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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tracy resents reminder given to him by dear Anderson Cooper regarding who he thinks he's working for, ho ho ho....

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Who Is It, Really, That's Deviating?
(Apollonian 24 Jun 14)

Gosh Prof. Tracy, sir, u dare to address an "open ltr" to ur aggrieved buddy Anderson (he's obviously outraged u don't go along w. "program"), so allow me to doing same to u, eh?

Look here: Anderson merely resents fact u seem to forget u're integral part of thought-control apparatus which entails not only the mass-corp. Jews-media--but also the public edjumacation complex, getting all that gov. money and subsidization, etc., which u're part of, eh?

Anderson resents fact u seem to be "loose cannon" on this issue of Sandy Hook fraud/hoax by way of terrorizing and dis-arming citizenry for the New World Order--what's the big mystery?  Aren't u biting hand of ZOG which feeds u, upon this flimsiness u call "professional integrity"?

Don't forget, Anderson upholds the ethic of Platonic-Straussian "noble lie" doctrine whence a greater good--the safety of ZOG and Jew world order--justifies/rationalizes such fraud and illegal with-holding of public information as pertains to Sandy Hook event--so Anderson, no doubt, wonders what ur real problem is, eh?

Anderson simply challenges u, Prof. Tracy: u can't serve two masters; it's either-or--ZOG and Jew world order (hence "noble lie" ethic) or this strange thing u call "professional integrity," ho ho ho--are u joking?

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