of Conspiracy Theory--Must Be Clear For Sociology, History
(Apollonian, 29 Jun 14)

JDW (see below-copied): thanks again for ur notes.  See, I'm great Spengler enthusiast/defender/expositor, and I'm simply trying to see what fourth turning stuff can add--so far I don't really see anything, though I appreciate ur comments and observations.  Note u have much to prove and/or demonstrate and it's great mistake/error for u to think it's established--and again, don't doubt I much appreciate ur courage for attempting to doing so.

Fourth turning sociology depends on history, and the history for it, as I see it understood on this forum, seems to be very weak indeed, same for the economic science/knowledge.

For don't forget the economic advancement of 19th century was hardly interrupted--so the "gilded age" economic advancement wasn't any great change or extra-ordinary.  And slavery was never anything to be "atoned for"--abolitionists very small minority at any time.  Both before and after "Civil war" the blacks were seen as competition for the white working class--there being considerable number of whites in that class, including many, many farmers who didn't have it too terribly good regarding comforts of life. The "awakenings," transcendental and missionary, I submit, u over-rate.

U bring up Conspiracy theory, very good--for that's the pt. to things historical and sociologic, I'd say--indeed, it's the pt. (quite arguably) to Spengler's "Decline of the West": eventually society/culture is corrupted and collapses as a criminal class takes control, as we see presently.

JDW: don't forget Jefferson's Dec. of Independence was/is literal consp. theory--doubt it?--just read it.  The founders extensively discussed conspiracy of the British crown and other, associated interests--which still exist to this very day.  Note these very same interests (a) co-opted the Americans, in accord w. Cecil Rhodes ("Rhodes Scholarships"), and (b) then collaborated to put in place the Bolsheviks in Russia--and these facts are indisputable and actually quite well-known.

Christian New Test. is consp. theory, regarding Pharisees & Sadducees who hated and strive to murder TRUTH (Christ)--which inexorably rises again (triumphant resurrection).  The Christian sociologic theory is TRUTH (Christ) in its dialectic and conflict w. Lies (Gosp. JOHN 8:44).  Don't doubt or forget the great value of Christian literary aesthetics which teaches a great moral for us to this very day, Christianity enhancing and replacing the moral previously taught by Homer, Greeks/Romans having then adopted Christian aesthetic, handing it down to us.  Further, observe Book of Revelations gives a lively picture of a cyclic culmination.

Observe, simply as slight details, Martin Luther King was assassinated by gov. conspiracy, this being official, formal finding of a jury verdict.  JFK assassination in broad daylight was another conspiracy which 90% or so of people grasp in various polls reported, the Warren report notorious fraud.  RFK was another well-known conspiracy.  Gulf of Tonkin "incident" was gov. conspiratorial fraud to start a horrific war.

So discussion of consp. theory is NECESSARY, and without it all sociology or history is empty and useless--we only need find an artistic manner, I guess, and as u seem to indicate, for proper discussion, and I do appreciate ur emphasis for delicacy.  And u do seem to be sturdy enough for ur ability to so discuss--it's much why I appreciate ur notes and commentary.

More specifically, aside fm Jeff. and Dec. of Independence, observe Jeff's great conflict w. Hamilton over the Bank of US (BUS) issue--this is absolutely fundamental and exists to this day, US Federal Reserve Bank ("Fed") being direct descendent of BUS--note it's getting ready to collapse, in much same fashion as great hyper-inflation of Weimar Germany--and it's why powers (Council on Foreign Relations [CFR] and Trilateralists) behind the Fed are trying to start wars in Syria, Iran, and now Ukraine, as we see.

So u see JDW: it would be terrible if fourth turning actually distracted/diverted us fm these most basic facts for sociology and history, including esp. consp. theory.  Fourth turning is USELESS if it can't tell us anything about this conspiracy issue and circumstances.

Note Jefferson vs. Hamilton was taken-up by ideologic followers, Andrew Jackson vs. Henry Clay for the second BUS, the mass-murderer, Lincoln, himself then a follower of his idol, Clay--and that was the end of the great USA founded upon Aristotelian, Enlightenment REASON, ind. freedom, natural rights, etc., definitive beginning of world gov., imperialist dictatorship, League of Nations, and now UN.  Of course the anti-rationalism of Rousseau and Kant preceded for undermining of that Enlightenment reason.

The crux, u see, is the Fed, like the BUS banks before, though slightly diff. for operational details, is simply a legalized COUNTERFEITING scam, allowed to literally create "money" (but actually just phony "money" called "fiat") which then allows powers behind it to owning and controlling everything--this is the FUNDAMENTAL conspiracy which has raged since before the beginning of USA, the Bank of England, for example, established in late 17th cent.

U ask, "The question is why the American people are unwilling or unable to hold him [Obama] more accountable."  Answer is simple--the same old "bread & circuses" of Roman times--aren't those football games on TV so neat?  I saw Capt. America movie the other day, too, and thought it was quite good for the theme of a traitorous gov. setting up weapons to terrorize the American people.

So JDW: don't doubt, once again, I much appreciate ur commentary, but the consp. theory issue is PRECISELY what must be discussed and what MUST be treated adequately by ur fourth turning material--that's why I continue to question u for the basics of ur theories here.  Fourth turning would be grossly counter-productive if it diverted fm this all-important conspiracy theme.  Thanks again for all ur advice.  A.

-------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied by "JDW"------------------------

[QUOTE=JDW;505950]First of all, whether society actually advanced is not the issue. The important thing is that by the Gilded age (with slavery out of the way), society was generally satisfied that there was nothing left to atone for.  In reality there was, as evidenced by our treatment of the American Indian, but the main issue of the Transcendental awakening was settled. By the time of the Missionary Awakening societies attention was turned toward advancement (that is, improving the general quality of life). Women reluctantly became involved in politics with the hope of voting on laws that would help the family. Child labor violations were seen as an embarrassment to America’s self image as a city on a hill. Americans believed in their country and wanted it to become the greatest it could possibly be.

Secondly, it has been my experience that these discussions break down quickly when one’s political opinions become too heated. If you bring conspiracy theory into this, you’re going to invite a lot of “noise” from both sides. I encourage you (just as I would anyone else) to keep your strong opinions close to your vest and try to discuss this theory as objectively as possible. I’ll even humor your concerns by saying, “Ok, if there is a shadow government that is pulling the strings, how are they using their knowledge of the generation cycle to accomplish their goal?” The point is, whether you believe in conspiracies or not, you can still have this discussion. Just don’t let it get too extreme.

Then you are discussing something other than the generation theory, correct?

Those are very strong statements, and most people on this forum will disagree with. However, what you are seeing is a 4T phenomenon, and I think Rahm Emanuel was onto it when he said “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” This is the U.S. Constitution’s third time going through a 4T (not counting the one that created it). In each case, the leader – whether Lincoln, FDR or Obama – felt at liberty to go around some of its provisions. In some of those cases, it could be justified by the emergency. I will agree that Obama has taken it to new level. The question is why the American people are unwilling or unable to hold him more accountable.

