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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What Is Christianity?--How Do We Find Out?

Real Meaning Of Christianity Is Up To Every Individual, Never Doubt
(Apollonian, 7 Sep 10)

Thanks to the good pastor Martin for his response. See below-copied at Pastor, I gotta say, ur lexicon gets laborious doesn't it?--u surely seem to put so much energy and effort into it, but is it really worth all that effort?--what are u really getting out of it?

Meantime, if I'm correct, and u're only 52 yrs old, u should know I'm 57, and I don't at all find myself toooo impressed by ur imagined "knowledge." U really shouldn't kid urself--do u think u're "pope"? Not that I dis-respect u, but u really put tooooooooo much energy, I think, into ur highly affected lexicon, as I note, which is quite a bit over-wrought, I submit.

As I note (see previous entries), Christ stands for truth, NOT SOME SPECIAL MSG FOR CERTAIN SPECIAL PEOPLE (but u can think as u pls, regardless--we don't care too much), and all this given to us by Christ isn't rocket-science. Thus Christ assures us as we make our way by means of that only thing God gives us, our God-given reason.

And this Truth-reason criterion is where we can separate the sheep and goats; "faith" only properly means LOYALTY, as I've noted. "Faith" is nothing other than this loyalty, and if it is something else, u need to say what in reasonable detail and perhaps give appropriate citation(s).

For as I've noted for u in an earlier entry, this thread, mystic "faith" is merely hubristic and false means of pretending to Godliness by which one imagines one creates reality and a subjectivistic kind of "truth."

Humans don't create truth, they can only acknowledge it. And "faith" is not a means to truth--ONLY REASON, God-given, can so grasp such truth. U need to get this straight about truth.

Christian TRUTH obviously opposes mysticism and esp. then Judaic mysticism (subjectivism), foundation for all their filthy lies. Thus Christian truth opposes and rejects mystic "faith." Christianity is the vehicle of reason--against mysticism.

U, Pastor Martin, want to pretend Christianity is only yours, but u need to face fact it makes sense to others who consider it theirs too--what now will u do about this? U can still think the way u want, and as long as u remain rational, there doesn't really need to be any problem.

Thus we Catholics (of the real spirit) consider we're the real power, u people calling urself "Christian Identity" (CI) are mere wannabees out on the margin. And the "Pope," u'll note, is simply the head chaplain of that army of Christian soldiers. Under a real man of power, like St. Constantine, Pope served emperor, without the slightest doubt.

Regarding who's "deranged," this merely requires an OBJECTIVE foundation--which u urself want to reject, this by ur own admission, as u say Christianity only pertains to u. U're the one who flirts w. "solipsism."

And solipsism is subjectivism by dictionary definition--u need to simply look this up for urself in ANY DICTIONARY. Solipsism is the literal OPPOSITE of objectivity (basis of reason).

I don't exactly say Old Test (OT) should be "cut out," as I say it's largely irrelevant. For Christ restates all the necessary things (as in New Test. [NT]) so that OT is essentially superseded and mere ancillary supplement. NT is definitive.

So pastor, the huge, gigantic problem w. CI is it isn't rational, founded as it is, evidently, if I'm not mistaken, upon this mystic "faith" by which now it seems u make urself God, saying what reality is--the same sad, mystification which constitutes Judaism and has destroyed original Christianity which now rejects reason.

How for example, do u pretend to know Jews are spawned fm Satanic serpent mated w. Eve?--this is patently ridiculous, and there's no way u could know this. Same goes for northern whites and Aryans being descended fm "lost tribes of Israel"--what's ur proof?--don't u realize u need proof in order to pretend to being rational?

U need to get serious--u're NEVER going to get "ten thousand warlords" who believe this aforementioned tripe which u can't possibly prove--u can't even get ten people to go along. U need to be rational above all to even begin approaching Christianity; Bible is essentially ALLEGORY by which moral-type lessons are taught, that's all.

For example, the one great rule of reason, perfectly parallel then w. all Christianity is DETERMINISM, absolute cause-effect, by which THERE IS NO FREE WILL (ONLY God's will). Of course this no "free" will is a difficult thing for which to persuade humans, but at least, for (further) example, we have the account of Pelagian heresy fm St. Augustine who denies humans are capable of "good-works" sufficient for "eternal life"--similar to St. Martin Luther over a thousand yrs later.

