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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Fetzer's exposition too reduced to nit-picking mere details, must expand scope, properly placing particular within larger general, noting central-banking scam....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Fetzer's Expositional Technique And Grasp Pathetically Incompetent, Mis-Conceived
(Apollonian, 18 Nov 15)

Fetzer: it's important to be able to rebutting in detail liars who push the Sandy hoax, and an important crux now is ur pictures of Carver which we think and are sure were taken on eve of 13th. And u note the crucial pictures of the classroom windows which u say are un-broken, which is surely true, BUT WHY DON'T U SHOW THE PICTURES NEXT TO EACH OTHER in the text of ur notes above, in ur article?--it's extremely stupid and incompetent not to doing this, showing the broken compared to the un-broken windows of the classroom--esp. when this comparison is SO CRUCIAL to the larger argument.

As soon as it's proven and demonstrated the pictures are fm 13th, the hoax is definitively exploded--the windows and pictures thereof are crucial.

Otherwise, without the pictures compared, shown next to each other, the argument rests merely upon ur word against the liars. Don't forget, MOST PEOPLE don't have ur book, nor will most EVER see ur book or the pictures in the book. Show the pictures of the windows compared HERE in ur blog. This failure to show the comparison of the windows is a major blunder both for the book (evidently) and this blog-article of urs, here.

Another major and significant error of ur expositional technique, as I've noted before, is that of perspective/context, placing differentia within proper genus. Specifically, Sandy hoax needs be classed along w. other and recent false-flag psy-ops, like the Charleston, SC fake shootings, "Eliot Rogers" fraud, Boston Marathon fake bombing of 2013, and the MANY other similar "shooting" frauds over the last few yrs.

Further, something u, Fetzer, TOTALLY ignore and leave-out, one must consider the financial aspects under-lying Sandy hoax--as well as the other, similar criminal false-flags, 9/11, JFK, OKC bombing, etc. Simply considering Sandy hoax by itself, the planning had to have gone on for yrs, there being HUNDREDS of players involved--just for Sandy hoax, as I noted.

Further still, observe simply the AMOUNT of money and funding for this Sandy hoax, all by itself, is STAGGERING--millions upon millions of dollars have been and had to have been expended--AND IT'S STILL ON-GOING, never doubt, for the paying and maintaining the various frauds involved, esp. in the mass-corp. Jews-media. Kaitlyn Roig, I understand, has a new book out, ho ho ho.

Hence then Fetzer, it's obviously necessary for u to grasp and pt.-out the MASTER conspiracy of central-banking legalized COUNTERFEITING which provides this funding/financing and thus necessarily controls and over-sees all the other particular conspiracies herein noted, including 9/11, JFK, etc.

So, ur nit-picking and contending regarding mere details of Sandy hoax are not wrong in themselves, but should be understood in necessary, large context, including central-banking, which u totally overlook and omit for proper exposition. Pls attend to the comparison photo evidence for Sandy hoax classroom windows immediately, making that adjustment for this blog, here, thanks very much.

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