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Monday, November 30, 2015

Numerology: glorified fascination of Jews, masons, satanists, pretended idiomatic meant to intimidate....

Below-copied first published at comments,

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Numerology: Evermore satanic Diversion, Pretended Idiomatic
(Apollonian, 1 Dec 15)

Numerology is fascination w. numbers, and fascination is a kind of addiction or obsession. Thus one is addicted (or not) to drugs, drink, and other things, but would one say numerology is "addiction"? I know for myself I'm easily fascinated w. chess, as are others too, but is it same as addiction?

Thus these fascinations and addictions so often threaten to taking-over fm the consciousness and intellect, and the struggle is always to stay the master of one's pleasures, fascinations, vices, pastimes, etc., this mastery known as philosophy.

And what then is life itself but an addiction?--for WHY do we bother to living?--answer: well, we're addicted basically and fundamentally. Philosophy then takes this addiction into best consideration. Wisest living then is the management of these addictions, fascinations, etc.

Thus numerology is to mathematics as astrology is to astronomy, math and astronomy being the most philosophic treatments. So it's okay to be fascinated, even addicted, but best to be philosophical and thus to managing things wisely and best.

And it's surely true numerology is exploited, no less than is sex-appeal in advertisement and the ad industry.

Thus sociologically we observe WHO is so much fascinated w. this numerology--Jews and masons--hence criminals. And we see Jews and masons making a kind of idiom out of this numerologic fascination of theirs--it all means something to them, including additionally, at the lower-levels of the criminal culture, their idiotic sign-language they like to flash and and motion w. their hands and bodily postures, even in dances they like to do. Numerology blends-in w. symbology in general.

Thus numerology is distinct mystic idiom of criminals--others too, perhaps, but especially criminals and gangsters, these always led by the masterminds, especially Jews.

So if u have a numerologic fascination it may mean u're mathematically inclined, mathematics then the way of wisdom, but if u can't become organized and cannot manage such fascination, then that's not a good sign--as bad as being incapable of managing one's taste for drink, for example.

And people incapable of managing fascinations are no ultimately better than those who fail for addictions, like to drinking and drugs, though drinking and drugs are more immediately fatal in the scheme of things.

Thus as we observe our present society continue to degenerate in CYCLIC Spenglerian "Decline of the West," we'll surely continue to see this numerologic fascination evermore emphasized as way of consuming and intimidating, even hypnotizing the poor survivors of ever worsening cultural tumult and disaster.

Numerology thus is revealed as glorified distraction and pretended idiomatic pushed by satanists and Jews by way of diversion and intimidation--a fascination over the long-term as destructive as any addiction as to drink or drugs--they all go together, actually.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Determinist nature of reality, how it works, MUST be understood--it's not kikes', or anyone elses, fault for this reality....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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CYCLIC, Determined, Objective Nature Of Reality, Understood, But Then Lost In Corruption Of Western "Decline"
(Apollonian, 29 Nov 15)

I listened to the entire show, all 2 and a half hrs, and I think there's some serious, important stuff left-out, which is the CYCLIC nature of reality, history, etc., how civilizations rise and fall, and the determinist nature of things--absolute cause-effect, NO perfectly "free" human will. And this CYCLIC course of things, esp. historic, was Oswald Spengler's great thesis in "Decline of the West."

Thus if one looks, for example, at US "Civil War," or more accurately, War of Northern Aggression, one sees whites totally dominated and were doing quite fine in so many ways, and then what happened?--they decided to kill one another--it couldn't be blamed on blacks or Indians, or Mexicans, or Asians. Jews were un-questionably in the back-ground, but one has to admit it was whites who literally decided to commit suicide, destroying their own Constitution, states-rights, etc.

And if u ck history, u see the horrific "Civil" war was pre-saged in 1830 when S. Carolina nullified the "Tariff of Abominations," refusing to pay, and Pres. Andrew Jackson threatened to invade the state, actually gathering an army which was duly paid-for by the US Congress of the time. USA was then only 42 yrs old (since 1788 origin), barely 15 yrs after War of 1812, and already it was falling-apart.

What happens is humans, including whites, are basically stupid, scummy, stinking filth--they're sinners according to both old and New Testaments, Christianity affirming that determinist nature--absolute cause-effect, there being no perfectly "free" human will. But humans suffer that HUBRIS by which they pretend to such "free" will and MAKE THEMSELVES GOD--satanism. And this satanism always begins for pretext by the fallacious, non-existent "good-evil" delusion, Pharisaism being the idea one is "good," when truth is humans are scummy puke--SINNERS, always have been and always will be.

So it isn't kikes CAUSE white genocide--no, they just help it along. It's stupid, scummy, over-populated, HUBRISTIC whites who commit suicide like they did during American "Civil War"--it wasn't anyone else's fault, not blacks, or Indians, or Mexicans, but stupid, scummy, stinking, moronic OVER-POPULATED white trash and puke--and I don't enjoy having to admit these difficult facts, believe me.

Thus especially, this CYCLIC course of events can be observed and further confirmed fm Roman empire. Romans were always able to handle the barbarians, but in 3rd cent. we see the "crisis" era whence it was various rival Roman generals fighting one another, making themselves emperor, getting overthrown by other generals who made themselves briefly emperors, etc.

What now must happen in Jew S A is it must, like Roman empire, BREAK-UP back into the state entities, based on local-gov. principle--the on-going "Decline of the West." Surely then white folk can re-generate their once glorious civilization and opulent life-styles.

For here's what works for Jew-supremacy: (a) the white founder generation is/was truly heroic, the people UNITED, helping one another--as happened in Revolutionary war period. (b) BUT once victory and then "prosperity" is achieved, the following generations begin to "decline" for that basic culture, pretending they're "moral" and "good"--FILLED W. HUBRIS and thus, Pharisaism.

For the founder generations followed that determinist cultural motif or principle, not suffering HUBRIS, not pretending to "good" or "moral virtue" based on hubristic pretense of perfectly "free," God-like will--THEY KNEW THEY WERE SINNERS, all in accord w. basic Christian principles. For Christ = TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, above all/any other principle(s), in accord w. Gosp. JOHN 14:6.

Jews, defined as followers of Pharisees/Talmud (see imagine God serves them, that they have Godly powers, that God does miracles for them, and they can be "good" and morally virtuous--PHARISAISM. For Jews "interpret" ("midrash") the Torah in accord w. their "Oral Law Tradition" which Christ condemned and repudiated--see entire ch. 23 of Gosp. MATT.

TRUTH (= Christ) is necessarily founded on the OBJECTIVE reality, God-created and -given. Jews insist upon their SUBJECTIVIST midrash, reality and truth being merely what they (or their rabbis) say it is.

So u see: WHEN the civilization/culture "DECLINES" into subjectivism, it inevitably become SATANISTIC, reality being merely what the corrupt people say it is in accord w. their mentality/consciousness view or wish as to what reality is--THEY LOSE THAT OBJECTIVITY of the original founders, along w. Christian HONESTY and commitment to truth (= Christ).

Thus satanism is simply extreme subjectivism, the pretext always being fallacious, non-existent "good-evil," this founded upon HUBRISTIC "free" will, the scum always pretending they're "good."

