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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Paul should emulate Trump's brash approach, challenge volk to see past media-induced cognitive dissonance of 9-11

[Below-copied is THIRD Apo response to "John Martin." A.]

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Christian Value Of TRUTH Needs Be Primary--Even Over "Good"
(Apollonian, 14 May 11)

John: thanks much for ur latest note (see below-copied). U know, things really are in a truly horrible state, all fueled by means of this nearly infallible Fed COUNTERFEIT engine which seems sooo easily for so many gullible people to simply manufacture "prosperity" at will. And the Fed will continue to succeed as long as folks accept those paper notes as payment for goods and svcs.

As u might know, Obama/Soetoro is front-man/agent for the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR--see and for best expo/ref.), Trilateral Commission (TC), and Bilderbergers, these the main and leading conspirators behind and around the Fed instrument--these people LIE as a matter of course, and "Jews-media" is just another of their instruments.

Goal of these murderous, psychopathic conspirators is "world gov." behind the United Nations (UN) by which they have decided upon reduction of alleged "over-population," there being numerous documents to this effect (see and for best expo).

Thus these criminals are proven to have initiated and conducted several campaigns towards the "slow-killing" of people world-wide, including especially sterilization by various methods, including chemicals (fluoridization, "aspartame," MSG, bis-phenol A, etc.), and by means of forced vaccinations.

Thus we can see these criminals and psychopaths have literally committed to a perceptible, veritable mass-murder of the world's people, and not merely the poor victims of direct military action as in Iraq and Afgan.

For observe it is proven American soldiers handling the depleted-uranium (DU) weapons themselves are heavily, immediately, and directly affected with massively increased rates of cancer and sterilization. It's truly a culture of DEATH built upon lies, lies, lies which confronts us in our face.

It's thus critical our people, as well as people everywhere, begin to understanding and facing-up to the horrific facts and conseqences, for when US Dollar collapses as "reserve currency," note there's no putting it back "together," so to speak, and we will soon be relegated to third-world status, our manufacturing industries now all having been exported out of the country.

So the pertinent question, I submit, has to do w. what notion or "ideal" is it which truly and basically organizes the two opposed sides--the one, presently so successful, as of the CFR-Bilderberg, built upon lies and death, versus the poor people, dependent upon TRUTH which has been so pathetically traduced and mis-represented, as by the mass-corporate Jews-media.

At one time Christianity was understood as champion of TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6 and 18:37-8), modern science arising fm the Italian Renaissance and Galileo, for example, but Christianity became, through the centuries, steadily under-cut and subverted as it became notoriously known for reaction against Englightenment reason and liberty, this by means of mysticism and esp. mystic "faith" of "believing" things which weren't otherwise rationalistic.

So it's truly a great and tremendous struggle still for the cause of TRUTH and freedom. The simple-minded appeal to bare "reason" won't work, I suspect, as enemies of reason are so adept at twisting logic and arguing against it, even while at same time pretending they're most rational.

Observe how these criminals have so far so successfully persuaded Americans to give up their freedom and Constitutional rights by means of 9-11 -style terrorism, "al qaeda" having been originally begun by the CIA/MOSSAD and British MI-6, there now being the "good" al-qaeda now allied w. NATO forces in Libya, for example.

Hence I conclude the mass of people need to be organized according to traditional Christian principle of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above every and any other "ideal" or principle, reason merely being a consequence of such larger, more general TRUTH ideal, creditable as it is.

The great enemy then, the "satanic" adversary, is enemy of this TRUTH principle/ideal--and these always try, by means of their subtle and sophisticated dialectics, to substitute the principle of "good" which then attempts to down-play and relegate TRUTH to secondary status, this so often upon pre-text of the "noble lie," excuse, as if lying is justifiable as primary ideal/value, this then further buttressed by means of mystic "faith" which pretends to manufacturing of truth and reality by means of obsessive-type "believing."

Finally then, we come to the fundamental issue, after TRUTH itself, of the real nature of human will--is it truly "free" w. a perfect freedom?--can it then manufacture TRUTH? I say human will is NOT NOT NOT perfectly "free," and that reality is absolutely DETERMINED in accord w. absolute cause-effect.

