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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Christianity: A Primer, made simple

Christianity Made Simple And Easy (To Understand)

A. In General

What is Christianity?--is it rational or is it mystic? Thus Christianity is an aesthetic dramatization defined and described in Christian literature given in New Testament (NT)--it's indeed a "religion" inasmuch as it's system of habit entailing and integrating both intellect and emotion or sentiment, but it's also distinct philosophy which is embedded, implicit, and explicit--affirming Aristotelian objectivity, necessary criterion, premise, and basis of thematic TRUTH (as of Gosp. JOHN).

Thus we're enjoined to love TRUTH, which is God (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), and to treat fellow humans according to appropriate justice, as we ourselves expect to be treated (Gosp.s MARK 12:29-31, MATT 22:37-9), rational egoism. Thus Christianity, worship of and reverence for truth, opposes lies and that mythic insanity and thematic hubris of Satan who insists he's God and was a liar fm the beginning, who has no truth in him (Gosp. JOHN 8:44). Lies then lead to the practical frauds and criminal conspiracies, which so horribly afflict humanity, as we see presently which rule and dominate the earth ("powers and principalities").

Foremost example for organized lie/fraud-complex is that sublime and nearly invincible fraud of "legalized" COUNTERFEITING known as the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed--see or "The Creature From Jekyll Island"), giving rise to the false god of Mammon.

Hence Christianity, worship of truth and honesty, opposes Satanic worship of lies founded upon hubris of "good-evil" and conceit of a perfectly "free" human will. For humans are sinners as they ever have been and will be, and all things come about by way of necessity and war (or strife, and "opposition" of Anaximander of ancient Ionian Miletis) in accord w. the Ionian pre-Christian prophet and philosopher, Heraclitus. For only God's will is perfectly "free," and reality happens and takes place by means of absolute cause-effect and determinism. The human task is to harmonize w. this determinist will of God.

B. Context and Perspective

Thus Christianity, definitive cult of truth and justice, is something in this horrible time of deliberate lies and fraud, United Nations (UN) depopulation policy, and nuclear poisoning (by means of the "stuxnet" computer virus, for example), etc., Christianity so much and desperately needed by the people.

But people are and have been much corrupted (esp. by means of lies and lying to themselves--esp. by means of mystic "faith" of "beleeeeeeeeeeving") for their understanding in general and further, specific understanding of Christianity itself is traduced to meaning the very opposite of the original ideal--TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6)--and the worship and reverence thereof.

Hence Christianity, properly understood, is the cult of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH and honesty in the corrupted empire and culture of lies and organized criminality dominating the people who are so largely confused and demoralized.

Hubris: essence of Sin. For what has happened to people who are now so pathetically corrupted? And we see the people suffer dread HUBRIS by which they are persuaded of a perfectly "free" human will and consequent pretense drummed into their minds by the mass corporate "Jews-media" that they can be "good" (the Pelagian heresy, also understood as "Pharisaism"), people now persuaded it is actually good to feel "guilt"--that indulging in guilt is sign of "morality," virtue, and "good," in all the amazing irony.

For there is no perfectly "free" human will (just another lie and conceit) in a God-created and objective (Aristotelian) reality in accord w. absolute cause-effect. Humans are necessarily sinners, ever subject to hubris, as they always have been and always will be. But humanity, some of them, anyway, can surely be redeemed as they remember and heed to virtue of honesty and truth of an objective reality and that truth which is God (Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

Practical human problem then is so many people are such children, at least of mentality, so often incapable of that divine reason; they have the greatest difficulty even in simply thinking for themselves, and so they most often and crucially need guidance and leadership--this leadership and exemplary guidance then is purpose and function of dear Christianity.

For the only way to God is through TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (and hence honesty), and the only way to TRUTH (which is God) is through the example of Christ's honesty and wisdom (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), Christ the divine Son of God who guides and instructs us like the Good Shepherd. Thus the Christian story (the "passion") personalizes what's otherwise such a drab and dry philosophic and technical subject for the objective foundation of TRUTH ideal.

Hence again in general conclusion, Christian ideal is Truth and honesty, hence objectivity and determinism, and the problem and larger context is lies and hubris. Thus history in general dramatizes the great anthropologic problem of human hubris and self-deception which is also demonstrated for large cultures, and not merely and only on a personal level.

