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Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Tower-of-Babel" symptom and activity in the large CYCLE of things historical and sociologic

[Here's a neat dialectic I recently had. A.]

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Patriots Plan, Observe While ZOG-Mammon Continues To "Decline"
(Apollonian, 29 Sep 10)

Okay--so what are we doing here, anyway? See below-copied fm Pt. about Alex Jones ( is he does his best as Christian; of course he's quite flawed, but at least he's pretty honest, much as he can be, given his limitations--so he's useful [as noted--see below].

Thus we discuss on the forum, right?--this in order to gain info ("intelligence," in military terms). So then I work to build my/our army--this for "Christians," who respect TRUTH (as Gosp. JOHN 14:6, 8:32, 18:37-9).

And as reality is (a) determined and (b) CYCLIC (according to Spengler), we can plan, predict, and judge--all this in accord w. proper function of forum.

Meantime, u can be sure there's Jews lurking--as they have INFINITE funds, trying to "spin" and deceive, as usual. Jews love to experiment w. their lies, etc., to see how and how long they can fool us. But note our people have been doing quite well w. "success" of Tea-party--Jews are very concerned.

And Jews, psychotic as they are, can be analyzed, never doubt, esp. by means of objective-subjective dichotomy--which I never tire of demonstrating.

And remember, even Jews' agents fm among gentiles, who work for Jews, are subject to this never-miss analysis beginning w. objective-subjective.

CONCLUSION: Thus I analyze, observe, and plan. Overall, again, necessary "paradigm-change" for our culture and people is removal/rejection of perfect "free" will delusion/fallacy/heresy. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

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Today 06:16 PM
Hodge Backmaker
Originally Posted by apollonian

"heroic Alex Jones."

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You're losing me here.

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Present "Tower-Of-Babel" Syndrome Will Pass; What's Most Pertinent Is Religious-Type Organization
(Apollonian, 29 Sep 10)

What else do I have?--in way of thesis, it would be Christian opposition to Jew lies, thus reason against mysticism, determinism and the CYCLIC process, how it works, the Jews at top falling-out, this led by heroic Alex Jones. Finally there's basic analysis of things according to objective vs. subjective, parallel w. aforementioned dichotomies.

So it's mainly the CYCLIC process (for what I "got") and how it works, what it will lead to in long and short runs, based on info.

I think I understand what u mean by phora ripping things to shreds--this is to be expected in present "Tower-of-Babel" situation wherein over-populated people talk past each other. But u should understand this babbling will come to an end as civilization continues to "decline."

So presently patriots must organize by means of religion--hence Christianity understood according to reason, objectivity, and determinism, CYCLICALITY part of determinist analysis, these taking observations in proper consideration.

Necessary "paradigm change" for a reasonably united, victorious host is removal of "free" will delusion/fallacy/heresy.

CONCLUSION: So I follow u for ur implied noting of "Tower-of-babel," Jews being integral part thereto, but this is to be expected, and it will come to an end. Next necessary step of ZOG-Mammon is to remove internet, so it's best to confirm ur religious principles as means of necessary military organization. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

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Today 05:53 PM
Hodge Backmaker

Originally Posted by apollonian

"Okay Hodge, ...."

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Irrelevant? We need people who are both racially aware and combat-ready.

Especially critical are NCO-level people who can lead. Take it to the Phora. There is irrelevance for you. However, they will rip your Ayn Rand-based love of Aristotle and your name-dropping of Spengler apart. What else do you have?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Pastor Martin, hereticalist, wants it both ways, determinist AND perfect "free" will at same time

Martin Lindstedt Pretends, Like Jew, He Will Command God--Poor Deluded Fool
(Apollonian, 24 Sep 10)

Hello pastor Martin, u utterly psychotic, raving, white-nigger hill-billy fm the Ozarks who tries to persuade white people they may be descended fm "Israelite lost tribes." See below-copied at Thanks for addressing my question as u've done ur best to trying to do. U can see by below-copied dialectic w. "6Killer" u're unable to so prove such imagined descent fm "Israelites" or "lost tribes," whatever.

And that's the whole "ball-game" for u "Christian Israelites"--being able to prove or know this descent u pretend to and wish for, poor fool. See pastor, all u're doing is KIDDING URSELF, dumbass--ur problem is in kidding anyone else too. "Ten thousand warlords"?--u haven't got the slightest chance, not the faintest--u don't even have a SINGLE ONE.

And I see fm ur recently above-posted entry u find urself essentially admitting to determinism at least in part, affirming only u morons pretending to be descended fm "Israelites" (or "lost tribes," which u can't prove, but only wish for) are capable of that sublime and perfect, God-like "free" will--u certainly have a lively imagination--NO LESS THAN JEWS who pretend they're "chosen."

And tell us, pastor Martin--how are u dipshits any different fm Jews for ur idiotic self-righteousness and sanctimony?--eh?--tell us, do.

But don't u see, dumbass pastor Martin, racialism IS ITSELF NECESSARILY DETERMINISTIC in the first place. So I guess u consider it determined u're capable of a perfect, God-like "free" will--

"So now to Determinism vs Free Will. I, as a Son of God, as a Christian Israelite, have Free Will as to whether I will choose, wiser than Adam, as to whether I will die or earn Eternal Life. Us higher human beings have that option."

U're surely "high" on something--that's for certain--most probably brain-damage induced by drugs. Thus u admit to determinism--u only carve out an exception for urself by which u make urself equal w. God almighty.

But I have news for u, dipshit--ONLY GOD--ONLY GOD WILL "CHOOSE," u utterly, pathetic, deluded fool. U can wish and hope and pray and dream and beg and plead--BUT ONLY GOD WILL CHOOSE, u utterly brainless moron.

For if God doesn't choose--THEN U'RE GOD, aren't u?--for u're the only one "choosing" who matters, right?--and God?--well, he's just ur flunky-slave, isn't he?

So I say again: Christianity is worship of TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), and everyone and anyone is a Christian capable of eternal life so long as he or she is HONEST and heeds to that truth given and founded by means of the God-given OBJECTIVE (hence Aristotelian) reality.

CONCLUSION: And this formulation of mine is founded in Gosp.s of MARK 12:29-31 and MATT 22:37-9. People can figure things out for themselves. U, pastor Martin, are gross LIAR, no less than Jews, as u make urself God w. pretended, perfectly "free" will, by ur own, above-quoted and -noted admission. U imagine God is merely ur slave, that's all. And u pretend to manufacture reality when u say u're descended fm Israelites--which is absurd--as u CANNOT PROVE it. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

---------below-copied fm, "The World we live in," "Hanging w. white Mormons" thread-----------
Today 12:33 AM apollonian Christ is for everyone willing to heed to truth, honesty

Christ Is For Everyone Willing To Be Honest
(Apollonian, 23 Sep 10)

Okay "6Killer," I maybe mere Hibernian, but u admit u can't even begin to prove white European descent fm "Israelite lost tribes." So much then also for the pretended "covenant" w. ur people--Christ is for EVERYONE who's willing to be HONEST (unlike white nigger like u) and heed to TRUTH. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Yesterday 11:47 PM 6KILLER Quote:Originally Posted by apollonian
"6Killer's" Enthusiasm For Israelite Derivation Of European Whites Fades
(Apollonian, 23 Sep 10)
Righto "6Killer," white-trash, white nigger--blah, blah, blah, blah, saying nothing, as usual. "6Killer" KNOWS he can't even begin to proving European whites descend fm "Israelite lost tribes." Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Yeah, but I'm still descended from nobility while you descended from an intoxicated bastard hibernigger, who miscegenated with the livestock and begat your sorry ass. Just because you are the first in your family to obtain an edjewcashun from the whigger factory, you think you are now entitled to dictate religious and political doctrine. My kind have gave the orders and told your kind what to do for the last 6500 years. Appy my maternal grandfather spoke Frisian, I speak English seems to me that's an example of language changing in a couple generations.