And in such SUBJECTIVIST conditions (like presently in Jew S A), Jews dominate, Jews being far more COLLECTIVISTIC than the individualist, isolated, dis-connected and dis-organized gentiles, even though gentiles far out-number kikes.

I could go on for the cultural/historic/psychologic analysis, but it's this basic dichotomy and contrast in view/understanding of reality that's at work, the Jew subjectivism vs. native white/Western objectivity, but which objectivity the corrupt and now over-populated white population loses once it achieves victory/"prosperity" as we see now and further confirmed fm previous, ancient Roman example.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Fetzer, establishment hack, has lots to answer for, so miserably overlooking the rise of in-ur-face satanism right under his nose....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Simple Philosophic Cultural Implications Put In Dramatic, Poignant Manner--Should Be Heeded By Fetzer, Philosophics

"I agree with apsterian, but I don't think it's the best idea to hate a Jew, although fully justified." -Anonymous November 28, 2015 at 1:55 PM, above

* * * * * * * * * *

Thanks much for ur kind words (see below-copied), comrade, especially for taking note of my choice of propaganda, text, and style thereto, ho ho ho ho. One of the things I like to do is to getting folks to examine and consider the basic meaning and definitions of the words and concepts they use--and including the circumstances, esp. historic.

For it's important to grasp simple, VERIFIABLE truth that a completely NEW, over only last few yrs and decades or so, thing in way of cultural development has arisen, showing it's putrid face--outright, blatant, in-ur-face satanism (extreme subjectivism)--this is absolutely REVOLUTIONARY, un-seen before in our history of Western (hence Christian) civilization over a couple of millennia now. HOW HAS FETZER FAILED TO TAKE NOTE?--isn't this an amazing and significant question and issue to consider?

Note: first the Jews were legitimized around time of French Rev.--this was bad and horrible enough, but now note the rise of explicit satanism (extreme subjectivism), as in "hip-hop" music, not to mention in other areas too.

Thus this literal, blatant satanism has arisen right under Fetzer's very nose, during the very time Fetzer held his job as "instructor" and "teacher," ho ho ho ho ho ho ho--within the so-called institutes of "higher edjumacation," ho ho ho ho ho--and Fetzer has nary a word to say about all this satanic activity--what are the reasons and circumstances for this GROSS IGNORANCE and incompetence on part of Fetzer?--isn't it actually amazing when u consider the enormity of it all?--and isn't it not only legitimate, but imperative to pt. out this amazing, horrific, and tragic state of affairs?

And the joke is Fetzer goes about telling people about the books he's written, etc.--as if he's someone to actually listen to for his monumental IGNORANCE of such an amazing new cultural development as I've described and noted, easily confirmed and verified by anyone.

Another thing I like to emphasize regards meaning and implications of our dear Christianity, formerly the great bulwark of people and culture against such horrific satanism, for if Christianity is love, reverence, and worship of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) above all/any other precepts, then isn't the obvious and necessary logical reciprocal and corollary of that love for truth hatred of lies and satanism (extreme subjectivism) whence truth is destroyed for any objective basis, premise, or criterion, hence meaning?

And I think it's important to remind folks as Christianity is about love of truth, it's legitimate also to be understood reciprocally and logically as hatred of satanism, lies, and hence hatred of foremost organized and dedicated satanists and liars, Jew filth (see for expo on Talmud).

Thus Christianity is most virtuously and accurately understood and simplified as anti-satanism and ANTI-SEMITISM, it being impossible to be Christian without being anti-semitic, as there's no good Jew, satanist, Christ-killer, or psychopath. Christianity is simply most effective such anti-satanism as it so well demonstrates and expounds love of truth (= Christ) and following implications.

So I think it's important, topical, relevant, prudent, instructive, informative, and imperative to pt.-up these simplified themes and ideas for people in general, but also including Fetzer himself for circumstances of philosophy and the cultural situation, both in general, regarding satanism (extreme subjectivism), and then specifically regarding Sandy hoax and the treasonous attempt of satanists to overthrow US Constitution and commit literal genocide ("pop.-reduction" in accord w. "Agenda-21")--it all goes together, don't doubt. Fetzer well-needs to having these ideas made clear for him for his own good and info.

---------------------above by ap in response to below-copied------------------

Anonymous November 28, 2015 at 1:55 PM

I'm new in here and I found it quite interesting to follow the debate about good Jew-bad Jew. One practical question might be that has anyone ever heard a Jew to say in public, that I'm not a bad Jew, the bad Jew is the high ranked Rabbi who teached me to hate everything except our own racial cult and chain of command inside it, or even worse the man in the FED with money printer, whose artificially made million casualties mess I'm only covering up? Quess it's no but on the other hand it's almost necessity for a so called Christian to take the side of the weaker, in this case the so called weaker. But just almost, the Truth is above everything and it's the light in the darkness that shows whos in need of helping hand and who just want their dirty laundry whitewashed.

I agree with apsterian, but I don't think it's the best idea to hate a Jew, although fully justified. A Jewish individual don't exist, only the Jewish chain of command for outsider gentile, but inside the cult it does exist while individual Jews do the best they can to advance their position at the cult hierarchy.

They have kept monitoring and lying and laughing to us for the past 2000 years, now it's our turn to monitor and lie and laugh to them next 2000 years. Especially those when a Jew is licking another Jews ass for promotion.

Mere book banning minor manifestation of latest satanic trends in view of Turk shoot-down of Russian jet, aiming for war....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Book Suppression, Banning Just Minor Manifestation Of Latest satanic Trends Now Aiming At War
(Apollonian, 28 Nov 15)

Well Fetzer, once again we see the TREMENDOUS and overwhelming power of the financial might of central-banking (US Federal Reserve Bank--see and for expo) in the way it can control things cultural and sociologic, as for the mass-corp. Jews-media, ownership and control of the large corp.s, politicians, judges, public edjumacation, etc.--practically everything and everybody.

U need to do a show on the power and implications of this central-banking scam, how it works, some of the history, etc., this entire scam built upon people's simple ignorance regarding money, what it is and must be, and why.

But it looks like ZOG has gone yet a step further in the satanic process of hubris and death-worship (as Agenda-21 and "population-reduction") w. Turkey's shoot-down of the Russian jet, the other day. Greg Mannarino, noted stock-market analyst, now explains how ZOG most seriously wants war--as way of ginning-up yet more funds and gov. spending to prop their "devivatives" investments. See his 12 min vid at

The only other pt. to be made is the distinct SATANIC nature of the general culture, as in "hip-hop" music, which has arisen before our very eyes. Remember satanism is hubristic making oneself God, specifically then by means of extreme subjectivism, all-time pretext for this subjectivism given by moralism of non-existent "good-evil."

Who controls this satanism/subjectivism?--the most COLLECTIVISTIC, "organized," and "connected" among subjectivists, gentiles typically being too individualistic and isolated, even though these stupid goyim so much presently out-number Jews.