So I submit we can proceed in Christian (hence rational) manner in parallel style and path-ways. We can be allies. U will have no complaint against us as we're rational. For I think in many ways u're quite rational for ur conclusions and observations--and I don't really care what u think or say as long as u're sufficiently consistent w. true Christianity, despite ur strange lexicon, etc.

Our present struggle against ZOG-Mammon empire-of-lies will largely parallel and trace original Christian heroes, revolutionaries, and soldiers ultimately led by St. Constantine the Great, but before we ourselves begin to have success people will have to lose present obsession w. pretension they have for perfectly "free" will--this is the necessary great "paradigm change" I speak of.

CONCLUSION: Hence I fear things will have to get worse, politically and economically. I agree w. u we must keep courage as many weaklings will have to fall by proverbial "wayside," it really looks like. Keep trying to achieve that Christian insight, pastor--u've still a good ways to go, I suspect. Like I say, ck the dictionary and find out what solipsism really means. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

----------------------------above by Ap in response to below-copied----------

Today, 07:29 PM

ArchBishop of Lindstedtania

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Both YHWH's LAW and Ability to Have FAITH are Written in the Christian Israelite's Heart
Both YHWH's LAW and Ability to Have FAITH are Written On the Christian Israelite's Heart

Religion: Synthesis, Reconciliation Of Intellect, Sentiment

(Apollonian, 5 Sep 10)

Comrades: ck my entries in "Lindstedtania" which the moderator has now titled, "Appy happy, yappy, crappy"--which title I don't endorse, but what can I do w. such a "moderator"? Regardless, below are basic considerations in intro for general subject of religion, thence specifically, Christianity.

What you could do with such a moderator is to honor his wishes and post your material where anyone really wanting to read it could go and do so as opposed to having it litter his entire subforum. Or you could ask the Administrator for your own sub-forum to post your material so that again, people who want to read it could do so as well.

I've pointed out in other threads that you obviously know nothing about Christian Identity nor even Christianity. You have made it clear that you are unable and unwilling to learn anything outside jewr own silliness. I've come to the conclusion that you are a deranged Hybernigger ex-catlick whigger who really needs to try to stop trying to recreate Churchianity it jewr own image and who needs to join the Reverend Mong[r]ol-Lloyd Hardy and Cousin John Q. Whigger and cut out the sky pilots and worsesheep jewrself. Solipsism -- that's what Appy suffers from.

My own mother is dumb as a bag of rocks herself. I learned early on that the way to 'win' an argument with her was through the use of ridicule. She never was able to learn anything other than that arguing with me was painful, and thus not to be engaged in for long until I unlimber my heavy artillery. And so it is with all whiggers -- and jews and mamzers and others. They have nothing to say because they have nothing new to think. They are not able to think. They have been crippled since birth.

(1) Why "religion"?--it's the (best) synthesis/accommodation/reconciliation of intellect w. sentiment in accord w. habit of subconscious, this consistent w. intellectual conviction. Note intellect isn't too easy for folks--it's something one eases into gradually as one gets older and more clever.

Religion is a racial matter. If you are of Israelite descent, the Law of YHWH is written on your heart. You know how to behave because it is part of your very make-up. That is why Whites are able to create civil societies and a working social order.If on the other hand, you are a jew, then the Way of Satan is written in jewr ichor because you derived out of Satan's pee-hole, like my friend Pastor John Britton's mother put it. You as a jew will be able to do nothing but evil because you are the spawn of Satan and a parasite.

If you are a deranged mamzer suffering from the schidzoid tendencies resulting from Peter-Dunkin, then you will be yapping like a mattoid about something you will never be able to understand. So Appy, you will now show that you belong in Category 3, and we are about to hear a wave of silly-squawk in which the whiggers, mamzers and jews will be on like flies on shit.

(2) Thus religion is aesthetic, and for Christianity, note it's aesthetic dramatization based upon literature of New Testament (NT). The "Christian Identity" (CI) people want to ignore NT and revert to Old Test. (OT)--which then negates the Christ which is only found in NT--just one of the serious problems w. CI.

