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Monday, September 20, 2010

Christian Truth opposes Jew lies--as Christian objectivity vs. Jew subjectivism; Christian REASON vs. Jew mysticism

Christian Anti-Semitism Is Best Practiced By Means Of Reason
(Apollonian, 20 Sep 10)

Pastor Martin: intellectual leadership of the SS (Schutzstaffel) was mind of dear unc' Adolf and upper-ranking SS officers, obviously--as for any army the "intellect" is to be found in the officer corps and then general staff--what's ur problem? See

What we're getting into now is simply regarding what Christianity is all about--which is worship of TRUTH according to Gosp. JOHN, as JOHN 14:6--God IS TRUTH. Note Christianity generally abhors mysticism, seeking rather HONESTY and simplicity--and that's why New Test. (NT) is definitive.

Note then Biblic literature is simply a mythic-type allegory meant to teach a lesson, thus NT restates and summarizes Old Test. (OT) by way of Christ's famous formulation in Gosp.s MARK 12:29-31 and MATT 22:37-9--(a) be rational and heed laws of nature, and (b) treat fellows accordingly. And the more willingly we accept these natural, God-given laws, the happier and more self-satisfied we'll be.

Thus at the end of our lives when/as we're about to go, we do so most easily as we know we've done best we could. Thus we live best, happiest life possible, eh?

Problem w. Pelagianism is how we can enter heaven. So Pastor Martin, do u think, like a Jew, u'll be able to DEMAND God give u entry?--will u have ur list of "good-works" all ready by which u command God?--ha ha. Note then not only St. Augustine (who was NOT Manichaean, having given it up), but also St. Martin Luther, argued mankind requires God's grace, etc., regardless of all/any "good" works.

For as God is of PERFECTLY "FREE" will, by definition, humans are mere creatures, hence not of such perfectly "free," God-like will--hence not of free will at all, we being sinners, so much given and taken w. our own "will," limited as it is.

So logically, not of perfectly "free" will means not of any free will at all, necessarily, it being either-or proposition. Note as proof--we must ALWAYS seek our interest (will), necessarily, such as seeking heaven and avoiding hell.

Regarding Arian heresy, I guess u might be a Musselman too, eh?--U'RE CERTAINLY NOT A CHRISTIAN, to judge fm things.

See pastor Martin, Christians fm wayyyyyyy back, including Protestants too, distinguish themselves fm preceding Jews who pretend to worship the one-Godhead which Jews insist is in love w. them in carnal fashion--as in way of a man desperately seeking carnal relations w. womanly "Israel" which then plays the "harlot," God yet infatuated so hopelessly, like stupid human.

Note if Christ was only man he couldn't be God, but if God, could be man too at same time if he so willed--at least, I don't see why not. Christ HAS TO BE GOD in order for his words and preachings to be absolutely definitive, u see. Christ is also man as we have someone to relate w. as genuine leader, whom we can emulate.

"Trinity" isn't necessarily easy to understand--but IS useful in order to differentiate w. Jews--WE ARE NOT Jews, and we DON'T worship their putrid satanic leader, slave of infatuation w. hook-nosed Jews.
I understand the "Hibernian" part, but not the "nigger" part--who knows what u fools are talking about?--who cares? For WE'RE the Christians, pastor Martin, regardless what u may say. U can pretend all u like, but u're NEVER going to achieve "ten thousand warlords"--what a gross, miserable joke--u don't even have a single one.

For aside fm ostensibly abhorring Jews, u then imitate Jews for all ur presumption and heresy--as by ur hubristic affirmation of pretended "free" will, and "good works," etc. It really thus appears, pastor, u only want to make use of OT Judaizing, then lying and mis-representing, calling it "Christianity," as way of gaining revenge against ZOGlings who locked u up, took ur kidsoes away, and drugged u up, etc.

See Pastor, if there's God--THEN there must be a God-given, God-created reality--an OBJECTIVE reality (hence Aristotle) which then provides criterion/standard/premise for all truth, okay?

Jews don't accept such objectivity, a reality common for all humans (see and for best Talmudic expo)--Jews rather imagine reality is only what they say it is (SUBJECTIVISM)--similar to u too, eh pastor?--and that's why u reject NT and stay submerged within complexity and mass of OT and all ur brainless blathering, euphemisms, and "lexicon," such as it is w. affected spellings, etc. Pastor, like Jew, u live within ur own little subjectivist, "solipsistic" world.

Thus as it's Christian TRUTH vs. Jew lies, so then it is (Christian) objectivity vs. (Jew) subjectivity and mysticism, the proposed Jewwy criteria for what passes for Jewwy "truth"--Christian REASON vs. Jew mysticism, which mysticism, like urs, don't forget, is also shared by many other gentiles, who however never managed to achieve that UNITY and organization of Jew criminals and psychopaths.