So would ZOG have deliberately staged Sandy hoax?--why wouldn't they as we see they deliberately built-up ISIS to create masses of refugees by which to invade formerly sovereign states to bring in world dictatorship, the "rightist"-seeming and neo-con Jews behind Israel working hand-in-hand w. the leftist Jews behind Obola and the United Nations?--just like they did on 9/11.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Tragic failure of academic "philosophy" is pathetic, but also instructive, revealing, if one only looks....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Fetzer Does His Best, But It's So Tragically Little And Late In The Game
(Apollonian, 22 Nov 15)

Yes Fetzer is not un-deserving of some credit (see below-copied). I'm not so sure he deliberately adds dis-info, but he certainly FAILS to do the full job philosophically, which is what he has degree in and is supposed to knowing something about.

For WHAT is the very essence of the philosophic's job and functioning?--to place things in context/perspective, as for genera and differentia, which Fetzer fails to do, as Sandy hoax, 9/11, and JFK assassinations are all specific instances falling under a veritable criminal regime and era of central-banking which central-banking Fetzer ignores and overlooks--how?--why?--it's nothing less than amazing and baffling.

Fetzer never hrd of Christian philosophy or philosophic implications of Christian literature, New Test.

And Fetzer seems to be speechless in face of overt, in-ur-face, blatant SATANISM (extreme subjectivism) which we have evermore being pushed in our faces as especially in "hip-hop" music--absolutely un-precedented in Western history. Fetzer gives no commentary for this satanism which is nothing less than revolutionary if not frightening.

So Fetzer does well enough as journalist and analyst, which analysis surely requires some philosophic/scientific art and skill, no doubt, but still Fetzer fails significantly for proper demonstration and application of his supposed speciality in philosophy.

For Fetzer seems to be quite PARALYZED in face of the Judaic Regime which has Fetzer so well-trained for such passive obeisance--it's inconceivable Fetzer would even imagine to offending his Jew-masters--perish the thought. Fetzer cannot even begin to grasping the abject reverential deference he so religiously pays to his Jew-masters.

And to think Fetzer was instructing students, surely thousands and thousands, for so many yrs in public institute(s) of edjumacation, should say something about our present culture in general, now so horribly, miserably blind-sided by these filthy, stinking satanic scum bringing-in "world gov." and "agenda-21" de-population (genocide)--it's enough to make a good citizen cry.

But such is "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, demonstrating once again that grim truth taught by those wise old Greeks about human TRAGEDY--life sucks, for sure, and we've only found-out part of it yet, as US Dollar and economy continue to collapse horrendously and most definitively. Lord save us; we need another St. Constantine the Great to revive and resuscitate the culture melting-down and dribbling into the sewer.

-----------------------above by ap in response to below-copied------------------

Anonymous November 22, 2015 at 6:30 PM

Kudos to Fetzer for telling the truth about Sandy Hook. It is true that no died there. The fact remains that he's a psyop operator who earns trust with some truth and then adds disinformation.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Observe, satanism evermore blatant, pushy, in-ur-face allows gentiles & Christians to unite against this horrific negative, easier to find agreement for basic Christian principle(s)....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

New Christian-Led Revolution In Face Of Gross satanism Evermore Possible, Feasible
(Apollonian, 21 Nov 15)

Thanks much for ur kind words (see below-copied). We gentiles and Christians are presently faced w. amazing, blatant, in-ur-face eruption of out-and-out satanism, esp. in way of "hip-hop" music, just for one thing, aside fm all the other areas and sectors of the culture, absolutely un-precedented in history for such explicit satanism, the people's traditional Christianity having served as bulwark against such gross satanism in the past, but no more.

For establishment Christian churches are now all sold-out to u-know-who. Regardless, Christian and gentile volk can at least agree and rally against an undeniable NEGATIVE, this horrific satanism now rampant and raging. And it's amazing the psychopaths at top imagined they could get-away w. (a) funding, training, arming, supplying ISIS, (b) causing refugee flood, (c) for purpose of invading nation-states and bringing-in Jew world order and World gov. It all then rather goes to show how Jew neo-cons and Israeli "rightists" work so willingly w. leftist Jews behind United Nations world dictatorship.

Thus the Christian and gentile people rallying AGAINST this satanism led by Jews can at least agree upon Christian ideal of TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) founded necessarily upon God-given objective reality against satanic subjectivism, the basis for Jew lies (JOHN 8:44).

Otherwise, Americans see better now virtue of states-rights and 10th Amendment of US Constitution, nullification, secession, and necessity of hard-money, commodity-based, these natural, easily understood remedies against evermore satanic ZOG.

And never forget the original Christian-inspired revolution led by St. Constantine the Great, early 4th cent. which revived and resuscitated, at least briefly, the otherwise moribund Roman emp. of the time.

--------------------above by ap in response to below-copied--------------------

Jim Fetzer November 21, 2015 at 7:44 AM

Dennis Cimino asked me to post this for him:

Well, Apsterian, I have to hand it to you, you summed it up better than I could have. Most morons who think these hapless jooz are affable laughable boobs who only seek to entertain us goyim, are deluded and in-fact, in such DENIAL about what is really going on, that as I told Jim Fetzer today on the phone, this gig in France was to usher in a 'global' MARTIAL LAW declaration by all of the jooo puppet governments except Russia, India, Pakistan and maybe China perhaps.

All of the rest work for these filthy BAUER scum who think they are a red shield. In fact, they're a red blob of dying brain and lung protoplasm blasted out by bolshevik khazarian filth who eat children for breakfast and gloat about their 'humanity' as they listen to N.P.R. (national purim radio).

Apsterian, don't expect these jackasses to get a clue. They're too busy deluding themselves that singing cumbaya and having 'Co-exist' bumper stickers will keep them safe in their bubble as the jooz exterminate all life on the planet in their quest for the almighty shekel grub.

Most goyim are morons. They haven't taken the time to look at the real translated speeches given by Adolph Hitler, or for that matter, by Charles
Lindbergh, or Louis T. McFadden, or one enlightened catholic clergyman, father Francis Coughlin, all tried to warn the populations of every nation about the nature of this scum we call 'jew' when in fact, it should be called 'neanderthalian throwback' more than anything, from the 12 centuries of inbreeding, essentially freezing evolution in their sick tribe.

Mileikowski has a warrant out for his polack ass, as does his turd FM, from of all people, a spaniard judge.there is a glimmer of hope, Apsterian. just not enough to save humankind from the hubris of these filthy khazarian scum. it's way too late for that, I'm afraid.

Good post, my friend. Your exemplary summary judgment here is very hard to upstage.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Problem now for West and Jew S A is anti-Christ religion of satanism; solution then must be religious too--the REAL Christianity....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Cultural Problem Is satanic "Religion"; Necessary Answer/Solution MUST Be Anti-satanic, Hence The Real, Original Christianity--There's Really No Other Way
(Apollonian, 20 Nov 15)

Yes JR, it's truly getting stranger and stranger, but then again, that's natural, CYCLIC course of things according to Oswald Spengler in "Decline of the West."

And again, don't forget to note the absolutely un-precedented, explicit, in-ur-face satanism, as in "hip-hop" music.

Thus, u see, it's a DEATH CULTURE, worship of death--it's no coincidence about United Nations (UN) "Agenda-21" serious plan for de-population.

