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Process of Induction

[This page covers the topic of INDUCTION and Inductive logic (generalization)--an extremely important process/technique for patriots--and all humans and scientists.  Induction is something the moralist-Pharisaics are desperate to subvert and under-mine, never doubt, primary purpose of such moralism-Pharisaism.]

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Jews, Criminal Geniuses: Too Slick, By Half
(Apollonian, 14 Jun 10)

"Liberranter": it's just INDUCTIVE LOGIC u're using so excellently, if I may say so, particular observations/instances leading to general. See below-copied fm, "Amnesty...," 13 Jun 10, comments.

And observe such typical and thematic criminal behavior by Jews is perfectly in line w. their Talmudic philosophy and programmatic hatred of gentile humanity (see and for best Talmudic expo).

And don't forget scientific method which includes that thematic INDUCTION: (a) considering ALL the evidence (observation), then (b) concluding, (c) ck-ing most carefully then for dis-confirming evidence.
As Sherlock Holmes said (sorry I don't have exact citation), "once u've eliminated the impossible, the remainder, no matter how un-likely, is necessary solution set."

Observe then these Jew criminals are merely following-up on initial criminal Fed COUNTERFEITING (see and for expo/ref.) and fraudulent expansion of credit, based upon funds which don't and won't exist when suddenly, due to inflation, banks must constrict credit, having suckered the dummies among gentiles. Such COUNTERFEITING and credit-expansion is all then part of classic "ponzi"-type scheme.

CONCLUSION: And Jews further have their counter-measures ready, pre-positioned--as they did for over-whelming 9-11 evidence against them (see of MORALISM-Pharisaism which they insist renders inoperative that inductive logic: u cannot so conclude against Jews as it is anti-semitic, hence "immoral"--are these people criminal geniuses or what? Thus moralism-Pharisaism TRUMPS reality, reason, and logic. Now u see why they want A THIRD, no less, Jew Sup. Ct. justice (Kagan). Honest elections and death to the Fed.

--------------------above by Ap in response to below-copied---------------

liberranter said...

I really hate to be the one to bring everyone's attention to the ten-ton elephant rampaging through the room, but one cannot help but notice the predominance of a certain racial-ethnic group being at the center of these criminal enterprises in better than 90 percent of the examples cited so far. We might not LIKE to face the fact that this is the case, as none of us who consider ourselves libertarians want to think that we judge others on the basis of stereotypes alone. However, the fact that we would like the patch of toadstools in our backyard to be shiitakes of the gourmet variety doesn't make them so. If someone can point to SOLID EVIDENCE that the ethnic group in question doesn't make up but a tiny fraction of the criminal enterprises discussed here and that the examples contained in this article are the extreme exceptions rather than the norm, I would be greatly relieved. Otherwise, something is grossly amiss, and it can't be mere coincidence.
Just sayin' (and flame away if you want to)...

June 14, 2010 2:14 PM


All Necessary, Sufficient Evidence Is Present For Conclusion: We Desperately Need Jew-Expulsion, Long Past-Due
(Apollonian, 30 May 10)

Chris: what's waiting to drop is that little thing called INDUCTIVE LOGIC--it works like following. See, "Is Rupert...," 30 May 10.

First, specific details accumulate, fact, after fact, after fact--all indicating Jews are anti-Christ, anti-gentile, all in accord w. their filthy TALMUDIC religion (see and for best expo on Talmud).

What next beckons is that large, GENERAL CONCLUSION following logically fm aforementioned details: hey, guess what?--Jews are our enemies, and they're actively involved in every possible thing to destroy us gentiles.

In science, this conclusion is called "hypothesis." And now, given this preliminary conclusion (hypothesis), the scientist simply looks for dis-confirming evidence--is there any?

Who did 9-11, but Jews, "neo-cons," and Israeli MOSSAD? (See Didn't Silverstein the Jew admit WTC bldg 7 was "pulled"?

So now, following time-tested procedure, Jews must PROVE THEY DIDN'T DO 9-11, that they're NOT worst possible enemies of gentiles--such is INDUCTION and scientific method.

Is Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) just a huge COUNTERFEITING scam/operation?--yes or no?--who's behind such scam?--Jews and their suck-alongs. And who's covering-up all this gross, criminal and traitorous activity?--the "Jews-media," of which Murdoch is integral part (see

And when one explains then to Jews they're obviously enemies of all humanity, just going by the evidence, what then do Jews do?--they invoke their contrived MORALISM-PHARISAISM and inform us we cannot suspect them as it would be "anti-semitic," don't they?--so does this all not confirm the hypothetic conclusion regarding Jew enemies of humanity?

