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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fetzer's failings for philosophy are significant, even if less than so many others....

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Fetzer's Short-Comings Are Not Minor
(Apollonian, 4 Nov 15)

I rather agree w. Goldstein, above, and would pt. out that "peer-reviewed journals" are (a) over-rated, generally, (b) extremely fraudulent in many ways, and have been proven to be so (see below-copied note).

I further note Fetzer is tried and true member of a distinct "ESTABLISHMENT" w. certain standards which Fetzer meets as "emeritus" for over 30 yrs, as we understand--and there are serious problems and issues implicit and involved.

As a keen student of philosophy myself, I can attest Fetzer is quite WEAK in certain respects for philosophy. For one thing he has basic problems for grasp of ETHICS--which is simply logic btwn ends and means, Fetzer entertaining known frauds and failures like Immanuel Kant and Jeremy Bentham, for examples.

Similarly, in metaphysics, Fetzer seems to have distinct difficulty, not even fully grasping Aristotle and/or Platonic principles and implications.

Without any doubt, Fetzer FAILS signally for the basic philosophic task of perspective and CONTEXT, not capable of placing Sandy hoax, Boston bombing, and all the other recent fakes and frauds perpetrated by ZOG in way of "shootings," etc., or JFK and related assassinations, and 9/11 incident within context, especially historical context, within and under the larger fraud entailed by CENTRAL-BANKING (see for expo). For these bankers are un-questionably the master-criminals who control and dominate our present society and culture.

And of course, as I've noted, Fetzer seems to be totally "at sea" when it comes to Christian philosophy vs. the satanism of Judaism and Talmud and how this all plays-out in practice and in history.

So we see Fetzer has some SERIOUS problems for his knowledge and practice of the philosophic endeavor, art, and craft, though one must give him some credit as he strives and struggles, for example, to noting and grasping the actual facts for such as JFK and lately, Sandy hoax.

Fetzer seems to be at his best, basically as scientist and observer, for noting the facts and details for Sandy hoax, and then generalizing, in his limited manner, to limited conclusion(s) it was essentially a drill which then suffered "mission-creep," so to speak, regarding larger issue of gun-control and respect for US Constitution.

Surely, a great issue for Fetzer regards that of MONEY, what it really is and must be, and then the implications. After that (money), Fetzer surely needs to come to grips w. the satanic nature of our present society and how it got that way, and then most specifically, the nature, meaning, and implications of Judaism--Talmudism (see

But without doubt, Fetzer, it must be admitted, could be lots worse, and in our present sad state, we ought to be willing to count our blessings such as they are. Things are going to get lots worse before they ever get better.

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Anonymous November 4, 2015 at 11:23 AM

I'm sorry but to say he is not a "real" researcher is a bit inaccurate. No body can possibly publish as many technical philosophy articles in peer-reviewed journals without having something new to say. As far as his 9/11 research, he almost always gives the reference to where he got his info.

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