Thus the oligarchs, having now milked the economy, as in Jew S A and West, even Germany now suffering horrendous waves of invaders, having essentially destroyed the currency, about to collapse, they need a war by which to "muddy the waters" and to make their get-away.

But the main pt. now I want to make is the tremendous, amazing "religious" satanism which has taken-control lately in Jew S A--this satanic reign of lawlessness in which top criminals get away w. practically anything, including mass-murder (e.g., Libya and Iraq) and child prostitution, as especially in UK, goes along w. rise of "world gov."--dictatorship--which needs war and terrorism as excuse/pretext for being/existence.

So u see the simultaneous rise of world gov. dictatorship and satanism and suppression of peoples' rights along w. collapse of economies and impoverishment of the population, making them more subject to extortion, starving people more willing to accept despotism.

Thus we need the REAL Christianity, anti-satanism, as the volk don't too easily understand strict philosophy--this is the traditional place and purpose of proper "religion," u see, consistent w. origins of original USA.

Meantime, present Jew S A empire, now essentially bankrupt, must break down, back into the original states w. all the rights, the economy necessarily reverting to the original "hard-money," commodity-based, hence gold/silver. And it will be difficult to prevent war fm breaking-out; we must pray that such warfare isn't too pro-longed or destructive.

And as the problem is the anti-Christ, satanic "religion," so the answer and counter-measure must be religious in style too--the REAL (anti-satanic) Christianity--what else?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

CYCLIC history taking-place before our very eyes, emergence of outright satanism....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

CYCLIC "Decline Of West" Before Our Very Eyes
(Apollonian, 19 Nov 15)

U gotta admit, Trump is savvy--he knows what's popular to say, and Bergdahl is tough case when it comes to mooooselmen upon American goon audience after being programmed by Jew TeeVee, as u call it, Americans conditioned to hate Taliban and mooooooselmen.

Jew, Jonathan Pollard is hated, I believe, and rightly so, by American people, but for obvious reasons, a candidate, like Trump, can't say too much against him due to idiot reverence for religion of Jew-worship which has been sooo heavily induced upon Americans. Jews would savage Trump for the typical, predictable "anti-semitism."

So u have the irony: the white Christian, or at least gentile, Bergdahl, must suffer, but the Jew, Pollard, roundly hated, skates. And few among the American goons can figure it out--but it's due to Jews in control of that currency-churning mechanism, US Federal Reserve Bank legalized COUNTERFEITING (see and for expo) which renders ownership, hence Jew-control, of EVERYTHING and everyone, though few would admit it.

Interesting that this Fed fraud gets-by--why?--because people can't understand seemingly simple thing like MONEY, what it is, and why it MUST be--a commodity, gold/silver being best.

People actually think, geeeeee, but if we only had a magic "bank" that prints-out (and nowadays, digitalizes) all the money we need, we'd be sooooo happy and rich--people are truly that stupid, like children.

And because people are sooooooo horrifically stupid, letting Jews (and accomplices) run the legalized COUNTERFEITING scam--that's why and how we have literal satanism ruling the culture.

I'm telling u, JR--there's the typical HUBRIS, and subjectivism and stupidity within the society, but today we have NOTHING LESS than absolute satanism, US gov. admittedly arming, supplying, backing, equipping ISIS/ISIL, like they did "al Qaeda" before that, causing mayhem and refugees, these now invading Western nations, destroying national sovereignty, bringing-in world dictatorship, and stupid goons are only now even starting to put it all together to figure-out the crass conspiracy.

Further, the terror-attacks done by these agents and creations of West, USA, Israel, UK and EU are then used as excuses to take the people's liberty and rights, not to mention destroying the economy.

Thus are nations, hence the people destroyed, literally, "Agenda-21" the official UN (world gov.) plan to de-populate the world--genocide. And it's all done, this satanism, by means of subjectivism, the pretext ALWAYS supplied by child's "good-evil" and hubristic perfectly "free" will--leading to central-banking and the funny-money fraud--leading to genocide.

Christianity, the real, original thing, consisting of forth-right anti-semitism was the curbing to that satanism (subjectivism). But corruption of people and culture is inevitable--as sure as so-called "civilization" leads to "prosperity," it all just breeding-up corrupt, "entitled," spoiled brats who didn't have to fight for things like their ancestors did--as we see now in Jew S A.

So now we have at least 3 kikes on US Supreme ct., the tax-payers' loot going to Israel and to paying terrorists, as noted, etc.--all come now to full circle, people being reduced for rights and "prosperity." Such is CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, a crying shame, but what can one do?--it, the CYCLIC course of things, can't be stopped, really, so all we can do is try to "going w. flow."

Thus we need states-rights and primacy of local gov., strict observance of rule-of-law, US Constitution, and HONEST money--not "currency," ever-inflated and devalued. This necessary, attempted salvation must begin w. people realizing, recognizing horrific satanism prevailing.

Fetzer's exposition too reduced to nit-picking mere details, must expand scope, properly placing particular within larger general, noting central-banking scam....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Fetzer's Expositional Technique And Grasp Pathetically Incompetent, Mis-Conceived
(Apollonian, 18 Nov 15)

Fetzer: it's important to be able to rebutting in detail liars who push the Sandy hoax, and an important crux now is ur pictures of Carver which we think and are sure were taken on eve of 13th. And u note the crucial pictures of the classroom windows which u say are un-broken, which is surely true, BUT WHY DON'T U SHOW THE PICTURES NEXT TO EACH OTHER in the text of ur notes above, in ur article?--it's extremely stupid and incompetent not to doing this, showing the broken compared to the un-broken windows of the classroom--esp. when this comparison is SO CRUCIAL to the larger argument.

As soon as it's proven and demonstrated the pictures are fm 13th, the hoax is definitively exploded--the windows and pictures thereof are crucial.

Otherwise, without the pictures compared, shown next to each other, the argument rests merely upon ur word against the liars. Don't forget, MOST PEOPLE don't have ur book, nor will most EVER see ur book or the pictures in the book. Show the pictures of the windows compared HERE in ur blog. This failure to show the comparison of the windows is a major blunder both for the book (evidently) and this blog-article of urs, here.

Another major and significant error of ur expositional technique, as I've noted before, is that of perspective/context, placing differentia within proper genus. Specifically, Sandy hoax needs be classed along w. other and recent false-flag psy-ops, like the Charleston, SC fake shootings, "Eliot Rogers" fraud, Boston Marathon fake bombing of 2013, and the MANY other similar "shooting" frauds over the last few yrs.

Further, something u, Fetzer, TOTALLY ignore and leave-out, one must consider the financial aspects under-lying Sandy hoax--as well as the other, similar criminal false-flags, 9/11, JFK, OKC bombing, etc. Simply considering Sandy hoax by itself, the planning had to have gone on for yrs, there being HUNDREDS of players involved--just for Sandy hoax, as I noted.

Further still, observe simply the AMOUNT of money and funding for this Sandy hoax, all by itself, is STAGGERING--millions upon millions of dollars have been and had to have been expended--AND IT'S STILL ON-GOING, never doubt, for the paying and maintaining the various frauds involved, esp. in the mass-corp. Jews-media. Kaitlyn Roig, I understand, has a new book out, ho ho ho.