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Today 04:49 AM
Originally Posted by appy the Tiresome papist Hybernigger Half-wit
Just Answer The Question, Pastor--Will You Command God?
(Apollonian, 22 Sep 10)
So Pastor Martin, tell the folks--do u think u have such perfect "free" will, like a Jew, as to be able then to doing such "good works" as to DEMAND a place in Heaven fm God Almighty?
Does God almighty OWE pastor Martin for his "good-works"? Tell us. U sure can babble and rave and rail away--but just answer a simple question--will u COMMAND God to giving u a place in Heaven? Honest elections and death to the Fed.
ApollonianAppy, you deranged Pictish/Tubal-kenite popish Hybernigger half-wit/ass-clown, I've actually learned a lot from jewr antics, because it has forced me to not only look at the origins of Christian Israelite Law, but the origins of jewr Babylonian baal-priestery. I've given you links so that you can learn, but like that stupid cunt Alison, you don't do links. You are just like jewr kike and nigger forebears: The White Man is supposed to wait on you degenerates hand and foot and be slaves to degenerate ill-bred mamzers like jewrself and jewr tribes-mamzers.
So, like I tell these religious wogs when I learn what they supposedly believe, be they evolutionists (I agree that they have devolved from niggers and monkeys), jewhovah shitnesses, or mor[m]ons, or Jainite Dravidian niggers, I place them in a hypothetical situation according to they's own 'beliefs' which are racially derived, and then watch them squirm.
Now Pastor John Britton has been calling me asking what to say to what he believes is a tainted Canaanite/Tubal-kenite/Hittite Tuatha-de-Dumbshit Formosian papist sheenie Hybernigger that thinks it is some sort of je[w]suit. I told him that nothing less than full dunking in the boiling piss of the Swede would do, to simply ridicule the fool like is done to all such vermin. I've given him some one-liners, and then 6Killer wastes time trying to teach a lying mamzer who instinctively hates Christian Identity teachings something which jewr kind will never learn.
Salvation is only for Christian Israel. You obey the Law of YHWH written on the Israelite's heart and through grace and works you develop faith as well as obedience, and thus you earn eternal life. Faith without works is dead; cf James Chapter 2. But all our righteousness on our own is nothing more than 'filthy rags' as Paul taught. In jewr case, Appy, filthy menstrual rags.
But for this process to work, you must be of Abraham/Isaac/Jacob-Israel. If you have a heaping helping of mamzer shit in jewr blood-line, then you will not have the ability to prevail. Pastor John Britton's father, Pastor James Britton did a study as to you hyberniggers. Some of are Israel. Some are lesser of Israel. And a lot of you have a taint in the bloodline which explains jewr kind, Appy.
So now to Determinism vs Free Will. I, as a Son of God, as a Christian Israelite, have Free Will as to whether I will choose, wiser than Adam, as to whether I will die or earn Eternal Life. Us higher human beings have that option.
You, Appy, as a hybernigger papist mamzer with a strong stench of Pictish/Tubalkenite/shithead mamzer, have nothing but destiny to die, like a jew, like a dog, like a hybernigger tubalkenite. And thus Determinism rules your fate because there is no way you can learn that which is Sacred, and thus no way for you to be Saved.
Wasting time in trying to teach you that which is Holy is feeding the dirty mangy dogs and dropping pearls before filthy swine.
Which I haven't done. I've merely told you the rudiments of Christian Identity Orthodoxy, same as I would tell a jew or a whigger or a mamzer. Only Christ can choose you to live. If I am wrong and Christ has chosen you, I'll be a little pissed, so I hope you have learned nothing and will die like a screaming dog or squealing pig in the Great Tribulation. But I am sure that you are a dirty jew mamzer papist hybernigger and am glad that you will die in ignorance except for that spark of jew which keeps you pharisaically bothering me like jewr kin used to bother Jesus Christ.
When it comes down to it, you can't hide the snout or the tail or the hide, Appy. Your kind jewst got to play with the Sons of YHWH, just as the spawn of Satan pharisees did with Christ back in the day, cf.John 8:44. And Christ would answer jewr kike pharisee whigger and Edomite mamzer forebears and they too would refuse to understand. As does jewrself, Appy. Deliberately so. Christ was talking as to what Christianity was all about, not to these pharisees, but through the pharisees to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel, which Christ would find and call at Christ's discretion. Accordingly, Christianity is only for the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel, cf. Matt 10:5-6, 15:24. The Twelve Disciples, sans Judas Iscariot, were sent to the scattered Lost Tribes. Paul was sent to the Gentiles, and since Gentiles meant in Latin 'Nations' then Paul was sent to the 'Aryan Israelite Nations' of the Greeks and Romans.
And far from us Sons of YHWH commanding YHWH or Christ to save us, it is Christ who chooses to save the former 'Lost' Israelite, upon whose heart is written YHWH's Law, and upon that spiritual awakening/conception the journey towards Eternal Life begins because the newly conceived starts to grow in both Faith and Knowledge and thus is saved. Thus Christ calls the Christian Israelite, and thus the Christian Israelite earns Eternal Life.
But this is not given something White/Christian/Holy of great price like you dirty stinking jews, mamzers, niggers and worthless commodity cheese-eating whiggers demand of God and the White Man, which given cheaply jewr kind will waste and shit upon when stupidly given by jewdayo-whiggers.
Something your kind will never be able to understand, although a tubalkenite hybernigger orc like jewrself will understand enough to hate and fear it, Appy. Curse you and begone.
You see, as a Pastor to the Lost, then Found, Sheep of the House of Israel, I need not know anything more than to keep Christ's Sheep alive and how to game the events so as to make the non-Israelite die when Nature takes its course. Dual-Seedline Christian Identity is the White Man's Racial (HATE) Religion and thus never steps on its own theological tail.
Hail Victory!!!
Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky LindstedtChurch of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Totalitarian humanism"--typical Jewwy euphemism covering for planned mass-murder of world "over-population"

Euphemisms Covering For Lies--Always The Mark Of Fascism
(Apollonian, 23 Sep 10)

Comrades: "totalitarian humanism" is surely good and adequate euphemism for "politically correct," covering for the latest FASCISM--rule of sheer might, terror, and force AGAINST law. See

And irony is this "humanism" covers for eugenicist excuse for literally reducing the world's "over-population" in name of "green" "environmentalism," etc.

See, we just have a bunch of CRIMINALS in power, that's all--they run that basic money and banking scam known as "fractional-reserve," just another euphemism to cover for legalized COUNTERFEITING--see for expo/ref.

So it's really just the ZOG-Mammon empire-of-lies--EVERYTHING IS A LIE, u dig?--after all, what do u expect for a culture founded upon such money-banking fraud as US Fed (Federal Reserve Bank). For everything else about the culture has to prop- and back-up this basic funny-money fraud, including then "humanism" covering for literal mass-murder and Orwellian "perpetual war for perp. peace."

Basic then, psychologically, propping and backing-up this putrid, stinking emp.-of-lies is the fallacy/delusion/heresy of a perfectly "free" human will and subsequent "good-evil" complex pushed and induced upon the generation of fools and children bred to enforce the empire.

For this basic "free" will delusion then is essential to SUBJECTIVISTIC culture and general mentality by which "anything goes," and there is no TRUTH as there is NO objective standard/criterion understood, recognized, or even acknowledged or allowed by fascists who hate such objectivity as it is basis of the natural law which convicts them in eyes of any honest people who still survive to be the slaves to the fascists.

CONCLUSI0N: Thus OBJECTIVE reality then manifests absolute cause-effect which rules OUT hubris and perfectly "free," God-like, human will which lends to "good-evil" delusion which intimidates the slaves. For objectivity (hence Aristotle) is that necessary criterion to TRUTH which fascism so much abhors and fears. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Politics" Is Game Wherein Fortunes Are CYCLIC
(Apollonian, 21 Sep 10)

This is a good topic to address: POLITICS in general and how it works. See For politics is way we "regulate" our society, passing "laws" to making sure things economic continue along in productive manner. Nowadays people are scared US economy is about to go bust--due to US Dollar's imminent collapse.

See, there's been just toooooo much COUNTERFEITING (see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud) going on, so the game must end soon. What a run it has been for the Fed fraud--since 1913, no less than nearly 100 yrs.

For all things sociologic and thus historic are CYCLIC according to "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. For note economic systems begin in HONESTY and genuine production by the dear good people/volk, but when it gets really thriving people start looking for short-cuts and criminality, beginning w. FRAUD, starts to thrive. For people soon become HUBRISTIC imagining they can be "good"--with that perfectly "free" God-like will.

For humans are eventually such hubristic suckers, so willing and capable of fooling themselves--of course, this comes AFTER they've learned to succeed at the basics for keeping themselves fed sufficiently.

Thus Jews, foremost organized criminals eventually step in, dominating all the stupid gentile criminals who, though they vastly out-number Jews, are yet too competetive w. one another, poor, stupid morons--as we observe fm the American example in history, among others.

People wonder how these relatively few Jews can so effectively dominate, and Jews show it's by organization, Jews co-operating w. one another soooo brilliantly, deftly, and successfully.

Okay--so anyway, the pt. is now "POLITICS" IS DOMINATED BY JEW-MONEY manipulating: first, the mass-corporate media is TOTALLY controlled by Jews, and this has been the fact since wayyyyyy back in 19th cent. Nowadays vote fraud has been elevated to art-form, presently by means of "electronic voting"--see and for expo/ref.

And so it goes for the CYCLIC rise of criminality out of virtue and subsequent "Decline of the West," the steady, systematic degeneration and corruption of things--until we have a general CRASH and complete COLLAPSE, everything coming to a screeching halt, starvation of the masses of stupid, brainless goyim, civil unrest, martial law, civil war, etc., as the civilization is steadily destroyed.

Can the sad, pathetic situation be saved?--perhaps, but not necessarily, and it's certainly not a sure thing--it will require great effort and inspiration--and present INTERNET is a tremendous tool which has set so many good folks "on fire" so to speak.

What's necessary is that "Paradigm-Change" of the mind which has to happen for enough people by which the civilization can be revived and resurged--much like the Christian example of early 4th cent. Roman empire, led by the military man, St. Constantine the Great.

And that basic, specific inspiration has to be rejection of hubristic perfectly "free" human will fallacy/delusion/heresy. History and all reality is rather DETERMINED in accord w. absolute cause-effect--and that's why hist. is CYCLIC in first place.

