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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Nature of reality--must be kept confused by ZOG in order to continue inveigling suckers to believing in "good" hence OBEDIENCE above all--that's all being "good" is about, after all, willing suckers for ZOG....

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Key To Metaphysics Is Aristotle, Master Of Those Who Know
(Apollonian, 30 Apr 14)

An excellent subject-matter and creditable essay u pose, Mike, but note "teleology" is mere synonym for deterministic nature.  Basic question/issue is objective reality or not?--Aristotle or Plato? (or Descartes or Kant, mere inferior clones of Plato), as always.

For if reality is objective then it has identity, definite and distinct, thus is determined (teleologic).  Everything/anything else is subjectivistic and cannot be understood in logical, scientific manner, anything goes, deuces wild.

Objectivity is either-or, yes or no--MONISM--"multiverse" is mere subjectivist balderdash.

"Religion" then is simply the integration of whatever notion or system thereof within an habitual mode which binds intellect with emotion or sentiment.  Thus, for example, that Christian religion of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all/any other ideals/precepts as only way to happiness (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) gives one most profound inner PEACE, thus Christ (Truth), the "Prince of Peace."  Thus science, logic, and reason are profoundly religious, no less than any idiotic mysticism or subjectivism.

And there's no such thing as "science" without teleology or determinism, for science by its nature is founded in objectivity, hence logical, determinist, and thus teleologic--as then is ethics, properly understood.

Remember Mike: the project of satanic ZOG, for whom u're working, unfortunately, is to so hopelessly confuse things for students, purpose being to keeping them befuddled, obedient servants/slaves--always begging to being seen as "good," hence obedient--which all requires subjectivism and rejection of Aristotle, objectivity, determinism, and science/logic.

Worst enemy of truth (objectivity) is, always has been, and always will be "good" (hence subjectivism, in which it's necessarily founded), known to Christianity fm St. Augustine as Pelagian heresy ("good works").

Observe our colleagues here, including esp. "magus," so desperately obsessed w. "good," inferiority-complex, and approval thereof that he's willing to swallow all of ZOG's never-ending lies, like about al Qaeda and "terrorism," etc.--u don't want to end up like him, do u?

Monday, April 28, 2014

Observe: War w. Russia on top of EMP & Solar flare scare, MERS (disease) break-out, on top of on-going Fukushima catastrophe--aside fm latest "racism" issue (ho ho ho)--all to help keep ZOG in power, never doubt

War With Russia Over Ukraine Is Totally Contrived For ZOG To Continue Rule
(Apollonian, 28 Apr 14)

Ck, where it's described so well the TOTALLY contrived "war" w. Russia over Ukraine.  So by means of this contrived war ZOG will continue to take rights of the people on grounds of "nat. security."  Don't doubt Putin is perfectly in league w. ZOG, see

Another option is an EMP attack or solar flare by which to destroy the electrical grid and in that way to removing the Inter-net.  See  And note yet another scare for fear-mongering is the MERS disease break-out in Saudi Arabia--see  And these are aside fm the on-going Fukushima catastrophe to keep people terrorized, eh?

So conclusion is ZOG is quite desperate--as one can already see regarding present race-hype over the LA Clippers kike-owner--and these above possibilities are the "options" ZOG is considering in order to continue its rule and existence.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Anti-Racist Pharisaism: perfect RELIGION in Mammon-worshipping, ZOG-dominated "Decline of the West"--captures attn of all the scummy, brainless puke--esp. the phony, half-ass "Christian" filth

Pharisaist Anti-Racism: Sure-Fire Diversion For Mammon Culture In Western "Decline..."
(Apollonian, 27 Apr 14)

By golly, ZOG never rests, does it?  Now, have u hrd latest on "racism" front?--ho ho ho ho.  Turns out the kike who owns the L.A. Clippers (NBA team) said something "racist"--see

So what do u think?--did the kike really say that?--and if he did, wasn't it just what the doctor ordered?  What if the kike DIDN'T say it, but it's now made-out that he did?--ho ho ho--what diff. would it make?--for it's just what ZOG wants and needs, eh?

Notice how the kike is made to be rather the fall-guy for this incident--after all, no Christian or gentile is rich enough to own an NBA team, eh?  Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho

Get it?--racism--or anti-racism--is the goddam RELIGION, right along now w. anti-antisemitism, "tolerance" and "diversity"--all this brainless puke oriented to whom?--dumbass "metro-sexuals" and their close relatives among "normal" people, the Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo/ref.) scum and the rest of the phony, half-assed "Christians" who are sooooooooooo idiotically affected by these Jew-worshipping JC puke, filth, and traitors.

And of course, this incident gives Obongo the chance to re-assert his "credibility" as a "moral"-leader, eh?  Ho ho ho ho ho ho--how brainlessly, putridly sickening can it get?  "Credibility"?--for who?--queers, niggers, morons, scum, and JC puke--these are the "people," the real people of USA?--are u kidding?

And all the rest of us are supposed to be sooooooo impressed by this "anti-racist" puke?

Such then is "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, comrades--the only solution to it is the REAL Christianity--anti-semitism, suckers.  And if u're NOT anti-semitic, u ain't no Christian, comrade, never doubt.

Such then is the fake religion--PHARISAISM, esp. in guise of anti-racism--having taken over in mammon-worshipping ZOG empire; it will continue long as US Dollar continues to be accepted as payment for goods and svcs.  Even after dollar collapses there will be chaos, induced by ZOG, esp. in way of wars they're already ginning-up.

Anti-racism Pharisaism, sure-fire distraction against such as the Bundy situation vs. BLM scum--and it works soooooooooooooo brilliantly in the land of ZOG filled w. puke, queers, scum, filth, and over-populated goyim pretending to "moralism."

Saturday, April 26, 2014

ZOG and Jews got a problemo w. Cliven Bundy, eh?--so what do they do?--trot-out the old-reliable "racism" issue, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho--predictable as clock-work--and don't forget why/how

Racism Issue--Always Trotted-Out When Establishment Needs Diversion, Eh?  Ho Ho Ho
(Apollonian, 26 Apr 14)

Comrades: just to keep u up-dated, so to speak, on latest twists upon old reliable themes, esp., for exemplary case-in-pt., RACISM, right?  Ho ho ho ho ho.

So u see this racism now pushed sooooooo brilliantly in the Cliven Bundy vs. BLM case/incident, further complicated by latest Alex Jones vs. Glenn Beck controversy--see

Isn't it amazing how "racism" is sooooooooooooooo tried-and-true, reliable, predictable, thematic, and effective for ZOG?

For ZOG thrives on the "good-evil" Pharisaic/Pelagian issue, in general, for which "good-evil" balderdash dear Alex Jones is soooooooooo reliable.  And "racism" then is the perfect, most brilliant emanation, practical application, eh?

Just mention the word, "racism," and watch the stupid puke, dip-shits, dumbasses, scum, and morons--MOST PEOPLE--fall all over themselves protesting to the high heavens that "ohhhhhhhh--they wouldn't dream of being racist," etc. etc. etc., ad nauseum, ho ho ho ho ho

This (about "racism"), when obvious, provable facts are: (a) racism is good/virtue--of loyalty--and (b) racism is AXIOMATIC--one cannot NOT be racist (loyal)--either to mixed or non-mixed race.