CONCLUSION: So pastor Martin, u'll be tolerated by us REAL Christians as long as u keep to rationality. Ur anti-semitism is ur best principle; u should merely heed to it with most consistent logic. Take care. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian
---------------above by Ap in response to below-copied-----------------

Yesterday, 09:52 AM

ArchBishop of Lindstedtania

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I do believe Appy has a papist Hibernigger Whigger Problem
I do believe Appy has a papist Hibernigger Whigger Problem

Jews: Parasites Upon Humanity; Enemies Of Truth And God
(Apollonian, 18 Sep 10)
This is great and informative posting, Killer of 6. Jews thus only exist as killers and enslavers of humanity, truly PARASITES, in every sense of the word.
Of course, most important thing to understand about Jews is their religion of war against rest of human-kind which entails lies--including then, as necessary, lying to oneself. Jews thus feature a warfare for sake of warfare. Judaism is war not only against humanity, but also truth, reality, reason, logic, honesty, etc. Christianity and Judaism are ANTI-THESES.
For Jews make themselves God, Jews the object of God's worship of Jews, the putative "apple of [God's] eye." Thus Judaism (Talmudism) is literally the worship of hubris and lies, lies for the sake of lies, lying, and liars.
Thus for Jews there is no TRUTH--in contra-distinction to Christ's assuring us of existence of TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6, 8:32, and 18:37-9)--but for what Jews say is truth, and this is most important anti-thesis to remember about Judaism and Christianity--Judaism worships lies, while Christianity worships TRUTH (JOHN 14:6).
This Christian-Jew anti-thesis then converts in strictest philosophy to Aristotelian OBJECTIVITY vs. Judaic subjectivity, as objectivity and the God-created reality serves then as CRITERION/premise/standard for such Godly truth.
The consequence then in ethics is Jews believe in an ABSOLUTELY "free" human will--a will that creates reality in all God-like fashion. Christians then reject this perfectly "free" will, as there's only God's absolutely all-powerful will.
CONCLUSION: Thus there is and could be NO "good-evil" (Pelagian heresy) as this would require a free will. Thus Christians understand we're all sinners by definition--by human possession of a will which too easily pretends to such perfect, God-like perfection. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian.
-------------------below is response to above by Ap---------------
In vain I have tried to explain the rudiments of Ultimate Protestantism to Apollonian/Appy. All about how Christian Identity, especially, Dual-Seedline Christian Identity, is the Aryan/Nordic White Man's Racial HATE Religion. After all, saying that jews cum out from Satan's pee-hole and that there is no such thang as a 'good jew' is about as anti-Kenite/Canaanite/Edomite/Hittite/Khazar jew spawn of Satan as anyone can get.
But Appy simply isn't able to understand. Why? Well, Pastor 6Killer understands why Appy can't reason:
Originally Posted by 6KILLER
Appy for a Hibernigger you may be getting it, judging from the statement above. ML and I have been preaching this for years "You can't address the jewish problem, until you solve the Whigger problem".
Wherein Appy, like a catlick hibernigger (I prefer hybernigger as in 'hyper-hiber' before the addition of nigger) finally starts picking up on the perjorative. Appy sez, as part of the First Church of Solipsistic Hiber-Appy, "Hibernigger whigger??? Who moi? Appy mous le deluge?"
Originally Posted by apollonian
Hibernigger?--what in sam hill is that, anyway?--u people w. ur euphemisms--only u know what u're talking about. Besides, "whiggers" just makes things harder to understand--"Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) is far better for accurate expo. These JC hereticalist scum say Christ was "Jew" (hence a Talmudist) and support enemy terror-state of Israel, JCs heavily funded by Jews. "Whigger" could refer to all sorts of other white-nigger types. And JCs don't necessarily relate w. negroids. "Whigger" is miserable choice of words, I say. A.
Well, part of the WunnderFool Thang About Whiggers is that they 'think' theyz' the only ones -- but not a whigger, of course. Whigger is a perjorative properly reserved for even bigger whiggers than they is.
You see, it is like being in the Old Army and claiming that you don't have to eat shit. Everyone in the Army has to eat shit. Privates having to eat the most shit and generals having to eat the least amount of shit even though they produce the most shit to have to eat. Anyone claiming not to eat any shit is the biggest shit-eater in the Army. Rather, the proper claim to make if you don't like the taste of shit is to say: "I don't eat a single ounce more of shit than I have to."
Something short-timer Spec-4's used to say all the time -- and actually act upon. There was no more insolent an Army species than a whigger Spec-4 double-digit midget with a little scraggly Spec-4 moustache. But that was way back in the day of the old Army, which used to say "Fuck It" when asked to make an attitude check, as opposed to the ZOGling whigger ass-clowns who like having their nuts blown off by an Improvised Explosive Device made every nite by the indigenous ragheads (whose hearts and minds are not with the invading ZOGlings because their nuts didn't follow), and are going ass-to-mouth with generals and saying jarhead stupid shit like 'Hooo-Ahhh!', the nutless stupid silly fuktards.