 I admit that it is the accident of history that Victoria’s reign coincided with two awakenings. I still think the term “Victorian morality” is the best descriptor of the period between Puritan and Boomer morality.

There are two main components of what we call “conservatism” today. The first is constitutionalism, which is what you are talking about. It is often linked to libertarianism, and neither has had any discernible success in this saeculum. (They are both “advancement” ideas.) The second is social conservatism, which is what I am talking about. Most social conservatives, if given a wish list, would want to see the end of abortion on demand; same-sex marriage; the banning of prayer in schools; unrestricted borders; the NEA, the EPA, and a few other things. This would essentially be a return to the 1950s, a time when America was void of moral vision. The Boomer Consciousness Revolution would happen all over again![/QUOTE]

Saturday, June 28, 2014

History should be seen fm pt. of view of honest, realistic frame-work....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments,
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Mark Should Be More Realistic, Honest
(Apollonian, 28 Jun 14)

Mark (see below-copied fm Mark): Newsflash: humans are sinners--God made us that way.  I myself have been "morally perverted" for quite a long time--long as I can remember.  But I don't sweat it much as I observe everyone else is too.

And "racism"?--it's just loyalty, loyalty to people, ancestors, and culture, a virtue (ck any dictionary), long as it's kept within reason, like any other virtue.

And what's ur grounds for concluding so presumptuously that "American people have been conditioned...?"

Political values?--why not just speak for urself, eh?  After all, Homer taught that life sucks, and it would have been better not to have been born, but here we are to make the best of things.

Observe things are CYCLIC according to Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West."  Thus folks start out as farmers observing reason and equality, but then w. success and "prosperity" a ruling class arises and there's "oppression"--until it gets too much and then the people are either exterminated or they rise-up and overthrow the oppressors and start doing their own oppression.  Such is life.

My own observation of present time is Jews and their collaborators rule, and we need more militant Christianity to overthrow these "oppressors."  Hence we people need merely understand the real Christianity to remove false "Christians" presently allied w. Jews and who support Israeli terror state--where all NSA info goes first, without any filtering by Americans, as we learn fm Snowden, et al.

-----------------above by ap in response to below-copied-------------------

Mark says:
 June 28, 2014 at 11:17 am 

The American people have been morally perverted by American power largely by sanitizing and denying our historical past, which has been covered up by historians and political and social scientists. This past history is now emerging into the mainstream truth consensus. It is illustrated by a recent book of a Harvard historian, Bernard Bailyn, who described the peopling of America in the 17th century in THE BARBAROUS YEARS.

The barbarism, which he details in horrifying page after page, consisted of homicidal racist imperialism. He states:

“There was never a time, over a half century of settlement, when there was not a racial conflict in one or another of the European colonies in coastal North America–not only random killings on isolated border lands and deadly attacks by ruthless traders, but concerted wars of devastation different from the precontact Indians wars and beyond the rules of civilized warfare…”

The British killing and horrifying tortures were conditioned by Cromwell’s massacres of the “wild Irish” in the English civil war, the Puritans consciously equating the American Indians with the Irish. The War on Terrorism, and the transformation of the American traditional political system into a despotism, is conditioned by the homicidal racism of these religious fanatics. US power has killed hundreds of thousands of dark skinned Muslims to steal their oil and other collective and personal property and power.

The American people have been conditioned by American power to support this homicidal racist imperialism. Our political values are based on this oppression. We cannot regain control over American power, and unite effectively, unless we consciously understand how we have been conditioned to identify historically with American oppression.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Most excellent sociologic metaphor applied now to the PROCESS, CYCLIC, as described by Oswald Spengler in "Decline of the West"....

Below-copied by ap first submitted at comments,

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Smallstorm's Excellent Metaphors Projected In CYCLIC Process
(Apollonian, 26 Jun 14)

Smallstorm makes excellent sociologic metaphor, but don't forget the larger, general historical, CYCLIC process so well described in Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West."

Thus the society begins most generally w. self-sufficient and HONEST farmers--say like the Romans (Aristotelian OBJECTIVITY). But as the society is successful and grows more prosperous and victorious the seeds of ultimate destruction are steadily sown.

Thus "success" of a society leads ineluctably to generations (like the recent in USA) who wouldn't have otherwise survived on their own merits but for their forbears achievements, talent, and fortitude providing for them, allowing the increase of population.

Thus as things sociologic and economic continue to "prosper," the inheritors suffer increasing HUBRIS, esp. of moralism-Pharisaism, pretending they are "good" and can substantially change reality by means of a substantially "free" human will (Platonist SUBJECTIVISM)--and they begin to "tolerating" criminals and liars who are expert in plying the corrupt generation w. false compliments, encouraging the HUBRIS, esp. in way of afore-mentioned moralism-Pharisaism and tolerance of these criminals, pretending, for example they can now begin to issuing fiat-money and in this way preserving and enhancing "prosperity" by artificial means/methods.

So the "eagles," "owls," and even "sparrows" have their natures and status COUNTERFEITED--no less than the money supply--and the sheep and lambs are beguiled and mis-led--what has happened?

Observe then the sheep and lambs are now OVER-POPULATED--due to the success of their forbears for "prosperity." And as human life is inexorably TRAGIC, these sheep and lambs must eventually be de-populated by means of the snakes and jackals and others, no doubt, perhaps like those who were formerly of "eagle" or "owl" spirit, but now corrupted, who become like ravenous tigers and wolves.

Thus we see the historical process is truly CYCLIC, and sociologic effects necessarily reflect this CYCLIC hist. process, the tragedy of things always leading to rises and then declines of population of sheep and lambs. For only as the sheep and lamb population declines do the snakes and jackals and wolves and tigers begin to fight one another, reducing their own numbers, allowing then the sheep and lambs to rise, once again for their numbers. Such then is the inexorable, deterministic, CYCLIC process, so ably described by Oswald Spengler, demonstrated and verified in history, psychology, and sociology.

Presently, it seems to me there's still far, far too many sheep, lambs, and mice, and plenty of snakes and jackals, and esp. fearsome, ravenous wolves and tigers--too few eagles, owls, and sparrows.

What must now happen is sheep and lambs will be reduced, thus reducing the food-supply of wolves, tigers, snakes, and jackals who will begin to fighting one-another--only then, when wolves, tigers, snakes, and jackals' number is reduced, can the sheep and lambs begin to thrive and increase for their numbers.

-------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied---------------------

Smallstorm says:
June 26, 2014 at 1:12 pm

“Truth is whatever they announce has occurred.” This could not happen without the participation of the people. And it takes all kinds. Here is an analogy I created some years ago; I call it “Animal Farm.”