So we see once again how ANY political discussion is hi-jacked sooooooooo easily--by (a) racism issue, and the more fundamental (b) good-evil fallacy/delusion/heresy.

And observe it ("racism" issue) is used soooooooo brilliantly, predictably, and regularly to divert fm any other issue.  Note also there are other such issues always waiting too, like holohoax and anti-semitism.

So note, as in above case of Alex Jones, but also Ron Paul, et al., racism is there as a trump by which they will always be subject and victim, including, also always, "good-evil."

Thus the true and proper Christian soldier always answers to effect "good" is WORST ENEMY of highest Christian precept of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all any other tenet (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), this "good" and "noble lie" of Plato and Leo Strauss the vehicle of Jew Lies (JOHN 8:44) always trying to over-rule Christian TRUTH.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Alex Jones profits as there's STILL no serious opposition to Jews in general, Christianity mere vague thing for most people, still

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Alex Jones Works As There's Still No Serious Opposition To Jew Lies
(Apollonian, 25 Apr 14)

I'd basically agree w. ur general expo and thesis, though I think u way over-estimate effect of Alex Jones.  Don't forget about Alex--he's a fat-head red-neck who talks about such as "good-evil"--Alex just wants a pat on his fat little head for being for forces of "good," with which he includes his dear Jews.

Jones doesn't even pretend to being any heavy-weight intellectual--he rather sticks to basic info and reporting of relevant facts, and then analysis of these details for politics.

Further, note Alex Jones is more libertarian-styled than otherwise "conservative"--more akin to Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura.

A problem I find w. E. Michael Jones is he credits the Jew holohoax.

Tim: the real, basic problem w. our culture is regarding TRUTH--what is truth? (Gosp. JOHN 18:37-8)--as Pilate rhetorically asked Christ.  For truth is what conforms to objective reality--against the subjectivism of Jews and their lies--who say there's no reality (hence truth) but what Jews say, always oriented upon what's "good for Jews."

And the WORST ENEMY OF TRUTH IS "GOOD"--for "good" does not exist--we're all sinners (self-interested, necessarily) totally dependent upon God's grace and mercy for getting into heaven--"good works" is heresy of Pelagianism.

And of course, hereticalist "good" follows fm the conceit of a perfectly "free" human will which cannot exist, only God's will being perfectly free.

So u see, the Jews, leaders of the forces of HUBRIS and insisting they're "good," etc. are still lacking for a clear opponent, aside fm the same general Christian TRUTH ideal--but it's a "Christianity," such as it is, that still lacks clarity for decisive repudiation of hereticalist Pelagianism and hubristic pretension to "good."

I'd say Alex Jones still has his uses against the outright leftist Jews and statists trying to build their Jew world order, though Jones is still only limited hang-out for rival Jews--those who want to keep some goyim around, who support Ron Paul, for example, and oppose the rival Jews who want to substantially exterminate gentile humanity--as according to AGENDA-21.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Neo-con psychos--interesting for mental analysis--always moralists/Pharisaists, subjectivists--ck out "Magus," ho ho ho ho

Neo-Con Psycho Blocks Me Fm His Blog, Boo Hoo Hoo--Ho Ho Ho
(Apollonian, 23 Apr 14)

Ho ho ho--got "blocked"/banned fm a blog run by an absolute, psychopathic neo-con Pharisaic, etc.--and he's (calling himself "magus") all charged-up over it--it was a "first" for him, to "blocking" anyone, ho ho hoh oho.  Ck the write-up he does about it at

The guy is an SSGT in US Army, evidently, utterly power-mad for his little shit-rank, and he's absolute, total neo-con suck-up for the kikes and all the neo-con lies & prop., ho ho ho--and he's very proud of himself for it too, by golly.  Being so proud of himself is what he so desperately strives to being, u see, given his amazing, over-whelming inferiority-complex, as I pt'd out for him.

Of course, the other significant thing is "magus" is total subjectivist, esp. a moralist, living in his own little Pharisaist--hence so Jew-friendly--reality, and he's often looking for approval fm his buddies, Jewwies and the prof. over at

The other characteristics I observed fm "magus" is (a) he's absolute psychopath--totally ignoring any reality that doesn't comport w. his wishful, whimsical, self-serving view of things.  I note this ignoring reality for his complete ignoring of any pt.s I made or ref.s I gave in argument--he never saw them, never thought about them (to judge fm his own statements), merely maintaining his Jewwy, Jew-friendly assertions.

The other thing is this psycho's marked schizoidal abstractionism--writing in practically strict abstractions, these almost NEVER referenced for any concrete fact or detail, which he ignores, as usual, and overlooks for his abstractions, esp. for moralism/Pharisaism.  Ck, for example, his article at which I noted, even in the comments there.  Another instance of just totally empty abstractionism is  His buddy, "Bill," is all worked-up and chimping, ho ho ho hoh ho

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ho ho ho--neo-cons insist Russia is huge, big "fascists" now--not a word about Jew S A and, like, latest drone murders in Yemen, ho ho ho

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Who Is Foremost Mass-Murderers?--It Ain't Russia--Try Jew-Controlled USA
(Apollonian, 22 Apr 14)

Magus: the primary fascist nations are un-questionably USA and Israel--Russia is mere side-show and, as always, all u're doing is pushing the usual, typical neo-con propaganda at behest of an enemy, foreign, alien nation, Israel.

Don't forget NATO, "coalition of willing," and esp. USA have already murdered millions now, just in Iraq, thousands more in Pakistan and Afgan, Libya, and Syria--did u hear about the drone strikes yest. in Yemen which murdered several non-combatants and civilians?  Russia isn't essentially any better (as in Chechnya), but their activities are far, far less on scale of things.

Ever hrd of "patriot act," NDAA, etc., etc., etc., the president now evermore LITERALLY ruling by decree and "executive order"?  Do u understand what Obongo-care is?--w. death-panels--they're just going to prescribe pills for everyone now, these pills pushed by Jew-owned big Pharma, eh?--ho ho ho.

And what's the big, overall plan?--it's world gov. in accord w. AGENDA-21 genocide, isn't it?  So we know Russia, as well as China too, is generally in accord w. this larger world gov. plan, but in meantime merely jockeying to maintain its influence.

And how then is the "big-plan" manipulated if not by the Jew-controlled banks, like US Fed, IMF, World Bank, and BIS?  What could be more "fascist" than AGENDA-21 genocide?

Ho ho ho--Jew suspects "anti-semitism," by golly--didn't he know all humanity is anti-semitic?--ho ho ho

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Antisemitism?--Why, It's Mere Obedience To God
(Apollonian, 22 Apr 14)

WTP (see below-copied): didn't u know anti-semitism is simply obedience to God?  All humanity is anti-semitic--even some Jews (or former Jews, anyway), like St. Paul are anti-semitic.  Jesus Christ himself (TRUTH, in accord w. Gosp. JOHN 14:6) was an anti-semite (anti-lies, as Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

And u Jews urselves understand perfectly we gentiles MUST be anti-semitic, as u Jews always assure urselves.

Christianity (worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all/any other precept) is anti-Semitism, though most of those who call themselves "Christian" cringe to admitting it, such confusion and mysticism has over-taken the religion, as well as the entire culture in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

As for Mike: he's far too PC savvy to even get into the issue; at most he'll go along w. whatever party-line is current.  Don't doubt Mike has a neat thing going, getting paid good money for playing w. the students' minds and persuading them it's "good" thing to preach "good-evil" Pharisaism, hence then a Kantian, subjectivistic view of reality.

