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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Remember Voltaire: to find out who rules, simply observe who it is who is held to be ABOVE CRITICISM....

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Who Rules?--Merely Consider, Per Voltaire, Who Is Above Criticism
(Apollonian, 26 Jun 14)

Prof. Tracy: u bring up an issue as to who, ultimately, rules--it's obviously GOT to be the top powers behind the US Federal Reserve Bank (legalized) COUNTERFEITING scam/enterprise--these are the ultimate powers (also Bank of England and the ECB, BIS, etc.) behind everything else.  MOSSAD and CIA then are mere enforcers.

Exactly who the specific persons are who are topmost rulers and decision-makers may be matter of speculation, at any given time, BUT it has to be those and among those who, generally, as Voltaire pt'd out, are above criticism--so who are these?

In general, the top masterminds must be Jews, for obvious reasons, though to be sure, some Jews are sacrificed and "expended" along the way--like the bolsheviki who had too much fun, like Trotsky, evidently, fighting in the trenches.

The analysis is as simple as sociologically ranking most authoritative, powerful, influential organizations--what could be more powerful than the COUNTERFEITERS of the "money"-supply?  Imagine if u could just print-up (or digitalize) whatever money u needed--u'd have nearly God-like power.

I'd say Mike Collins Piper made extremely persuasive case in his impressive work, "Final Judgment."  Simply consider in ur own case--who is it who's above criticism?--observe how quick u are to defend the Jews, practically a sub-conscious reflex action, eh?

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James says:

The blame cannot be solely apportioned to Israel and Mossad. JFK had many adversaries, most of which were domestic.
Based on the work of Garrison, Jim Marrs, and Fletcher Prouty, Stone’s film, with the exception of some cinematic license, is entirely accurate. Stone was forced to suggest otherwise after tremendous pressure exerted by the US press.
This was in fact proven by the King family in a civil suit that was, in keeping with the theme, entirely overlooked by major media. At the time news outlets were giving inordinate attention to the O.J. SImpson trial.
See, for example, William Pepper’s overview of the episode.

Sue says:

Half tribal Oliver Stone’s movie about Garrison was both boring and possibly serving as subconscious disinformation. This essay paints Garrison in a more serious and sober light. I hadn’t thought too much about how decoys are often standard MO. I feel almost certain that the Mossad had JFK killed, though, so his writing resonates more on this generalized level. Garrison was a catholic; his metaphor ‘about wafer-thin deceptions being eagerly accepted one after another,’ like communion in the catholic mass, is brilliant. The artifice accompanying contemporary ‘assassinations’ really is almost transparent and yet the public consumes it unquestioningly like some faith experience. (I detest catholicism BTW).
Wasn’t MLK’s family was able to prove that he was the target of a government conspiracy to kill him…?

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