Hence then Fetzer, it's obviously necessary for u to grasp and pt.-out the MASTER conspiracy of central-banking legalized COUNTERFEITING which provides this funding/financing and thus necessarily controls and over-sees all the other particular conspiracies herein noted, including 9/11, JFK, etc.

So, ur nit-picking and contending regarding mere details of Sandy hoax are not wrong in themselves, but should be understood in necessary, large context, including central-banking, which u totally overlook and omit for proper exposition. Pls attend to the comparison photo evidence for Sandy hoax classroom windows immediately, making that adjustment for this blog, here, thanks very much.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Rebekah Roth, truly interesting for cultural/political analysis, as of 9/11, etc....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Rebekah Roth In Large Scheme Of Things
(Apollonian, 14 Nov 15)

Yes, indubitably, Rebekah Roth is fiction-writer--not terribly great, but not terribly horrible, either. But she's on an interesting track, for I've listened to about a dozen of her interviews, some of them being 2 hrs long--she says and reveals lots of neat stuff.

Most of all, and most revealingly, I judge, is her anti-zionism--she's against Israel, BUT at same time she defends Jews in general, as if the non-zionist kikes are a-ok, ho ho ho ho

So right-off we have the usual "good-Jew, bad-Jew" game, yet once again, and when we see Rebekah is discovered w. a CIA phone link, we begin to understand how things really are, the Israelis being extremely powerful, politically, as we know, but not entirely, always appreciated at the very top-most pinnacle of power, even though these Israelis are indispensable for pulling-off BIG capers like 9/11.

Yet still, what's most interesting is Rebekah DOES indeed seem to understand quite clearly the satanic problem w. central-banking (US Federal Reserve Bank--see and for best expo), and this is surely the odd thing. For NEITHER CIA nor Israelis would appreciate this about Rebekah registering the truth about such central-banking.

So to me, Rebekah is to be credited for fingering those satanic monsters, the Israelis, but yet fails to grasp the equally satanic nature of all/any kikes qua kikes (Jew filth), murderers of Christ (= Truth, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), etc.

And it should be noted that it's impossible, still, to be entirely anti-semitic and surviving in this filthy Jew-dominated, satanic culture, it only being tolerated if one does as Rebekah, Alex Jones ( and others, condemning or "criticizing" "zionism," while at same time excusing Jew filth--the same old, typical "good-Jew, bad-Jew" game.

So now the question is (among others too, one supposes) did any planes actually take-off w. any real passengers?--well, wouldn't it be necessary IF the large story was to hold-up?--at least SOME people would have to be missing and dead, right?

And otherwise, Rebekah surely has important things right--like the FTS (flight termination system) being present and in operation--WHICH CONFIRMS ZOG was behind 9/11, ZOG in collusion w. Israelis, Saudis, etc.

And cut the crap: WE KNOW WHO DID 9/11--the satanic conspirators at the top, operating by means of their nearly INFINITE funds-creating machine, the central-bank, which is necessarily behind everything, esp. everything of criminal nature, which criminality these satanic filth have a monopoly, LITERALLY--Israel is just a particular gang-faction in this.

For satanism is essentially (extreme) subjectivism and hubris by which one makes oneself God, Jews necessarily the masters as they practice a sublime COLLECTIVIST subjectivism, able then to dominating and manipulating overwhelmingly greater numbers of gentile subjectivists who are otherwise too individualistic, isolated, and dis-connected--like Allan Powell, for example, hoh oho hoho

So what must gentiles do?--ORGANIZE, much as possible, this best done upon (a) Christian premises/principles, Christianity then understood as anti-semitism, etc.; (b) then in accord w. original American concepts, as of Jefferson, esp. in light of 10th Amendment, states-rights, nullification principle, primacy of local gov., etc.

Otherwise, even the stupidest people can see the blatant satanism and horrific destruction of Jew world order, ZOG creating ISIS, for example, ISIS then causing the refugees who then invade Christian, Western nations for purpose of destruction of nat. sovereignty, etc. If they can't see this obvious plan in action before their very eyes, golly, but they deserve death, right?--it's just committing suicide, isn't it?--all in the name of non-existent, Pharisaic, "good"--but "good" for who?--no one but Jews and satan, obviously.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Christian-inspired revolution is only thing to help USA--Christian, hence anti-semitic, the more explicit, the better....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Only Real, Serious, Christian-Inspired Revolution Can Change, Help Things
(Apollonian, 12 Nov 15)

Unfortunately, we're now observing the entirely PREDICTABLE results and effects of ZOG intimidation, extortion, terrorism, etc., upon a poor, pathetic citizen-victim of the leading and basic criminal conspiracy, controlling all the others, that of central-banking legalized COUNTERFEITING, namely, in case of present Jew S A, the US Federal Reserve Bank.

What?--one may say, u mean it's bankers behind all this activity? Well of course it is, u stupid scum, and these bankers are behind ZOG which rules, which sends ur kids off to fight foreign wars which are NOT in legitimate defense of USA, now Jew S A.

The same powers intimidated, terrorized, and assassinated witnesses to JFK, OKC bombing of 1995, and many other crimes, including 9/11 and Sandy hoax--what did and do u stupid scum expect?--u're only being treated like the stupid, brainless suckers u really and truly are--human cattle, cannon-fodder for the bankers for all the wars, going back to the "Civil War"--better named as war of Northern Aggression and Empire.

And NOTHING will be done, no matter the lies they tell poor Wolfgang and the stupid puke who are the so-called "citizens" of Jew S A, dominated by Jews and Isreal, as evermore people know and learn.

For the criminal "bankers"--really COUNTERFEITERS (literally)--have everyone paid off and/or extorted by means of nearly infinite funding. Anyone who continues to seriously refuse to going along w. them will be killed by crack-addicts, who will be eliminated as witnesses by other crack-addicts paid a few hundred bucks--like they killed Lee Harvey Oswald, and numerous other witnesses and whistle-blowers.

And the main-stream corp. Jews-media?--they're mere paid prostitutes, pathological liars, drug-addicts, etc.--the "mockingbird media," owned and controlled, lock, stock, and barrel, as is well-known.

Who else will tell the truth?--it isn't Jim Fetzer or James Tracy as these are just "mentally-enslaved morons," no less than all the other poor fools, scum, victims, goons, and TV-addicts in our putrid, filthy, corrupt culture in CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

For the "edjumacation" system is no less dominated and thoroughly corrupted by the funny-money churned-out by the "bankers" and the Fed fraud, Fetzer and Tracy well-trained like seals and circus-bears to effect they can't be "anti-semitic" or, heaven forfend, "racist." Fetzer and Tracy would rather sell their children and commit suicide.

And the power of this not-so-sublime criminal activity and counterfeiting affects ABSOLUTELY all the possible circumstances to make poor Wolfgang intimidated, threatened, terrorized, and hysterical as he has been made now by means of steady pressure and application of all the forces and almost literally INFINITE funding.

All it takes is MONEY, suckers. Actually, it isn't really money anymore, folks, it's now technically called, "currency," real money having to be commodity, thus gold/silver--but how many people can figure this out about (seemingly) simple thing like money?