But what's problem?--answer is Jew money, COUNTERFEITED up w. such ease, only needing mere paper and ink, continues to keep corrupt gentiles paid off--like present US Congress which doesn't even bother reading bills which they pass taking away Americans' Constitutional rights, bailing out crooked Jew banks, etc.

And this horrific corruption will continue until US Dollar finally collapses due to HYPER-inflation--UNLESS people start thinking and drawing necessary INDUCTIVE conclusions.

Otherwise, people need leadership, and that's why worst accomplices for Jews are those putrid "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who say Christ was Jew (Talmudist) and traitorously support enemy terror state of Israel.

And key to all the cultural corruption is hubristic delusion of sinful people they can be "good" by means of a perfectly "FREE" human will by which they can demand a place in heaven fm all-powerful God.

So only cultural catastrophe serves to inspire the people upon necessary HONESTY to face up to inexorable, determined reality and Truth, human will is not perfectly "free." But Jews will then still try to start wars in order to cover their attempted escape.

CONCLUSION: Thus we're so tragically hostage to catastrophe, only it capable of persuading people to shed their hubristic delusions which all seem to build-up together, including esp. false idea Jews are anything but psychopathic monsters and murderers as Christ warned us about way back. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian


Inductive Evidence Is Overwhelming
(Apollonian, 6 May 10)

"Lobro": Jews are Talmudists by definition--ck,, or all authorities, Christian or Jew agree. See below-copied fm, "Kevin MacDonald: Dr. Lasha...," 26 Apr 10, comments.

Regarding "Lasha's" Jew-ness, note we're all reliant upon scientific method and INDUCTIVE logic, particulars leading to general conclusion--the "duck test."

There may be nuances, perhaps, but all the signs pt. ineluctably to one conclusion: Jew--for sure, she's no friend of real white folk (non-Jew), purpose of this web-site as I understand--she only cares about Jews, pretending she's against zionists ("bad" Jews).

But obviously preserving Jews will preserve potential zionists; they've all got to go into dust-bin of history, I say--let the lord choose the "good" ones.

And note "Lasha" doesn't deny she's Jew--but even if she did it isn't worth anything as if she was Jew, she wouldn't hesitate to lie.

Jews have surely assigned numerous agents to spin and report on this web-site, and "Lasha" undoubtedly is one, even if self-assigned.

CONCLUSION: And note typical Jew, "Lasha" doesn't hesitate to threaten u, pretending u're "beyond pale," what a joke. And observe just above now, she pretends she's good buddy fm way back--typical Jew liar. "Lobro," u have OVER-WHELMING evidence, comrade. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

------------above by Ap in response to below-copied-----------

lobro says:
May 6, 2010 at 4:08 PM


jews have never provided a coherent definition of themselves, in absence of which the one above is the one i also subscribe to.

(btw, i doubt very much that either lasha or her sister are jews – they are women, and woman’s mind is a strange place for which i never obtained a roadmap and likely never will.

in fact, jew’s psychology, his wiles and emotional appeal are quite feminine constructs and it can get confusing, i admit)


Inductive Evidence Is Powerful, Compelling, Irresistable
(Apollonian, 29 Apr 10)

"Shiva": excellent exposition--we should indeed go with our sense perception for evidence and tentative conclusion, as in all good science--INDUCTIVE LOGIC requires Bullock be considered Jew until she PROVES it not to be case. See below-copied fm, "Kevin MacDonald...," 28 Apr 10, comments.

Same as for Jews' involvement in 9-11; all INDUCTIVE evidence screams Jew responsibility/culpability--they must now PROVE they didn't do it. See for crushing exposition.

CONCLUSION: But note what Jews ACTUALLY do: they sneer and tell us we CAN'T suspect them on grounds of MORALISM-Pharisaism (it would be "anti-semitic"). Thus Jews only CONFIRM the conclusion against them. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

--------------above by Ap in response to below-copied-----------

Shiva says:
April 29, 2010 at 8:54 AM

White parents have ADOPTED and worked to get EARLY RELEASE/ PARDONS for the black rapist murderers of the daughters. Dutiful Christians.

There are so many cases of White victims/families of victims, forgiving and also BLESSING the predators.