Thus we see in present American/Western example, no less than that of ancient Roman instance, how the large culture of a people itself begins in and w. honesty and humility but soon corrupts and degenerates to a large-scale sort of imperial hubris whence USA, for example, now against it's own Constitution, makes war against nation of Libya on excuse of "humanitarianism" as it kills and poisons people by means of depleted uranium weapons and munitions, not to mention out-of-control nuclear melt-downs ignored, manipulated, and "spun" by the Jews-media seeking to control the mass-consciousness (see

Thus the great human drama and comedy borne out in history follows thematic determinist course, this taking specific form in successive CYCLES of history and eras, demonstrated as fm ancient, medieval, and modern periods in accord w. "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

Fm the honest ideal struggling for reason and life, we've come to the New World Order (NWO) working for depopulation and genocide (as in the name of "eugenics"), the insanity of anti-reason, founded in suicidal self-sacrifice (always imposed by the rulers upon the people) and altruist self-abnegation masquerading as "morality," Satanically pursuing the goal of death.

Thus objectivistic determinism, reason, and Christian honesty are confronted w. hubris, subjectivism, and narcissist moralism (Pharisaism and Pelagianism), this moralism pretending to trump determinist truth, truth now being held irrelevant to human prerogative and "morality." The "noble lie" of Plato and Levy-Strauss, founded in hubris and subjectivism, now seeks to exterminate truth, objectivity, and determinism, not to mention humanity--such is Satanism, so powerful, compelling, and successful.

C. The Practical Problem(s)

Who and what then presently constitute topmost Satanic "powers and principalities" featuring lies and fraud enforced now by genocide? Observe the most sublimely possible and conceivable conspiratorial fraud lies, for practical purposes, in the COUNTERFEITING of the money system (US Federal Reserve Bank system--see for expo/ref.) by which the satanists methodically take control and possession of literally everything and nearly everyone but for a few souls who to refuse to give-in, esp. Christian soldiers who hold to honesty and objective (Aristotelian) reality, necessary criterion of truth--that truth which can and will make the people, at least some of them, truly free.

Thus these satanic counterfeiters of the Fed control even the establishment Christian churches, all of them, Catholic and Protestant, and the people are traduced for what Christianity really is, establishment churches, esp. the "Judeo-Christians" (JCs--see and for expo/ref.) now preaching that Judaism is precursor of Christianity, even a form/version of it.

Actual fact however, is Christianity is opposed to Judaism (Gosp.s MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9; see also MATT entire ch. 23). For Judaism is NOT NOT NOT consistent w. Christian ideal of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, and indeed, Judaism is foremost opponent of Christianity, and it's no accident Jews, who control the COUNTERFEIT conspiracy/complex presently afflicting planet earth, have manipulated things so that establishment Christianity works for these Jews, among the other top criminal masterminds. See and for best expo/ref. on Judaism/Talmudism.

For Jews rather promote war, hence lying, against the rest of humanity, esp. Christians and Christianity (Gosp. JOHN 8:44). Truth is NOT Jews' ideal, but rather foremost victim of their overall war program by which Jews' make themselves God and seek the subjugation of all humanity, this in the name of "good" and what's "good" for Jews, esp. the rabbinnic leadership.

Again, what is Christianity? Hence then we see the first problem for Christianity has to do with what it is in the very first place, and this then requires understanding of the Christian NT scriptures--which is NOT difficult, not "rocket science."

What is "faith"? Perhaps most of all, one must consider the object of worship--is it God and truth?--or "faith," esp. a mystic faith by which man makes himself God, this mystic "faith" determining what is true? For "faith," properly understood, according to proper Christian understanding, merely means LOYALTY, not mystic "believing" by which such "believing" one insists upon what's true--creating an artificial truth.

CONCLUSION: Such then is the most pressing problem of present day and present Christian struggle for meaning of proper object of Christian loyalty--which is to be supreme?--God and truth?--or mysticism and mystic "faith" of "believing"? True Christians and true Christianity stand for what Christ stood for first and most--God and TRUTH above all, love and faith being merely ancillary, love only being understandable in relation w. primary truth ideal/value, love being mere reciprocal of emotion of hatred which is justified for anti-thesis of truth, lies.

D. Observations

Thus we see Christianity is well considered and observed in perspective and in contrast to opposites or, if u will, Hegelian-style anti-theses:

(a) Christian Truth vs. lies,

(b) thus Christian reason vs. mysticism (implicit),

(c) God-given and -created reality, thus objective reality, vs. subjective,

(d) Christianity vs. Judaism/Pharisaism/Talmudism, Jews being foremost subjectivists, most unified and cohesive, but these Jews nonetheless out-numbered, in actual practice, by gentiles equally mystic and subjectivist, but less organized, many of these gentiles resentful of Jews, pretending to anti-semitism even though equally committed to Talmudic-styled lies and subjectivism.

And immediate (determinist) consequence is Christianity necessarily understands a determinist reality in accord w. absolute cause-effect against conceit of a perfectly "free" human will and following Pelagian heresy of "good-evil." Thus the course of reality, hence history and sociologic development follows a necessary CYCLIC pattern in accord w. "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. Thus the task for present-day Christians is to manage the present CYCLIC course and phase of history.


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