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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Civil War and disturbance is building, inevitable--KEY is monetary

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Key To Cultural Cohesion Is Monetary--Aside FM Culture
(Apollonian, 22 Jun 14)

Tiger, all u do is describe, partially, the form the "civil war" will take in only one stage of it.  But history is the best guide, and Roman empire is outstanding example whence there were many, many civil disturbances.

One thing is certain: when food becomes scarce and people begin to starve, then civil unrest is ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN.

And the food and general production system is presently steadily breaking down under the weight of continuing INFLATION of the "money" supply, such as it is--which money situation u don't at all consider.

Critical moment will come when the topmost master-minds begin to falling-out w. one-another on principle of "NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES."

Here in USA there's strong sentiment and tradition of LOCAL gov. and rule--"self-rule" of local gov., also known as states-rights, upon which principle a horrific war was fought in middle of 19th cent.  The central, "national" gov. here is evermore making itself irrelevant and even counter-productive, states undertaking "nullification" of the "federal," national laws.

Don't forget the people themselves are HEAVILY prejudiced in favor of Christianity (which is fundamentally anti-Semitic) while the oligarchs are dominated by Jews, 3 of 9 Sup. ct. justices outright Jews (probably also a fourth, a crypto, Soto Mayor), all the NSA info going first to Israel, 7 of 11 national security council places filled by Jews, etc.

All we need now is just a little more consolidation for the people against the Jews and associated oligarchs at the top who are losing steadily as the money system falls apart.  There isn't much more oligarchs can do--like removing the I-net--which will not be tolerated and will be signal to definitively rebel.  When the currency definitively collapses, the enforcers will lose their loyalty to oligarchs quickly.  Ur analysis is grossly deficient due to complete ignoring of monetary/financial aspect.

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