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Saturday, June 28, 2014

History should be seen fm pt. of view of honest, realistic frame-work....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments,
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Mark Should Be More Realistic, Honest
(Apollonian, 28 Jun 14)

Mark (see below-copied fm Mark): Newsflash: humans are sinners--God made us that way.  I myself have been "morally perverted" for quite a long time--long as I can remember.  But I don't sweat it much as I observe everyone else is too.

And "racism"?--it's just loyalty, loyalty to people, ancestors, and culture, a virtue (ck any dictionary), long as it's kept within reason, like any other virtue.

And what's ur grounds for concluding so presumptuously that "American people have been conditioned...?"

Political values?--why not just speak for urself, eh?  After all, Homer taught that life sucks, and it would have been better not to have been born, but here we are to make the best of things.

Observe things are CYCLIC according to Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West."  Thus folks start out as farmers observing reason and equality, but then w. success and "prosperity" a ruling class arises and there's "oppression"--until it gets too much and then the people are either exterminated or they rise-up and overthrow the oppressors and start doing their own oppression.  Such is life.

My own observation of present time is Jews and their collaborators rule, and we need more militant Christianity to overthrow these "oppressors."  Hence we people need merely understand the real Christianity to remove false "Christians" presently allied w. Jews and who support Israeli terror state--where all NSA info goes first, without any filtering by Americans, as we learn fm Snowden, et al.

-----------------above by ap in response to below-copied-------------------

Mark says:
 June 28, 2014 at 11:17 am 

The American people have been morally perverted by American power largely by sanitizing and denying our historical past, which has been covered up by historians and political and social scientists. This past history is now emerging into the mainstream truth consensus. It is illustrated by a recent book of a Harvard historian, Bernard Bailyn, who described the peopling of America in the 17th century in THE BARBAROUS YEARS.

The barbarism, which he details in horrifying page after page, consisted of homicidal racist imperialism. He states:

“There was never a time, over a half century of settlement, when there was not a racial conflict in one or another of the European colonies in coastal North America–not only random killings on isolated border lands and deadly attacks by ruthless traders, but concerted wars of devastation different from the precontact Indians wars and beyond the rules of civilized warfare…”

The British killing and horrifying tortures were conditioned by Cromwell’s massacres of the “wild Irish” in the English civil war, the Puritans consciously equating the American Indians with the Irish. The War on Terrorism, and the transformation of the American traditional political system into a despotism, is conditioned by the homicidal racism of these religious fanatics. US power has killed hundreds of thousands of dark skinned Muslims to steal their oil and other collective and personal property and power.

The American people have been conditioned by American power to support this homicidal racist imperialism. Our political values are based on this oppression. We cannot regain control over American power, and unite effectively, unless we consciously understand how we have been conditioned to identify historically with American oppression.

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