Anyway, Appy being a Hybernigger catlick mackeral-snapping papist whigger addicted to popery and not having understood anything since the nuns whacked itz hybernigger haid into professing in self-defense a bit of understanding about Aristotle and Augustine somehow dimly comprehends that while yesterday it might not of known how to spell 'Hibernigger' that somehow Appy, it is one:
Originally Posted by 6KILLER
Hibernigger is a contraction of Hibernian (Hibernian, pertaining to Hibernia, Ireland as known to ancient Romans) and nigger.
Now strictly speaking, Appy is off the 'Happy Yappy Appy Crappy' Reservation, but at least since Appy is somewhat on topic I am letting this misdemeanor slide.
The fact of the matter is that for lesser racial beings on the Nordic/Aryan scale of whigger -- your wops, spics, dagos, guidos, gibbons, orang-a-tangs, hiberniggers -- is that they simply cannot understand Protestantism without Swedish waterboarding/Swedentrunkening. Appy hasn't been properly sloshed in the Piss of the Swede as yet. But to be fair, it took around thirty years for catlicks to understand that the Aryan/Nordic Protestant insisted on not paying anything for the upkeep of Rome -- the Mediterranean Babylon -- which is why they called this religious/military instruction The Thirty Year's War. The surviving Sud-Deutcher, Frogs, Spaniards, Oster-Reichians, and other lesser Alpine and Mediterranean species of Sud/Ost Whiggers learned that they would have to pay for their own damned mackeral-snapping and popery without the assistance or compliance of the North-men.
So as a DSCI clergyman, I suggest that Appy do penance by watching "Gangs of New York" at least two or three times so as to get a proper notion as to a Hibernigger's proper place when amongst the English/Swedes/Danes/Prussians.
Now actually the Pelagians and Arians had it right. There is only YHWH the Father and Jesus Christ the Son. This trinity shit cum from Babylon when Nimrod, Neo-Nimrod and Semiramis tried to horn in, creating this 'Mary-worsesheep' crapola, along with the Hittite Gaia/Cybele idolatry.
Now Catholics love to quote pagan phili-sophers like Plato and Aristotle who have the Hindu/Eastern/Pharisaical notion of all manner of critters -- especially theysselfs -- having 'immortal souls.'
They hate the idea of free-will because they are sinful beasts unable to control their impulses for drunkeness and loose agape pussy and thus they are let off the hook by claiming -- correctly for them -- to be sinful beast animals whose lives are lead by their own lustful appetites, and that it is God's fault that they were made that way. This is where you get Appy's 'determinism.' You see, if Appy has no free will, then it is not Appy's fault for being a deranged sinful Hibernigger whigger, and thus Appy will go to Hybernigger Heaven to enjoy even more mick pussy and likker without a hangover forever and ever and all Appy has to do is perform a bit of simony and idolatry for the papist baal-priest of Cybele Revisted. Which is why Appy is against Pelagianism and Semi-Pelagianism and thus all in favor of Total Depravity, following the Manichaeism of Augustine of Hippo and the jew John Calvin/Cohen.
Catholicism is jewniversalism -- the besotting sin of Oswald Spengler. Catholicism loves mamzers -- miscegenated bastard abominations. Why do you think Catholicism is the favorite official religion of the Portugese, French, Spaniards and their mestizo offspring? Why do you think Protestantism was the favorite religion of the Anglo-Saxons and Swedes and Germans who disdained breeding michlings, skraelings and half-breeds?
Spengler said that the Greek, Roman, and Western World Civilizations were suffering from 'universalism' in which jews and [d]ruling whiggers destroy the Founding [White] Peoples by a process of Imperialism, in which the Founding Race engages in bringing in non-white slaves, then breeding with them to where there is no more Founding Population. The Portugal/Brazil/Angola Syndrome.
Now while Appy does quote Spengler, Appy can't understand Spengler. The Nazis understood Spengler, and tried to use Spengler like they used Madison Grant and Lothrup Stoddard. Like all 'intellectuals' they resisted practical application and field testing of their theories, even though their racial theories were correct. Which goes to show why an 'intellectual' is useless as tits on a boar when it comes time to fight.
Name me one single Schutzstaffel 'intellectual.' The SS were big on doing useful necessary things, like shooting jews and Slavs, and never bothered overmuch in questioning the rightfulness of policy that they agreed with. If someone like myself or Pastor 6Killer were in charge of an SS Einsatzgruppen unit, we would have questioned whether or not there was adequate ammunition resupply as opposed to silly shit like whether it is wrong to shoot 6,666,666 jews.
Does Appy understand his own happy yappy crappy? No.
But what can you expect of a papist Hibernigger whigger? Appy is a [marginally] useful idiot regarding the jews, though. I can train a German shepherd pup to hate niggers, but I can't train the pup to understand how come.
Hail Victory!!!
Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky LindstedtChurch of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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