And there's no hope--there'll be no help for poor Wolfgang--why?--because the currency is still accepted for payment for goods and svcs by too many people.

The currency rules all, and will only end when it finally collapses in "hyper-inflation." And when that (hyper-inflation) happens, the bankers will have the country involved in wars, external as well as internal, the people starving and worried about soooo many other things, like bio-weapons these psychopaths will be sure to un-leash, if not EMP attack, HAARP, and even old-fashioned nukes if necessary.

So why hasn't the NRA (National Rifle Association) stepped-in to help poor Wolfgang?--answer: MONEY, sucker--what else? For if it's big enough, the bankers control it directly. If it's not big, bankers still control indirectly.

So prepare thyselves, suckers: U'RE DOOMED. And the only possible thing which will save USA is the collapse of the currency, it losing its power ONLY by that event. And the only HOPE is a serious, down-right REVOLUTION--people have to emulate the Christian revolution of early 4th cent. and grasp the glorious power and meaning of serious anti-semitism, suckers.

But lots of scum, traitors, weaklings, dupes, and fools will have to be removed before that happens, eh? Ho ho ho--it's inconceivable for such as Fetzer and Tracy who'd rather die. Nonetheless such revolution must happen, and real patriots must learn the necessity of serious anti-semitism--the real Christianity, Gosp. JOHN 8:44.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Greatest enemy of TRUTH (= Christ) is "good"/Pharisaism, "good" the entrance vehicle of satanism/subjectivism....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Rise Of Pelagianism And "Good" For Overthrow Of Truth (= Christ)
(Apollonian, 11 Nov 15)

Mr. Pinay: thanks for ur useful expo (ck citation, above), but I'd like to bring up another pt. regarding "...Mason is obliged by his tenure to observe the Moral Law...." And this regards important issue of Pharisaic moralism replacing and superseding Christian TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), truth the highest virtue/value of Christian, the ethical means being subservient to this end of truth (= Christ), HONESTY, for example, necessary means/condition towards such truth (= Christ).

Note the (Pharisaic, effectively) philosopher, Plato, equated truth w. beauty and "good."

Pt. then is if there is TRUTH (= Christ), then there MUST BE an OBJECTIVE REALITY, God-given and -created, this providing the necessary basis/premise to such truth (= Christ).

And this absolute objectivity for reality is precisely what Pharisaics, Talmudists, and Jews, including their flunkies, including masons, deny as they insist reality is what they want it to be, especially beginning w. Torah/Mosaic law, holding that it's what rabbis say it is for object, object being WHATEVER serves Jews--SUBJECTIVISM. Thus rabbis effectively hold God's highest purpose was/is to creating his favorites, Jews, God mere slave of Jews, excusing their mass-murder of gentiles, creating miracles to make their satanic wishes come true.

Hence then basic philosophic difference btwn Christian and Jew is the nature of reality, Christians holding to the objective ("God-given/-created") vs. Jew subjective (hence satanic).

Note further what we see in our culture: rampant satanism, thus subjectivism, (extreme) subjectivism being the means by which one makes oneself God, holding one's view of reality, mentality, and consciousness to actually being of reality. And we see confirmation of this rampant, raging satanism in hip-hop music industry, noted by many, many vids on u-tube (just use search term, "satanism," to verify). And subjectivism is also manifest in the application of law regarding hitlery Clinton, for another example, and the big banks and corp.s, utterly destroying our rule-of-law and overthrow of US Constitution.

I want thus to bringing this radical conflict and contrast in basic principle to ur attn. regarding Christianity and Pharisaism, so clear, simple, and EASY to discern and verify: objective nature of reality, God-given according to Christianity, vs. the Jew subjectivism by which they make themselves God the creator of reality by means of subjectivism, justified in "good" which is necessarily subjective by essence, Christianity, St.s Augustine and Paul, holding we're all sinners incapable of "good," this being heresy of Pelagianism (Augustine).

Thus Jews RULE the corrupt, hence subjectivistic culture in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, as Jews are collectivist, unified, most organized, and "connected," even though out-numbered by satanic/subjectivistic gentiles who are typically far more individualistic, dis-connected, un-organized except by Jews, and utterly dis-unified, the perfect pawns and zombies for Jew master-minds--like the masons, as u pt.-out.

And again, KEY to this gentile passivity and submission to Jew enslavement is willingness to submit to subjectivism especially upon pretext of "good-evil" fallacy/delusion beginning in child-hood which gentiles cannot over-come, esp. as the culture becomes evermore corrupt in the false "prosperity," gentiles addicted to "bread and circuses," as we see.

Thus it is Jew subjectivism/satanism overthrows Christian truth in the corrupt culture, this satanist hegemony founded upon original pretext of subjectivist "good" and Pelagian heresy, non-existent, hereticalist "good" truly the WORST ENEMY of truth and Christ.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

"JR"--stymied for his obsessionate insistence he's "American"--AND Jew-tolerant at same time....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

JR's Reluctant "Journey"
(Apollonian, 8 Nov 15)

Thus we see JR remains locked in paralysis over this fundamental Jew and satanic issue. JR just can't figure-out what to say. For JR is DETERMINED to "tolerating" Jews; tolerating kikes is JR's RELIGION fm which he won't deviate.

So u see JR: we see u're NOT "AMERICAN"--u're rather determined upon ur religion of Jew-toleration, right?

U're really an alien, NOT "American" at all. For u can't for the life of u figure-out hatred of Jews is foundation of Western Civilization and hence of America, the old USA. And given the two choices, Jew or America--U REJECT AMERICA, and u just have difficulty facing-up to this.

U want to pretend u can be both, "American" and Jew tolerator--which is impossible, and u won't accept it's contradictory, paralyzed as we see u are before the two incompatible principles.

(a) U can't and won't see simple history of Western civilization hatred and contempt for Jews. We've ALWAYS hated Jews, and as we've hated Jews, the West PROSPERED.

(b) U imagine (evidently) Western civ. only really begins at French Revolution when the Jews seemed to have been re-habilitated and now officially tolerated.

(c) U want to insist USA means toleration of Jews when it doesn't, and nothing about real USA, like Dec. of Independence, so indicates. USA HAS ALWAYS BEEN CHRISTIAN, hence anti-semitic, but u want to gloss-over this slight fact.

(d) U want to gloss-over the "Civil War" which destroyed the real USA of the Dec. of Ind. and original Constitution.

(e) And u want to arbitrarily impose upon things ur own understanding of "America," against and in spite of any facts, insisting it includes toleration of Jews--this is ur RELIGION fm which u won't deviate.

(f) And it's ok (but not really) if u want to tolerate kikes, but this is anti-American and anti-Western, and u don't care--u're just going to insist this is the "American" way, regardless of facts and reality--u thus have ur very own "America," and u have difficulty grasping this is ur own religiously-held delusion--this while expressing contempt for "religion" in general, as u pretend u're advocate of reason.

So u see JR, I want to merely impress u w. problems u have for ur obsessions for ur non-existent and fictional "America" and ur anti-American insistence upon toleration of Jews.

America, the real thing, was made for white Christians: u've got to finally figure this out if u ever want to recover to sanity and truth. And Christianity, the real thing, is necessarily anti-semitic; this is another thing u've got to figure-out.

