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Friday, September 3, 2010

Christianity upholds TRUTH, hence rejects subjectivism, mysticism, and esp. then, mystic "faith"

Christian TRUTH Rejects Mysticism, Mystic "Faith"
(Apollonian, 3 Sep 10)

Thanks again to pastor Martin for his efforts and comments, but I think I DO understand "Christian Identity" (CI); my problem with it then is, after all is said and done, it's just another MYSTIC "FAITH" by way of the false understanding of the buzz-word, "faith," faith only properly meaning LOYALTY, as I emphasize.

"Christian Identity" is MYSTICISM--not rational at all--it's something one imposes upon oneself by means of that mystic "faith" whence one just obsessively insists with un-ending intensity. Thus CI is no better or different than Judaism or the establishment "Christianity" which also endorses this mystic and false "faith."

Thus by means of this false and mystic "faith" one insists upon the various tenets of CI: that Jews are descended fm a mating of Eve w. Satan the serpent, that white Aryans are descended fm the lost tribes of Israel, etc.--none of these provable or proven, just simply things to be insisted upon, hence "believed," hence considered as true--by means of this MYSTIC (and false) "faith."

Thus note this false and mystic "faith" (unlike the proper understanding, LOYALTY) is simply a way of creating and concocting reality and truth--a way of making oneself God who creates reality.

So u see, I object to CI as it's simply mysticism and product of the false understanding of "faith."

And note this false and mystic "faith" is precisely the same as the Judaic "faith"--which was quickly adopted by the establishment Christians and Catholics long, long ago.

For Christ was the great rationalizer who assures us of the existence of TRUTH (hence objective reality, necessary criterion), once again, as Gosp. JOHN 14:6, 8:32, and 18:37-8. Christ only endorses "faith" as LOYALTY--NOT as something by which one makes oneself God--NOT as something by which one creates truth or reality. BELIEVING SOMETHING IS TRUE DOES NOT MAKE IT TRUE. For truth is true--REGARDLESS of belief or that mystic "faith."

For note again, the basic problem for humanity is that btwn TRUTH and lies, and Christ's effort was to show us THE WAY of such truth; thus Christ assures us of the objective (Aristotelian) reality, necessary criterion-standard of truth and foundation then of all science and logic.

Alternative to Christian objectivity (TRUTH) is subjectivism, esp. that of Jews whom Christ identified as foremost liars (Gosp. JOHN 8:44). Subjectivism of course is idea reality is merely what is in one's own head/mind whence one makes oneself God--"anything goes."

Jews rule then as they are most "connected," collectivist, organized, and united. Subjectivistic gentiles are otherwise isolated in a hopeless sort of "individualism" (nihilism).
The crowning mark and proof of Pastor Martin's error is his utterly fallacious understanding that rationalism is solipsism. For obviously, rationalism is necessarily founded upon objectivity; solipsism is subjectivism by dictionary definition.

Pastor Martin also alleges Christ speaks in "parables," but this is only true in certain instances and according only to Christ's own testimony as he gives it, Christ doing it only as he's required by the political circumstances. As far as the Gospel texts are concerned, there's very little of this "parable" speaking, Christ being typically forthright for his words, all in accord w. his preferred style of HONESTY in honor of truth.

So we see the problem of the world is the same as that for which Christ came to give us his guidance: Truth vs. lies, thus REASON vs. mysticism. For lies spring most readily fm mysticism, even though mysticism isn't necessarily intended for lies, so many people mired in mysticism seeking truth, thus seeking reason.

What good then is CI?--it bids us be loyal to dear Christ, our leader, and it un-mistakably and properly maintains enmity towards those master liars, the Jews, preserving their true identity as masters of lies and anti-human monsters--Jews the ultimate subjectivists.
CI fails as it reverts to the same old, failed mysticism and false understanding of "faith." For it doesn't matter what or how one thinks--TRUTH IS TRUTH, regardless. Truth is truth, regardless of what one thinks--whether one has "faith" in it or not. "FAITH" DOES NOT CREATE TRUTH.

CONCLUSION: Thus, as I've noted, humanity urgently needs a new "paradigm," this then regarding "free" will--human will is NOT perfectly "free"--and in fact, it isn't free at all. This false understanding of human will as "free" then is the problem and the link w. the false understanding of "faith." And I thank the good pastor Martin once again for his inspiration for my latest approach upon this subject of mine, the new "paradigm." Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

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