People who are wide awake and are putting out messages to the public about these compounding events in very visible ways (e.g., websites, books, interviews, talks) are Eagles. Eagles are powerful and fly high and are brave. Beneath them are Owls: those who are awake and wise and see deeply into what’s going on, but who do not have or want as wide a reach as the Eagle… Owls spread the word in their own resourceful way. Below the Owls are the Sparrows – “truthers” at large who are out there hopping around and scattering crumbs of knowledge in the effort to alert people to wake up.

Then we have the masses who are asleep, who don’t suspect much (if anything): they are the Lambs. Scattered here and there among the Lambs are people who have been told about a few things, but for whom the prospect of reality being upside down is frightening and they would rather not know more … these are the Sheep.

Then there are the people on the payroll of the perps, who are richly rewarded for operating and executing the various nasty scenarios and plans: these are the Snakes. And then there are those who have been shown ample proof of the upsidedown-ness of things (by various Sparrows or Owls) but who insistently deny that the world is awry or that anything sinister is going on – vehemently rebutting, arguing, denying, dismissing, over and over – these are the Jackals.

Eagles, Owls, Sparrows, Lambs, Sheep, Snakes, Jackals. That’s my list so far. The worst are the Jackals, it seems, because for no reward at all they are willing to ignore the danger and therefore do their part in transporting humanity and nature into oblivion. The Snakes have got the Jackals on their side, and the masses of Lambs and Sheep are their fodder. A few Eagles and some handfuls of Owls supported by a scattering of Sparrows are trying to rescue the sleeping Lambs from Jackals backed by Snakes who are endlessly shouting them down. The Sheep are simply blinking in the sunlight. What animal are you?

Remember Voltaire: to find out who rules, simply observe who it is who is held to be ABOVE CRITICISM....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Who Rules?--Merely Consider, Per Voltaire, Who Is Above Criticism
(Apollonian, 26 Jun 14)

Prof. Tracy: u bring up an issue as to who, ultimately, rules--it's obviously GOT to be the top powers behind the US Federal Reserve Bank (legalized) COUNTERFEITING scam/enterprise--these are the ultimate powers (also Bank of England and the ECB, BIS, etc.) behind everything else.  MOSSAD and CIA then are mere enforcers.

Exactly who the specific persons are who are topmost rulers and decision-makers may be matter of speculation, at any given time, BUT it has to be those and among those who, generally, as Voltaire pt'd out, are above criticism--so who are these?

In general, the top masterminds must be Jews, for obvious reasons, though to be sure, some Jews are sacrificed and "expended" along the way--like the bolsheviki who had too much fun, like Trotsky, evidently, fighting in the trenches.

The analysis is as simple as sociologically ranking most authoritative, powerful, influential organizations--what could be more powerful than the COUNTERFEITERS of the "money"-supply?  Imagine if u could just print-up (or digitalize) whatever money u needed--u'd have nearly God-like power.

I'd say Mike Collins Piper made extremely persuasive case in his impressive work, "Final Judgment."  Simply consider in ur own case--who is it who's above criticism?--observe how quick u are to defend the Jews, practically a sub-conscious reflex action, eh?

--------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied------------------------

James says:

The blame cannot be solely apportioned to Israel and Mossad. JFK had many adversaries, most of which were domestic.
Based on the work of Garrison, Jim Marrs, and Fletcher Prouty, Stone’s film, with the exception of some cinematic license, is entirely accurate. Stone was forced to suggest otherwise after tremendous pressure exerted by the US press.
This was in fact proven by the King family in a civil suit that was, in keeping with the theme, entirely overlooked by major media. At the time news outlets were giving inordinate attention to the O.J. SImpson trial.
See, for example, William Pepper’s overview of the episode.

Sue says:

Half tribal Oliver Stone’s movie about Garrison was both boring and possibly serving as subconscious disinformation. This essay paints Garrison in a more serious and sober light. I hadn’t thought too much about how decoys are often standard MO. I feel almost certain that the Mossad had JFK killed, though, so his writing resonates more on this generalized level. Garrison was a catholic; his metaphor ‘about wafer-thin deceptions being eagerly accepted one after another,’ like communion in the catholic mass, is brilliant. The artifice accompanying contemporary ‘assassinations’ really is almost transparent and yet the public consumes it unquestioningly like some faith experience. (I detest catholicism BTW).
Wasn’t MLK’s family was able to prove that he was the target of a government conspiracy to kill him…?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The irony of Jew logic, used by Jews and cohorts....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

JR Only Demonstrates His Own Perfect Programming In Defending Jews
(Apollonian, 25 Jun 14)

Well JR, to go by the inductive evidence, u could very well be a Jew, eh?--consider the items we have to go on [see link, above].

(a) U lie, saying I try to make "Christians seem bad."  But I actually, simply show why Christianity is "good," so to speak, giving citations, etc.

(b) U say, above, I use Jew logic, which is another lie.  My logic is perfect and straight-forward.

(c) U imply I try to make Christians look "bad" by (ur supposed) slandering of Jews, evidently--but I don't at all slander Jews, carefully giving all my ref.s and premises for conclusions.

In conclusion, u continue to demonstrate my thesis given in ur latest blog's comments section (at about the "teevee" mental programming as it is reflected in ur obsessive insistence upon defending Jews--u're actually best proof for the mind-programming that u ostensibly condemn, aren't u?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

ZOG is absolutely INSANE--openly fostering blatant invasion of the country--but don't lose heart....

How u KNOW horror and catastrophe are absolutely guaranteed
(Apollonian, 24 Jun 14)

Ck  What's going on?--simple: the traitors in charge, behind Obongo are fostering the literal invasion of Jew S A--they know they're traitors, but they don't care--WHY DON'T THEY CARE?

For aren't the traitors worried about retribution?--NO NO NO NO NO NO--and this is what we gotta worry about, right?

Additionally, note Congress doesn't worry, either--they're all paid off, right?--obviously.

So the puke don't care about anything long as they have their magic money-making/issuing machine, the US Federal Reserve Bank churning out that cash on demand.

But WE KNOW the money-system will and must collapse in hyper-inflation, then the proverbial excrement will hit the fan.

So continue to getting the info out to people, and remember there is hope, for (1) when the currency collapses, ZOG won't be able to adequately pay the enforcers--as is, unfortunately, now the case, cops going about killing folks, the judges backing it all up.

(2) We have excellent tradition in law and political culture for natural rights and nullification of irrational laws coming down fm ZOG--and this nullification and primacy of local gov. cannot too much be emphasized.

Tracy resents reminder given to him by dear Anderson Cooper regarding who he thinks he's working for, ho ho ho....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Who Is It, Really, That's Deviating?
(Apollonian 24 Jun 14)

Gosh Prof. Tracy, sir, u dare to address an "open ltr" to ur aggrieved buddy Anderson (he's obviously outraged u don't go along w. "program"), so allow me to doing same to u, eh?