Mike would only be culpable if he continued w. such falsehood as saying dear Aristotle, master of those who know, believed in ethics as end in itself.  "Eudamonia" (roughly, happiness) is the end, ethics is mere means for Aristotle, ethics simply logic btwn ends and means.

And don't get me wrong, WTP: I mean "anti-semitism" in the way u Jews understand it--anti-Jew--NOT anti-Arab, for example.

WTP: u shouldn't fool urself as to what u Jews are--CRIMINALS who happily and cheerfully conduct war (literally) against the rest of humanity which u Jews call "gentiles"--it's ok and even virtuous to murder gentiles, according to ur rabbis and ur Talmud, Talmud being definitive document of Judaism = Pharisaism.

And of course u Jews will lie about ur anti-gentilism, LIES being integral part of ur religion, WAR against humanity, human reason, truth, etc.  Ck and for definitive expo on Judaism/Talmudism.

Briefly then, Jews take control of the corrupt society in Spenglerian "Decline of the West" as Jews are foremost, most-organized, most-connected, and tightly-knit criminal gang overseeing then all the rest of the criminal network which controls society, this control beginning w. the capstone instrument, US Federal Reserve Bank ("Fed") COUNTERFEITING scam, which Jews have always controlled, as they plainly control now.

According to Jew, Bernard Lazare ("Antisemitism," 1896), Jews have essentially controlled banking in the West since the 14th cent.  Rothschilds established definitive control after Napoleonic wars, practically everyone agrees.

So u see WTP, Jews merely have to be understood in the large, determinist, hence CYCLIC scheme of things, according to Spengler's magisterial "Decline of the West."  Jews are the liquidators, the grave-diggers of the corrupt, decadent, society--observe Israel and AIPAC in total control of things, the proverbial "tail" wagging the disease-ridden dog of Western society, eh?

U're about to spring ur buddy, Jonathan Pollard, now, eh?  Ho ho ho ho--and ur lap-dog, "magus" here doesn't say diddly though he yelps about a hero like Snowden who, for one thing, spilled the beans about NSA giving Israel all the hard data without so much as picking through it to taking out sensitive things for interests of USA, USA now practically nothing but the "golem" of Jews.

Look at all the world's billionaires, WTP, they're all either Jews, over a third of them, but all, nonetheless, serving Jew interests, with no exceptions--MOSSAD will simply assassinate all/any who are deemed enemies, and the Jews-media will cover it all up, eh?--ho ho ho.

Look at the laws of the Europeans and practically all others too, w. perhaps only some exceptions still in the Muzlim world, which u're busy at work upon, exterminating those who don't cooperate w. ZOG, whence criticism of ur holohoax lies (see and for expo) will get jail-terms and stiff fines.

Think about it, WTP: if we gentiles could only successfully nuke Israel, and then remove u Jews (like, "permanently," u know?) and ur suck-along accomplices, like "magus" and other neo-cons and "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo on JCs) traitors, the world would be at peace--for a good, long time, wouldn't it?--before another group of mixed-race monstrosities rose-up and declared they were "chosen" by God to exterminate all other humans.

But I acknowledge u Jew monsters actually do the work of God, WTP--u're the maggots who cash-in on gentile depravity and corruption like any other disease--like Typhus, or leprosy, or plague.  U Jews couldn't exist without sinful and corrupt gentiles, like ur buddy, "magus," for example, to assist u and actually nurture u along, these gentiles at first ur masters, perhaps, but being not nearly as well-organized as u Jews, eventually, as we see now, just ur craven, cowardly, Pharisaic suck-alongs and henchmen.

"Antisemitism"?--isn't it mere natural reaction/reciprocation for Jew anti-genitilism?

------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-------------------

WTP said, on April 22, 2014 at 9:12 am
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TJ, some of the people I’m talking about are too lazy to fish. But when given that no one has any faith in their ability to work or to find work and there are no expectations on them to do any more for themselves, if nothing changes in their lives, how will anything ever change?
As to this “oligarchy” thing. Not looking for a definitive yes/no, but I would like a probability score. I suspect (and putting this at 60% myself) that what is behind Mike’s resentment of rich people and his hinting at conspiracy/oligarchy themed posts, is a fundamental antisemitism. Thoughts?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Death of culture is definitive entry, then inevitable domination of criminals--JEWS--, ensconcement of Pharisaism/moralism, Spenglerian "Decline of the West" follows, inexorably

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

American Oligarchy--It's Jews And Accomplices--Get A Clue
(Apollonian, 21 Apr 14)

This was good, provocative essay by Mike.  So it's good to keep w. basics and look at history.  Thus when we ck ancient accounts--as of the Greeks and Romans--we see certain things which are much confirmed fm later history, esp. American history.

Thus, as in case of those magnificent Romans, sinners though they were, we see the society of virtue begins w. agrarians--farmers--and they institute basic, simple republicanism, founded in equality.  And this pattern is repeated as in case of original Boer settlers of S. Africa, the American settlers, including the Mayflower compact, etc.

And note these originator people are ALWAYS integrated and related for race and language--this is necessary as it requires such integration and unity in order to fight successfully.  Later empires, developed fm the original societies, composed of diff. races can be integrated, BUT one notes they follow the basic pattern established by the founders, which were always of a single, particular race.

The problems then crop up for this basic governmental system as the society progresses and "succeeds," which "success" always sows the seeds of eventual corruption and Spenglerian "Decline of the West."  Thus the Romans' finest moment came in their desperate fight against Hannibal and the Carthaginians, and when the Romans prevailed--and became tremendously rich--that's when their republican system declined and we observed the rise of the strong-man dictators, eventuating in Marius and Sulla, then Caesar and definitive fall of the Republic to the imperial Principate of Augustus.

And thus we observe the rise and fall of such empires and society--this is what needs be observed by astute observers.  We Americans are particularly blessed, in one way at least, as we have a specific system--unfortunately definitively destroyed by the "Civil War"--founded upon explicit republicanism upon explicit observations fm previous hist., esp. by T. Jefferson and such as Madison in the Federalist Papers.

Note then, basically, the original objectivity-based culture becomes corrupted especially by Pharisaism/moralism--as we see in that generation preceding the American "Civil" war, including much more than just the slavery issue, as we see in the great "Nullification" crisis of 1830 when Pres. Jackson threatened to invade the state of S. Carolina over issue of states rights.

Thus through the basic corruption of the culture esp. through the interjection of Pharisaism/moralism, we see then the rise of the criminal class, esp. led by Jews, as we see today, which makes use of literal (legalized) COUNTERFEITING of the US Federal Reserve Bank (the "Fed")--see for expo on Fed fraud--by which the entire society is (a) captured most definitively, then (b) systematically destroyed as the Jews at the top see to the "immigration"/invasion of huge waves of foreigners and aliens, including even Muslims, and esp. then the destruction of the economy, sending the industrial & manufacturing plant overseas.

In all history we see this CYCLIC process of Spenglerian "Decline..." is practically irreversible--there's no solution but perhaps for precipitating the inevitable "decline and fall," the idea being for a part to break-off and institute a new, rejuvenated version--perhaps like the Byzantine off-shoot to the original Roman, though the Byzantines were/are certainly no inspiration to real republicanism.