CONCLUSION: Problem then is these heavily analytical thoughts herein discussed are soooooooo difficult for people generally, and that's why the original Christianity was so successful for summing things up w. successful and effective symbolism for folks who had and still have such difficulty thinking about all these matters in all its subtlety. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

------------above by Ap in response to below-copied------------------

On Sat, 5/14/11, John Martin wrote:
From: John Martin

Subject: Re: essay: 2nd Response to "John Martin"....

Date: Saturday, May 14, 2011, 9:13 AM

I agree with you 100% about the counterfeiting. In April, 2009, a mere 3 months after Obama took office, I found a document on the web that showed that the fed had already printed enough money to double the available supply. I can only guess how much has been printed since then up to today.

Obviously, that's why gold and oil are zooming to record levels. Pretty soon our money could be like Zimbabwe's.

If that's not enough, I see more and more evidence that Obama's policies are not from stupididy, but are a deliberate plot to destroy America's economy--reckless spending, higher taxes, regulations, mandates, drilling moratoriums, etc.

While Obama was still campaigning in 2008, I saw evidence that he received untold millions of dollars from numerous donations from banks in Saudi Arabia. For all I know, some, perhaps even most, of these donations could have been made by members of the Taliban and Al Qaeda. If that doesn't scare you, I don't know what will.



[Below-copied is reply to "John Martin's" second response in this dialectic on political propaganda. A.]

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Propaganda Must Be Kept Simple, Concrete
(Apollonian, 12 May 10)

John: I never said I supported Trump as pres. (see just-below-copied by "John Martin")--I only made ref. to his brash and highly publicized demand for Obama's documents which went over extremely well w. people and pt'd up the "natural born" issue for US Constitution. Ron Paul should take note.

Further, I used Trump's example by way of contrasting and criticizing old Ron Paul who is soooooo "intellectual" that he leaves most people behind--even if many like and respect Paul for his consistency and general integrity.

For it's absolutely essential folks generally be brought to understand EXACTLY what is the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed), this in the necessary CONCRETE terminology. Thus Fed is simply a legalized COUNTERFEITING scam, as I've noted over and over and over.

Once people realize Fed is NOTHING but just such a COUNTERFEITING scam--which even children can understand--then Fed and its partisans will be seen for the crass, gross CRIMINALS they really and truly are.

For note COUNTERFEITING is not an exaggeration or a metaphor--it's exactly what the Fed is and does. But observe how the Fed scam is soooooo gross, the fraud soooooo great and blatant, actually, people have difficulty grasping that's all the Fed is--COUNTERFEITING, pure and simple (and yes, charging of interest is then added on top, but such interest is mere "icing on the cake," COUNTERFEITING being the basic thing in the beginning).

Imagine if u had exclusive monopoloy for LITERALLY COUNTERFEITING the money supply--u'd eventually, if u merely played ur cards rightly, end up OWNING EVERYTHING and practically everyone who would be intimidated, bribed, extorted, and conned. Mass corporate "Jews-media" (see is a perfect example, a megaphone instrument for these bloody, murdering criminals and war-mongers behind the Fed.

Consider and observe how, for just one example, present US Congress, Senate and House, are so blithely and brainlessly bound and determined to pass amnesty for illegal aliens--even in face of 80% of the people firmly opposed and against such amnesty--it's because the politicians are bribed and extorted by means of this incredible monetizing (COUNTERFEITING) instrument which is the Fed, which simply churns out nearly INFINITE funds.

Thus as Joseph Goebbels, the famous Nazi propaganda chief, noted, necessary prop. must be REPEATED OVER AND OVER and over for the broad masses to finally be able to "get" the idea--the Fed is simply, literally COUNTERFEITING, and the people connected w. and behind the Fed are most gross CRIMINALS. No wonder these murdering criminals don't hesitate to kill over a million people as in Iraq over the last several yrs now.

And don't doubt these very same criminals are getting ready to mass-murder Americans here in USA as they've been doing by slower methods so far, as by fluouridizing (poisoning) water supplies, injecting poisonous additives to the food, like aspartame and MSG, and now GMO foods in bulk. Vaccinations are yet another murderous method by which the autism rate has sky-rocketed.

CONCLUSION: Finally, Ron Paul ought to get a clue and consider the mass cognitive dissonance induced upon Americans by the Jews-media since 9-11 is surely wearing-off, people evermore realizing how their gov. has so horribly lied and deceived the public regarding deliberate "inside" destruction of the WTC bldgs, not to mention lies about WMDs in Iraq. Thanks again for ur comments. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

-----------above by Ap in response to just below-copied by "John Martin"-----------

--- On Thu, 5/12/11, John Martin wrote:

From: John Martin
Subject: Re: essay: Response to "John Martin"....
To: apollonian
Date: Thursday, May 12, 2011, 10:43 AM

Are you still supporting Trump?