Look here: Anderson merely resents fact u seem to forget u're integral part of thought-control apparatus which entails not only the mass-corp. Jews-media--but also the public edjumacation complex, getting all that gov. money and subsidization, etc., which u're part of, eh?

Anderson resents fact u seem to be "loose cannon" on this issue of Sandy Hook fraud/hoax by way of terrorizing and dis-arming citizenry for the New World Order--what's the big mystery?  Aren't u biting hand of ZOG which feeds u, upon this flimsiness u call "professional integrity"?

Don't forget, Anderson upholds the ethic of Platonic-Straussian "noble lie" doctrine whence a greater good--the safety of ZOG and Jew world order--justifies/rationalizes such fraud and illegal with-holding of public information as pertains to Sandy Hook event--so Anderson, no doubt, wonders what ur real problem is, eh?

Anderson simply challenges u, Prof. Tracy: u can't serve two masters; it's either-or--ZOG and Jew world order (hence "noble lie" ethic) or this strange thing u call "professional integrity," ho ho ho--are u joking?

Alex Jones: stupid, Jewwy scum, pretending so desperately--and effectively for the Jews he works for--to "good-evil"....

Below-copied first submitted (but often taken-down by the little shit there) for publishing at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Alex Jones: Dedicated To Stupidity, Ignorance--But Willful Treason?--Knowing Jews Are Necessarily Anti-Christs?--No
(Apollonian, 24 Jun 14)

Well, Alex Jones works for Jews; he loves Jews; he's married to a Jew.  Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew--Alex LOVES them, no doubt.  So demonstrating this part isn't ur problem, Tim.

But here's ur problem: does Alex think the Jews are bad?--no, Alex is rather typical for those who, we see, are constantly making excuses for Jews--as we know and see fm practically all establishment Christians nowadays, and esp. the dyed-in-wool "Judeo-Christians" (JCs--see and for expo).  Alex think Jews are WONDERFUL--after all, they've made him rich, haven't they?  Ho ho ho

It's like the Church teaches about mortal sin: (a) it's got to be a mortal sin, (b) u gotta know it's mortal sin, (c) then u go ahead and commit the sin, knowing what u're doing, knowing it's a sin that u're committing.

Alex doesn't agree that Jews are bad or that consorting and co-operating w. Jews is bad; thus he can't see that accepting their money, etc., is corrupting him, slowly but surely.

Alex insists there's some "good" Jews--that not all Jews are bad--and this is his weakness, mistake, and excuse--like a lot of people in our culture, I must say and pt. out.  So I'd say ur problem is demonstrating Alex KNOWS Jews are what they are--anti-Christs, monsters, and Satanists--he won't and can't--for he AGREES w. Jews (or what they preach, anyway) about fallacious "good-evil," which doesn't exist.  Alex DESPERATELY wants to pretend he's "good."

Alex is a Pelagian, a heretic who believes in "good-evil" ("good works"); thus he's subject to Jew influence.  Alex is VICTIM of Jews, heresy, stupidity, and ignorance, but is he willing, knowing tool of Jew perfidy?--no, there's no evidence for this.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the IRONY--as one watches this poor sucker gloating he's successful in countering and resisting the Jews-media lies....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jack Is Sooooooooooo Perfectly Programmed, He Doesn't Realize It--Even As He Gloats He's Successful At Resisting
(Apollonian, 23 Jun 14)

Jack: what u don't consider is how well and PERFECTLY the Jews-media succeeded for its thought-control upon u:

(a) Observe how u've been so brilliantly prejudiced against anti-Semitic Christianity--our dear Christianity which was designed to protect us and our society against these satanic monsters called Jews.

(b) U imagine thus that Christianity is against reason, Jews laughing up their sleeves as u complain and babble about dear Christianity, worship of TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against lies, Jews being foremost leaders for this worship of lies and lying.

But for Christianity, properly understood, reason is perfect part of Holy Spirit for apprehension of TRUTH (Christ), the only way to Godly happiness, Holy Spirit then (1) reason, (2) honesty, and (3) the integrity of this rationality and honesty throughout the spirit, conscious and sub-conscious (sentiment & emotion).

(c) ON THE OTHER HAND, observe how u pretend Jew monsters are okay, no essentially diff. fm anyone else, that they're "persecuted" as they steadily exterminate all humanity, as they did when they directly controlled old USSR, Jews now occupying outrightly 3 places on the 9 member US Sup. ct., w. probably a 4th in way of crypto, Soto-Mayor; Israel getting all the NSA info, unfiltered by USA; Jews occupying 7 of 11 places of Nat. Security Council, etc.--yet fools and suckers like u CONTINUE to defend these monsters.

So u see Jack, how u've been SO PERFECTLY programmed, trained, and indoctrinated?--even, ironically, as u imagine u've done such "good" job (ho ho ho ho ho) resisting the "pop culture," as u pretend?

Do u begin to grasp the pathetic IRONY?

There's NO ONE more perfectly programmed than u, Jack, defending as u do ur own murderers (esp. the master-minds), the Jews

Remember how it was so falsely and idiotically said Jews so merrily paraded into the concentration camps and gas-chambers?--the actual fact is that this is precisely true about such zombies like u, Jack, who defend psychopathic monsters, called Jews, as u do, so loyally.  There's NO ONE more perfectly programmed than u, as I note once again.  It would be laughable if it weren't sooooo miserably sad and frustrating for Christian soldier like myself.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Subjectivist corruption of culture and Christian religion by means of HUBRIS of inferior generation, following original conquerors, helped by dear Jews....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

History Is Cyclic, Success And Prosperity Corrupted In Natural Course Of Things
(Apollonian, 22 Jun 14)

I note the Goodman expo, which was interesting, specifically on the Christian theme he brought-up just after the half-way mark for the segment, contrasting w. Jew S A droning and bombing, all at behest of Israel, among the other Jews who control things in West, esp. by means of their money-printing instrument, the US Fed, etc.

Goodman then asked for ur comments which u were only briefly able to observe upon--but it had to do w. Goodman's typical Jewwy outrage for the Christian speaking-out against afore-mentioned mass-murder sponsored by Jews--as if Goodman demands Christians taking responsibility for this Jew-inspired mass-murder.

The real, proper explanation is that Christians, the real ones, who are genuinely anti-Semitic, as Christianity is supposed to be, DO INDEED OBJECT, but these real (anti-Semitic) Christians are suppressed quite heavily by the Jews-media.  How does it work, culturally and psychologically?--answer is hist. is CYCLIC.

Thus as hist. is CYCLIC, in accord w. Oswald Spengler, the original conqueror generation breeds-up a generation of inferiors who didn't have to fight for what they inherited, including the "prosperity" which is actually seed for eventual destruction and "Decline of the West," as we're presently witnessing.