No, the problem with Christian Identity is that it isn't strong enough yet to give importunate Hybernigger mackeral-snappers, mentally deficient whiggers, Peter-Dunkin deranged mamzers, and Genesis 3:15 motivated jews a good pokerizing for witlessly yapping about that which they know nothing about.

Appy makes the dogmatic assertion -- every dog has itz dogma -- that the New Testament depends upon cutting out the Old Testament. A typpycully ignorant and idiotic ASSertion, which Appy is wont to make. The New Testament derives from the Old Testament. Thus all portions of the Bible are understood and obeyed. Something that Appy is never going to understand.

The only way to explain this to Appy, is to erect a scaffold in which Appy is standing with a noose around its unwashed Hybernigger catlick neck atop two sets of wooden blocks. You paint the nine-inch block blue and label it the "Old Testament." Then there is a four-inch block painted red labelled the "New Testament." Then you go ahead and tell Appy, "Appy, you solipsistic catlick Hybernigger ass-clown dumber than paddy's pig, as per jewr request, we are about to kick out the "Old Testament" out from under jewrself altogether. Any last words?"Of course this is only after Swedish water-boarding/Swedentrunkening hasn't worked.

(3) But note outright, formal "philosophy," by itself, is so DIFFICULT for most people, thus the religion (of sentiment and style) is something easier to learn first--by which then one can move into (the) philosophy. Thus as small child I learned about dear, little baby Christ born in a manger, etc.

Appy put the 'Special' in 'Special Edjewmacation.' Appy is so very clever, managing to dig an undigested peanut out of an entire hogshead or dozen of Catlick papist shit -- or so Appy 'thinks.'

And note then Christianity is actually the mother culture of all the good and great things we have fm Western civ.--specifically, modern science fm N. Italy and Galileo (then Newton), and legal tradition, including the social contract (also fm Renaissance Italy), thence Hobbes, Locke, and the US Constitution.

All of which goes to show that Appy hasn't read Hobbes or Locke. The antithesis of Hobbes was John Milton. Hobbes was an 'intellectual' for the Stuart dynasty arguing about the mythical 'Divine Right of Kings.' Milton was the Parliamentarian Puritan arguing that Kings had to obey the Law as put out by the People's representatives in Parliament. John Locke was more on the LibberToonian set of the fence, arguing that there was some sort of 'social contract' under which whiggerdumb and mamzerkind and jewboys could somehow live in harmony.

As noted before, Race makes Religion. Adamic man is able to create a social order. Israelite man is able to create a civilization. Race makes for Religion. The Law of YHWH is written on the Israelite's heart. Thus man's regimes or the jew-lies which underpin it, are of no legitimacy. YHWH sat by and let the Israelite kings be overthrown by rebels, and in a few instances, brought about regime change, cf. Jereboam and General Jehu versus the House of Ahab.

The mess we have here is because whiggers have edjewmacated away the White Man's Racial Religion. This Israel has again, like with the Adamites before the Flood under Cain, and under Nimrod after the Flood, created ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final, which is due to collapse because of a lack of White Man running things.

My task as a DSCI pastor is not to teach evil jews about the White Man's Racial Religion. Nor is it to teach whiggers or mamzers, for nothing can be done until they die in the Great Tribulation. I am sent only to the self-found sheep of the House of Israel.

(4) But now then, specifically about dear old Christianity--how exactly to characterize it and identify it?

Appy, as a deranged whigger or mamzer cannot find that which does not exist within Appy. Neither Law nor Faith can be detected within Appy.

(5) Thus Christianity is reverence of and for TRUTH--Gosp. JOHN 14:6, 8:32, and 18:37-8. For Christianity is all about TRUTH, and God is TRUTH, and everything else, like "love," "peace," and "faith" is ordered accordingly. Thus greatest ethical virtue is HONESTY, obviously, in honor of truth.

Appy couldn't identify TRUTH or HONESTY if it came up to him in the guise of a Dual-Seedline Christian Identity minister and punched Appy in the nose.As Ezra Pound pointed out: Americans can only at best be trained, like animals, not educated, like humans. It is such a small remnant able to understand the Will of YHWH, having eyes do see, having ears to hear do hear, having minds to understand do know and obey, and thus hearing Christ's Voice do come and be saved. cf. Matt 13:10-17.Appy is not one of YHWH's sheep, and thus cannot hear Christ's Voice.

