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Friday, April 25, 2014

Alex Jones profits as there's STILL no serious opposition to Jews in general, Christianity mere vague thing for most people, still

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Alex Jones Works As There's Still No Serious Opposition To Jew Lies
(Apollonian, 25 Apr 14)

I'd basically agree w. ur general expo and thesis, though I think u way over-estimate effect of Alex Jones.  Don't forget about Alex--he's a fat-head red-neck who talks about such as "good-evil"--Alex just wants a pat on his fat little head for being for forces of "good," with which he includes his dear Jews.

Jones doesn't even pretend to being any heavy-weight intellectual--he rather sticks to basic info and reporting of relevant facts, and then analysis of these details for politics.

Further, note Alex Jones is more libertarian-styled than otherwise "conservative"--more akin to Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura.

A problem I find w. E. Michael Jones is he credits the Jew holohoax.

Tim: the real, basic problem w. our culture is regarding TRUTH--what is truth? (Gosp. JOHN 18:37-8)--as Pilate rhetorically asked Christ.  For truth is what conforms to objective reality--against the subjectivism of Jews and their lies--who say there's no reality (hence truth) but what Jews say, always oriented upon what's "good for Jews."

And the WORST ENEMY OF TRUTH IS "GOOD"--for "good" does not exist--we're all sinners (self-interested, necessarily) totally dependent upon God's grace and mercy for getting into heaven--"good works" is heresy of Pelagianism.

And of course, hereticalist "good" follows fm the conceit of a perfectly "free" human will which cannot exist, only God's will being perfectly free.

So u see, the Jews, leaders of the forces of HUBRIS and insisting they're "good," etc. are still lacking for a clear opponent, aside fm the same general Christian TRUTH ideal--but it's a "Christianity," such as it is, that still lacks clarity for decisive repudiation of hereticalist Pelagianism and hubristic pretension to "good."

I'd say Alex Jones still has his uses against the outright leftist Jews and statists trying to build their Jew world order, though Jones is still only limited hang-out for rival Jews--those who want to keep some goyim around, who support Ron Paul, for example, and oppose the rival Jews who want to substantially exterminate gentile humanity--as according to AGENDA-21.

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