For the grim Aristotelian objectivity and esp. determinism (strict cause-effect) of the original conqueror generation is LOST in the gross subjectivism and esp. moralism of the following inferior generation, persuading them they can change reality by means of a perfectly "free" will and achievement of "good"--esp. by way of tolerating Jew, allowing the usual, typical Jew frauds and criminal enterprises, and this esp. by means of US Federal Reserve Bank (legalized) COUNTERFEITING, now just printing-up nearly infinite fiat money which allows Jews to taking-over the culture and society, Israel now taking all the NSA info, for example, dictating to flunkies running USA, mass-murdering people throughout the world, etc.

Thus I would have answered Goodman for the Jew taking-over of the former Christian society, hence objective culture, which achieved the original "prosperity," etc., corrupted now in Jew Pharisaism/moralism, vehicle of subjectivist madness and mass-murder.

So what do we need now?--we need something similar to the original Christian revolution of St. Constantine the Great, removing the Jews and their flunkies.  But folks must understand the REAL essence of Christianity which is worship of TRUTH above all/any precepts, that precious TRUTH the only way to Godly happiness (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), against Jew lies and subjectivity (JOHN 8:44), TRUTH dependent upon the objective reality, Jew lies founded in subjectivity, justified by fallacious "good" and hubristic, perfectly "free" human will.

Jew liars always lying--lately trying to dis-credit Wolf Halbig for asking for info on Sandy Hook hoax....

Below-copied first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jew Pozner Is Obvious Diversion
(Apollonian, 22 Jun 14)

Tiger: note (a) Pozner is a JEW JEW JEW JEW JEW JEW–this by itself should raise red flags for any rational human. Pozner’s Jew wife is prominent gun-grabber and notoriously posed w. Anderson Cooper who was not physically present, but rather appeared on green-screen–does Pozner dis-avow the actions and statements of his satanic wife? These Pozners are PUREST, SCUMMY PUKE, obviously, Jews notorious liars, frauds, and satanists.

(b) Note also the articles Pozner features, the death cert. and report card ARE EASILY FORGED.

(c) Further, observe simplest information demanded by truthers is being ILLEGALLY covered-up and suppressed by criminal gov. officials who are flagrantly violating the law for public information. Halbig asks simple questions–who was the contractor who installed the video-security for the school in question?–what’s reason for suppressing this info?–there could be no reason but for obvious fact criminals MUST necessarily cover-up evidence for their criminal conspiracy aimed at dis-arming the people of USA and overthrowing US Constitution.

(d) Who is Keith Johnson?–note he works for American Free Press which is owned by Jew, Mark Lane, as I understand.

(e) Why is Pozner OBVIOUSLY working for mere publicity stunt regarding irrelevant details (death cert. and report card) in desperate effort to dis-credit Wolfgang?–why doesn’t Pozner, the kike, simply answer pertinent questions by means of e-mail, or on his idiot’s blog?

(f) The raising of money is justified for the payment of legal fees for obtaining the information–OBVIOUSLY–as has been made public by Wolfgang and others.

(g) And once again, don't forget THERE'S NO EVIDENCE, never has been, regarding the "massacre" of the school-kids, no vid, no photos or bodies, etc.--this now aside fm the cover-up and refusal to obey law for info.

So much for Jews, liars, and scum like Pozner, et al.

Always remember: hist. is CYCLIC, producing over-populated stupid scum fm original conqueror generation, who suffer HUBRIS, tolerating Jews and Jew-culture, etc....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

West Desperately Needs Anti-Semitic Christian Revival--As Of Romans Under St. Constantine The Great
(Apollonian, 22 Jun 14)

Jack: as long as people have their bread & circuses, they don't care about squat.  People only start to take notice after horrific disaster and not until then.  In fact, many many of them simply have to die--they never figure anything out--and then only a remnant even begins to doing anything.

And note I already explained to u, several times, how history is CYCLIC, according to "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.  Society becomes "successful," "victorious," and "prosperous," as it becomes an empire, a generation of inferiors is bred-up who didn't have to FIGHT like their ancestors did, who made the successful society in the first place.

This generation of inferiors then suffers HUBRIS and imagines they can be "good," and that it's "good" now to tolerate crafty liars and criminals like the Jews who are now allowed to taking-over the society, instituting their scams, like present US Federal Reserve Bank ("Fed") COUNTERFEITING machine.

Naturally, the society must collapse after some crises.  West must now hope for situation like Roman emp. of late 3rd, early 4th cent., if it is possible, for a revival, resurgence--the real Christianity is necessary, which is forthrightly anti-Semitic, removing the queers and the Jew-friendly traitors.

Civil War and disturbance is building, inevitable--KEY is monetary

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Key To Cultural Cohesion Is Monetary--Aside FM Culture
(Apollonian, 22 Jun 14)

Tiger, all u do is describe, partially, the form the "civil war" will take in only one stage of it.  But history is the best guide, and Roman empire is outstanding example whence there were many, many civil disturbances.

One thing is certain: when food becomes scarce and people begin to starve, then civil unrest is ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN.

And the food and general production system is presently steadily breaking down under the weight of continuing INFLATION of the "money" supply, such as it is--which money situation u don't at all consider.

Critical moment will come when the topmost master-minds begin to falling-out w. one-another on principle of "NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES."

Here in USA there's strong sentiment and tradition of LOCAL gov. and rule--"self-rule" of local gov., also known as states-rights, upon which principle a horrific war was fought in middle of 19th cent.  The central, "national" gov. here is evermore making itself irrelevant and even counter-productive, states undertaking "nullification" of the "federal," national laws.

Don't forget the people themselves are HEAVILY prejudiced in favor of Christianity (which is fundamentally anti-Semitic) while the oligarchs are dominated by Jews, 3 of 9 Sup. ct. justices outright Jews (probably also a fourth, a crypto, Soto Mayor), all the NSA info going first to Israel, 7 of 11 national security council places filled by Jews, etc.

All we need now is just a little more consolidation for the people against the Jews and associated oligarchs at the top who are losing steadily as the money system falls apart.  There isn't much more oligarchs can do--like removing the I-net--which will not be tolerated and will be signal to definitively rebel.  When the currency definitively collapses, the enforcers will lose their loyalty to oligarchs quickly.  Ur analysis is grossly deficient due to complete ignoring of monetary/financial aspect.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

MLK (Martin Lucifer Coon--excuse me, I mean Luther King) was any essentially diff. fm Obongo?--ho ho ho--Obongo is just modern day MLK, that's all....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

MLK: Nothing But Media Monkey, No Diff. FM Obongo
(Apollonian, 21 Jun 14)

Tiger: MLK was pure media product, no less than Obongo--Obongo has gone sour, whereas MLK didn't have the chance, he being liquidated when his masters decided he'd out-lived his particular usefulness.

Blacks are a foreign, alien race; they NEVER fit in w. white society, which whites BUILT USA, in case u didn't ever learn about in history books.