Perhaps the closest thing to a great and true sort of "rejuvenation" was the original Christian revolution of St. Constantine the Great, though it didn't last long as the native rationalism of Christianity did not thrive; rather mysticism taking-over inexorably, this mysticism prevailing till the High Middle Age and then Renaissance.

Regardless, the one sure thing we can agree upon for present American corruption is, aside fm the general criminal dominance, as of the Fed, is the hegemony of Jews and then esp. Israel, the quintessential "tail wagging the large dog," using USA to mass-murder the enemies of Israel and also the larger Jew-dominated world empire.  The great Christian revolution of St. Constantine is thus especially inspirational.  Jew lies, subjectivism, and Pharisaism must be overthrown by Christian TRUTH and objectivity.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Magus is hysterical Pharisaic desperately arguing for "good" and Israel--by way of condemning Snowden and ZOG-construct, "al qaeda," ho ho ho

Below by ap first published at comments,
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Is Magus Losing His Grip?
(Apollonian, 20 Apr 14)

Al Qaeda is/was a creation of ZOG--get a clue.  All the terrorism is done by ZOG as justification for their police-state run by attack-dogs such as u, magus.  Impressive flurry of hysterical blogs u've produced lately, we see--impressing mostly u, I'm sure, to persuade urself u're "good" and virtuous, no doubt.

But I don't think too many others are fooled by ur desperate "reasonings," such as they are.  Snowden observed the Constitution--which u don't understand in ur desperate effort to pretend u're good and virtuous.  At least Snowden had the guts to act in accord w. his understanding of Constitution--u can't even grasp it.

But let me reduce things to something u can understand in concrete manner.  I say u're an hysterical attack-dog, who unfortunately has access to something like a law-enforcement badge, and u're the sort who's obviously moved by the propaganda of an enemy, alien, and foreign nation--like Israel.  And that's all u're pushing--the prop. of a an enemy nation.  U don't fool anyone, I dare say, much beyond urself.

One of the signs of a disturbed mentality is the sort of abstraction-riddled language which approaches classic schizophrenia.  Go down the list of ur abstractions recited just in this blog:

(a) Begin w. ur thesis, "Lazy journalism requires scandals"  Ho ho ho, well, we understand the mass-corp. Jews-media and their purpose of confusing/distracting the people at same time as pimping for terror-state of Israel.  Too bad u're not able to detail or substantiate ur thesis; rather, u just add more generalities.

(b) "[E]asier to generate a story fm what is not known"?--what are u talking about?--can u give any examples?--just more assertion without substantiation--like ur entire article.

(c) "Turning what-ifs into headlines"?--another empty assertion--but u think u're actually saying anything, eh?

(d) After more babbling, u insist courts have declared NSA "legal"--so what?--they're corrupt and illegal ct.s in the first place, and u're wrong about the various decisions on the NSA acts; see

(e) "Disconnected, out-of-context arguments"?--that's what urs are, eh?--filled w. schizoid-type abstractions barely related to anything concrete that we can discern.

(f) Then u tell us how "despicable" it is that corrupt Congress people have to face the people they've betrayed and allowed illegal spying upon--u want them to brazen it out like ur Jew heroes always do, eh?  But magus, Jews don't have to get elected, u see--that's the diff.

(g) Then u give us this amazing statement which has to be quoted in full:

"A collapsing World Trade Center is of much less significance than the idea that NSA employees have bosses to answer to everyday, and those bosses want dead terrorists on their list of achievements, not the URLs of gay porn sites visited by congressmen."

I should let this sentence of urs stand by itself for the amazingly addled thought contained within, eh?  How could u possibly pretend to KNOW any of this (above-quoted)?

(h) But u're not finished, eh?--u gotta rave on, and u're on a roll:

"To people, in America, both Left and Right, there is a pervading mythology that society, security, culture and good government are held together by mysterious, invisible forces, akin to luck. That’s false."

U can read the minds of "people, in America," eh?  Ho hoo ho ho.

(i) The rest of ur text is just more babbling, nonsense, and propaganda.  The demonstrable and proven fact is al Qaeda was/is deliberate creation of ZOG, magus--but u're just going to ignore that, eh?

(j) Further, al Qaeda has been demonstrably aided, supplied, armed, and supported by ZOG and its allies, including Israel--al qaeda was used by ZOG in Libya, Iran, and now in Syria--CONTRARY to ur allegation about being "kept in check."

See magus, u're losing ur grip on reality, buddy--it begins and began, I guess, w. ur overwhelming inferiority-complex and nearly psychotic urge to pretend u're "good" and worthy--it's now come to holding w. enemy nations--like Israel--spouting their propaganda, and now, as we see, babbling in near schizoid abstractions w. hardly any connection to concrete reality--in fact, as we see in case of al Qaeda, AGAINST the proven facts of reality.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Ethics is means to end, logic btwn ends and means--it's NOT end in itself....

Below-copied essays by ap first published at 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ethics For Aristotle Is Practical–Towards Necessary End Of “Eudamonia”
(Apollonian, 19 Apr 14)

I ck’d my Aristotle, by John Herman Randall, and he seems to agree w. my expo, above. Note Aristotle himself says Ethics is “practical” philosophy, science of correct conduct, working towards “eudemonia,” roughly understood as happiness, further to be understood within political circumstances, ethics as part of and serving politics, politics then providing for best eudamonia. Of course, stoics and later scholastics would re-work the great Aristotelian system regarding ethics.

So u seek ur interest, Prof.–this is axiomatic, given ur nature as creature of will, seeking ur will, ur interest, ethics then is means towards this end, (a) understanding, and then (b) considering specific means to be chosen and put to use at particular times and places.

Ethics is means, the logic btwn means and ends, ultimate ends being mere matter of choice–esp. in accord w. the Aristotelian logic and system.

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WHAT Is Ethics?--The Question
(Apollonian, 18 Apr 14)

Very good, Mike (see below-copied): u finally admit this extremely important and fundamental error, amounting then to a kind of psychologic compulsion--I don't know where u get ethics as end fm Aristotle, perhaps u could give a citation.  Now we almost begin to somewhat getting to somewhere, eh?

Ethics is means and understanding thereof towards the ONLY and necessary end which is METAPHYSICAL, one's self-interest, humans being creatures of will, though not perfectly "free"--which then Kant wants, anti-rationally, anti-humanly, to deny, as matter of ethics which he seems then to combine w. metaphysics.

ONLY Ethical question/issue then is WHAT is most rational grasp of one's interest and then what's best means towards that interest.  Ethics could only be means.

HOW could there be any possible (rational) question that u seek ur interest?--ethics then the means (and understanding thereof)?--are u or are u not a sinner (self-interested) in eyes of God?  Note Hobbes and Locke agree we necessarily are self-interested, seeking our interest.  Kant is just a mystic/subjectivist.

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Michael LaBossiere said, on April 18, 2014 at 11:01 am
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I’ve been corrupted by Kant and Aristotle, so I see ethics as an end.

Objectivity is necessary ASSUMPTION of Metaphysics, then founds everything else....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Objectivity: A Necessary Assumption Of Metaphysics
(Apollonian, 19 Apr 14)

Bill (see below-copied): the issue of objectivity (Aristotle) is the basic issue of METAPHYSICS (which Aristotle himself called "first philosophy"--the first premises for any system), by definition.  Remember that ur very first premises can only be assumed, there being, necessarily, nothing prior.  Thus, by trial and error, we reduce the possibilities for nature of existence to being either, (a) objective or (b) subjective (entirely within the mind).  Neither can be proven; u can (must) choose whatever u pls.