Thus in the CYCLE of things (hist. and sociologic) the people BEGIN to thrive as they're honest and productive, but they PEAK as they begin to take on that HUBRISTIC "free" will delusion, pretending to "good-evil," etc., Jews and other criminal parasites now beginning their own CYCLIC rise and thriving, the host-victim people thereupon receding for their own prosperity at hands of criminals, Jews, and parasites who steadily take-over the culture--as we see.

Thus we observe now Jews and parasites falling-out w. one another as they see host-victim USA sugar-daddy is about to collapse, these parasites forming up in two or three basic groups, (a) the "left-liberals" behind Obama/Soetoro who fronts for CFR-Bilderberg faction behind communist United Nations (UN), (b) the "zionist"-"neo-con" Jews leading the "Judeo-Christian" (JC) hereticalists, these being top two factions w. most political power.

Then (c) there are also the lower-level Jews, these behind such as Ron Paul ( and and Alex Jones ( who don't necessarily back either of the top two factions, but rather fear they, Jews in general, will be (rightly) blamed for economic difficulties and disasters, and esp. the lower-level Jews suffering as consequence.

So the pt. is Christian volk can regain mastery of situation--but only after there's been substantial damage done to top Jew factions, aforementioned. Meantime the people/volk must heed to necessary "paradigm-change," rejecting that dread delusion of HUBRISTIC, perfectly "free" will which made them victim to Jew criminals in first place.

CONCLUSION: Thus thematic Christianity must be re-discovered for what it really is and was meant to be--ANTI-SEMITISM most fierce and decisive--there are no "good" Jews anymore than there are good psychopaths. Thus Christianity is love of TRUTH founded in OBJECTIVE reality of Aristotle--against Jew subjectivism and mysticism. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Monday, September 20, 2010

Christian Truth opposes Jew lies--as Christian objectivity vs. Jew subjectivism; Christian REASON vs. Jew mysticism

Christian Anti-Semitism Is Best Practiced By Means Of Reason
(Apollonian, 20 Sep 10)

Pastor Martin: intellectual leadership of the SS (Schutzstaffel) was mind of dear unc' Adolf and upper-ranking SS officers, obviously--as for any army the "intellect" is to be found in the officer corps and then general staff--what's ur problem? See

What we're getting into now is simply regarding what Christianity is all about--which is worship of TRUTH according to Gosp. JOHN, as JOHN 14:6--God IS TRUTH. Note Christianity generally abhors mysticism, seeking rather HONESTY and simplicity--and that's why New Test. (NT) is definitive.

Note then Biblic literature is simply a mythic-type allegory meant to teach a lesson, thus NT restates and summarizes Old Test. (OT) by way of Christ's famous formulation in Gosp.s MARK 12:29-31 and MATT 22:37-9--(a) be rational and heed laws of nature, and (b) treat fellows accordingly. And the more willingly we accept these natural, God-given laws, the happier and more self-satisfied we'll be.

Thus at the end of our lives when/as we're about to go, we do so most easily as we know we've done best we could. Thus we live best, happiest life possible, eh?

Problem w. Pelagianism is how we can enter heaven. So Pastor Martin, do u think, like a Jew, u'll be able to DEMAND God give u entry?--will u have ur list of "good-works" all ready by which u command God?--ha ha. Note then not only St. Augustine (who was NOT Manichaean, having given it up), but also St. Martin Luther, argued mankind requires God's grace, etc., regardless of all/any "good" works.

For as God is of PERFECTLY "FREE" will, by definition, humans are mere creatures, hence not of such perfectly "free," God-like will--hence not of free will at all, we being sinners, so much given and taken w. our own "will," limited as it is.

So logically, not of perfectly "free" will means not of any free will at all, necessarily, it being either-or proposition. Note as proof--we must ALWAYS seek our interest (will), necessarily, such as seeking heaven and avoiding hell.

Regarding Arian heresy, I guess u might be a Musselman too, eh?--U'RE CERTAINLY NOT A CHRISTIAN, to judge fm things.

See pastor Martin, Christians fm wayyyyyyy back, including Protestants too, distinguish themselves fm preceding Jews who pretend to worship the one-Godhead which Jews insist is in love w. them in carnal fashion--as in way of a man desperately seeking carnal relations w. womanly "Israel" which then plays the "harlot," God yet infatuated so hopelessly, like stupid human.

Note if Christ was only man he couldn't be God, but if God, could be man too at same time if he so willed--at least, I don't see why not. Christ HAS TO BE GOD in order for his words and preachings to be absolutely definitive, u see. Christ is also man as we have someone to relate w. as genuine leader, whom we can emulate.

"Trinity" isn't necessarily easy to understand--but IS useful in order to differentiate w. Jews--WE ARE NOT Jews, and we DON'T worship their putrid satanic leader, slave of infatuation w. hook-nosed Jews.
I understand the "Hibernian" part, but not the "nigger" part--who knows what u fools are talking about?--who cares? For WE'RE the Christians, pastor Martin, regardless what u may say. U can pretend all u like, but u're NEVER going to achieve "ten thousand warlords"--what a gross, miserable joke--u don't even have a single one.

For aside fm ostensibly abhorring Jews, u then imitate Jews for all ur presumption and heresy--as by ur hubristic affirmation of pretended "free" will, and "good works," etc. It really thus appears, pastor, u only want to make use of OT Judaizing, then lying and mis-representing, calling it "Christianity," as way of gaining revenge against ZOGlings who locked u up, took ur kidsoes away, and drugged u up, etc.

See Pastor, if there's God--THEN there must be a God-given, God-created reality--an OBJECTIVE reality (hence Aristotle) which then provides criterion/standard/premise for all truth, okay?

Jews don't accept such objectivity, a reality common for all humans (see and for best Talmudic expo)--Jews rather imagine reality is only what they say it is (SUBJECTIVISM)--similar to u too, eh pastor?--and that's why u reject NT and stay submerged within complexity and mass of OT and all ur brainless blathering, euphemisms, and "lexicon," such as it is w. affected spellings, etc. Pastor, like Jew, u live within ur own little subjectivist, "solipsistic" world.

Thus as it's Christian TRUTH vs. Jew lies, so then it is (Christian) objectivity vs. (Jew) subjectivity and mysticism, the proposed Jewwy criteria for what passes for Jewwy "truth"--Christian REASON vs. Jew mysticism, which mysticism, like urs, don't forget, is also shared by many other gentiles, who however never managed to achieve that UNITY and organization of Jew criminals and psychopaths.

CONCLUSION: So pastor Martin, u'll be tolerated by us REAL Christians as long as u keep to rationality. Ur anti-semitism is ur best principle; u should merely heed to it with most consistent logic. Take care. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian
---------------above by Ap in response to below-copied-----------------

Yesterday, 09:52 AM

ArchBishop of Lindstedtania

Join Date: Oct 2008
Location: Granby Missery
Age: 52
Posts: 2,219
I do believe Appy has a papist Hibernigger Whigger Problem
I do believe Appy has a papist Hibernigger Whigger Problem