MLK was mere product of his time, taking advantage of the false conflict, founded in Pharisaism-moralism, btwn, generally, the Northern white people, intimidated by kikes (as still obtains to this day), and descendents of heroic southern folk who had been mass-murdered and incorporated into the USA empire which ensued after mis-named "Civil War."  (Note "civil" war, by definition, entails battle for control of given society/nation--Southerners didn't want to rule North, merely wanted independence.)

After 1865, Union generals, Sherman and Sheridan, commenced upon extermination of Plains Indians of USA--why wouldn't they after mass-murdering their own white folk of the South?--and then, in 1898 embarked definitively upon serious imperialism in war against Spain, world empire much consummated in WWII, but still being consolidated to this day.

Where were the blacks supposed to go after "Civil War"?--to compete w. the white working class of the north, who obviously didn't want them?--to compete w. the now (1865) horrifically impoverished whites of the devastated south?

Blacks SHOULD have been re-settled somewhere, but NOT in white-folks' land.  But vindictive Northerners decided to inflict blacks upon subjugated whites of south, the whites deprived of office and the vote, blacks (briefly) dominating the gov. of newly conquered southern states.

Naturally then, as southern whites gradually regained control of their land, the blacks were seen as enemies and agents of the hostile imperialists of the North, financed by Jews, of course, Jews ALWAYS working to keeping the goyim fighting one another.

But even so, regardless of everything, BLACKS HAD IT EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE, economically, everything considered, for their situation in USA during post-WWII period--and this is what makes ur blog here soooooooooo RIDICULOUS, u obviously, falling for idiotic propaganda about MLK, nothing but a prancing, dancing, babbling baboon, spouting stupidity, no less than Obongo.

Why do u forget Jews' usual, typical, thematic purpose for keeping goyim fighting one-another, so that Jews and imperialist enforcers and cadre continue to ruling fm the top?  This blog about MLK is purest balderdash; u should be ashamed for this tripe u've posted.  This blog of urs was BIG LOSER, tiger.

Economics is certainly a legitimate science--ck the Austrian school--after all, what is science?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Economics Is Genuine, Legitimate Science, Eminently Understandable
(Apollonian, 21 Jun 14)

I disagree about this cynicism regarding economics featured for this blog.  Economics is legitimate science, though it requires terms be defined, generally, the science of production, esp. on a broad cultural scale.

Prosperous economy merely needs rule-of-law, sanctity-of-contract for legal system under-lying.  So economics needs a legal back-ground, foundation--it can be complex (and indeed, economics MUST entail "politics" for this jurisprudential basis, indubitably).

The Austrian school (Carl Menger, Von Mises, Murray Rothbard--see understands economics as, first, an a priori hierarchy of principles--it's NOT an experimental science (they say).  Psychologically, people are self-interested, and work for their comfort and to reducing dis-comfort--such is the economic motivation/theme.

Now consider an example: what is money?--pretty simple, eh?  Why/how then does fiat-money (phony-money) work so well, at least for a little while?--look at USA where Federal Reserve Bank (COUNTERFEITING, merely legalized) has continued now for 100 yrs (!).  Observe on the other hand how American revolutionary "continentals" failed, as did the French Rev. "assignats," Confederate dollars, and Weimar Republic Reichsmarks--these things can be analyzed in rational, principled manner, hence SCIENTIFICALLY.

Thus economic science (which, to be sure, must entail such things as jurisprudence, logic, psychology, etc.) EXPLAINS these amazing facts and circumstances regarding money and other things, like gov. interference in economy by way of taxation, regulation, corruption, etc.

So economics may indeed be a complex, but it can be unified upon principle of PRODUCTION, as I note, and it can be understood in scientific manner, without doubt.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Problem is Jews--solution is Christian revolution as of St. Constantine the Great....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Proper Historical Parallel Is Christian Revolution Of St. Constantine
(Apollonian, 20 Jun 14)

Well, I guess u can just keep "wondering."  Ur blog here began about "stereo-types," and now we see ur pt., which seems to be comparison of USA w. Spanish Civ. War.

I think there's parallel of USA w. Spanish Civ. war when u consider the Jew element--which is/was present in both instances.

There's a patriot element, like the "libertarians, which is still partial/sympathetic to Jews--UNFORTUNATELY, and this is a great problem.  For Jews are the enemy, the primary enemy, and the morons who stick w. the Jews are Jews strongest weapon, along w. their money.

I always emphasize things cultural for this great conflict now in USA beginning in broadest cultural terms, Christian vs. Jew/Pharisaic, Christians standing for TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) vs. Jews and their lies (JOHN 8:44).

Then most specifically, the conflict has to do w. the criminal element behind US Federal Reserve COUNTERFEITING scam, led by Jews, but also including quite a few dupes.

The majority of folks, I'm afraid, are still grossly, pathetically IGNORANT of both the large general ideals involved AS WELL as the more specific problem regarding the money issue.

Thus Jews are desperately trying to get us involved in larger wars, like now in Iraq and Syria, but also in Ukraine, as we see--these wars will allow Jews to keeping things muddied so the fools won't understand the criminal Fed fraud, and how Jews hope to bring-in foreign troops against American people, also quite possibly using exotic weapons, like HAARP and perhaps EMP, or the directed-energy weapon that dustified the WTC towers.

Instead of the Spanish Civ. war instance, I pt. to the original Christian revolution of St. Constantine the Great, focusing attn. on the real enemies of humanity, Jews and their collaborators, the ideals being Christian TRUTH based upon the determined, objective reality (Aristotle), vs. Lies founded in subjectivism (hence Plato), hubris, pretended "good-evil" Pharisaism based upon fallacious God-like, perfectly "free" human will.  Keep up ur good work.  A.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

9/11?--we KNOW, in general, exactly who did it and why....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Indeed: We KNOW Who's Behind 9/11--Jews, ZOG, And Globalists, Who Else?
(Apollonian 19 Jun 14)

Great posting, Tiger, and great vid to be posted.  And indeed, we surely DO KNOW at least generally who is behind the 9/11 horror, and everything that has ensured upon inspiration of that 9/11 "event"--which, don't doubt, was as much psy-ops as anything else.

For 9/11 was a false-flag, to be blamed on "moooooooooslims," which would serve as excuse for aggression against those countries, taking their oil resources.

And who did 9/11?--it was same criminals, generally, who did the assassinations of the 60s (JFK, RFK, MLK, et al.), who did Waco, who did the Randy Weaver siege, etc.--the criminals behind the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEIT scam, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateralists, Bilderbergers, et al.

And HOW did this all (criminal conspiracies, plots, false-flags, illegal invasions and wars) come about?--by means of the on-going "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, by which such "decline" people of the West suffer the HUBRIS of imagined "good-evil," perfectly free will, etc., the bane of a "successful" culture/society which has bred-up a couple of generations now of weaklings, scum, and inferiors who believe the lies, esp. about "good-evil," and perfectly "free" will, to begin with.