You did not answer my most compelling question: How can you possibly call Trump qualified to be President?

Considering his bankruptcies and business failures, I don't see how he could take on the responsibility of running a country.

I also believe he has long been a beneficiary of corporate welfare--government handouts and grants for his businesses. I don't want that mentality in a President.

And then of course, his registration as a democrat and his support of Obama.

Sorry, I cannot support Trump. He will only sabotage the Republican party.



[Below-copied is my reply to "John Martin" who responded to my original essay on Ron Paul (see below-copied) of 27 Apr 11. A.]

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Response To "John Martin": Ron Paul Is Hopelessly Intellectualistic
(Apollonian, 10 May 11)

John: Thanks much for ur response (see below-copied note fm "John Martin"). I actually agree w. u, for the most part, I'm sure, regarding Ron Paul and his focus upon the crucial Federal Reserve (Fed) COUNTERFEITING scam issue, the immediate crux to practical power of the Judeo-conspirators (CFR, Bilderbergers, and Tri-lateral Commission) who are presently striving to destroy USA, its sovereignty, and its fundamental, traditional Christian culture featuring anti-semitic ideal of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH--against Jew lies (see Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

Perhaps u should ck Alex Jones' great website, (also, for further info regarding these Judeo-conspirators, or "globalists," as Jones calls them: these people are fervently involved in genocidal mass-murder on a truly gargantuan scale by various and multi-farious means, including lethal, poisoned vaccinations, fluourodized water (more poison), GMO foods, aspartame and MSG poisoned food-additives, among others, and lately now, "chem-trails" in which aluminum and barium salts and poisons/contaminants are being spread by means of atmospheric seeding.

But John I most violently disagree w. u on the Obama eligibility issue for his gross, crass usurpation of the office of president, as Obama is NOT NOT NOT a "natural born" citizen of USA, both parents required to being citizens at time of birth (see the reference I gave u in the original essay by me, below-copied). Further, as u might know, Obama was adopted by his step-father, an Indonesian citizen, thus having alienated what US citizenship he did have. There's no record of Obama having applied to re-instate his citizenship.

Needless to say, Obama is thus subject to blackmail by afore-mentioned criminal and "globalist" powers behind the scenes for their dictation of policy which, I agree w. u, entails the absolute destruction of USA as u urself pt. out.

And the general "birther" issue is NOT "trivial" as u pretend, Don Trump having demonstrated its great power, using it to catapult to the very front of the pack for voter-interest, as reflected by all the polls as we see. Why can't Ron Paul see the obvious utility and attraction for this issue?--esp. in view of his and ur own protestations of fidelity to US Constitution.

Note further, there's the problem for Obama's other deliberately suppressed records which would likely show he applied for student aid as a foreigner. Why shouldn't Obama be pressed for disclosing this vital information?

U really make no sense regarding Obama's "birth certificate"--does it occur to u there are serious problems w. this latest "disclosure"?--see for details. So Obama, a proven liar, issues a pro-forma, supposed document, and u don't even bother to examine it for its integrity? With "enemies" like u, John, Obama doesn't need friends, does he?

Regarding the negroidal, Herman Cain, u ought to ck the neat video at whence Cain assures us there's "no need to audit the Fed." Cain says, if we want any info, all we have to do is "call them up." Sarah Palin is herself a Jew, masquerading as a "Judeo-Christian" (see and for expo/ref.), who advocates Israel-first.

CONCLUSION: So John, u need to examine ur own principles and understanding of things which are quite defective, I submit. Remember, I criticized Paul for his gross intellectuality which leaves most people behind for clear understanding of the Fed. Most people cannot grasp such intellectuality as Paul's and desperately need to be spoken-to in terms of CONCRETES (particulars), not abstracts, CONCRETES being things one can actually perceive. Thus the Fed is LITERALLY a legalized COUNTERFEITING scam--which then even children can begin to understanding. Thanks again for ur response. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

-----------above by Ap in response to below-copied fm "John Martin"----------------

Don't you dare chastise Ron Paul like this. Ron is one of only a handful of people anywhere in government who has a solid respect for American virtues and its Constitution.