Subjectivity, however, quickly reduces to the absurd, for then ANYTHING GOES, everything is both true and false at same time, deuces wild, one is God unto one-self.

Thus objectivity (Aristotle) is the only rational alternative, foundation then of science, logic, etc.  Objectivity is what then proves, but itself cannot be proven, again.

"Decay of society"?--observe Fukushima, literally OUT OF CONTROL, pouring radiation into the Pacific ocean, thousands of times more contamination than Chernobyl, already, and no end in sight--and there are DOZENS more such-like designed reactors in USA ready and waiting for similar accidents.

Ever hrd of AGENDA-21?--extermination of humanity, all in name of "sustainable development," serving the Jewwy oligarchs.

Do u realize the "money"-supply of USA and world is literally a COUNTERFEIT scam which serves the Jewwy, satanic psychopaths now running the world?--they just literally print-up all the "money" they want, for practical purposes, launching genocidal wars--over a million killed in Iraq--this after they've perpetrated the "terror" incidents, like 9/11, which are used as pretexts.

I trust u understand it was ZOG (Zionist occupation gov.) that did the poison-gas attack in Syria, a few months ago, and just now in Ukraine hired the snipers to kill the cops and protestors.

ZOG puts fluoride poisoning in water supplies, puts GMO poisons in food supplies, along w. other poisonous additives, like aspartame, MSG, HFCS, etc.  ZOG forces toxic vaccines upon the people, and does the poisonous "chem-trail" seeding of the atmosphere for purpose of geo-engineering, altering weather.  ZOG forces poisonous drugs upon school-kids (20% in USA) and others.  ZOG murders US troops and others w. depleted-uranium weapons.

We're OBVIOUSLY in midst of "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, the society first built by HONEST, objective-oriented, racist farmers whose succeeding generations become progressively more corrupt and perverted, esp. by the hubris of "good-evil" Pharisaism ("tolerance" and "diversity") which is primary vehicle of subjectivist insanity, first instituted then by leadership of Jews who follow the Talmud (see and for best Talmudic expo), preaching a collectivist subjectivism ("whatever is good for Jews") against the Christian objectivity and honesty of the people, Christianity being worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all/any other precepts (see Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

Queers are obviously not intelligent enough, being gross addicts of sense-gratification, to be primary causes or effectuators, like Jews, queers being the consequence and manifestation of an already horrifically corrupted culture.  Note then queers are deeply and heavily integrated within the putrid education establishment, bureaucracy, and other areas--like the Roman Vatican, for example.
So there u have it, Q.E.D., the thesis supported by numerous facts.

---------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-------------------------

Bill says:

Appollonian – you criticize Anderson for making assertions without substantiation (something btw, I’m not sure is a pre-req for off the cuff discussion on a blog). You make the claim that the homosexuals are taking over and somehow linking that to the decay of society, but you haven’t presented any evidence of a decay of society. It would depend on what you’re measuring, but you could make a very strong case that things are better now than they ever have been.. As far as Gays controlling stuff, even if they controlled everything, so what? Do the two gay dads on Married With Children 2014 Edition exert power over me? Then you bring up Objectivity. My irony meter went through the roof. The very notion of Objectivity is in itself, subjective. I certainly believe in objective measures, but I acknowledge that it’s a subjective bias on my part and that i could very easily be wrong about them – the chances are pretty low, low enough I’ll deal with it, but arguing that a true objective anything could even be known by a person is something you would need to present a lot of evidence for (evidence that doesn’t exist).
Please indulge me in explaining why rule of law rationalist society is necessarily anti-Semitic (unless you’re using some obscure definition of the word I’m not familiar with) And how on Earth does Truth == Christ? None of us even know Christ existed (as much as I’d like to believe he did and is the son of God) and the main way are introduced to him, The Bible, is so ridden with errors, contradictions and preposterous nonsense that rejecting him based on reading the Bible is hardly an unreasonable thing to do. In fact, the only way I’ve been able to hold on to my Christianity is by fully acknowledging that the majority of the bible is BS, what isn’t is likely impossible for me to know b/c of translation issues etc etc.

The more kikes and ZOG demonize Snowden, the more I suspect he's good man, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho ho hoo ho

Below essay by ap first published at comments,

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Snowden Is Hero, Evermore And Justifiably Celebrated
(Apollonian, 19 Apr 14)

Magus: ck, and there are many, many other stories/articles too, demonstrating it's really well-known Putin works for same old banker oligarchs.

Regarding "Conspiracy" Subject:

Have u read US Declaration of Independence by Tom Jefferson?--it's literally a carefully detailed conspiracy theory--consp. theory is INTEGRAL and essential to everything USA is all about, and esp. the Constitution, the Bill of Rights written to preclude the consp. actions which were detailed by Jefferson.

Have u hrd about New Testament of the Christian Bible?--it's all about how Pharisees and Sadducees conspired to murder TRUTH and Christ, noneother than God the Son.  Consp. theory is integral and essential not only to USA but to entire Western Culture.

Did u hear about the LIBOR conspiracy whence big banks rigged int. rates?--have u hrd about any prosecution against these big banks and bankers?

Do u understand what the US Federal Reserve Bank is and does?--it literally (legally) COUNTERFEITS the money supply, by means of a printing press and also computer digitalization.  Ck, for expo on Fed fraud--there are many other sites too for good expo on Fed fraud.

Did u hear about the infamous Gulf of Tonkin incident whence US Navy and gov. LIED and said they were attacked by N. Vietnamese patrol boats?

Did u hear about the JFK assassination--and other assassinations?--do u think they were products of conspiracy?

Have u hrd about "fast & furious" scandal whence Obongo Justice dept. sent weapons to arm Mexican drug cartel(s)?

How about the present IRS conspiracy against conservative political groups, like the T-party?--do u think that was conspiratorial?

Indeed, Isn't the IRS itself just a conspiracy against US Const.?

Did u hear about Iran-Contra, back in 80s whence cocaine, the onset of the newest development of "crack," smokeable cocaine--and cheap too--was brought in to USA, sold, and proceeds going to arm CIA and US mercenaries in Cent. America?

Have u hrd about Fukushima, Japan, whence the state and other authorities are lying about the amount of radiation contamination which is steadily being dumped into Pacific ocean, etc.

And I'm sure Snowden is sinner no less than u or me, eh?--but he did good job exposing NSA and ZOG, I'd say--and lots of others too.  Don't doubt lots of people were prejudiced against Snowden at first, influenced by the Jews-media, but many of those people have now come-over to idea Snowden did us all a great svc.--maybe it's u who's a little slow on the up-take?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Jew anti-Christianity, devil-worship, cabalism is EVERYWHERE--in hip-hop music, and now even in "professional" wrestling too, ho ho ho ho....

Below essay by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jew Devil-Worship Is Evermore Apparent In Spenglerian "Decline Of The West"
(Apollonian, 17 Apr 14)

Yes indeed, Tim, I do believe u scored heavily w. this article of urs--which really surprised and interested me, not realizing how devil-worship has spread, how it beckons the suckers among the people.  After all, look at Obongo admin doing more poison-gas attacks in Syria and continuing to try to blame Assad and genuine Syrian nationalists.  Look at Harry Reid just now calling the Bundy-supporters "domestic terrorists."  We have an evermore satanic-oriented culture, society, political establishment, and economic system, un-questionably.