(6) For note that's our great human quandary, as Pilate asked in Gosp. JOHN, "what is truth?" For human life is the great struggle to know (this) truth--esp. against all the horrific corruption, conspiracy, and lies we must wade through and contend with, as we search and struggle for that precious truth.

Appy is the unmanageable whigger or mamzer in the bowel Movement who contributes to the chaos and noise which will bring ZOG/Babylon down.

(7) And consistent w. philosophy, Christianity then is perfectly understood in contrast to, and as Hegelian ANTI-THESIS of the preceding Jew lies (Gosp. JOHN 8:44). Naturally then Jews emphasize SUBJECTIVISM (see and for best Talmudic expo).

Appy sees and hears Hegelian jew-jew voo-doo doo-doo and thinks that it is of some danger. But not to the Christian Israelite, who does not hear -- or fear -- D-g's Voice. Never fear the chaos of the Great Tribulation, for it is the whirlpool in the Great Toilet Bowl which will swirl the jews, mamzers and whiggers down the drain to their deaths by the billions. My ministry is simple: Stay alert, stay strong, come out of Babylon, survive as best you can giving trust and faith in YHWH, and when ZOG/Babylon is no more, await the Return of Christ. You are islands of Order in a sea of Chaos.But in between, there are many tasks necessary for survival, which you must do.

(8) Thus note how Christ affirms Aristotle and the objective reality (Gosp. JOHN 8:32), assuring us there's such thing as TRUTH--which necessarily requires objectivity as criterion/standard (the "God-given" reality).

First Plato, then Aristotle, Appy. Maybe itz time to go Dionesian, and enjoy the w[h]ine and goat pizzle.

(9) So these above notations are basic things for proper understanding of Christianity and Christian religion and philosophy. Observe such philosophy isn't too critical or urgent as things are going well in civilization and economy--u can often very well just sit back and watch TV all day--esp. for the weaklings and inferiors of society, as we see.

You understand NOTHING about Christianity, Appy. Pagan Greek philosophers didn't either. The Foundations of Christianity are Law and Faith. Only the pure-blooded Israelite is able to have either and both. Not being of Israel by blood, you can not see and hear and understand this, any more than you are able to hear what a dog hears and smell what a dog smells. Your brain is unable to derive it, and certainly not in a papist-approved book of G[r]eek phili-[stine]sophistry.

CONCLUSION: (10) It's only when the Jews and cohorts start to really take over and killing lots of people in mass quantities that sinners begin to take notice and leave off w. the football games to ask, "duhhhhhhhhhhhh geeeeeeeee, but what's going on?"--this is when people start to "getting religion"--it's a CYCLIC phenomenon ("religion") in accord w. "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Appy, if you read Oswald Spengler, Spengler railed against '[j]universalism' which Spengler said was a characteristic of the Whigger empires and would be the death of Western man. You see, mighty Evil Empires always bring in mud slaves, allow jews to run wild, and destroy the Founding White Stock which made the infant social order, then the Empire possible. Today, we see the end result of ZOG/Babylon, in which [d]ruling regime-criminal whiggers 'think' that we will be living in multi-culti, multi-racial harmony -- if only the evil racist White Man is dead or imprisoned as slaves.

Now if you were honest, as opposed to being a deranged whigger or mamzer, you would support the efforts of Christian Identity in gaining its birthright as the White Man's Racial [HATE] Religion which will destroy ZOG/Babylon. The jews hate Christianity in general and Christian Identity in particular. But you can't seem to make the connection, Appy. You come out from popery, which was all about imposing Rome upon the Aryan man so that guidos and spics and other miscegenated mamzers could live off the White Man. Against which, Aryan Israelite Nordic White Men rebelled, setting up a thousand Protestant denominations in which in some harlot churches, like the Puritans, the Law was paramount, in some like the dunkin' Babtists and Pemtecostal Lint-heads, Faith was paramount.

Christian Identity has both Law and Faith incorporated into it and we use the entire Bible to guide out lawful faithful hearts. Something you will NEVER understand, Appy.But by all means, say -- usually witlessly -- what you intend to say, but if you are gonna be a whigger or mamzer papist ass-clown, please confine jewr endeavors to the appropriate thread.

Hail Victory!!!Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky LindstedtChurch of Jesus Christ
Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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