That is a level of sickness that is beyond comprehension. The girl’s parents in that brutal homicide of white Knoxville, Tennessee couple Channon Christian, 21, and Christopher Newsom, 23, who immediately said this was NOT a racial crime and CONDEMNED and DAMNED the pro-Whites who wanted the case to be fully prosecuted.

Bullock has had rhinoplasty. Her sister has not, and it is worth looking at her photos.

Bullock LOOKS Jewish. Yeah, yeah they say she is the daughter of Adolf and Eva, super Aryan but friends, USE YOUR EYES.

She gave one million dollars to Haiti earlier this year, was shown on television giving a large check to a black New Orleans school, and adopted a New Orleans black infant. No wonder JESSE went off track. The recent film she did was typical Jewish Hollyweird with black heroes.

Her physiognomy screams Jewess.

Very few of the goyim ever reach big time in Hollyweird.


INDUCTION Evermore Works Against Jews--Truth, A Stubborn Thing, Indeed
(Apollonian, 12 Feb 10)

"Anon" at 7:13 am: u pretend to parodize Apollonian dialectic, logic, references, and evidence, but u fail to address genuine argument made, then the conclusion against Jews, conspiratorial leaders and masterminds of world organized crime beginning with their COUNTERFEIT conspiracy of fractional-reserve money and banking at the top. See below-copied fm, "Don't Ask,...," 5 Feb 10, comments.

Practical COUNTERFEIT conspiracy (see and for expo/ref.) underlying all world organized crime then is only predicated in abstract by Talmudic subjectivism and hubris, founding Jew lies (vs. Christian TRUTH of Gosp. JOHN) and moralism-Pharisaism founded upon fallacious and hubristic perfect "free" will delusion/fallacy/heresy.

Jews are Talmudic, collectivist masters of lies, thus necessarily conspiratorial masterminds among the vast crowd of criminal gentiles who tend to be anti-social, narcissistic, and socio-pathic, hence isolated and relatively easy to dominate--despite fact that yes, otherwise the criminal population is overwhelmingly gentile.
But like communist party, Jews are always the leaders, masterminds, controlling the organization thereto.

And note that mighty Apollonian method is simply obligatory scientific INDUCTION: (a) review of all the facts, (b) concluding upon the most likely suspects who are always Jews and closest gentile collaborators (gentiles, always isolated fm fellow gentiles, always taking instructions fm Jews), (c) these most likely (Jews) then required to explain how they're NOT to be indicted and convicted (d) which they NEVER can do but to invoking "moralism"-Pharisaism and Pelagian heresy, telling us it's "anti-semitic" to suspect them, and we're therefore not allowed to suspect Jews--(e) which then actually just CONFIRMS the case against Jews.

And again, note the inductive evidence is actually OVER-WHELMING against Jews, Jews the money-masters, Jews making up astounding percentage of top billionaires, any associated gentiles ALWAYS closely cooperating w. Jews. Observe the simple fact the world's dominant monetary system is the FRAUDULENT fractional-reserve system which then necessarily is run by topmost criminals, hence Talmudists.

Observe further, sources of funding for establishment Democrats is 65% Jew, likewise at least 35% for Republicans, according to James Petras. All the homosexual (psychotically obsessed hedonists and sensualists) organizations are led by Jews. Again and again, note the OVERWHELMING INDUCTIVE EVIDENCE for necessary anti-semitic conclusion--which Jews cannot gainsay, only invoking moralism-Pharisaism.

CONCLUSION: Thus u, "anon," are left with ur desperate, but empty nonetheless, parody for a pretended argument defending Jews. And again, ur empty argument is simply MORE inductive evidence which merely FURTHER works to indict the Jews all the more heavily and intensively. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

-------------above by Ap in response to below-copied------------
Anonymous said...

Ethics: Science of an Apollonian Mind(?)

Hubristic, btwn deterministic, CYCLIC incoherent yammering followed by non sequitur, mystic, moralistic moralism to counter another moral system of first principles by first principles of non-principles, to moralize about the morals which do not exist, (see for expo/ref.) dichotomy of oneness in nonsense, fallacy/delusion btwn absolute madness, lunatic ravings nihilistic metaphysics despair/incoherency of most simple problem=Apollonian; yet baseless, depraved mind thereof, to another idiot savant who, yes, bloviates endlessly about ZOG/none other than LG and his metaphysics of mammonists/hedonists based upon pantheist monism, non-moral system of morality therein lies crux of all ills whenceforth are JEWS under all beds and in all closets wherein illogic of Talmudic proportions deviates the minds of these nutbars (see for expo/ref.)
7:13 AM


Note All Lies And Deception Are Designed Against INDUCTION
(Apollonian, 7 Nov 09)

Remember there's another technique or factor of deception being used by Judeo-conspirators (see and for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy)--that sheer HUSTLING. See, "The Root...," 7 Nov 09. Yet another form of it (hustling) is "information overload" which causes victim's mind (like a computer) to FREEZE up.