U know, Mark Dice (whom u don't like, I understand) has really scored big, like w. Alex Jones (, by exposing illuminati influence and dominance in the hip-hop music scene & industry, etc., and here u've done similarly for wrestling which had escaped my own notice.  These fools either don't know about or refuse to admit to the OVER-WHELMING Jew control of all forms of entertainment, including sports, hence the evermore prominent anti-Christ, Cabalist, and masonic elements--denying it is not going to make it go away.

Ur logic and facts are quite accurate, speaking well for themselves in original article, above, and u do excellent job for references, which I'm sure u could easily augment just by googling--I don't know what these people imagine is lacking for force of argument and necessary conclusion--it certainly isn't diff. fm what Mark Dice has demonstrated now in several vids, including the entertainment given at the SuperBowl half-time shows.

I wonder what Kbunyon or Phantom are trying to say?--that Jews don't dominate entertainment?--and that this Jew entertainment is HOSTILE to Christian culture?  Ho ho ho.

Good job once again for showing how this masonic devil-worship and Cabalism has now colonized within even such as "Pro-Wrestling"--as Alex Jones would say, at least about satanism, "it's everywhere."

It's here, suckers (once again)--WAR AGAINST THE PEOPLE/CITIZENS--Harry Reid says Bundy supporters are "domestic terrorists"....

(Apollonian, 17 Apr 14)

Ck out, whence Judge Napolitano describes ZOG over-reaching for violence and brutality against Cliven Bundy, et al., and then ck, whence Sen. Reid says the protestors and Bundy supporters were "domestic terrorists."

Do u dumbasses (not all the readers of this, but most of them, surely) doubt we're up against satanic, psychopathic criminals, pure and simple?  WE'RE AT WAR, MORONS--Harry Reid tells u to ur stupid faces.  Hence it's good to cover basic strategy--like WHO is the enemy, and what's greatest weak-pt.

And now u see the reason for all the exterminations that took place during French Revolution--precisely what we need here in USA now--lots of killings, exterminations, and public-executions--we're at war, u see?--mass-killings are naturally what happens in war, eh?  Ho ho ho ho ho.

And ZOG has a big head-start on us, they being all organized, already having measures in place and working--sending the cops, esp. the leadership, off to Israel to train them how to kill and oppress the people, buying-up all the ammo--ck

So we gotta ORGANIZE--what do we fight for?--CHRISTIAN TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all/any other principles/ideals--against what/who--who else?--kikes, of course, but who/what are their foremost allies among gentiles (who must be dealt with PRIOR to dealing w. the kikes themselves)?--the Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo) hereticalists, who support Israel above USA, obviously.

For the JCs are most numerous, single most powerful interest group among gentiles, on the phony, Jew-controlled "right"--even though the queers make the most noise on the phony, Jew-controlled "left," having all the legal help, money, and influence within ZOG.

And how do we oppose these disgusting, traitorous, scummy, putrid JCs?--SIMPLE--u explain and demonstrate, like fm the New Test. text, that Christianity is ANTI-SEMITIC, necessarily, Christianity standing for TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), above all/any other principles, against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44).

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Geeeeeeeee whiz, ZOGling can't figure out how/why people w. "masters degrees" can barely read/write, ho ho ho ho ho

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Magus Dissapointed In His Pharisaist Dream-Come-True
(Apollonian, 15 Apr 14)

Magus: w. everything I've explained for u about the on-going, even quickening, CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, u shouldn't have any trouble understanding how things are bad and, necessarily, getting worse.

U got homosexuals taking over the culture, in practical control of the establishment mass-media, for example, in control of public edjumacation, for another example, etc., and u just continue to refuse to face the facts--because u hate the real, OBJECTIVE world, preferring ur own moralist/Pharisaist subjectivist world.  It's "good" to believe in "good," so u resist the real world.  Is it any wonder u have such difficulty?--get ready, buddy, ur difficulty is only beginning.

All aspects of the objectivity-respecting, -oriented culture, rule-of-law, rationalist civilization, which is necessarily anti-semitic, of course, are being overthrown--in the name of ur IDOL of "good-evil" Pharisaism--and u're not over-joyed?--it's what u get when u reject TRUTH (Christ), above all/any other precepts, principles, ideals--especially that satanic quality known as "good," which doesn't exist, but which u obsessively, psychotically insist upon--have fun.

ZOG and JEWS are the terrorists, scum, criminals, psychopaths, etc., and no one else, never doubt, never forget....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

ZOG Is The Main Terrorist, Without Any Doubt--Evermore People Becoming Aware
(Apollonian, 15 Apr 14)

Indeed, and u can ck it all out--all the "famous" (ho ho ho) "Islamic terrorists" are found, ALWAYS, in reality, to be Jews or working for Jews, including Osama bin Laden--same as w. present Adam Gadahn.  The 9/11 hi-jackers were all run by CIA and FBI, followed and tracked by MOSSAD, deliberately given passports by US State dept.--even when the state dept. employees on the spot objected for the obvious reasons.

The "underwear bomber" at Detroit airport, Christmas 2009, was directly assisted by State dept. employee, which incident ushered-in the worthless and harmful irradiating "detection" machines owned by Jew, Chertoff.

"Terrorism" is wholly-owned and controlled Jew enterprise, evermore people are becoming aware everyday, meant to consolidate ZOG and UN dictatorship--like the recent sniper-killings in Ukraine--like the "poison-gas" attacks done by ZOG/Israel -controlled terrorists in Syria.

Islam is the VICTIM, all this manipulated and contrived by ZOG and Jew world order--facts are becoming evermore clear in people's minds--and that's why ZOG is pushing for war now w. no less than Russia and China, eh?--ZOG needs a war, evermore desperately.

---------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied--------------------

wtp said, on April 14, 2014 at 9:32 pm
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TJ, let me get this straight. Mike takes a study of business school STUDENTS via story by a business hating organization like NPR and extrapolates that out to actual businessmen and women? Meanwhile, scandals abound in academe from professors making stuff up from their own facts to fabricating hate crimes, caving in to threats of violence from students, disinviting speakers due to threats from Islamists, etc. etc. etc. Despicable.

-----------------------------------here, just below, was my first response----------------------

apollonian said, on April 15, 2014 at 2:49 pm
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“[T]hreats fm Islamists…”?–this is blatant, brainless, idiotic lie. Real Islamists or geniune anti-semites would get visited immediately by cops and/or swat-teams in matter of hrs. The only public “threats” ever come fm u Jews, and then nothing happens fm the cops for obvious reasons.

Get a clue, fools: criminality is practically OFFICIAL, explicit social program of ZOG, u poor, brainless idiots....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Wake-Up Morons: Criminality, Corruption, And Crap Is Practically Official Program
(Apollonian, 15 Apr 14)

U poor, ignorant fools: CRIMINALITY and genocidal mass-murder is the nearly EXPLICIT policy of ZOG and United Nations, Jew world order.  We know all about Jews--how they now lead "Christians" by the very nose--by this time, eh?  But lately, we observe those special, little sycophants and suck-alongs, the homosexuals, telling everyone what to do and where to go, eh?

