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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Get a clue, suckers--Gun Control is TERRORISM, never doubt

Gun Control: It's TERRORISM, Suckers--Thematic Emblem Of Tyranny, Critical Measure Of Enslavement
(Apollonian, 20 Aug 12)
What's purpose of 2nd Amendment to US Constitution, regarding right to bear arms?--Answer: for protection of citizens by way of over-throwing tyrannical government--aside fm protection against criminals, and hunting.
Thus an armed citizenry is the "last-ditch" against just the sort of genocidal tyranny that's arisen presently in USA and now seeks consolidation. Never forget ObamaCare means DEATH panels--that's GENOCIDE, suckers. Thus ObamaCare seeks to monopolize, absolutely dominate, and impose a toxic "health care" meant to mass-murder the people.
For if guns are good and necessary for protection against criminals, observe the same holds for an even more dangerous opponent, tyrannical, genocidal government as we have presently if one only looks with open eyes.
Thus the second amendment provides for direct participation of citizens in defense of freedom, law, and removal of such tyrannical government no less than direct participation of jury members helps insure upholding and asserting natural law against improper positive law imposition and usurpations.
Thus citizens at all costs must ABSOLUTELY be armed adequately--even MORE than adequately--for possible (and now necessary) overthrow of horrific tyranny, and note it may require more than ownership of AK 47 rifles and "assault-guns." For as movement of self-defense among citizens accelerates even larger weapons will naturally be required as the movement grows and the conflict intensifies. Control of local government is obviously critical.
So citizens arming for defense against tyrannical gov. is so critically a matter of local government--the most "local" possible method, down to the level of individual citizen. For tyranny originates fm the most centralized topmost levels first, especially fm "bankers" and corporations, for example, these then exerting themselves through the states and then especially against localities and individuals, as we see.
So what's the necessary observation to be made of "gun-control" and "registration" measures by the centralized government, as we observe?--it's obvious measure of tyranny and terror--esp. for the effort to make the citizen think he's insignificant, dependent upon, and defenseless against such tyrannical, centralized government. Gun-control is TERROR, first of all, aside fm illegal, usurpation, treason, and tyranny.
Thus gun-control and dis-arming of citizenry, now being made slaves, is first broached as something "intellectual" as it's imposed gradually, in stages, and by degrees--gun-control is an insidious and subtle program applied over decades and treated by means of heavy, intensive drama and massive propaganda repeated over and over.
And thus one KNOWS much staging and contriving goes on in order to impose this gun-control enslavement and suicide--as esp. then in way of false-flags, patsies, and "ringers," psychologically and chemically treated (esp. by way of toxic prescription drugs) and then further encouraged to commit savage acts, these acts then hyped and blown-up by the bought-and-paid-for "mass-media" to further influence and terrorize the population already and simultaneously treated by the "edjumacation" system and mass-entertainment.
CONCLUSION: Thus the genocidal tyrants of the present Jew world order seek to induce the terror-trance formation upon the citizenry who are literally encouraged to commit suicide by way of giving-up their guns and submitting to mass-murder by way, as we see, of poisonous vaccines, toxic prescription drugs, poisonous GMO foods, poisonous fluoride in the water, and poisonous aluminum and other metalic particles seeded into the atmosphere by means of "chem-trails." Gun-control is all of a piece w. the carefully staged slow-kill and methodic genocide, terror, and trance-formation imposed upon the victimized people.