More specifically then, the Jews have taken-over, along w. the scum on both "right" and "left" who suck-along w. them, the "neo-cons" and "Judeo-Christians" (JCs--see and for expo), and then the queers on the "left."

So we're now headed for gross perdition and warfare, the population doomed to a horrific reduction, down perhaps to 10% of what we have now, and the ONLY hope is survival of a remnant who will unite on basis of the real, hence ANTI-SEMITIC, Christianity--against the present sham, establishment "Christianity" that Jews finance presently.

The proper philosophic tenets behind the real Christianity are TRUTH = Christ (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), hence Aristotelian objectivity vs. Jew lies and subjectivism (JOHN 8:44), everything follows fm those basic principles.  May God have mercy upon our souls in this great cultural struggle we're presently fighting.  I know I'm doing my best--which is all we can do.

The real fun will begin when US Dollar definitively collapses as it's already begun to doing even now.  Good luck, comrades.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Do we need a revolution against ZOG criminals and murderers?--ho ho ho ho hoo--so who/what is obvious, necessary target?--those who are above criticism, eh?--ho hoh ohoho hoh o--queers, yes, but even moreso, queers masters, kikes

Humanity, USA Desperately Needs Revolution--Against ZOG, Against Jews
(Apollonian,  17 Jun 14)

With criminals (ZOG) in control of US gov., obviously, we need a revolution (a).  So then who/what to target?  And the (equally) obvious observation is (b) JEWS are that necessary target--who else?--whom one cannot criticize without dire consequences.

So HOW do the Jews control so definitively?--through the money-making scam, the US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEITING fraud, by which they own and control EVERYTHING, directly or in-directly.

Additionally, who are closest allies, co-conspirators of these Jews?--(1) the Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo) establishment on the ("neo-con") "right," perhaps 12% of the population, and (2) the homosexuals and phony "left," "liberals," perhaps another 10% of the pop.

(One irony is that all the "left" didn't always go-along so easily w. the queers, many leftists rightly considering queers to be weaklings and pathological scum, but nowadays, queers are the very leaders, ho hohoho--actually, queers the reduction-ad-absurdum).

So, how to proceed for patriots?--adopt the rationalist/Christian, hence ANTI-SEMITIC cultural orientation, opposing and combatting the Jews and esp. then their closest, most effective suck-alongs, afore-mentioned JCs.

Note then the REAL Christianity, which is naturally and necessarily anti-semitic, is actually quite oriented upon the Aristotelian, objectivity -oriented philosophy (Christ = TRUTH, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), hence determinist persuasion, ethically, there being no perfectly "free" human will, humans being hopeless sinners (self-interested, by nature)--this against Jew lies and subjectivity (JOHN 8:44).

Monday, June 16, 2014

The fruit of fraud, lies, worship of Mammon--ObongoCare death panels, invasion of enemy races, etc.

(Apollonian, 16 Jun 14)

You dumb, brainless bastards [this of course, is addressed to American people in general]: don't u see what's going on in front of ur stupid faces?  Ck

Illegal aliens, esp. minors, are flooding into the country, against the law, by conscious, treasonous design of Obongo and co., all in accord w. Cloward-Piven strategy (see, and mass-corp. Jews-media says little to nothing about this treasonous outrage, and neither do the politicians, do they?--WHY?--BECAUSE THEY'RE ALL PAID-OFF and now extorted due to the endless "money" printed-up and digitalized by US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEIT scam.

Meantime, of course, the military veterans are systematically drugged and killed by same Obongo admin.

And too few give a shit as there's still plentiful "bread & circuses" entertainment, isn't there?--and long as the US Dollar hasn't yet collapsed, they (the traitors of Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateralists, et al.) can still keep printing-up and digitalizing all the money they need to bribe politicians, invade foreign countries, etc.

The Fed COUNTERFEIT scam is at the bottom of it, and behind that is only the lack of Christian anti-Semitism.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Grasp of money is necessary to understand the otherwise mysterious "usury" issue--money MUST be commodity....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Proper Grasp Of Money Issue Is Absolutely Necessary
(Apollonian, 12 Jun 14)

Hello: I just hrd ur recent show w. John Friend at his site.  I do commend u for all ur efforts and generally good work.  I'm also a qualified fan of Alex Jones, and I much agree w. ur analysis and lament Jones is so much the Jews' man, doing limited-hangout for them, Jones' sponsors pretending they're "good" Jews, ho ho ho

But I thought I'd bring-up a serious problem, which u seem to SHARE w. Jones, this regarding the necessary monetary system, Jones, who used to sell Bill Still's work, "Secret of Oz," Still agreeing w. Ellen Brown, generally, upon the money issue, pretending it's okay to (legally) COUNTERFEIT (fiat) money, the only objection of Still and Brown being this fiat money must not have interest charged.

For note money MUST be commodity, limited and finite for quantity--otherwise the obvious problem will be "inflation," the un-limited replication of the money-units.

Note also the ORIGINAL monetary units had to have been simply a convenient commodity chosen for its utility as medium-of-exchange, etc.  Thus if quantity of money supply in circulation is lowered, its buying-power NECESSARILY goes up--there's no problem for quantity--which people like Brown and Still falsely allege--which u don't seem to be grasping.

"Usury" DOES NOT and could not refer merely to charging-of-interest, as the problem of "usury" has to do w. the necessary eventual deflation then causing the collapse of loans into bankruptcy and "banks" (really criminals) taking the collateral and real assets of the victims.

For as u increase the money supply, banks then allowed to increasing loans, the increasing money supply (a) CAUSES (price) INFLATION, necessarily.  (b) When then the increasing money-supply is curtailed to halt the inflation of prices, the resulting deflation causes the loans to be defaulted as there's less money available to enable the loan payments.  And this general bankruptcy would ensue REGARDLESS OF ANY CHARGING OF "INTEREST."  U must start to getting a clue about this "usury" issue.

Additionally, it should be obvious that charging of interest is mere right of freedom of contract btwn parties.  Charging of interest would be no problem in proper commodity money system.

Thus u're falling for a gross fallacy and fraud regarding "usury" issue, allowing urself to be DISTRACTED/diverted by the charging-of-interest which is mere side-issue at best.  The problem is the artificial increase of the money-supply, COUNTERFEITING, only "legalized"--(1) which causes price "inflation," (2) but also causing increased loans, (3) and when money injections into economy is necessarily curtailed, the loans then collapsing due to lack of funds for making payments on the increased loans.

