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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Long as West discriminated against kikes, West PROSPERED and thrived....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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JR's Jew-Serving Cringing Demonstrated, Described
(Apollonian, 13 Apr 16)

Take one simple little observation: As long as the West discriminated against Jews, THE WEST THRIVED and prospered. And when, after French Rev., West began to "tolerate" this Jew filth, marking the (CYCLIC) "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, corresponding w. the fall of rationalist, objectivity-oriented culture, symbolized by Christian ideal of truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

Central-banking, always Jew-infested and -affected, had existed in England, for example, w. Bank of England of 1694, the goy front-man being William Patterson, the Jews reputedly re-admitted to England under Oliver Cromwell, earlier in the cent. For Jews are most collectivistically-oriented and organized which thus stream-lined organized crime and central-banking which makes way for everything else criminal and satanic.

And we see not long after F. Revolution came the Communist Manifesto of 1848, then the welfare-state of Bismarck Germany of later 19th cent. Bolsheviks then succeeded in 1917.

Concurrently, never forget the under-mining of the rationalist culture of Rousseau and Immanuel Kant, Kant working to establish the moralism of "good-evil."

Note I don't say it was all Jews' doing--I first pt. out the CYCLIC nature and determinism (absolute cause-effect) of things which are now most dramatized and symbolized by the Jews' absolute rule and hegemony as anyone can plainly see.

And I've always noted the nature of Jews as mere DISEASE, like leprosy, typhus, and plague, which takes advantage of un-healthy, defective, weak, and OVER-POPULATED goyim, upon which Jews merely take advantage, not being primary cause for cultural degeneracy.

Nonetheless, it's useful to pt. out the Jew oppressor and enforcer, leader and visible symbol of present satanic regime, actively at work--which u, JR, positively COWER before, groveling and cringing. U're un-questionably part of the problem, even if not primary cause, "cause" being actually more CYCLIC and culturally under-lying--still however, well symbolized by rule of the Jew.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Why Jews and satanists?--well, after all, there needs be something to exterminate excess, stupid human puke, right?....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Dante's "Divine Comedy" Demonstrated
(Apollonian, 5 Apr 16)

Somewhat funny thing is people of Jew S A could IN THEORY free themselves quite easily--simply by means of SECESSION--which started the war of Northern aggression of 1860s, as u may recall.

10th Amendment (consisting of all of 28 words) gives states right to secede--as the states seceded fm the original Art. of Confederation--which the puke forget all about so easily, the stupid scum. Secession was not prohibited to states--as it would be impossible to do, even in theory.

But note what ALWAYS happens--any discussion of secession and hist. of war of North. aggression gets side-tracked and diverted by means of moralism and slavery--ALWAYS, if u notice. Lincoln, the mass-murderer, horrific criminal, is lionized as "greatest" President, ho ho hohoho.

And the satanists (Jews) actually KNOW this about secession and 10th amendment--that's why they constantly, intensively, and desperately push moralism and racial hatred, frantically bringing-in hordes of illegal alien invaders, aside fm "global-warming" lies as excuse/pretext for world dictatorship.

So satanist puke must MILITARIZE and steadily kill, slaughter, and exterminate evermore people--all of them potential rebels and patriots. Thus satanists most fear falling-out among their own top masterminds, right?

Thus this falling-out among top masterminds is satanists' worst potential weakness--and this is the meaning and significance of TRUMP (whose own daughter apostatized her nominal Christian religion and voluntarily became Jew filth).

So I say we should support Trump for this dissidence against the Jew world order and dictatorship--it's actually our only hope, presently. If nothing else, it's good people are made aware Trump opposes the latest TPP world trade "agreements"--which are meant to promote, enhance, and consolidate world dictatorship.

And now we see why Dante titled his great poem, "Divine Comedy," for humans are such stupid, brainless, scummy puke, all truth be told.

For all one needs do to dictate and lord it over these scum called "humans" is to appeal to hubris and persuade them of "free" will and idea they must be "good," ho ho ho hoho--and the scummy, stinking filth will sell their own daughters and sons into most horrific slavery--as we see.

So in a way, Jews and satanists are well-understood as that agency which culls and reduces over-populated human puke, filth, and scum, all pretending to "good" "moral virtue," and HUBRIS.

So as we fight so urgently against this Jew and satanic scum, we yet realize necessity of their existence--they're not "evil," anymore than typhus, leprosy, or bubonic plague are "evil," exterminating over-populated human scum, right?--thus the CYCLIC nature of history is demonstrated, revealed, and described once again.