Jews: Parasites Upon Humanity; Enemies Of Truth And God
(Apollonian, 18 Sep 10)
This is great and informative posting, Killer of 6. Jews thus only exist as killers and enslavers of humanity, truly PARASITES, in every sense of the word.
Of course, most important thing to understand about Jews is their religion of war against rest of human-kind which entails lies--including then, as necessary, lying to oneself. Jews thus feature a warfare for sake of warfare. Judaism is war not only against humanity, but also truth, reality, reason, logic, honesty, etc. Christianity and Judaism are ANTI-THESES.
For Jews make themselves God, Jews the object of God's worship of Jews, the putative "apple of [God's] eye." Thus Judaism (Talmudism) is literally the worship of hubris and lies, lies for the sake of lies, lying, and liars.
Thus for Jews there is no TRUTH--in contra-distinction to Christ's assuring us of existence of TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6, 8:32, and 18:37-9)--but for what Jews say is truth, and this is most important anti-thesis to remember about Judaism and Christianity--Judaism worships lies, while Christianity worships TRUTH (JOHN 14:6).
This Christian-Jew anti-thesis then converts in strictest philosophy to Aristotelian OBJECTIVITY vs. Judaic subjectivity, as objectivity and the God-created reality serves then as CRITERION/premise/standard for such Godly truth.
The consequence then in ethics is Jews believe in an ABSOLUTELY "free" human will--a will that creates reality in all God-like fashion. Christians then reject this perfectly "free" will, as there's only God's absolutely all-powerful will.
CONCLUSION: Thus there is and could be NO "good-evil" (Pelagian heresy) as this would require a free will. Thus Christians understand we're all sinners by definition--by human possession of a will which too easily pretends to such perfect, God-like perfection. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian.
-------------------below is response to above by Ap---------------
In vain I have tried to explain the rudiments of Ultimate Protestantism to Apollonian/Appy. All about how Christian Identity, especially, Dual-Seedline Christian Identity, is the Aryan/Nordic White Man's Racial HATE Religion. After all, saying that jews cum out from Satan's pee-hole and that there is no such thang as a 'good jew' is about as anti-Kenite/Canaanite/Edomite/Hittite/Khazar jew spawn of Satan as anyone can get.
But Appy simply isn't able to understand. Why? Well, Pastor 6Killer understands why Appy can't reason:
Originally Posted by 6KILLER
Appy for a Hibernigger you may be getting it, judging from the statement above. ML and I have been preaching this for years "You can't address the jewish problem, until you solve the Whigger problem".
Wherein Appy, like a catlick hibernigger (I prefer hybernigger as in 'hyper-hiber' before the addition of nigger) finally starts picking up on the perjorative. Appy sez, as part of the First Church of Solipsistic Hiber-Appy, "Hibernigger whigger??? Who moi? Appy mous le deluge?"
Originally Posted by apollonian
Hibernigger?--what in sam hill is that, anyway?--u people w. ur euphemisms--only u know what u're talking about. Besides, "whiggers" just makes things harder to understand--"Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) is far better for accurate expo. These JC hereticalist scum say Christ was "Jew" (hence a Talmudist) and support enemy terror-state of Israel, JCs heavily funded by Jews. "Whigger" could refer to all sorts of other white-nigger types. And JCs don't necessarily relate w. negroids. "Whigger" is miserable choice of words, I say. A.
Well, part of the WunnderFool Thang About Whiggers is that they 'think' theyz' the only ones -- but not a whigger, of course. Whigger is a perjorative properly reserved for even bigger whiggers than they is.
You see, it is like being in the Old Army and claiming that you don't have to eat shit. Everyone in the Army has to eat shit. Privates having to eat the most shit and generals having to eat the least amount of shit even though they produce the most shit to have to eat. Anyone claiming not to eat any shit is the biggest shit-eater in the Army. Rather, the proper claim to make if you don't like the taste of shit is to say: "I don't eat a single ounce more of shit than I have to."
Something short-timer Spec-4's used to say all the time -- and actually act upon. There was no more insolent an Army species than a whigger Spec-4 double-digit midget with a little scraggly Spec-4 moustache. But that was way back in the day of the old Army, which used to say "Fuck It" when asked to make an attitude check, as opposed to the ZOGling whigger ass-clowns who like having their nuts blown off by an Improvised Explosive Device made every nite by the indigenous ragheads (whose hearts and minds are not with the invading ZOGlings because their nuts didn't follow), and are going ass-to-mouth with generals and saying jarhead stupid shit like 'Hooo-Ahhh!', the nutless stupid silly fuktards.
Anyway, Appy being a Hybernigger catlick mackeral-snapping papist whigger addicted to popery and not having understood anything since the nuns whacked itz hybernigger haid into professing in self-defense a bit of understanding about Aristotle and Augustine somehow dimly comprehends that while yesterday it might not of known how to spell 'Hibernigger' that somehow Appy, it is one:
Originally Posted by 6KILLER
Hibernigger is a contraction of Hibernian (Hibernian, pertaining to Hibernia, Ireland as known to ancient Romans) and nigger.
Now strictly speaking, Appy is off the 'Happy Yappy Appy Crappy' Reservation, but at least since Appy is somewhat on topic I am letting this misdemeanor slide.
The fact of the matter is that for lesser racial beings on the Nordic/Aryan scale of whigger -- your wops, spics, dagos, guidos, gibbons, orang-a-tangs, hiberniggers -- is that they simply cannot understand Protestantism without Swedish waterboarding/Swedentrunkening. Appy hasn't been properly sloshed in the Piss of the Swede as yet. But to be fair, it took around thirty years for catlicks to understand that the Aryan/Nordic Protestant insisted on not paying anything for the upkeep of Rome -- the Mediterranean Babylon -- which is why they called this religious/military instruction The Thirty Year's War. The surviving Sud-Deutcher, Frogs, Spaniards, Oster-Reichians, and other lesser Alpine and Mediterranean species of Sud/Ost Whiggers learned that they would have to pay for their own damned mackeral-snapping and popery without the assistance or compliance of the North-men.
So as a DSCI clergyman, I suggest that Appy do penance by watching "Gangs of New York" at least two or three times so as to get a proper notion as to a Hibernigger's proper place when amongst the English/Swedes/Danes/Prussians.
Now actually the Pelagians and Arians had it right. There is only YHWH the Father and Jesus Christ the Son. This trinity shit cum from Babylon when Nimrod, Neo-Nimrod and Semiramis tried to horn in, creating this 'Mary-worsesheep' crapola, along with the Hittite Gaia/Cybele idolatry.
Now Catholics love to quote pagan phili-sophers like Plato and Aristotle who have the Hindu/Eastern/Pharisaical notion of all manner of critters -- especially theysselfs -- having 'immortal souls.'
They hate the idea of free-will because they are sinful beasts unable to control their impulses for drunkeness and loose agape pussy and thus they are let off the hook by claiming -- correctly for them -- to be sinful beast animals whose lives are lead by their own lustful appetites, and that it is God's fault that they were made that way. This is where you get Appy's 'determinism.' You see, if Appy has no free will, then it is not Appy's fault for being a deranged sinful Hibernigger whigger, and thus Appy will go to Hybernigger Heaven to enjoy even more mick pussy and likker without a hangover forever and ever and all Appy has to do is perform a bit of simony and idolatry for the papist baal-priest of Cybele Revisted. Which is why Appy is against Pelagianism and Semi-Pelagianism and thus all in favor of Total Depravity, following the Manichaeism of Augustine of Hippo and the jew John Calvin/Cohen.
Catholicism is jewniversalism -- the besotting sin of Oswald Spengler. Catholicism loves mamzers -- miscegenated bastard abominations. Why do you think Catholicism is the favorite official religion of the Portugese, French, Spaniards and their mestizo offspring? Why do you think Protestantism was the favorite religion of the Anglo-Saxons and Swedes and Germans who disdained breeding michlings, skraelings and half-breeds?
Spengler said that the Greek, Roman, and Western World Civilizations were suffering from 'universalism' in which jews and [d]ruling whiggers destroy the Founding [White] Peoples by a process of Imperialism, in which the Founding Race engages in bringing in non-white slaves, then breeding with them to where there is no more Founding Population. The Portugal/Brazil/Angola Syndrome.
Now while Appy does quote Spengler, Appy can't understand Spengler. The Nazis understood Spengler, and tried to use Spengler like they used Madison Grant and Lothrup Stoddard. Like all 'intellectuals' they resisted practical application and field testing of their theories, even though their racial theories were correct. Which goes to show why an 'intellectual' is useless as tits on a boar when it comes time to fight.
Name me one single Schutzstaffel 'intellectual.' The SS were big on doing useful necessary things, like shooting jews and Slavs, and never bothered overmuch in questioning the rightfulness of policy that they agreed with. If someone like myself or Pastor 6Killer were in charge of an SS Einsatzgruppen unit, we would have questioned whether or not there was adequate ammunition resupply as opposed to silly shit like whether it is wrong to shoot 6,666,666 jews.
Does Appy understand his own happy yappy crappy? No.
But what can you expect of a papist Hibernigger whigger? Appy is a [marginally] useful idiot regarding the jews, though. I can train a German shepherd pup to hate niggers, but I can't train the pup to understand how come.
Hail Victory!!!
Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky LindstedtChurch of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jews: they're NOT "evil"--just a parasite disease-of-opportunity

Jew Active Agents Feed Upon "Free" Will Delusion Within Cultural "Decline"
(Apollonian, 17 Sep 10)

This, above-noted (see, is good essay by Austin and ends on just the right note, I think--what then is best conception of "all-out offensive"?--thus we begin at beginning for analysis, we the doctors and physicians observing upon the sick patient (culture) who suffers so. See also, "General Patton...," 16 Sep 10.

Thus we realize Jews are essentially a parasite disease-of-opportunity which can only take advantage of an already essentially sick host-victim, this host-victim sick, affected, and ailing upon the HUBRIS of a "successful," "prosperous" culture, now "over-populated" with hubristic losers and weaklings who believe in a perfectly "free" human will and consequent delusion/fallacy/heresy of "good-evil" drummed into their heads fm early age.

Jews then become most active agents of such a sick culture now in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, Jews now expending the excess over-population who essenitally commit suicide, Jews just helping them along, profitting by the way--why not?

So to remove Jews, one must remove those gentiles upon whom Jews feed and prosper--as in removal of any disease/plague. And those gentiles most responsible for success of Jews then are "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who say Christ was Jew (hence Talmudist) and traitorously support enemy terror-state of Isreal which did 9-11 (see Being Christian then helps--but isn't absolutely necessary.

Note then greatest weapon of Jews, aside fm these JC suckers/goons, is their financial and "banking" instrument, that great COUNTERFEIT scam known as US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see for expo/ref.