Ever hrd of the UN Agenda-21?--it's a plan to exterminate most of the population of the world--it's why there are so many poisonous drugs in the food and water supplies (like fluoride, aspartame, HFCS, and MSG, among others)--why the vaccines given and pushed-upon the population are deliberately poisonous--including the poisonous "chem-trails" spewed-out in the atmosphere every day for yrs now.

Ever hrd of the US Federal Reserve Bank?--it's literally legalized COUNTERFEITING, a criminal fraud and enterprise--it's been going for over a hundred yrs now.  Of course, Israeli mass-murder and "ethnic-cleansing" of Palestinians is passe' to folks in USA, inured now over decades and decades.

Ck, whence Wells Fargo/Wachovia was caught laundering HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars of drug-money--they were slapped then w. a paltry hundred million-dollar fine, ho ho ho hoo ho.  Crime and criminality PAYS big-time in Spenglerian "Decline of the West," suckers.

Ever hrd of LIBOR scandal?  Big banks are not only "too big to fail," but also to prosecute--as admitted by the AG, Holder, a foremost criminal, we note, now under contempt citation fm US Congress--but Holder isn't worried, ho ho ho.  And this fore-going doesn't even begin to cover the present Fukushima nuke disaster, thousands of times more destructive than Chernobyl, brilliantly covered-over by the Jews-media of USA.

Criminality on MASS-SCALE is what prevails, pervades, and reigns SUPREME when the stupid, over-populated goyim are persuaded of their "moral virtue," the dumb, stupid scum--and it will continue long as US Dollar holds as reserve-currency and ZOG is afforded the bread & circuses social policy as we see continuing merrily along.  U idiots think Spengler was just joking?--it's "Decline of the West," in ur brainless, moronic faces, scum.

Monday, April 14, 2014

"Code of conduct" properly follows philosophic hierarchy....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Code" Follows Hierarchy Of Premises/Principles
(Apollonian, 14 Apr 14)

This was good, worthwhile essay by Magus--upon the theme of "code"--where indeed does a code come from?--it comes fm a hierarchy of values, or an ordering of principles or precepts.  Thus first comes METAPHYSICS, first principles, which then grounds ethics, then politics.

Thus Christian TRUTH, the only way to Godly happiness (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) assures us of the God-given OBJECTIVE reality--of Aristotle--which then must follow in determinist cause-effect, absolutely--as absolutely as the objectivity and identity of reality--humans are sinners, incapable of "good" (or "evil") which doesn't and couldn't exist--no more than a perfectly "free" will--for only God's will is perfect and "free."

Note then determinism = identity; everything is absolutely fixed, necessarily.  There couldn't be any question about any possible eventuality or conclusion--no room for any "freedom" of will--as it's all fixed and built-in already, given the absolute, NECESSARY identity of things.

Hence then, Christianity heeds to truth and hates lies, thus Jews--it's now interesting thing to consider Jews, how they are, why they are the way they are.  And NOT ONLY Jews--but their allies and sympathizers among gentiles--they're all hubristics and moralists (Pharisaics), pretending to "good-evil" and a perfectly "free" human will--they're typically "advanced-thinkers" and "trendy"--like all the scummy, little homosexuals and "progressives" who preach "tolerance" of Jews and homos.

Thus the political system follows the necessary social contract and Constitution as we understand, rule-of-law, sanctity-of-contract, private-property, the free market, limited gov., primacy of local gov., extending to absolute rights of the individual.

And of course, all this culture and civilization will sooner-or-later degenerate as the humans become "prosperous," "successful," more numerous and inexorably hubristic, pretending to "good-evil," thus socialism and dictatorship whence all-out war becomes inevitable for the determinist CYCLE of hist. to begin all over again fm scratch.

And all history reflects this basic, CYCLIC (determinist) process, some details differing slightly, but following the NECESSARY, basic pattern--such is the will of God.

Cops--they're a bunch of scum--those who aren't scum are the exceptions who will be washed-out--and we don't have to be "polite" to cops who are public servants....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Cops Need To Get Wise
(Apollonian, 14 Apr 14)

Magus: note the latest developments, the cops being militarized and federalized, many sent to Israel to learn how to treat the people/citizenry, who pay cops' wages, like occupied prisoners.

Don't give me stupid lies about "terrorists"--these were supplied and armed by ZOG--they weren't Arabs or Moooslims who did 9/11, they were Israelis and suck-alongs in CIA and FBI who gave the so-called "hi-jackers" (just fall-guy/patsies) the pass-ports even when the State dept. employees, on the spot at the time, objected.  It was ZOG who did the poison-gas attacks just a few months ago in Syria--it was ZOG who hired the snipers who killed the cops in Ukraine, just now a couple weeks ago.

Cops are regularly video'd lying to citizens, assaulting them, cursing the citizens, violating the rights of the citizens--THIS IS THE PROGRAM--u need to getting a clue.

U cops are just thugs w. badges and wearing uniforms, regardless the dumber ones who might not be so enthusiastic for their Jew-training and psycho-programming.

Magus: reality is what it is (objectivity)--REGARDLESS what u wish it is (subjectivism).  Cops are the enforcers for ZOG at war w. the people, the world over.  Cut the crap--quit fooling urself--FOR UR OWN GOOD.  We the people don't need u doing us any favors--at best, u're just an employee of the people.  And we're gonna deal w. ZOG, don't doubt.

It's ur place to be polite to us, the people, regardless how we are, harassed by u thugs w. badges--WE DON'T HAVE TO BE "POLITE" TO U, OUR SERVANTS.  U better get a clue, comrade--to save ur life, seriously.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Johnny Friend removes comments fm blogs--makes things easier for the dumb, little bastard....

John-Boy Friend Removes Comments From His Blogs
(Apollonian, 13 Apr 14)

Golly Gee, Folks, But Look: Johnny Friend Has Removed Comments Fm His Blog Posts, Ho Ho Ho

Go to, and look--he's removed comments section fm his blogs--is he an idiot, a cowardly, brainless, little moron, or what?  Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho

What a weakling, eh?--what does the little bastard think he's about, anyway?--stupid, scummy, little careerist, trying to make a living out of . . . "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, evidently.

Removing comments makes his work easier, u see?  Now he doesn't have to do any sort of responding to criticism--and he works for Jew, Mark Lane, of American Free Press dot net, don't forget, comrades--as Johnny-boy keeps pushing his "white-people" whining, making targets out of whites for the Jews, as I've noted, keeping spot-light on whites, whites isolated against everyone else.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Get a clue, suckers--it's Christ (TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH) above all/any or Pharisaism ("good")--and it's either-or, one or the other, can't be both....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It's Either-Or: Pharisaism Or Truth (Christ)
(Apollonian, 12 Apr 14)

Of course, there are lots of ref.s for libertarianism, and good authorities (meaning people who do best job of exposition), perhaps the best would be Murray Rothbard.  But basically, as I understand, libertarianism considers gov. as it proceeds fm strict reason.

Hence libertarians typically and most often evoke the original American Constitutional achievement as practical ideal--and then there are lots of actual American sources who lived at the time--like T. Jefferson, John Adams, and many others too.  Federalist Papers are another great source of practical consideration upon gov.

Philosophically, the immediate references for original Americans would be John Locke and Thomas Hobbes by which we have the CONTRACT theory--a good idea, I think.