And America, the real thing, not ur delusionary wishful thinking, Dec. of Ind., and Constitution are necessarily dependent upon anti-semitism (Christianity, the real thing), and cannot be separated. Once u take away Christianity (hence anti-semitism), u destroy America, the real thing.

So don't blame me, JR, this analysis and revelation is and was always necessary destination upon ur "American's Journey," whether u realize it or not. There's reality and truth, and then there's madness and delusion built upon hubris and wishful thinking--u can't have both.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Sandy hoax truthers' book sure to be success, the desperation of liars frauds excellent indication....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sandy Hoax Truther's Book SURE To Be Success
(Apollonian, 6 Nov 15)

Fetzer does a fairly good job here (blog) and in his rebuttal, above, to the paid-liar and prop. artist, Mr. "Flagg," ho ho ho ho

But Fetzer might well have taken a different tack, citing Sherlock Holmes, “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

For there were no bodies, no blood, and no pictures--NO EVIDENCE, which is what's necessary--Flagg has a serious problem. So Flagg essentially says we must simply BELEEEEEEEEEEEV known liars and criminals who are caught in deliberate fraud, malfeasance, and obstruction of justice.

Monte Frank, the lawyer, actually admitted to telling duly subpoena'd witnesses not to show up at Wolfgang Halbig's FOIA hearings. Gov. Malloy is caught on video lying and denying he said what he's on video record having said--that he'd been "spoken to."

And the "evidence" is thus necessarily INDUCTIVE, as usual for science and legal investigations, the evidence considered, the conclusion being, indeed, no one died; it was drill, for all the evidence leads ineluctably to this conclusion, this conclusion not falsified by any facts. Q.E.D.

Flagg insists the inductive process is what disqualifies the conclusion, offering no evidence of his own but for the lies of known liars and criminals, this for the TREASONABLE purpose of overthrowing US Constitution--this is what's going on.

Thus Flagg falsely insists that since opponents haven't conclusively proven the liars, frauds, hoaxes have no evidence beyond their lies, the liars' word should be accepted by the citizens, this again, for purpose of overthrowing US Constitution.

But I suspect enough people will buy the book, at least ck it out fm the libraries, so that the book will be a resounding success for sales (a), and over an extended period of time, and (b) for purpose of exposing the conspirators, frauds, and TRAITORS trying to overthrow US Constitution.

Who is "Rebekah" working for?--as Fetzer nit-picks....

Below-copied first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Rebekah Is Strange Sort Of "Op," Freely Spilling Major "Beans"
(Apollonian, 6 Nov 15)

Well, as I note above (see below-copied), WHY would she pt. to Israelis as the culprits, these working for the top Jew bankers?--though she doesn't so much ID Jews regarding banking, yet she DOES take note of fraud nature of Federal Reserve Bank (legalized COUNTERFEITING)--which is more than u do.

So if she is an "op," who in the heck is she working for?--it ain't Jews nor bankers, and the bankers are the very topmost world powers who have everyone else on the run, except maybe Russia and China.

Note only SOME of her claims are inaccurate, not necessarily totally "false." Her version of planes and passengers DO NOT "support" official narrative at all, she saying planes were diverted, the passengers then disposed of, etc.--this is NOT the official narrative.

If "BTS" is all u got, it doesn't seem like enough to be conclusive, though it may be bothersome. So if she's pt-ing to Jews and bankers, she certainly has the big, main pt.s right--why would she shoot herself in foot for defective details?

Rebekah has been out recently, just a few days ago, w. some additional info on the little doodlings and drawings made by the Israeli "artists" which seem to indicate they knew what was about to happen to the WTC bldgs.:

--------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-----------------

James Fetzer November 6, 2015 at 3:16 AM

Rebekah appears to be CIA. She has a photographic memory. She seems to have plagiarized her vast store of research. Someone like this is going to be hard to pin down. She isn't going to make a lot of easily-detectable mistakes. You are welcome to add those you notice in addition to mine, including:

She confounds transponders and radar, which proves she does not have the technical competence she claims. She trivializes the BTS records, which show that her claims are false. And she attempts to belittle "retired professions" who are not taken in. Most importantly, she is restoring the planes and the passengers to support the "official" narrative.

James Fetzer November 6, 2015 at 3:24 AM

In addition, Rebekah/Monika appears to have faked her identity. She was pissed off when Dennis noticed she resided in Langley. She looks like an op, she talks like an op and she walks like an op. I am not sure how much more proof we are going to have at hand with a sophisticated op like her.

---------------------above in response to below by ap-----------------------

BTS Report?--That's All Fetzer Has?
(Apollonian, 5 Nov 15)

I read Roth's first book, "Methodical...," and it was NOT very good kind of story for a thriller, not very well written--I rather skimmed through most of it. BUT I must say she wrote some great stuff at the end of the book, her hero, the newly inducted president, who had been Speaker of the House, coming out against dual-citizens, obviously talking about the Israeli Jews, and denouncing the US Federal Reserve Bank. So WHO is Roth helping or not helping?

And I noted in Roth's numerous int-views, she presents amazing info, for example, about Dan Lewin, the Israeli Sayaret Maktal agent, and Jew, Barbara Olson, who allegedly made cell-phone calls to her husband, Ted, the Solicitor Gen. at Justice dept. at the time. Roth's thesis is that Lewin was a "controller," working for ZOG.

So the pt. to Roth's info is anti-semitic, hence surely good news and good work. And the question then is if Roth really were crisis-actor, why is she so anti-semitic?--isn't this counter-intuitive?

Obvious problem is fact that so much of this necessary info, about 9/11, JFK, and practically everything, is being covered-up by ZOG--ZOG is the problem, and who benefits thereby?--obviously the satanic masterminds behind world gov. and the central-banks. I don't see how Rebekah Roth is helping ZOG.

And we see Fetzer's pt. against Roth regards The BTS report, but is this all Fetzer has? To be sure, Fetzer may indeed have a pt. regarding a particular aspect Roth's narrative, but does it really accomplish terribly much?--doesn't seem like it.

So we see AGAIN, Fetzer wants to nit-pick upon details while ignoring the large picture regarding (a) central-banking, (b) Jews, not just "zionists," (c) and the satanic aspects of the culture, including the (d) advancing world-gov. and its agenda.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The real "weak link" for Sandy hoax?--it's the legal corruption, obstruction, malfeasance, and fraud, BLATANT, OBVIOUS....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

ZOG "Narrative" Upheld Only By Criminal, Military Threats, Intimidation
(Apollonian, 4 Nov 15)

Yes (see below-copied), BUT actually, the real weak-link is the OBVIOUS obstruction(s) of justice, malfeasances, and outright fraud committed by the various officials, bureaucrats, politicians, and judges regarding Newtown and state of Corrupticut, not to mention the gross criminals at the "federal" level. And all this has been well and excellently probed and explored by our hero, Wolfgang Halbig, who has done yeoman's work, truly.

I'm actually amazed Wolfgang found a lawyer who would half-way cooperate and try to doing a decent job--those people are easily bribed and extorted, no less than the judges, especially, who are hand-picked according to their corrupt nature and status and wouldn't be in their positions UNLESS they were "reliable" to the establishment.