CONCLUSION: Hence one sees it's a great regime of lies and fraud--THUS SUBJECTIVISM, in general at the foundation, this subjectivism premise to pretended "free" will, thus "good-evil," once again. Best example then for how to proceed against Jews and JCs is provided by good pastor Carlson of, who shows basically how to do it, even though Carlson himself is actually quite tame and soft-spoken in his own manner. Necessary cultural/psychologic "paradigm-change" is regarding "free" will delusion, once again. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Rightist" Jews want to skewer the "leftist-liberal" Jews of CFR-Bilderberg, co-opt "Tea-Party"--for there is "no honor among thieves," don't forget

Topmost Jew Leadership In Turmoil As USA Sugar-Daddy Totters On "Last-Legs"
(Apollonian, 16 Sep 10)

What a bunch of twaddle fm the fat little Jew-sympathetic bastard, "hunter wallace." See What's happening w. Tea party is no different fm the Ron Paul and Alex Jones ( phenomenons: (a) topmost Jew PARASITE masterminds are having serious falling-out now they realize victim-host, good ol' USA, is about to be LIQUIDATED for reals.

For what now will parasites do for food when old victim is gone?--a serious question they now must face-up to. Don't forget, "there is no honor among thieves."

(b) The lower-level Jews (NOT members of the CFR-Bilderberg, who are still amazingly rich compared to goyim) are especially antsy as they know they'll be blamed and thrown to the proverbial "wolves" when/as top-level Jew masterminds flee the country as things un-ravel evermore rapidly.

Thus we see Alex Jones savagely attacking the "left-liberal" Jews in form of "globalists," as Jones calls them, the CFR-Bilderbergers behind communist United Nations (UN)--see and for expo/ref. on CFR, etc.

"Right-conservative" Jews then are led by "zionists" and "neo-cons" allied w. the single most powerful gentile faction, the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who say Christ was Jew (hence Talmudist--see and for best Talmudic expo) and support enemy terror-state of Israel which did 9-11--see for expo/ref.

So now what's happening is the "left-liberals" are being royally shellacked and even routed by such as Alex Jones (even Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh are scrambling to jump on Jones' bandwagon), and Israeli "zionists" and the "neo-cons" are laying low as lower-level Jews take drastic action, out-shining the stupid JCs who stand there flat-footed, relatively in-active for their favorite supporting terror-state of Israel which isn't going over so well as USA steadily goes down economic tubes.

So Tea-Party activity isn't difficult to understand--economic situation for USA is absolutely URGENT, US Dollar about to collapse, and Jew parasites are very concerned and alarmed. JC morons and scum are just dormant for the moment, for the most part simply swept along. But these JCs are still KEY to the over-all Jew hegemony of USA, still all-powerful as long as US Dollar holds out.

Real REVOLUTION--which is anti-semitism--must be most actively directed against these JCs by most forthright and real Christians (hence absolute anti-semites--anti-Talmud, as Gosp.s MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9), BUT THIS IS NOT WHAT'S HAPPENING.

Rather, as noted above, we're seeing a serious REACTION against leftist Jews, these leftists presently fronted by Obama/Soetoro, who as u might notice lately, is rather desperately sucking-up to Israel and "neo-cons."

So then note who's BENEFITTING fm rout of establishment leftists?--Israel, "zionists," and "neo-cons" on the right, JCs still dormant, many of their people rather partaking in Tea-party activity. And these rightist Jews are the ones most eager to co-opt the Tea-Party--that's why u see Sarah Palin, who's herself just a Jewwy JC, never forget, so prominent now within Tea-party.

CONCLUSION: So it looks like "rightist" Jews may really have potential for most "mileage" for the near-future if they play things right. JCs are still the weak-point for large, general Judeo-conspiracy which real Christians (anti-semites) and patriots MUST attack sooner or later--but which they still don't do as they lack intellectual-type leadership. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mechanics, conditions of successful revolution is necessary subject of most serious study, analysis

Mechanics Of Revolution Is Necessary Subject-Matter Of Study, Consideration
(Apollonian, 11 Sep 10)

This is great posting for consideration of what makes revolution and successful rebellion/insurgency. See For what we're getting now as a culture is mere "Tower of Babel"-type confusion which yet is successfully imposed and maintained as the central power dominates over confused rabble which is dis-united. Thus we as people still need/require "paradigm-change" as I've noted, this regarding "free" will idea, which "free" will has been horribly over-blown by people of the West, heretofore.

All the people want--still, too much--is entertainment, as on TV, and enough drugs, legal and illegal, to tide them over their day-to-day miseries, such as they are. Can the people ever get together sufficiently?--in order to thereupon succeed in rebellion/revolution?--it's possible w. present mighty INTERNET, which ZOG-Mammon KNOWS they must remove, pronto.

Ah well, meantime things continue to get worse and worse and worse, economically and politically, and very soon US Dollar is going to collapse which will be bad for ZOG-Mammon empire as they'll have difficulty keeping up payments to their enforcers.

Further, we also know there's trouble and not just a little in-fighting at the very top level of masterminds as Alex Jones ( savages the CFR-Bilderberg "left-liberal" faction behind communist United Nations (UN), Jones covering for the "rightist-conservative" faction of lower-level (sociologically, even though these lower-level Jews are still incredibly rich--compared to goyim) Jews, even if he remains neutral on the Israel-"zionist" issue.

For note--these Jews of lower-level, especially, ARE NOT eager to see USA go down tubes, this USA fm which they've fed and prospered so much and so well over last couple generations. What will Israel do without rich USA to suck fm and off of?

For Israel-zionist-"neo-cons" are the other main faction at the top-level, these making up the "rightist-conservatives," allied then w. largest single faction of gentiles, the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who dominate the rest of the gentiles soooo effectively for Jews.

But there's ONE THING still missing for rebels to ZOG-Mammon--and that's UNITY upon the hated enemy, though Alex Jones does good enough job, so far, focussing against CFR-Bilderberg and "leftists-liberals," the "globalists," as he calls them. For then, what about Israel, "zionists," and Jews?--Jones doesn't say much about them, indeed defending the Jews even if not mentioning much the "zionists" and Israel. For that's big problem for Jones--Israel.

My own solution is ANTI-SEMITIC Christianity (anti-Talmud, as Gosp.s MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9) as basic unifying agency, but I must say there's still lots of sympathy among dumb TV-addicted goyim for scummy Jews (oh, how I hate 'em), and the Christianity issue/ideal itself still has a lot to go for clarification, it's present reputation so horrible for MYSTICISM--against the necessary reason/rationality which was its original inspiration, Christian TRUTH vs. Jew lies and conspiracy, as in Gosp. JOHN.

And I get too little help--esp. fm these "Christian Identity" clowns, as we have here at Stumble Inn--these people mired in Old Testament (OT) lore and idiotic clap-trap, babbling about "the covenant" they supposedly have w. God, pretending European whites are descended fm Israelites.

CONCLUSION: People just don't want to simplify for things, Christian vs. Jew a matter of REASON vs. mysticism--NOOOOOOOO, this is just tooooooo easy for the morons who insist upon complexity. For there are NO "good" Jews anymore than there are "good" Talmudists or "good psychopaths." So things just have to keep getting worse and worse, I'm sorry to say. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Friday, September 10, 2010

Dialectic Process, Technique is sooooo useful, effective, telling, once again, as facts batters "moralism"

Inductive Logic And Facts Are What Are Stubborn, Enduring--Not Just Honest Christian Seeking Justice
(Apollonian, 10 Sep 10)

Problem is, regarding Jews, (a) aside fm position they occupy as masterminds, even among criminal gentiles, as I note, there (b) are now no less than three of them on US Sup. Ct.--and that's just ones we KNOW about. See below-copied fm, "From Washington's...," 10 Sep 10, comments. It so happens (c) Sotomayor is notorious name for many cryptos too, known fm history.

Real issue regarding Jews at this pt. is INDUCTIVE logic whence at certain pt. evidence is so over-whelming, Jews must now prove they didn't do it which they can't and refuse to even try.

(d) Jews follow the Talmud, by definition--why else call themselves "Jews"?--and Talmud prescribes a distinct war-strategy against gentiles--see and for expo/ref. Ur willingness to absolve such Jews fm adherence to Talmud only brings certain things into question.

(e) Further, Jews provably dominate the mass media (see Note how the inductive logic just builds and builds.

I don't love hate anymore than loving love--they're reciprocal emotions, impossible for one to be without the other, given only the conditions. U excell in absolving Jews, imagining u're "morally" virtuous for doing so.

Thus these Jew conspirators (a redundancy) are tolerated as they've so successfully intimidated, terrorized, and conditioned their victims like u, Ken.

And Jews make use of all the psychologic techniques to so manipulate u, u pretending now there's a mid-way btwn perfect free will and determinism of God's will--just like u evidently think there's mid-way btwn pregnancy and non-pregnancy. And u can "believe" all u pls--it doesn't change Christian TRUTH which endures.

