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Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Tower-of-Babel" symptom and activity in the large CYCLE of things historical and sociologic

[Here's a neat dialectic I recently had. A.]

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Patriots Plan, Observe While ZOG-Mammon Continues To "Decline"
(Apollonian, 29 Sep 10)

Okay--so what are we doing here, anyway? See below-copied fm Pt. about Alex Jones ( is he does his best as Christian; of course he's quite flawed, but at least he's pretty honest, much as he can be, given his limitations--so he's useful [as noted--see below].

Thus we discuss on the forum, right?--this in order to gain info ("intelligence," in military terms). So then I work to build my/our army--this for "Christians," who respect TRUTH (as Gosp. JOHN 14:6, 8:32, 18:37-9).

And as reality is (a) determined and (b) CYCLIC (according to Spengler), we can plan, predict, and judge--all this in accord w. proper function of forum.

Meantime, u can be sure there's Jews lurking--as they have INFINITE funds, trying to "spin" and deceive, as usual. Jews love to experiment w. their lies, etc., to see how and how long they can fool us. But note our people have been doing quite well w. "success" of Tea-party--Jews are very concerned.

And Jews, psychotic as they are, can be analyzed, never doubt, esp. by means of objective-subjective dichotomy--which I never tire of demonstrating.

And remember, even Jews' agents fm among gentiles, who work for Jews, are subject to this never-miss analysis beginning w. objective-subjective.

CONCLUSION: Thus I analyze, observe, and plan. Overall, again, necessary "paradigm-change" for our culture and people is removal/rejection of perfect "free" will delusion/fallacy/heresy. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

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Today 06:16 PM
Hodge Backmaker
Originally Posted by apollonian

"heroic Alex Jones."

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You're losing me here.

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Present "Tower-Of-Babel" Syndrome Will Pass; What's Most Pertinent Is Religious-Type Organization
(Apollonian, 29 Sep 10)

What else do I have?--in way of thesis, it would be Christian opposition to Jew lies, thus reason against mysticism, determinism and the CYCLIC process, how it works, the Jews at top falling-out, this led by heroic Alex Jones. Finally there's basic analysis of things according to objective vs. subjective, parallel w. aforementioned dichotomies.

So it's mainly the CYCLIC process (for what I "got") and how it works, what it will lead to in long and short runs, based on info.

I think I understand what u mean by phora ripping things to shreds--this is to be expected in present "Tower-of-Babel" situation wherein over-populated people talk past each other. But u should understand this babbling will come to an end as civilization continues to "decline."

So presently patriots must organize by means of religion--hence Christianity understood according to reason, objectivity, and determinism, CYCLICALITY part of determinist analysis, these taking observations in proper consideration.

Necessary "paradigm change" for a reasonably united, victorious host is removal of "free" will delusion/fallacy/heresy.

CONCLUSION: So I follow u for ur implied noting of "Tower-of-babel," Jews being integral part thereto, but this is to be expected, and it will come to an end. Next necessary step of ZOG-Mammon is to remove internet, so it's best to confirm ur religious principles as means of necessary military organization. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

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Today 05:53 PM
Hodge Backmaker

Originally Posted by apollonian

"Okay Hodge, ...."

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Irrelevant? We need people who are both racially aware and combat-ready.

Especially critical are NCO-level people who can lead. Take it to the Phora. There is irrelevance for you. However, they will rip your Ayn Rand-based love of Aristotle and your name-dropping of Spengler apart. What else do you have?

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