There's no worse and more blatant "weak link" than Monte Frank, the Jew shyster who represented the Sandy hoax powers, who told Wolfgang's witnesses, duly subpoena'd, to not show-up to the hearings.

Don't forget the cops who physically barred Wolfgang fm entering the United Way offices, and the Florida cops who relayed the threat to arrest him if he continued to persist. Then there was Gov. Malloy, ho ho ho, who blatantly and brazenly lied to Wolfgang on video, insisting he never said what he's already on video record having said, ho ho ho ho--PATHETIC.

But note: all of this gross, putrid corruption and lying will STAND--long as US Federal Reserve Bank legalized COUNTERFEITING continues to print-out and digitalize "currency" which is accepted by the people, and this will continue long as US military and powers continue to extort and intimidate people world-wide, forcing consumers of oil energy to pay in terms of US Dollars ("petro-dollars"), etc.

----------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-------------------

Richard Thornton November 3, 2015 at 1:38 PM

Did an internet post noting that in my perception the Medical Examiner is the weak link in the government narrative and that my view he should lawyer up and seek personal security. If my perception is correct, he may end up dead!!

Fetzer's failings for philosophy are significant, even if less than so many others....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Fetzer's Short-Comings Are Not Minor
(Apollonian, 4 Nov 15)

I rather agree w. Goldstein, above, and would pt. out that "peer-reviewed journals" are (a) over-rated, generally, (b) extremely fraudulent in many ways, and have been proven to be so (see below-copied note).

I further note Fetzer is tried and true member of a distinct "ESTABLISHMENT" w. certain standards which Fetzer meets as "emeritus" for over 30 yrs, as we understand--and there are serious problems and issues implicit and involved.

As a keen student of philosophy myself, I can attest Fetzer is quite WEAK in certain respects for philosophy. For one thing he has basic problems for grasp of ETHICS--which is simply logic btwn ends and means, Fetzer entertaining known frauds and failures like Immanuel Kant and Jeremy Bentham, for examples.

Similarly, in metaphysics, Fetzer seems to have distinct difficulty, not even fully grasping Aristotle and/or Platonic principles and implications.

Without any doubt, Fetzer FAILS signally for the basic philosophic task of perspective and CONTEXT, not capable of placing Sandy hoax, Boston bombing, and all the other recent fakes and frauds perpetrated by ZOG in way of "shootings," etc., or JFK and related assassinations, and 9/11 incident within context, especially historical context, within and under the larger fraud entailed by CENTRAL-BANKING (see for expo). For these bankers are un-questionably the master-criminals who control and dominate our present society and culture.

And of course, as I've noted, Fetzer seems to be totally "at sea" when it comes to Christian philosophy vs. the satanism of Judaism and Talmud and how this all plays-out in practice and in history.

So we see Fetzer has some SERIOUS problems for his knowledge and practice of the philosophic endeavor, art, and craft, though one must give him some credit as he strives and struggles, for example, to noting and grasping the actual facts for such as JFK and lately, Sandy hoax.

Fetzer seems to be at his best, basically as scientist and observer, for noting the facts and details for Sandy hoax, and then generalizing, in his limited manner, to limited conclusion(s) it was essentially a drill which then suffered "mission-creep," so to speak, regarding larger issue of gun-control and respect for US Constitution.

Surely, a great issue for Fetzer regards that of MONEY, what it really is and must be, and then the implications. After that (money), Fetzer surely needs to come to grips w. the satanic nature of our present society and how it got that way, and then most specifically, the nature, meaning, and implications of Judaism--Talmudism (see

But without doubt, Fetzer, it must be admitted, could be lots worse, and in our present sad state, we ought to be willing to count our blessings such as they are. Things are going to get lots worse before they ever get better.

------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied------------------

Anonymous November 4, 2015 at 11:23 AM

I'm sorry but to say he is not a "real" researcher is a bit inaccurate. No body can possibly publish as many technical philosophy articles in peer-reviewed journals without having something new to say. As far as his 9/11 research, he almost always gives the reference to where he got his info.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Discussion(s) of politics, religion only require art, diplomacy, strategy, remembering relevant ethical end....

Below-copied by ap first submitted (not yet published, but there are good chances) at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Discussion Of Religion, Politics, Only Requires Grasp Of Ethical Pretext
(Apollonian, 2 Nov 15)

Being avid scholar of economics, history and theory, I can assure u main purpose of masonry fm 17th through 18th and into the 19th cent.s was as conduit for Judaic infiltration of gentile society, esp. upon pretext of finance. Note establishment of Bank of England fractional-reserve institution of 1694. John Law's paper-money scheme went into business in early 18th cent. Richard Cantillon, the first scientific economist made his great economic analysis and observations, as well as a fortune, as he commented upon his friend, John Law.

Observe further, the masonic membership of Fred. the Great of Prussia and other contemporary imperialists of England and France--what could be the purpose for such common masonic "internationalism" among otherwise highly competitive rival empires?--answer: FINANCE--by who?--by the u-know-whos--who else? Ho ho ho ho

Masonry closely paralleled the court Jews, as the infamous "Jud Suess" in early 18th cent. Masonry was the way the Jews interfaced w. gentiles, u see? So naturally, they MUST keep secret their designs for international financial empire built upon legalized COUNTERFEITING and fiat-money/central-banking systems (see for expo on central-banking)--discretion was the watchword for these criminals and frauds. DON'T attract attn. is necessary watch-word or -phrase.

Spartacus-Weishaupt of the infamous "illuminati" was only one of Jews' prominent and quite successful front-men and organizers who worked to organize the masons w. even greater centralized control and definite plan for controlling society.

Regarding political and religious discussions, it only demands diplomacy and strategy for choice and achievement of whatever ends are sought. Ultimate ends must be agreed upon prior to any serious discussions, for politics and religion are designed for such ultimate ends and only if these ends are well recognized are discussions of mere means even allowed or tolerated, obviously.

And that's the problem: what should be ultimate ends?--a heavily ethical subject-matter, obviously. Here in Jew S A, presently, obvious problem is the satanism and hence extreme subjectivism which ravages and steadily destroys our very system of law, hence then economic system--IT MUST BE ADDRESSED and in successful and effective fashion or there will be nothing less than catastrophe which beckons as we speak, US Dollar about to decisively COLLAPSE, the economy following, USA then to becoming a 3rd world nation.

So we need to REMOVE this horrific satanic central gov. we have and to restoring US Constitution, states-rights, nullification, and commodity-based monetary standard. Removing Jews, leaders of satanism, will require removing Jews' strongest, most effective allies, the Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo) heretics and atanists--and this isn't difficult in theory.

But people still require motivation and inspiration, positive or negative, to be willing to consider necessity of facing-up to this horrific, dread satanism, and it seems it will only come w. stimulus of social turmoil and greater dis-comfort--people observing, for example, the Jews gloating in midst of gentile misery and mis-fortune. Things will have to get worse before Christian patriots can make more dramatic progress.

But remember, and be inspired by the great Christian revolution of early 4th cent. Roman empire which revived the empire, briefly at least, under leadership of St. Constantine the Great.