CONCLUSION: U don't like my arguments because they're effective and appropriate; that's all. Otherwise u wouldn't be upset at such incisive Christian honesty and logic. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

-----------above by Ap in response to below-copied---------------

Kenneth Hulsberg said...
I think your hatred towards Jews blinds you from reality and truth. Jews are not the sole source of all things bad in our world. All races are capable of creating predatory systems of control. Really, this is common sense, and if you weren't possessed with this love for hate, you might realize it.
I wont go into the pointless debate of good vs. evil, free-will vs. perfect-free-will. This has nothing to do with this post, aside from you bringing it up trying to bait an argument.
So, get this through your head. I believe in right and wrong. I believe in good and evil. I believe we have free will. I do not believe we have perfect free will, since our will is limited to the confines of the laws of the universe.
Now, get this part through your head. There's nothing you can say or do about my beliefs. You have expressed your disagreements clearly in previous comments on multiple occasions. If you didn't notice then, you haven't changed my mind! Stop repeating yourself like a broken record, please. At this point I'm going to consider it spam.
I know you have some good arguments and ideas, and I appreciate you taking the time to share them. If you have something to contribute to the subject of my posts, I'm more than happy to read your comments and consider them, and even respond with discussion.
September 10, 2010 1:55 PM

--------------above in response to below-copied by Ap--------------

Anonymous said...

We Need "Paradigm-Change"
(Apollonian, 10 Sep 10)
Well Ken, problem is Jews, as I've said sooooo often--but u don't want to face up to this Jew problem. So u (and others) shouldn't be complaining too much.
Of course, I do admit if we get rid of Jews, question/issue would remain for what then would be proper sort of regime?--and that would be much like original US Constitution, an easy answer, surely.
Historically, what happened was West, after US Const. in late 18th cent., continued with a phase which emphasized "MORALITY" and moralism, esp. in way of Immanuel Kant, German Transcendental Idealism, and Eng. Utilitarians which featured idea of "free" human will and thence "good-evil" delusion/fallacy/heresy.
CONCLUSION: So then regarding present-day problems, we simply need new "paradigm" featuring the non-"free" will. For it's this fallacy of "free" will which Jews and like-minded goyim use to subvert society, as we see fm French Rev. era to present-day "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian
September 10, 2010 1:04 PM

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Specific nature and essence of simple Christian message is important, never doubt--and history confirms and reflects tellingly

Christian-Jew Dialectic Is CYCLIC In Effect, Rational Objectivity Vs. Subjective, Mystic; Determinist Honesty Vs. "Free" Will Heresy
(Apollonian, 9 Sep 10)

Yeah right, "Fugasnaya": there I went and actually detailed the specific Christian dialectic for u w. quotes--AND U TOTALLY IGNORE IT while keeping with and even repeating ur absurdities and false-hoods. See below-copied fm U're a genius.

And no one asked u for a fully detailed expo--just basic, simple pt-ing to relevant principle(s) which u didn't do simply because u're obviously incompetent; that's all. So u're just a weakling who whines, who hasn't really made a serious effort to understand and correct the actual problem--this is the truth which u want to hide behind ur excuses.

What's present problem?--pretty simple: Jews, those most brilliant and highly organized criminals and frauds, have simply erected a most sublime COUNTERFEITING scam (US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed]--see for expo/ref.) by which now they literally own everything and practically everyone. I could go on for more details, but such presently will suffice for simplest brief analysis.

Regarding original Christianity and "Church"--get this straight: original Church was a militarily-oriented office of victorious army of St. Constantine the Great which over-saw the morale and psychologic orientation of the troops and soldiers, this in view of the Jew-affected propaganda of Constantine's many enemies, like the rival emperors, Maxentius and Licinius.

Later there was the Jew-infested Zoroastrian Persian empire to contend with. So the original Church was a genuine magnificent institution. But such tremendous success leads to corruption as the church lost its edge and soon enough took on the same old MYSTIFICATION of the preceding Jews, esp. in the way of mystic "faith," the real, proper Christian "faith" meaning only LOYALTY.

Still, note original Christian church was brilliantly successful for the ONLY culture-wide Jew-Expulsion in all history of humankind, and this Jew-Expulsion continued in effect for hundreds and hundreds of years in both east and western portions of old Roman imperial territories.

And the Trinity was definitive Christian and Western REPUDIATION of the old Judaic god-head--Christ is the new Christian God, second person of the Trinity. As St. Athanasius replied to the heretic Arius, so the Trinity makes no sense to u?--so what?--God doesn't have to make sense to humans, his creations. So u don't understand all aspects of God?--too damn bad, sucker.

Finally, "fugasnaya," don't forget reality is totally DETERMINED (no perfectly "free" human will), hence history is CYCLIC in accord w. "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. So it's only a matter of time and course that church--and everything else too--will degenerate as we see it has so miserably of late, but it doesn't mean humanity cannot recover in great part--in same way St. Constantine was able to revive Roman empire of the time.

CONCLUSION: The great "paradigm change" we need presently is to remind folks there's no perfectly "free" human will. For that's how Jews and their "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) cohorts inveigle present masses of suckers by means of "good-evil" they put over on folks starting when they're young and so impressionable. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

----------------above by Ap in response to below-copied----------------

Today, 04:16 PM

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Join Date: Sep 2008
Age: 25
Posts: 1,857

Originally Posted by apollonian
""Fugasnaya," excuse me, but u're full of it, regarding Christianity at least, and probably Islam too, though I'm no expert there. Besides, don't u even understand enough of basic scholarship and respect for ur readers that u provide some references in support for ur statements and absurd declarations?"
I shouldn't need to provide an adult white person with evidence of the corruption of the Church from early on. The nature of the Roman Catholic Church has been a hot topic of discussion on this forum and I don't think I need to trot all of that information out for this post. Needless to say I think most here are of the opinion that the Pope belongs on the end of a rope and the Catholic Church was probably founded by heretics who wanted to create a form of Talmudism on the ruins of a pagan religion to enforce social control over Europeans. The use of mainstream Christianity as a tool for social control and manipulation of minds was so strong that it persisted through an attempted reformation of Christian attitudes and now permeates every branch of socially acceptable Christianity.
Christianity prior to the reformation was such a corrupt joke that Islam came into being fully formed from the mind of Mohammed, because Christianity was simply not marketable at that time to those who had not been influenced by pagan Rome. They knew all about it and liked some of it, but they could clearly see the Roman influence, something Arabs did not identify with. Islam promotes many of the same basic values as Christianity, with Jesus as a prophet instead of messiah and while strictly promoting the oneness of God, in contrast to the concept of the trinity which Muslims view as ridiculous.
Jesus warned against false teachers, taught in parables and clearly stated that he had not come to change one letter of the law of the Israelites. Christianity as it is practiced by most of its so-called adherents today has little to do with the teachings of Jesus and everything to do with being a slave. Islam means submission and it is implied that Muslims submit to God and God alone. Christians seem to submit to everyone, claiming this is what Jesus wanted. I disagree. I feel that mainstream Christianity is a joke and always has been. True Christianity has never, ever been practiced on anything like the same scale as Churchianity and the more you say Appollonian, the more I get the feeling you are interested in promoting Churchianity rather than Christianity, for whatever reason.

---------------above was in response to below by Ap---------------

Note Christianity Presents Most Careful, Specific Dialectic In Opposition To Pharisaic Subjectivism
(Apollonian, 9 Sep 10)

"Fugasnaya," excuse me, but u're full of it, regarding Christianity at least, and probably Islam too, though I'm no expert there. See below-copied fm "fugasnaya." Besides, don't u even understand enough of basic scholarship and respect for ur readers that u provide some references in support for ur statements and absurd declarations?

If u say something dumb like, "The foundations of mainstream Christianity were rotten from the beginning...," don't u think u ought to say something by way of why and how?

All u do is retail and repeat the usual platitudes of ignorance. I know for Christianity, Christ's purpose was to affirm and defend the existence of TRUTH, hence the OBJECTIVE, Aristotelian reality (as in Gosp. JOHN 14:6, 8:32, and 18:37-8), as something real and verifiable, this against Judaic subjectivism, lies, and conspiracy.

Christ then added other bits of advice in way of ethical guidance.

But perhaps most of all, Christianity is established as definitive ANTI-THESIS, in classic Hegelian style, to the Pharisaist thorough-going subjectivism, mysticism, and worship of hubris and lies whence Jews, defined as followers of Pharisees (thus Talmud--see and for best Talmudic expo) make themselves God.

The pt. then is Christianity is a carefully constructed dialectic reply and refutation to the slightly preceding Pharisaism which had corrupted and traduced Mosaic law of Old Testament (OT).

Unfortunately, I'm not able to understand Islam in terms of the exact dialectic it tried to present; so far, all I seem to discern is it tries to simplify the preceding dialectic, but is regarded by Christians as hereticalist throw-back to the one-God of Judaism, similar to Arianist heresy of Christians.

And it looks as if the "Christians" involved in this Koran-burning are the "evangelical" sort of Jew dupes and paid suck-alongs known as "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who say Christ was Jew (hence Talmudist) and support enemy terror-state of Israel which did 9-11, etc.

So every time I look and spot out these supposed demonstrations of Christian virtue, I stop and think how it's all best and most properly aimed at Jew liars, murderers, destroyers, and usurpers who are the real enemies of truth and God.