Understanding of "conspiracy" REQUIRES understanding of money/banking....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Crux Of Conspiracy Is Monetary/Banking--Necessarily--Matter Then Of CYCLIC Cultural "Decline Of The West"
(Apollonian, 12 Jun 14)

This is interesting posting, but it seems to having to do PRIMARILY w. ASSASSINATION-type conspiracies--NOT necessarily conspiracy itself.  For naturally, killing prominent people--like the very Prez of USA, like JFK--requires tremendous complexity for control of the culture--esp. in way of controlling the Jews-media, Jews controlling the mass-corp. media.

But what's MISSING, tiger, is that absolutely essential, vital, necessary CONTROL OF THE MONEY SUPPLY--like control of present US Federal Reserve Bank (the "Fed").  For this legalized COUNTERFEITING is the CRUX of all power in the culture/society/civilization.

For observe, for example, control of the money-supply allows CONTROL OF EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE, practically without exception--for even men of integrity, like Ron Paul, can be controlled by means of threat of assassination, which Paul understands perfectly well.

For obviously, control of money-supply allows specifically for control of the mass-corp. Jews-media which is one essential necessity for control of society and people's info--necessary predicate for successful assassination of even MOST prominent figures/characters--like JFK.

Hence then folks must learn to understand what MONEY is and must be--it must be COMMODITY, the best being gold/silver, NOTHING else (meaning it must be commodity-based--doesn't have to be gold/silver, though gold/silver is best).

And this CONFUSION over proper money base is what allows foremost criminals--JEWS--to eventually, inexorably taking-over any culture/civilization--as when the culture becomes "successful" it breeds-up too many morons and inferiors who inevitably succumb to funny-money ("fiat"-money).

For "fiat"-money inevitably arises as the culture gets involved in imperialist wars in the CYCLIC progress of cultural rise and thus obligatory "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, "fiat-money" being a means of financing things in lieu of outright taxation which the people would otherwise reject.

Queers are inferiors/weaklings, natural victims/suckers of Jews--anti-rationalist, gross addicts for sense-gratification, queers nowadays dominating establishment "left"....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jews Control Anti-Rationalists Within The Population
(Apollonian, 12 Jun 14)

This is excellent posting, tiger (ck link, above).  Of course, when u have satanic psychopaths in control of ur culture/civilization u're gonna have ANTI-REASON.  So the queers are actually, FIRST OF ALL, anti-rational--also anti-Christian.

And that's what u get fm queers MOST of all--anti-Christ.  And then naturally, as queers are anti-Christ, u'll have the Jews enthusiastically behind the queers.  And the facts given in ur post then simply back-up the anti-rationalist thesis.

Specifically, what is it that makes the queers so anti-rational?--it's their ABSOLUTE obsession/fixation w. sense-gratification ABOVE anything else--they're sensualists most of all, hence then sex-addicts.

Queers thus have contempt for intellect excepting only as it can be used to justify and rationalize their psychotic behavior--this is slightly diff. fm Jews who will often praise the intellect, though as means of same contempt for strict reason--as in way of insistence upon perfectly "free" will against determinism, which anti-determinism is a little too complex for queers.

Finally, at same time, queers want to pretend they're "advanced" and "progressive," even w. all their contempt for intellect and reason.

In the end, queers are simply INFERIORS and weaklings who actually go for this sense-gratification, -addiction, and palpable, nearly explicit anti-intellectualism above all else.  Along w. Jews, queers may have about 10% of the population significantly sympathizing w. them--making up the "left" sympathizers of Jews, this then complementing the 12% of Judeo-Christian segment of the population who sympathize w. Jews on the "right"--the "neo-cons."

So it's interesting how Jews control the population, queers prominently among them, as they do, even when the parts ("left" vs. "right") conflict w. one-another in so many significant ways.  The common premise for all these Jewwy sympathizers is ANTI-REASON.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

USA now under Jews-media hype attack, featuring Obongo, co-ordinated w. ZOG staging all these "shootings," pretext for gun-grabbing--ck it out....

Folks: ck out Obongo giving another well-rehearsed recitation on gun-violence,  It's totally phony and scripted, but the trendies and "progressives" will love it, no doubt.

And now observe the circumstances and exactly WHY Obongo gives his recitation:

U see?--it's simply a massive, IN-UR-FACE psy-ops.  And the second reference, given just above, fm, explains the psy-ops is explicitly sanctioned by law--it's okay for ZOG to conduct these frauds and hoaxes--they think.

But it doesn't change the fact it's TREASON, and the penalty for such treason is pretty grim, don't forget.

And u see now how Obongo is actually just a lead-actor -type whom ZOG uses as a kind of prop for their lies and propaganda--he's given lines to memorize and then deliver.  And thus ZOG doesn't want someone as Prez who's his own man--they want a trained, obedient monkey who does what he's told--ck my earlier blogs for 5 Jun ("Crisis-actor") and 3 Jun (kiss-blowing to his buddy, J. Carney).

This guy, here, (1,300 + views), sees some of it all for the disgusting absurdity, but he's not analyzing it all the way out, like I do, above, for the WHY, the purpose of it all--ZOG wants a total, obedient puppet.

I guess it HAD to come to this, in continuing "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.  But note the un-expected good news--which does sometimes happen, u know--ck

And don't forget: ultimate solution is in the Constitution--NULLIFICATION--all we have to do is continue our own excellent patriot progress, continuing to apply ourselves.

Ho ho ho--ZOG plants ANOTHER who's-kidding-who, wishful-thinking article about "consp. theory" actually helping ZOG cover-up their conspiracies, ho ho ho ho ho--I don't think so....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

More Conspiracy Theorizing Actually Helps Expose ZOG Evermore--This Article Is Dis-Info
(Apollonian, 11 Jun 14)

This article is dis-info.  ZOG is terrified of all the outstanding consp. theorizing--that's why they planted ur story, ho ho ho.

For gov.s are notorious enclaves of criminals in the first place, esp. gov.s and regimes that are long-standing--just like that of present USA.  And observe conspiracies positively ABOUND.  JFK, for example, was killed by consp., and 90% or so of people KNOW it--the Warren Report was gross cover-up.  It's fact, well-known, that Clay Shaw worked for CIA--which the Jews-media covered-up at the time--and there's much, much more about the JFK consp. now known but then hidden.

Christian New Test. is about consp. by Jews to murder Truth and Christ.

Declaration of Independence is nothing but consp. theory, exposed by Tom Jefferson.

US Federal Reserve Bank is gross COUNTERFEIT scam by which Jews now own & control the world which they continue to consolidate by the mass-murders and poison gas attacks they perpetrated in Syria, Libya, and now in Ukraine.

Gulf of Tonkin "incident" was lie, pushed by Jews-media to bog-down USA while Russia steadily armed w. nuclear missiles--which then caused USA to ally w. China which now owns USA debt.

And Israel mass-murdered Arabs and US seamen of USS Liberty in 1967 which was covered-up by their co-racialists of Jews-media, Jews conspiring to steal US nuclear materials, secrets, etc.

So ur article is not only dis-info, it's actually just more lying for ZOG, isn't it?