But Magus: the ABSOLUTELY fatal flaw about u, personally, is u ALWAYS work to intrude moralism/Pharisaism within ur expositions which then totally subverts all the rest of ur otherwise creditable logic and reason.  And u imagine this moralist sanctimony is excusable by means of a redundancy in ur logic--it's "good" to think "good" is real or something that actually exists or can be understood in an objective manner.

U simply refuse to grasp "good" is just a conceit--a justification/rationalization for inferiority-complex by which u're always trying to prove urself "worthy."  Further, for practical purposes, u also refuse to face fact this non-existent "good" and Pharisaism is just excuse for BULLYING.

U pretend u're Christian, yet u pontificate exactly like a Pharisee, the murderers of Christ (TRUTH).  U don't seem to grasp basic principle of Christianity that Christian ARE NOT "GOOD"--rather, Christians are sinners, doomed to heck, and cannot do without God's grace and mercy for salvation.

Thus for example, u hold w. the worst enemies of USA, Christianity, and all humanity--Israel--and spout their lies and propaganda, to wit, that Iran is some kind of enemy of people of USA, that they cannot be allowed to have nukes, etc.--it doesn't seem to occur to u u're acting as mere flunky for Jews/Israel--aside fm fact this is actual TREASON.

The worst enemy of TRUTH (Christ) is "good," synonym for Pharisaism--and u need to CHOOSE btwn "good"--Pharisaism--or Christ (TRUTH)--it's either-or.  All ur problems about libertarianism would be cleared-up, I'm sure, if u could only get over this horrific--and absolutely fatal--obsession w. Pharisaism/"good."

Friday, April 11, 2014

Queers and public edjumacation--they go together so well, don't they? Ho ho ho ho

Below-copied first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Queers Suck--Not Unlike Public Edjumacation--Part Of CYCLIC, Spenglerian "Decline"
(Apollonian, 11 Apr 14)

Queers are psychotics, in case u didn't know--obsessed w. sense gratification--still there's problem of degree, and by itself not grounds for exterminating the puke, or other such proscriptions.  But people have right of discrimination, esp. against queers and other psychos.

And the state, controlled by people who've issued fm opposite-sex marriage thus provides a privilege to marriage, effectively encouraging marriage (of opposite sex) which is obviously the right of the people--and which is discriminatory, perhaps, but it doesn't hurt anyone else, regardless the idiot complaints of queer psychos (a redundancy).

It's one thing u leave out--how queers are hurt by not being allowed marriage.

But Mike, where and how u make ur worst mistake, esp. as one who pretends to philosophy, is failing to see this queer agitation is typical part of assault against the rational society--discriminating against these disgusting psychos, called queers.

And it's all part of the on-going "Decline of the West" by Oswald Spengler, as I've noted, the original society beginning w. Aristotelian objectivity now degenerating in evermore gross subjectivism, always, always, always paved by the excuse/pretext of "moral virtue" and "good," this putrid "good" always and traditionally the worst enemy of TRUTH.

Further, another of ur failings is sucking-along w. the politically-correct party-line, failing to criticize--perfect example of failing of public edjumacation which always turns into most crass, putrid propaganda--which is all u're pushing here for this article of urs.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Present criminal oligarchy will continue for CYCLIC "Decline of the West," as the money standard holds-up--even if not for long....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Present Criminal Oligarchy Will Continue Till Definitive Collapse Of US Dollar
(Apollonian, 9 Apr 14)

Unfortunately Mike, u refuse to facing-up to the criminal nature of the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) which is literally just legalized COUNTERFEITING the so-called "money"-supply.  The Fed fraud rules all, and USA is ruled by criminals, the Bushes merely a well-known crime family going way back.  Prescott Bush, US Senator fm Connecticut in the 50s, for example, father of George H.W., was close partner w. noneother than A. Harriman and helped to arm Germany before WWII.

For what good is it to study politics, but to knowing so little about economics?  This is end of the post-WWII era, US Dollar about to tanking in hyper-inflation, the other countries of the world leaving the Dollar as reserve-currency system.

"Democracy"?--u insult our intelligence (even the little we may have, hoh o hoh oho)--that's just a sham, a cover--what RULES is a criminal oligarchy, as I note above, fronted in all seriousness by Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateralists, and Bilderbergers.  Did u hear about the Jew, Adelson, holding his recent "primary" in Las Vegas?--see

So it really looks like we're doomed long as people accept US Dollar for payment for goods and svcs--only when Dollar collapses w. real patriots have any kind of a hope--even then, Jews, et al., own most of the gold/silver and other assets, and they'll just fall-in behind another shabbat-goy willing to front for them, pretending to Christianity, etc.

Presently Ron and Rand Paul are the only hope as opposition to the Jew-criminal oligarchy, even though the Pauls themselves have to pay lip-service to Jews and Israel, and the "electorate" are surely going to continue playing the stupid game as the bread & circus system continues, as we observe.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Kabbalah: worship of subjectivism & hubris; war against reason, humanity, reality....

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Kabbalah: Fascination, Worship Of Subjectivism, Hubris
(Apollonian, 8 Apr 14)

Interesting post Tim: I'm presently listening to part one.  I note u've also posted lots of other vids and articles on Kabbalah.

But I think there is a danger in getting too involved in the mere details--after all, Kabbalah (mysticism) and Talmud (law) are just SATANISM when u get down to it, Jews then notable as most highly organized conspirators, psychopaths, and criminals.

One good thing is to reduce things in logical sort of fashion: Christianity is worship of TRUTH (Christ) as ONLY way to Godly happiness (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), this against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44).
Thus Christianity emphasizes the objective (hence God-created) reality, necessary basis of truth, vs. the Judaic subjectivism--created within one's own mind--whence one makes oneself God.

Most notable then about Judaic hubris, psycho-pathology, and subjectivism is that it's a collectivistic sort of subjectivism--and that's how Jews rule, when it's appropriate--within the particular stage of CYCLIC, Spenglerian "Decline of the West."  For the stupid goyim, when they indulge subjectivism and mysticism, almost always do it on an individual basis, leaving themselves subject to Jews, far better organized.

Note then Judaism is actually a way of WARFARE--against, obviously, the goyim--esp. after the stupid goyim have now become over-populated and given and willing to fight one another, the Jews ready and waiting on the side to taking-over fm stupid goyim.  Thus, note Jews are the natural de-populators when stupid goyim become over-populated, Jews making slaves out of the goyim, this all taking place in the "Decline of the West," phase of the now superannuated gentile culture.

The most attractive, compelling aspect of this Judaism and subjectivism is the idea of "good" (and "evil")--which is always impressed upon the youth, "good" ALWAYS being mere pretext for OBEDIENCE.  For most people become addicted and obsessed w. idea of "good-evil," only the very lucky are enabled to over-come this fixation w. "good-evil," which always entails guilt and inferiority -complex, by which mentality is configured for obedience or not to the Judaic master-mind.

Thus Jews can only come into their "own," so to speak, when and as the gentile culture CYCLICALLY matures and then begins to degenerate, according to Spengler, the gentiles now hopelessly over-populated, filled w. hubris of "good-evil," and most of all, fighting one another so savagely, they don't notice the Jew vermin steadily taking-over the culture--as we see today, for example.

So we see then how Kabbalah is oriented upon this sort of devilish, utterly psychotic mental technology, subjectivism and hubris, and it WORKS, long as the Jews cultivate their abiding hatred of the gentiles, this as a mirror-image for "love," such as it is, for their own people and God, etc.