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Monday, June 9, 2014

People should take heed for Obongo's real purpose for ZOG--thus they do ANYTHING they please, and any criticism is called "racism." Beware, for removal of I-net is coming....

Purpose Of Obongo?--ZOG Uses Him As Flunky So They Do Whatever They Please--BEWARE: Removal Of I-Net Is Next
(Apollonian, 9 Jun 14)

So what's the purpose of Obongo?--answer: he's just an empty suit, to be used by ZOG as flunky for their doing all the idiot and destructive things--war in Libya, now in Ukraine, the prisoner-swap, Bergdahl for the 5 Taliban guys, and lately, most significantly, the sudden rules applied to coal-fired power-plants, sure to raise electricity and home heating prices.

And note Obongo is impervious to any criticism--which is just labeled racism--no matter how stupid the move, like the latest rules on power-plants fueled by coal, these rules applied by fiat, NOT by law duly passed by Congress.

Charging "racism" is the magic get-out-of-jail card which Obongo and handlers use w. impunity, everyone else in the political hierarchy too scared then to criticizing Obongo.

And remember: who is Obongo, anyway?--he's a pansy queer, utterly, totally compromised and submissive to the demands of ZOG who will do ANYTHING they tell him.

For u see, otherwise, if the president was someone of any honesty or integrity whatever, he might hesitate to doing what he was told by ZOG, and ZOG is determined to doing what they please immediately, without any delays which would be put-up by ANYONE who was remotely their own person--who might hesitate out of political concerns, for example, if nothing else.

So remember now, ANYTHING can happen--and ZOG needs to remove the Inter-net--so they will continue ramping-up war, as in Ukraine, and as they do so they build-up evermore the excuse and pretext they need for so removing of internet.

Additionally, ZOG continues w. the false-flags, as we see now w. the shootings of police-officers in Las Vegas Nevada by so-called "patriots."

And solution is quite clear, comrades--NULLIFICATION and eventual secession, based upon states' rights and Constitution, this as the US Dollar continues its inexorable collapse.

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