CONCLUSION: Thus "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, continues its inexorable course downwards. For it's actually great opportunity for real Christians to speak anti-semitic truth to "Christian"-styled suckers for Jew manipulators and instigators. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

-----------------above by Ap in response to below-copied------------------

Today, 02:08 PM

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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They've really stepped up the whole Pro/Anti-Islam thing over the last week or two, with Angelina donning the hijab in Pakistan and the NWO NYC Mosque Imam on Larry King among many other things, including this 'Koran burning' which has now been denounced by both Hillary Clinton and Generalissimo Petraeus.
The objective is to exploit ignorance of this fundamental other that is 'the mooslim.' Muslims might as well be space aliens compared to the average white person today, especially in America. Ironically the central difference between the remains of Christendom and contemporary Islam is that Islam is taken seriously by its adherents and there are consequences for the violation of religious law, often through direct action failing legal means. The basic precepts of Islam, aside from a handful of eccentricities are not that different from Christianity.
By exploiting western ignorance of what Islam is the Jews aim to drive a further wedge between people of European stock and the faith of their ancestors. Christianity and Islam both appeal to the same desire among common people for social justice, both religions call for sacrifice. The foundations of mainstream Christianity were rotten from the beginning (which is part of the reason Islam came to be) and Christians have been repeatedly manipulated through dialectic means. It is more difficult to manipulate Muslims because of the highly regimented methodology of their religion, so the strategy is to pit the two main factions of Goy against each other, destroying those with faith and strengthening the trend toward godlessness.
Those Christians who understand that 'two minutes of hate' against Islam every day is just the flip of a page away from applying a similar standard to Christians are and will continue to be portrayed as weak while Zionists fan the flames under the auspices of their 'Christianity.' Judaism is a cult, so pitting the various world faiths against each other is in their best interests. What's so amazing is that more westerners have not sought education regarding Islam. It seems that ignorance really must feel like bliss, but there's no doubt the bread and circuses of Capital enable this state of affairs.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What Is Christianity?--How Do We Find Out?

Real Meaning Of Christianity Is Up To Every Individual, Never Doubt
(Apollonian, 7 Sep 10)

Thanks to the good pastor Martin for his response. See below-copied at Pastor, I gotta say, ur lexicon gets laborious doesn't it?--u surely seem to put so much energy and effort into it, but is it really worth all that effort?--what are u really getting out of it?

Meantime, if I'm correct, and u're only 52 yrs old, u should know I'm 57, and I don't at all find myself toooo impressed by ur imagined "knowledge." U really shouldn't kid urself--do u think u're "pope"? Not that I dis-respect u, but u really put tooooooooo much energy, I think, into ur highly affected lexicon, as I note, which is quite a bit over-wrought, I submit.

As I note (see previous entries), Christ stands for truth, NOT SOME SPECIAL MSG FOR CERTAIN SPECIAL PEOPLE (but u can think as u pls, regardless--we don't care too much), and all this given to us by Christ isn't rocket-science. Thus Christ assures us as we make our way by means of that only thing God gives us, our God-given reason.

And this Truth-reason criterion is where we can separate the sheep and goats; "faith" only properly means LOYALTY, as I've noted. "Faith" is nothing other than this loyalty, and if it is something else, u need to say what in reasonable detail and perhaps give appropriate citation(s).

For as I've noted for u in an earlier entry, this thread, mystic "faith" is merely hubristic and false means of pretending to Godliness by which one imagines one creates reality and a subjectivistic kind of "truth."

Humans don't create truth, they can only acknowledge it. And "faith" is not a means to truth--ONLY REASON, God-given, can so grasp such truth. U need to get this straight about truth.

Christian TRUTH obviously opposes mysticism and esp. then Judaic mysticism (subjectivism), foundation for all their filthy lies. Thus Christian truth opposes and rejects mystic "faith." Christianity is the vehicle of reason--against mysticism.

U, Pastor Martin, want to pretend Christianity is only yours, but u need to face fact it makes sense to others who consider it theirs too--what now will u do about this? U can still think the way u want, and as long as u remain rational, there doesn't really need to be any problem.

Thus we Catholics (of the real spirit) consider we're the real power, u people calling urself "Christian Identity" (CI) are mere wannabees out on the margin. And the "Pope," u'll note, is simply the head chaplain of that army of Christian soldiers. Under a real man of power, like St. Constantine, Pope served emperor, without the slightest doubt.

Regarding who's "deranged," this merely requires an OBJECTIVE foundation--which u urself want to reject, this by ur own admission, as u say Christianity only pertains to u. U're the one who flirts w. "solipsism."

And solipsism is subjectivism by dictionary definition--u need to simply look this up for urself in ANY DICTIONARY. Solipsism is the literal OPPOSITE of objectivity (basis of reason).

I don't exactly say Old Test (OT) should be "cut out," as I say it's largely irrelevant. For Christ restates all the necessary things (as in New Test. [NT]) so that OT is essentially superseded and mere ancillary supplement. NT is definitive.

So pastor, the huge, gigantic problem w. CI is it isn't rational, founded as it is, evidently, if I'm not mistaken, upon this mystic "faith" by which now it seems u make urself God, saying what reality is--the same sad, mystification which constitutes Judaism and has destroyed original Christianity which now rejects reason.

How for example, do u pretend to know Jews are spawned fm Satanic serpent mated w. Eve?--this is patently ridiculous, and there's no way u could know this. Same goes for northern whites and Aryans being descended fm "lost tribes of Israel"--what's ur proof?--don't u realize u need proof in order to pretend to being rational?

U need to get serious--u're NEVER going to get "ten thousand warlords" who believe this aforementioned tripe which u can't possibly prove--u can't even get ten people to go along. U need to be rational above all to even begin approaching Christianity; Bible is essentially ALLEGORY by which moral-type lessons are taught, that's all.

For example, the one great rule of reason, perfectly parallel then w. all Christianity is DETERMINISM, absolute cause-effect, by which THERE IS NO FREE WILL (ONLY God's will). Of course this no "free" will is a difficult thing for which to persuade humans, but at least, for (further) example, we have the account of Pelagian heresy fm St. Augustine who denies humans are capable of "good-works" sufficient for "eternal life"--similar to St. Martin Luther over a thousand yrs later.

So I submit we can proceed in Christian (hence rational) manner in parallel style and path-ways. We can be allies. U will have no complaint against us as we're rational. For I think in many ways u're quite rational for ur conclusions and observations--and I don't really care what u think or say as long as u're sufficiently consistent w. true Christianity, despite ur strange lexicon, etc.

Our present struggle against ZOG-Mammon empire-of-lies will largely parallel and trace original Christian heroes, revolutionaries, and soldiers ultimately led by St. Constantine the Great, but before we ourselves begin to have success people will have to lose present obsession w. pretension they have for perfectly "free" will--this is the necessary great "paradigm change" I speak of.

CONCLUSION: Hence I fear things will have to get worse, politically and economically. I agree w. u we must keep courage as many weaklings will have to fall by proverbial "wayside," it really looks like. Keep trying to achieve that Christian insight, pastor--u've still a good ways to go, I suspect. Like I say, ck the dictionary and find out what solipsism really means. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

----------------------------above by Ap in response to below-copied----------

Today, 07:29 PM

ArchBishop of Lindstedtania

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Both YHWH's LAW and Ability to Have FAITH are Written in the Christian Israelite's Heart
Both YHWH's LAW and Ability to Have FAITH are Written On the Christian Israelite's Heart

Religion: Synthesis, Reconciliation Of Intellect, Sentiment

(Apollonian, 5 Sep 10)

Comrades: ck my entries in "Lindstedtania" which the moderator has now titled, "Appy happy, yappy, crappy"--which title I don't endorse, but what can I do w. such a "moderator"? Regardless, below are basic considerations in intro for general subject of religion, thence specifically, Christianity.

What you could do with such a moderator is to honor his wishes and post your material where anyone really wanting to read it could go and do so as opposed to having it litter his entire subforum. Or you could ask the Administrator for your own sub-forum to post your material so that again, people who want to read it could do so as well.

I've pointed out in other threads that you obviously know nothing about Christian Identity nor even Christianity. You have made it clear that you are unable and unwilling to learn anything outside jewr own silliness. I've come to the conclusion that you are a deranged Hybernigger ex-catlick whigger who really needs to try to stop trying to recreate Churchianity it jewr own image and who needs to join the Reverend Mong[r]ol-Lloyd Hardy and Cousin John Q. Whigger and cut out the sky pilots and worsesheep jewrself. Solipsism -- that's what Appy suffers from.

My own mother is dumb as a bag of rocks herself. I learned early on that the way to 'win' an argument with her was through the use of ridicule. She never was able to learn anything other than that arguing with me was painful, and thus not to be engaged in for long until I unlimber my heavy artillery. And so it is with all whiggers -- and jews and mamzers and others. They have nothing to say because they have nothing new to think. They are not able to think. They have been crippled since birth.

(1) Why "religion"?--it's the (best) synthesis/accommodation/reconciliation of intellect w. sentiment in accord w. habit of subconscious, this consistent w. intellectual conviction. Note intellect isn't too easy for folks--it's something one eases into gradually as one gets older and more clever.

Religion is a racial matter. If you are of Israelite descent, the Law of YHWH is written on your heart. You know how to behave because it is part of your very make-up. That is why Whites are able to create civil societies and a working social order.If on the other hand, you are a jew, then the Way of Satan is written in jewr ichor because you derived out of Satan's pee-hole, like my friend Pastor John Britton's mother put it. You as a jew will be able to do nothing but evil because you are the spawn of Satan and a parasite.

