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Friday, June 6, 2014

Prof. Mike demonstrates horrific failure of "public edjumacation"--it's worse than useless, positively counter-productive....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Mike Benefits FM Free Market, Yet Refuses To Defend It--Even To Understanding It
(Apollonian, 6 Jun 14)

Ok Mike: so what's ur pt. here?--that free enterprise system has been veddy veddy good for u?--that ur talent, such as it is, is enabled to appeal to a substantial, like-minded (evidently) market?  And isn't it good now that u potentially have a couple of vendors, at least, who might compete in order to accommodate u?

So I guess u're just doing us all the svc of reporting things fm author's pt. of view, eh?

Must be nice to profit and benefit fm the free-market system (at least generally, to extent it is still free-market) and yet to make ur usual, smug & ignorant sort of typical leftist-type "criticisms" which are so hackneyed--u got the best of both worlds, eh?

So let me give u here a hint at what much frustrates a free-market advocate like myself (fm Austrian school perspective, much like Ron Paul's) regarding ur sooooooooooooooooo pathetically un-informed grasp, even for one who claims to holding a Ph.d.

It has to do then w. the monetary system, specifically the US Federal Reserve Bank (the "Fed")--why can't u figure-out this is gross, horrific CRIMINAL enterprise?  Is it because u lack even BASIC understanding of what MONEY is?--answer is obvious: yes.  Why are u so ignorant (of nature of money)?--because it's just a big mystery to u?--why is this?

WHY don't u make even the most basic effort to figure out what money is and should be?

Mike: money, properly understood, CANNOT just be paper (or even worse--"digital")--for if it is, it just gets printed (hence "inflated") endlessly, and note most of all, it's done by the big commercial banks (hence their Jew stock-holders) who then "lend" the money to the gov.--can't u see the gross criminality in all this?  For HOW can these scum be allowed to just print-up all the money they (practically) pls???????????????????????

Can't u see this (above-described activity of Fed) is just COUNTERFEITING, only given a legalized patina?--and that it's no more ethical than legalized MURDER?

That's surely one thing I have MOST against u and people like u, Mike: ur blithe, brainless ignorance as u allow this horrific criminality by these Jews (and cohorts) to just get-by, ur excuse always being ur obvious ignorance, this without any effort on ur part to grasp the principles involved.

It's not like u're to be blamed primarily, yet u allow it (this criminal COUNTERFEITING) to happen, this in ur typically smug manner--that's what's so frustrating, comrade.  And as u hold a Ph.d., I don't think u deserve to be given a pass for responsibility.  After all, u sit there in ur ivory tower, in ur blithe, smug manner, not taking the proper notice of a patriotic citizen, this at same time as u perorate about "ethics."

Do u begin to seeing what gross, putrid, miserable FAILURE u really are?--and why u do not deserve to be paid fm tax-payers' funds?--how "public edjumacation" has not only failed, but actually worked to keeping the poor people ignorant of the horrific threat and effects?

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