But regardless, we know fm our Christian culture and heritage that "crime does not pay"--but exactly how then are things reducing to absurd?--answer: the CYCLIC theory of history will tell. For parasites and criminal conspirators are destroying the very host upon which they depend.

Observe then as people are stunned and stupefied by 9-11, next we get the Iraq war. 9-11 itself followed the OK City bombing, though after about 6 years. Then there was Katrina in 2005. Thus Americans are shell-shocked and punch-drunk--NOT ALLOWED TO THINK and collect thoughts--one crisis/disaster following another.

And in every case, mass-corporate Jews-media adds to and enhances all the confusion, 9-11 preceded by Chandra Levy murder mystery, the bombing of Serbia preceded by Monica Lewinsky and Presidential impeachment hype--only internet blogging of last few years has helped Americans to collect any thoughts at all.

And observe through it all, the obvious culprits and suspects are shielded by that phony, suicidal MORALITY AND MORALISM, pushed by mass-corporate "Jews-media": "u cannot suspect Jews or Israel as that would be 'anti-semitic.'" Ohhhhh noooooooo, we can't be immoral or anti-semitic.

Thus observe how MORALITY is used to trump reality and truth--and foremost moralists of course are those precious Jews, who else?

Jews are soooo precious that "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists veritably worship them--and agree w. everything Jews say and tell them.

So it all, cultural confusion and dysfunction, will simply continue until weaklings and losers finally die-out--thus following a CYCLIC pattern like everything else about history and socio-biology.

And as host-victim is steadily destroyed by this vile, corrosive, insidious, and murderous parasite, the parasites themselves must be getting anxious to a certain degree--for how, after all, will THEY, the parasites, continue to live if too much of host-victim is destroyed?

So the rest of us, who hope to survive, MUST learn to make use of Inductive logic by which we identify most likely suspects and culprits and REQUIRE them to prove they're not responsible.

And those who struggle to survive had better learn this method of induction by which all the particular details and facts are observed and then GENERALIZED (induction).

Who is it who ALWAYS benefits fm every disaster?--this technique is known as "CUI BONO" fm time of the Romans. Further, note there's a consistent INDUCTIVE pattern here too for these precious beneficiaries of every disaster--which never strikes Jews, but always dumb goyim.

CONCLUSION: Finally, those who hope to survive should remember the greatest Christian virtue is HONESTY--and truth and reality are not trumped by "MORALITY" or moralism. Inductive logic tells us exactly what the problem is: "it's Jews, stupid." Now we just need a little honesty, just a bit. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian


Regardless Of Dazzle, Glitter, Smoke, And Mirrors, Inductive Conclusion For Responsibility Of 9-11 Is Confirmed
(Apollonian, 30 Oct 09)

This is excellent article by K. Barrett on attempted imposition of holohoax mythology and demonization of gentiles. See, "Holocaustism...," 30 Oct 09. See,, and for expo/ref. on holohoax. But do culprits "protesteth too much"?

And note holohoax serves practical purpose regarding present 9-11 cover-ups and scandals; gross, horrific mass-murder frenetically ignored and over-looked by a conspiratorial mass-corporate media and cultural establishment which promotes corruption, pre-occupation, and diversion of the people.

But further, I'd submit holohoax is mere department/off-shoot of the prior imposition of MAMMON-ism, worship of the God of false "prosperity."

For note what rules in USA, first of all, is simply a criminal conspiracy behind the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed), which is really just a COUNTERFEITING scam when all the big-words and terminology are analyzed and reduced. See and for expo/ref. on Fed fraud.

Poor people of the culture, not connected with "insiders," are simply thus dazzled by the glitter of MAMMON which takes over a culture in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. Honest dissidents are successfully (so far) ignored and effectively silenced. But Inductive Logic and evidence is "stubborn thing" which persists and remains, waiting, waiting evermore ominously.