If you are a deranged mamzer suffering from the schidzoid tendencies resulting from Peter-Dunkin, then you will be yapping like a mattoid about something you will never be able to understand. So Appy, you will now show that you belong in Category 3, and we are about to hear a wave of silly-squawk in which the whiggers, mamzers and jews will be on like flies on shit.

(2) Thus religion is aesthetic, and for Christianity, note it's aesthetic dramatization based upon literature of New Testament (NT). The "Christian Identity" (CI) people want to ignore NT and revert to Old Test. (OT)--which then negates the Christ which is only found in NT--just one of the serious problems w. CI.

No, the problem with Christian Identity is that it isn't strong enough yet to give importunate Hybernigger mackeral-snappers, mentally deficient whiggers, Peter-Dunkin deranged mamzers, and Genesis 3:15 motivated jews a good pokerizing for witlessly yapping about that which they know nothing about.

Appy makes the dogmatic assertion -- every dog has itz dogma -- that the New Testament depends upon cutting out the Old Testament. A typpycully ignorant and idiotic ASSertion, which Appy is wont to make. The New Testament derives from the Old Testament. Thus all portions of the Bible are understood and obeyed. Something that Appy is never going to understand.

The only way to explain this to Appy, is to erect a scaffold in which Appy is standing with a noose around its unwashed Hybernigger catlick neck atop two sets of wooden blocks. You paint the nine-inch block blue and label it the "Old Testament." Then there is a four-inch block painted red labelled the "New Testament." Then you go ahead and tell Appy, "Appy, you solipsistic catlick Hybernigger ass-clown dumber than paddy's pig, as per jewr request, we are about to kick out the "Old Testament" out from under jewrself altogether. Any last words?"Of course this is only after Swedish water-boarding/Swedentrunkening hasn't worked.

(3) But note outright, formal "philosophy," by itself, is so DIFFICULT for most people, thus the religion (of sentiment and style) is something easier to learn first--by which then one can move into (the) philosophy. Thus as small child I learned about dear, little baby Christ born in a manger, etc.

Appy put the 'Special' in 'Special Edjewmacation.' Appy is so very clever, managing to dig an undigested peanut out of an entire hogshead or dozen of Catlick papist shit -- or so Appy 'thinks.'

And note then Christianity is actually the mother culture of all the good and great things we have fm Western civ.--specifically, modern science fm N. Italy and Galileo (then Newton), and legal tradition, including the social contract (also fm Renaissance Italy), thence Hobbes, Locke, and the US Constitution.

All of which goes to show that Appy hasn't read Hobbes or Locke. The antithesis of Hobbes was John Milton. Hobbes was an 'intellectual' for the Stuart dynasty arguing about the mythical 'Divine Right of Kings.' Milton was the Parliamentarian Puritan arguing that Kings had to obey the Law as put out by the People's representatives in Parliament. John Locke was more on the LibberToonian set of the fence, arguing that there was some sort of 'social contract' under which whiggerdumb and mamzerkind and jewboys could somehow live in harmony.

As noted before, Race makes Religion. Adamic man is able to create a social order. Israelite man is able to create a civilization. Race makes for Religion. The Law of YHWH is written on the Israelite's heart. Thus man's regimes or the jew-lies which underpin it, are of no legitimacy. YHWH sat by and let the Israelite kings be overthrown by rebels, and in a few instances, brought about regime change, cf. Jereboam and General Jehu versus the House of Ahab.

The mess we have here is because whiggers have edjewmacated away the White Man's Racial Religion. This Israel has again, like with the Adamites before the Flood under Cain, and under Nimrod after the Flood, created ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final, which is due to collapse because of a lack of White Man running things.

My task as a DSCI pastor is not to teach evil jews about the White Man's Racial Religion. Nor is it to teach whiggers or mamzers, for nothing can be done until they die in the Great Tribulation. I am sent only to the self-found sheep of the House of Israel.

(4) But now then, specifically about dear old Christianity--how exactly to characterize it and identify it?

Appy, as a deranged whigger or mamzer cannot find that which does not exist within Appy. Neither Law nor Faith can be detected within Appy.

(5) Thus Christianity is reverence of and for TRUTH--Gosp. JOHN 14:6, 8:32, and 18:37-8. For Christianity is all about TRUTH, and God is TRUTH, and everything else, like "love," "peace," and "faith" is ordered accordingly. Thus greatest ethical virtue is HONESTY, obviously, in honor of truth.

Appy couldn't identify TRUTH or HONESTY if it came up to him in the guise of a Dual-Seedline Christian Identity minister and punched Appy in the nose.As Ezra Pound pointed out: Americans can only at best be trained, like animals, not educated, like humans. It is such a small remnant able to understand the Will of YHWH, having eyes do see, having ears to hear do hear, having minds to understand do know and obey, and thus hearing Christ's Voice do come and be saved. cf. Matt 13:10-17.Appy is not one of YHWH's sheep, and thus cannot hear Christ's Voice.

(6) For note that's our great human quandary, as Pilate asked in Gosp. JOHN, "what is truth?" For human life is the great struggle to know (this) truth--esp. against all the horrific corruption, conspiracy, and lies we must wade through and contend with, as we search and struggle for that precious truth.

Appy is the unmanageable whigger or mamzer in the bowel Movement who contributes to the chaos and noise which will bring ZOG/Babylon down.

(7) And consistent w. philosophy, Christianity then is perfectly understood in contrast to, and as Hegelian ANTI-THESIS of the preceding Jew lies (Gosp. JOHN 8:44). Naturally then Jews emphasize SUBJECTIVISM (see and for best Talmudic expo).

Appy sees and hears Hegelian jew-jew voo-doo doo-doo and thinks that it is of some danger. But not to the Christian Israelite, who does not hear -- or fear -- D-g's Voice. Never fear the chaos of the Great Tribulation, for it is the whirlpool in the Great Toilet Bowl which will swirl the jews, mamzers and whiggers down the drain to their deaths by the billions. My ministry is simple: Stay alert, stay strong, come out of Babylon, survive as best you can giving trust and faith in YHWH, and when ZOG/Babylon is no more, await the Return of Christ. You are islands of Order in a sea of Chaos.But in between, there are many tasks necessary for survival, which you must do.

(8) Thus note how Christ affirms Aristotle and the objective reality (Gosp. JOHN 8:32), assuring us there's such thing as TRUTH--which necessarily requires objectivity as criterion/standard (the "God-given" reality).

First Plato, then Aristotle, Appy. Maybe itz time to go Dionesian, and enjoy the w[h]ine and goat pizzle.

(9) So these above notations are basic things for proper understanding of Christianity and Christian religion and philosophy. Observe such philosophy isn't too critical or urgent as things are going well in civilization and economy--u can often very well just sit back and watch TV all day--esp. for the weaklings and inferiors of society, as we see.

You understand NOTHING about Christianity, Appy. Pagan Greek philosophers didn't either. The Foundations of Christianity are Law and Faith. Only the pure-blooded Israelite is able to have either and both. Not being of Israel by blood, you can not see and hear and understand this, any more than you are able to hear what a dog hears and smell what a dog smells. Your brain is unable to derive it, and certainly not in a papist-approved book of G[r]eek phili-[stine]sophistry.

CONCLUSION: (10) It's only when the Jews and cohorts start to really take over and killing lots of people in mass quantities that sinners begin to take notice and leave off w. the football games to ask, "duhhhhhhhhhhhh geeeeeeeee, but what's going on?"--this is when people start to "getting religion"--it's a CYCLIC phenomenon ("religion") in accord w. "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Appy, if you read Oswald Spengler, Spengler railed against '[j]universalism' which Spengler said was a characteristic of the Whigger empires and would be the death of Western man. You see, mighty Evil Empires always bring in mud slaves, allow jews to run wild, and destroy the Founding White Stock which made the infant social order, then the Empire possible. Today, we see the end result of ZOG/Babylon, in which [d]ruling regime-criminal whiggers 'think' that we will be living in multi-culti, multi-racial harmony -- if only the evil racist White Man is dead or imprisoned as slaves.

Now if you were honest, as opposed to being a deranged whigger or mamzer, you would support the efforts of Christian Identity in gaining its birthright as the White Man's Racial [HATE] Religion which will destroy ZOG/Babylon. The jews hate Christianity in general and Christian Identity in particular. But you can't seem to make the connection, Appy. You come out from popery, which was all about imposing Rome upon the Aryan man so that guidos and spics and other miscegenated mamzers could live off the White Man. Against which, Aryan Israelite Nordic White Men rebelled, setting up a thousand Protestant denominations in which in some harlot churches, like the Puritans, the Law was paramount, in some like the dunkin' Babtists and Pemtecostal Lint-heads, Faith was paramount.

Christian Identity has both Law and Faith incorporated into it and we use the entire Bible to guide out lawful faithful hearts. Something you will NEVER understand, Appy.But by all means, say -- usually witlessly -- what you intend to say, but if you are gonna be a whigger or mamzer papist ass-clown, please confine jewr endeavors to the appropriate thread.

Hail Victory!!!Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky LindstedtChurch of Jesus Christ
Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri