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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Alex Jones ( seeks help against dastardly "globalists"

Here, below-copied, is essential text of apollonian msg sent to heroic Alex Jones of (ck source, at bottom, this posting) who seeks help fm fellow heroes and Christian soldiers in his noble crusade against "globalists."

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Hello again, Alex:

I thought of a new lead-in intro for a neat, short rant u can make on video, the theme being central to our native American Christian culture, TRUTH, in accord w. Gosp. JOHN (14:6 and 18:37-8):

"hello, now that all our lives have been so affected and quite possibly shortened, on average, due to the tremendous radiation leakage and inundation we're currently suffering fm the Fukushima reactors, surely this is a good moment now to consider most serious and relevant articles of TRUTH we otherwise tend to overlook."

(1) Essence of proposed video is info for exact nature of criminal conspiracy which has now so much taken-over USA and world which USA gov. seeks to control.

(2) These criminals then are led and master-minded by COUNTERFEITERS of US Federal Reserve Bank ("Fed"), this legalized COUNTERFEITING core of the criminal conspiracy now poisoning the earth w. depleted uranium bombs and weapons.

(3) For by means of this COUNTERFEITING (literally) globalist, one-world dictatorship is steadily working to reduce world population by all the various means,

(a) GMO poisoned food sources,
(b) chemical Fluoride, and other metalic and radio-active, poisoning of water supplies,
(c) bisphenol-A poisoning of plastic food containers, and
(d) "vaccinations" which actually spread and promote diseases, these aside fm
(e) the steady radiation poisoning fm residue of depleted uranium weapons.
(f) Note further, at least 20 % of the school children in USA are being poisoned by court-enforced drugs, like ritalin.

(4) Don't forget other simple truths before our very eyes, for example, the so-called USA "president" who reads so well fm teleprompters, is not a natural-born citizen as required by US Constitution--maybe this is why this usurper has such contempt for the law and Constitution when he illegally sent troops to murder people of Libya, without consent of the US Congress

(5) Finally, another simple truth people are encouraged to forget is the 9-11 WTC bldg collapses obviously were not and could not have been "gravitational," but rather were plainly caused by strategically placed explosive charges and deliberate demolition, never forget.

(6) The fact people so easily and thoroughly have been induced for this fatal cognitive dissonance regarding the WTC bldg collapses testifies to the profound and sublime psychologic effects of the mass corporate "Jews-media" owned and controlled by these Fed COUNTERFEITERS.

(7) So consider one consolation to our present radiation-poisoned and -shortened lives is to understand exactly the nature of the murderous, genocidal dictators who lie to us and seek soon enough to murder us entirely outright: THEY'RE SIMPLY COUNTERFEITERS at the root of it all, never doubt, in the essence and at the beginning of things.

CONCLUSION: Knowledge is truly power, and knowledge of the truth is foundation of unity of the people for freedom fm these genocidal criminals who have so horribly ruined the earth as we see presently. Long live blessed truth which can and will render us freedom and peace (Gosp. JOHN 8:32).


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