I have studied and admired him since 1988, when he first ran. His entire voting record, from beginning to end, has been perfect. His knowledge of economics is unsurpassed.

The birther issue is trivial. Obama has released his certificate, and that is the end of it.

What is much more important is that Obama spent about all of his learning years in countries that despise the USA (Kenya, Indonesia, etc.) and, of course, learned to hate America himself. He wants to destroy America and turn it into a communist third world armpit like North Korea or Zimbabwe.

Trump is not fit to be President. He has too much baggage. He has gone bankrupt more times than I can count. How is he going to run a country?????

If he runs in the Republican primary, he will make the whole party look like crap. He will hand Obama the 2012 election on a silver platter.

If Trump wants to run, let him run as a DEMOCRAT. He's registered to vote as a Democrat, AND he even gave Obama a campaign contribution.

Sarah Palin also has too much baggage. We don't need her either.

Now for the good, capable candidates:

1. Ron Paul
2. Rand Paul
3. Herman Cain
4. John Stossel
5. Neal Boortz

Please wake up. Don't let America die a horrible death.


---------------above by "John Martin" in response to below-copied by Ap-----------

Senile Ron Paul Fails To Take Advantage Of Trump's Bold--And Extremely Successful--"Birther" Foray And Style
(Apollonian, 27 Apr 11)

WTF?????????--what's w. Ron Paul?--that senile, old codger. Here the guy (Paul) is always babbling about the good ol' US Constitution, and now he's handed, as lately by Donald Trump, an outstanding "issue" regarding Const. requirement of "natural born" citizenship, which obviously requires both parents of Pres. to be citizens of USA at time of birth (see But noooooooooooooo, Paul is "too good," the senile old fool, to press this issue so brilliantly pushed and prosecuted by Trump, as we see, Trump now taking the issue and using it to climb to very top of latest polls on possible Republican candidates.

So Trump deservedly impresses folks favorably for his brashness and boldness if not sheer courage, as he's surely working for Israel. Observe Trump says he'd vigorously squeeze China and Islamic OPEC cartel--BUT WHAT ABOUT ISRAEL?--of course, no one will "go there," scummy, stinking cowards, though there's surely good, understandable reason.

And it's most brilliant, fool-proof, can't-miss issue, this "birther" business, though of course actual place of birth isn't real problemo, rather it being aforementioned citizenship of parents. And pt. then is in how Obama/Soetoro is really just a front-man for the CFR-Bilderberg conspirators who are steadily destroying USA, US dollar about to go down proverbial tubes FOREVER--once it's gone comrades, it ain't coming back--and it will all happen suddenly (relatively). Thus Obama/Soetoro, the crass usurper spits on the US Const. and in the face of people of USA--while Ron Paul has nothing to say, the stupid, cowardly scum.

Another issue made-to-order for Paul, at least potentially, is the 9-11 WTC building collapses which were OBVIOUSLY explosive demolitions, as Paul should consider the COGNITIVE DISSONANCE initially induced by the Jews'-media (see must now be dissipating for many people. 9-11 was, and had to be, an "inside job"--for how, additionally, did the US Air Force get so conveniently "stood-down" as it obviously was?

For 9-11 of course, Paul has much more of an excuse for his cowardice in broaching the issue--he might well get assassinated--CFR-Bilderberg is quite willing and capable. The only alternative for explosive demolition of WTC bldgs is the evermore and grossly absurd "gravitational collapse." Thus inductive evidence for 9-11 "inside job" is not only already overwhelming, but growing for evermore folks.

So then we come to Paul's trademark issue, that of the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed--see for best expo/ref.), and we see Paul continuing w. same old intellectualistic, abstract crap and balderdash--it's "printing money out of thin air," as he brainlessly says and repeats over and over ad absurdum. Thus Paul continues to keep things out-of-reach for most folks who ARE NOT "INTELLECTUALS" and cannot and will not ever understand or take seriously such abstract things.

For people and voters generally must have things explained to them in strict CONCRETE terms, "concretes" being things which are perceptible, capable of being seen w. one's eyes and touched w. one's hands. Thus the Fed is simply a legalized COUNTERFEIT operation/scam/mechanism, and by this means ("COUNTERFEITING") even then small children can easily be brought to understanding most seriously exactly what the Fed is. For COUNTERFEITING is precisely, exactly what the Fed is and does, quite literally--it's NOT an exaggeration or a metaphor, and it must merely now be repeated over and over and over for folks.

And if u notice Trump, his obvious attraction is his relatively forthright brashness and straight-forwardness, hence the appearance of HONESTY--unlike the senile old Paul who merely continues w. his folksy manner spouting intellectualistic-type cliche's, talking-down to people, instructing them in his prim and moralistic manner which is getting old for some people, though Paul is indubitably quite knowledgeable regarding the economic science.

So what refreshes people regarding Trump is the seeming honesty and forthrightness--Trump appeals in a practical and CONCRETE manner to folks while Paul just continues to drift in his brainless, prim, namby-pamby manner, amiable but senile and really out-of-touch in all actuality for his patronizing attitude he takes, ignoring the popular "birther" issue, failing to pounce upon obvious fact 9-11 WTC collapses were PLAINLY caused by deliberately placed explosive charges, the gross cognitive dissonance of the people naturally fading.

CONCLUSION: Paul's senility and dumbness really indicates gross lack of confidence in the people who merely need be challenged now, the people always suspicious of the "Jews-media" lies and "psy-ops," the 9-11 cognitive dissonance operation and complex now ready to collapse w. just a little vigor and vitality shown by an honest candidate. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Alex Jones ( seeks help against dastardly "globalists"

Here, below-copied, is essential text of apollonian msg sent to heroic Alex Jones of (ck source, at bottom, this posting) who seeks help fm fellow heroes and Christian soldiers in his noble crusade against "globalists."

* * * * *

Hello again, Alex:

I thought of a new lead-in intro for a neat, short rant u can make on video, the theme being central to our native American Christian culture, TRUTH, in accord w. Gosp. JOHN (14:6 and 18:37-8):

"hello, now that all our lives have been so affected and quite possibly shortened, on average, due to the tremendous radiation leakage and inundation we're currently suffering fm the Fukushima reactors, surely this is a good moment now to consider most serious and relevant articles of TRUTH we otherwise tend to overlook."

(1) Essence of proposed video is info for exact nature of criminal conspiracy which has now so much taken-over USA and world which USA gov. seeks to control.

(2) These criminals then are led and master-minded by COUNTERFEITERS of US Federal Reserve Bank ("Fed"), this legalized COUNTERFEITING core of the criminal conspiracy now poisoning the earth w. depleted uranium bombs and weapons.

(3) For by means of this COUNTERFEITING (literally) globalist, one-world dictatorship is steadily working to reduce world population by all the various means,

(a) GMO poisoned food sources,
(b) chemical Fluoride, and other metalic and radio-active, poisoning of water supplies,
(c) bisphenol-A poisoning of plastic food containers, and
(d) "vaccinations" which actually spread and promote diseases, these aside fm
(e) the steady radiation poisoning fm residue of depleted uranium weapons.
(f) Note further, at least 20 % of the school children in USA are being poisoned by court-enforced drugs, like ritalin.

(4) Don't forget other simple truths before our very eyes, for example, the so-called USA "president" who reads so well fm teleprompters, is not a natural-born citizen as required by US Constitution--maybe this is why this usurper has such contempt for the law and Constitution when he illegally sent troops to murder people of Libya, without consent of the US Congress

(5) Finally, another simple truth people are encouraged to forget is the 9-11 WTC bldg collapses obviously were not and could not have been "gravitational," but rather were plainly caused by strategically placed explosive charges and deliberate demolition, never forget.

(6) The fact people so easily and thoroughly have been induced for this fatal cognitive dissonance regarding the WTC bldg collapses testifies to the profound and sublime psychologic effects of the mass corporate "Jews-media" owned and controlled by these Fed COUNTERFEITERS.

(7) So consider one consolation to our present radiation-poisoned and -shortened lives is to understand exactly the nature of the murderous, genocidal dictators who lie to us and seek soon enough to murder us entirely outright: THEY'RE SIMPLY COUNTERFEITERS at the root of it all, never doubt, in the essence and at the beginning of things.

CONCLUSION: Knowledge is truly power, and knowledge of the truth is foundation of unity of the people for freedom fm these genocidal criminals who have so horribly ruined the earth as we see presently. Long live blessed truth which can and will render us freedom and peace (Gosp. JOHN 8:32).