Thus over-populated people in such a degenerate culture in "Decline...," are taken by the hubristic delusion, first and most, beginning with the third historical wave (after those of St. Augustine and Martin Luther) of Pelagian heresy (fallacy/delusion of "good-evil" founded upon a perfectly "FREE" human will), this wave now now merely rationalistic-styled as of Benthamite Utilitarianism and Immanuel Kant.

And it was under this specific false-moralist (Pharisaist) cultural circumstances that Fed was originally ushered into the culture, under the noses of a distracted and confused public which had previously sustained the mass-murder and suppression of states' rights and attempted secession of the southerners which was merely their right according to the 10th Amendment, "powers (specifically like secession) not delegated to US, nor prohibited to states, are retained by states."

Thus people in such degenerate culture are so utterly taken by wishful thinking and plain MYSTICISM--they utterly lose sight to simplest INDUCTIVE LOGIC by which all evidence indicts agents like Israel, MOSSAD, and neo-cons for 9-11.

Thus as obvious 9-11 suspects are required to demonstrate they're not responsible--which now they evade by such moralism as, "u must not/cannot be anti-semitic," etc. And so far, the gullible goyim and gentiles swallow this large overthrow of Western culture and inductive logic.

CONCLUSION: But note at same time, the real Talmudic culprits of 9-11 are confirmed as they effectively admit there is NO dis-confirming evidence to their responsibility for 9-11--hence the necessity for the holohoax myth and hysteria. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian


Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Truth (= Christ), Induction, Science, And Reason Within satanic "Decline Of West"
(Apollonian, 15 May 18)

The INDUCTIVE evidence (which is how investigations, both in science and law are conducted) is ABSOLUTELY OVERWHELMING--that Sandy was HOAX HOAX HOAX. "Sloppy Sniper" (David Wheeler, prof. crisis-actor) is crushing, smashing, and conclusive evidence, all by itself, Wheeler trying to hide fm the camera, idiotically carrying TWO rifles, holding it by magazine is all comically persuasive, taken on whole. Then there's Fetzer's excellent book on the incident.

So no scientist or any rational person could possibly have any doubts on Sandy hoax.

And don't forget the totality of the inductive evidence--like regarding JFK assassination which most people KNOW was consp.--the poor scum just don't know what to do about it. The latest Judyth Vary Baker material is ABSOLUTELY CONCLUSIVE.

Most of all, what most people are simply tooooo gosh-darned stupid to grasp, the very top-most, ruling institution of this utterly corrupt culture is a criminal enterprise, CENTRAL-BANKING, literally legalized counterfeiting, substituting INFINITE currency for real (necessarily finite) money, commodity-based--see for fullest expo.

So long as this criminal enterprise, the US Federal Reserve bank, which toooo few grasp for the sublime corruption, continues to thrive, continuing to pump out ENDLESS funds, buying everyone off, funding endless lies and prop., etc., nothing will happen. THERE'S JUST TOOO MANY, OVER-POPULATED MORONS, satisfied w. "bread and circuses" paid-for by this fraudulent, endless currency.

So patriots simply have to be prepared and ready when and as the criminal currency system continues to falter and collapse. Petro-Yuan (gold-backed), ironic as it may seem, is going to kill the petro-dollar, so patriots only have to take heed and take measures, informing the poor, stupid goyim, much as possible.

That's why Trump, puppet of Israel, will take us into war as way of "muddying waters," as we see.

What's solution?--well, we need to heed attention to satanic criminals who worship LIES, lying, and liars, according to Gosp. JOHN 8:44--they're falling-out against one-another, the "leftist," "globalist" atheists having been snookered in last election (2016), thinking they had it in the bag, hoh o ho ho.

But Trump is flunky for Zionist, Israel-first Jews, just as bad as hitlery and leftists--notice how Jew tube and other censorship has increased under Trump and Zionists.

So I'd say patriots should rather heed to the larger Satanism which is led by Jews, JEws being the top, most organized, among Satanists. And Satanism, never forget is basically (extreme) subjectivism, idea reality is created by mentality/consciousness, making oneself God. And note there's really nothing either mysterious or even "religious" about this Satanism. The twist is top Jews are sublime colluders in a collectivistic subjectivism--as in way of CENTRAL-BANKING scam, Jews most organized, leveraging all the other Satanists, including among the gentile satanists who far out-number Jews, Satanists then leveraging all the rest of society but for very few true Christian opponents.