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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Rand Paul merely works to get Republicans to face-up to the kike & criminal problem

Rand Paul Throws Down Gauntlet To Criminals & Traitors (Cheney, Neo-Cons, Et Al.)
(Apollonian, 8 Apr 14)

Ck wherein Chris Matthews ("slimeball," ho ho ho) and his criminal, leftist, kike, "talking-head" buddies discuss the growing rift in Republican party btwn Rand Paul and the neo-cons (kikes) led by Cheney, the Israel-friendly traitor and war-criminal.

See also which reports on kike Adelson who is "vetting" prospective front-men fm Republicans, ck-ing for their loyalty to kikes and Israel terror-state.

Note Rand Paul really is only trying to CLEANSE the Republicans of the criminal, traitor element.  But now observe how the leftist, kike pukes w. slimeball try to "spin," ho ho ho ho ho ho ho.  So the question is whether the kike, criminal neo-cons have enough money to snow the American people.  Don't doubt Matthews and kikes are all for their fellow kikes, never doubt, but this is excellent discussion these scummy, criminal puke have for our information and entertainment.

Comrades, do not doubt: these criminals and traitors not only have to be submerged, or defeated politically, for Republicans--THEY MUST BE PUBLICALLY EXECUTED to serve as an example for posterity.  Unfortunately, even Rand Paul has to suck-up to kikes for funds--that's how far gone is Jew S A.

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